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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

March 6, 2021

Tom T. Moore


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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to The Gentle Way Book and then click on the link in the WelcomeBlue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accuracy. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


Here is a Benevolent Prayer that everyone can say out loud, no matter what your beliefs are:

“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist the Congress and the Administration of the United States to make decisions in the best interests of all the people and beings in the United States, the world, and for the planet, thank you!”

For those of you on Quora, I occasionally answer questions posed there. You can “follow me,” and if you do, please “upvote” my answers. I do this to reach a different group of people and grow the newsletter. So far, I have had over Rhine ESP Experiments3,900,000 views of my answers.


Many of your questions are taking about four weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

You can sign up to receive email notifications and the link when I post my MBO and BP Blog on Saturday. Just go here:

ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up the darkest parts of Atlantisthe world, and I send white light and love to every single person and being I meet or encounter today, thank you!”

My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters, click here: Sample Chapters.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Sriranjan writes from India: I live in Mumbai (India), and we witnessed a slow and steady decline in daily COVID cases till the end of January. Since then, the cases suddenly spiked and there are rumors of another lockdown. I was wondering if this new spike is likely to be prolonged or will it be quickly brought under control? When will Mumbai likely witness few cases, say, less than 50-100 new cases a day? Also, when will India be able to bring the cases down to a very manageable number, say, under 1,000 a day?

Much appreciation and gratitude for all your work and services.Mumbai India

Gaia, how long before Mumbai and India reduce down to respectively 100 and 1,000 Covid-19 cases a day?

As with the rest of the world, look for those improvements by June. There will be ups and downs due to the different strains, but look for overall reduction in that time period as thousands of more people need to have the vaccine.

This was sent to me by a reader. Could Spike Protein in Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Cause Blood Clots, Inflammation of the Brain and Heart?

Dr. J. Patrick Whelan, a pediatric rheumatologist, warned the FDA in December that mRNA vaccines could cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ways not assessed in safety trials.

Gaia, can Spike Protein in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines cause blood clots, brain inflammation and heart attacks?

Emphatically, no, Tom. Not even in the tiniest percentage of people.


Kurt writes from Canada: I have more questions for Gaia, in regards to soul fragments.

1. At what point in our development do our Souls decide to fragment?

2. Does our Soul know or receive guidance on when, how or where to fragment?Soul Light

3. While our Soul is incarnated, is our higher self in contact with the fragmented parts of our Soul?

4. Can we, being incarnated here in this life, have conscious contact with our soul fragments?

5. When we leave and transit, do our soul fragments return to our Soul?

6. In our next life does soul fragmentation continue the same way?

7. Can we direct our Soul fragments?

Also, what is the cosmic consciousness? I have spent a fair amount of time in my meditation exploring/connecting, etc., with the cosmic consciousness. I have come to the conclusion that the sum total of the greater cosmic consciousness is the consciousness of all Souls; in other words it is the consciousness of the Creator, as we are Souls of the Creator. And of course each one of us is part of the greater cosmic consciousness.

Is this correct the way I see it? So, by connecting with the greater cosmic Cosmic Conciousnessconsciousness, I think one should be able to draw from the wisdom and guidance of the greater cosmic consciousness. I'm fully aware that this takes a lot of effort and work. I would be deeply grateful to Gaia to correct me and advise me.

With many thanks to Gaia and to you, Tom.

Gaia, at what point in their development did our souls decide to fragment?

When they volunteered for the Earth Experiment, they knew they would have to have thousands of lives going on at the same time for their learning.

Does one soul know, or receive guidance on when, how or where to fragment?

This is deep seated knowledge, Tom. It is always there. No need to ask anyone.

Can we, being incarnated in this life, have conscious contact with one of our other soul fragments?

In a meditative state you can, as you do with Antura, and in times past, Reveals Soul Fragments depictionthe Mysteries. They are, after all, fragments of your soul.

In our next life, does soul fragmentation continue the same way?

There is no change, Tom. Your path of incarnations continues on whatever path your soul has set up for you to gain knowledge needed in the future.

Can we direct our soul fragment?

Your soul directs your fragments, not the other way around. Yet, as we have spoken about before, you do have freedom to not stay on your soul contract, but that is to your detriment not to do so. It lessens what you can learn in one life. That’s one of the reasons we have spoken about before to request MBOs—it keeps you on your soul contract, which you want to do for the highest learning.

