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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

May 6, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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BREAKING: Chechnya's President says he’ll wipe NY Times Gay Chechnya Articleout the area's gay population in just three weeks. AVAAZ is putting together a rescue plan, but I thought we should say the following Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD: "I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort, and keep safe all those gay people and those mistakenly identified as gay in Chechnya and assist them in finding a safe place to live, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"

Here is a story in the NY Times: Click here.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Audrey writes:
I was wondering if Theo or Gaia might want to give us some info on Ivanka Trump and also Jared Kushner. I read that Ivanka is soliciting money from foreign governments for a yet-to-be-named foundation or program to help women worldwide? Canadian, German and several Mid East countries have given her monies plus some companies. Ivanka and Jared both seem to have great poise and seem very comfortable in using power. And of course they have great Jared & Ivanka Kushnerinfluence with the president.
A separate question is will you continue doing your newsletter after you have your visit on the space ship? I would really feel cut off from information if I did not have your newsletter to read. Many thanks for everything.

Theo, how have Jared Kushner’s and Ivanka Trump’s soul contracts changed with her father’s election and the highest probability for their futures?

Yes, before they were born there was the smaller probability of these current circumstances, but they each are not as young a soul as her father. This was done not only for them to learn how to handle great wealth in this life, but how to be of service to others. They assist in balancing this government, albeit in a conservative manner. The pendulum, we will remind you, swings back and forth. They are going through a period of time where they too are getting the feel of government, and their learning curve is steep. Still, they will tend to keep this government grounded and not too far to the right as the gentleman from Breitbart, Steve Bannon. Moderation is the key here for Jared & Ivanka Kushnerall those to learn.
Regarding their probable futures, both will continue for the rest of this term and the highest probability of next term for the President and there will be good things that will come out of their influence on the President. Again, this is a steep learning curve for all those involved. As the President was quoted as saying, he did not realize how hard this job is.

Regarding the newsletter. I would hesitate to guarantee that I will still do the newsletter; as you know they will not tell me my soul path—only hints. But I will say that for the past eight years I’ve found a way to send it out 52 weeks a year, so let’s walk the path together!

Gaia, Iowa appears right in the path of the ash cloud if Yellowstone erupts, it that correct?

That is correct, Tom. Though not completely part of the mini-ice age, Yellowstone Previous Ash Cloud Previousthey will be greatly affected by the ash cloud. It will take longer in the spring for the snow to melt.
What about the crops since they are a great bread-basket for the USA?

That will greatly affect their output, Tom. Yes, the workers will have to have masks to work at times, depending upon the severity of the ash cloud. The crops grown in Iowa will shift a little farther to the south.
Sandra writes:
I mistakenly thought that any Yellowstone volcanic activity would be similar to the Mt. St. Helens eruption, which in my experience was mild. Half the internet says that it won’t happen and the other half says scary worst case scenario. Will the Albuquerque, New Mexico, volcanic field remain inactive?
I am eagerly awaiting Disclosure. I think it can only be a much needed uplifting revelation for our planet. Thank you for your information.

Gaia, will the Albuquerque volcanic field be reactivated by the eruption Albuquerque Volcanoof the Yellowstone volcano eruption?

No, I wish this to stay dormant. I only need to release pressure from Yellowstone in North America. You were previously told that there will be other eruptions, such as in Italy.

Marta, I think asked this question.
Gaia, what about the molten carbon lake discovered 200 miles down? Will that be forced to the top?

No, that acts as a counter balance for me. It will stay where it is.
John writes: How is Russian roulette handled when played by people? By soul contract or free will? Are the people who are meant to die by soul contract die through playing it, or do people die when it's not their Russian Roulettesoul contract to die at that time? Click here.
Theo, is dying by Russian roulette by soul contract or by free will?

As you were previously told, Tom, no one dies accidentally. The fact that when they spin the cartridge it lands at the exact location needed to be fired should tell you something. On a soul level what the soul wished to accomplish in that life has been achieved and now there needs to be balancing done on a past life where the person executed or killed another person with a shot to the temple. So, though it may have the appearance of free will, it was a planned event prior to birth.
Gaia, did our soul fragments have lives on either Mars or the planet Maldek that blew up before our Earth lives?

