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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

October 22, 2016

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
This question was asked by Peter in Canada on Facebook about the increase in the ice sheet covering Antarctica.
Gaia, why was there an increase in ice in Antarctica this year when, from my understanding, the world is much warmer this year?

Good question, Tom. The world temperature overall is warmer, but there Antarctic Ice Sheetare always fluctuations from one hemisphere to another. This year it is Antarctica; next year it will be another hemisphere perhaps hotter, perhaps colder. Had I allowed Antarctica to be as warm as the rest of the world, the seas would have already risen two feet. By retaining the ice in Antarctica for a short period of time, I can adjust the rising sea level so as to keep the rise to only eight inches this year and then 12.5 inches next year. This will give people time to move away from the coastlines as I have urged you to pass along this message for the past five years.
You had said in the past that you will keep the increase in sea level to around two feet. Does this hold true or will you continually increase the levels each year?

I said, Tom, that this would be the greatest increase in ocean levels over North Carolina Floodinga short period of time. Yes, I will continue to increase the levels, but more in terms of a couple of inches per year and there will be years where there will not be any increase.
But, may I remind your readers, Tom, that the flooding in such lower coastal areas as the Carolinas will continue almost every year, along with other areas like Florida and, yes, certainly the low lying islands of the world, and, yes, even Bangladesh as you were thinking. There will be migrations of millions of people away from the coasts in the coming years as it will be seen as too unpredictable to have your house flooded year in and year out, and people will not be able to buy flood insurance. The insurance companies will refuse to insure those homes closest to the coasts of the world.
So, to recap, I am raising the ocean levels in stages, but the end result will be over a two-foot rise in these ocean levels over the next two years, including this one.

Shelby writes:
Are demons real? And do they actually possess dolls and statues and make them cry, blink and/or move, or are those either pranks or nicer spirits? Are demons mad or stuck spirits? Do they really not like crosses? Or is that just Hollywood scaring people?
Gaia, can you explain what demons actually are, and whether they Portrayal of a Demonpossess dolls and statues at times? Are they stuck here?

Here we get partially into beliefs, Tom. Demons were an invention of humans, just as humans invented Hell. Yes, there are negative entities that we have mentioned before, which is why we have you surrounding yourself with white light during these sessions. Those entities are different from demons, which are an invention of man.
Then, are these negative energies not stuck here, but are on some level of existence?

Yes, and again, we remind you that Creator loves them just as much as IT loves you.
Are their numbers dwindling or are they a complete reflection of us?

Their numbers do not dwindle as some people have predicted, but they will not grow larger. When you send white light out, it does weaken their ability to have any influence.
Do you have an opposite negative soul operating negative Earth?Cross

No, a good question, but I do not. Surrounding yourself with white light and sending it all over the world does reduce their energy.
What about the power of crosses?

Again, this is a belief that was invented by humans, so the crosses have as much power as humans give them.
Dan writes:
Many thanks for the info so far, very enlightening and helpful for the journey I am on.
I have come across some ancient knowledge called 'Sun Gazing' (not to be confused with Sun worship).
Sun GazingThis is the act of looking at the Sun each day, during the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset (so as not to damage our eyes), whilst standing barefoot on the grass or another natural substance connected to the earth. Practitioners are encouraged to begin with a 10-second period and then build up each day by 10 seconds, until they reach a 45-minute period.
This is supposedly very beneficial in several ways for those looking to develop their enlightenment. It is also said to deliver a form of physical sustenance.
However, I have come across a minority of information that suggests Setting Sunthis can open one up to demonic persuasion and even possession.
I am of the view that the Sun has a consciousness, just like our Earth, and that these were created to assist humanity in several ways, so do not feel that this could be a negative act, however, I would like to get the view of Theo or Gaia on this.
Please could you meditate on this at your earliest convenience?
Wishing you many benevolent outcomes.

I haven’t communicated with the soul of the Sun in many months. He has such great knowledge of energies and physics that he has to “dumb down” his answers to me; as I’ve mentioned before, my studies were all business-related. This went better this time.
Now, I would like to speak to the Sun.

Good morning, Tom, Sun here.
Good morning and good life, Sun. Nice to speak with you again, and Sungood life to you.  I have a couple of questions, if I may.

Certainly, Tom. I’m always happy to hear from you or as I have mentioned in the past anyone who has questions about me and my energies.
Sun, does staring at you one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset, while barefoot on the earth, assist with enlightenment or physical sustenance?

