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·    2012 SHIFT

Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to our new subscribers from around the world.  Next week I’m going to have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, so be sure to look for next week’s edition!  Please forward this newsletter to your friends, and keep sending in your MBO stories and questions.  Below you’ll read answers to questions I’ve asked in meditation of my own Guardian Angel Theo and the soul of the earth Gaia.  I especially like the answers about pre-birth planning and early man and woman. 


Beverly (who publishes magazine) writes:  I obviously did an MBO for this trip to Fife but I thought you would like to see this.

I had to write this as an affirmation!  Was this a warning from my Guardian Angel or did I read something into coincidence, I will let you decide.

I had reason to be visiting the Cocoa Tree Shop & Cafe in Pittenweem, East Neuk of Fife. I can thoroughly recommend a visit to these premises if you find yourself in the area.  We had supper there and the bill came to exactly £33, it included some delicious Homemade Salmon Soup with croutons. The shop stocks some of the most unusual chocolate items I have ever come across so could not resist buying some for Christmas presents and a little indulgence for myself later.

The lady serving me in both the shop and the cafe said on adding up my purchases you will not believe this but it is £33 exactly the same amount as your lunch, we both laughed as this seemed just a coincidence but strange as I bought at least 7 items.

We then set off back to Johnshaven, a journey of about an hour and half from Pittenweem. Once we were on the A90 after around 500m or so I looked at my Sat Nav and the journey time to the next turn off on the left hand side registered 33.3 miles, my thought pattern at this time was to think wow, all the 3’s!!!  Instantly I also thought is this a warning to me?
I took stock of my current situation, which was traveling at 50 mph uphill 2 car lengths behind a van that was overtaking a large lorry very laboriously. I decided to heed this as a warning and dropped off my accelerator until the van was well clear of the lorry. I looked at the Sat Nav again and it now registered 32.7 miles so decided it was safe to accelerate and overtake the lorry too, was I reading too much into this?

At that precise moment the lorry swerved into my lane coming well over half way into my path, I was able to brake and avoid any collision that would have occurred. If I had carried on at the speed I was traveling at behind the van I would have been right by his side at this point in time and probably would not be here to write this!

I am eternally grateful to my Guardian Angel for the heads up!

Beverly was listening to those "whispers in your ears" that Theo always says we should pay attention to. 




Annette writes:  I had the most amazing Benevolent Outcome lesson today.

As usual, when I am going to a place where there are parking issues, I request a most Benevolent Outcome for a convenient, safe and close parking space. Normally - never a problem. Today it was raining and cold and recently my knees have been going out on me, and when that happens I literally cannot walk for a several hours or in one case, I needed to be taken to the ER by ambulance. Since I was going to a
holistic health fair, I planned on getting some healing work done, but was concerned my knees would give out on me again and wanted a close parking space.

Well - that was not to be. I had to park a long way away and walk to the conference center then all the way to the opposite end of the center three flights down. Fortunately there are escalators and I didn't fall and there were people walking near me all the way.

End result the healer I wanted to see was booked but he gave me two stones to carry - I immediately felt relief. I then saw another healer who I knew she offered to do work at a discount because she needed to get someone on her table to "draw people.”  I learned of the healing power of Mother Earth in the stones, the power of a healing "message" as I got a message on the cause of my knee problem both from the physical level (my neck) and metaphysical (not “walking my walk”).  The walk back to the car was an interesting experience. Not completely pain free, but much easier - proved the healing was working. Parking farther away was indeed the most Benevolent Outcome. Sometimes the answer to the most Benevolent Outcome request is not what one expects, but it is still the most Benevolent Outcome.

How true that is!


I was reading a paper sent to me by a good friend last week, and it seemed that the author of the paper was encouraging people to try and break the chains of our soul path or contract.  So I thought I should ask Theo for a more complete explanation. 

Theo, explain more about pre-birth planning.  How much do we plan as compared to doing as our soul wishes.

Yes, this is a very deep question Tom, which may take a little bit to answer.  You are correct though in thinking that you’re not just told what to do.  This is a huge collaborative effort by not only your soul fragment, but of course your soul; I’m there, and of course all the other soul fragments that you will have a life with, even those brief but significant encounters that are to balance things both for you and for the other soul fragments. 