A few of the souls had soul fragments that had lives on those planets, Marsbut not all. There were other soul groups that had lives on those planets for learning. As was said to you in the past, your souls had to reach a certain vibrational level. Some souls used lives on those two planets in preparation for this life, but that was only a percentage, not everyone.

But that was a good question. There will be many discoveries made by those in the future who will explore Mars, after they discover Mars was inhabited by an intelligent race. There will be many ah-ha moments.

Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls them, and is back on his home planet Nommo after 800 lives on Earth as an explorer (his soul interest). He’s a member of a “first contact” team specializing in “grass roots” contacts. You can read more about him, First Contact Bookhis family, work, planet, advanced technologies, the real star wars that actually happened and even the other universes next to ours in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.
He’s coming to Earth around October in one of those 3-mile-wide, 20-stories high motherships with a crew of 900 plus their families (a number of the crew live their whole lives on the ship) totaling 1,500. It will replace another Sirian mothership we can’t see that’s on station right now about 50 miles overhead. Below are the questions I asked this week.

Antura in the wings, Tom. Ready to mix and mingle, shall we say.
Good morning and good life, Antura. Nice to have you back again. You need to download some more questions that I have failed to ask so far as probably compared to the upper time lines.

You’re not so far behind, Tom. But I will do as you requested.Agency Disclosure Nick Youngson - link to -
Antura, first an update on the Disclosures on the upper time lines. Everyone still having no problem with the information?

Not in the least, Tom. We are quite satisfied with the reactions of people in general. You do understand that the people are still just receiving the basic information. But there are no rejections. The upper time lines are releasing more information.

Image:  Nick Youngson -

Time Line 8 has not had disclosure yet?

No, but we anticipate this happening within the next week to 10 days. We don’t think it will be a full two weeks, but check back with us for confirmation.
Aravind in Australia writes:
I attached an image of possibly a UFO flying UFO From Airplanepast the flight I was on today.
But it could have more likely been a plane/business jet coming from the opposite direction. The speed didn't seem constant either. No chemtrails.
It was close, but even with a clear sky I couldn't make out the features.
Maybe it’s a jet - but why not take a look?

Antura, was that a UFO Aravind saw out the airplane window?

Yes, it was a nice friendly hello from his ET friends to let him know they are in touch and will be all during his life. They are friendly, we might remind him, and from his home planet.
Charlie writes: Is this a real UFO? Click hereUFO Over Machu Picchu
Antura, was the UFO seen near Machu Picchu real, or CGI? (Image not the same as video).

Real in this case, Tom. It was another chance for a ship to be seen by people who would not be frightened.
What about the two robotic type craft that appeared to explode?

They did not explode, Tom. It was simply them switching frequencies leaving a trail of the effects of moving to another frequency. That’s as close as I can describe something--an occurrence—that is quite complex and would be hard to understand for your scientists.
Where are all the 37 planets that the crew originates from located? Solar System DepictionObviously that would probably be all the ones in the Sirius B system, plus the planet the Reptilians came from. Where else?

You can include the other planets from Sirius A and C, Tom, as we have not discussed them too thoroughly yet. That takes care of almost everyone. That’s close enough for our purposes. Our ship is always available to any other Federation member who would like to have one or two people on board, but does not wish or does not have the capability of assigning a whole ship to stay in orbit on a constant basis as our ships do.
Are there 22 planets, more, or less around Sirius B?

Slightly more, but go with the figure of 23 at this time. There are also some planetoids not considered to be full planets.
What about Sirius A?

More, as you can imagine the sheer size creates a strong gravity. But Solar System Depictionnot all are inhabited by what you would consider to be intelligent races. So, use the same number as Sirius B.
What about Sirius C?

