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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for other people, you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG at , which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there. 

I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use.  And keep in mind that this is an interactive newsletter.  It relies on questions from you, and participation when you’re asked to say a Benevolent Prayer for something happening in the world.  More on that below. 

CORRECTION:  Last newsletter I gave a link to a radar image on Youtube in a story by an Arkansas TV station.  That was taken down, so here is another if you wish to see the image of the energy burst:,-arkansas-flock-captured-on-doppler-radar

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a different perspective:


Erika writes:  Hi Tom, after reading this newsletter and all the comments on what you share in the newsletter I wondered if everyone receiving this newsletter who reads this said a MBO or BP about that then?  What you share would be Most Benevolent for all. I will word one and people can edit it for themselves if they want different wording.

I ask any and all beings to assist Tom in what he receives as channeled information and shares in the newsletter to be what is Most Benevolent for all and results in many Most Benevolent Outcomes, thank you!

PrayerJudi writes:  In response to your recent Newsletter regarding how many people, at the same time, coming together for a MBO can transform that which they have requested.  This may be a lot to ask, but is there any way you, or someone you designate, can set up a time for all Gentle Way adherents and MBO requestors to say a MBO at a specific time to give it more impact?  I've thought about this, and find it is a conundrum.  After I requested a MBO and BP for this 'idea' to be contemplated, I sent this email to you.

I wish and pray that you will continue this work you are doing, Tom, for all humanity so that we humans can share with others and benefit for the All.  So Be It!  It Is So!  Namaste.

Theo, can the same BP’s be said at different times, or do they need to be said all at once?

Good question from the reader Tom.  We realize it is impossible for people on different sides of the world to say the same BP at the same time.  Therefore it quite permissible shall we say to ask for these Benevolent Prayers at anytime during a 24 or 48-hour period.  Certainly if the thousands of people who read your newsletter Tom were able to say the BP’s at the same time that would be very powerful, but if your readers say the BP’s when they read your newsletters, it is really magnified and as I mentioned before, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  There is a crescendo effect of saying these Benevolent Prayers, so keep requesting them on a weekly basis.  All of you will see results—sometimes just a slight change and at other times quite dramatically.

Edgar CayceI was talking to my friend Frank the other day and he asked if I had read the Edgar Cayce books, which I have.  He asked if I remembered Mr. Cayce’s statement that just an average sized town could have stopped World War II before it began.  At that time an average sized town we both guessed would have been around 30,000 people. 

I’ve been receiving “whispers in my ear,” some not too much of a whisper.  As I awoke a couple of days ago I immediately had the thought in my head that I was either to lead people in churches to say Benevolent Prayers together or I was to encourage you my readers to convince the religious institutions that some of you attend to begin having one time during the service where everyone would say the same Benevolent Prayer. 

So let’s look at this aspect.  In your church, synagogue, or temple what do you do?  You LISTEN to someone else praying.  That is just ONE PERSON’S energy being expressed out loud.  Compare that to 300 to 500 people saying a simple, one sentence Benevolent Prayer together.  As Theo says, "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts."   What would be even better would be if those churches joined with us and said the same Benevolent Prayer that we ask everyone to say each week!  What a great force of benevolent energy would be sent out.  Theo once said that if you could see a benevolent prayer arriving at a location prayed for in the world, it would have the appearance of a beautiful rainbow—with thousands of them all arriving at the same time.

I am setting my goal to reach 100,000 people this year to begin saying these Benevolent Prayers.  I don’t how that will be accomplished, unless I have a LOT of help from my friends—you!

TunisiaSo here are two we can do this week.  Tunisia is in turmoil after ousting the ruler of their country, who had been in power for 23 years.  The situation is described as dangerous and chaotic.  So here’s a Benevolent Prayer to say out loud:

“I ask any and all beings to come to the aid, support, and safety of the people of Tunisia as they seek to have a peaceful change of government in the coming days, and may the transition be made in the most benevolent manner possible, thank you!” 
Pakistan Earthquake

And Pakistan had a 7.2 earthquake this past week.  The last time this occurred 80,000 people died.  So let’s say out loud:

“I ask any and all beings to come to the aid, comfort, and assistance of any being affected by the earthquakes in Pakistan, thank you!”


Iran CartoonI recently heard about a computer virus that had attacked Iran’s computers in their nuclear facilities.  It is the most sophisticated “worm” ever created it seems, and I heard on TV it was described as being as important as the introduction of jet airplanes militarily.  Here is more on the story, and then I asked Theo for more information.

