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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Newslettersubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Another health care worker at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas was diagnosed with Ebola. The first Texas Presbyterian Hospitalone was a graduate of my alma mater TCU. Let’s all say a BP out loud for all the people who do this dangerous work: “I ask any and all beings to aid and comfort those affected by the Ebola virus and to protect all the health care workers who serve their fellow humans, thank you!” Please pass this along to your friends. A personal note: this was the hospital I went to in 2006 when I had congestive heart failure. They took great care of me and I was just told by my heart doctor that I’m good for another hundred thousand miles! I wrote about this experience in my 2012 article, “A SIMPLE TOOL FOR YOUR TOOLBOX,” that you can read at

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers--Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Baja California HurricaneGaia, you’ve had several hurricanes off the coast of Baja, California this year, the remnants of which have brought deluges to Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Texas before moving on up and dumping torrential rains across the rest of the country. Is this a new cycle that will be repeated, or an aberration of your normal monsoon seasons?

Not an aberration, Tom, but a newer cycle. You’re right in thinking that my original probability was to lower the mountains of Southern California in order to open up the blockage so that more storms would be able to cross West to East providing all of the Southwest with the same amount of rain on average that would typically fall in your region of the United States in normal years, Tom. That may or may not still be a probability, but for the time being, and I mean for the foreseeable future, I will bring more of these hurricanes across Baja, California instead of veering them out to sea. So, I would term this a change in my cycle and not a one-time seasonal event. As you also noticed, this is another way for me to bring large amounts of rain to the Midwest and farther to the east and its coast.


Diane writes: I notice that the media is doing it again... stirring up FEAR! Do we really need to worry about ISIS or any other terror group attacking the United States? Someone said that they are going to hit us just like 9/11. Is this true?

My other question that I also notice is a lot of folks’ fear has to do with immigration. Will the Hispanic population out number whites, blacks and Asians in this country in the next five years? I have noticed that in some midwestern states that Hispanic population out numbers the Blacks and even in some Southern States. So, this might be true! What does Theo think?

Terrorist ArrestedTheo, what is the probability of another 911-type attack in the United States?

Extremely low, Tom—almost nil—as you have much better intelligence these days, which, naturally, your government can’t tell the public about, but you can get little hints when suddenly someone is arrested that is plotting some type of terroristic activity. There is always the “lone wolf,” as they are called, Tom, so that doesn’t mean there will not be any events, just not on the scale of 9/11, even though there are those in other countries that are actively planning such events. Those people will either be killed before their plans come to fruition, or the people they send will be captured.

Theo, will the Hispanic population in the United States eventually outnumber whites and blacks, and if so when will this occur?

As you have been told several times before, Tom, over the years there will be a great mixing of whites, blacks, Hispanics, and all the Asian population. So, on one hand, the Hispanic population will continue to grow during the short term, although that is slowing down at the present time, especially as Hispanic women have fewer children and are much more accepting of birth control methods. Then you have this great mixing of the races over the next several hundred years until there is one race, but again this will take over 1,000 years—many, many generations.


Helena in Switzerland writes: I have been reading your newsletters for over a year now and I simply love them! Thank you so much for all of them!

Could you please ask if there is an end coming soon to the animal exploitation? I mean, all over the world animals are killed or tortured. Either for leather, wool, meat, eggs, milk, zoos, circus, Seaworld, the benefit of so called potency products, and cosmetics also.

I got almost vegan (having a hard time bypassing chicken) and I recognize that there is a kind of movement going on. Will this continue? Is there any end in sight for all these poor animals?

Vegetarian RegimineAnd what about the karma? All those people who slaughter them or even torment them for (as it seems) fun. Do they have something to balance? I don’t get the balance between animals and humans. Could you explain that please?

Gaia, what is the highest probability for when the citizens of the world will no longer eat meat?