This sounds like a huge undertaking and certainly in a way it is, but you are not constricted by time on the other side, so these things are done in an amazing fast rate as this planning is set out.  Certainly, your soul fragment is front and center in these plannings Tom, and you eagerly –yes eagerly look forward to this with great anticipation.  These lives are like great adventures to your soul fragments, even though on this side of the veil they may seem quite arduous to you. 

On the other side you know why you are having these hundreds of lives—and yes may I remind your readers that they have an average of 600 to 800 lives depending upon their soul’s wishes.  You understand as a soul fragment what the end result will be in the future—that you will take over this universe for this Creator and will allow it to go on to a higher level.  Yet, your souls, by combining, will take over a universe for the very first time ever.  This has never been done before in any universe, and as I have said before, there are billions and billions of universes that have been created by other creators.  So each of your soul fragments knows how important these works being done is, and have participated in it for up to several million years. 

Therefore, when you are in these fast and furious planning sessions, you can instantly recognize situations and these calls go out to all the other soul clusters you work with for soul fragments to fill these “points” shall we call them in the soul or life plan—some as villains and some as the good guys as you call them.  And it does quite depend on what life you are planning—to be one of the good guys, or to be a villain yourself. 

It all has to balance as I’ve said many times to you Tom.  You can’t be a good person all the time.  You have to take on the rolls of being the villain too, and some of you get carried away with these rolls and then must balance even further, but it does all balance out at the end of your set number of lives.    So treat each other with respect, as there is a purpose in each encounter you make, and keep requesting benevolent outcomes, for this keeps you on that soul contract, that path that you chose yourself before birth. 


I saw the PBS Nova program on early man last week, and from the very first they claimed we evolved from apes, as naturally science can’t imagine that someone else might have a hand in creating these early humanoid body types. 

Now for a series of questions about early man and woman Theo.  You have said that I had a life or lives over one million years ago.  Was it over two million, three million or how long ago?

Yes Tom, let’s see if you can receive this—it was over 5 million years ago.

Is the 5 million number correct Theo.

Yes, just a little over that figure Tom.  Again, as I said before, your soul fragment was one of the first to experience a life on earth ensouled in a humanoid body.

OK, speaking of that body, were we or did we have the appearance of the Ardi child they recently discovered?

Yes, to a certain extent.

So were our bodies covered with hair as depicted in the Nova TV documentary?

Yes, they did a fairly good rendition of what the humanoids looked like in that time period Tom. 

So we did walk upright and not on our knuckles as the apes do?

That’s quite correct. You walked upright.

What was our brain capacity in comparison to now?

Quite a bit smaller Tom, as your scientists have surmised.  But sufficient for their purposes, which was to live off the land—as hunter-gatherers.

Did they have any weapons to speak of?

Yes, but very rudimentary—stones, sticks, crude spears.  Nothing more elaborate.  That would come much later.

Were they in clans or did they live singly?

More in clans or groups you see, as they recognized that there was strength in numbers.

So they mated and what would be the number of children they would have?

Oh, a whole litter almost you could say Tom.  They had no concept of birth control and the humanoids were very basic.  They lived, they fought each other at times for water and food, they mated, and they lived off the land.  Lives were very short, as you can imagine.  Life was very difficult and disease certainly could wipe out a whole community of these humanoids as you call them.  But keep in mind the purpose of all this was for your soul fragments to put their toe in the water so to speak and begin having lives on earth.  These were simple lives—even much more simple that the simplest person living in the jungle as a tribesman today.  They wandered the land, moving to where the food was as they exhausted the supply chain where they lived. 

Were they able to communicate with each other?

Certainly in a simple way Tom.  They had to in order to protect themselves from the many dangers—both man and beast so to speak.  They led very fearful lives.  After all, this was your first experience in living on earth, and I can assure you there were many ways to lose your life during those times.  Your scientists will and have already seen the large variety of animals that were already in existence during those time periods.  Those humanoid brains were wired for survival, not for great intelligence, which came much, much later. 