Theo, please comment on the computer virus reported in the news that are causing problems in the nuclear facilities of Iran.  Are they caused by U.S. hackers or perhaps the Israelis?

Ah Tom.   Now that’s a loaded question shall we say.  Let’s say that there is more than one country that is concerned about the nuclear weapons development in Iran, which have the capability of causing havoc with the computer systems of these facilities.  It would not be good to name names, as there is always the chance someone would read this and pass it on to the Iranian authorities. 

This virus and others will cause their program of development to slow down and even stop.  Efforts to correct these problems will take many man-hours—weeks in fact.  The hackers as they are called are quite good at what they do.  Iran will be stymied until they decide to go along with the UN Peace efforts.


EUCelia writes:  Can you ask about the Euro will it be at par with the dollar, if so when.  In a year from now will it be much lower?  Will the European union split up and each country go back to their former currencies.

Theo, will the Euro remain the same value against the dollar on January 1, 2012, as it is now, and will the European Union remain intact?

Another good question Tom.  Yes, the Euro will remain basically the same against the dollar during this year.  There will be ups and downs as the currencies are manipulated by governments, but still basically the same. 

Regarding the future of the EU, yes it will remain intact and will eventually grow to encompass all of Europe, just as the United States has done in the past. 


Astrological signsVarious TV networks and newspaper publications have been reporting that there may be a 13th astrological sign.  Here is one story and then Theo’s comments:

Theo your comments about the 13th Astrological sign and suggested changes?

Yes, Tom.  Much ta-do about nothing would be my comment.  This will be something for discussion, which is good for astrology as a whole, but the interpretation and the 12 signs will remain in tact after all is said and done. 


Annette writes:  Often when I read in your Newsletter that Gaia or Theo refer to Soul Contract I wonder if someone can choose NOT to fulfill their contract or to "change" it. Example - if a person has a contract to commit murder; can they choose not to go through with it or if they choose to be a victim of violence - can they choose not to be a victim? If so - would it be due to an awareness of their higher consciousness/self and a need no longer being present for the experience or simply an awareness of their own free will choices?

The question is, what is our soul contract?  I don’t know mine, because Theo will not tell me.  He says it would be a very boring life if we knew everything that was going to occur.  He also says we all have “balancing” lives where we’re goody two-shoes in one life and a despicable murderer or rapist in the next life.  All bring knowledge and understanding to our souls.  The victim’s soul contract may be to balance being someone who hurt people in another life.  If they learn the lesson in this life they will stop being the victim. 

The fact that you are reading this newsletter means you’re probably an older soul—in terms of lives on earth—and so you’re more “seasoned,” as Theo calls it.  But do you notice that some of your family and friends are on a completely different path than you?  They may be younger souls in terms of lives on earth. 

So just keep requesting MBO’s and asking for BP’s for yourself and them. 


Beaumont ChildrenLeanne from Australia writes:  Could you please ask Theo a question for me, regarding the information below, about an abduction that happened in Adelaide, Australia in 1966? What really happened to the 3 Beaumont children?

Jane Nartare Beaumont (aged 9), Arnna Kathleen Beaumont (aged 7), and Grant Ellis Beaumont (aged 4) were three siblings collectively known as The Beaumont Children who disappeared from Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia on Australia Day (26 January) 1966.Their case resulted in one of the largest police investigations in Australian criminal history[1] and remains Australia's most infamous cold case. The huge attention given to this case, its significance in Australian criminal history, and the fact that the mystery of their disappearance has never been explained, has led to the story being revisited by the press on a regular basis, with the result that it has started to pass into Australian folk lore.

Theo what happened to the Beaumont children who went missing in Australia in 1966?

Yes, an old cold case shall we call it.  The children were abducted and tortured and killed Tom.  The person who did it has passed away and will have to balance this deed in a coming life. 

So I assume the children’s remains will not be found?

No, Tom they will not be.  They are in a grave in a remote section of this country.  They did have their own soul contracts to experience this, as they had done the same in their own previous lives.  They were able to balance those past actions in this round. 

So why would the person who committed these murders have to balance?

Because he went too far Tom.  He derived too much enjoyment in what he did.


Mary CelesteMichael on Facebook writes:  Tom, What does Theo know about the famous ship, Mary Celeste, found in 1872.  She was discovered under sail unmanned, and completely sea worthy. No sign of her crew was ever found.

Theo, what happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste that disappeared in 1872?

