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The Roku TV channel had to go off the air when they lost their one editor due Telepathic Worldto medical problems. They have now posted the first episode of my series THE TELEPATHIC WORLD OF TOM T. MOORE on YouTube at Please keep in mind that this episode, at around 25 minutes, was a one-take for me and could have been more professional. When they put the second episode up, I think I did a little better. But I do discuss the Gentle Way and how it works.

Recently I was interviewed for two hours on the Epic Voyages radio show. Here is the link to the podcast if you wish to listen. We covered a LOT of subjects over the two hours.

On Tuesday, August 9, I will be back with Dr. Simon Atkins on his Skyaia Show at a new time—6:00 pm CT.

Last chance for a vacation with me and other like-minded people where the Digging for CrystalsAtlanteans used to dig for crystals. I’m going to be speaking at a Harmonic Crystal dig in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, the weekend of August 19-21. Please email if you’re interested in a weekend of digging for crystals, listening to my presentation along with others, and a beautiful weekend on Lake Ouachita in the Ozark Mountains!

I have also just been invited to speak at a UFO convention in Toronto, Toronto, CanadaCanada on both my
FIRST CONTACT and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA books from June 22-25 of 2017. On the day before the convention, I want to speak on THE GENTLE WAY books somewhere in the Toronto area. Do you know a good location that is not too expensive? Please email me. I will also need help in getting the word out there, so do you have any access to local mailing lists of people who might wish to learn about requesting MBOs?

And do you have any contacts with Metaphysical or UFO expo events Psychic Booth at Expothat have featured speakers? There are so many, but most just have locals. Please let me know. The big ones need to be scheduled many months in advance.

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I was asked where to go to write the reviews. The most popular place to go (they sell more books than anyone else) is and then just enter the name of the book you wish to write a review about in the search book. Then click on “Reviews” and there will be a box that says “Write a review.”

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“ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Read the REAL history of two societies that existed for over 50,000 years each.

You can read SAMPLE CHAPTERS of all the books at

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you


Gaia, since I’ve been told that the highest probability is for Mrs. Clinton to Mrs. Clintonbecome the next President of the United States, what is the highest probability for her margin of victory—2%, 5%, 7%, 10% or what?

Yes, Tom, numbers are not your strongest suit, but in this case the margin of victory will be the most in any recent election—a little over 10 points—yes, you are receiving me correctly. Mr. Trump is alienating those in the Republican Party who are leaders. He is burning, and will continue to burn, more bridges before the election. That will seal his fate as, no matter who is running, that person must have the full cooperation and support of those leaders that their local constituents have chosen to be their voice in government.

There will be more Senators and Congressmen who will reject Mr. Trump’s candidacy just to save their own skins. Even that will not be enough as there will be a number of Republicans holding office who will be defeated in their attempt to be reelected. It will take years for the Republican Party to come back from this defeat—that’s how devastating it will be for them.

I was told, I think, sometime in the past that the Democrats would win the Senate back, but not the House—does that still hold?

Yes, but the margin will be slim, which will assist in there being more compromises and work accomplished, although there will still be those hard liners who will drag their feet. Those who do drag their feet will have trouble being reelected if they are up for reelection in two years.


Erica writes: I think I remember a mention about a positive energy boost during August 2016. What kind of good things can we expect personally, globally, physically, spiritually?

Some say the next five years will also be a positive energy time. What are Energyyour team’s thoughts on this? Thanks for the MBOs to use daily!

Gaia, are we still in for an energy boost in the month of August, and if so, what can we expect personally, globally, physically, and spiritually?

Yes, you can and will experience a shift in energy in the month of August as certain planets align. It will affect various people differently. It all depends upon where everyone is on their path. You can request an MBO for the energy to affect you in a benevolent way and it will be directed in that manner. Some people such as athletes at the Olympics will feel empowered to pass levels not seen before. That’s a positive benefit.

Some people will overwork themselves, so we must encourage those people to relax and feel the energy boost and use it, but not overdo it. And, yes, there will be those who will feel invincible and cause disruptions. This energy is being given to you in order to handle the speeding up of time.