Here we do get into belief systems, Tom, as, don’t forget, there have been millions of people over the centuries that have worshipped me, calling me all sorts of names, which is why I asked you to just call me Sun and not one of the many other names I’ve been given by religious groups.
Sun WorshipersTherefore, I will not say whether the act of staring at me after sunrise or before sunset provides enlightenment or sustenance. This gets into a person’s personal beliefs. Obviously I must caution those who do to make sure their eyes are not damaged permanently in doing so. If they feel this gives them enlightenment or sustenance, then as both Gaia and Theo have said in the past, "allow." It is part of the many belief systems a person will explore during their lives on Earth. Worship of the Sun is just one of many.

Sun, can you comment on the huge ET spaceships that have been seen near you, including one that appeared to be drawing energy from your surface? [See Antura questions]

Yes, they are huge, Tom, in comparison to the motherships that are seen in your atmosphere. Some of these craft, I will call them, are the size of planetoids, and as you were told, are not allowed anywhere near Death Star Planetoid UFOEarth, even though they have the capability to not cause any problems with your gravity. The large, round spacecraft seen in your Star Wars movies was, of course, channeled by one of the writers who had seen one in a past life on another planet. They are actually quite well known. They also require a large amount of energy to run these worlds, and they requested drawing up some of my excess energy in order to continue to power their craft. I allowed them to draw in the energy. They would not have done so had I not concurred.
In your coming explorations of the universe, you will find a number of these large spacecraft traveling around and you will visit them and learn more about the societies that inhabit these worlds, why they exist, and for what purpose. And, yes, there are reasons, such as the original Star Wars, why these behemoths exist. The Explorer Race is in for some amazing adventures in the coming centuries and millenniums, Tom.

So, they are not just studying you as it would seem your type of star, I Sunwill call it, would be like millions of other suns.

Again, you will find huge differences in our makeup. Already your scientists are classifying these suns into specific groups, but in the years to come they will discover more and more differences even in the same class of suns. We would not want to have your scientists become bored with their work, you see?
Those are all my questions for the moment, Sun, unless my readers come up with more. I do thank you for communicating with me and, again, good life.

Good life, Tom, and I look forward to our next chat, sooner than you might think.
For my new readers and subscribers, Antura is a member of my soul group or “cluster” as Theo calls them. There is an average of six to twelve “soul fragments” in each soul cluster and we all have lives interacting with other clusters throughout our many lives on Earth. Most of the time you do not have lives with someone in your cluster as Theo says the energy is too great. Therefore, my last life with Antura was back in Atlantean times when he helped me as a "tour guide" migrate with 25,000 followers of The Gentle Way to Egypt. You can read much more about that in my
Antura is back on our home water world planet (we all come to Earth First Contactfrom other planets for the Earth Experiment) living a life where he is part of a “first contact” team that goes to emerging planets. His specialty is “grass roots” contacts, where others specialize in governments and science and so on. You can read much more about his explorations in my book,
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions.
Dani in Colorado writes:
I was having a conversation with a friend and she mentioned this YouTube video that I posted below. What are your thoughts on this? She also mentioned there is a website that watches the sun's two cameras - these cameras record everything, minute by minute, on the sun – however, if you go back to this exact date and time (on that recorded website) there's no recording or record of anything being there. It actually skips ahead 24 hours; isn't it interesting? And also because this is such an unknown topic, it sort of freaks me out. Are these guys harmless? And just co-existing with us?
Just a funny thought… What if they looked at YouTube videos of us all the time 😂😂😂😂 How funny and silly are we to them?
Thanks in advance; so appreciate your work, Tom, you’re the best!
Antura, is the video, showing a large UFO sucking up some sort of energy from the sun, real?

Yes, it is real, Tom. It is part of studies being made of this solar system. UFO Refueling Near SunYou are in no danger. As you get a little older, you will learn more about these explorations. They are benevolent in nature.
Another point for my new readers. Just before I closed off the manuscript to send to my publisher in 2013, Antura revealed to me that my soul contract is to not only visit his Sirian mothership (with a crew of 900), but, along with my family, I am to shoot the first full length documentary on board. Saying, “What a trip!” is an understatement. Keep in mind that’s why my soul contract was in the international film and TV program distribution business for 35 years and have co-executive produced some very low budget movies. So, in my planning, I had a question about recording sound while there, since I’ve previously asked about lighting.
Antura, how will our sound equipment operate on board the mothership, Sound Recordingor for that matter anywhere, as you said the translation devices everyone wears filters out the sounds that the being you are speaking to actually makes?