More planets, but living conditions are quite different there. You need to read more about this sun so that we can discuss it in better detail.
At the end of the star wars when peace was agreed upon, did the fighting stop immediately or was there a lag time for everyone to get the message?

There were a few isolated incidents where either one side or the other had not received the news. Although we have or can have instant communication, there is always someone who did not receive word. Consequently, there was some loss of life, but not much. Still, any loss is to be regretted.
Antura, if ETs experimented with body types as I was previously told, Pleiadianwhy did we wind up looking mostly just like the Pleiadians?

Good question, Tom. It was a combination of factors. First is the influence of the Pleiadians—who have a strong influence in the Federation. It was agreed from the beginning that the body type would be humanoid, but everyone wanted to have their input, so then the experimentation started to see what body type would actually be the best for the conditions on Earth. Keep in mind it was not only the form, but your innards, shall we call it, as well. If you were to dissect a Pleiadian body and your body, there would be major differences as you had to be able to flourish in every condition the Earth had to offer.
There were lots of cooks, shall we say, with many rejections. Everyone had their own idea about which body type might be best and therefore many body types were tested, although we in the Federation knew the majority would not work. As I have mentioned before, things move much slower in the Federation than on Earth. Finally at the urging of the Pleiadians, it was agreed that this body type—modified to handle the conditions of Earth—would work. Plus, they also had the foresight to know that at some point in the future there would be people who needed to look like Earth humans and interact with them. This was, as you may know, before the Earth Directive had to be created to protect humans from anymore well intentioned interference.

Antura, how are clothes cleaned on the mothership?Uniforms

Yes, as you might guess, the cleaning of all different types of fabric – many still unknown to you that exist on other planets—is still far down the line for you. Although I cannot go into much detail, as the process has to be discovered by your scientists, the cleaning is instantaneous as you simply open a cupboard in one’s living space, stick them in and poof, they are cleaned. There is no need to bundle them up and send them to a cleaning facility as you do, or use washers and dryers which take up space and are quite antiquated. There will be improvements in your cleaning process over the next 100 years, but still a long way to go to reach this level.
Do the Federation ships monitor all the TV, radio, and internet broadcasts of the world, or is there no need to do that?

There is no need to monitor every broadcast. We tend to monitor the Broadcast Satellitenews stations—even those that would be under the control of a government. Otherwise, our daily readings are much more detailed and thorough. Your broadcasts are too one dimensional, whereas we do not have that problem. The internet has a wider spectrum of ideas, but again, does not reach the level we can with our readings.
How many people work in the USA on the Above Top Secret level doing back engineering of ET ships and the many other jobs associated with having first-hand knowledge of ETs and the government’s top secret programs?

Yes, it runs into the hundreds, Tom. You would think there would be more leaks than there are, but these people know they would lose their jobs and go to prison if they violated the Non-Disclosure Agreement papers they signed to reach this level of security. As we have mentioned before, these people, when these programs are revealed, will feel as if a spotlight has been turned upon them and they will feel quite uncomfortable suddenly being in the light.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Sharon writes:
My saying MBOs and BPs has alleviated a LOT of fear in my life and allowed me to relax and not try too hard and just let life unfold in an easier (and more gentle!) way.
I could on and on about good results in my life, but want to relate one Insurance Adjustermore story: Our son was very unhappy with his job and decided to apply for another position in the same company that was a step up, more interesting work, an opportunity to go on the road in six months, and had a young group of guys on the team he could connect with.
He doesn’t believe in MBOs and won’t say them, so for about two or three months I was saying a BP every day on his behalf that “any and all beings help Cory find the perfect job for him.”
Even before this new job opportunity came up, he was very skeptical about getting this job and didn’t think he had enough experience (only two years in the insurance adjusting industry). But he got an interview, and
I also said a BP for a good interview (which transpired) and then I said BPs for a perfect job and if that job was a good fit, for him to get the job. He didn’t hear for about three weeks and was downcast thinking he did not get it, but he GOT THE JOB – with a raise in salary!! He started yesterday and is very happy. 

As you can see, you can assist other people to have more benevolent lives!

