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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

October 29, 2016

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Susie writes:
I know that Gaia has told us that Hillary Clinton will be our next President and for that I am so pleased. Would you please ask about the possibility of violent rebellion on the part of Trump supporters after the election? Thank you for all you do!
Theo, what is the probability of there being post-election violence in the Election VotingUSA?

There will be a couple of isolated incidents, but for the most part people have seen the polls and those that support Mr. Trump are coming to the conclusion that he will not win the election. As we told you months ago, his numbers would stay in the lower 40 percentile, although at times in the state elections his numbers would exceed 50%. But they will not in the General election.
Let’s all say the following Benevolent Prayer out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to keep the elections in the United States peaceful, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
Theo, what is the probability of a gun law being passed by Congress in 2017?

Assault RifleYes, Tom. There will finally be enough votes to support a little tightening of your gun laws, which are favored by the majority of Americans. There will continue to be much violence associated with guns, so the next laws after that will address the right to bear assault weapons. This will be a harder fight, but will eventually be passed outlawing them.
Daralyn in Galveston, Texas writes:
I recently watched an episode of American FlagStar Trek where they landed on a planet and came across the spacesuit of an Earthman, plus a flag of the United States. They pointed out that the flag had 52 stars. Since, I believe, much science fiction is inspired, I am wondering what is the probability that our country will gain two more states in the future?
Theo, what is the probability of the USA adding two more states?

Very small at this time, Tom. Under 5%. There is no really big push for this to happen, and until that time comes, things will remain as they are.
When my buddy Frank and I get together for lunch I always seem to come up with questions to ask Gaia or Theo afterwards. This time it was about the 12 time lines (parallel lives). For my new readers, we’re on Time Line 6 (the middle frequency) and tied to Time Line 5 (a slightly lower frequency). They have this eight- or nine-inch black fish in their aquarium that keeps disappearing (and no they don’t have sand in the bottom; I asked).
Gaia, has “Waldo” the fish at Frank and Candi’s house been moving Aquariumfrom time line to time line or has it just been hiding?

Yes, Tom, this fish has the ability to slip in and out of your time line. They chose a very unique fish, although the choice, shall we say, was mutual since it chose them as much as they chose it. It would prefer a larger environment, so at times it can transpose itself into another time line or alternate fish tank, you could say.
I found the remark that the fish "chose them" quite interesting.

Gaia, are time lines thinner geographically, vibrationally, or uniform throughout the Earth?


Excellent question, Tom. You could say they are uniform, but the energy Time Line Earthsthat creates the boundaries between time lines ebbs and flows. Those souls that maintain these time lines must make quick energy repairs, we will call them for your purposes, in order to maintain the overall energy barriers between time lines. Because this energy is not completely stable, there can be momentary holes between time lines. We are speaking here of your Time Line 6 and Time Line 5. The energy increase between your time line and Time Line 7 is greater, so there are very few repairs that need to be done there.
Therefore, Gaia, there are no places geographically on Earth that are Buddhist Monkconsistently vibrational thin—whether it be, let’s say, a war zone, or somewhere peaceful like the Himalayas?

That’s correct, Tom. This frequency for you is maintained as uniformly as possible, and it goes for those who are either at the high end vibrationally on this time line and those that are at the low end. It would be too confusing for someone to pop back and forth all the time between time lines. There are those that can achieve that through great concentration in meditation, but there are few who wish to spend their lives on top of the proverbial mountaintop to do so.
For my new readers, Antura is a soul fragment in my soul “cluster,” so you could call us “bosom buddies.” He’s had 800 lives on Earth, with a soul interest in exploring, where our soul gave me a soul interest in First Contactreligions. He’s an amphibian on our home water world, but as part of a “first contact” team, will be shortly heading for Earth in one of those motherships with a crew of about 900. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, including a chapter about how we all have 12 parallel lives called “time lines” going on at the same time. Here are more questions.

Antura here in the wings, Tom.
Good day and good life to you and your family, Antura.

And back at you bro’, I believe the term is these days.
Yes, you’re having to brush up on Earth speak, I see.

Quite so, my studies are ongoing, but certainly increase as the time grows near for our departure.
Can I ask how many days or weeks both universal and Earth time before you do?

Yes, in Earth time it would be three or four months, but divide that by 10 ET Spacecraft depictionto be universal time and you’ll see that it is quite soon.
In your planning, will we meet you in the daytime or at night?

Night will certainly be preferable, although, naturally, we are capable of both with the type of shielding we have, in order to be able to arrive without any detection from radar or visual.
So, are you telling the upper time lines it will be night?

