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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

September 11, 2021

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to The Gentle Way Book and then click on the link in the WelcomeBlue Box on the right side of the Home page.

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My previous book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters, click here: Sample Chapters.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Dena asked this question.Flooding

Gaia, why did you, and I assume our souls, decide to have enormous fires and floods affecting people all at the same time?

Yes, Tom, both did coincide. The need for fires to rid the forests of all the old growth and allow new growth could not be held off any longer. This is a cycle for me that is several years long. There is much forested land that has not seen fires yet that will in the future. As I have explained in the past, if humans are going to live in forested areas, you need to build your houses so that they are not burned down when I must have these West Coast Firesevents.

Therefore, this was not the first year of these major fires, nor will it be the last. Regarding the floods, there are many younger souls that have not experienced flooding as one of their bucket list experiences, so this accomplishes not only that, but also is a wakeup call to millions of people that yes, there is a climate change and what are you going to do about it. You can’t just hide in your homes, or you will be under water. Plus this is another incentive to scientists to learn how to control the weather, which we have spoken about just recently. That ability to control the weather is in your future.


Catherine posted an image of The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s prediction for this winter in the United States on Facebook. So I asked Gaia to confirm.

Gaia, will the western part of the U.S. be mild and dry, this winter?

Mild, but not completely dry would be our outlook. Winter will bring some relief Austin TX   Image Jno Skinnerto parched areas.

From Texas, to the East Coast, will it be cold and wet? Austin, TX image Jno Skinner

A good description, but with snow at times, a little similar to last winter.

Midwest from Kansas to Pennsylvania cold and snowy?

At times they will be buried in snow and quite cold.

Colorado up through the Dakotas mild and snowy?Boston Snow

A more average winter for this section of the country—what they would expect in a winter.

Minnesota across through the upper Ohio valley, cold and dry?

Again, this region will experience cold with snow, just not huge amounts.

East coast cold and dry to cold and snowy? Boston Image Rhavasy

More cold and wet to cold and snowy, depending upon the changing weather conditions and cold fronts that will sweep through this region.


Deborah writes: What does Theo see for the future of abortion rights in Texas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs billNot only is the new law Draconian, but it is also fascistic and reeks of McCarthyism since it encourages people to spy and report on their neighbors and fellow humans for money. To say this is dangerous and frightening for all women is an understatement.

Will this be overturned? If so, when?

Theo, what is the future for abortion laws in the United States?

Congress will take action on this to protect women’s rights with their bodies. The Supreme Court will uphold the law passed.


Aravind writes: Several months back, I had a vision during dream or sleep-time that it may be possible to create on a practical level what can be described as a 'time-loop'.

Say, for instance, you want to learn how to draw a picture - you can always keep learning until you have perfected a technique or a method to draw the picture in a certain style. What can take a lifetime can be accomplished in a time-loop and a person can retain the memory of making mistakes and learning over and over again. The person never ages in that time-loop and when they come out they Time Loopmight even be subject matter experts in a certain area.

In the vision I had, there was a demonstration of this time loop including several mathematical symbols that appeared in the background to corroborate what was in the vision, so I would be inclined to think mathematically it may be possible to create a time-loop.

Why I was told about this, I am not sure. But today I got a little nudge to tell you.

Gaia, is it possible to create a loop in time to learn something like art or some other skill?

In a way, this can be done in a meditative state where each time one meditates you take on the same problem or skill, and in this altered state you work singly on it. You slowly but surely improve. This takes great dedication, and most people in this time period do not have the patience this requires.


Kim writes: I started reading your newsletters this year and have a question ET Depictionabout a dream I had. I was in the middle of a dream I don't remember and I had a 3 second visual of an ET standing there looking at me, then I woke up. Was this an ET I know, or was it something my brain made up after reading your newsletter?

Theo, was the dream of an ET Kim had, someone she knew or knows?

Yes, it was a friend from her home planet contacting her in her dream state.  This happens quite often, but most people do not remember their dreams.


For my new readers, in 2008 Theo introduced me to Antura, another member of my soul cluster, who after 800 lives on Earth is an ET this time, and a member of a “first contact” team orbiting the Earth in a huge mothership that is three miles wide and twenty stories high. They are only 50 miles up above, where our International Space Station is a little over 100 miles high. Naturally, they, and the 24 or so other ships, are masked so that they don’t scare us to death while they take millions of readings each day as part of the Earth Experiment as explained in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are some more questions I asked this week.

