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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers from around the world!  I have a wide variety of topics for you today—from a hospital procedure gone wrong to trouble with the law, to learning more about Adam Lambert, to Atlantis.  If you’re new to my newsletters, I abbreviate Most Benevolent Outcomes as MBO’s, and my Guardian Angel Theo as my GAMy books are on sale for 40% off directly from my publisher this month, so be sure to load up for yourself and friends.  If you like my newsletter, forward it to your friends, and keep in mind that I now have an audio podcast version of the newsletters for those of you who don’t have time to read these days.  The link is .  Plus I have a Blog each week for those who are just learning about requesting MBO’s in your life. 


Alison Baughman ( ) is a numerologist and has her own show on BBS Radio (Mondays—check her website for schedule).  Before interviewing me she did my chart and confirmed what I had been told once before that my life path is a 33—a spiritual master.  She said I was one of only three charts she had done with a 33 life path—the other two were Steve Irwin, the crocodile guy and Alfred Kinsey, the sex researcher.  See SPIRITUAL MASTERY below for my questions to Gaia after being told this. 

Alison writes:  I was having stomach problems and was referred to a gastrointestinal specialist who wanted me to have an upper endoscopy. He felt it was time to take a look at what was going on in my stomach to rule out any major problems. Up until that point, my regular Doctor had tried me on every stomach medicine known to man to no avail. I was in a good deal of pain so, despite my hesitations, I agreed to the procedure. An upper endoscopy is considered to be a routine procedure but they do put you under anesthesia.

Being a spiritual person, I approached the situation with prayer and I certainly asked for a MBO.  I never forget good advice, nor what I read in your book or even our conversation the day I interviewed you on BBS Radio.

Three minutes into the procedure, I stopped breathing which created an emergency situation. They preformed a "jaw thrust" and put a breathing bag on me and I was told the technicians had to breathe for me for over 5 minutes until I regained consciousness. Needless to say, it all came as a shock to me when I found out what happened. Despite the short duration, my doctor was able to have a look at my stomach and determined that there was no problem, not even acid reflux, which was what they were treating me for. I was able to stop taking the medication prescribed upon his advice. It is quite possible the medication was actually causing my problem to begin with.  I was very grateful to receive the news that nothing serious was wrong.

They also advised me to go for a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea. I have since gone for the sleep study and am awaiting their findings. The nurse on duty did tell me that she believes I will test positive for sleep apnea but that is yet to be determined.

I do believe that what happened will protect me in the future if ever I should need another medical procedure or surgery. It is obvious now that I have a problem with anesthesia. It has been duly noted in my medical files. I was fortunate that the anesthesia they used was short acting, which in the long run, gave me the opportunity to recover. I am not sure what would have happened if I had to be anesthetized for a long operation. It appears my problem lies in the anesthesia itself but also complicated by the sleep apnea.

As I see it, this was a big MBO, as in the long run, this discovery may very well save my life someday.  I thought I would share with you.

Thanks Alison!  I’m sure this will be a reminder to anyone having a surgical procedure to say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for this procedure, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”   I also suggest you say a Benevolent Prayer for the medical staff—“I ask that any and all beings assist the surgeon and medical staff to perform this surgery at their highest level of expertise, thank you!”


Gaia, Steve Irwin was a 33 in numerology for his birth date like mine.  Was he a spiritual master showing everyone how to love animals?

Yes, definitely he was a spiritual master showing everyone how to love the animal kingdom and his work touched many souls; first to entertain them as a showman, but also to show that each animal has its own personality and to not be afraid of them, even the most dangerous ones as he showed while holding his own baby while feeding a croc as he would say.  He never actually knew he was a spiritual master as you are coming to realize, but on a soul level he naturally knew and was guided in all his work.  And yes he died during a master physical mastery year.  He had mastered the physical and it was time to give up his life so that others would be touched deeply and would further his work even more.  He was a very good man at heart you see and willing to sacrifice himself so that his message would forever resonate with the people that have watched on the telly as they say there in Australia.

