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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

June 3, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
I hope you are enjoying these newsletters. Have you told your friends about them? And keep sending me your MBO stories. I need at least four to six each week for my Saturday Blog.

Here is a Houston Chronicle story about rising ocean levels that Galveston TX Floodingthreatens Galveston. They are just still low on their predictions, but at least their extreme predictions are coming along. As you recall, Gaia said the ocean levels rose 2 inches in 2015, 8 inches in 2016, and will rise 12.5 inches this year. I'm not sure how they can claim the Gulf is rising faster than the rest of the oceans of the world, as they are all connected.  Click here
Lots of information this time!
Time Line 7 just had the Russian Disclosure, and as you’ll read below, Time Line 6 is next!
THE GENTLE WAY I: Nancy wrote: “I am grateful. I really liked the idea The Gentle Way Books I & IIand the samples of how to use the requests for most benevolent outcomes. Also I appreciate the living prayer section.”
I was interviewed on Heart Talk radio last week. Here is the 30 minute interview. It’s all about THE GENTLE WAY. Sheila will again interview me for a different podcast this month about ATLANTIS & LEMURIA. Click Here for The Gentle Way interview.Buy Books
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Diane writes:
I live adjacent to Sacramento, California; with the oceans on the rise, approximately how far inland in miles will land be submerged? Since some rivers flow out into the ocean, will the rise cause a back flow of ocean waters into these rivers? If so, what challenges will it cause? For my friends in San Diego how far inland will they need to move in order to be safe from the rise of ocean levels?
Gaia, what is the probability of Sacramento, California, either being affected by rising ocean levels or the West Coast earthquakes prior to 2027?

Quite a high probability, Tom. Let’s begin with the rising ocean levels. FloodingThey will be very few affected by those residents as the level will not be high enough during that time period to affect the city and surrounding countryside. At least not from that one condition or series of rises. The ocean levels will continue to rise after this year, Tom, but at a much slower pace, as I will achieve quite a bit by having the ocean levels rise 12.5 inches more this year.
Now, let’s discuss the probability of the earthquakes in that five year window of 2022 to 2027, which I have said before I will not give the exact California Earthquake Rupture Forecastyear, as there are people who need to move to the West Coast as part of their soul contracts to experience that event. This will be when Sacramento and yes, I know you have on your list to ask about San Diego, but just fill in the names of every West Coast city and all of those will be affected in some way by the earthquakes and tsunamis. There will be flooding all around that Central California region due to the earthquakes. Again, it will occur during that time period. As we get closer I will give you the information as to when, but we must wait for those people to be put in place for this to occur as part of their bucket list of experiences on earth. Millions of people living on Earth have experienced earthquakes and tsunamis in other lives, but there are many souls who have not, since there were far fewer souls having those lives compared to this time period.
I realize there will be many people in the future that will read this, Tom, Earthquake in Californiawhich is why I will not give you the year and month yet. But I will say take this to the bank that it will happen. It is a high probability of this occurring, but a lower probability of how many will experience the event. That is still not decided by their souls.

How far inland would they need to move to be safe?

It will all depend upon what section of the West Coast in which they live. In some places it could be a couple of mountain ranges away and for others all the way to Arizona or Nevada. Your readers should request MBOs for the perfect place to live to avoid being affected by the earthquakes. In most of the cases of the people who read your writings at this time, they have already had these experiences in past lives. That cannot be said by all those who will begin reading what you receive in these sessions in the future.
Suzanne writes from El Salvador:
First, I would like to thank you for your weekly newsletter. I look forward to it every week. It is much appreciated. We have been having many tremors and earthquakes in El Salvadorthis region, causing much panic and stress in an already stressed out country, region. Drought has been affecting crops for the last three years.

