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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

November 5, 2016

Tom T. Moore


Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Kathleen writes:
Does this new information about the FBI and Hillary change what your guides have said about Hillary winning the election? Does Spirit work sometimes to change something predicted for a reason? I believe a Trump presidency would create great suffering in many, many people.
Blessings to you and your good work.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
I received several emails asking basically the same question, but Kathleen’s was first. I received this on November 1.
Theo, any change in the probabilities of the Presidential and/or Senate races with the revelations about Hillary’s emails?

Not one iota, Tom, as we are able to see these events in the future and account for them. Remember we are not on linear time. There will be less than one percentage point in change.
Teaching moment: People have asked many times how can you tell what you are receiving in these meditations is from spirit and not from your mind or id or ego or whatever you term it. I have responded that one of the ways I know is that the information is completely different from what I thought I would receive or even believe.
But this answer also points out another “marker.” There are many Trump Towertimes the words I received are in my vocabulary, but ones I never use. “Iota” is an example. I doubt that I’ve used this word in the last five or ten years.
May I remind some of my new readers that in the past I said the highest probability would be that Mr. Trump, who is a young soul in the 200s in terms of Earth lives, does not have the “seasoning” to be the leader of the most powerful country on Earth. And that, after the election, the highest probability is that he would form a conservative “niche” TV network. His soul contract is to learn how to handle enormous wealth.  All I can pass along is what I receive. 
For those of you or your friends that have a hard time in believing the validity of information received telepathically, here is an article posted on AOL News this morning (November 2):

Laurie writes from Georgia:
I recall that you reported many, many months ago that the Republican Party would get a “black eye” (seems that is happening), and that We the People were fed up with what politics have become. (Donald Trump has risen on the back of that wave of dissatisfaction and has capitalized on it in a destructive way, in my opinion.) Will politics and politicians really start to change the way things are done after this? I also recall that you reported that a third political party might be formed. Is that still a high probability?
I know this is “high octane” subject matter, but I’d like to think that Political Paryit would be helpful to have the views of Theo, Gaia, and Antura — “from another perspective,” as you say.

Theo, what is the probability of a major political party being formed in the next five years in the United States?

There will be a growing movement.
Will it be more conservative or more liberal?

More conservative in nature, Tom. The Democrats for the most part will be satisfied with the status quo, save for a few of those whose leanings are more liberal.

I would have thought there would be a movement of the younger voters that rallied round Bernie Sanders.

Yes, but not in this case.
What is the probability of the vote for president changing to a popular vote, compared to the Electoral College we now have?

There will be attempts, but the probability is low at this time. That could change depending upon how high your vibrational levels increase in the next few years. You have already amazed us in what you have been accomplishing as you have raised your vibrational levels. But, for right now, let’s leave the probability at less than 20%.
Gaia, why did you choose this time period to have the earthquakes in Italy that destroyed centuries-old buildings?

Yes, a simple answer, Tom; as we have discussed before, I must Italian Earthquakerelieve the buildup of stress in that fracture just as I have other earthquakes around the world for the same reason. A more complicated reason has to do with those who need the experience of an earthquake. Yet, that does not in itself go far enough. When people build on top of my fault lines there will always come a time, whether it is in 10 years or a thousand, when I must relieve the stress between two plates, we will call them, and shift.
Those that live close to other fault lines, such as the major or even minor ones in California, know subconsciously that they are living on borrowed time. Yet, they are drawn to live in these areas like a moth to fire. Yes, you can use the term “Year of Living Dangerously,” but make “Year” plural (Years of Living Dangerously).

Gaia, now for a discussion about negative spirits, if I may.

Yes, proceed, Tom.
Gaia, please explain the purpose of negative spirits. For what Negative Spirit Depictionpurpose did the Creator of this universe create them or were they attracted to this creation?

The Creator did not create them, Tom, but welcomed them with open arms as part of the negative experiment. You might say they anchor the negativity. And, as was said before, their numbers are not increasing nor decreasing. As your positive energy grows, theirs does not grow to counteract this energy.
Theo has told me he does not like these negative spirits, or are they whole souls?

They are not whole souls. Their actions are irritating to say the least. This is why you are asked or told to surround yourself with white light each time we do these sessions.
They are allowed to exist even around humans, so how do they try and influence us?

Ah, a good question. They try and influence people to actions that are negative for their mind, body, and spirit. But when you surround yourself with white light, they can have no influence over you whatsoever.
I feel like I’m missing something here, am I Gaia?