I assume they did not have fires?

Only if lightning struck a tree nearby.  And they were quite frightened of it. Their small brains interpreted the fire to be dangerous, and not to be of use, as the humanoids would that would come later with larger brain capacities. 

Were those lives all on the continent of Africa?

Quite so.  That was deemed the best place by your friendly ET’s to introduce these humanoid forms, which of course leads us into another discussion Tom.  Yes, the ET’s as I have said before were testing many different body forms to see what would work best for this planet.  They were of course guided by say their religious leaders to do these things, as they were aware of the experiment that was to begin on this planet. 

Keep in mind that these civilizations are millions of years old, so they had achieved those capabilities to genetically engineer different forms and body types.  You will learn and are learning how to do this yourselves, and your recorded history is only a few thousand years Tom. 


Kallya writes:  Since I read your Newsletter I have been doing the affirmations and prayers every single day. 

Back in March of 2009 I received an email from a friend that a religious institution offshore would issue Debit Cards to needy people world wide.  This Debit Card would allow us to withdraw $500 per week indefinitely.  I became a member of this program immediately and I brought in also my husband and some of my friends.  We were not asked to pay a single cent.  This is a free program.  The Debit Cards were supposed to arrive within a month or two or three maximum. 

However, we are now in November and all we heard so far were rumors that the Debit Cards were supposed to have been shipped in October.  Well, obviously they haven't and to-date we have not heard further if and when the cards will be sent out. The latest was that as far as our Upline knew the Debit Cards should have been here already!!  Is someone in the hierarchy lying to our Upline and giving him the wrong information?

Tom, please ask Theo if indeed we are receiving the Debit Cards (so many people are financially hurting and waiting anxiously for these cards) and on what approximate date we should expect to receive them?

Theo, Kallya asks about the Incredible Concepts debit cards that were supposed to be sent to needy people in October. 

Yes, this was a generous idea Tom, but it needs literally billions of dollars to put it into operation, and there is not enough money in the till shall we say for it to come to fruition.  It was a noble idea that will prove very difficult to implement, as it would drain any church organization’s coffers in a very short time.  I don’t see this coming to fruition anytime soon. 

Again, I reiterate that you as humans must learn to solve these difficult problems, and you are learning and coping.  Those that are suffering have it as part of their soul contract to suffer, and perhaps find a way to overcome these great challenges, or someone whom they know will find a way to assist them and thereby raise their vibrational level at the same time.    Send love and light to these people that are suffering, as when they suffer, you all suffer. 


This past week the Vatican had it’s first conference on astrobiology.  I thought you might like to read the article.  Here’s the link: , and here was a second story:

2012 SHIFT

With the release of the 2012 movie, which as one reviewer said, was four stars for special effects and one star for the story, I thought you might like to read something I received from Gaia sometime back. 

Gaia—Readers keep asking if there is a specific time and date for the change of dimensions in 2012, such as the 21st at 11:11 am.  Your comments?

That may be true Tom, but that is part of the mystery and anticipation that I prefer to not make public shall we say just yet.  There are many climatic events still to come before that momentous day in the near future now.  But for those that wish, eventually all the concentration on a specific day will find that the event would or will happen very close to the time you as humans on earth are ready to create this event.  As it is not just me that will move this planet into another focus or dimension as it is called.  It will be you and all the other humans on earth that will say, “We’re ready.”  Naturally, much of this will be done on a soul level, but it will take place because you’ve already decided millions of years ago that this event would take place. 

Another film reviewer thought the best part of the movie was the depiction of the west coast breaking apart and sinking into the ocean.  Having written about that in my Ebook GREAT QUAKES OF 2008 this was of special interest to me.  Of course, as I’ve said numerous times, this didn’t come to pass--according to Gaia--when we dramatically raised our vibrational rate in September and October of 2008. 


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NOVEMBER 18—11:00 AM PST, 12:00 PM MST, 1:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM GMT.  THE METAPHYSICAL WORLD OF DICK SUTPHEN.  Richard and I always have a great time with a wide range of topics. 


For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Have a Most Benevolent Week, and as a TCU alum, GO HORNED FROGS!

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