Not the easiest question to start the day, Tom. As you might have guessed, it will be several hundred years in the future. A whole population does not convert to being vegetarian overnight. It is too ingrained shall we say. As you might also guess, it will be in stages. First will come the day when there are products manufactured that taste just like red meat, but are healthy—much healthier substitutes and will cost less money. They will be marketed just as products are marketed today through various forms of advertising as to their benefits. Then these same products’ tastes will be altered to taste just like chicken or any other similar meat. Again, this will not happen overnight . We are speaking of many years from now. For a population to give up something, whatever takes its place must be better and in this case more nutritious than what it is being substituted for.

There will be new companies springing up and becoming quite large overnight when they are able to accomplish this. That doesn’t mean that the same number of people who eat meat today will stay about the same percentage-wise. There will be a slow decline, but again the big jump will occur when the substitute will be more nutritious and yet taste exactly the same as what it is being substituted for.

Meat Processing PlantIs there karma or balancing that must be done for those who slaughter animals as a business, such as a meat processing plant?

Yes, there is, Tom, for those who are inhumane in their treatment of these animals. If a man or woman works in one of these slaughtering plants to feed their families, then there is no balancing, but if they work there for the enjoyment of killing these animals and does so callously, then, yes, there must be balancing in future lives where they will need to learn to take care and love animals and protect them from predators.

Gaia, I’m asked what is the balance between animals and humans?

As we have discussed numerous times before, Tom, Creator’s emissaries asked various societies across the universe to take part in the Earth Experiment by providing animals to populate the earth while the Explorer Race slowly raises your vibrational level by being veiled from knowing who you really are—fragments of souls who have achieved spiritual mastery through thousands of lives on other planets. And we have redefined spiritual mastery for you a little, as you now know, this means your souls reached a certain vibrational level in order to take part in the Earth Experiment.

All of these thousands of species of animals teach you lessons of one sort or another. You may think you know a lot about animals as scientists, but you actually have only scratched the surface in your knowledge about all these species. You have hundreds and yes, even thousands of years more to learn about these hundreds of thousands of species.


Gaia, will Toronto, Canada be in the ice zone?

Toronto Canada CollegeYes, as you saw on the map, Tom, they are a little farther to the East, but not so much as to be completely out of the ice zone. You can say they are close enough. Their winters will be more severe in the coming years as the storms moving across the ice field become colder and with blowing snow. Many will consider moving to the west to less severe territory.

Pam writes: I have a question for Gaia; please could you ask regarding the mini ice age that is forecast - what will the year-round weather be like here in Fairfield, Iowa (we are in the bottom southeastern corner), and what will the winter be like this year?

There is a local saying that if the woolly bear caterpillars are all black, it will be a terrible winter, and if they have a brown saddle round them, it won’t be severe. Well, I have both of them in my garden, black and brown striped!

Gaia, I’m asked what will be the year-round weather for Iowa?

Colder than it has been, Tom, but they are far enough to the south to not be in the direct path of the coldest of the storms and average weather conditions. They will rebound towards the summer months.

So, I would like to ask again--I’m not drawn to this as a low probability?

No, Tom, this is a high probability. Just be patient and you’ll see it take place. Your souls have already signed off on it.


GMO LabelingBernadette writes: With the November elections coming up in a few short weeks regarding mandatory labeling of GMO foods, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Monsanto, PepsiCo, and other Biotech giants are pouring millions of dollars into coalitions to defeat Oregon's Ballot Measure 92 and Colorado's Proposition 105. Could you please suggest a MBO for this election, that all your readers can say aloud? Thanks for your work, Tom!

Theo, what is the highest probability of GMO labeling being passed in Oregon and Colorado?

Not too great at this time, Tom. As was pointed out by your reader, millions of dollars are being spent to fight these measures, and in 2016, there will be success in more than one state. Your readers should work to get it on the ballot in their states between now and their state deadlines for submitting items to vote on. Still, your readers can ask for Benevolent Outcomes in these elections held now.

Let’s see if we can make any difference. Say out loud, “I ask any and all beings for GMO labeling to be passed by the citizen voters of this country even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”


Sandy writes: I am concerned about the outbreak of super-bugs like gonorrhea (one I just watched a nasty documentary about).