Kevin writes:
We here on Earth have an endless variety of bugs and insects and Wall E Robot body hosts, etc. What collections of creatures do they have or allow on the ship to keep the Ecosystem in balance? Is it a living ship with nanotechnology built in? Do they have a cleaning crew of little creatures to eat and process the dirt and waste?

I assume that they must recycle everything with some kind of enzyme creature or machine. Can you share some insights into this?

Antura, what cleaning takes place on board a mothership?

Yes, the ship does not just suck up dirt and grime. There are various types of Wall E Movie Charactersrobotic cleaners that constantly clean. You have the beginning models of these cleaners, but ours are just much more sophisticated. The ship itself knows where the dirt is, you could say, and can even direct these robots. There are high traffic areas of the ship where these robot cleaners are permanently installed, and they do not have to move about.

Mantej writes: 1. Antura said the scout crafts automatically adjust to the person's brain patterns. So (although the Area 51-recovered crafts are wreckages), are our scientists still able to telepathically communicate with the wreckages of the ship - under the protection of the ET foreman who is there helping our scientist back engineer?

2. Has a scientist accidentally connected to the ship by thought-telepathy and then enabled the ship to move by accident?

3. Antura has said the cooks/chefs at Area 51 have seen the ET foremen from Road to Area 51time to time. Do any of the cooks/chefs get the loving or peaceful messages/feelings from either the ship or the ET foremen?

4. If animals in the area come to investigate after a UFO crash, do surviving ETs inside or the ship send loving thoughts to the animals?  Image LA Times Road to Area 51

5. If all the components of a ship are conscious entities, what "soul or group soul" (if that is the correct way of describing) ensouls the materials the ET ships are made of?

6. Sgt. Clifford Stone died in February this year at the age of 72-years-old. Will Sgt Clifford Stone bookhe again be working intimately with ETs in a future life as he was in this one?

7. Antura did confirm before that Sgt. Stone did help an ET escape. But said it was a complicated story. Would that imply that some ETs are prisoners here on bases?

8. Sgt. Stone did also talk about knowing ETs have families. How deeply did he get to know about ET families and civilizations?

Antura, have our scientists been able to communicate with a crashed ship?

No, they are not on that level of expertise, yet, I might add.

Was the ship able to move?


Have any chefs or cooks at a place like Area 51 received messages from a ship being studied?


From a Tall White?

No. They are able to read the minds of those they work with though.Crashed UFO

Do animals avoid crashed ships, or are they sent love?

They typically avoid these crashes as they can sense dangerous material lying about.

Does a soul have a fragment of itself ensouled in a ship?

No, as there is no need since the material of the ship is asked if it wishes to be part of a ship before construction.

Will Sgt. Clifford Stone work with ETs in a future life?

Yes, as will many people.

Are some ETs prisoners?First Contact book

This did occur in the past, but there are none at the present time. ETs typically cannot stand the high negativity of Earth.

How much did Sgt. Stone learn about ET families and civilizations?

He did ask a number of questions, and learned the ETs are just people that look different from Earth people.

Daralyn writes: Are pandemics experienced on other planets?

Antura, are pandemics experienced on other planets?

Other planets have their own viruses. In our Federation, if something crops up on a planet they’ve not experienced before—and this is quite rare—these are quickly analyzed and corrected. Don’t forget that we have had millions, and yes even billions, of years of experience in these matters. By the time the Explorer Race travels to the stars, you will have corrected all of these problems and more.


This story and the following two appeared last Saturday in my weekly MBO and BP Blog. Please send me your MBO and BP stories! To read all the stories and many more, go to

Ron writes: I have all three of your books of The Gentle Way. I do love them all and tell lots of people too about you. And also too about your books and how to make an MBO too, plus BPs. I use them all the time myself, and one sir, I can tell you now that was really a surprise to me. I went to Walmart the other day to buy just a few small things. And one of them was a can of Progresso Chicken and Walmart Soup DisplayRice soup. I only needed one can because I had other soup. But one thing though, they have been out of this soup for a long time now, and every time I have gone, there was no soup.

So before I left my home, I made an MBO for the soup. Got into the store, and over to the soup area, and started looking for the can of soup. I looked all through all of those cans and couldn't find any. So I started to walk away and something stopped me inside. I went back again; I reached up on the shelf and grabbed a can and turned it around and to my surprise it was the one I wanted--Chicken and Rice. Wow, I looked at some more cans and this was the only one left on the shelf.

I love MBOs, Tom, and they work very well for me all the time too. I tell people about them and they think I am crazy. Let them think the way they want, Tom, it doesn't bother me. If only they knew too how they would work for them, they would be surprised too, as I was the first time I learned about them from you.