Yes, an enigma Tom.  They were taken from the ship by your Zetas—yes you are receiving me correctly.  They had soul permission, but they were supposed to return the crew and the ship was found before that could be done.  There are all sorts of speculations over the years, but it was simply a miscalculation by the Zetas.    The men lived out their lives on board the spacecraft.

I was really surprised at the answer I received on this one, and was Michael who thought it might have been fumes from the cargo. 


Southern CrossPaul in Australia writes:  In the last few weeks I have noticed a very distinct change in the apparent movement of the "southern cross" as it traverses the night sky. Previously, during the period 10pm - 2am South Australian summer time, the milky way is oriented from northeast to southwest and moved around to be oriented (at 2am) northwest to southeast. The big saucepan arced across the northern sky in line with the milky way from east to west. The southern cross arced across the southern sky also from southeast to southwest as the whole milky way moved across the sky.
In the last few weeks though, the big saucepan still arcs from east to west but the milky way appears to travel from northeast/south orientation to northwest/south with the southern cross arcing up the sky from south to north instead of southeast to southwest.
I am sorry this explanation is longwinded Tom but has the change anything to do with us moving into the 5th focus, or is there some other explanation like the earth changing its orientation in relation to the Milky Way?
I know the earth has a sizeable wobble because at midnight at various times of the year, the southern cross sits just above the southern horizon, and at other times it sits almost directly overhead, but that would not explain the distinct change of apparent travel of the southern cross in any one night from SE to SW (previouls)to SE to NE (now).  Tom, can Theo or Gaia shed any light on this?

Gaia, why do the Milky Way and Southern Cross seem to have a different orientation as viewed from Australia?

Yes, it may seem that way to your reader Tom, but actually it is the result of a slight wobble effect that this planet has made.  It will soon correct itself and the sky will align itself perfectly from your reader’s perspective.  This is not something to be concerned about.  There is going to be no shifting of the poles as has been speculated by some people.  Yes I am moving the magnetic poles as we have discussed before, but at a rate of only 40 miles or so per year.  Slow but steady movement you see.  The earth is a living thing Tom and stretches and contracts and is not ridged shall we say.    In Australia they will notice this movement a little more than in say Europe and North America.    But a good question from your reader.


Tom & DogsDiane writes:  I realize that animals are sensitive and I want to know if Dogs can sense spirits or other things from the other side?  I have seen a dog bark and I saw nothing but I had the feeling that he saw something!!  Can I be wrong?

Theo, Diane asks if dogs see spirits and if so under what conditions?

Yes there are a variety of times this can occur Tom.  If they were close to a human when the human passed, they are able to see the fragment left behind to keep tabs on the family. 

Then there are times in which a dog can sense a spirit passing through the room on its way somewhere else.  And this ability varies from dog to dog, just as you can imagine it does in humans.  Some humans are much more receptive to be able to see sprits than are others.  So not all dogs are the same in their ability to sense spirits. 


beeDonna in Canada writes:  In your newsletter of Friday a lady writes in on the chem trails.   Sometimes I receive "thought packets" from whoever, my GA or guides and they usually come in my half awake, half asleep state.   This one said, "the chem trails are killing the bees".  That's all I got.   Makes sense though, (no bees=no food).   We must put out as many BP's as possible for the chem trails to stop completely, because whatever is happening up there is not good.

Gaia, are chem. trails killing bees, or what is killing them?

Certainly the chemicals in the chem. trails contribute to their deaths, but as we have discussed before, there are a number of them returning to their home world.  It was supposed to be in conjunction with my movement of the crust, but as that was or is delayed, the reduction of the bee population has been put on hold for the time being upon my request.  You will see their numbers slowly increase a little during this year, I assure you and the person who asked for this information. 


Paul BunyanAnother Michael on Facebook writes:  I am wanting to move back to Northern Minnesota this summer. Primarily the Bemidji-Bagley area. Would you ask if this area will be safe to move to regarding the earth changes or would it be better for me to stay in Wichita, Kansas?

Gaia, is Northern Minnesota going to be a good place to live in the next few years?

Yes, Tom.  There will be some shaking at times, but this region will remain fairly stable, and the temperatures will moderate a little. 

Beth writes:  I was recently introduced to the healing effects of radiation hormesis.

I am resisting trying it because I have believed for so long that any kind of radiation is dangerous but this site has so many testimonials of healings of all kinds from it.  So I wonder if it is safe and beneficial for people or maybe for some and not others.  Can you please ask Theo or Gaia about it?

