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·    ECONOMIC OUTLOOK FOR 2014 & 2015

Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Newsletterworld. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Happy New Year!HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE, and may each one of you have a Most Benevolent 2014! Here’s a special shout-out to my newsletter editor, Ralonne, who has made these newsletters look more professional! If you are working on a book, Ralonne is available to edit. This is especially important for self-publishers, as there is nothing worse than a book with tons of spelling and grammatical errors.  Contact me to put you in touch. 

One New Year’s resolution I wish all of you would make would be to start saying the daily Benevolent Prayer. I explain what a tremendous difference it can make now and in the future in both the ALTERING DNA and the PAST LIVES topics.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother Antura in meditation (and a few others). This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Mountain SnowGaia says: Good morning, Tom. The Christmas period of time—the week surrounding this day and the week after leading up until the recognized New Year—is a time of festivities, sharing truly from one’s heart and that naturally raises your vibrational levels a bit each year. Certainly, if you could continue this all year, you would find a great jump in your overall vibrational levels, but if each person who believes in Christmas could do just one or two more acts of kindness than you normally do in a year you will find the benefits will multiply not only for each individual but also for the whole world.

And you don’t need to be a Christian as I’m sure those who are not understand. Pope Francis even called upon atheists and those of other beliefs to join together and work for the good of all mankind. So follow the golden rule everyone. Do unto others as you would do unto yourselves and you will all make great progress in 2014, as you are starting to see little glimpses of how life will improve and be better in the 5th focus.

Yes, you have a LONG way to go in becoming gentle people, but take an extra step or two down this path by doing more good deeds in the year. Don’t just wait for next Christmas to roll around. Make YOUR contribution and others will follow, I can assure you.

Nice comments Gaia, and thank you.


Europe Economic OutlookIPS in Bombay India writes: I would like to ask Theo about the financial situation in 2014 and 2015--will it improve? What about job opportunities and projects, and corporate business, etc? And what about money flow worldwide? Please ask on everyone’s behalf.

Gaia, what are the probabilities of an improving world economy in 2014 and 2015 for jobs, money flow, etc?

The probabilities for an improved economy over this two-year period, Tom, is quite high—let’s say in the 80 percentile at this time. Certainly, if you look at records of previous years you will see ups and downs. This is the natural flow. But you will see a gradual rise in the world economy, even with continuing conflicts and a certain amount of natural disasters as you term them. All of these events are in your soul contracts, Tom. It is a mass event, you see. Your souls are writing new pages everyday, Tom, as humans have never gotten this far before, but because your souls are increasing their vibrational level at such a rapid pace, you will find the past will slip away even faster than before.

So, will the stock market end 2014 and then 2015 at higher levels than at the beginning of the year?

Yes, Tom. Again, the leaders of your countries have many challenges ahead, but as they learn to work together more, they will see the benefits to their people, which will translate into more jobs and prosperity.


Theo, there is talk about amnesty for Edward Snowden. What is the probability of that happening?

Edward SnowdenYes, Tom. This may well happen in the future, even though certainly there is a lot of opposition to this taking place. Though most of your politicians talk about seeing him return to rot in jail, this is just the “party line” shall we say, and they have little belief that that will actually come to pass. There is a great debate going on right now within the intelligence community regarding Mr. Snowden, as they totally recognize the danger in allowing him to release even a small portion of the 1.5 million documents he has yet to release. It would severely affect our relationships with other countries should they do nothing and he begins to release more documents in the new year.

So there are negotiations going on between Mr. Snowden and his representatives and the U.S. government. You can tell this from Mr. Snowden’s public comments in the past few days where he states he has already “won” by causing the American government to consider changing what access the NSA has to phone calls and other communications. To do nothing opens the door for many more revelations.

Therefore, you asked for probabilities, and at this time it is a little higher than 50%, Tom—not 60% as you were thinking. Again, there is great fear that this will encourage others to do the same, and thereby lies the quandary they face. But to do nothing, the insiders in your government realize, is to court disaster as Mr. Snowden has all the ammunition he needs to cause almost irreparable harm to the relationships the USA has with other countries. It would take years to repair them.

