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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


TABLE PRAYER:  There was a technical problem in loading the prayer, so it is on the website now.  I have mentioned many times that when you say a prayer together, you create an energy much greater than the individuals who say the prayer.  It’s good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Check it out on the website under SIGNS. 

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Astrological AspectsGaia, there are some strong astrological aspects in June and early July.  Will these assist you in earth movements, or are they more political in nature?

A good question to begin the day Tom.  Yes these are more political in nature, although they will assist me with moving my crust, but more in a minor compared to major way.

I thought these aspects would contribute to your plans for moving the crust in California Gaia.  So I must ask, what will help you trigger these events, should they be signed off by our souls?

Yes, certainly there will be a large CME sent by the Sun, Tom, but keep in mind that I do move magma under the surface, which does create stress where I wish it to.  I have been moving a lot of magma on the Ring of Fire as it is called Tom, so that pressure continues to increase until there is a tipping point—or in this case a moving point. 


Speaking of movements Gaia, Japan has not moved, as you said it would in the first 10 days of the month.  This does get a little frustrating when you say it is 100% signed off and then nothing happens.  I would rather not be given the information.

JapanI understand Tom, but timing under your time system and my time system do not always seem to coincide.  The movement is still coming so be patient. 

I do have to ask if the reason you give me incorrect information is that I am not supposed to be too close to the actual event, as some people might wish not to experience it?

You have it exactly Tom.  You may think that you have a fairly small audience, but you would be surprised to see how far and wide your newsletters and information is passed around.  It is certainly worldwide now, so that is good, but also can interfere with soul contracts more in the future than say at the present time.  We do wish to give you accurate information, but there does need to be some off timing.  Now if you were to receive this timing through inspiration, then that is certainly permitted.  So I can give you the information, but to your readers it will seem inconsistent at times—just enough so that no one misses out on what they are supposed to experience.  You have gotten too good in your reception Tom. That is a compliment, as well as an explanation. 


Gaia, we have had one cruise ship disaster already—will there be another this year? Costa Cruise Ship

No, Tom.  As you guessed, this was the big disaster for the cruise ship industry this year.

So none will be caught up in any possible quakes on the West Coast?

No Tom.  If your souls sign off, the damage will be to the coast and into the interior.

Speaking of the West Coast, we have not touched on San Diego and that region.  It seems the quakes will go to the south to Ensenada.  Will San Diego experience a large quake or quakes as would Los Angeles?

Quite so, Tom.  Their percentage of possibilities is the same as Los Angeles.  In the 70% to 80% range.


Sopa PipaSandy writes on Facebook:  Lots of people are scared of SOPA/PIPA shutting down the Internet. Could you ask whomever if it's possible?

Theo, will the SOPA/PIPA laws be passed?

Not at all Tom.  There is rising opposition to these laws and the lawmakers are already in retreat and reconsidering the measures.  They will try and find other ways to achieve their aims, which will be only partially successful.


Cilla in Nova Scotia writes:  Please could you ask about our financial collapse? When is it likely to settle down? And what form will it take when it does? I had heard that there is enough money on the Planet for us all to be billionaires! Also, that in a couple of years' time we will no longer need to work?  Thank you for your great newsletter!

Piggy BankIt would be a boring world if we had no work to do.  We’re having these lives to learn to run a universe.  Here is what Theo says about the economic outlook.

Theo, are we headed for more financial problems this year as a nation and world, or will we see a gradual improvement?

Yes Tom, gradual would be a good word to describe this year.  There will be many peaks and valleys, but at the end of the year most people will see that their lives have improved, unless they are in one of the places slated to have a major upheaval such as an earthquake or tsunami.  The Congress in the USA will want to put their best foot forward, so there will be some compromises, but only after heated debate with much name calling and posturing.  We have already discussed the problem with the Euro this year, and that will affect the stock market, holding it down in what otherwise would be a reaction to the improvements in the economy.


Gaia, I assume our moon is ensouled?  And how was it formed and how did it get here?

MoonYes, an ancient question in a way Tom, as others –many, many others have asked those same questions. 