Speaking of the upper time lines, who will be doing the documentary Sony 4k Camerathere as I have been told in the past that I’m just a writer on the upper time lines?

Well, when you learned we were coming you immersed yourself in learning production, so you and your other family on those time lines are quite prepared, shall we say. One of your children was already in the film production business, so there is a correlation, you see, in overall planning for this event.
Antura, of the crew of approximately 900 on your ship what percentage of them will have had lives on Earth?

A good question Theo would say, but it will be actually quite small. As I ET depiction by Kaan Demercelikhave said in the past, most people for ease of description have no interest in having lives on Earth. Therefore, the percentage would be under five percent. The others are performing needed tasks as part of the overall mission. A number will be making all sorts of studies, while there are those like me who are part of a first contact team. So, my answer would be fewer than 10.
How much time will you schedule for each time line to be on board your mothership?

ET Depiction by Kaan DemircelikAs much time as you desire, Tom, as keep in mind we do have the capability to return you back to within a minute or two of when we left. But realistically I would say in Earth time you would spend less than two weeks aboard the ship. That should be sufficient to shoot the documentary along with interviews. It will be quite an intense time, shall we say, for you and your crew.
OK, I realize we have what appears to be over a year before anything happens, but these questions keep coming up in my mind.

I understand, Tom, and I can assure you I am doing prep work, shall we ET Depiction Kaan Dermirceliksay, every day. We are all excited with anticipation.
If you caught that sentence about “immersing” that was a little hint to start studying documentary productions. As I have mentioned before, I co-executive produced some low budget movies, but that consisted of making recommendations on the scripts, tracking down actors with a little name recognition who would work for two or three days for $1,000 per day, doing some scouting of locations, and making deals for camera and lighting equipment. I was never on set producing any of the movies.
ET Depiction Kaan DemircelikKaan writes:
I have some drawings. Can you ask them all which beings are they? I have an idea, but I wonder if you and your spiritual friends could comment.
Antura, I was sent seven images drawn of ETs. Would any of them look similar to ETs that you are familiar with? One I liked was the one that appeared like a bird.

Yes, Tom, that one was very close to the appearance of one of my comrades, shall we say. The others were similar to a couple of the types of beings you will ET Depiction Kaan Demircelikencounter. Your artist will continue to receive downloads of these ETs.

If you wish to use any of  these images in a magazine, book, or even a Blog, these are copyrighted images and I can put you in touch with Kaan Demircelik.

This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Tooth ExtractionCharlie writes:
Last week I had a tooth go very bad and was in excruciating pain. For my job, it's the season and 1. They don't really like me to miss time; 2. Money was tight; 3. Last time I needed a tooth pulled I couldn't get an appointment for a week. So, I asked your wonderful group to assist me in a Benevolent Prayer:
“I ask any and all beings that all that is necessary financially, appointment wise, and transportation come together for Charlie to get his tooth pulled Friday, and may this be even better than he could wish for, hope, or imagine. Thank you!”
The results were: my boss loaned me some money, my cousin offered to take me on the day I requested and the dentist gave me an appointment right away. Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend.
Lee writes from Florida:
Tom, I have two this week. First, I asked for a BP for my sister for her surgery and she came through with flying colors. Her doctors usually keep her overnight for observation after any procedure because of other health issues, but this time she was home by 3:00 pm. Thank you to everyone who joined me in saying a BP for her surgery and the outcome.

My husband and I are traveling up the East Coast soon, so about a I 95 Interstate Highwaymonth ago I said MBOs for the trip including safe, quick travel. Well, Hurricane Matthew came along and 33 miles of I-95 were shut down due to flooding. I just watched the news and waited. The detour they proposed took you 100 miles out of your way and no reopening of I-95 for a couple weeks. Yesterday they announced that the road is completely open for travel. Great news as we leave on Saturday! I resisted saying another MBO since you always say only one is necessary, and I figured if we needed to use the detour then it would be trouble-free as well. Thank you for all you do and continue to do.
Severine writes from China:
I hope you're doing well and enjoy the most benevolent week. :)
Here is my MBO: Back in this past summer, during the last Mercury retrograde,
I asked a BP on your Facebook page and an MBO for hiring China meetingthe Most Benevolent and perfect assistant to work with me. Our prayers have been answered; my great associate joined the company two days ago and everything so far is working better than expected; thank you!
It took longer due to Mercury retrograde, but what matters is the outcome. I believe in divine timing, and it was worth waiting.
Thank you again for all what you do! Love from China.