Pestilence in the major crop of coffee affects income and jobs. Diseases from mosquitos, including Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue have been in epidemic proportions. The country and region are plagued by gangs, the homicide rate making this a hot spot in the world. Government corruption in this region and poverty are high, adding the shakes, drought, disease, loss of jobs, and violence brings chaos to the forefront.
My questions for Gaia are: Can we expect the continued earth shaking Earthquakeor will it calm down? Will the drought continue or will we have some relief? Why is there so much violence from gangs in Central America and how and when can society come to terms with it? Is there a karma issue here that there appears so much negativity? What can be done? Any hope would be welcomed. A BP would be appreciated.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for continuing quakes in El Salvador?

Almost 100%, Tom. This area is quite quake prone and will continue to have small, medium and large quakes in the future. The people who live there chose, before birth, to live in a quake prone area of earth in order El Salvador Landslideto experience these during their lifetime. There will be those who will learn to build better quake-resistant structures to lessen the effects of earthquakes.
What is the probability of the drought continuing or when will it end?

It will not end for a few months as it, again, is part of a cycle that I have mentioned many times. So, the highest probability will be for it to end in the next 12 months, but even then it will not be copious amounts of rain, only their normal rainfall or perhaps just a little less.
Why does El Salvador have so much gang violence?

Several reasons, Tom. First these are mainly young souls that feel afraid El Salvador Gang Violenceand feel safe as part of a group, albeit a violent group. Then there is poverty and a lack of jobs. Their government must assist in creating jobs to wean them away from the money gangs make in their robberies and such. The highest probability is for this to continue for a number of years. It will begin to decrease over the next 10 years—this is not going to go away overnight. The El Salvadorian government needs to look at other countries that have reduced the threats of gangs and use those methods. You can also have everyone say a BP and that will help speed them along.
Please say this Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist the government of El Salvador to implement the best methods of reducing gang violence and reducing government corruption, to protect the citizens from violence, and to bring rain to this region soon, thank you!”
 Trash on Shore
Audrey said that a message was channeled that Earth is on a
“downward spiral,” so I asked.
Gaia, is Earth on a downward spiral of no return?

No, it is not. Certainly there should be much more done to correct the damage done to Earth by humans. If it were to get really worse, then I would take steps to make sure Earth survives. Some will consider those steps to be the events coming up between five and ten years from now, but this has been planned for ions between me and your souls. So, each of you must continue and even increase your efforts to make the earth pristine again, and I know you all can do it.
For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” who was introduced to me by my GA Theo in 2008. I’ve asked him thousands of questions since then many of which you can find in my 2013 book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. He’s an First Contact Bookamphibian, and after 800 lives on Earth as mostly an explorer, he’s back on his planet Nommo as part of a “first contact” team that travels across the universe (and as related in the book even to the universe adjacent to ours we think is part of our universe) contacting emerging societies. His specialty is “grass roots” contacts.
He’s coming to Earth in one of those 3-mile-wide 20-stories tall Sirian motherships with a crew of 900 plus their families totaling 1,500 souls. Hopefully, I will finally get to meet him next year. That’s if people don’t freak out when I THINK the Russians will start disclosing meetings with ETs somewhere around (hopefully before) June 15. As you’ll read before, we’re next in line. Here are more questions I asked in the past month.

Antura in the wings, Tom.
Good morning, buddy. Hope you are doing well today and good life to your family.

Yes, I’m busy preparing for the trip along with communicating with you on this and the other time lines, and the other two people I will get to meet in person next year.

Antura, we are not divided into twelve portions of our soul fragment Parallel Earths, Time Lineswhen we are back on our home planets, are we?

Quite correct, Tom. We feel much more powerful and knowledgeable compared to the lives on Earth, and yet even these lives are one of many thousands our souls are having at the same time across the universe.
Yes, you do need to have reassembled all your 12 selves in order to do this work, I’m sure.

Absolutely, Tom. It would be next to impossible for me to do this if I was incarnated, let’s say, back on Earth. Here I have the clarity to be able to have multiple conversations going on at the same time.
Antura, you said in the past that your mate was taking part in the Earth Underwater CityExperiment as we are. What about your children?