The Creator decided long ago for the earth to have one moon, which yes, is ensouled as all moons in not only this solar system but every solar system are ensouled.    So the moon was formed certainly after the earth, but not so long after.  Therefore, it was caught by the gravitational forces of your planet, but nudged into the right position by shall we say angelic forces. 

So it was not moved here by ET forces Gaia?

No, Tom--Angelic as I said.  There was much thought put into the placement by the Creator—although it would seem instantaneous to you. 

So it was formed how? 

The same way all the other planets and moons were Tom.  I will leave that for more speculation by your scientists.  They will make great strides in understanding the formation of the universe in the coming years. 


LaughterJeini writes:  Comedy is such a big part of American culture and seems to be a way to help people relax and lighten up.  A lot of it though is based on criticizing or humiliating others and feels low in vibration.  Given that, I'm wondering how entertainment is different in higher dimensions and how it will change for us.  Are there still comedy performances or are performances more visual in nature like the Cirque du Soleil shows?  Will comedy tame out the lack of love and become more benign and silly, such as what is presented by people like Will Ferrell?  Why do souls come here to be comedians - what are they gaining or giving by having that experience? 

I guess along the same lines, how is ownership of art and music perceived in higher dimensions?  I encountered a photographer recently who got really bent out of shape upon discovering an overseas company using one of his images on a TV screen to try to sell the TV.  It just made me think on this, since I believe that any creative ability we have flows through us from our creator and really all the kudos should go to our creator.  Artists and musicians seem to blow an ego gasket about their creations, owning them and receiving money for them.  I just don't know that that feels right to me in these new energies anymore.  It seems like when you come into this world with gifts, those gifts should be shared freely or given to others whenever possible.  Are creative works meant to be owned and sold and does this change in higher dimensions?  I know that money is not an issue in higher dimensions but how are creative works perceived there?

Theo, will comedy change for us in the 5th focus?  And are there souls that specialize in comedy?

Musical NotesYes, there are actually souls that do specialize in comedy Tom.  It is an art form, just as painting and music are art forms.  They keep us laughing and entertained even on this side Tom.  As I have mentioned before, we do enjoy a good laugh as anyone does.  And yes it will change in the 5th focus to be more gentle and less personal in a way—still quite entertaining but more self parody as compared to comedy that would be hurtful to someone.  That was a good question from your reader Tom.

So how is art and music perceived on your side Theo?

We look upon this as soul contracts.  It is an expression of one’s self you can say Tom, but souls in let’s say this life, which are art majors shall we call them, take what they learn here and apply it in future lives—each building on the previous, although all lives share what they are learning since they are all happening now.

And I will add here that they need to be paid for what they produce.  Each person must earn a living and cannot expect everyone to think they should give their works away free of charge.  Would a person running say a store be expected to hand out his or her goods for free?  It is the same with art and music.  They are commodities just as there are commodities in a grocery store.


Group PrayerJeini also writes:  I'm part of a family of 5 kids and we have a middle child complete with substance abuse, behavioral, emotional and mental problems that were never properly addressed or treated.  Things escalated in adulthood, restraining orders occurred and now this brother is completely estranged from the family.  My mother and I were the two people who consistently called for compassion and understanding on his behalf, but now he is hostile toward us as well. 

Although he lives with a neighbor and can thankfully then be confirmed as alive on occasion, he has been gone from the family for over 5 years now.  Apart from there being a void in the family, it's just sort of bewildering.  My gut feeling is that there is nothing that we can do and that he may need to walk his own, separate path, despite being born into a large family.  Can you ask Theo if there is anything that I or the family can/should do or is this a higher plan on a soul level for him to leave the family?  Will he ever be open to reconciliation, possibly through the upcoming shift?  Any insight that Theo can give on this subject would be so appreciated.  

Theo, Jeini would like information on her estranged brother.

Yes, a sad case this one Tom.  He has, through free choice, “wandered off the reservation.”  She and the other members of the family must not give up on him, but do say group Benevolent Prayers for him.  Certainly she can do this on her own, but if she can get her family to repeat the BP together as a group, it will be much more powerful and they will see some change.  People still do not understand the power of a group prayer all said together.  In the meantime send him lots of white light. 

