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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others). This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Theo, are all sorts of drones for deliveries and other uses in our seemingly immediate future?

Amazon DroneQuite so, Tom. Needless to say, this development will create thousands of jobs, while at the same time other jobs will once again disappear. They have much to work out to make these viable workhorses –we will call them– in many industries, Tom, as more and more ideas will be put forward on how they can be used; but the age of almost instant deliveries at all times of day and night will arrive. There will be fewer thefts as you will be able to have something delivered within an hour or so of ordering it, so you’ll be there to receive the package. It will not be left on your doorstep for hours at a time.

But that’s just one use of the drones, Tom. As the article you read mentioned, the drones will be used in all sorts of photography—home sales, sports, and many other uses. Law enforcement will use them extensively. Just imagine what uses they could be used for and they very probably will. Keep in mind they will be powered first by electricity, so they will be silent. You will not hear 50 of them buzzing over your house making annoying sounds. The jobs created will certainly be to manufacture them, but also run them and repair them.

Is the five-year period of time they are predicting fairly accurate?

Yes, in some cases it will happen much sooner than that as laws are passed to allow their use with certain restrictions.


AgeTheo, Master Kryon (in the Sedona Journal of Emergence) says we will live up to 300 years in the future. Will this happen by the 3400 era?

Not quite by then, Tom. Master Kryon was projecting pretty far out, and yes there will come a time when humans will live that long, and yes, as he said, your bodies will not deteriorate as they do now with age. Still, the number of years an average person will live will be more on the 200 to 250 range by the 3400 era. You will see a gradual increase in average age over the next thousand to two thousand years, after seeing a jump when you learn how to manipulate your DNA to cure many diseases.


Robbyn asked me about the trapped pilot whales in the Florida Everglades.

Pilot WhalesGaia, why did the pilot whales go 20 miles into the Florida Everglades?

A combination of factors, Tom. They were confused because the lei lines they had followed before had changed just a little bit for last year, and therefore when they followed that instinctual habit they found themselves trapped in the Everglades. Of course we should also mention that on a higher level they wanted to do this, first so that many of them would transition, and secondly to assist those responding with a challenge, but also—and this includes everyone Tom—to show compassion for their plight. When people show compassion, it raises their vibrational levels just a little bit.

Will any of them survive?

Yes a few, when the humans decide to capture and take them physically out to the ocean.

We can say this Benevolent Prayer out loud: “I ask that any and all beings to assist the trapped pilot whales to make their way back out to the ocean, thank you!”


Helen writes [Referring to last week's questions]: So, these “thought forms” must have happened way before the Adam model. When did the first “thought forms” occur?

Edgar Cayce AtlantisIn the Cayce book, it said that the thought forms were first noted , “some hundred, some ninety-eight thousand years before the entry of Ram into India” -- what date would that be; 100,000 BC?

And I do not understand what is meant by “the entry of Ram into India.” Do you know what that is supposed to mean?

Gaia, what was Cayce referring to when he said, “entry of the Ram into India?” And how far back would that be?

Yes, he referred to a person, Tom. And of course a period of time. Certainly this was over 100,000 years ago.

Then when did the first thought-form humanoids appear?

Thought form humans actually appeared much earlier, Tom—far beyond what you even think—more than 2 million years ago. But keep in mind this was still allowed much later, as the Time Lines were in place. You could say they were  testing the space-time continuum. This is a very complex subject, Tom, as it seemed on one hand thought-form humans appeared in a number of time periods, which they did, but always for specific reasons. Some were putting their toes in the water shall we say and others were testing the space-time continuum to make sure it would work. You can come back and ask additional questions on this in the future, should you choose to do so.

OK. I certainly feel I’m missing something.

How far did Atlantis progress before the first destruction? Giant Crystal

They had achieved a great deal during those several thousand years Tom. Naturally there were cities and states, villages and farms—all the typical progress you would expect over several thousand years.

Did they discover the use of crystals during that period of time?

Quite so. It fueled, you might say, their development as they were able to power all of what you might imagine, including heating their homes and factories. It really spurred their development prior to the giant earthquakes and tsunamis of the first destruction.

How many pyramids existed in Atlantis, let’s say, prior to the second destruction?

Yes, that would have been when the pyramids reached their maximum numbers, Tom. It was several thousand spread all over the continent, of all different sizes as keep in mind this was a fairly large continent and the pyramids were of use not only by the religious sects but also to help beam the energy of the crystals.


Lemuria/Atlantis MapGaia, on the continent of MU, how large did the population reach before its destruction—60 million?

No, not quite that much, Tom. It only reached more on the order of a little over 40 million—that number of 42 million is quite close to the actual number I can assure you.

Then was this just before the continent exploded or imploded or sank?