Yes, an interesting question, Tom. No, neither of our children is taking part, but they chose us in order to learn from us. Nothing like having two parents who have both had the Earth experience. This will help them be better future residents of this planet. Obviously it is even more complicated than that, but we can narrow in on what they will choose to accomplish in these lives to prepare them to be better at what they will do in the future. Good question.
Has Time Line 7 had Disclosure yet?

It just happened yesterday, Tom. So, next up is Time Line 6 and in the meantime, of course, we are continuing to monitor the reactions on Time Lines 8 and now 7, but so far so good. [YAY!]
Will the Russians release information on a monthly basis, or how often Putin and Staffwill they continue to release more and more information?

Again, a good question. These press releases, we will call them, will be on a four to six week basis as they want to judge themselves to know that their own Russian citizens are not put into a fear mode, and they want to judge how the international community reacts to their claims of being the first.
How many people from the Nommo planet are incarnated on Earth at the present time?

I know you thought it would be a low number, but at the present time there are over 10,000 people who originated on Nommo having lives on Earth. That is a small percentage not only of soul fragments having lives on Nommo but in comparison to some other planets, such as in the Pleiades.
Busi writes:
Back in 2010 we decided to go outside with my daughter to UFO Near Moonwatch a full blood moon that was so big it looked like it was sitting on someone’s roof when, completely unexpectedly, a star close by started moving!!! To say we were stunned is an understatement. Not long thereafter it happened again and twice more after that, and always when we decide to go outside to get a better view of the moon. Can you ask your guides, Tom, if this was a spaceship, and if so, what planet it came from and why it moved at those specific moments?
Back in 2010 Busi and child were looking at the moon and a star moved. This, then, occurred twice more. UFO or what?

Yes, a ship wanted to be noticed by these two, and accomplished this feat.   They were not abducted as you were considering.
"Meg" writes:
Would you please ask your Guides about two things for me?
 1.) Around age 9 while playing at the end of my driveway, I jumped over UFO Abductionthe curb, fell, and lost consciousness. A few minutes later, I 'came to' with a broken right foot. Except now, I was inexplicably lying on the ground next to our car, which was at least 10 feet from where I had fallen down.
Was this an abduction and if so, by whom?
2.) In April 2014, my husband and I were asleep in the same bed. A very loud, high-pitched electronic noise woke me up, excruciatingly painful to my ears. I tried to scream "Stop it!" and cover my ears, but could neither speak nor move. It felt like two minutes elapsed before a metallic-like object, an elliptical ring about 4 inches long, was forcibly pulled out of my upper chest. It was very painful. Abruptly, the noise stopped. I immediately put my hand on the wound to quell the pain and bleeding - only to find my chest fully intact and unharmed. My husband slept through the whole thing.
Was this event related to what occurred at age 9? What really happened and what was the purpose of it? Thanks for all your work, Tom, and thank you for any insights about this.

Antura, was “Meg” abducted at age 9 and then experienced some sort UFO Abductionof instrument being pulled out of her chest in 2014?

Yes, and yes, Tom. She had an internal problem that was corrected by her home planet, which was considered interference. They had good intentions—sort of protecting their investment in the Earth Experiment, but will never do that again.

These questions came from Trevor.
Antura, what sort of protective field does a mothership have?

Yes, as depicted in your sci-fi movies, we can create an energy barrier that protects the ship, plus the hull can withstand almost anything.
But not in a war, can it?

There are always ways to defeat any protection, and as you guessed UFO Mothership Depictionthere were many ships on both sides that were destroyed in the star wars.
But it would withstand, let’s say, a direct hit by a nuclear missile?

Yes, shaken, but not breached, shall we say? There are much more dangerous energies that were used during that time period.
How strong is the alloy used on the hulls in comparison to Earth alloys?

So far advanced, Tom, that it will take hundreds of years to duplicate.
And you do have offensive weapons?

Yes, but they are no longer needed. They just exist.
What about the scout craft.Scout Craft UFO

They were outfitted at one time, but presently they are not.
Are there hand weapons such as those depicted in our sci-fi movies?

Yes, again they exist, but there is no use for them.
Were there any battles on the surface of any planet during the time of star wars?