So if you would like to assist Jeini’s brother, or for that matter anyone you know in a similar situation you can tailor this to fit your situation:

“I ask any and all beings to send healing energy to Jeini’s brother and move him to seek assistance, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Energy CordJanet in St. Louis writes:  Thanks so much for your work.  If you have time would you ask Theo a question for me?  Do BP’s cause a link to form between the person saying the BP and the person for whom the BP is said? 

I’ll give you a example of why I’m asking.   I frequently say a BP for President Obama to help him make the best decision that benefits everyone.  Early in October I volunteered to work at a fundraiser for the President.  I briefly was able to shake hands with him and immediately felt a strong connection to him when he looked at me.  Afterwards I told myself that he is charismatic and most people feel that.

Yesterday I was a guest at the White House along with many others to honor the St. Louis Cardinals World Series win.  Afterwards the president was shaking peoples’ hands and when he got to me his smile broadened and he said, “Good to see you again.”  I again felt that connection and this time I’m sure he felt it too.  It also surprised me that with all the thousands of hands he shakes that he remembered shaking mine before.  I will continue to say BP’s for him but am curious about this.

Does Janet have to rub it in that her Cardinals beat my Texas Rangers in the World Series?  Oh well. Smile

Theo, do BP’s form a connection between you and the person or persons you said the BP for?

Yes, it certainly does Tom.  These connections, or energy cords, are quite benevolent in nature, and do help you and the person or persons raise their vibrational level.  It is a win-win proposition when you say BP’s for others.  That was a nice question from your reader.


Strange soundsKarin sent me a link to a number of strange booming sounds heard all over the world:

Gaia, please explain all these sounds heard all over the world.  It can be very disconcerting to many people to hear these booms and sounds almost like a huge pile driver, or muffled explosions.

Yes, Tom.  I am moving the exterior and interior of my body shall we say, and when that happens there are shock waves produced.  These are not the same as an earthquake, but are still somewhat similar in nature. 

But why are they in such a timed sequences it seems?

Yes, I do pulse you see Tom.  These are just giant pulses in my body—my interior you see.  They can be on the exterior too, but most are inside, but close to the surface, and the sound escapes.


Jacob BarnettElizabeth writes:  Could Theo please comment on this prodigy, Jacob Barnett?!

Theo, any comments you could make on Jacob Barnett—the 12 year old prodigy?

Yes, a very smart young man from all accounts you’ve seen Tom.  Per his soul contract, his brain was rewired so that it could access and comprehend mathematics at an extremely high level—certainly in the genius category.  He will greatly add to the study of mathematics in the future, as his mind has access to shall we say universal mathematics, not just what has been taught here on earth.  His name will be a household recognized name in the future. 

Has he done this in the past?

Of course; he has been a mathematician in many previous lives, but this life will be a significant one for him.  He will make many discoveries to further your understanding of the universe. 

He was just featured on CBS 60 Minutes this past Sunday, but I could not find a link for that. 


Future EducationPam writes:  What can we do to turnaround the educational crisis in America?   The Lottery was a 2010 documentary that spotlighted that there is a waiting list of over 300,000 students waiting to get into charter schools which are some of the best schools in America.  I guess they are elementary schools.   The Teachers Union appears to be one of the major problems of the crisis as well as what is called “the blob.”  The “blob” is the combination of the federal education (Dept of Ed), the state education agencies, the county, city – all together no one is accountable and it’s referred to as “the blob” because it carries weight without accountability and it’s a mess.

Any insight from Theo on what we can do, what can be done, who can do it, of course we need to say BP’s.  But what would be the best BP?

Theo, is there going to be something people can do about the educational system?  What is education’s future?

Education will be dramatically changed over the next few years Tom.  Look at how it has changed in just the last five years.  Children will have access to anything in the world that interests them.  You will see great distribution of information about the world and universe.  The old ways of educating them will soon fall by the wayside, replaced by more natural ways of learning.  If a child has no aptitude for a subject, they will not be required to take it, but they will take more classes in where their interests lie.  So education will become more individual and less a group learning, although the groups that do get together will be all for their common interests.  So curriculums will be adjusted dramatically, and in the not too far future. 