Theo, can you comment on radiation hormesis?  Is this a beneficial treatment?

In some cases Tom, but more work needs to be done in understanding the results.  More studies need to be made. 


Jill Bolte TaylorEvery once in a while I like to include stories like this one sent to me by Steve.  Be sure to watch it all the way through.  It’s the story of  Jill Bolte Taylor.


I asked Theo a lot of questions about guides in general in this section.  This hopefully will be part of a book in the future. 

How many guides do I have at the present time?

You have more than the normal contingent, as you have much to accomplish.  The number fluctuates between 10 and 12. 

Have I known any of them before?

Of course.  They are your friends from mostly previous lives and even a couple from future lives who wish to get to know you better.

Will my two guides from the future be work associates, family, or mates?

Good question again Tom.  They will be work associates.  You will need to be in good communication with them during the lives to come and they wanted to get to know you and your vibration, work and so on so that they would be more fully prepared to assist you in some upcoming lives.  It is quite normal, and you have done this very thing many times yourself in order to prepare to know someone better in an upcoming life. 

Tell me more about my guides and tell them I appreciate their assistance. 

That is very nice of you to recognize their assistance Tom and they greatly appreciate it.  When a soul fragment volunteers for this work, they understand that there will be no recognition; but they are able to learn much from their side too as they watch your life unfold.  This learning or education will also assist them in a future life. 

When do they volunteer—before my earth life, or in the middle of one when a call goes out from you?

No, no, they absolutely know what your contract is for the life in advance and you actually sit down so to speak and discuss it with them.  We are a big happy family and these discussions, if on earth would seem to go on for hours or days, but actually this process is quite fast.  It is much easier to exchange ideas and opinions on this side, as there are no egos in play yet. 

Angel WhisperingDoes everyone have one or two main guides that are sort of leaders of the group?  How do they work with you?  Do you sort of take a background position?

Ah, an interesting series of questions.  Certainly you, meaning soul fragments in general, will have one or two guides that influence and guide you more than others.  These guides are with you on a long-term basis and are not like the guides that come and go depending upon your need for them.  In your case we have stated before that you had guides for first your travel business enterprises and then for your film distribution business.  The former are really no longer with you, except to assist you in your personal travels.  The main guide or guides are here for the long run—for your complete life.  They assist me and I them as somewhat of a team, along with your own higher self.  As I explained before, life is much more complicated than you can conceive at this time, but you are slowly building on that knowledge base. 

I think this next question would apply to a lot of people-- Regarding my two main guides—are they from my soul group or elsewhere?

Ah a good question Tom.  They are from your own soul group.  They are not incarnated at this time, and certainly play a great part in assisting me with your daily affairs.  They know you intimately and are able to assist you through me with that knowledge. 

Theo, Have I been someone’s guide in the past or future, and if so how many times?

A good question as Gaia would say.  You have been someone’s guide many, many times in the past and even in the future.  Being a guide helped you grow at a faster rate as I have explained about the benefits for your guides this time around. 

Angel GuideSo what kind of number can you give me regarding the number of times I’ve been someone’s guide?

You would not believe the answer I would give you Tom, as it goes up into the thousands.  You have been a busy guy and have not let the moss grow under your feet so to speak.  You have enjoyed the work immensely, as you have such a varied background that can benefit many people.

How are they chosen?

The same as I.  They volunteered and were chosen for their skills depending upon what you needed at that moment in time.  There were naturally the ones who specialized in travel during your tour company days, and then recently in movies and entertainment, and those who assist you in writing. 

Would either of the two writer guides be recognizable as far as a past famous life?

No, these writers are just very competent at their craft with many lives spent writing.  Your type of writing—articles and even your book—is much more factual as compared to a novel, so your needs are for people that can write well and convey points most succinctly and understandably. 

I understand Theo.  I wish to thank them for their assistance and what they will assist me in doing in the future.

They express their thanks and love to you Tom.  You made their day. 

Also say thanks to all my guides.  They work with no recognition I know.

Yes but they are all excited to work with you in this life, I assure you. 

Do my guides communicate with me directly or through you Theo?

They actually communicate through me, sort of like uploading information into a computer and then it is downloaded as whispers in your ear and thoughts.  You are noticing it now much more than you did before.  Most people never recognize when they are being given some information out of nowhere.  

I can’t be a guide for more than one person at a time can I?