Yes, these devices are so sophisticated, Tom, that the only sound not only you will hear, but also your recording devices will hear, is your language. I can assure you that the recording devices will not pick up any sounds the crew makes, unless you wish their language to be turned on to give the audience a sample of what that being actually sounds like.
I don’t suppose there is any way of projecting the different languages of the world so that we will not have to dub it for worldwide consumption?

Unfortunately, Tom, your devices are not sophisticated enough to pick up different translations. You would have to have multiple recording devices in order for us to project the different Earth languages.
We could not do it with multiple microphones?Outdoor Recording

Not very easily, Tom. In the future, you will invent recording devices that can pick up different language streams.
I hoped you would have a better idea, Antura.

No, we are limited by your advancement in this area as you have not needed to do this in the past. You simply dubbed or subtitled.
In my
FIRST CONTACT book, Antura went into detail about these devices, which have an amazing additional use. Check it out.

This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Colleen writes from Arkansas:
My friend, we’ll call him Charlie, is an Fishingavid fisherman, a nonsensical kind of guy, and to his shocked surprise while casting one day a couple weeks ago on one of Arkansas’s biggest fishing lakes, he somehow let go of his prized, expensive rod & reel, and in dismay, watched it sink to the bottom in 25 feet of water. A colorful language user, he then surprised himself in not going off on this unhappy event, but clearly focused on where he was, eyed the banks/location then determined his options: forget it, retrieve it, or let loose his frustration. To know him is to know he’s all male — and so funny when he’s riled. He didn’t do too badly with the King’s language, he later reported. He’ll tell you that patience is not one of his virtues. (Oh yeah?)
Returning to his cabin, and ruminating about NCIS shows, or whatever those shows are that do dredging in rivers or whatever, he decided to try making a grappling hook. Worth a try. The first one was too lightweight—wanted to stand on its side. Modifying it, he added heavy chain for anchoring, working out “engineering nuances,” but was determined to be on the water early AM. It was about then that I saw a text about this unfortunate incident, noting his frustration and mentally thought,
“Okay, my job is to do MBOs. He’d think I was nuts but, okay, let’s give MBOs a real tough challenge.” This was it!

En route to see a relative at the time, I shared this saga —she too reads your newsletters; we both agreed to do MBOs that night and again the next morning when he was likely back on the water. There were tough odds already just in finding that area/spot again on this huge lake, some 120,000+ acres, one of grandest fishing lakes in the entire USA— secondly trees, bushes, shoreline do somehow seem to “move,” in case you’ve never been in such a dilemma. Dredging in a bass boat in 25 feet of water is truly the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. MBOs to the rescue!!
He maneuvered to the area an hour earlier than he’d said, dragging and Fishing Roddragging, finding every tree stump, hump, rock -- you name it -- and likely named every one of them. (Smile) Over 2.4 hours later, he had that part of the lake mapped in his mind, and yet never touched anything that felt like the lost rod and reel. Giving up the hunt on the water could easily have ended 30 minutes.
Tenaciously he “worked” the area, then nudged to move further out—because he now recalled the likelihood of a current at work that all the water that flows out of this huge lake is enormous enough to fill a number of city water wells. That rod and reel would likely move—but where? Following his nudges going further out into the lake, he dropped the grappling hook-concoction down once more. Yahoo! He latched on to it his very first try and, in pulling it to the surface, almost went in after it, to make sure it didn’t drop off. That endeavor would have been entertaining, ya think?

In the meantime, my sweet cousin and I were sitting on her lovely back deck drinking coffee —and doing MBOs, giggling— just knowing that, yes, he’d darn well be successful, but a few happy MBOs wouldn’t hurt a thing. So, not to take one iota away from his skills, talents, and determination, we think teamwork works!!! Today’s prices make that rod and reel about $500. Worth the effort —sure— but more than that, it was the sheer joy of the challenge and his choice to attempt the unimaginable. No GPS, by the way.
Leasa writes:
Hi Tom, just had to share this with you and your readers. My husband and I wanted to get away for a little bit. We went to a Hotel Checkincasinoto spend the night; as I was checking in, my husband took his phone out to see if we were too early. Not knowing that when he pulled his phone out, the envelope that had $1200 in it had fallen to the floor.
We checked in and he was just fixing to change his clothes and realized his money was not there. We contacted security and went to file a report.
As we were setting in the office, I said an MBO that we would recover our money right away. Within two minutes, they said they had recovered all but 50 dollars. I told my husband that was the result of MBOs. I actually say them every day and get results every day; this was a big one, lol. Thank you for teaching me the Gentle Way.
Shelby writes:
Is there a food and fitness spirit guide?
Have I and others been led to reiki on purpose? Can I use reiki to heal Reiki Healingmy eyes to get it to be 20/20 if I'm skilled enough?
Do we (humans) take breaks to be the species we were before humans? And would that be considered like our heaven or something like that?
My mom Beth would like to know if Florida is going to be safe from natural disaster in the next 20 years. I would like to know that for California too. And, sorry, if you've already answered that.
Are cars that are bad for the environment going to be banned when cars that are good for the environment come?
Are Republicans going to acknowledge climate change by 2018 or sooner?
Is there going to be a change in the health insurance of Americans in the next four to eight years that is beneficial?

