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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

September 2, 2017

Tom T. Moore



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Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes last week and the Thank YouBenevolent Prayers (BPs) said!  Thanks for your concern about my family’s safety with Harvey roaring around the southern part of Texas.  Here in North Texas I only had less than .5 inches of rain at my house.  It is now scheduled to go up through Louisiana up into the Ohio Valley.
Ralonne is on vacation this week, so if you see spelling or punctuation mistakes, those are all mine.  May I also mention that Ralonne does edit books, so if you need a reasonably priced editor, please contact me. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Laurie writes: 
As I write this (8/26/17), Hurricane Harvey is sitting like a buzz saw on top the Gulf Coast of Texas. I was wondering if the incredible strength and unusual duration of Harvey has been influenced by all the emotional and racial negativity that has been generated in the last few months. I’m reminded that Gaia once told us that she uses tornadoes to disperse negative energy. Is this the case with Harvey, too? 
I received this on August 26, while Harvey was still meandering around.Harvey Flooding
Gaia what does having Hurricane Harvey meander along the coast of Texas and perhaps farther to the east accomplish for you?

Yes, for humans and other beings this is catastrophic.  It is but another warning to leave the coast and reestablish themselves farther inland.  This will not be the last storm that causes severe flooding along the Gulf Coast.  This of course is on thousands of people’s bucket list—to experience flooding.  So many people in that area are, for the first time in any of their lives they’ve had on earth, experiencing flooding.  At the same time, I am able to wash away pollutants and refresh the land that has grown weary from the humans who live there. 
Will Harvey continue along the Gulf Coast past Houston, or will it lift to Harvey Floodingthe northeast?

No, I wish it to continue a little farther before eventually lifting, and of course it will still be a powerful weather system for the rest of the country. 

I assume New Orleans will flood?

Quite so.  They will again see their ability to keep their city from flooding will be lacking, and more people will decide to move away.  May I remind your readers again, Tom, that I am raising the ocean levels, whether your government authorities wish to admit it or not. 
My final advice is MOVE AWAY FROM THE COAST.
[Gaia’s emphasis]
(8/29)  Gaia, besides being a bucket list item, does the hurricane and flooding help release negativity that has permeated a large area like Houston and the Gulf Coast?

Quite so, Tom.  With over 7 million people just in the Houston and Harvey FloodingGalveston area, not to mention many more living in both directions along the coast, negativity does build up over time.  Is that the primary reason for such an event as Harvey?  No, as stated before it was needed by your souls for their learning and experience, and as you have noticed in the past couple of days this has allowed people not directly affected to become involved in rescue operations and many other duties associated with a catastrophe these Gulf Coast residents are experiencing. 
You will see a migration away from the coast after this event, which I previously said I wanted.  And again I will remind you this is not the last one of these severe storms to affect the population on the coast.  But to answer your question it does wash away much negativity.  Always look at the wider picture.  This is a large warning to all those who live on the coasts of the world.  The storms will be stronger, due to warming conditions, storm surges will be greater, and flooding will be more pronounced. 

Speaking of flooding, you said New Orleans would again flood.  Will this New Orleans Floodingbe from the rain bands hitting the city, from the Mississippi flooding when Harvey lifts up through Arkansas into the Mississippi River Valley, or perhaps I did not receive correctly?

You received fine my friend.  You can say all of the above will contribute to flooding in New Orleans.  The rivers that feed the Mississippi River will flood increasing the size of the river and that will spell disaster for parts of that city again.  Take that to the bank. 
(8/31)  Just saw on the news this morning that another hurricane is on the way, now located in the Atlantic.  Will be a Category 3 by the time it reaches the outer islands. 

How about this Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say OUT LOUD: 
"I ask any and all beings to assist, aid, and comfort all those in the path of any hurricane or tropical system, to keep them safe and to give them shelter and food, thank you!"
Sylvia from London writes: 
I have a question for one of your contacts.
What was the source of the chemical cloud that affected the South Chemical Cloud over UK South CoastCoast of England this weekend?  As we are having such wonderful weather the beaches were full of people so many were affected.  I attach a report from CNN for your information.
  Click here.
Gaia, what was the source of the chemical cloud that the southern coast of England experienced this past weekend?  Was it a ship or something on shore?