Was Alfred Kinsey of the Kinsey human sexuality report a 33 master too?

He was more of a 6 than a 33—service to humanity.  On a soul level he was a 33, but on a physical level closer to the 6 service.  He was given the task of bringing out sex from where it had been hidden by Victorian mores for so many years.  This started much talk and discussion about sex, which was good for a population that was very ignorant about it, as there was no real information at the time.  This was demonstrated in the movie about his life.  Even those with college educations were quite ignorant. 

I guess there are a number of 33’s on the planet now?

Quite a few, but not in the thousands—more in the hundreds. 

You would think that there would be thousands since the population is so large on a worldwide basis.

No.  Spiritual mastery only comes from much hard work over normally a number of lives, although the Buddha taught that it can be achieved in one life with great dedication.  This enlightenment though is not the same as spiritual mastery.  One can be enlightened to the true or real nature of things and still not be a spiritual master.

I have a question about Steve Irwin’s daughter, Mindy.  Is she a spiritual master like her father, or is she just an advanced Indigo child—or perhaps a crystal child?

Good question.  She is an advanced soul, but not a spiritual master like her father.  But as you have noticed she has a special personality that attracts the masses to her.  She has that charisma that her father had.  She is an advanced Indigo child and will continue her father’s work.  Her great appeal is to children at this time, but even adults, and as she grows, she will continue to attract many people to her and the work she has to do as part of her contracts here on earth.


Jeri writes:  I just read about your books and MBO's in the Sedona Journal of Enlightenment magazine. Though I have not read any of your books, I started using them from the information from the ad in the magazine. I have found myself in trouble with the law in the last week. I am having a hard time dealing with this and have said more than a few MBO's for this situation.

I had a reading done yesterday and was told that my guardian angels name is actually Uriel. I have never been in trouble before and am scared almost to death. I have 4 children at home and am worried about what will happen to them through all of this.  If you have any further information you could give me or any advice at all I would be glad to hear from you.

For Jeri and anyone else having legal problems of any kind:

You need to say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my legal problem, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"  

For finding or working with an attorney, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT attorney to handle my legal problem, thank you!"

And for your appearance in court, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the most benevolent decision by the judge (and/or jury), and may it be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"

And I'll say, "I ask that any and all beings assist and aid Jeri with her legal problems, and may the result be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"    That's called a Benevolent Prayer and it's what you say when you wish for a benevolent outcome for other people.  A whole different set of "whole souls" or "angels" as we call them handle these prayers.  More on this later.  

You can also say the EXPECT GREAT THINGS mantra every day, which is available to print out on my website under SIGNS.


Diane writes:  What about the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943.  Why did it fail and what happened to the men who got stuck?

Theo, why did the Philadelphia experiment fail in 1943 and what happened to the men who were stuck?

Yes.  They overloaded the circuits shall we say and there were those who wound up in another time line Tom.  And yes, some were stuck in between and perished.  They were creating a hole in the Time Line—not to another dimension. 


Diane also asks:  And is it true that there was a Temple of Isis in the Grand Canyon that was discovered with mummies in 1925.  I heard there is a hidden cave in the mountains in the Grand Canyon that no one is allowed to go near....true or false?

Theo, Was there a Temple of Isis in the Grand Canyon discovered in 1925 with mummies? 

Yes there were some discoveries that have been kept secret over many years Tom, including that Temple.  It will be some time before anymore information will come forth regarding this, as there are native Americans who look at these ruins as sacred ground and do not wish to have it shown to the public. 