Yes, that was one of the reasons – density of the population you see. That and greed, as we discussed before. There was a period where things were quite idyllic, but that disintegrated over time as the population grew, and the countries started warring with each other. All the souls learned valuable lessons and many were able to cross off events they had to have on their “bucket list” as you like to call it, Tom.


Dog GuideTeresa in Austin, Texas writes: Have to say I love the First Contact book and have already given four copies as gifts. It really makes you look at the universe in an entirely different mode. Thanks for all of the information you provide, you are like having an Edgar Cayce, but one that is easily understood!

My questions are about animals as healers. There are so many therapy animals, dogs, horses, elephants, dolphins, alpaca, monkeys, even mice. The Seth material talks about long periods where the lines between the species (men and animals) mixed.

I assume this is referring to the evolutionary DNA changes leading up to the Adam man. I guess that would also include the "things' created in Atlantis. Seth mentions that humans went to "animal medicine men" that were a bridge between animals and human beings for healing.

So, can you ask about the role of animals as healers? Also, did the animal DNA that humans crossed with come from the DNA donated by other planets where the life
forms are not human?

Gaia, I was asked about animals as healers, and how much DNA did Alienwe receive from ETs and were we greatly different than we appear today?

Two different subjects, Tom. Here we get into belief systems, where early man and woman believed animals had certain strengths, which they could utilize by praying to these animals. We certainly allow such beliefs, which carry on today in certain indigenous people.

Then the subject of DNA from ETs has been discussed by Theo and your soul brother, Antura, a number of times, as all the Federation planets wanted to contribute DNA to that final model known as Adam man and woman. So your DNA is again an amalgamation of DNA from beings who, in many cases, are far from humanoid. Every one of your ET fathers and mothers have a vested interest in the Earth Experiment as they were told by their spiritual leaders this would someday result in raising their vibrational levels once again. It is coming faster than many thought, so there is not only anticipation, but a little nervousness about the changes that are coming for them.


Mike writes: I am working through the grief of losing another dog (both were with me for 13 or more years). Thirteen years makes for a powerful attachment. Some might say, “Well it’s a dog,” but I am mindful of the Anthony Hopkins character in the Human Stain, where he says he doesn’t think it is possible to measure human grief.

GriefSo I am wondering, what is the role of grief? And are there civilizations/worlds where one leaves the physical body, yet the living remains in touch with them?

Theo, what is the role of “grief.”

Yes, grief plays an important part of earth society. As you are veiled, you can’t really see the other side and therefore you experience someone’s death as a loss, and it makes you feel quite vulnerable. It also is a reminder that everyone winds up on death’s doorstep so to speak. And the grief you feel also has the benefit of opening up your feelings, as too many humans try to put a brick wall around them when it comes to expressing emotions.

Do other civilizations stay in touch with those who transitioned?

You could get as many answers as you wish to support any given theory, Tom.  So, as a general rule, yes they can and do have the ability to grieve, but typically when their bodies wear out they just transition, and quickly they are ready for the next life. They don’t remain between the lives as long as earth humans, with the understanding that they will quickly incarnate again.


First Contact Front CoverFor my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster.” In my many questions to Theo, I was told that all of our soul “fragments” having lives on earth came from other planets to take part in the “Earth Experiment.” Sometimes we go back and have a life on our home planets to use what we’ve learned on earth.

Antura is back having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System where there are 22 planets in that solar system. He’s already had 800 lives on earth, which prepared him for his job there as part of a “first contact” team that goes to emerging worlds to introduce themselves (at times using a tremendously sophisticated holographic image so as not to scare the beings they contact). I describe one such visit to a desert world in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. He’ll be coming to earth in 2017 on a mothership with a crew of 850. Here are five 15-minute links to a PowerPoint presentation I made not too long ago to give an overview of the book. I guarantee you have never read anything like this before in any sci-fi article or book.


Here is the link to the below referenced “crop circle.”

Oregon Crop CircleAntura, who did the 13-mile long “crop circle” as it is called in the Oregon desert in August of 1990?

Yes, that was your friendly ETs, Tom, who wished to show that there was no way a human could achieve such a mammoth piece of art, we will call it, where the earth was scooped out to an exact depth and width.

Was it the Arcturians or perhaps the Orions?

No, neither, Tom, but a good guess on your part. This was done by a society, which is part of the Federation, but you have little knowledge of at the present time. They love to create these geometric designs, which they know will be studied, admired, and wondered about for many years.

You said the largest society in the Sirius B solar system was “several million;" I would think it would be a lot more if one or more of your planets has been inhabited for over one billion years. So would the number be over 50 million?

Quite so, Tom. Your thought of it being even higher than that is pretty accurate. Again, we do not wish to scare people, Tom, and therefore I gave an answer people could accept, except that you wished to nail it down to a specific number.

Alien DepictionYes, would the population be over 100 million?