Colleen writes:
If Gaia can access information at any depth and any dimension, where did the ETs get this data? Who developed it, and why?
I totally get that it’s a viable option and that it is worthwhile — but the Zodiac Sky Maporigins of this?? For what reason? Why not something more tangible and earthbound?? Who did create this sky map?

Gaia, if ETs gave Astrology to all the races, how far back does the study of stars and planets originate?

Far, far back, Tom, as don’t forget that those same societies that introduced Astrology to the races looked up at the stars and their planets and moons in their solar systems millions and, yes, even billions of years ago. Their Simple Zodia Sky Mapsophistication is well beyond your abilities to interpret transits and placements because you have not yet discovered even all of the influences in your own solar system. This will come in time, but to answer your reader’s question, it dates back to as long as there have been intelligent beings in the universe.
Were the races given a star map or did we have to create one ourselves?

No, here they were given help to basically explain the constellations and planets. They were not allowed to give you everything, so they provided the basics. And, yes, those figures drawn of the appearance of the constellations was to help you in identifying those clusters of stars. It was as if you connected the dots for a picture a child would understand.
Jen in Helena, Montana, writes:
I'm feeling a bit sad today. I read an article where a lovely woman who worked at an animal shelter photographed a shelter dog's last walk to be euthanized and my heart just broke.
When does Gaia see us raising our compassion to level that we truly Dogs at Playsee dogs as the sweet guardian spirits that they are and will move heaven and earth to protect them? I know that my reaction, weeping and feeling so devoted to dogs, has an impact, but I really am puzzled that other people can do such cruelty to these sweet beings and intentionally hurt, or abandon them. I just can't bear to see them suffering and have felt this way towards animals since I was a child. I wish that people could see that the word Dog is really God spelled backwards.
I guess just a word from either Gaia, or the Dog Oversoul would be great, if possible, so that I can see that they are agreeing to this for our sake and that way, I can feel like they are suffering for a good cause, although it still hurts me to the core.
And, I do say daily MBOs for all of the creatures Gaia helps and shelters. Any help you can provide to ease my mind would be greatly appreciated. I'm feeling fortunate that I can financially support a couple of dog rescues a little bit every month. I wish that they had all the money they needed to care for these angels on Earth.
Gaia, what is the highest probability of how long it will take for us to raise our vibrational levels to the point where we all respect and honor all animals, including our own cats and dogs?

Yes, this is coming a little bit sooner than you might hope for or expect, Caged DogTom. You’ll see a great change in society during this coming century. More people will be hopping on the train, you might say, each year and decade since the younger people coming along will not want to be the big game hunters that exist today. They will be much more involved in conserving your resources and loving creation, shall we say.

The visiting ETs will have some influence because people will see the huge variety of beings in the universe and begin to understand their contributions to your world. This will not happen overnight, but certainly there is a shift coming as the old pass from the scene and young people are much more involved, and I might add, tuned to feeling empathy for the animal world.

Here is a Benevolent Prayer to say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to assist all the people on Earth to love and honor all the animal species that exist or will exist in the future, and may that happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
Teresa in Austin, Texas, writes:
Your last few newsletters have talked about humans having early initial lives as trees. This reminded me of Edgar Cayce saying that long ago souls projected themselves into trees AND animals. Your past newsletters have said that ET scientists conducted body experiments with the early humanoid prototypes. Later, Centaur Skeleton Depictionthe Egyptian scientists altered the genetic codes of these "things," as they were called, to help them look more normal. I believe Cayce referred to this work being done in the "Temple Beautiful."
These "things" were ensouled at some point in time. So, is that the manner in which humans projected themselves into animals and all the mythological stories about centaurs, satyrs, chimera, etc., were created? Thanks for the clarification, Tom.

Gaia, did human soul fragments project themselves into centaurs, satyrs, etc., as part of preparation for Earth lives?

These beasts as they were called were all left-overs of the ET experiments, and yes, they were ensouled by those who wished to prepare themselves for a life as a human. They faded away, but before doing so, did wreak havoc.
I vaguely recall receiving in the past that this work was done by the Atlanteans and not the Egyptians.

Theo, how many lives has the Dalai Lama had? Would it be over 1,100?Dalai Lama

Quite so, Tom. More on the order of close to 1,200. Just under, you can say.
Have I had any lives with him?