So far advanced were the weapons that there was no resistance.
Did ships change frequencies or even dimensions to get away from danger?

Frequencies yes, dimensions no. Surprise was a big factor on both sides.
Has there ever been an emergency where a call went out for help?Giant Spaceship Depiction

Yes, as you were thinking, there have been times when a planet was threatened with destruction due to their sun nearing the end of its life and calls went out and giant ships with tractor beams moved the planet to another star system. This would have been done for all the planets in orbits around the dying sun.
And, of course, calls went out from planets that were being taken over when the Reptilians arrived to take over a planet.

Antura, I’m sure that on the upper time lines I have asked this question, so please explain to me why it was decided that the Zetas would be second after the Pleiadians to announce themselves publically and not Zeta Depictionthird after your Sirian group?

Yes, there has been quite some discussion as to when. We understand that there is a negative aspect to them publically that they abducted 25,000 people, but we felt the revelation of why they did these abductions and how your own souls agreed to participate would overcome the negativity surrounding the abductions. I understand you may feel differently, Tom, but we felt that positive, then negative, and then back to positive would be best.
Yes, but then people will question your good intentions when they hear about you.

We did take that into consideration, but it was felt that the explanation of the dying race would at least be somewhat understandable. This very discussion was debated for many universal months. This was a compromise decision. We hope that knowledgeable people such as you, Tom, will smooth the rough edges.
Peter in Canada writes:
I was traveling on the highway between Montreal and Toronto. After a few hours my wife got a message and told me she would repeat what is said since it seems very important to help. It’s something that never happens to my wife in this way.
It was beings who asked me to help them now. From her description, it UFOwas beings on a starship where a female crew member was badly hurt and dying. I felt the urgency, but said I can’t stop on this highway, there is no place to park my car on the shoulder.
The being said, with my wife repeating, “Don’t you know you’re multidimensional?” So I was thinking inside, oh yeah, I think of this every 5 minutes for sure!
Once the thought passed I asked, “How can I help?” So they said to concentrate, which I did while driving, not sure what I was doing of course. So my wife was describing what was going on. She saw another me using a machine sending rays of blue and red to the female. After a few minutes, the female seemed better. Then the being said, “Thank you, she’s ok now. We are from Zircon and we will meet again more often now.”
So, I would like to know if all this can be true or if it was my wife’s imagination that played tricks on her? We played the game just in case it was true because we find important to help any being in Creation. Also once I sent you an experience of arriving two hours earlier while traveling at the same speed (wormhole?). You told me that Theo said they were benevolent beings from my home planet who brought us in their ship. If so, could it be the same star people from my home planet that would be Zircon? I’ve searched the internet and haven’t found yet information on a planet called Zircon. Thank you for all your wonderful newsletters you take time to send every week. I’m sure it helps many and raises their consciousness on this planet.

Antura, Peter had an experience when he was driving with beings on a UFO Depictionship from the planet Zircon. Is there such a planet?

Quite so, Tom. And yes he did have that experience. He is open to such experiences and there is not much fear, so they do not have to stay so hidden.
How many soul fragments from that planet are having lives on Earth?

Quite a few, but not as many as, say, Nommo. Yes, well over 5,000.
But not 10,000?Pleiadians

No, just a few less.
Antura, that brings me to ask, how many soul fragments from the Pleiades are having lives on Earth?

As you guessed, Tom—many thousands—yes, well over a million.
What percentage of the soul fragments having lives on Earth originatedVolunteers in the Pleiades?

Fully 25%, Tom. They all rushed to volunteer, you might say. [That would mean there are actually 2.8 billion Pleiadian soul fragments having lives right now and that there is a 1-in-4 chance that you’re a Pleiadian.]
Would the Reptilian soul fragments make up 10% of the soul fragments having lives on Earth?

No, they were limited, but you can use the number of 5% and you will Reptilian Depictionsnot be very far off. That was part of the peace agreement. As you can imagine, it went back and forth for many universal months. [That would mean there are approximately 350 million Reptilian soul fragments having lives on Earth right now.]
Why are so few soul fragments from Nommo having lives, as there are, as best I recall from our previous conversations, several million souls having lives there as we speak? Did I get the number wrong?