No, not that large, Tom. We wish to keep our populations manageable, so the largest society would be under that number—again we are speaking of sentient beings, as there are populations of fish and other species with much large populations.

What is the appearance of that society?

Yes, they are hominid in appearance, Tom, but not humanoid. That’s as close a description as I can give you today. Again there are so many types of beings you have no concept of, as you have nothing on earth to compare them to. But again I must point out to you that we have been and are your protectors, along with, yes, the Pleiadians and so on across the Federation. We all care for you and protect you as everyone wishes the Explorer Race to succeed since there were several races before you which did not. You will, I can assure you.


These two MBO stories originally appeared last Saturday in my Blog, which has nothing but MBO and BP stories sent Nursesto me from all over the world from people like you! You can read all of these inspiring stories at

Yvette writes: I went for a nursing job interview last week. I said an MBO to be offered the job and may it be better then I hoped for or expected. There were 60 other applicants. Well I was offered the job and was told they were impressed with how I presented in my interview. Thank you, Tom!


Turkey Trot CostumesLindsay writes: This year on Thanksgiving, our family decided to participate in a community Turkey Trot run to benefit the local food banks. My husband and three teenage girls drove to the agreed-upon site our friends wanted to meet at. My husband offered to drop us off when we saw our friends and go find parking. Four thousand people signed up for the run, so it was packed with people and cars everywhere.

So, for the very first time ever, my husband asked me to say one of those parking prayers to the angels that I always brag about. I looked in the backseat at my MBO loving girls and they had raised eyebrows with excitement. I asked for ‘any and all beings’ to please help my husband find a parking spot within 3 minutes. We hopped out of the car and no sooner were we done hugging and saying hello to our friends than my husband joins the group. I said, “That was fast, where did you park?” He pointed to the spot just a few feet away, smiled and said someone had just pulled out. I, with an even bigger smile said, “You know the angel prayers work.” He said, "They sure do!" What a great Thanksgiving. Thanks, Tom!


Income InequalityJust a reminder that I have a whole chapter on time lines in my FIRST CONTACT book.

Mike asked this question:

Theo, are there income inequalities on the upper time lines and if so is it as severe?

Yes, there are income differences on the upper time lines, and yes they are typically not as severe the higher you go, Tom. This is something to learn that’s spread out over all your parallel lives. Again, we move toward a Utopian existence in the very upper time lines.


Chuck writes:   Was there a conspiracy in starting the Vietnam War?Vietnam War

Theo, was there a conspiracy to start the Vietnam War?

You could call it that, Tom, as the military industrial complex needed a war to make billions of dollars in arm sales. The Korean War was over and they had billions of dollars in just their inventories alone. You might say you could see the hands of the Illuminati behind the scenes pulling strings and manufacturing a crisis. It is not normal everyday citizens who start wars, Tom.

The same thing holds true for the Iraq war. The longer it could drag on, the more profitable were the companies that sold arms and ammunition to them.


Machu PicchuI have found that I’m quite attracted to pan flute music from Peru. I can listen to hours of it, which I did last week. So I thought I should ask about this.

Theo, did I have a life in Peru, and if so when and what did I do?

Yes, that music attracts you, Tom, as yes you did have a life back in the time when the great city Machu Picchu was developed and built. You were naturally one of the religious leaders.
[He is referring to my soul fragment's assigned interest in religions by my soul.]


Only a few of you may know that the first person I communicated with back in 2005 was another member of my soul cluster. He was a Shaman living in the western U.S. around 1644 (remember that time is an illusion for us and all these lives are going on at the same time), and told me I was a Shaman living at the same time and my name was Still Water and I had decided to incarnate into the 20th and 21st centuries to “reintroduce” people to The Gentle Way. I got the name of the first book the very first time I communicated telepathically with him. I thought you might like to read some of these early talks we had.

Ancient CalendarReveals the Mysteries, I assumed your tribe only celebrates the winter solstice. Do you have a form of calendar that counts years, such as one based on your migration from Asia or Asia Minor?

No, we do not keep a calendar such as the one you mention from our days in Asia Minor. We only observe the seasons. That is sufficient for our purposes and since many of the people of our tribes do not live such long lives, they live in the moment –now.

I have a question I did not write down about chakras that I keep meaning to ask. Should I have them spinning in a certain direction when I bring the white light in?

Yes they should spin in a clockwise direction for best effect.

Is my vision of two cones touching correct or is it the reverse?

It is the reverse. Like that I show you.

What will you be doing while I am having my Sirius life?

I will have much to do. I will have another life on earth. This life is needed to set up some things to happen in the future. Sort of what you are doing now, but in a later time period. You will assist me from Sirius in what I will be doing. You don’t get such a vacation you know. You will be very active there as you will be able to see much more clearly than veiled as we are in our earth lives.

1/14/06 Reveals, How is your ankle? Were you wearing moccasins and/or snowshoes when you fell? Was it a muddy trail or snowy?