Yes, there are more questions to ask. But you or your readers must ask them. I can only answer what is specifically asked. Those are the rules.
In my next session, here was a question on the same subject.
Alan writes:
Thank you for doing these writings and for the information they bring. I use MBOs for all that I do to help people, as I practice and teach Reiki. I have found that dark energies serve the Dark Imagepurpose as a mirror effect to let us know that there is darkness within us, as in "like attracts like." I have come into this experience a few times and found that forgiveness can cleanse the darkness from us as to the cause of the darkness, such as hate. Could you please ask Theo if this the case in most incidences and please tell Theo that I love and appreciate his wisdom and the same with you, Tom.

Gaia, are dark energies mirroring us?

No, Tom, they exist, but are not mirrors or opposites of you. They are separate entities, but are there to take advantage of those whose energy fields are low. The stronger your aura, the less effect they can have.
So, forgiving someone would have nothing to do with releasing any dark energies?

It certainly lightens your soul, but we’re talking about apples and oranges here. We realize this whole subject is confusing, but you will have more questions on the subject in the future as your readers come up with questions.
Sun here, Tom.
Good morning and good life, Sun. As you knew I would have another question.

Yes, Tom, and there will be more.
Sun, did I ever communicate with you in the past as some sort of Sunpriest or religious leader of a people who worshipped you?

Of course you did, Tom. Many times in many lives on different continents. Worship of the Sun crops up all over the world, especially in previous centuries, although it goes on even today in a number of societies. Humans honor the light I bring, the heat I bring, that allows their crops to grow and light the day. It is a primal response.
So yes, we have communicated many times in the past. You could say we are old friends, Tom, as you strove to guide your people and I gave you good advice as to when to plant the crops and when to harvest, and if there were storms on the way. I couched all the answers to questions according to the varying beliefs of those who chose to worship me, since each group had its own specific beliefs.

So you see, there are many ways to be guided by spirit, Tom. Whether it is me, Gaia, the Creator, or varying sorts of gods and angels, we are all here to assist humans in this Earth Experiment. We all honor your work to exist in an environment that has negativity. May I remind your readers, Tom, that no one else has been able to accomplish this in any other creation.

Angel writes:
I did a search of your newsletters and found only one section where someone mentioned a twin flame and I wanted to ask if, in one of your newsletters, you would ask Theo about Twin Flames?
There are so many varying theories, I would love to hear what Theo has to stay about them. In a time when the Divine Feminine is coming into being ever stronger, it seems like there is an imbalance between the number of spiritual women versus spiritual men. I would love to know:

  • Are Twin Flames really a part of your soul? A fragment? Or a half?Eternal Love
  • How does this work?
  • Is there a better word for this union than Twin Flame?
  • Are there certain signs we should see in a lifetime if we are to meet our Twin Flame?
  • Is it possible for one Twin Flame to be in the spiritual realm and one on Earth and still meet in that lifetime? I have heard sometimes a Twin Flame will use a walk-in body. Is this true?
  • How can we tell a Twin Flame from a soul mate?
  • What can we do to speed up the timeline of reuniting with our Twin Flame?
  • Is there an MBO that Theo recommends to help us reunite with our Twin Flames?
  • How about an MBO to assist those who have met their Twin Flame and are in constant struggle and pain from the conflicts? Two Lovers

Anything else Theo would share on this topic would be wonderful! Thank you!

Theo, are Twin Flames part of the same soul cluster, or two separate clusters that work together over and over again in many lives?

These would be two soul fragments of the same soul cluster, Tom. Yes, you are receiving me correctly. As we have explained before, there is a great intensity that makes it difficult for the two people to be together. And, as we mentioned before, your souls prefer to imbue each soul fragment with different interests for its learning.

When two soul fragments of the same soul are together it can also lessen the learning achieved in that life. Therefore, it is better for two soul fragments from different soul clusters to be together in many, many lives in different situations. Fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters, and of course man and wife. That connection makes recognition almost instantaneous when your soul contracts call for you to be together as husband and wife.

Can you request an MBO to find your twin flame?MBO

Yes, but, again, this is a soul contract. Remember, we said you can request the perfect mate for you, and certainly you can say Twin Flame if it makes you feel like you are asking for that perfect person for you.
Are there more spiritual women than there are men?