Onshore, Tom.  They will track down the source and it will be a chemical leak.  There are many clues to the origin, including blood tests on the people affected.
Suzanne in El Salvador writes: 
I have been reading your weekly newsletter and appreciate the work you put into this task.
Could you ask Gaia about the news item on the net on “How NASA Yellowstone Magma Chamberplans to stop an eruption in Yellowstone National Park?”  It states that NASA scientists are planning on pumping the magna with water and siphoning geo-thermal energy, preventing an eruption that will devastate a large part of the United States and cause millions of deaths and worldwide famine.  Is NASA’s venture a real possibility?
  Click here.
Gaia, is NASA’s proposal to pump water into the magma of Yellowstone and extract geothermal energy workable?

Yes, to a certain extent, but before this can be implemented, the eruption will take place.  Keep in mind that such a proposal takes years to obtain funding and implement, even from the private sector. 
But you said Yellowstone will not erupt for at least five years, and Yellowstone Hotspottherefore I would think that might be sufficient time?

No, there will have to be Congressional approval and as you and everyone has seen recently, it will not appear to be that urgent, compared to other things too numerous to list.
John writes from Toronto: 
I have been following your newsletter for a few years and am enjoying what you post.  My question is how far and for how long will the ash cloud from the Yellowstone eruption darken the skies over Toronto, Canada. I presently have a grid tied solar system and am thinking about having an off grid back up. I am concerned that Volcanic Ash Cloudthe grid may fail during the mini ice age. If there isn't enough solar radiation due to the ash cloud then it doesn't matter what system I use. Would Gaia comment on this?
Gaia, how long will the ash cloud from the coming Yellowstone eruption affect Toronto, or is it far enough away that the effects will be minimal?

Good question from your reader.  Yes, it will be somewhat affected, depending upon the height of the ash cloud and the direction of the prevailing winds.  That includes the jet stream that will vary its trajectory over the weeks and months. 
But in conclusion, the ash cloud will, as I previously told you, affect much more of the northern country east to the Chicago area and farther to the south.  

Someone asked about this on my Facebook page in July.  In the article it is termed “Tree Shyness.”  Click here
Oak Tree here Tom.  Good morning.Crown or Tree Shyness
Good life, Oak Tree.
Oak Tree soul, why do some tree species seem to avoid at all costs other trees and then there are many trees who seem to fight for space with other trees?

Excellent question, Tom.  Yes, there are species of trees that would be considered in your society quite polite and never the two shall meet.  Most species though don’t mind touching each other and in crowded forests or jungles have to fight to receive necessary sunlight to aid in their growth.  Those that do not, remain small, and in a number of cases are the first to die.  This is all part of our own learning, Tom.  We will spread out much more after the Explorer Race leaves the planet and we will not have to be crammed into smaller and smaller areas, just as the animals on this planet are doing.
Pete in New Zealand writes:  I have a question about an Animal Being called the Blackbird. (The common blackbird (Turdus merula) is a species of true thrush). Click here.
I have noticed that when driving down the road in New Zealand that Blackbirdthese Birds will sometimes swoop down in front of moving traffic, as if there is a thrill to do so, without getting hurt. Or, is there some other reason why they do so? This is rather intriguing.
Can you ask either Theo or Gaia, why these beautiful beings do this?

I wish to speak to the soul for Blackbirds.

Blackbird soul here Tom.  Good morning.
Good morning and good life Blackbird soul.  First I have to ask if you are the soul for all birds or just this species.

No, just this species.  It would seem that I would be the soul for all Divebombing Blackbirdbirds, but just as there are different souls for different species of trees, so then there are different souls for different types of birds.  This may seem a little confusing when there is only one soul for dogs, but that’s the way the souls from my planet decided to handle it, as there were several of us that volunteered; so we all took just one species of birds, unless there were few of those, and those were handled by one soul with several species under its wings you could say. 
Why do you enjoy swooping down on people and cars?