So you can ask again in the future to see if these probabilities increase.

I did think they would be higher at this time, Theo.

Yes, but again, there is great opposition to this—sort of a knee-jerk response in a way as certainly he has been labeled a traitor, and now there are those who will have to eat those works, so to speak, as they see what changes are being forced by his revelations. How do they keep the lid on this without others being encouraged to do something similar? It may take another revelation before they agree to amnesty. That page has not been written yet. But could at any time.


ChakrasAnnette writes: I am seeing the vibratory colors of the chakras change in many people. These people seem to be vibrating at a higher frequency as all the energy around them seems "stronger" and more "vibrant." I have also noticed that the more Reiki I do, the more open and "awake" I feel in my awareness.

Can you address this please?

Theo, are our chakras vibrating at a higher level now.

Quite so, Tom. Your chakras vibrate not only from internal input, shall we call it, as you work to raise your vibrational level through requesting MBOs as an example, but also from the external input of being at a higher and higher focus. So in one way not so complicated, but in reality quite intricate and complex shall we say.


Theo, is the fascination with Superheroes these days a psychological Supermanresponse to fantasizing that there are those who have superhero abilities to help us in these difficult lives?

An excellent observation, Tom. The Superheroes do exactly that. They lift your spirits when you imagine there will be some external help in coping with the problems and adversities you encounter in your daily lives. You know they are not real, but the idea they are is comforting to you as a whole.

Plus the recognition that there are people with what appear to be handicaps might very well have abilities that the average person does not have, as they had to develop abilities to compensate for those they do not have, or were born without. The human body has more capabilities than you presently understand, Tom. That should give everyone something to ponder.


Helen writes from Hawaii: I have been rereading some of your older newsletters, and this one from your 22 Oct 2011 newsletter had this Q&A which intrigued me because being half Japanese, my son & daughter are 1/4 Japanese, my granddaughter is 1/8 Japanese, and we all had this blue spot when we were babies.

Would this mean that our "home" planet when not participating in the Earth Experiment would be in the Sirius or Sirian Star System? The last sentence in the answer portion of the Q&A sounds like the Sirians contributed their DNA to the Adam Man/Woman model, and this spot may have been a remnant of that in some people. Thank you.

11/22/11 Theo, what is the "Mongolian Blue spot" on the buttocks of many Asian children that fades away in time?

Yes, a curious difference in their DNA strand, Tom, left over from thousands of years ago. It was originally believed that this spot would bring luck the rest of their lives. So in a way it is a birthmark, but one as was noted that fades away. It came originally from the Sirians who wanted the population to remember where it originated, but was lost in time.

Mongolian Blue SpotGaia, does a blue spot on some Japanese descendants have anything to do with Sirius?

No, it actually does not, Tom. This birthmark is simply that, a birthmark, which exists as was pointed out to you, across generations. Sometimes, what you see, Tom, is just what it appears and does not have any connection to your true origins. But rest assured, everyone on this planet has an origin in another part of this galaxy, let us say for your purposes, Tom—yes with the exception of those reptilians, but also a few others.

When the call went out for volunteers, there were more volunteers than there were spots, so it was narrowed down by limiting it to those who had reached a certain vibrational level. The Creator knew these lives would be quite difficult and wanted souls who through their own devices had raised their vibrational levels to a point where It felt they could handle the billions of lives it would take working with negativity, you see. You are all “chosen ones,” you see. But your souls are increasing your vibrational levels much, much faster than any other soul in the universe. You are beacons of light.


Jen writes: Is there more depression and a higher suicide rate in the lower timelines and less of those on the upper timelines?

DepressionOn the lower timelines, does the greater degree of struggle and suffering lead people more toward spirituality and religion for comfort and answers, or further away from them as faith and belief in divinity may be more difficult to ascribe to?

Theo, is there more depression and suicides on the lower time lines?

Quite so Tom. Life gets exponentially harder the lower the frequency of the time line. There is more despair in one’s life.