Jen writes: Thank you for the timely and extremely interesting information you give us each week! Also thank you so very much for the many ways the MBOs work so well! I tell everyone who will listen how to access this amazing technique!

Here are a couple of questions I've had a long time.

1. Was the "Big Bang" - as scientists call it - the actual beginning of our earth Big Bang Theoryand universe?

2. Do humans ever reincarnate as animals or other species? Can we choose a different planet other than earth at this time? Can we choose a lifetime in the future?

3. Do animals ever choose to reincarnate as different species or even humans? Do they also progress in raising their vibrations with each lifetime?

Gaia, was the “Big Bang,” as scientists call it, the actual beginning of the Universe and Earth?

Tom, can you imagine how powerful the Creator of this universe must be to Galaxiescreate all the Suns and planets that now exist? As there seems to be a constant expansion, the mass of the universe had to begin somewhere and it began with what you could call an “idea” or concept of the Creator. The Creator looked at other universes created by other Creators and took what the Creator thought were the best concepts and energetically connected them all.

The Creator then created galaxies and allowed each one to be different according to the souls who had volunteered to control the central suns in each galaxy. Trillions of souls were attracted to this universe. People try to Different Galaxiesseparate the action of creation, but there were many souls involved from the Creator’s plans. So, not so much a Big Bang as a "Big Idea" that attracted trillions of souls to join in. Each soul contributed their talents to the Creator’s Idea. I’ll leave it there for everyone to ponder. This is a subject that we could discuss for hours if you were to think of all the questions to ask.

I had been previously told that the only time we might incarnate as an animal would be before our first life on Earth to get our “feet wet.”

I was also told that each animal on Earth has what is termed as a “group soul” that supplies all the soul fragments for that specific species (i.e., dogs, cats, etc.).


For my new readers, Antura is an amphibian living on a water world in the First ContactSirius B Star System and is a member of my soul group or “cluster,” who Theo introduced me to in 2008. He’s a member of a “first contact” team that has given me an enormous amount of information on our galaxy, universe, and about our ET “brothers and sisters.” You’ll read information you’ve never read in any other book about ETs in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. And I continue to ask him questions such as the ones below.

This question came from Lydia.

Antura, was the moon placed in orbit around Earth so perfectly as to allow lunar and solar eclipses?

Quite so, Tom. You have been previously told that the moon was placed in orbit by your friendly ETs on instructions from the Creator. And it was placed Moon and Earth Orbitsthere so that only one side would always face Earth for you to ponder (and, as you have noticed, some people still do) if Earth and the moon are flat or round. But it was also placed perfectly in orbit to allow lunar and solar eclipses to generate certain energies, which you will learn about in future years—meaning your scientists. There are too many “coincidences” to be a coincidence, you understand. The placement of your moon was not just happenstance. The Creator wanted you to question EVERYTHING as you are veiled.

Antura, do large planetoid spaceships have the ability not to disturb gravitational forces of planets as they pass by? And are they the ones capable of moving whole planets to another solar system when they are endangered, or is this something any larger spacecraft can do?

Yes, they have the ability to not interfere with the gravitational pull of a planet Planetoidas they pass by. And yes, they do have the capability to use their tractor beams, as you call them, to move whole planets, although there are times when more than one of these large spacecraft will be used. These huge space ships are designed to remain in space many years and with many benevolent tasks. They are, naturally, able to portal hop to any solar system where there is a problem and volunteer their assistance to those in need.

As you may guess, it would take a number of the smaller motherships, as you term them, to have the same power those large spacecraft have in order to move a whole planet, unless it was exceptionally small, which most are not. Just look at the difference in size just in your own solar system. There are worlds the size of your Jupiter with intelligent beings living on them in other parts of the universe.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!

Maggie writes:
My MBO: At the end of last year, the group home in which my Classroommentally disabled sister lived had their funding cut and we needed to scramble to find another home for her immediately. It was three days before everyone involved left for the Christmas holiday.

I said many Benevolent Prayers for her and the professionals who would help us find the perfect living situation for her. The BPs left me calm and sure that something great would come through and I was able to assure my mother that things would work out beautifully. Sure enough, within two days, my sister was enrolled in a new program and we were moving her to a wonderful group home with great clients and staff!