No, you did not. Each planet’s people had to decide whether to take part Abe Sapien of Hellboy Moviesin the Earth Experiment or not. Most on our planet decided to not participate. We were happy it was over 10,000.
Was it 15,000 or more?

No, a few hundred more than 10,000, but less than 11,000, shall we say.
Do you have any need to record your dreams, Antura?

No, it is much easier for us to remember them.
We covered this way in the past, so just want to ask again how many planets are members of this Federation—less than 200, more, or the number we used in the past?

Just a tad more, Tom, as the 200 figure was an easy number to use. Let’s say it would be less than 210. We know you have difficulty at times with numbers, so the 200 number was an easy one to pass along.
What is the total number of planets that have soul fragments on Earth at Federation of Planets Flagthe present time?

You can easily double and even triple that number, Tom, as we must include not only our Federation planets, but also the Reptilian planets and a number of others that requested to take part in the Earth Experiment. It is much wider than you may have thought in the past. We tried not to be exclusive as there were souls who wished to take part from a fairly wide-ranging area.

Creator was pleased to see the desire for participation as it means these souls will bring back to their home planets great knowledge from all their lives on Earth, and will assist in introducing small bits of negativity when the time comes to do that, which I might add will be quite soon when the Explorer Race begins to travel to other star or solar systems.

This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Sandra writes:
If I listed the many times your amazing technique worked, I would run out of paper! I can tell you one time two years ago, during a violent snowstorm in Massachusetts, I requested a Benevolent Outcome (my requests were sporadic at best) to get home from school. I was scared. The main road (Route 9), going west of Boston is usually very, very, slippery. I never see plows. This particular day, I requested this almost in tears as I started home.
Remember, there are NEVER plows, especially the ginormous ones, Snow PlowEVER, EVER. I am not a half mile on Route 9, when three (not one) HUGE, and I mean HUGE plows pull out in front of me in a diagonal formation--out of nowhere. They lead me 10 miles to within one mile of my apartment. Then they leave in Natick, MA. Uh oh! Oh no. Another “fleet” of three HUGE plows suddenly pulls out and leads me right to my street. I pull off the road, and make it home.
And remember, I was new at asking for MBOs, and have never, ever, ever on Route 9, seen HUGE plows EVER, and I have traveled that road 20+ years.
This year, February 8, 2017, (cannot get that date out of my mind) a freak ice storm hits the Metrowest area of Massachusetts. The weather forecasters miscalculated and did not realize the temperature fell during the night, and the rain continued. SHEET of ice. My town was down to wet pavement, but the next town I traveled on Route 9 suddenly turned Hazardous Driving Signinto one long sheet of ice. I start requesting the Most Benevolent Outcome to get me safely to school. Now, there are cars flipping, bunches of cars on the side of the road (I counted 3 sets of bunched up cars off to the side within two miles). Cars are sliding, and it is getting worse. But for some reason, my car holds on, moving like in slow motion, and cars seem to disappear. I am exhausted from seeing the carnage all along the road, but cannot even believe I made it as if my car was moving through a thick mass of air all the way through. I mean cars would suddenly sort of go away and leave me the room to keep moving. Surreal! People were surprised I made it!

So, I should start logging my MBOs. Really. I keep referring to your first book, and now I am planning to move on to II and III.
Keep your books and lectures and blogs coming. Thanks!

Daralyn writes:
If you need an MBO story for your newsletter, here is Rain Stormone: Yesterday my husband and I drove out of town for lunch. When we returned, it was raining furiously as we approached the main street, two minutes to our house. Since I use a wheelchair, I didn't want to get rained on while transferring to it, so I requested an MBO for no rain when we got home. And just as we pulled into the driveway, it stopped raining!
Can’t recall if this was sent to me or I read it.
Gaia, why do some women crave eating clay and soil during  Pregnant Womanpregnancy?