Gaia, what is cosmic consciousness? Is it the consciousness of all souls?

You could say it is the consciousness of all souls within the framework of this creation, Tom. This can have multiple meanings, depending upon the person’s beliefs. Keep in mind that all the planets and suns in this universe are also ensouled.

As Gaia has explained previously, only about 10% of the souls taking part in the Earth Experiment are fragments of the Creator of this universe. The rest came from worlds that were originally populated in this universe by souls from other universes, which were attracted to this universe to express themselves.


Jerry writes: In the Jan 23 newsletter, a reader asked a question about the value of gold. I have a follow up question. If aliens are so advanced technologically, what is stopping them from creating gold from scratch or any other Gold Minemineral/metal? What are the limitations?

This is the original answer:

“Gold has been valuable all the way back to the days when the Nibiruans forced humans to mine it for them. It has been recognized as having many qualities that in modern times you have yet to rediscover. Therefore, the answer is yes. It will continue to be used for jewelry, along with other uses to be discovered.”

Gaia, can ETs create gold and if not why?

Yes, they can create gold on occasion, but not every element, Tom. Remember, there is an element your researchers will discover in the future that we have said you are to hang onto, and not give it away if some ET group in the future offers to trade. That will be needed yourselves, when you learn how to portal hop across the universe. Guard it well.

But how will we know that’s the element?

It will be so rare that you have not considered it valuable, but it is.

Did the Nibiruans make their slaves mine for gold or another element?

No, it was gold. Gold has more uses than you might think, plus they had no gold on their planet, so it was very precious to own and make adornments out of.


Sandra writes: Someone sent me this article. Wondering if you've seen anything about this?

“U.S. Navy Has Patents on Tech It Says Will ‘Engineer the Fabric of Reality’

The U.S. Navy's “UFO patents” sound like they've been ripped from a science Navy Jet and UFOfiction novel.  Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais is the man behind the patents and The War Zone has proven the man exists, at least on paper.

“One of Pais (sic) and the Navy’s patents described what the propulsion system and fusion drive would be used for—a “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft.” According to the patent, the craft could travel land, sea, and outer space at incredible speeds. Other patents invented by Pais and filed by the Navy include a “high temperature superconductor,” an “electromagnetic field generator,” and a “high frequency gravitational wave generator.”

Vice Article. Click here.

Theo, can we assume Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais is a real man, and if so, how long before the Navy Patents become working machines in use?

Yes, Tom, Dr. Pais will become much more known in the future. His name is not an amalgamation of people. It will be several years before these inventions go from the drawing board to reality.


For my new readers, in 2008 my GA Theo introduced me to another member of my soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls them. Antura, after 800 lives on Earth, was born this time on the Sirius B water world planet of Nommo. He’s an amphibian. If you’ve seen any of the Hellboy movies, he looks SLIGHTLY like the character Abe Sapien. Right now he is orbiting the Earth in a Sirian mothership that is three miles wide and twenty stories tall, with a crew of 900, plus their families, totaling 1,500, from 37 different planets. You can read more Abe Sapien Hellboy moviesabout him in my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are some more questions I asked this week.

Mantej writes from the UK:
World's first SPACE HOTEL to begin construction in Earth orbit in 2025.

Can Antura tell us more about the Space Hotel? Click here.

Antura, what is the probability of the Space Hotel being launched in 2027?

They are a little too ambitious at this time. Add 10 to 15 years to that to be more realistic. There are many challenges ahead of them regarding the design and even for the staff and those who wish to pay the high price of going there. It is not something as easy as a cruise as they make it out to be. They will have to find easier ways to take the people there—to transport them—so that the strain will not be so great. Those that do this now undergo quite a bit of training and your average vacationer will not wish to do UFO and Jet Airliner Depictionthis or have the time.

Jerry in New Mexico writes: What does Antura have to say about the UFO reported by the American Airlines Pilot? Click here.

Antura, whose “long cylindrical object” flew over the American Airlines jet flying over New Mexico on its way to Phoenix?

Yes, one of the Federation craft, Tom. And you are correct that it is the one photographed two years earlier. Notice how things are slowly changing. The pilot would not have said anything even two years ago. Nowadays, it made all the major news broadcasts. There will be more of these—this was not the last one—leading up to the June disclosure.


These two stories came from last Saturday’s Benevolent Outcomes Blog, which features MBO and BP stories. Please send in your stories to inspire others. To see all of the stories from last week, go to The Gentle Way Book Blog.