Are people more into religion and spirituality on the lower time lines or less?

Less Tom, that is a given. There are more problems with the organized religions on the lower time lines. People feel more detached from their angels and the Creator the lower the frequency. There are many more atheists and agnostics. But even on the lower time lines there are many who still feel their connection and live their lives at the highest level they can. You can really see the shining lights on the lower levels when you find them.


First Contact Front CoverBack in 2008 Theo and I were talking about ET ruins, and this led to him introducing me to another member of my soul group or “cluster,” living a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Solar System. I was shocked to learn he looked nothing like us—he was an amphibian—and is part of a “first contact” team coming to earth in one of those big motherships with a crew of 850 in 2017. You can read the hundreds of questions I asked him in my new book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET. Here are more questions, as I will eventually have a Book II.

Antura, what is the latest update on the Russians?

Yes, they are still dragging their feet, Tom, but there is a little light at the end of the tunnel, and we hope to get a positive response soon. We have continued our negotiations (the Federation and the Russians) and it has gotten to the stage as to what they will and will not release. We naturally want everything released, but they are reluctant as they are afraid it would not look good for certain of their administrations. We believe once they release a portion that they will eventually release all of it.

Was the Atlantean moon stationary or did it orbit the earth?

No, it remained almost perfectly stationary, Tom, as it was needed by the continent of Atlantis to remain in one place so that all the energy could be focused and reflected from one spot. There was no need for it to encircle the earth as your regular moon does.

Alien ImplantsWhat are the implants I assume the Zetas implanted in people’s wrists, and for what purpose were they used?

These were part of a complex set of neurotransmitters, we will call them for your purposes, that the Zetas would install. Again, as I have said before, it is better to leave them, as they are dormant at this time, although a faint electrical charge can be felt. You just do not have the medical capabilities in this time period to remove the whole network from a body, and as they have been turned off there is no danger to those who have the implants.

How many Zeta souls are taking part in the Earth Experiment? Is it more or less than the Reptilians, whom you said have about 5,000?

More, Tom. The Zetas who are the present day Zetas we will call them, as compared to those from their distant past who conducted the abductions, have several thousand more souls who call the Zeta planets home.


This MBO story and the next two were in last Saturday’s Blog, which has only MBO and BP stories. You can sign up to receive these blogs on the right hand column, which says “RSS.” Click on it. You’ll find all my blogs at And PLEASE CONTRIBUTE your stories to inspire others to begin living THE GENTLE WAY!

The Game's AfootI'll begin with a couple of MBO stories of my own. It was an interesting 24 hours. We got in the car Friday night to go to see the " The Game's Afoot" or "Holmes For the Holidays" play (very funny) and my battery was dead. We jumped in my daughter's car and made it there in plenty of time (thanks to requesting MBOs) and had a parking space only 30 yards or so from the front door of the playhouse; plus we were the first people in the door of the playhouse at 7:05 pm when a line of people did not read the sign that our play was in the theatre to the left and not to the theatre on the right.

Then Saturday morning a friend of mine from Junior High and High School days called to say he would be passing through Dallas around 12 pm. So I said I would meet him at a Denny's Restaurant on the I 30 highway. I tried to turn my computer on to see the driving time to the restaurant and it was DEAD! My son used an external hard drive to hook me up to another computer in our office.

Broken ComputerLeft and requested MBOs (after calling my next door neighbor for a start) and took it to a Garage where they replaced the battery in only about 20 minutes, even though they had a lot of business. Came back home and had time to read emails before departing for lunch with my friend. I requested MBOs for the drive and for the visit. I arrived only 5 minutes after he arrived--very good timing considering we were both guessing at our mutual arrival times, and we had a really nice visit.

The final MBO that occurred was that my son replaced the power supply in my computer with a power supply from an older computer in my closet and it works! I thought I would have to buy another computer, but not, at least, right now.

For those of you who have not experimented with MBOs my story above is just a good example of how you can lower the stress associated with unexpected events.


