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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

December 31, 2016

Tom T. Moore



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It’s that time again, to wish the old year goodbye and welcome in 2017!  Happy New Year!Let’s start with a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for world peace to be said out loud:

“I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing peace to the world, and may this happen even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
Then let’s repeat this BP, which I think has had some success already (out loud):

World Peace“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist President-elect Trump, his Administration, and Congress to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the USA and the world, thank you!” 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own A Different PerspectiveGuardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you

In his newsletter Science of Cycles, Mitch Battros writes, “BREAKING NEWS: More Signs Of Coming Pole Shift”
A moving viscous flow within the Earth's molten iron core has been Pole Shift Illustrationdiscovered by scientists using the latest satellite data that helps create an 'x-ray' view of the planet. Lead researcher Dr. Phil Livermore, from the University of Leeds, said: "The European Space Agency's Swarm satellites are providing our sharpest x-ray image yet of the Earth's outer core. We've not only seen this moving flow clearly for the first time, but we understand why it's there."

For more on the story Click here.
Gaia, scientists are speculating that the moving flow of magma under Earth’s surface will either cause a pole shift or will possibly stop and change direction due to Earth’s magnetic field. Comments?

Yes, a heady topic you might say, Tom, so I will give you a basic answer Flow of Magmato your questions. You have been told many times in the past that I do move my magma from one place to another. That is a given. Regarding a shift in the poles, that will not happen. Again, I have repeatedly said that the shift in magnetic north will continue on its slow path. There will be no dramatic shift in, let’s say, the near or foreseeable future. Do I use Earth’s gravitational field to assist me in moving the magma? Certainly. I also use the gravitational pull of the other planets and the moon to assist me, and yes, the sun will send magnetic waves upon my request.
Keep in mind these are all symbiotic relationships I have with all of them as I also assist those other planets in ways your scientists will not discover for hundreds of years. Your scientists are just scratching the surface in studying my inner workings, and they know this. They will Long Valley Calderahave many more speculations in the future—some not so accurate like these are, and eventually quite accurate ones as instruments are invented that can peer into my inner workings. That is part of their learning process, and must be learned prior to you traveling to other solar systems in what to you seems far off.
So, to summarize, no shifts in my poles, but yes, I do use Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields to assist me in changing the direction of magma under the surface.

Gaia, as there are 12 time line Earths, are these fragments of your soul that runs each Earth, or are there separate souls for each time line?

Good question, Tom. No, it is just myself that acts as the conductor, Time Line Earthsshall we use that term, and that is why there are four million other souls assisting me, as you can imagine the work involved in all the tasks multiplied by twelve. It would seem the 12th time line requires virtually no work at all as it is non-physical, but that is not the case.

Percentage-wise yes, it has perhaps less moving parts, to use that 3D terminology, but even non-physically that frequency must be maintained with a structure that will take your quantum physics scientists hundreds of years to understand. We must give them something difficult to work towards.

Speaking of that, in a way the 3200 era seems as if my reception will be ignored and they will head for a nearby star instead of waiting to discover how to portal hop. Why?

Because there will continue to be scientists who only accept what they can prove. Your work with Antura will be quite old news by then since doors will continue to be closed as far as what can be explained and what is forbidden.
Will our relationships with ETs not continue?Pleiadian from Scout Ship

Yes, but your scientists will be told in no uncertain terms that they must invent and develop everything. Nothing will be provided to you.
Linda writes:
I do believe this has to do with a timeline, but am not sure. This all started in 1969 through 1973!! I had a boyfriend in high school, Eric. I truly loved him, but he was very immature, more than me, and I felt he was not ready to settle down. Every time I saw him, he would ask to marry me. In 1975, I married my Dennis. We have talked through the years, he telling me he never married because it wasn't me!! Eric only married less than 10 years ago.
Through the years, I have had very vivid dreams of Eric and I together, living a life--a home, children, etc. About two years ago. I had a reading with a friend’s reader. The first thing she said was there was a red-haired man, tall and handsome and that he has me in his heart, always. My friend and her reader knew nothing of this. Last week I had Parallel Livesanother dream that has remained with me still. I dreamed we're our age now (both 63!!) in a home speaking about children and our grandchildren together. The dream ended where he was painting a room (an) apricot color for me, as a needle point craft room.
So, here is my question for Theo, am I tapping into my life on another timeline?? As an aside - one night I was standing in a hospital room with his mom in a bed, surrounded by Eric’s sister Lisa. I do believe that his mother died of breast cancer.