Here’s a Benevolent Prayer you might wish to say out loud:

“I ask any and all beings to assist in changing our educational system to the most benevolent for the children, and may this happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Two Stars & PlanetsAntura, astronomers says our galaxy alone has billions of stars and now billions, if not trillions, of planets.  So two questions.  First, is it your knowledge that every sun in our galaxy has one or more planets circling the suns, or is that too general?

Perhaps a little general Tom, as there are some lonely stars out there with no planet companions yet, but they are mostly new stars.  You will find as you travel out to the stars yourself that almost everyone of them will seem to have a plethora of planets attached to them. 

That leads me to an interim question; how has the Federation been able to explore all of them, as there are billions. 

Yes, a good question Tom and the simple answer is that we have not, but a more technical answer would be we are able to ascertain which planets in a star system would have life on it worthy of further study.  Our instruments are quite effective, along with our people who have abilities to see things without instruments. 

So since the Federation has only a couple of hundred planets that are members, how many other Federation type groups are there in the Milky Way Galaxy as we call it?

The PleiadiansYes, a dozen or so Tom.  Not too many when you think of how many suns and planets there are, but you will find there are reasons for the lack of groups.  There is a huge difference in how far developed these planets are, and some groups of planets do not desire to have this type of mutual relationships. 

Are there Federations larger than yours?

Quite so, Tom.  Some comprise up to 1,000 planets.  And to answer the next question, yes we have relationships with all of them—very cordial ones I might add, with perhaps one exception—they just wish to keep to themselves. 

Antura, what do dogs and cats look like on their home planets and are they from the same soul group?

Yes, contrary to what you have read Tom, the dogs and cats come from separate soul groups—each has a distinctive mindset shall we call it.  They certainly balance each other. 

Regarding what there appearance is, the cats certainly have a feline appearance, but are humanoids, along with the dogs.  Again the dogs have aspects in their personalities you can recognize.  You’ll say, “I recognize that personality from somewhere,” if you were not aware of whom they are. 


Karen writes:  Is there going to be a cure for neuropathy and numbness?

NeuropathyNext question, how many soul fragments does a soul have?

Theo, when will there be a cure for neuropathy and numbness?

Not too soon Tom.  This will take much more study and eventually manipulation of the DNA strand.  There will be interim discoveries, which will be of benefit, but none that will completely erase the problem. 

Theo has said that our souls are having hundreds of thousands of lives across the universe.  If you narrow it down to earth lives, he says that each soul “cluster” has 6 to 12 soul fragments on average.  But I did decide to ask more on the question.

Theo, how many lives in the universe can our souls be having at the same time?

Yes, a simple answer would be as many as a soul wishes Tom.  But a more specific answer would be it will certainly vary from soul to soul.  But yes, the figure of several hundred thousand lives can be not far off for some souls.  These lives are needed, as I have explained previously, before you take over running the universe.  Your souls are much more powerful than you can imagine in the 3rd focus Tom. 


Scarlet FeverRuthie writes:  We are having a somewhat of an epidemic, scarlet fever is running rampant at the moment in one of our Baltimore, Maryland elementary schools.  It was in the 1900’s where a lot of young children died from that epidemic.  Is there a shot for that?  High fever, sore throat, a sand paper of rashes on neck, chest and your thyroid glands get swollen.  I’m hoping it doesn’t spread too far.  Any feeling on this?

Theo, any cures for scarlet fever—perhaps some vaccination or medicine?

Yes, there are treatments for scarlet fever Tom.  Both some medicines, but also homeopathic remedies as well.  It would be wise for those persons in towns and cities where this is a problem, to visit these locations and learn about alternative cures.


Pam writes:  I have been reading about the incredible benefits of 12 Strand DNA Activation.   12 Strand DNAI looked up DNA, DNA Activation, and 12 Strand in the past archive of newsletters and nothing came up that specifically addressed the 12 Strand DNA Activation, at least that I could find.  Perhaps I missed it?  I don’t want to ask a question that has already been answered so I thought I would check with you first.

My specific quest is to find out if there are real benefits of 12 Strand DNA Activation.   If so, can we do this activation simply by requesting an MBO?  Or would it be better to request an MBO for finding the perfect method/practitioner for the activation?