Quite so in these modern days, Tom. Women, as everyone knows, are more sensitive than men. They are much more intuitive and are drawn to spiritual truths much faster than are men. This is part of the creativity given to them as part of the birthing process. This is slowly changing as more men awaken, shall we say, to these spiritual truths.
Dan writes:
I've now read all of the previous information relating to Jesus and would like to request some information on His period in the Garden of Gethsemane, where he allegedly bled from every pore, due to the suffering endured on behalf of mankind - for their sins.
I suspect that this was fabricated to some degree by the Council of Council of NicaeaNicaea in order to help peddle their agenda of control by inflicting guilt and fear on Christians.
Despite being raised a Christian, this has never sat well with me, as the God influence that I have felt throughout my life has never felt like anything other than love and supportive. I therefore do not subscribe to the view that someone had/has to suffer due to God demanding it in return for committing 'sins'.
Please could you request more information on both of these topics?
I've also read your newsletters regarding Jesus, which mention that Emperor Constantine & Church Fathers at Council of NicaeaJesus was substituted with another man prior to the crucifixion because the Romans did not want to make a martyr out of him (which eventually happened anyway).
My question is: if the substitution was largely kept secret from the public, then people would have believed that it was Jesus who had been crucified, therefore creating a martyr. Or have I misinterpreted something?

Theo, is it true that Jesus bled from every extremity in the Garden of Gethsemane, or was this story altered at either the Council of Nicaea, or a subsequent meeting?

Yes, it was altered, Tom. Here we get into what the Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches wanted to portray Jesus as.
So, what was the true story?

You will need to reread that story for us to comment further, Tom.
I have not had the time to reread the story, so hope to soon.
Theo, if the Romans substituted another man on the cross for Jesus, how was that to prevent Jesus from becoming a martyr?

Yes, a complicated story, Tom, but the Romans were trying to straddle a Crucifixionfence, you could say, to appease those who wished him dead, and those who knew him to be a great or, at least in their eyes, a good Rabbi. They hoped that by displaying a man who looked similar to Jesus the problem would go away, while at the same time they felt by telling him to leave and never come back would circulate to those who cared for him.
But, as we have discussed many times, three hundred years later starting at the Council of Nicaea, there were those who wished more power that decided to combine all the stories of people who came back from the dead to make Jesus the highest of the high. His story was twisted by those who wished Christianity to stand above all other religions and attract the most people, along with their donations. Had they stuck with the true story of his life, Christianity would have grown more slowly, but would still have grown, as we have previously said he was the master of love and the largest soul fragment to ever have a life on Earth.

For my new readers, Antura is an ET and a member of my soul “cluster” who Theo introduced to me in 2008. I’ve asked hundreds of questions First Contactabout him, his planet, family, work, and many details about those “motherships.” Much of this was covered in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET that was published in 2013.
I have continued to ask many questions sent to me by readers, plus questions that are pertaining to his visit to Earth in 2017 and 2018.
Kurt writes:
Hi Tom. I was wondering if you could ask Antura if this UFO sighting is genuine.
Antura, were the UFOs seen over Charlotte, NC on 10/15/16 robotic, manned, or CGI?

They were robotic craft, Tom, that were displayed for attention; as you can imagine, no one feared them, but enjoyed the light show we will call it. It was just another way of keeping attention to our existence.
UFOsHave you done anything regarding communication with me on Time Lines 3 and 4, or will your efforts simply be with the other two people that you have been in contact with in the past?

Yes, it does seem I will be limited on those time lines and even 1 and 2, Tom, as you have not been informed, shall we say, of my existence. Yes, there is even the possibility on the table of me picking him up one night and introducing myself.
Too bad I couldn’t go along to make the introduction.

Yes, that is even on the table, shall we say. There are other factors at work, so this is still up for discussion.
Is the soul fragment of my daughter Shannon, who will assist me on the documentary here, the same as the one assisting on the upper time lines?

No, she is not, Tom. On the upper time lines she was still born to Dena. It is another soul fragment who has experience in the film industry. Complicated, but that’s the way it works in this instance.
Eileen has a special needs child and wrote that she was going to have a Counselor Meetingmeeting with the principal, teachers and counselors at the school about her son.
I suggested a Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say out loud for the results of the meeting to be even better than she could hope for or expect.
Eileen writes from Ireland:
I had a most successful meeting with the school today. It went far better than I could have hoped or expected. I was extremely calm. I said my Benevolent Prayer before going in and I surprised myself how calm my delivery of information was and also being able to say everything I needed to say and pass my message on.
Jim writes from Florida: I'm 89 now, but I feel like I am still 65
thanks to Retirement CommunityMBOs.
I use MBOs for health, safety and to get along with everyone. It has really paid off over the years. So many people forget the "small" people, those who bag your groceries, etc., so I make it a point of speaking to them all and asking about their families, kids and so forth. Now, when I go into a restaurant or store, they greet me by name and I them. It's a great life and thank you for all you do.

This may have come from Mike in the UK, but I cannot find the email.
Theo, what is the probability of birth control laws being enacted in the Birth ControlUK in the next five years?