Eileen in Ireland writes:
I have a Benevolent Outcome.
I said a Benevolent Prayer that I would be in and out of the post office very swiftly as I needed to collect the children from school. There was no line so I got seen to straight away. Plus, when I stood at the counter, Ireland Golf Courseanother lady came to the booth beside me and remarked how quiet it was. The Universe reiterating my sentiments exactly.
Plus, I closed a post office account recently, and it was made easy to reactivate it just by simply making a deposit.
Also, I requested a relaxing day and to top it off my mum offered to bring my boy out golfing. Perfect day.
Linda writes:
I wanted to share an MBO result with you. I work in HR in a small community hospital and I started to say BPs for the staff to be the best providers and the patients and staff to treat each other with respect Hospitalas well as management (including me) to be benevolent in their leadership. Sure enough, people are saying the culture is changing and the big boss hasn't been yelling much if at all.
In addition, I asked to fill a lot of open positions with excellent nurses even though there is a nursing shortage and sure enough we just filled seven openings all accepting offers.
I just want to say thank you for your work, and
MBOs are better than the Staples® Easy Button™!
Cathy writes:
You spoke about soul clusters before, but I am curious about soul clusters before we had lives on Earth. The souls in each of our soul cluster now, were they also part of our group before Earth?
Do members of the same soul cluster all originate from one star system or do we come from different places?

Gaia, I had perhaps assumed this in the past, or perhaps I forgot that I Planetasked, but are our individual soul clusters all from the same planet, or are they made up of soul fragments from different planets?

Yes, the soul fragments in a soul cluster all originated from the same planet where they may have had thousands of lives before their vibrational levels increased to the level needed to begin these Earth lives. Therefore, your clusters will have 600 to 800 lives on average per soul fragment.

And, as we have stated before, these are general numbers since a person could have 634 and another person 817. And, of course, they may have several lives back on their home planets mixed in because when they gain knowledge they wish to share it with those on their home planets who chose not to fast track their vibrational levels.

Diane writes:
An article in Scientific American By: Brian Kahn, Climate Central on April 21, 2017 says, “We Just Breached the 410 PPM Threshold for CO2. Carbon dioxide has not reached this height in millions of years.”
 Here is the link - click here.
Please ask Gaia what this rapid increase means overall to Earth, and humanity in terms of climate change and potential health issues. Thank you!
Gaia, what does the increase in the CO2 carbon dioxide level mean for CO2climate change and our health?

It is but one of the ways I am using to warm the atmosphere and warm the climate. There are many other factors that I use to contribute to the warming of this climate, so all the others must be considered since they are not separate. And yes, as you were thinking, the heat from the volcanoes that are active in the world are one of many. Still, humans must stop polluting my atmosphere not only for me, but for the lives of humans and all the oxygen breathers on this planet.
You have been making strides, and although there will be a backwards slip it will be short-lived, I can assure your readers. Events are on the horizon that will change many attitudes. I understand the duality between those that believe that pollutants are bad for life on Earth and those whose desire for profits override steps they could take to lessen the pollution.

Christine writes:
Often, your sources talk about our scientists developing gene solutions to disease. Is this part of that? This news is promising given our recent struggles with antibiotic-resistant bacteria:
Edible CRISPR Could Replace Antibiotics
Researchers are developing a probiotic to make disease-causing CRISPRbacteria self-destruct. Click here.
Thanks for all you do. I always look forward to hearing from you (y'all!) on Thursdays.
Gaia, are scientists on the right tract regarding edible CRISPRs to replace antibiotics?

Yes, Tom. This is getting out of your comfort zone, so they should continue their studies. This will lead to more discoveries that will be beneficial. I will let those who seek answers have their “Ah-ha” moments.
Mike in the UK writes:
RE: Breaking Bad and the two most famous Drug Dealers
1. Breaking Bad is the greatest TV series ever made. Did Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad Cast(the creator) have lives as a drug dealer and a police officer to see both sides or did his spirit guides just help him to create the greatest TV series of all time?