We enjoy the thrill of what you might call dive bombing.  For us it would be the same as a thrill ride at some amusement park.  We love to spread our wings, if you will, and enjoy the excitement of taking chances.  That is just my personality.  And as you may note, I am considered quite intelligent, and your scientists have written about our mental prowess. 
Is the planet you originated from in this galaxy or another?

Another much farther way, but one in which you will visit one day to see the origin, and you will meet other bird beings.
Antura has said that there will be bird beings on his ship, so why did Galaxyyou originate further away.  Did I receive that incorrectly?

No.  We spread over the many millennia to other planets where the planet’s soul asked for bird beings to inhabit.  It was somewhat the same, but much more direct from Creator asking for our bird beings to populate Earth.  As you have been told many times, when Creator asks, everyone wishes to do what Creator asks.  I and a few others responded—happily I might add—as life on Earth has been quite stimulating and exciting.
OK, that’s all the questions for now, Blackbird Soul.  Thanks and good life.

Good life Tom.  Be sure to ask your readers to say hello to us as you do when passing by and wish us a good life.  You will hear our form of thanks.
Will do.

Theo, did the white supremacists that seemed to come out of the White Supremacists Clash with Policewoodwork have previous lives as Nazis in WWII, or are the racist beliefs just part of our bucket list?

Racist beliefs are part of your learning.  In the case of the white racists many of them did have lives in Nazi Germany and were so indoctrinated that those beliefs carried forward into their next lives.  They get to experience the rejection by the majority of people.  They have much balancing to do, but they are quite young souls in terms of earth lives and are easy to manipulate.
For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” and was introduced to me back in 2008 by Theo.  After 800 lives on Earth he’s back on the water world Nommo in the Sirius B Star System putting into practice what he’s been learning from his Earth lives, before returning First Contact Bookfor more.  He’s a member of a “first contact” team, with his specialty being “grass roots” contacts.  I asked how he was assigned that duty and he said it was his “gift of gab.”  You can read much more about him and all his adventures in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.  Here are more questions that our readers and I asked in the past week or so.  I seemed to have more people writing who have had contacts with ET’s.
Good morning Antura or good day—whatever time it is there.

It does vary, Tom, as keep in mind Earth time is so much faster than universal time.  But I am able to adjust, as we are talking about time and space.
Gaura writes: 
Hello and good day to you, Tom! First off, thank you many times over for your work towards spreading The Gentle Way.  Several weeks ago on the night of July 29th around 3am I stepped outside, unable to sleep and noticed an amazing site in the sky. We'd been having wildfires so the sky was rather hazy but what I witnessed was very apparent.
ConstellationsAs I looked up towards the east I saw lines connecting stars that looked similar to how constellations are drawn. None of which were the actual constellations we have mapped. It was as if they were being drawn in front of my eyes. As I gazed for over 30 minutes I noticed way off in the distant eastern sky was a set of lights making all sorts of patterns and with the lines being made in between them. One of the patterns looked like a DNA strand rotating with the lights and lines connecting them. They made many varieties of patterns, appeared and disappeared over and over. It was almost like a cosmic light show.
At one point I felt a burst of energy of some sort coming from this cluster of lights that reached all the way to me and kept going. It looked like a shockwave from an explosion and it blurred my vision momentarily. I've been contemplating the meaning of this ever since, but cannot figure out what or why I witnessed it. Can you please ask what I witnessed and for what purposes? Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for all you do and have yet to do, Tom. Many blessings Tom!!

Antura, what were the lines of lights between stars and the DNA like DNA Replicationappearance that seemed to touch Gaura.

Yes, a nice display put on by Gaura’s home planet.  This was inspirational and should spark some creative art work.  Artists tend to look at the world differently, and he was being assisted to do just that.
Ashana asked this question on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but I just can’t find it.  Always best to email your questions.
Antura, is Ashana being occasionally picked up or are these dreams of the past or what?