Thank you for showing us
The Gentle Way!


Elsie writes: Greetings and thanks again for another VERY interesting newsletter, lots of material covered.

Here's a new MBO story. My daughter is in charge of my home and car while I am abroad. Last Sunday, after a function, she left the car keys on the back of another vehicle while she went back inside the building to assist a disabled person. Alas, by the time she returned, the other driver had left without noticing the keys. Friends assisted her by searching the roadway until the next traffic light. No key. She forgot to say an MBO, although she does use the BP. (Lesson learned I hope - Always say MBOs!)

I have the duplicate keys here with me, in another country!Car on side of road

Naturally, as soon as I heard about the incident I said an MBO for the car to be protected against theft and damage and for the situation to be resolved quickly and without problems. On Monday morning, I mailed the keys to her via FedEx. I was told that they would arrive on Thursday. This meant that the car would remain on a strange roadway until then. Another MBO requested, although I knew it wasn't needed.

On Wednesday afternoon, one whole day before the delivery date given to me, she received a call from FedEx asking for directions to the address. The Driver was packing his vehicle, prior to making deliveries. Since there was someone else in the house, she directed him and later left for the Music School where she was teaching that day. On arrival at the school, she noticed a FedEx vehicle outside. Deciding to take a chance (her Guardian Angel was clearly working on her behalf - we should always listen to that voice in our ear), she asked him whether he had a delivery for our area. He did, and made the delivery to her right away. This meant that she could go directly to collect the car without having to return home to collect the keys. Needless to say, the car was untouched and safe.

What a great result!
Kudos and thanks to all the MBO and Guardian angels involved. MBOs forever!


Lyn writes: I wonder if you could ask Theo about the allegations that in 1994 Donald Trump raped minors at a party along with his host and friend Jeffrey Epstein. Thank you for all you do.

Copy of Lawsuit filed in June:

Theo, true or false that Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein raped one or moredonald Trump minors at a party in 1994?

Partially true, you could say. There is some truth to the story—I know you thought it would be false—but it would be considered rape because they were minors, even though consensual.

You know I don’t like putting stories out like this as I don’t want there to be any bleeding over of guessing.

Yes, Tom. Again this is a circumstantial event that happened.


Linda writes: For some time, I’ve been led in meditation to focus on two areas of Earth. I sense that I am to help stabilize these places.

I don’t know why, or anything about the places, other than volcanic activity occurs along the edges.

A couple of days ago, I happened on an article on the Message to Eagle website about mysterious blobs beneath Earth’s surface.

Magma Under Earth Surface“The two structures, each the size of a continent and 100 times taller than Mount Everest lie deep within the earth, roughly on opposite sides of the planet, under the Pacific Ocean on one side and beneath Africa and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.”

“According to Edward Garnero from the Arizona State University, the blobs, may not only cast more light on Earth’s formation, but they can also help explain the plumbing that leads to some massive volcanic eruptions, as well as the mechanism of plate tectonics from the convection, or stirring, of the mantle. This is the geo-force that drives earthquakes.”

My questions are –

What are these “blobs” the scientists discovered?

Are they associated with Inner Earth cultures?

Does the information from my meditations about stabilizing this area apply to the blobs?

Is there anything else I should be doing?

Mantle LevelsGaia, do you have two blobs on opposite sides of the world, and if so, are these magmas or something else and what is their purpose? Is there any connection to inner earth cultures and are these blobs needed for your stability?

Some of this I will not answer for you today, Tom, as you can imagine these are questions for your scientists to study over quite a few years before they are able to really understand my inner earth workings and how or what these blobs are used for. Let’s say for the time being that the theory that they are used somehow for my stability is partially true. There are other reasons for their existence. They have nothing to do with any inner earth cultures on your plane of existence. If you recall, several years ago I said there were forms of life in my interior that are on a different dimensional level than humanity.

I will also say the magma associated with these blobs, as they were termed, does not stay in one place but circulates. Hence, the reason why I will let those who study these things theorize.

I will add that in my meditation sessions I always send white light and love to the center of the earth and expand it to permeate every single cell and every single atom of the interior of the earth and all of those who live within it. Gaia says I’m one of the only ones in the world sending light to her interior, so I would suggest that everyone also do this.