Janet in Toronto writes: Hi Tom - blessings of the season to you - a Slovenian friend passed along this lovely and poetic prayer to me, and I am so happy to bestow it upon you as well:

May the peace of the Holy Night remain with you every day of the New Year. Amen.

Toronto Ice StormI thought you might be interested in a story about the quick delivery of items sent by post when accompanied by an MBO at the time of posting! My friend in Turkey sent me a parcel on Monday, December 16, by registered mail. The postal people over there told him it would take at least two weeks to be delivered to me. We were chatting on Skype when he told me he had just sent it, on the 16th. So we immediately, together, said an MBO for a safe and speedy delivery, and that the item would arrive intact (it is made of glass).

The parcel was in my mailbox on Monday, December 23. Because Toronto was in the grips of the ice storm that had arrived a couple of days earlier, the mailman could not ring my buzzer so I could sign for it. He obviously signed on my behalf so that I could receive the parcel.

Of course, the piece is intact. It is very popular in Turkey and throughout Middle Eastern countries - a large blue circle with white and lighter blue circles in the centre, used to ward off "the evil eye."

Which reminds me that over a year ago I mailed a little parcel to my son who lives in central Oregon, USA, on a Friday afternoon. At the time I said an MBO for a safe and speedy delivery, and you can imagine my utter surprise when I had a message from him on the following Tuesday that it had arrived! Blessings to you, dear Tom, for all that you do!


Laura writes: "LET IT GO TO MBO!" My new mantra! Started it yesterday and had to share! It is so true. It filled me with joy when I said it! Right ON! I have so much grace, ease and flow, and miracles and synchronicities in my life now that I MBO practically everything.


DNAJohn writes: I was wondering, in your newsletters Theo has often said that when we eventually discover through science how to manipulate our DNA, we will be able to do away with many diseases and also things like retardation, etc. My question is: can a person request an MBO to have their DNA rearrange itself, or perhaps just ask for a "change" in our DNA so a particular condition can be changed or healed? I have never thought to try requesting an MBO for this, but it makes me wonder if our guardian angels can change our DNA for us, rather than wait for science to accomplish it.

Theo, is it possible to request an MBO for your DNA to change or rearrange itself so that a condition can be healed, or is it something that would run afoul of one’s soul contract?

Certainly prayer and requesting MBOs, Tom, have great power. You can request this, with the understanding that it has to be benevolent for your short term and long term interests. It may be that you have to have that condition as part of your soul contract, but it can be lessened by requesting MBOs. It might not be eliminated, but lessened in intensity.

But this is a good idea from the person who asked and certainly your Guardian Angels, as you call us, will work to do all we are allowed to do according to your soul contract. And don’t forget that DAILY PRAYER I highly encourage everyone to say each day. That, in combination with the MBO and BP requests for lessening a condition, work hand in hand as there are many conditions, such as your congestive heart failure, that are in soul contracts which might even be eliminated by saying that BP each morning.

Theo is referring to the Benevolent Prayer I say each morning, which you can find at: More about this in the next topic.


Flo writes: I found your summary in today’s newsletter of your various lives to be quite fascinating. Which also brought up some questions:

1. Were all these "past" lives lived on this particular time line that we're on now?

2. You stated that you'll have a "future" life in the 3400s, "then" another life in the 2600s and then go "back to" the 3400s for another life. So:

 A. You seemed to be speaking in terms of our linear concept of time - but if everything is happening simultaneously, you are already experiencing these three "future" lives right NOW. Are any or all of them influencing your present life in this present timeline?

Past & Present B. Since you referred to our present system of numbering the centuries sequentially (linear time), why did you say, first "future" life in the 3400s, then a life in the 2600s, and finally a third life in which you go "back to" the 3400s?

 C. Also, on which time line(s) will these three "future" lives be lived?

As you've probably surmised, I'm just plain confused! I sure hope that Theo, Gaia, or someone can explain this so I and others, who may be just as confused as I am, can better understand this! Thanks so much.

1.    Theo has said that each of our lives has 12 parallel lives or “time lines” as he calls them so, yes, each of those lives I listed has 12 time lines or parallel lives.

