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This month I will continue to give you more answers to my questions I received from my Guardian Angel Theo. Previously Theo had told me there were angels who volunteered for death duty.

Why is a death angel needed when you’re there anyway?

A good question Tom. My job is to greet you along with all your friends and love ones. The angels that handle this duty are experienced in guiding everyone in the right direction so to speak, as your soul will no longer be tethered to your body. We wouldn’t want you to become lost, now would we (a little humor there)? So their job is more complex than it might appear on the surface. They certainly do much more than take on some appearance of a friend you know or relative.

Theo—on time lines 7 & 8, is my life fairly similar to this one?

Fairly similar. Obviously there are some differences, but overall it is more or less similar. Things are a little easier as you can imagine with the slightly higher vibrational frequency.

Theo, I saw a picture of the Crystal Skull that I had seen in person many years ago. Does that skull have good energy or no so good?

Interesting question Tom. An artisan in a culture that was very violent made that skull. Yes you remember the photograph of where it was found. It has their imprint of their society or their history recorded in it and some of it is not very pretty, as you can imagine. It was good that you did not touch it as you are more sensitive and would have picked up some historical events that were not too pretty or gentle shall we say. 

Was (my wife) Dena an older soul born to younger souls?

Yes exactly. She needed to be in this time period and able to meet you, so you asked another soul group to have her born into that family. They were happy to have the older soul mixed in with them, as they knew they would learn from the experience too.

Theo, are our children considered old or new souls?

Yes Tom they are younger souls but not too young in comparison to Dena’s family. Again they too are learning from you and Dena and wanted to make this jump to move along in their learning and experience. They were quite happy for the chance to be here with you two. 

What was the longest period of time that you had to manifest physically in order to assist someone by saving his or her life I assume?

Yes, your assumption is correct. Let’s see, the longest time I was embodied was approximately two hours. Yes you received that correctly. I was needed by multiple souls similar to the story you have read about a doctor appearing at the scene of a train wreck and assisting people. We are allowed to do that not only for the souls we watch over, but in conjunction or agreement of the souls who watch over other human beings. So that was the longest time.

Was that in the past or future?

Good question. Yes it was the past for you. 

My wife and I attended a Dick Sutphen seminar about the coming shift of dimensions. When I was out at the vortexes, it didn’t seem like the same energy as before, so I asked about that. 

Why wasn’t I feeling the energy it seemed in Sedona this time?

There were a number of factors Tom--everything from astrological to the large number of vacationers that bring very different energies to this land. The rains help to dissipate these energies that build up. They were just starting to appear – the rains yes—as you were leaving. Also there was some blockage that was being done, as there are some facts about the coming shift that are not to be revealed yet.

Theo had previously told me that two of my guides would be with me in a future life so I asked more about this.

Will my two guides from the future be work associates, family, or mates?

Good question again Tom. They will be work associates. You will need to be in good communication with them during the lives to come and they wanted to get to know you and your vibration, work and so on so that they would be more fully prepared to assist you in some upcoming lives. It is quite normal, and you have done this very thing many times yourself in order to prepare to know someone better in an upcoming life. 

So what kind of number can you give me regarding the number of times I’ve been someone’s guide?

You would not believe the answer I would give you Tom, as it goes up into the thousands. You have been a busy guy and have not let the moss grow under your feet so to speak. You have enjoyed the work immensely, as you have such a varied background that can benefit many people.

Are our pets part of a group soul?

Yes that is correct. This soul has fragments of itself just as your soul does. These are all fragments—these animals—of one soul. 

Are there separate souls for dogs and one for cats?

Yes, because of their interests--just as your soul when it was created--had immediately a certain set of interests.

So when we request that a dog reincarnates, are we getting that fragment of the soul, or do we just get another fragment?

You do get that same fragment if you request Tom. Naturally I’m involved in that request and pass it along to the appropriate authorities, which is an amusing way of saying I ask that soul to allow that fragment to return to your lives. So as you can see now, that soul has millions of pieces of itself embodied at any particular minute of time, and to answer your question, it is the same soul providing all those fragments throughout all time. Amazing isn’t it?