My ankle is much better, although it is still swollen and I have to stay off of it for a while. Thank you for your concern. The trail was muddy from rain. We do not have too much snow here right now. Just very wet. I was in my moccasins as you call them.

I would think this might be a common injury for your people. Yes?

Yes and no. We are very sure-footed people, but my age and strength have much to American Indiansdo with it. I’m not as young and agile as I used to be.

Yes us older guys have to watch out for ourselves and not try to conquer the world so to speak.

2/4/06 Reveals, How is your ankle? Are you up and around now?

Yes, I must be able to move. There is much to do. So to answer your question, my ankle is doing better now thank you.

I had a wonderful time with my daughter in the mountains. It snowed almost everyday. I did think how it must have been for us back in my days with you as Still Water.  Hello Still Water—Atah! [Still Water “tuned” into my conversations with Reveals with Mysteries.]

Atah Tom.

I hope you are both surviving the winter.

American Indian ShamanYes it is hard, but we survive.

How is your food situation?

It is slightly better. The hunters of our tribe have found some small animals which gave their lives for us to have food. We will at least not starve for the time being.

2/7/06 Reveals had told me that they walked everywhere. He said they had “sturdy feet.” They did not have canoes or any type of skis. I offered to give him the information on how to make rudimentary skis like the early Norwegians, but he declined.

Reveals, Why or what was the determining factor regarding the rejection of using cross-country skis for your tribe?

There were many factors in the decision. First was the fact that we would change history, but even more so than you could imagine. It would have had a profound effect on history, as we would not have been subjugated which was to be a historical event. The white man would not have been able to take over the area had we had the mobility to move across great expanses in the winter on skis. So it would have been too big an effect. It was quite enticing though. When you do not have enough to eat it can be like candy just beyond your reach. Yes?

Yes. It’s a shame that we can’t change history in some small way that would cause people to think now.

2/14/06 Reveals, How is your food situation?

American Indian CampIt is a little better, but not much. Spring will come none too soon for us. It has been a hard winter, and many in our tribe are weak if not sick.

I’m sorry to hear that. I guess it is the same for Still Water’s Tribe?

Yes. He can speak to you of this, but it is virtually the same.

It’s too bad you can’t smoke more meat and save in earthen jars in the ground more vegetables, like the Koreans do in winter with their Kimchi. It’s hot, but a staple in their diet. You do know about this, yes?

Yes I do. The type of vegetables we have do not lend themselves to doing this as much. But thank you for the reminder.

And your ankle is almost healed or needs more time?

Almost, but I still limp on it.

2/16/06 The chief of Reveals’ tribe transitioned and Reveals had been so sad he had passed me on to Still Water. The chief and Reveals had grown up together and faced many challenges together.

Reveals, Were you able to accompany your chief to the light?

Yes, I was. I had told him before he passed that I would be there to show the way, along with his friends and family. Of course his belief system was to walk up the mountain so we did that and there was the light. I embraced him and said I would see him again in not too long a time, and he said he would be there waiting for me.

American Indian ChiefI assume your chief is a friend of yours from other lives, which I had not thought about.

Yes, we have had many lives together. He is a good soul from a neighboring soul group.

Will he be with us in the far future life?

No, he will not be in that one. He will be in my life about 500 years in the future. He will be a woman.

Anything I forgot to ask?

No. We are still in winter here and will be for some time. Food is still in short supply, but as I said before we will survive another winter. I am using my long vision to find food sources for the tribe.

2/28/06 Reveals, My health has been good this winter. Has that been from doing these meditations or is it just that we have been cautious in washing our hands and other things to keep from contracting colds?

No, when you meditate as much as you are now doing, you do bring in energy that helps your immune system in combating any cold germs that you may encounter. And yes I have been ill this winter, but it is mostly or at least partly due--one to my age, and two to the fact that we have not been able to get enough nutrition in our bodies as food has been scarce. That’s a fact of life here. But age does have a lot to do with it in my case. Life is hard here. That’s something that can’t be shown or hasn’t been in the writings about this period of time. Only American Indiananthropologists will see how our smaller stature was due to malnourishment at times.

3/7/06 Reveals, Anything happening there that’s of interest to you?

Not so much. [Referencing a boy he’s teaching to be a Shaman] I am teaching the boy and he’s coming along. Speaks of Many Truths says hello and Still Water. We are all out helping to find food in our own way, using long vision.

Do you have dogs?

Yes we do. They are used for both hunting, companionship and protection.  Check on it. You will find references to dogs in historical tomes.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, DECEMBER 14, 2013,     


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FACEBOOK:  You’ll find me here: Tom T. Moore6 or the book page at .  Let’s be friends!

BOOK EDITOR:  Need an editor for your upcoming book?  Email me.  Ralonne edits my newsletter and edits books.

Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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