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Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Gentle Way Newsletter.  I would like to also welcome all of you that subscribed this week, including a large contingent from  I was commissioned to write an exclusive article for them about Meditation and we had a lot of people join us.

As I’m currently editing and adding to my second book (title right now is THE GENTLE WAY, VOLUME 2:  Our Soul Journey), I thought I might review some points I normally mention in radio interviews and my workshops.  

Let’s take just a simply request for a mundane event like requesting a parking space near the entrance to a mall, restaurant, or other busy space.  For those new to the newsletter you say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a parking space near the entrance to _______, thank you!”  Here are some rules to understand:

1.    The request must be for something specific for yourself;
2.    It must be Benevolent for not only yourself, but for all those involved in the request, even if you request something that is not Benevolent either in error or on purpose;
3.    It must be said out loud or in writing, as this is a physical world;
4.    Try to say the request with emotion, as that works best;
5.    You say “thank you” at the end, as you should thank your Guardian Angel for the assistance;
6.    Never forget that there is no limit to the number of requests you make.  Your Guardian Angel will joyfully assist you, but only if you request that assistance.  That’s a rule they must abide by.
7.    Thank your Guardian Angel when what you requested happens, as that not only acknowledges your GA’s assistance, but is a reminder to you too.

Number two is especially important, as even with a mundane request for a parking space, there can be complex outcomes.  If you got the parking space next to the entrance, perhaps someone would “ding” your car, so your GA arranges for one where the people opening car doors will be considerate.  Perhaps if you parked farther away you would see a “sale” sign you would not have seen, or perhaps you’ll meet an old friend.  Or perhaps there is a handicapped person that needs a close by spot.  Once you have requested a number of MBO’s as I call them, you’ll gain confidence and trust that the Benevolent Outcome you received was the best one for you, even if sometimes it takes weeks or months to see why it was the Most Benevolent Outcome.  Visit the website to read two sample chapters for many more suggestions.

It was nice meeting some of you this past weekend in Dallas at the Kryon event.  Lee Carroll introduced me to the audience, and said during his talk he felt Benevolent Outcomes work because you open yourself up to the energy.  Kryon also mentioned Benevolent Outcomes in the channeling.  

Be sure to check out the APPEARANCES section below.  I may be doing a workshop in your area.  Let’s begin with some emails I received this week.


 Jean writes:  I am the woman who experienced the MBO on the bus in Seattle several years ago, which you published in an article in the Sedona Journal of Emergence!  (And I might add in my book as well.)

I also had a grocery store MBO, Christmas Eve afternoon.  I knew the stores would be crowded with last minute shoppers, but really needed a few items, especially since that is my usual shopping day.   Knowing that the lines could be long, I still requested an MBO for a short line.  With only 8 items in my cart, I was still about 15 people back from the express check out.  While chatting with the woman ahead of me, I noticed a woman waving near the head of the line, and decided to see why.  Come to find out, she was trying to signal to her son that they'd opened a second express line, but she couldn't catch his eye.

So I told her that I hoped she didn't mind, but I was going to go through.  One woman was having her groceries bagged, the next man in line had three items, and I was next!  Instead of a 20 minute or more wait, I was out of the store within five minutes, laughing all the way, as I still had another errand to run and now knew I'd get there before their earlier closing time!  Of course I didn't have far to walk to my car!

As I have mentioned many times, requesting Benevolent Outcomes makes even the normal mundane tasks easier and less stressful.  Jean was the lady in the bus that almost rear-ended a truck near the Seattle Space Needle.  As you read in the book, it didn’t happen and she was able to joke about it with the bus driver.  And it was also an example of the RADIANT EFFECT as all those people on the bus with her were safe too. 


Norine in Rochester, NY writes:  I know you may be gathering some benevolent outcome stories for another book to follow-up “The Gentle Way” and I think this might be, as they say, 1 for the books! 

A couple months ago, a friend of mine in Arizona told me about you and of your book. Now I was brought up in your typical Italian-American family and we believed in angels & guardian angels, that things happen for a reason, that you should just trust things work out for the best, etc. so my initial conversation with my friend resonated as “truth” with me. (Even though I no longer follow Catholicism, I “kept” some of the things that I still believed in, which included angels. Even my cat’s name is Angelica!)

Over the years, I have had many miraculous happenings. I have often said, my guardian angel must want to put in for a job change because of all the difficult situations she’s helped me out with. So why would I even buy/read your book? I mean you’d be preaching to the choir because I already have my experiences, right?