2. The King of Cocaine (Pablo Escobar) was the wealthiest criminal in history. According to Wikipedia, he was worth $30Billion in the 90s, $55 billion in today's money. He died in 1993. Is the King of Cocaine's soul interest Government, with this life being a bad guy? Click here.
3. El Chapo: The U.S. Government considers El Chapo, "The most ruthless, dangerous, and feared man on the planet."
a) Who built and helped El Chapo in his 2nd escape from prison in 2015 Pablo Escobarthrough the tunnel?
b) Sean Penn (the actor) met and interviewed El Chapo. How many past lives has Penn had with El Chapo?
c) El Chapo is now in the USA having been extradited there. What will happen to him?

d) Is his Soul interest also Government, with this life being the bad guy? Click here.
Theo, did the creator of Breaking Bad have past lives as a drug dealer and policeman?

More on the side of the law. He had several lives in law enforcement and balanced those with lives as run-of-the-mill thieves and robbers. His creativity handled the writing of the series, since he had had lives writing as a reporter, so his word skills were excellent.
Was Pablo Escobar’s soul interest government?

Yes, over many lifetimes he has studied and been a part of many different forms of government and certainly having been the leader of a large assembly of criminals requires the same leadership skills – just a harsher form—than does a large corporation. So, add business to that El Chapodescription of his soul interest.
What is El Chapo’s soul interest—also business and government?

Yes, he wanted to see this life the limitations that government puts on business—in this case his incarceration, which will be permanent. He will never be released. There were too many bodies that were left in his wake.

Did Sean Penn have any past lives with him?

Mr. Penn’s soul cluster has worked with his soul cluster many times in Sean Pennthe past. It was agreed this time that he would contribute to El Chapo’s arrest.
What about his previous escape?

He had a number of his soldiers, we will call them, that threatened the guards to look the other way, and be compensated for it too.
Aravind writes:
Just finished reading the latest newsletter. Based upon some dreams I had, two new inventions that may come about in the future and Donald Trump:
1. Injecting a syringe with a green/yellow liquid into around the middle of the back of the neck. This is used to enhance memory/cognition in young children and adults.
2. Curtains are going to be a thing of the past: I was in a dark room and I Glass Wallasked to see the outside. All of a sudden the wall itself became a window. I could see an adjoining cafe - people sitting, having coffee, snacks and laughter outside - somewhere in Europe I think. These people couldn't see me. They can only see me if I asked the window to reveal the inside. I could also see them using a kind of mobile phone like IPhone or Android to communicate--except it’s rectangular-shaped and transparent like glass.
3. Donald Trump: In saying this, I am allied to no political sides. In another timeline or future, it seems he hosts an influential talk show on a TV channel, just like Oprah Winfrey; his personality and views on many different subjects are widely regarded throughout society. He appears to be humble, charismatic and deeply knowledgeable. A very popular talk show.
Please ask your guides for more explanation on all these dreams.

Theo, in the future will there be an injection into one’s neck of a green substance to enhance memory?

That is using symbolism to explain the accumulation of knowledge.

What about the walls that turn into windows?

Yes, that is quite far in the future. The conversions to these walls will Donald Trumpinitially appear in new construction and the cost will be high even then.
How many years before this construction is available?

Several hundred years. Before then, cameras and projectors will be utilized to project images on walls that are much better than today. It will appear as if you are looking through a window.
Is there a Time Line or future where Donald Trump is a successful talk show host?

Yes, on a lower Time Line.
Theo, are the people who tune into me alerted in some way before these Meditationsessions, or are they already in meditation mode and pick me up somewhere in the cloud, shall I call it?

Some, as you say, Tom, are already in a meditative state. Others request to be notified when you will be having a session. There are, as you guessed, people who are more advanced in attaining a meditative state, but what is unique are the questions you ask week after week. As we have explained before, no one else in the western world asks this many advanced questions, so you are given wider latitude to explain things less esoterically, shall we say. As you were told in the past we will answer any question you ask as long as it does not affect someone’s soul contract.


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