Ashana is recalling things from the past.  I would recommend hypnosis or a hypnosis CD.
RJ wrote asking about a black ring of smoke seen in the sky in China.  Black Smoke Ring Over ChinaClick here.

Antura, what is the black smoky ring over the Chinese beach?

Yes, this was not in this case ET in nature.  It was from a Chinese experiment.  There will be more information released in the future, but again it is not of ET origin, Tom.
Colleen writes: 
Tom, please ask about crop circles — you may have earlier but these are getting far more intricate and curious… You may know Isabella— she’s a friend of Bob (the engineer who introduced you to me) and lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area too.   I’ve been very, very aware that crop circles are far more than an anomaly.
Antura, why do crop circles seem more intricate these days?

Yes, people are noticing a progression as people become more sophisticated and also there have already been so many hundreds from Crop Circle 2017the most simple to more complex; but we want to make sure everyone knows these could never have been done by someone walking in a field pushing the hay down. 
Leigh Ann in Milwaukee, WI writes:  I have a three part question for Antura.

One: I feel I have been visited by extra-terrestrials many times in this lifetime. As a child around the age of ten, I was visiting my grandparents at their lake house. I was sick with strep throat. That night when I went to sleep in the living room, I was awoken by these strange orange lights. I was terrified. I started screaming and my gramma got up. I told her Orange UFO'sabout the orange lights which I could still see. She looked everywhere inside and out. She saw no lights at all. What did I see? Why couldn’t anyone else see it?
Two: I have had night terrors, sleep paralysis and have sleep walked since I was a child. I still have night terrors and sleep paralysis. Are these visits or something else?
Three: On the evening of July 1, 2017, my husband and I were walking back to our house from the village. We were headed east-northeast. We looked up in the sky and saw this triangular-shaped thing that was orange. It wasn’t like a normal plane with lights. No noise and no flashing. Weird flight path. Then just disappeared. Was this a UFO or something else?  

Antura, was Leigh Ann abducted as a child and afterwards?  And what Abductionare the orange lights she has seen?  Plus was that a triangle UFO ET ship she and her husband saw?

The answer is yes to all your questions, Tom.  The Zeta’s started early with her, as she matched what they were looking for.  In recent years her own people have been around to show their support.  The orange lights remind her on a deep level of her home planet. 
Ruth writes:
Please ask about an incident my sister, Janet, experienced around June/July 1957 at a lake in Spooner, WI.  She was sitting alone on a bench facing the lake in the darkness of evening when she saw a bright fluorescent green lights moving across the lake toward her.  As it neared her, she realized it was spherical in shape, surrounded by these fluorescent green lights.  It stopped in front of her and she suddenly realized she could not move. She has no idea how much time passed before she remembers watching it go up and over some trees and was gone. She was then able to move and walked back to her cabin where she realized it was very late at night and went right to sleep. Was this a UFO over LakeUFO encounter?
Antura, was Ruth’s sister abducted in 1957 at a lake in Spooner, WI?

Yes, Tom.  But only that time as she did not meet the DNA criteria they were looking for.  Again, she could have a hypnotist regress her to help her remember the details, as she knows subconsciously something happened; but she can’t quite put her finger on it, you could say.
Any progress on the Russian front, as I am still in favor of goading them a little?

Yes, it will be quite soon now.  I know you have heard this before, but we feel, or have been told by the Pleiadians, that the announcement will be quite soon. 
OK, but if not let’s suggest they move to Plan B, or is it C?