Quite so. It’s hard to fathom or imagine that a soul can have that many lives on earth.

But it is so Tom. Again, that soul was attracted to this creation and offered to provide the fragments needed to be pets and certainly there were other souls for other types of animals involved too.

What do I write about in time lines 8-12?

Many things. Certainly metaphysical subjects, which you are extremely good at passing along wisdom—yes including the Benevolent Outcomes, which are much more accepted on those time lines than here up to the present time. You also do write about your travels and those have been popular, and as I mentioned other metaphysical subjects that you find interesting including astrology and numerology. As you see they bleed over into this life too.

Theo, let’s return to higher self, soul groups and oversoul and you said in a simplified way. So what is the more complete answer, and we can start with just one part today.

Yes Tom, I’m not sure how much of this you will get. Souls are complex beings as you might understand, and they are very powerful in their own right. But there are also other souls that you have not discovered yet. There are the souls of the plants and flowers, the fairies and leprechauns, even the rocks and trees all have some type of group soul. Yes even the fish in the sea and most importantly the souls of the whales and dolphins, which on a spiritual level or vibrational level if you will are more advanced than you. All of this comes into play and must be considered when you are talking about your higher self and soul groups. So more on this at a later time.

Theo—you said that I could not pronounce your Angelic name. Was that because it would be more musical notes, or would it be because our vocal cords could not pronounce the sounds?

Much more the latter, Tom. You vocal cords are just not trained to do this nor could they be. You would simply be frustrated if you tried. Keep in mind that labels are not that big a deal where I am, so it matters not to me whether you call me Theo, or Tom Dick or Harry, although having two Toms might become confusing in your meditations. 

Regarding my development of listening to you or for you. What is our goal?

Ah Tom, our goal is just that. You, on a soul level, want to be able to instantly recognize when I speak to you no matter the time of day or not and know that it is me and not your id or mind speaking or saying things. 

Will the final result be that I speak to people and instantly tune you in to give them advice?

In a way, yes. Not exactly but you will be asked your opinion many times in the coming years, and I will assist you, if you do not shut me out and use only your mind. 

Does the knowledge you gain also go back to your creator, or does your creator care to receive this knowledge?

Good question Tom. Yes my knowledge goes back to my creator so it can also grow. I think you suspected that when you asked. I share my knowledge with all beings that wish it, as they receive in love, Tom.

So will your creator just add to its knowledge or will it somehow use this knowledge someday in another creation?

Interesting point there. Certainly I can’t speak for my creator, but it has not ruled out creating another universe someday, especially when it sees the success this creator has had with this universe.

How many people in my time period are you overseeing?

Several thousand, Tom--especially some of the older souls along with a number of younger ones that will transition next year during the earth changes. 

Theo—It seems at times that you can’t give me advice directly – only as those whispers in my ears. Is that standard policy for Guardian Angels or just your instructions by my oversoul?

A good last question of the day Tom. No, I do have my instructions from your oversoul as you call it, but we also have rules that we can’t tell you to go this way and that way in your life. Yes, when you request a Benevolent Outcome, we can work to make things happen in magical ways it seems. But for you to ask me should I take this road or that road, we can only whisper in your ear. We are not allowed to give you this information directly as I’m doing now. So it is very important to keep your ear or your senses open to what we can urge you to do. By the same token, we can give you much information that can assist you in your decisions, but we can’t decide for you. Those are instructions from all of the souls that created this world, or game as it is sometimes called, or experiment. You must remain veiled and seemingly cannot see the road ahead. We have been allowed in your case to give you more information than is typically available, as you are needed to assist others to be where they are supposed to be next year and then into the future times. You act as a human conduit for this information to be presented so that everyone has the same chance to accept it and move away from these areas or reject it and stay. It is their choice.

And with that I will wish you all a Most Benevolent Month!


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