Very small at this time, Tom. Had you asked farther out, the probability would be higher since there will come a time when their infrastructure will be strained to the point that laws will be voted on.
Theo, what is the probability that police officers in the UK will be forced to carry guns in the future?

The UK will continue to be a place where only the tactical squads that exist today will carry firearms. As we have discussed before, even the United States will slowly tighten their gun laws over the next decade. You can hurry this process along through BPs, Tom.
Renee writes from Lake Tahoe, California:
It's been over a year since we last communicated. And, as always, I so enjoy reading your weekly newsletters and watching your popularity grow throughout the world over the years. You are such inspiration to so many. Keep up the good work, my friend.
As you know, I am very blessed to live in one of the most beautiful Tree Stumpplaces on Earth, Lake Tahoe, where I do a lot of hiking in the Sierra Mountains. I communicate empathically (feeling energy) to the trees and rocks on my hikes. Before I get to my question, I have to share with you an experience I had about 25 years ago in the Feather River Canyon in Northern California.
My boyfriend at the time and I took this trail, which was made of granite rocks, down to the river. We paused half way down the trail and at that moment I looked down at this particular rock, which to my surprise, said "I am not going to be here much longer." Before I could realize what had just happened, my boyfriend picked up that same rock among hundreds that were lying on the trail and threw it in the river. I just could not believe what had transpired--it totally amazed me. Of course, he had no clue of the talking rock and I had to share with him what I experienced.
Since that experience, I have been real sensitive to the elements.
So my question is this--There is a dead tree stump on one of my hikes that I call "Has Lots To Say" with a "tattoo" of an Indian chief on its side. I was wondering if Gaia could tell me if the spirit still lives on in such cases as this, or am I just imagining it?

Gaia, does a tree stump have the energy, or a piece of the soul fragment Tree Stumpwithin it even after it is dead?

Quite so, and a good observation by your reader. It is a fragment of a fragment. There is still a living essence to a soul fragment from an old dead tree. Just as a human soul fragment has a fragment of itself that stays to see how the family fares after each person’s death, so remains a small portion of what you call a piece of a soul.
Therefore, this is a good observation by your reader. It does have the ability—in a limited way—of communicating with you, should you desire.
In the case of the tree stump that your reader asked about, it was magnificent in its day and was the focus of prayers by a Shaman and his people who recognized this energy or essence. Again, I will say to honor trees and compliment them.

Emily writes from the UK:
I have some questions on trees.
1. What do trees think of dogs who urinate on them? And what do trees Tree branch on Caralso think of humans who urinate on them (when they're in public and there's no toilet around)?
2. What do trees think of people who climb on them and also have tire rope swings on them?
3. What did trees think of the lynchings of black people from the trees in the south?
4. What do trees think of tree houses?

Gaia, do trees resent or even care when dogs and even humans urinate on them or birds poop? What about humans climbing on them or stringing ropes for swings or even to hang someone? And what about tree houses?

No, they do not care, Tom, as they are able to examine the energy left behind.
What about birds and animals that live within them?

Those birds and animals would not stay long, if at all, if the tree did not welcome them and their company. They are happy to be of service as part of their life on Earth. It brings them joy to see or feel their presence.
What about humans that string ropes from their branches or even hang Lynching from Treea human or animal?

There is great sympathy that goes out from the tree to these humans or animals. If they had the chance, they would love to have a branch fall on those that commit a violent act.
I recall when a tree fell on a person or object such as a car.

Yes, that can happen in retaliation, just as a tree branch fell on the car of your old employee after you chopped down a tree in order to put in a swimming pool years ago. That tree was a friend of the tree that dropped the branch. Trees do have feelings, keep that in mind.
Do trees communicate with each other through their root system or through their branches?

They communicate through their root system and fungi too. There is much to learn about plants besides their photosynthesis.
Theo, Desmond Doss was awarded the Medal of Honor in WWII for saving over 80 men while being injured by grenades and rifle fire. What Desmond Dosswas his soul contract?

Yes, as you have noticed, there was a balancing going on. He was led to be a conscientious objector and therefore served as a medic. This allowed him to repay all those who had assisted him in other lives. And those that he assisted that had not helped him will do so in the future. You might say he was building credits for the future. Rarely does someone have the chance to repay so many people in one life as he did then.
For more information:
Shelby writes:
How much longer will Pokémon Go be popular and is it causing good things in this world to happen, like more good than harm?POkemon
Theo, how long will the Pokémon Go craze last and does it do more good than harm?

It is already starting to fade, but it did do some good encouraging people to get out and walk and this exploration is a learning process on its own.


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