They crave the soil and clay, Tom, because their bodies are not receiving the right amount of nutrition. Vitamin supplements would stop this craving, but in many parts of the world these are not available, or the women cannot afford to buy them. They have a growing fetus in their bodies that requires much nutrition for growth and no matter what part of the world they live in they must consume nutritious food to support the growing child. This will be alleviated in the future as the economies of many areas, including Africa, suddenly boom with the introduction of free energy, as we have discussed in the past.
This question comes from Stacey.
Gaia, how does a drug overdose correspond to a person’s soul contract?

On everyone’s bucket list there is a life where one experiments with Heroin Usedrugs to the point of addiction. There are many types of addiction and it can range from too much alcohol to drugs, to eating, to any number of other addictions. A drug overdose can very well be on a person’s soul contract, or it can be free will. Naturally, if the person dies it is part of the soul contract that a death by addiction was part of the soul plan for the further education of their soul.
Are these typically younger souls?

Younger to medium. As they become more seasoned they avoid these addictions. It is as if a person burns their hand in a fire. They become Drugsmuch more cautious after that.
Who concocted the Gray Death drug?

Yes, a sick mind you would say. It is someone trying to concoct the strongest opioid imaginable. Naturally, these are scientists who are having one of their balancing lives where they are the bad guys as commonly referred to. Then we have to look at the soul contract of the chemist who concocted it in order to see if they were straying off their soul contract too much or are they right on the soul path. Again, those that overdose and die were on their soul contracts. No one dies by chance. They were led to the particular piece of the Gray Death drug that not only causes the overdose, but the amount is sufficient to kill them. You can compare it to Russian roulette we have discussed in the past where the cylinder of the gun stops at just the right spot so that the bullet is in the chamber when the gun is fired.
Emily writes:
I have two bird baths in my garden that we fill up with water all the time so the birds can have a drink and also a bath. And of course many people have bird feeding tables to leave bird food out. I Bird Bathwanted to know do the birds know on any intuitive level that we humans leave out the bird baths or food specifically for them (and are they grateful to us) or are they just directed there by Gaia?
Gaia, do birds know on an intuitive level that bird baths and food are left out for them?

Oh yes, Tom. Their senses tell them food! Water! Safety! Their group soul is quite pleased to see humans thinking about these birds and thanks all who take the effort to install the baths and provide them with food. This is considered “good work” as it requires compassion, which also does assist in raising your vibrational level.
Diane writes:
On the subject of thoughts becoming reality or manifesting in form. If we watch movies or play video games that are violent, will they bring that kind of negativity into our lives now or in a future life? I personally like a lot of historical shows, and they contain quite a lot of wars and violence.
If I am not mistaken, you mentioned that areas of the world that have Gettysburg Battlefieldhad wars or great loss of life retain an energy that is tangible, correct? Are those energies felt by us like an overwhelming sense of dread, grief and sadness, even without knowing consciously why?

Theo, if you watch shows with negativity or violence does that attract negativity or violence into this life or future lives?

Not necessarily. In most cases it is a release of negativity being built up in this life. But then there are those people who see so much simulated violence in movies and programs that they become caught up in it. We can use several examples of this—the violent propaganda that hate groups put out—such as ISIS or the White Supremacists. That propaganda influences younger souls to join and act out this violence and hate. But for most people it is just a release valve, we will call it, for the negativity you must cope with on a daily basis.
Horror movies, as an example, can allow you to release fear, as you Night Of the Living Deadknow it is just a movie. Not everyone needs these releases. They have learned how to release these negative energies through meditation, and thousands and thousands more people will learn to do this in the future. Then there will be less need for Gaia to have tornadoes and other storms to release the negativity that builds up in the ground.

Diane also asked about a brother that committed suicide.

She should just send him love and light to where he is now. Anyone can do this to a beloved friend or relative that has transitioned from this time period and has already incarnated in their next life. That love will make its way to their soul fragment whether it is close to this time period or thousands of years in the past or future. There are no limits to love being sent.


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