Gonorrhea SignMany once treatable conditions are quickly becoming near untreatable today. Would you please ask Gaia if they will flame into the realm of the untreatable or will science be able to fight back?

Gaia, will super bugs such as gonorrhea become untreatable, or will science handle them?

Yes, Tom, your scientists are making great progress in the labs to identify the cellular structure of these super bugs as you term them—diseases or viruses, let’s say. There will be many announcements in the next five and, yes, ten years regarding the complete eradication of some of these viruses. This is part of the learning that must be accomplished by the Explorer Race.

You will find these viruses again in your travels to other star systems and those on the spaceships must be kept safe from anything they encounter, and that includes the smallest viruses. It would not be good, as an example, to find a planet where the Ebola virus is quite common and have the whole crew taken ill and die. That will not happen since by the time you do go to the stars, you will have cured every single illness on Earth and any viruses you find on your neighboring planets in this solar system.Rainforest Destruction

Lydia writes (edited for space): Thank you for pointing out that rocks/plants/fish etc., have souls (are sentient), also about the fairies, and about the harm of toxic chemicals in fast food. I ask you to cover in future newsletters the harm-causing cancers and other horrible preventable conditions (I am a public health nurse) of harmful chemicals found in: herbicides (round up/agent orange), pesticides, dryer sheets, body care products, home (treated wood, paint, rugs etc.), plastics, cell phones (radioactive) etc.

Is there any relation to Ebola from the rainforest destruction & decimation of monkeys & other wildlife?

Gaia, is there any relation of the Ebola virus to the destruction of the rainforest?

No, Tom, each is independent of the other. All these viruses are teaching tools for your scientists to find cures. The destruction of the rainforest is another teaching tool. How do you save these resources that will disappear if more isn’t done to preserve them? There are people who have dedicated their lives to do just that. I do honor these people and their commitment.


Infrared UniverseLG writes: I hope you do compile all this data into a future book. Most enlightening! When one 'graduates' from incarnations and advances to higher realms, what do you envision? What about the God-Realized Souls dwelling beyond our worlds of matter?

Theo, I understand that the ultimate goal of our souls is to meld and take over this universe, but is there an intermediate step or steps that come after the Earth Experiment is finished and we all leave the Earth, and the planet becomes a gigantic park for visitors from other worlds?

Yes, Tom. I have told you before the Earth Experiment will end in 7,000 years, and after that you will have (I’m speaking of your soul fragments) thousands of more lives back on your home planets where you will put all of what you’ve learned here into practice.

You will be responsible for raising the vibrational levels of all those who did not take part in the Earth Experiment, which were the majority of the people on those planets. They were afraid, so they continued with the same sort of lives over and over again. You are already starting to change their lives, Tom, as each of you have lives back home scattered among your many earth lives. After you leave Earth, you will devote full attention to raising the vibrational levels all over the universe.


This question came from Diane.

DancersTheo, what sort of dances did the Atlanteans and Lemurians do, or have I asked this before?

Yes you did, Tom, and the answer then and now was a large variety of dancing, according to the music being played—a slow dance or a fast one. There are only so many potential dance steps a human is capable of performing. The dance varied widely not only from culture to culture, but over the many centuries. So there was a form of ballet as just one example, again changing over time.

Was prayer and meditation popular for both societies?

As was noted previously, Tom, there were two major religions on Atlantis and several on Lemuria. Each had its own form of prayer and, yes, meditation.

You have said before that there were multiple languages in Lemuria, correct?

That’s correct, Tom.

So, were there two languages in Atlantis or did everyone speak the same language?

Everyone spoke the same language until the two groups completely split, Tom, and then the language evolved separately as there was little contact, so this heightened the difference between the two and forced them farther apart.

How would we compare the standard of living to now?

There was much less poverty, Tom, and much less of a gap between the top and bottom on both continents.

Children PlayingTheo, in Atlantis and Lemuria, were children raised mostly by the parents or by the community?