Theo, did Linda tap into another time line or was it a past life of marrying a man and having children?

It was not a past life, but a parallel one. And it is an upper time line.
Deb writes:
I was reminded of an experience where my first husband, blind but psychically super-tuned, drank water “charged” in a crystal singing bowl. Did the Atlanteans/Lemurians ever put crystals into water in order to charge the water for healing purposes? Were different colored crystals used for different illnesses?
Gaia, did the Atlanteans and/or Lemurians ever put crystals into water Crystalsin order to charge it or change it for healing purposes?

Yes, but as you’re thinking, Tom, there was more to it than that. The crystals were charged before placing them in water, so there was truly a dynamic change in the molecules. Your scientists will learn how to recreate this in the not too distant future.
Were different colored crystals used for different illnesses?

Quite so. But, again, we will state that without charging these crystals little will be accomplished.
Jen writes:
I have built up a few questions for you over time, so here goes:
1) How specific is the data that Gaia can compile? Would she know for example how many thoughts of compassion a human has on average during a day or even a lifetime on Earth? Or thoughts of violence?Compassion
2) When beings from other planets come here and take readings of us, what information are they gathering that our GAs or even Akashic records cannot provide them?
3) Based on one of your recent newsletters, was the large earthquake in California that you previously predicted a low probability that will no longer occur? If it is still supposed to happen during our current lifetimes, would it still occur after a particularly large earthquake in Japan?

Jen had sent these questions to me in May and I thought the email had gone into the "Twilight Zone."  After I sent the answers to her she said I had answered a couple of questions, with similar, but different responses so I am including them here, as many people who subscribed or are just now becoming readers have not read this information before. 
Gaia, I’m asked how specific is the data you can and do know regardingMother Earth human thoughts, such as those of compassion or violence, even in a single day?

Tom, I can tap into this information second by second should I desire, but in a way there is no need as I know all of your futures and all of your pasts. Of course the future, and even the past, changes according to your actions in the present moment, but the future looks brighter every day I will say. There are more thoughts of compassion and fewer of violence although it might not seem that way to you now. You are unable to view your vibrational levels rising, but I can.

I encourage every one of your readers, Tom, to send light to the planet each day. Send light and love and even say a prayer for those less fortunate and your future will be glorious. Rise above your personal concerns and say Benevolent Prayers for others. That will raise your vibrational levels each time you do so.

So, to summarize, yes, I have the ability -should I desire- to monitor any individual person, but I do it more on a total world basis, and in constant communication with all of the souls participating in the Earth Experiment. We all set a path as we go along that will be the greatest learning for each soul fragment.

Gaia, when ETs come to Earth what readings are they taking that they Scout Shipcannot obtain from our own Guardian Angels or Akashic records?

First, Tom, they are not allowed to view your Akashic records. And they are only allowed to communicate with a GA connected with their own soul such as Antura does with Theo, as the two of you have the same GA. Then it gets rather complicated, as they are taking readings of your auras, your energy fields both within and outside your bodies, your brain waves and so on in much more detailed ways than you can imagine at this time.

You have been told many times, Tom, that this Earth Experiment has drawn people from across the universe and even other universes to study you, as no one had ever been able to work with negativity as your soul fragments have accomplished. Everyone wants to know how you did it and are doing it. So, obviously the information they are gathering relates to understanding how you have accomplished this.

Gaia, is the probability of a large earthquake affecting the West Coast California Fault Line mapstill high for the future or is it a low probability now?

It is still a large probability for the future, Tom. The pressure on the continental plates continues to increase, and it is simply a matter of time until there will be an adjustment.

So, would the probability be highest in the next five years, 10 years or farther out at this time?