Liz writes:  I have a question to ask that I would love for you to ask Theo--given the recent controversy around the singer, Adam Lambert, I cannot help but see him as the Obama of the music industry--he is trying to break down barriers, and sings about love. 
When he sang on the "Early Show" on CBS this week, the audience outside the window reflected every age--from 5 to 85--black and white, male and female, gay and straight, domestic and international fans (someone flew in from Tokyo just to see him).   
The beauty of his voice, and his showmanship, lead me to ask: Could Theo please answer if Adam Lambert is the reincarnation of Elvis, and is he on this planet now to unite us past our differences via his music, to help accelerate us towards 5th dimensional consciousness?  Given the fact that Adam Lambert has recently been in the news, I thought this question was timely and the answer could be very interesting to your readers.

Theo, is the singer Adam Lambert the reincarnation of Elvis or any other recognizable singer, and what is his soul contract?

Yes Tom, Adam Lambert is from the same soul group or cluster as was Elvis Presley, but he is not the same soul fragment.  This soul cluster’s specialty or major focus, as I have mentioned before regarding Elvis, is music in all its forms.   

Mr. Lambert’s soul contract, as you might guess, is to open doors for gay people to be more accepted in society, while as the same time performing at a high level.  Yes he makes mistakes, as he gets carried away at times.  But of course this is part of his soul contract to have learning experiences and he will continue to learn and have these experiences.  As has been noted elsewhere by various writers, he has a wide range of appeal, so his name will remain in the music headlines for quite some time to come. 

I must admit I was surprised by this answer, but that’s why I ask the questions, to learn and be surprised. 


Shobha writes:  Hello Tom.  What are Living Prayers?  Thank you.

This question hasn’t been asked in quite some time, so here’s the answer.

In my first book I had a chapter on Living Prayers that I now refer to as Benevolent Prayers, as I think this is much more descriptive.  It's what you say when you wish to request something benevolent for someone else, as keep in mind that requesting MBO's is SPECIFICALLY for you!
Therefore, you could say, "I ASK any and all beings to bring aid and comfort to those people in ___________who are refugees from __________, thank you."  Theo says you must say "ASK" as that is a more general word than "request" and when I said I didn't see too much of a difference I was told to "look it up in a dictionary." 
Benevolent Prayers are handled not by your own personal Guardian Angel, but by a little over one million "whole souls" we call Angels.  They have not attained "golden light being status" as I think it's called, but have enormous capabilities to handle hundreds of thousands of prayer requests of all types at the same time. 


Barbara writes:  I have just started reading your Gentle Way newsletter, and I have searched your articles for articles on healing.  What I would like to ask is:  Do prayers help a person to heal and if so, are they prayers of petition on prayers of thankfulness for the healing?

Theo, do prayers help a person heal, or should they be said as a thank you for healing?

Both Tom.  There is no set way—nothing set in stone as to how a prayer might be composed.  Both the petition for healing and thanking in advance for healing are both valid ways to ask for someone’s healing.  There will be debate as to which one works the best, but I can assure you both are equal in our view, so do not be concerned with semantics. 

A heartfelt prayer for someone’s healing is heard and responded to.  It may not always be the result that someone wishes for, as soul contracts come into play here, as you can well imagine.  This is the reason why there is so much confusion and yes rejection of prayers, as people pray and seemingly the result is the person does not improve, but expires.  But as I stated before, these prayers are heard and if nothing else, the “prayer angel” shall we call it for these purposes does bring comfort and love to the person the prayer was directed towards. 

So we shouldn’t worry about saying something to the effect if this person’s soul contract allows for healing? 

No, no.  Just say the prayer with the understanding that the best results will be effected, according to what that person’s soul chose for that life and that timeline. 


Theo, back during the days of Atlantis, what else could be done besides the healing with the crystal bowl you mentioned before, which is not seen today?

That would be quite a long list, Tom, as certainly their use of crystals is far beyond what they have discovered today.  There was energy provided to run things by these crystals, and of course there were healing centers one could go to that would heal a sick person.  They also had the ability, as we have mentioned before to correct the “things’” various imperfections shall we say, and give them better lives.  Crystals yes were also used in warfare—something which eventually was their downfall.