As with many questions you have asked about these two societies, Tom, there were many different methods of raising children over the 50 thousand-year period of time each was in existence. But the prevalent method of raising their children then as it is now is by the parents. The children though, on average, did leave home a little earlier and as we have mentioned before, their schooling was shorter. And they tended to marry younger.

Didn’t that cause more divorces?

Not under both their belief systems, Tom. Lemurian women were much more matriarchal than Atlantean women for a very long time until the Lemurian countries began warring with each other. So, men and women tended to stay married for a much longer time than here in modern times.

Were the Lemurian and Atlantean children spanked as part of their discipline?

Yes, it was one of several methods used. But again, children were not as hyper as they are today because they ate healthier foods without the additives and heavy amounts of sugar that children today consume.

Was the air in both Atlantis and Lemuria clean, or was there pollution?

There was virtually no pollution, Tom, as the Atlanteans used crystal power and the Lemurians used another form of energy you have yet to discover. They did not burn coal and oil except in their very early years.

Was garbage handled about the same way it is today, or was there more recycling?

There certainly was much less waste than in modern times. They did have their landfills, but not so wasteful as today.


Antura is my “cousin” you might say. He’s one of seven other soul “fragments” in my soul “cluster” as Theo calls them. Theo introduced Antura to me back in 2008 and since then I’ve asked hundreds of detailed questions not only about his appearance (he’s an amphibian), but his home water planet, the Sirius B Solar System, and all about those mile-long “motherships” they travel in. You can read more about him in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET, and down below.

Peacock SpiderAntura, is there a species of intelligent spiders that appear like the Peacock spider near Perth, Australia?

Correct, Tom. But, as you guessed, a larger variety. They are quite benevolent, Tom, to allay any fears you have.

Will there be any spiders on board our visit to your spaceship?

Quite so, Tom. But not this “grown-up” version. There will be others. But very benevolent.

This question was sent to me by RJ regarding the following link:

Antura, was that a real space craft, or CGI, seen from a cruise ship off the Florida Keys recently?

Quite so, Tom. An odd appearance, but they were displaying themselves.

Federation ship?

No, but friendly and just doing some readings.

Flo writes: Next year when Antura and others do make first contact with humans, will they also make physical contact with our whales and dolphins? Also, have the whales and dolphins been in contact, telepathically of course, with beings like Antura and the other intelligence aquatic life forms of the various Sirius B planets?

Antura, are whales and dolphins on your schedule to visit?

Quite so, but they will be short. We are able to communicate at a fast clip with them.


This story and the next one were in last Saturday’s Blog that has nothing but MBO and BP stories. You can read the blogs at and sign up for the blog by clicking on this link:

Glastonbury FestivalDianne in the UK writes: You may know that the wonderful Glastonbury Festival has grown in popularity since it began in the 70s and famous stars and groups have headlined there in recent years. So of course, this has led to ticket sales being extremely difficult to get hold of. The lines open and the tickets are sold within minutes.

Well, the tickets went on sale yesterday for next year's festival, June 2015!

A young friend I know was manning four PCs and four phones in the hope of getting through. How she did this, I don't know. Anyway, her Aunty Debbie, who attended the Gentle Way workshop in Henley with me, explained to her about MBOs and told her to say it just as the phone lines opened. Debbie received a text a short while later to say that Katy had managed to get 18 tickets!! One highly delighted convert to MBOs, Tom!

You can see photos of my workshop in Henley-on-the-Thames in England at I’m always open to do workshops in other cities. I just have to be sponsored. The workshops can be all day or a half-day and I cover a great number of topics.


Lost KeysLois writes from Houston: I regularly do MBOs for finding lost objects. After I do, I suddenly think of where it might be, and voila, there it is. It has become a way of life for me now. Just the other day I was late for an appointment, could not find the car keys, and was frantic about finding them. I said an MBO for finding them easily and quickly, and then got an image inside my head of their being underneath a partially unpacked sack of groceries (not the refrigerated kind). And there they were. I made it to the appointment on time by saying an MBO for getting there on time with no traffic and lots of green lights, and even though there was some traffic and a couple of red lights, I got there on time anyway.