We agree Tom. 
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
[Tom]  Last Wednesday I took our son, Todd, and all of his computer equipment (which filled the back of our SUV) to Quakecom, this year Gaylord Texan Hotelbeing held at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Convention Center near the DFW Airport.  After dropping him off, I returned home and attempted to turn my computer back on—blank screen.  I tried turning the computer off and restarting—blank screen.
So I called Todd and caught him just before he headed down from his room to the convention center to sign in.  He first had me disconnect the power cord to the screen, then he had me undo the cable from the Quakecomscreen.  Still nothing.  Now I said,
“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the computer to work, thank you!” 
Next he had me under the desk to make sure the cable was connected.  Then he had me turn off the APC and turn it back on again, and then turn the computer back on.  Still nothing.  Next he had me again turn off the APC.  He told me to punch the start button on the computer five times, with number five holding it for five seconds.  He said that would empty the computer (at least that’s the way I understood it).  Success!!  The computer came back on.  He said that was fortunate, as the next option was for me to return to his hotel, pick him up and return home, fix the computer, and return him back to the hotel.  Whew!  Great MBO result!
Linda writes: 
Here's an MBO for next time you need one.  A week ago I Grandmother and Grandsonwas at home with my six-year-old grandson who was running a bit of a fever and throwing up everything...even water for the last day-and-a-half.  He was looking so lethargic, and I was wishing that he could keep down some food and water.  Suddenly thought to do an MBO, and before I even got the words completely out, he sat up bright eyed and asked "Could I have something to eat."  He ate as much as I would let him and was feeling good from that moment on.  Thanks for all you do!
Saw this mentioned on Facebook or the internet.  Mani Greece
Gaia, are the inhabitants of the Mani Peninsula in Southern Greece the descendants of the Spartans?

Yes they are, Tom.  They were fierce warriors in their time as has been described in history.  They have a great heritage.
Kathy writes: 
I searched the articles and couldn’t find anything on Timothy McVeigh.  Was it in his contact to kill that many and did he act alone?
Theo, what was the soul contract for Timothy McVeigh, who killed 168
Building in Ruinspeople and injured another 600, as you said no one dies accidentally?

And that is quite true.  As this will be hard for most of your readers to accept, in a way he did it on a soul level out of love.  Great love was expressed by everyone not only in the United States but all around the world.  You can see how he touched thousands of people who became quite vocal in expressing love and compassion for the victims of the bombing.  This event did raise people’s vibrational level.  It was also a teaching event in so many ways that we do not have time to cover this morning. 
Timothy died, so there is some balancing that already occurred.  His next life will be and is to assist many of those killed in the explosion as they will mostly all incarnate around the same time period. 

Emily in the UK writes:
  Humans to have sex with robots by the year 2050?
Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson says humans will have sex with robots in Human Looking Robotthe future.
1.  Will humans have sex with robots by the year 2050?

2. Being a Futurologist, has Dr. Ian Pearson had a life in the future already and what time period?  Click here
Theo, will humans have sex with robots by 2050, and has Dr. Ian Pearson had a life in the future before this life?

Good recognition by the person who asked this question, Tom.
Humans have had sex with machines and even some do today.  Yes, some of these robots will be designed anatomically to humans and therefore will be the objects of sex by some people in the future.  It will not be widespread, but it will be what is called a “niche business.”  Everyone will frown on this practice so the ordering of these robots will be hidden from public view.
Regarding Dr. Pearson, yes, he had a life in the future as part of his preparation for this life.  He is not perfect, which means that there will be a number of his ideas that are small probabilities and will not come to fruition.  My advice is to always ask about the probabilities when you ask about the future in your meditations for all your readers who are contemplating beginning to meditate.

Tamar writes: 
Can you ask Gaia if H.H Holmes was Jack the Ripper? What happens to a serial killer? It would seem that they would be forever living horrible lives of retribution, torture and murder after such a life of harming so many people in such a sick way. I've often wondered about the whole karma workings of people who were really morally and mentally sick to do such things; also for dictators.
Theo, was H.H. Holmes Jack the Ripper?Jack the Ripper

No, Tom.  Look as your previous questions and our answers on this subject. 
Thought I had asked questions before, but after several thousand, sometimes I forget.  Always go to my website and click on Articles and News.  On the right side is a Search Box.  Enter a word or phrase to see what newsletters I’ve published information on that subject. 
And in the past I’ve covered balancing, or karma as it is also called.  It can be just one or two lives or a number.  I recall receiving that Hitler has 110 lives to balance and some of his henchmen even more.  You can read more about that in the 12/25/10 Newsletter.


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