Yes, of course you have. You were there for his first incarnation and were one of his instructors. You have since had a life here and there to see his progress. You’ve been a fast friend and devoted follower as he is truly a gentle soul trying to do the best for his people.
Bob writes:
I always look forward to reading your weekly newsletter! It’s JFK Assassinationalways packed with great information.
I have a question about the JFK assassination. I just saw an online interview with a prisoner named James Files, who claims to have been one of the two shooters who killed JFK. His immense amount of details about the event, and how it was carried out, makes him very convincing. Did he, in fact, do it? Here’s the link to the online video:
Theo, James Files claims to be one of the people who assassinated JFK. Is this true or false?

There is some truth there, but only just a little, Tom. He hopes it will get him out of prison even for just a little while.
Since my family is supposed to be my crew to shoot the documentary on board the Sirian mothership, I was curious as to how that would affect their future lives. So, I asked.
Theo, will Dena, Todd and Shannon travel to other planets in any of their Planet Explorationupcoming lives?

Yes, Tom, Dena will have a couple of prep lives, we will call them, prior to her next one in the 3400 era on the spaceship with you. Shannon and Todd both will have more lives exploring planets as both will become quite interested in space exploration after being with you and your great adventure on board the Sirian mothership. This will be a great stepping stone for both to be leaders in the future. We can talk more about this in the future, Tom, as you have these experiences.
Theo, what makes the 3400 era so special that I will have two lives Planet Explorationthere?

The discoveries you and others make as space explorers will require you to have an additional life during that time period in order to help guide everyone to what we’ll call the next level for the Explorer Race. There will be enormous information coming your way during that time period.
I got a little nostalgic last week when the MIPCOM TV market was going on in Cannes, France. I attended it for 25 years and missed the friends I made over the years, the great restaurants, and the history of the French Riviera. I don’t miss the stress of having 60 to 100 meetings in a five-day period.
I visited Sainte-Marguerite Island just off the coast several times. There Tom and Daughter Shannonis a fort there where the Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned. You can even visit his cell. I’m including a photo of my daughter and me when she accompanied me there several years ago. I’ve always been fascinated as to how long ago the island was settled since you can visit some old ruins if you spend time walking around the island.
Gaia, how early was the island of Sainte-Marguerite settled near Cannes, France? And Crete?

Yes, this was at a very early time, Tom. It was considered a somewhat safer place than the mainland, with the marauding gangs of Neanderthals, so it was first inhabited by Cro-Magnons well over 60,000 years ago before your typical homo-sapien arrived. Then, as they faded away, the early Adam and Eve humans came, but not until – let’s say for your purposes – 35,000 years ago. They took over, you might say, the settlement of the Cro-Magnons, as they were no longer having children and they faded away quite quickly, so the settlement was unused for a long period of time.
As the island was near the French Coast, they could act as a trading Fort Royal Sainte-Marguerite Islandcenter for not only those living on the coast but ships who plied up and down the Mediterranean Sea. Yet, keep in mind that the distance first increased when the Continent of Atlantis sank, adding 160 feet to the oceans of the world. Then, 41 feet with the destruction of Poseidia and Aryan, and finally, 7,500 years ago, another 170 feet or so with the destruction of Lemuria. Therefore, you had great changes in the topography of the Mediterranean Sea.

But originally there was water in between the Coast of France and the island?

Just a little—not like today with a half-mile of water. The island lost land just as did the rest of the French coast with those three events. The Mediterranean Sea was much smaller, and yes as you were thinking, there was a connection to the Land of Oz that disappeared. But, again, at the beginning it was an easier place to defend.
What about the Island of Crete?

Yes, it was settled perhaps a little before Sainte-Marguerite and, again, was a trading center. It was also, and still is, a beautiful island that could be farmed.
Laurie writes:
I was wondering if you would please ask some questions of Theo and the others about the formative days of North America. We’ve learned a lot about Atlantis and Lemuria, but what about the continent between them?
When was the North American continent first occupied by humans?Land Bridge
When was the North American continent first occupied by animals?
What types of animals? What type(s) of humans?
Was there ever a “land bridge” between Russia and Alaska? Did humans ever cross it and colonize the American continent? If so, did they walk or sail, or both?
I think this could be the subject of a new book. I hope your fans will ask more questions!

After rereading what I received, I think I’ll have to ask more questions.
Gaia, when was North America first inhabited by homo-sapiens?

North America was seeded with humans at the same time as they were for the rest of the world. Before then, there were a number of different body types experimented with, which we have covered before.
But what happened to these early humans since we have only covered that there were Atlanteans who lived for a time in Arkansas, and I understand also lived on the coast of North America? Were there any settlements on the West Coast?

The whole of North America was left somewhat virgin, with the exception of the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, for quite a long time, Tom. Most of the seeding was done either as the land bridge that existed prior to the raising of ocean levels, or by groups on the other coast.


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