Shravaka writes: Malo Kin Ix-Tom!

Bix-U-Bell….? (Mayan greeting which means: How is your Spiritual Path today?)

Given your historical visits to Sedona, coupled with your past Indian Shaman life as “Still Water,” I was wondering if you might be able to share with us your insights (or Gaia’s, or Theo’s, or Antura’s) as to “Montezuma’s Well” located near Sedona in Arizona? The water source of this natural well has never been discovered as it is way too deep for our scientific instruments to measure. According to Ancient Indian legends (Hopi, Navajo, Anasazi, etc.), this is where their ancestors came from! (From the earth!)

Montezuma's WellWhen sharing this story a few months ago with local park rangers (who looked dazed and confused), a gentleman came up to us who said he was from Bosnia… And he had traveled to this location because the professionals who discovered the Pyramids in Bosnia were 95% certain that an underground civilization lived under this site! In fact, local lore has it that this underground civilization is from “Lemuria!” Hence, most of our North American ancestors are from Lemuria.

Maybe next time you have the opportunity to visit the Sedona area, you might have the chance to visit this most special location.

Gaia, did an underground civilization live under Montezuma’s Well in Montezuma Castle, ArizonaArizona?

No, Tom. These are legends that developed from a time when caverns were discovered and used. The legends came from those who found living in the caverns during the summer period was much better than on the surface. This is the same on other worlds where planets are closer to their suns. Where there is running water there is erosion, and erosion creates spaces underneath the earth. So there have been times when a tribe will live underground either for safety or because of extreme weather conditions, but they have to return to the surface to feed themselves.


These questions came from Mantej in the UK.

Theo, why did Marilyn Monroe have two lives as the most famous person in the world –Cleopatra, if I received correctly, and also both ending in suicides?

This is all part of the learning for her soul, Tom, is the easiest answer we can Cleopatraprovide. She will balance and is balancing these two lives with ones where she is not the most beautiful. Those two lives were quite dynamic from what she was able to accomplish and her failure because of her beauty. Both ended in suicide because she was caught up in the machinations of rulers of countries. This all happened at the height of her beauty. These were her soul contracts, and now she must balance those lives. As we have mentioned before, she is a boy now. Her soul interest is governments and the ways they can be controlled.

Did Strabo ever meet her?[Refers to my past life as the geographer and historian]

Yes, he did visit her court and was welcomed as his reputation was as a scholar and geographer, plus for his information on the surrounding area.


Reena in Maryland writes: I have a question for Gaia. Will any of the officers Police & Protestors Clashin the Louisiana and Minnesota shootings be held accountable for their actions, or will there be more violence? I see more and more people getting sick and tired of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. Thank you for all you do, Tom!

Theo, what is the probability of the police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana being held accountable for taking the life of someone?

Quite high, Tom. Let’s say at this time over 80% probability.


Aravind in Australia writes: I wish to report a dream of being in a place Egyptian Pyramidssomewhere on Earth I should say - seemed as though I was actually there - I was in a field adjoining a sort of valley with other people, when I pointed to enormous blocks of stones numbering at least 150-200, possibly more, “flying” to be assembled at a site. These would partially block the sun from one end of the sky to another. Was this a past life or merely a symbolic dream? Was this the way pyramids were constructed?

Just was looking at this casually and I stumbled upon an interesting conversation someone had with Edgar Cayce. It alludes to your role during the Atlantean migration to Egypt:

In a reading given on July 31, 1933 for a fifty-six year old executive, Edgar Cayce described a past life as an extremely important Atlantean named Ax-Tell:

“The entity came from the Atlantean land into Egypt when there were those Ancient Egyptperiods of reconstruction in the land, and from those turmoils and strifes there arose much that made for individual and group development – and the attempt of those in the experience to foster or disseminate same; those things that were good. The entity came then, in the name Axtell [Ax-Tell], from those forces that were in charge of the Law of the One. In establishing self in that land, the entity found little of help; finding fault with the king in power, finding little in common with the priest that led; finding those things that measured not to that standard the entity had had in the land … (487-17)

"Thus Ax-Tell was a leader within the Law of One group that migrated to Egypt just prior to the final destruction of Atlantis. As one in authority, Ax-Tell was involved in the planning for the mass exodus and preservation of the records of Atlantis, including the teachings of the Law (of) One, of which he was an expert.