Michael writes from Waco, Texas: After a wreck, we have been looking for a replacement--naturally with MBOs accordingly. We had our search limited to another Chrysler 300 and did a lot of looking. We found a good used Chrysler with low mileage in Austin, got financing and made the purchase and had a thirty day trial in which we could return it. Due to some problems they couldn't fix, we kept looking. Three days later we found a better deal in Lampasas. I Crysler 300planned on returning the first car for the refund.

I did an extensive MBO for the return of the car to Austin by towing service, and refund of down payment, elated dealing with my bank along with exchange of debit/credit cards that had been hacked. Also for a safe trip on I35 with a side trip through Killeen. I had a pleasant light traffic drive, even in Austin traffic, a smooth and quick return of the car and an immediate refund. Also an easy drive through Killeen with quick service for my cards and a light traffic drive back to Waco, and the added benefit of over 30mpg on the highway. The Chrysler we purchased is low mileage and well-priced and a special edition fully loaded. The outcome couldn't be better!! If I had any doubt, it's completely gone and my daughter is a believer now also!! (And her healing from the injuries is progressing well, also due, I think, to MBOs.) Thank you, Tom, good life, and white light to you and yours.


Terry writes: My husband and I live in a senior apartment building with Handicap Parkingseemingly inadequate parking. After learning about MBOs from your newsletter, Tom, this summer we have been saying them for our favorite handicap parking spot that is close to our exit whenever we have to go to the doctor, or lab test appointments, etc. We are so grateful, and somewhat surprised that 95% of the time our spot has been open no matter what time we return home! It almost seems magical! Thank you so much for sharing with us! 💕


Ray writes: When buried in the snow by an avalanche, carbon dioxide builds up in the snow and in the person’s mouth and they then quickly die from carbon dioxide poisoning.Person buried in Avalanche

So, is poisoning others in past lives one of the main reasons of balancing in this life to die by an avalanche? Click here.

Gaia, is being buried and dying of carbon monoxide poisoning in an avalanche balancing a life of poisoning others in a past life?

Your reader hit on one of the many ways one can balance a life where you poisoned others. As with many answers you have received before, Tom, there are many ways to balance harming and/or killing another person on Earth. It does not have to be a repeat of the actual act as your souls are very clever in having you balance past actions in other lives.


Graham writes: So far 4 women have come out against Neil accusing him of sexual misconduct, and one-woman alleging Neil drugged and then raped her.

1. How many women has Neil assaulted or raped?Neil DeGrasse Tyson

2. Will more women come forward, and most importantly will he go to jail?

Click here.

Theo, has Neil deGrasse Tyson assaulted or raped anyone, and if so how many?

Yes, regretfully, Mr. Tyson has taken advantage of his position and has sexually molested and/or raped several. The number is a little less than ten.

Will he see prison time?

The probability is high in this day and time that he will be charged with the crime, and be brought to trial. We will not go further than that at this time.


Mantej writes: Levitation!

1. Russian girl caught on camera levitating in the forest back in 2011 that was covered in the newsletter 3/19/11. How old is she now and what is her soul contact in this life?


2. How many people on Earth now can levitate?

3. Do levitators all have the same soul interest? Or they come from any soul interest?

4. What’s the cutoff point of how high they can levitate?

5. Can people control the levitation, or can their temper/or strong emotions Levitating girlaccidentally set them off to levitate?

6. What about other gifts?
A). Are any levitators adept at Psychokinesis-moving objects with their mind?
B) What about telepathy?

7. Their Soul Contracts.
A). Any particular contrast in their soul contracts? On one hand something extraordinary which is levitate. But difficulty with what?
B) Are they mainly introverts?
C). Theo said it takes great concentration and energy to levitate. Does their concentration skill transfer to anything else? Can Theo tell us what it might be in their lives?

Theo, did I receive correctly about the levitating girl in 2011, or was this CGI?

No, you received correctly.

How many people in the world can levitate?

Let’s go with the figure of 50 at this time. Many would want to hide their ability.

I thought with the yogis, the figure would be much higher.

Again, many would want to hide this ability, so I was asked to use a lower number. It takes great study for anyone to achieve this, at the sacrifice of living a normal life.

What about the levitating girl? That’s inconsistent with what you said above.

Yes, but she was born with that ability as part of her soul contract.

What is their soul interest?

Controlling the human body, which takes lifetimes.Telepathy

Is there a limit on how high, and can they control it?

Most can control their levitation, as we said before it takes years of study.

Are other gifts such as psychokinesis and telepathy part of a soul contract?

Everyone has these abilities, but some people work on these life after life.

Do these skills transfer to other parts of lives?