Dalene writes: Hi Tom, I've been learning to follow the gentle way and use MBOs for about a month now. I have had lots of success and feel like my life has changed for the better.

I got a chance to really test MBOs during the terrible winter storm we had here in TX a few days ago.

When they predicted it would get down to 3 degrees I didn't believe it, but started saying MBOs and BPs for the people of TX. When my electricity went out at night, I just stayed in bed in the dark and whispered MBOs and BPs.

I was one of the lucky ones (MBO influence for sure). My electricity went off for Texas Winter Storm5 or 6 hours and then would come back on long enough for the house to get back up to 60 degrees or so. The morning it was 3 degrees outside, it was 43 degrees in my house. My water pipes did not freeze or burst. I said MBOs during the entire time I was wrapping outside pipes with towels and generally preparing for unprecedented cold weather.

Basically whenever I got nervous or anxious or scared, I said an MBO and BP for others. The scariest part was not knowing if the electricity would come back on. The system malfunctioned in many areas. My guardian angel was totally there for me.

It was a tough week, no doubt about it, but the Gentle Way made my week much better than I ever could have predicted or expected.

And I ask everyone who reads this to please say a BP for the improvement of the TX energy grid so we never have to go through anything like this again. For the TX energy system to put people before profits.

Thank you, guardian angel, and thank you, Tom, for sharing your work with us.

Let’s all say this BP: “I ask any and all beings for the government officials to make decisions about the energy grid that are in the best interests of all the people and beings in the state of Texas, thank you!”


Linda in Halfmoon, New York writes: I said a BP to be protected from the COVID virus and so far, although I’ve encountered many people who had it, I Covid Virushaven’t had the virus.

A couple of weeks ago one of my neighbors asked if I wanted eggs, which I normally would like fresh farm eggs, but I decided to say no as I also had just bought some at the store.

Just a few days later, my same neighbor told me the whole family was quarantined because she and her husband tested positive for COVID.

Well, I can say that I am either one lucky egg or my prayer was answered.


Lori writes: I was basically comatose during 4 weeks of COVID. I knew I was in Parkland Hospital Emergency Roombad shape. I opted for home care because I didn’t want to be alone in a noisy, cold hospital. I did have 3 trips to the ER! During one of the “coma-like” times, I very clearly remember a peach gold light coming into me. Would that be a check in from my guardian angel? I also whispered MBOs for recovery. I am recovering still. I have too much to live for!

Theo, what was the “peach gold light” Lori experienced on one of her trips to the ER with COVID?

She was receiving healing light from her own Guardian Angel, as she was requesting MBOs even in her almost delirious state. This is but one of a long line of stories about how powerful requesting MBOs are, Tom.


Gloria in Hawaii writes: I'm reading, again, Piers Morgan's comments about Piers MorganMeghan Markle, this time about the Valentine's Day announcement of her pregnancy. He obviously does not like her. Do they have past life connections that cause him to treat her the way he does?

Thanks again, Tom, for the good work you do!

Theo, has Meghan Markle and Piers Morgan crossed paths in a past life?

Oh yes, Tom. In this life, Piers is playing the antagonist, just as Megan did for him in a past life. They have also had lives as friends and lovers. So goes your associations with other soul clusters, Tom.


Tamar writes: I am so happy that I learned about MBOs and feel so grateful in knowing that whatever I request is in the best interest of all (and yes, in addition for myself and family, I also do MBOs for our government, the Pandemic, the David Hoggworld, and everything we are experiencing in today's times).

I am curious about David Miles Hogg, a student who survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in 2018 and is now an American gun control activist. My heart goes out to all survivors and families of school shootings, and I admire his courage and articulation in standing up for change to protect other students from ever experiencing such a horrific experience. Can you tell me what his soul path is? Will he be one of the young people who will go into politics to help steer America into a more benevolent and just country?

I have also been impressed with Pete Buttigieg and can see him as a person of wisdom and talent who can someday help benevolently steer American in the future. What is his soul path, and will he be successful in politics? Possibly a future President?

Thank you, and most importantly, thank you for sharing about MBOs.

Theo, what is American Gun Activist David Hogg’s soul interest and contract Pete Buttigiegand same for Pete Buttigieg?