Well here’s the deal…I never was taught I could ask my guardian angel for things! I just thought guardian angels’ roles were to be there, “on-call,” if you will and would show up when necessary. It’s kind of odd now that I think about, because I was taught you could pray to saints and your prayers would be answered, you could pray to The Blessed Mother, ditto on the prayers answered thing, but no one ever suggested you could do that with a guardian angel. And, after awhile you almost forget they are there for you unless some life saving thing comes up. So thank you; you showed me that I was underutilizing my guardian angel…I could ask for things and they didn’t even have to be “big important” things. So, here’s the story of the benevolent outcome…actually two…

I know you said to start with a small request, but the day I learned about requesting MBO’s, I actually had a big thing, so I thought, why not? Back in late summer, my car’s ABS (anti lock braking system) light came on and there was an odd noise. My mechanic told me a sensor had defaulted, and the anti lock brake system wouldn’t work. Since it was an expensive proposition, I asked if I could hold off on repairs. He said I could but that when winter (I live where we get a lot of snow) came, I should get it fixed, for obvious safety reasons. Mid-November came and so did the snow. I had an appointment to get my snow tires on and he said it really was time to fix the ABS. Quite honestly, the cost was a bit prohibitive at that particular time, but I scheduled it anyways, thinking the $$ would come.

The night before my appointment, which is when I found out about MBO’s, I requested a benevolent outcome so that I would be safe, even if I decided not to do the ABS repair (I would just rely on pumping brakes, if needed, like we did in the old days) and asked for the outcome to be better than what I could even anticipate. Well, the next morning, I got in my car and the ABS light wasn’t on and the noise was gone! I brought it into the shop and nothing was wrong with the ABS, so I just had the snow tires put on. It’s now been about 2 months and all is still well with the car. Wow! Who knew my guardian angel knew car mechanics! Boy have I said thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’ve had several other interesting MBO’s happen since I’ve started what you suggested. But here’s another, is this really possible(?!) one for you. I have an air filter/purifier in my bedroom that I use nightly. It’s old, but I keep it because it has a particular hum to it that I’ve gotten used to and it helps me sleep. The model isn’t one they even make anymore, because people like the quieter ones, but you can still get replacement filters for the old model. The other night, I turned on the air filter and I heard a weird noise, like a motor dying and it didn’t work. I tried turning it on & off several times to no avail. That night I found it a little difficult falling asleep because I didn’t have the soothing hum of it.

So, I asked for an MBO that by tomorrow night it was working again (I mean I had just spent $100. on the replacement filters a couple months ago and hated to have them go to waste.) Tom, the next night when I turned the air filter on, it was working! Unbelievable! Thank you, thank you, thank, you! Who knows, maybe it will just keep working until I use all the purchased filters up! I not only have a mechanical guardian angel, but she’s ecological, too!


Ron Radhoff writes:  I've been enjoying your Gentle Way Newsletter for several months now. In your latest newsletter I read your July 15, 2008 communication from Anturara with great interest, especially the paragraph on "how they were schooled and for how long."  In my book Evolving Life and Transition to the World Beyond the largest chapter (28 pages) covers some of my communications with the extraterrestrial realm. When communicating with one of the leaders from a planet named Nedanon I was given information on their education system and it aligns very closely with the data Anturara shared with you. Following is a description of the education system on Nedanon:
"Children are a delight to us. Their minds are so very pliable. We have schools for them and this is how we handle the education of the new mind. They go through comprehensive tests to see what their natural gifts and talents are. Their education is then focused primarily in that area because we know they will be happier and do best contributing to life on the planet using these natural abilities. At about age three they are placed in a computer chamber. Wires are attached to their lobes and they are then fed information and knowledge directly into what you would call their brain cells. This can be done in less than six months. This means that a three and a half year old would be ready to graduate from a doctorate program on Earth. He is then placed in the appropriate arena of his potential to develop and expand his creativity."
He went on to say, after receiving the so called book knowledge, a much greater and longer effort was placed on teaching them about their spirituality, their oneness, and how to use their basic education utilizing their spiritual values with wisdom.
I think it's neat Tom to find someone who receives material from the higher realms that aligns with your own communications, as was the case here, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Thanks Ron, and good luck with your book!


For those of you new to the newsletter, I’ve been communicating in recent months with a member of my soul group or “cluster” who’s having a life on a planet in the Sirius Star System.  My Guardian Angel Theo informed me about him.  He and a large contingent of other beings from a Federation of 200 planets are supposed to visit us around 2017-18, after the Pleiadians (who look just like us) make the first contact around 2015.  That’s the time line right now and could possibly shorten or lengthen depending upon our progress on a vibrational level.