Diane writes:  How many messiahs did we have before Jesus?

Theo, how many Messiah’s did we have before Jesus?

Tom, the word has different meanings to different people.  Certainly there were—and I’m speaking about your recorded history only—several individuals who were advanced and led the way—pointed people in the right direction.  More advanced souls these were.  But as I have mentioned previously, Jesus was the only soul that came as a large fragment—all the previous Holy men shall we call them were all part of a soul cluster.  So many names would appear on the list of previous Messiah’s but they were more like a normal person—not the extraordinary person Jesus was.  An ancient soul having an earth life—and yes he had more than one as preparation for that life. 


Diane writes:  What can be said about the Devils Bible?

Theo, What can be said about the Devil’s Bible?

Yes, this book—at 165 pounds it was reported to be, is filled with blasphemy shall we say.  It was produced by the dark side, and should be kept under lock and key.  But for scholars, it is a treasure trove to read what some people had ideas about during that time period. 


Diane writes:  Who wrote the Garbiel Stone and what is it meaning?

Theo, What about the Gabriel Stone.  Is it real and not a fake?

Yes, Tom, it is real and does show an early glimpse of how people during that time period were already having stories about death and resurrection, which was how the Catholic Church derived the story—from older stories.  Scholars will debate this stone for some time to come, until more information is released by the Vatican, from their archives.


It has been a month since my last communication with Antura, a member of my soul “cluster” who’s having a life on a water planet in the Sirus B Star System.  He’s had many lives on earth, and he’s planning a trip here on one of those “mother ships” around 2017.  I decided to ask some questions after reading a channeling of Suzanne Ward (Messages from Michael) sent to me by a reader.

Who is Hatonn that Suzanne Ward channeled and is the Inter Galactic Planet commander?

Yes a delicate subject Tom. As Commander Hatonn, as he likes to be called, is a commander, but not in the sense of what he claims.  He is an entity that is provided to this channel’s readers because he sounds so official.  In actuality that is not the case. 

So I’m not letting my opinion come into play here?

Yes, you are somewhat, which makes it a little more difficult for me to give you the correct information.  He is a Commander, but not Inter-Galactic shall we say.  His function or job is much less than his claim. 

Sorry for a hard question especially when I get in the way.

I understand Tom.  Next question. 

Is there a TV program to be beamed to us soon announcing the presence of extra terrestrials?

Certainly this has been considered Tom, but I think you will see that the first real contact will be what I mentioned before—in Europe, live—although covered by the TV networks around the world.  A TV program just will not have the effect that the live event will have.  So I don’t see this happening, although the idea has been bandied about extensively. 

Is earth moving out of her orbit as Hatonn claims?

No Tom, and you are receiving this correctly.  The earth is going to continue on it’s path for longer than you will live, and certainly much longer into the future. 

Do beings from both the light and dark side live amongst us at the present time?

Certainly there are those with good intentions and a few with not so good that live on the surface and attempt to sway you in one direction or another.  They are quite limited, as they cannot use any supernatural powers, or any instruments, devices, and so on. 

How many Pleiadians live on the earth now, if any?

Yes a few, with their mission to be more understanding of the earth experiment.

Do the grays live beneath the surface in large numbers?

No, although their numbers were larger in the past.  Now, just a few live beneath the surface.

Is it true that people in the U. S. government are now in favor of informing the public and or government about ET’s?

Yes, there has been some movement there, thanks to your Mr. Obama taking office.  Still there is great concern and even fear of what revealing our presence will do to the average person in America whose belief systems would in many cases be turned upside down.  We even recognize that there will be many people who will refuse to believe that there are ET’s and will claim it is some sort of hoax.  It will be too much for them to absorb initially and will take great time and patience to erase the mind programming which they were subjected to for over 50 years. 

That’s all I have Antura.  I many ask about Hatonn next time to get a more complete answer. 


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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