If you mean to other lives, they do transfer. You are constantly growing, and don’t forget you are constantly rewriting both your present life, plus your past and future lives.


Toni writes from Arizona: Q. Is one of the 4 negative energies the influx of nano 'spores' heralding the coming Machine Kingdom? AI and nano are all pervasive and ever expanding - it feels like we're in full swing with Borg assimilation.

Q. Is the firmament, the dome, melting or softening hence the many fireballs, 'meteors', and streaks sighted? And the many UFO sightings?

Q. It's clear we're in a time of great shift, many grand cycles of time converging. Meteor ShowerWill we be safe from the many Earth changes for at least the next 20 years? I'm in Phoenix raising grandkids alone and would like to remain in a stable environment.

Q. When do your guides say this forming tyranny, medical and otherwise, will meet its demise? And when will the masses see what's happening?

Q. When will people, on a huge scale, awaken to the fact that satanic billionaire psychopaths are driving the media, pharma, education, governments, and of course the “COVID” fraud and all its ridiculous “variants”? It's so dismaying to see the people allowing the toxic brew of unknown substances being injected into their bodies. All pushed by the psychopaths posing as benevolent. Ha! We have a natural born IMMUNE SYSTEM built in.

Gaia, is one of the negative energies the influx of Nano spores?

No, Tom, it is not. As you have been previously told, it will be many years before these four negative energies are identified. We do appreciate your readers for thinking outside the box, you could say. One day in the future someone might get close.

Is the firmament softening allowing more meteor strikes?

Your reader means the atmosphere, and it is not softening. I and my assistants work to keep the atmosphere at a level that can sustain life for thousands of more years, extending far past the time the Explorer Race departs. There are many tiny pieces of debris that the Earth passes through, while at the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of what you term “space junk” in orbit from previous rockets and satellites that will slowly enter the atmosphere and will Phoenix Microburst Stormburn up. Eventually, there will be robotic machines to scoop this debris up.

Will Arizona be relatively safe in the next 20 years?

Yes, in the past I have said they will have more rain, and they will have flooding at times until they construct proper drainage. It will also be hotter at times until you have global warming under control—and that will eventually happen. Humans have so much to learn at this point in time, but you eventually will.

How much is Big Pharma controlling our health?

Just look at the bombardment of TV commercials every day, imploring you to use this drug or that drug. This will continue until greater control of these pharmaceutical companies is put into place. This obviously will take several years since they will continue to contribute large sums of money to congressional and other legislative officials who are currently in their pocket.


Michael writes: 1. Are there computers of some sort, perhaps organic, in the heads or bodies of politicians, terrorists, and powerful people around the world?

2. Are these programmed and run remotely by engineers of some kind?

3. Is this related to the Davos Forum, and similar venues?Conspiracy Theories

4. Is this the main way the world is being run now? Are these computers removable, or could they be deactivated? How were they installed?

5. There is a theory that a certain number of connections in the brain are necessary for consciousness. That number of connections has been exceeded, in the Internet. Has the Internet become conscious? If no, is there a possibility of this happening in the future?

6. Teilhard de Chardin predicted a singularity, a unique event, where all of human consciousness would come together in a big way. Is this likely to happen? If so, when would you project it happening?

Gaia, are any Nano processors or computers controlling anyone?

No, Tom. That is a conspiracy theory put out by those who wish to profit from that idea.

Has the internet become conscious or will it in the future?

Not in the way asked. It will become more responsive as improvements continue Another Mountain to Climbto be made. It will never become “Hal” of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Teilhard de Chardin predicted a singular unique event where all human consciousness would come together. What is the probability of this happening?

There will be many events that would lend themselves to that description, but not as that person imagined. Each time a great invention occurs, or some revelation, mankind will think you’ve achieved a pinnacle of success only to see another mountain to climb in the distance.

I will add here that you could include the event far, far, in the future when all our souls will combine to become a creator.


John writes: Actor James Franco has agreed to pay $2.2 million to female acting students in a sexual misconduct lawsuit.

1. Does James Franco's sexual proclivities only apply to this lawsuit with his female acting students? Or is there more to come for him? Has he raped any James Francowomen or men, and if so how many of these were under age?

2. Is James Franco's acting career now over? Click here.

Theo, is James Franco’s lawsuit against him by his female acting students the only one or are there more to come? Image Aphrodite-in-NYC

The probability of others is low at the present time. This may change depending upon the results of the current lawsuit.

Are these all female students, or does it include males?

Only females.

Under age?


Is his acting career over?

Yes. There would be objections by the female actors and crew members.


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