I did already cover Florida and California in recent newsletters.  You can find all my newsletters all the way back to 2007 archived on my website at on the Articles and News page.

Theo, do we have a food and fitness guide, or does our main guide or Reiki Healingperhaps our GAs work with us to maintain our health?


It is partly by soul contract, Tom, as there are lives in which you are to experience health problems such as obesity, heart and other physical problems. Your main guide, and we GAs, do assist you and encourage you to learn the healthiest way of living this life on Earth. There are many detrimental habits that humans have and no amount of urging on our part to change these habits works. Sometimes experience is the best teacher. So, the answer would be no, you do not have a food and fitness guide per se, unless either being a chef, cook, or fitness trainer of some type is part of your soul contract. Then, yes, there will be a guide to assist you in your occupation, or even more than one if they have something to contribute to your success.
Are those that take up or study reiki in this life led to it by past lives or their guides?

Good question again, Tom. You can be “inspired” to take up reiki; you may have had many lives as a reiki practitioner, or it can be on your soul contract to try this healing modality in this life. Then, your GA or guide will point you in the direction to learn and explore the benefits reiki provides.
Can you use reiki to improve your vision to 20/20?

Here we get into what could be considered medical advice and, as we Reiki Healinghave told you countless times before, we do not wish for you to give medical advice in this life due to so many people being litigious. There are many benefits to practicing reiki, and improving your eyesight can be one of them, but, again, soul contracts come into play here, so there isn’t one definitive answer.
Theo, will cars that are bad for the environment be banned one day?

It will be more that as cars that are good for the environment are introduced, those that are not good will become relics of the past only to be kept by collectors as examples of the past. Even those will slowly fade away over the years to come as people lose the ability to be able to drive a car themselves—yes, that is coming as self-driving cars one day in the not too distant future become standard.
Will there be a beneficial change in health insurance in the future?

Again, not in the too distant future there will be changes so that all people will receive health care and at a reasonable cost.
I think there are both Democrats and Republicans that do not believe in climate change. But just this morning on the CBS News they reported that we are on track to have the warmest world temperatures ever.

Sondra writes:
In this issue you spoke of some types of trees that prefer human contact and some that don't. Could you please tell us which types of trees prefer human company and which ones do not?
This could be very valuable information to someone who is planning a Sole Tree in Fieldnew landscape for their home.

Gaia, is it any particular type of tree that does not prefer human contact or is it just the individual tree?

Good question from your reader, Tom. No, each tree is imbued with or given its own personality by the group soul. Therefore, let’s say, an oak tree might love human contact and be the center of attention as it grows magnificently, while another oak tree might just enjoy the experience of being in a forest with other trees and wishes no human contact. A tree might even enjoy the solitude of being the only tree for a mile or more in any direction. I encourage everyone to address the trees in your yard or wherever you go and compliment them. They enjoy being noticed.
Emily writes from the UK:
Everyone around the world seems to be obsessed with this adorable talented young actress Millie Bobby Brown (who is only 12-years-old). She was in the TV series, Stranger Things, which everyone is also obsessed with.
Would you ask if she is an old soul, and had famous past lives we would Millie Bobby Brownrecognize?
Theo, is the young actress Millie Bobby Brown an old soul, and if so, what famous lives has she had?

She is not a young soul, but also not a truly old soul either. Put her in the middle, shall we say. She has had a number of other lives as an actress or actor, along with other entertainment jobs. So, you could say she is well seasoned from those lives and this is but another step in her soul interest of the arts. She may or may not stay in the acting field, as she has a number of possibilities that will open up for her in the future. She will remain in the public eye for many years to come.


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