There is a strong probability in the next five years and even stronger during the next 10 years. Again, I must remind you that I consult with your souls before I make these large movements. We don’t just decide California Earthquakeone day to have an earthquake; it is done with the knowledge and permission of your souls who would need an earthquake as part of their bucket list of experiences.

Yes, I am using your terminology, but the bottom line is, the earthquake in California—and understand it would not just be one, but thousands when you take into consideration the aftershocks as they are called by your geologists—is still a high probability during the next few years. I am not ready to give you a specific time line yet, but will do so in time for those of your readers who live in this area to evacuate.

For my new readers, Antura is an ET that Theo introduced me to in 2008. He is a member of my soul “cluster” and therefore he was volunteered for the “Earth Experiment” as all our souls did. He says he’s had 800 lives on Earth so far, so that makes him a very “seasoned” First Contactsoul. His soul interest given to him by our common soul was exploration, whereas mine is religions. As an example, he was Marco Polo’s uncle and traveled the Silk Road before Marco. He’s a member of a “first contact” team and specializes in “grassroots” contacts. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.
Now for some more explanation about some of the questions I’ve been asking Antura about his mission to Earth sometime around October of 2017. Just as I was about to close off the book to send the manuscript to my publisher, he informed me that I would be shooting the first documentary ever (in modern times anyway as I don't know about ancient times) on board the three-mile wide mothership he and a crew of 900, plus their families (total of 1,500) would be arriving on from the Sirius B Solar System. This will only happen after the Russians become the first country to publicly come out and start “spoon feeding” information about their constant meetings with ETs.
Then, in recent times and in the coming months, I will be asking more questions in preparation for this event, as the probability of this happening rises dramatically in 2017 to 2018. I can’t just wait until I receive a message that my family (who will assist in shooting the documentary) are supposed to be at some location in two days. This takes a lot of preparation, including how to use the 4D cameras and sound equipment. Luckily we will not have to bring lighting along with us as that will be provided. I have to do this whether it happens or not.

If you had only 30 minutes to interview a being from one of 37 planets Extra Terrestrialwith multiple societies, what would you want to ask each one?

Antura, what sort of visuals will be available on board your ship to illustrate the Sirius B Solar System and individual planets?

Have no worries there, Tom. The ship has the capability to provide these visuals in each place you choose to do interviews. You will not be forced to do them in one place, since I know you had that concern. It can be video we will call it in the background or almost encompassing you as if you were there on the planet.
This next question this week concerns the name of the planet Antura and I originate from. I’ve had a hard time receiving the name. Then I recently read that the Dogon people in Australia say that they were visited by an amphibian race living in the Sirius B Solar System named the Nommo people.
Antura, is your planet called Nommo?Abe Sapien of the Hellboy Movies

There you have it, Tom. I knew one day you would read about the amphibians who contacted the Dogon people from Sirius. As you can see, we have been around working with Earth people a long, long time.
You were not part of the contact team that contacted the Dogon people, were you?

No, that was before my time, Tom. I just have access to all the records.
Why would this not be a violation in the Earth Directive?

This contact was originally made before the Earth Directive, so we are talking about thousands of years ago.
Will contacts with other Federation planets continue after 2018?

Most certainly, Tom. We have not discussed this yet, but contacts will continue, answering questions up to a certain point, where we would not be allowed to answer questions regarding technical issues such as anything that you have to develop on your own. We can say, “Yes, we have a device that does this or measures that,” but we cannot give you ET Researchthe information on how to construct it.
In last week’s newsletter, I was told that the magical planet from which J.K. Rowling originated was not associated with another Federation, so I thought they might somehow be under the protection of the Lyrans or Vegans—both societies I’ve been told are over six billion years old.
Is J.K. Rowling’s home planet associated with Lyrans or Vegans?

Yes, no one messes with the Lyrans or Vegans. They are far advanced.
If Lyrans and Vegans were responsible for seeding other planets, who seeded them?

Yes, we have to let you and others ponder that.
Did they just evolve?

It was a structured evolvement.
Now, what did Antura mean by that?