Both have government as their soul interest. Both have chosen lives where they are pushing the ceilings—those glass ceilings people describe. Mr. Buttigieg is the first openly gay person to hold a cabinet position. That is a significant step for equal rights. As you know, I cannot give you their soul contracts per se, just as I cannot give you these for others, as they may read about themselves in the future.

Mr. Hogg has become an outspoken advocate of the need to restrict guns. It is an uphill climb, but he is young and will not give up. He will eventually see some success as he works with other groups.

What quadrant are they on?

Mr. Buttigieg is in the third quadrant of a young soul, and so is Mr. Hogg. They are making good progress. These are significant lives for both of them.


Kris in North Carolina writes: In follow up to your 4/13/19 newsletter...

I love watching the Lagina Brothers using modern tech and good old elbow grease to answer the enigma of Oak Island and the infamous Money Pit. Their latest efforts have drained the swampy part of the island with the help of cofferdams. (One legend says there was actually 2 islands originally and a treasure galleon was docked between, then once the treasure was unloaded the ship was burned and buried to create the swamp and connect the islands.) They Oak Islanddiscovered cobblestone paths/roads under the muck (possibly a wharf), with various artifacts dated back to medieval Europe like "upper class" shoe/boot leather, many ox shoes all over the island, and locks on top of the cross mentioned in the 4/13/19 newsletter.

Can you please ask Gaia if there are any updates and/or insights on the mysteries of Oak Island that can be shared?

Thank you!

Gaia, any more information on Oak Island you can share, such as was there a galleon sunk in between two islands, and was there a wharf there?

If they keep digging, Tom, they will discover the island goes much farther back than they believe right now. Let’s let them continue to dig and have the joy of discovery. But the answer is yes to both questions you posed.

I wonder if Gaia was referring possibly to an Atlantean settlement.


Mantej writes: 1. Google, Facebook and Bill Gates.

A. Did creators of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have lives in the future?

B. Did Mark Zuckerberg have a life in the future, and does that also include the Larry Page and Sergey Brinother 4 gentlemen who co-founded Facebook with him?

C. Did Bill Gates also have a life in the future?

2. John Cassavetes

Did John Cassavetes have a life in the future? Click here.

3. Director Fritz Lang

Interesting to note that NASA's countdown to lift-off actually came from Fritz Lang’s 1929 film, Woman in the Moon, and also C3PO from Star Wars is inspired by the robot Maria from Fritz Lang's other film from 1927 Metropolis.

What time period in the future did director Fritz Lang (and writers and Art Department) have in the future?

Wikipedia: Click here.
NASA Story: Click here.

Theo, did the founders of Google have lives in the future?

Yes, but not too far, just enough to see the possibilities.

What about Mark Zuckerberg?Mark Zuckerberg

Again, an affirmative answer, Tom.

Bill Gates?

Yes again, Tom. By now you see a pattern. When these people have significant lives where they invent certain new forms of communicating, they typically will have a life in the future. It may be just in this time period, or it may be, as discussed before, a little farther out, if like Mr. Bezos, it is needed to work on even more and different inventions or ways of doing things.

What about John Cassavetes and the director Fritz Lang—what time periods were they in before these lives?

Multiple lives in the 20th Century, Tom. They did not need to go much further in their work.


Sandra writes: I had a question concerning this week’s letter: I have spent some time in South America and heard many stories while living there. I was intrigued by the story of Percy Fawcett and have some of his diaries from his trips. According to the book you refer to - Lost City of Z - the author concludes, after discussing Fawcett with a tribal elder, that he and his son were killed by a Percy Fawcettlocal tribe, but from what you're writing it sounds like they were not and actually survived with a tribe there.

I know he was looking for an inner earth city whose inhabitants were possibly descendants of Atlantis, and there are many stories and even books about people who have found these cities in the Amazon basin. In fact, one book written by a German journalist tells how he was on his way to visit one of the underground cities with a leader of that city when it was explained that if he went there with him, he could not return to the outside world and would have to spend the rest of his life there for security reasons. So I am wondering, is this the kind of situation that Fawcett encountered? Or was it simply a tribe that captured them and wouldn't let them leave?

Gaia, was Percy Fawcett and son killed by natives, or did he live several more years?

They did eventually die at the hands of the natives, Tom. They were tolerated for a long time, but there were jealousies. Keep in mind that these were all young souls, even including Percy and his son, and as Antura said before, they made many mistakes. Still, it was a great learning experience for both Percy/Antura, his son, and the natives.


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