Yes, of course you can.  Even though you are a fragment or piece of a soul, you are not limited to just one person, as you can have multiple activities going on.  You offer your services wherever they are needed as the calls go out for souls with certain experiences that can assist someone.  It does not have to be someone you have known in any life.  It’s just being generous with your offer of knowledge. 

Months later I would ask Theo are any of my family members –past—part of my guide group?

Yes Tom one—your mother.  Yes she sends all her love to you. 

And I send her my love too.  I’m surprised that souls such as my grandfather or farther are not.

Yes, but they have to have certain qualities that can assist you and they were younger souls themselves you see.

What guidance does my mother give me, as she is a younger soul in earth lives?

Yes, she is younger Tom, but she gives you guidance in the ways of women and the heart.  She assists you in all ways feminine.  As a male you need that counterbalance and this is what she provides.  She assists you in your relationships with all women, as it is mostly women at this stage that are attracted to your messages.

AngelCan you be a guide while incarnated in a life, and if so, how does it work?

Yes, it is quite easy to be a guide for someone while incarnated Tom.  You see you are incarnated all the time in some time period, so that could not preclude you from being a guide.  Your guide activities are not on a linear basis, but go on simultaneously to all your incarnations.  Yes this is one of those complex examples I said before.  You are at this instant a guide in thousands of other lives of people Tom.  You are much larger and much more capable on this side of the veil than you are in any earth life. 

So it doesn’t matter say that my mother, who is a guide for me now in this life, might have already incarnated in her next life, is that my understanding?

Yes, exactly.  She has gone on to another life, but a portion of her soul fragment continues to provide guidance to you and many other people while she incarnates into her next existence on earth.  You can use the term multi-tasking here for your own soul you see Tom.

Where have I known my two main guides?

Yes, Tom—a number of past lives and even for you a couple of future ones.  You have been friends, enemies, lovers, brothers, sisters, spouses and so on.  They know you well Tom, and naturally you have been their main guide or one of the main guides for almost all of their lives. 

Are they members of my soul group?

Oh yes.  It takes that type of knowledge to really be of assistance.

So would you say that the two main guides for most people are members of their soul group? 

Yes and no Tom.  If they are younger in lives, then it can be best that a much older soul with many lives, such as you Tom, will be there to be at least one of the main guides.  As we have discussed, guides learn much from assisting from this side of the veil Tom. 

Is there a better word to use than “soul cluster?”

Cluster is appropriate description Tom.  I know that my response has suggested otherwise to be sure, but soul group or cluster is an apt description to use.  It is more a 3d description, but it is sufficient for now. 

So the whole idea of us lying around relaxing doesn’t seem to fit does it?

Not at all.  Certainly there are those that need to rest and recuperate before they move on, but after that there are many activities that you can participate in.  This is one of the major ones.

Angel WhisperingWhat other activities?

Oh, discussions and friendly debates would probably head the list, but it is all done nicely shall we say.  Everyone presents their ideas and opinions.  There are no egos involved to get in the way. 

Do you or my oversoul send me messages or inspirations?

Mostly me although your oversoul will at times, especially during your sleep time when you return back to the stars so to speak.  We can discuss that more fully at a later time if you wish. 

Are there such entities as “side souls” someone asks?

No.  This refers to what could be considered guides.  Sometimes people attract entities that are lower vibrationally and attach themselves to those who allow drugs or alcohol to rule their lives.  Then, as we have discussed before the Cosmic Cops as Mr. Sutphen calls them (covered in a previous newsletter) must be called in to rid a person of these attachments.  But for all intents and purposes there are no twin souls or such, but everyone does have their main guides present to assist the Guardian Angel as you call us in assisting you throughout your life on earth. 

How much energy does a soul have?  And I will say a whole soul compared to a fragment like I am?

Tremendous energy Tom.  Your machines that measure energy would not only peak but would break as the normal soul is extremely powerful with tremendous amounts of energy.  Now the person that asked that question was really referring to a soul fragment having a life on earth.  You do have energy, but certainly tiny in comparison to your complete soul.  More sensitive machines are being developed that will one day more accurately measure the energy of the average human being. 


FEBRUARY 2, WEDNESDAY, 7:00 PM CST.  HOLISTIC CONNECTORS--MID-CITIES, BEDFORD, TEXAS.  This will be one of my rare appearances in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.
I am willing to travel, if you have a group or association willing to sponsor the event.  


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINES—JULY 26, 2008—AUGUST 8, 2008, JULY 3, 2010.

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