Thank you Tom – hope all is well.  I appreciate all the wonderful work you are doing for the well-being of people and the planet.   You are great contribution. 

Theo, are there benefits of 12-strand DNA activation, and if so, how do we do it?

Yes there are benefits Tom, but you should wait until after you are in the fifth focus.  It will be much easier then to activate the 12 strands.  It is quite difficult in the third focus.  Then there will be people who will be able to guide you in 12-strand DNA activation. 


Theo, is dowsing inspirational or extrasensory perception? Health Dowsing

It can be both Tom.  It depends upon what the dowser is dowsing.  If he or she is dowsing for water, shall we say, this is more ESP, but if the dowser is dowsing to answer a question of some form or other, then it will involve inspiration.  Dowsing does have its benefits Tom.  It is just more difficult than say requesting MBO’s.  Naturally you can request a MBO before one dowses and it will increase your reception. 


New Mexico SkySharon writes:  Thank you so much for your heartfelt work and the e-mails.   I always look forward to your thoughts and channellings.

I so hoped you were right about our government giving up chem. trailing its citizens because of lack of funds.   But here in Santa Fe, N.M., we are being bombarded as never before; sometimes the sky is all-white by noon after a clear blue sky in the morning.

We have a theory about the military-industrial complex experimenting with their  'vaccines'  on the populace.   Because we are so near to the dreaded Los Alamos and the nuke facilities there, we may be high on the list of a terrorist threat.   Last year many got sick in a deep and odd way that could not be addressed by conventional or holistic means.   We think it was an inorganic poisoning from the chem. trails.    Seemed to contain the flu of 1812 and some primitive thought control parts.

If you publish this, please ask those who read this to help with MBO's to stop this insane experimenting on citizens.

Theo, is there or was there any experimentation with the citizens of New Mexico and I’ll add in adjoining states with vaccines or viruses without their knowledge?

Good question Tom.  Yes there was some in the past, but not in the present.  Chem. trails or contrails not withstanding, there is no experimentation going on at the present time. 

You can say Benevolent Prayers for the skies above New Mexico to be free of any type of chemical trails and clear. 


Cloud Photo Ken PriorPam writes:  Tom, when you can be interesting to see what Gaia has to say about these cloud formations.  Thanks.

Gaia, anything unusual about the cloud formations in the photos sent to me?

Yes Tom, a nice gentle question to start the day, as clouds to me are gentle creatures, and the devas that control the clouds are very sweet.  They do love to create at times Tom, and these are some of their more dramatic creations.  It’s as if they had a canvas and wished to draw really dramatic cloud formations, so they did, using the wind, light, humidity, and all the factors that form clouds.  They consider these cloud formations some of their best work, and I tend to agree.  Very dramatic you see. 

So the only thing unusual about these clouds is that they were considered the Ken Prior Cloud Photocanvas for their creations, as they knew humans would take note and take photos, so their work would be shown, just like a piece of art is shown to the masses. 


Jerry WillsMolly writes:  If you go to , there is the documentary  of 2008 winner of the Skyfest film festival, also a link on Jerry Wills healing abilities.

Theo, what can you say about the healer Jerry Wills?

Yes, a very good healer this “gentle giant,” as he is called Tom.  He has done this in past lives, so he is still honing his craft shall we say.  He is able to channel healing energy and direct it to the part of the body that requires it.  Naturally, he has his lessons and challenges as everyone does.  But overall he is a very good man. 


Scientists say we may be living in giant hologram. 

Coincides with what I've been told by Theo and Gaia about the 12 parallel time lines.  Down below you can read more about Time Lines (we’re on number six) under the SERIES heading.  All the newsletters are listed that have information.  Very interesting reading.  Welcome to the Matrix!


Gentle Way BookDon’t forget that THE GENTLE WAY II is NOW AVAILABLE for delivery on and is IN STOCK!  Here is theGentle Way 2 link: .  You can also order it by phone at my publisher Monday to Friday.  Call toll free 800-450-0985.  It has twice as many pages as the first book.  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  The first book is also available on  Either or both books can change lives!



For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011


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