This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Carol writes:
I found you "accidentally" last spring (on Lee Carroll's Sea GullKryon site) and am now a regular reader.
MBO: I live in a historic area with narrow streets near the ocean. Many of us have to park on the street and for years I regularly had to clean seagull poop off of my car. The parties they were having!
My first test of MBOs was to request that the gulls never again leave any poop on my car.
And it has worked! I haven't had to clean any off for over six months now. I've also loved being able to share this account with others; how can anyone argue when the evidence is so clear!

[This was the first Sea Gull poop story I’ve ever received!]

Lisa writes:
So much has been happening on my home front, but when I Visaneeded help booking an appointment with the consulate for a permanent VISA for my 84 Y.O. Dad who lives in Mexico, everything came into place once I said an MBO; my brother (in Vancouver WA) got the paperwork in order for the process to go easily, I got flights in and out of Merida for him (he has Alzheimer’s) at a reasonable price, plus good days for him to travel. Plus, he gets to see family once again. Life is Good!! The MBO just opened everything up and everyone is happy! Thank you, Angels!!!
Peggy writes:
Storm was coming. Lots of snow and below zero with wind chill. I said an MBO for the worst of the storm to be taken out and released over the water, if possible. Storm did take an unexpected turn and worst of it did bypass us. Thank you, Angels!
Cynthia writes:
Tom, there are reports of the Black Lung disease affecting men that work in the coal mines at a much younger age than Black Lung Diseaseever before. Can you ask Gaia if there is a change in the earth? Why are these men getting so sick so much sooner? Or has the reporting just not been accurate?
Gaia, is the black lung disease affecting miners happening at an earlier age, or is it just being detected earlier than in the past?

More the latter, Tom. This disease has long been known to cut miners’ lives short, but now there are instruments that can detect this disease at an earlier stage. There will come a time when coal will no longer be needed, but until that time, better breathing apparatuses will be required by the Federal government, which will slow down, although not completely preventing, black lung disease.
Theo, did Krishna have wives during his 77 incarnations on Earth?Krishna

For most of them he did, Tom. There were a few where he was celibate, but not too many. It all depended upon what his soul contract called for him to accomplish in a given life.
I may have asked this before, but why did he end those incarnations?

Tom, he knew what those lives would do, so he felt he had accomplished what he set out to do.
He has incarnated since then, Tom, but for the most part he stays connected to those lives, which were very significant.

Theo, was sex more pleasurable for those women who loved both Krishna and later Jesus when he married Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene, as has been said before, was just a soul fragment like Jesus and Mary Magdaleneany normal human. But she and, yes, those who partnered with Krishna, had deeply loving lives. Naturally, this varied a little for those who mated with Krishna as, again, we remind your readers, Tom, that Krishna too was a soul fragment as are all of you.

Jesus was the only person who had a much larger soul fragment inhabiting or contained within his body, making him the most powerful person to ever walk the earth. And yes, you were previously told he and Mary Magdalene had four children.

I have been asked many questions about Yeshua ben Yosef, the Jewish Rabbi Christians know as Jesus. If you wish to read more about what I’ve received, go to this newsletter and down at the bottom is a list of previous newsletters where I asked questions about him. Click here.
Daralyn in Galveston, Texas, writes: I came across this video on Youtube of an amazing four-year-old Russian girl named Bella who can not only speak fluently in seven languages, but read them too. I am wondering if this comes from a bleed-through of past lives, or simply genius? Click here.
Folks, you really should watch this. It appears this is a Russian show Russian Child Depictionsimilar to America’s Got Talent. She’s a real cutie.
Gaia, is four-year-old Bella who speaks and reads seven languages tapping into past lives, or how much would be genius?

She is what you can term a true channel, as her memory is not blocked in this one area from tapping into her past lives on Earth. Obviously this is rare, but by having her able to tap into lives where she spoke those languages is another reminder that you do have multiple lives and not just one as several of the major religions try and claim.
Will she lose this ability as she grows older?

Just a little. She will be able to retain the majority of the different languages, as long as she uses them. She enjoys the attention. Naturally, in the future she will have a career where she can use the different languages in such places as the UN.


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