2.    I asked that question too regarding linear lives, and Theo said that we are experiencing all our past and future lives now, and each influences the others. But he also said we went sequentially from one life to the next. And each of those future lives will have 12 parallel lives or time lines.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Theo told me this was my first life out of 1,005 so far (he says I keep coming back to help people raise their vibrational levels) that I was “inspired” to create the daily Benevolent Prayer.

My best guess is that only 10% of my readers say that daily BP. But if it is as powerful as Theo says, by saying it daily you will more greatly influence all your other lives than any other life you have lived or will live on earth!! But all I can do is encourage you to make it a habit in your lives. It takes less than 30 seconds or so each day and is a great prayer of forgiveness, even if you don’t believe it benevolently affects any other life but this one! So go to that link in the above topic and make it a great habit!

Oh, and I did forget to list last week the life I had at the start of the Sikh religion when I was one of five volunteers who offered his head to the tenth Guru Sikh, and became one of his disciples and contributed to the fundamental 5 “Ks” of the religion. You can read much more about this in the 7/20/13 newsletter (

I just don’t concentrate on the past lives so I forget about them. This life is the important one right now!


Flo writes: In last week’s newsletter, when you discussed the Atlantean moon, you seem to imply that it was composed of, or at least contained, huge crystals. But the Atlanteans also used huge crystals in their temples.

Quartz CrystalsWhat was the physical source of the moon and the temple crystals: were all of them pure quartz or did they have certain other mineral crystals, too; and were they "grown" or dug up from the earth or another planet and transported to the moon and the earth?

Theo, were all the crystals used by the Atlanteans quartz?

Yes, that is quite correct, Tom. All were quartz—with many mined in what is now the state of Arkansas, as they found huge deposits of crystals there. And I might add, there are still large numbers of quartz crystals located there, even some extremely large ones well below the surface.

Were they all natural or were any artificial or grown?

All were natural, Tom, as the crystals the Atlanteans used are millions of years old.


Flo writes: I just read this article and it makes me sick!

DNA ExperimentsPlease ask Gaia or Theo or whichever other Beings of Light care to answer - how long will these gruesome experiments continue - of adding human DNA to other animals and plants? And also about the technique of "Crispr" which is enabling scientists to precisely alter specific genes in human DNA. On the one hand, these can be used beneficially, but on the other hand, I shudder to think of what some of the "darkness" might be tempted to do.

So what are the probabilities for positive and negatives uses for these techniques?

Theo, can you give any comments about human DNA added to animals and plants?

Much work must be done, Tom, and there are experiments that will lead down blind alleys and others which will be breakthroughs. I cannot discuss this too much as it involves soul contracts of those working on the experiments.


Cynthia writes: This gentleman claims that some types of radiation are not damaging to humans as believed. He says that it's actually a cover-up by the Energy Departments. What does Gaia say about this? Thanks so much for all you do! [1.5 hours]

Gaia, are there some types of radiation that is not harmful to humans?Radiation Suits

Certainly low-grade radiation, Tom, used in watches and such is not harmful to man, but that is already known. What your reader is referring to are higher grades of radiation, and this is just poppycock, you see. We only have to look back at those exposed to radiation in nuclear accidents and in war to see the debilitating effects of even small exposures to radiation and how it affects their auto immune systems and breaks down their resistance to many diseases.

Again low-grade radiation is OK, but if in doubt, stay away or protect yourself with radiation resistant suits. You notice I said resistant, as even those allow a little to enter the body, so prolonged exposure to radiation in those suits does have a cumulative effect.


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BLOG:  For those of you who are just learning about requesting Benevolent Outcomes, I have a weekly Blog now with information and stories sent from all over the world about using this amazingly simple, yet powerful spiritual tool.  The link is .

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FACEBOOK:  You’ll find me here: Tom T. Moore6 or the book page at .  Let’s be friends!

BOOK EDITOR:  Need an editor for your upcoming book?  Email me.  Ralonne edits my newsletter and edits books.

Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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