"In Atlantis, he was known as Ajax. Apparently, when migrating to Egypt, it was fairly common for Atlanteans to take a new name befitting the new life in their adopted homeland. So it was for Ajax who became Ax-Tell.”

Gaia, what about Aravind’s dream of seeing floating blocks of stone in a line Moving Statuebeing moved? Was this symbolic or an actual memory?

Yes, this was an actual event he witnessed in a past life, Tom. It was during the building of one of the pyramids in the Giza complex. Naturally, the Egyptian priests involved had been taught how to do this by your friendly ETs, who knew they were important to be a mystery thousands of years later, but they also do have a function you have yet to rediscover. After all, this happened farther back in time than contemporary historians place it.

Why was Aravind there?

He worked there during the building—not as a laborer, but one of the support staff. As you can imagine, it was a memory that imprinted itself on all those who saw the movement of the stones.

Gaia, who was Ajax or Ax-tel during the time of the Atlantean migration to Egypt? Was it before, during, or after my time there?

Yes, Tom, it was during. He was not part of your group, but arrived separately Ancient Egyptwith his own smaller group. Nevertheless, he had been a leader in Poseidia—one of the ones who taught the Law of One. Keep in mind that your followers for the most part were also followers of the Law of One. The Gentle Way was and always has been compatible with any religion. He was a more disruptive force, but finally settled in, shall we say, when he was coupled with an Egyptian Princess.

Was that my current wife and the one who assisted us to settle in or another?

Another, Tom. You could say there were a number of eligible priestesses to choose from. Your integration into their society was much less turbulent.

So, I want to get this straight. I was not Ajax?

No, Tom, but of course you knew him as you were both there at the same Ancient Egypttime. You went about assisting and healing people, while Ax-tel was more concerned with enforcing, shall we say, his beliefs on the Egyptians. Keep in mind, Tom, that there are always multiple people vying for control of a country. It was the same then as it is now. Ax-tel could also see where things were headed and you spurred him to act and leave.

We have mentioned before that there were other groups that fled the islands the closer to the final battle they came. More than one group headed for the region of Central, and even South, America. And they continued to head in the direction of the Mediterranean. But these were only a few thousand people, compared to the millions that lived on these islands, so they and you were not missed by the general population. Those last two hundred years were quite turbulent. You could compare it to the times today with all the violence and warring in the Middle East.

But in summary, there was a man named Ajax or Ax-tel, which he adopted knowing the Egyptian meaning of that name. It was not you, but you knew him. As you were an Atlantean, your relationship, although not exactly cordial, was not as rivals you could say. He was not a follower of The Gentle Way. His emphasis was on his religion and looked upon the Egyptians as third world people to be converted, you might say.


Cathy writes:  I would like to know about the energy vortices on the earth.  First, what are they? What are its purpose? Can humans benefit (on a mental, physical, or spiritual level) from visiting a site of an energy vortex?

Also, in earth's history, there were groups of people who were aware of these vortices. In some cases, they built a cathedral over the site of the vortex. Why did they do that?

Gaia, what are the purposes of vortexes on Earth, and why did people know Cathedral Vortex Sedona Arizonaabout them and then built churches on top of them?

These energy hot spots, we will call them, are at the conjunctions of certain ley lines and, as you know, can be very powerful from your visits to Sedona, Arizona. It is part of the makeup of this planet. Other planets you will discover in the future have similar energy spots. In olden times, some people instinctively knew where an area of great energy was, or they would use such devices as dowsing rods to locate them. They built churches on top of the high energy spots to increase the energy that was already there.

People back then – at least certain people – were aware that these energy hot spots would attract a larger congregation since they would feel this energy and associate it with attending the church and hearing the sermon. They could have just set quietly there as people nowadays do in Sedona in the middle of one of these vortexes and soak up the energy. It is of great benefit to absorb these energies. You could say it aligns your own force field.


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