July 17, 2008

This was not on the list, but since your days are not the same as mine, do you communicate with me at different times of the day for you, or are you able to be at the same time and simply work through the veil somehow, or do you do all of these one after another?

Good question Tom.  Yes I do meditate as you call it at different times in order to communicate with you.  This is very important for not only you but for me and for my people that we establish contact and have more people know us so that there will not be such fear of us since we are more different in appearance than the Pleiadians let’s say.  Knowledge overcomes initial fear.  Hopefully by the time I arrive everyone will have much information about my planet and society.  That’s of course where you come in Tom.  That’s part of your job or life purpose is to open up these communications with me, and perhaps one or two others along the way.    So to answer your question again I do these meditations or communications with you at different times, knowing a little in advance as to when they will take place.

OK. Why are there so few planets in the Federation.  It would seem to me that it should be much larger if you’ve had millions of years.

Yes, it would see that way on the surface Tom, but in actuality this group of planets have many things in common between them.  Our interests are basically the same, as compared to perhaps other planets.  We are also geographically close to each other and this helps foster trade and the exchange of ideas, and can act as protection in case, as was in the past but not now at the present, any threat to our security and ability to live life in a peaceful manner.  Obviously in millions of years you will have conflicts, so as you’ll someday see maps of the locations of these planets, they are in shall we say the same quadrant of the galaxy.

Are these planets just in the Milky Way galaxy as we call it?

Yes, you’re correct in that supposition Tom.
You have stated that the purpose of the Federation is security and trade.  Any other purpose? 

Yes, naturally there is a constant exchange of ideas and scientific development.  Trade is also important because some planets are awash in certain elements that other planets have none of and vice versa, so there is a lively barter exchange of elements and of course goods.  We are a pretty happy family of planets Tom, although not without our own disagreements.  Most of the time everything runs smoothly. 

Have you ever visited another universe created by another creator?

Oh yes, Tom.  Several times.  It is not that hard after you reach our level of progress. 

What was the purpose—study?

Yes, for the most part we wanted to see how other universes were created and for what purpose.

So these universes are not those far galaxies we see with the use of powerful telescopes are they?

Actually yes in a way Tom.  That’s something for another discussion I think.

Will you contact other governments or just individuals when you come here?

Yes there will be governmental contact by those of us that specialize in that type of contact.  Everyone has a specialty and mine is with individuals that can influence and assist us in becoming your good neighbor if you will.  Again it’s passing on and explaining who we are and that we are a peaceful society.

When do you think you’ll be coming after I understand 2015?

Yes not too long after that—certainly within the next two to three years Tom from that date.  You are progressing at a much faster rate than was anticipated, which is fantastic.  We are very proud and amazed at how fast you are progressing, although it does not appear that way to you in your daily lives.
What will you be allowed to present to us or tell us or show us?

Just the basics shall we say Tom.  We do not want to overload your people with knowledge of our scientific achievements as that would create fear and a feeling of being less worthy and we do not want you to feel that way.  You are very important to this whole universe, so you must be made to feel that way and understand what you will give to all of us.  You are very unique in the universe and we’re thrilled that we will be able to make contact with you soon. 

How long will you stay on earth?

Not too long the first time.  Times will be set up for further contact and for your scientists to visit and so on.  It is very complex and we are going to be very patient, as we’ve done this many times in the past. 

I assume you have some advanced device that will allow you to not have to wear a spacesuit here, or are you an oxygen breather?

We do have devices Tom that allow us to be present in almost any atmosphere that you could imagine.


The following appearances are being set up at the present time.  I have no information on the website yet, and it may be a couple of weeks before I do, as I must go to a TV market in Las Vegas January 26-29 and am quite busy preparing for that.

MARCH 28—HENLEY-ON-THAMES, UNITED KINGDOM.  A one-day workshop where I will cover requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth, and will conduct a guided meditation in the afternoon for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  Cost is 75 GBP.  For more information you can contact Val Stoner at [44] 1491 414 344 for the next week or so before she leaves the country for 5 weeks.

MAY 1-3—EAGLES NEST, NEW MEXICO—A weekend retreat with a meditation and greet Friday evening, my workshop on Saturday, and on Sunday Terrie Cunningham, who channels Ashtar will have a workshop and channeling.  Cost is $160, plus $75 for meals, and a great price on rooms of $69.00 a night.  Contact Deb Smith-Bartou for more information at 575-377-6813.
JUNE 15—SEDONA, ARIZONA—A one-day workshop after the Kryon Conference.  I will be doing a similar workshop to the one March 28.  More details as I can give them.  Tentative cost is $75.

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

Tom T. MooreTom

Tom T. Moore


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