I regularly say BPs for national security, safety of our leaders, and so on. I wish everyone would. I think we could change outcomes on this planet if we did. I think it would be great if you started a prayer group that meets online weekly and give us the option to submit a prayer each, plus create group prayers for peace, health, containing the Ebola outbreak, etc. We could pay $5 a month, automatically deducted from PayPal or whatever, and have a powerful group for doing good on the planet. I know that this kind of thing works - focused group consciousness.

I suggested to Lois that we start with people suggesting prayers on my “The Gentle Way” book page on Facebook. If it takes off, then we might have to have a dedicated webpage or something. Check out my book page at


Voting Rights DemonstrationLinda writes: Tom, your bonus newsletter on reincarnation was awesome. I am going to pass it on to people I think might be interested. My question for you is this - I am involved in some events preparing for the 50th anniversary of the Voting rights movement. How do the reincarnation cycles of slavery/civil war, the civil rights movement of the 60s and this anniversary now all tie into soul groups and reincarnation cycles? Is it destiny that we are here at this time working on this project?

Theo, how do reincarnation cycles of slavery/civil war, the civil rights movement and the 50th anniversary of the voting rights movement tie into soul groups and cycles?

Certainly, Tom, there are many people living today who are balancing in some way all that you listed. If they were soldiers, then perhaps they are working for peace this time. And there are people who, let’s say, worked for voting rights before and have returned to continue their work in this area. You can’t just label or combine all of these as each soul is different.


Futuristic PlaneTheo, I had a neat dream of traveling in some advanced aircraft where it could land in the street like a helicopter (but did not look like one). Is that on our Time Line or another? Supposedly, the name of the aircraft was “Commodore.”

Yes, that was on Earth and not so far in the future, Tom. You may see that come about.


David GikandiJohn writes (edited for space): In reading a book on energy, I came across a reference to David Cameron Gikandi, a purported prosperity teacher, although after reading the material on his website: I believe the underlying basis of his understanding has more to do with energy of the universe and personal internal individual value than with external prosperity in particular.

I have two questions for Theo’s guidance: Is Mr. Gikandi’s summary accurate in terms of the universal energy and the positive manner in which we can interact in concert with this energy?

If no, then what area of further understanding is needed?

Theo, is David Gikandi fairly correct about the energy system of the universe and about engaging this energy and interacting with it?

Certainly Mr. Gikandi was not the first person nor will he be the last to advocate interacting with the energy of the universe. Thousands of people do this everyday during meditation. His is a little more structured for those who need that. So, his ideas are in the right area, but people will find that in the future he just scratched the surface.


Adam & EveDom writes: Tom, in the early Christian Bible humans (presumably) lived for 100s of years. Were they of a different make-up (construction)? Or were they rare instances because they came from some other part of the universe? I’m referring to Adam and Eve, Enoch, or Methuselah.

Gaia, explain to my readers how a number of people in the Bible lived hundreds of years.

Ah, an easy question to begin the day, Tom. We’ve touched on this before. These people existed much, much earlier than it is understood and believed that civilization existed. These stories were passed down by generation to generation until they were finally written down. Therefore, it seemed to take place much later than in actuality.


Appel writes: Always a pleasure to read your web articles. Quite refreshing, truly! This morning, whilst aware of my presence in another timeline, I saw a winged being land on a huge tree. The landing on the branch was quite thunderous; I noticed that this being was no bird. His clothes looked like ancient armor with detailed inscriptions difficult to describe, but the body armor was quite elaborate and truly classic. By the time the winged being came down the tree, most of the people around were running away, and others climbed a nearby tree, all in fear. I too was running away, but something urged me to return especially when I heard the being ask, "Why are you running away, are you chickens?"

Winged ManI went back and this being walked upright on two legs and looked just like any other human being except his wings, which by then had folded back behind him. I gave the winged being a handshake. He seemed grateful that I did not bolt like my fellow humans, and he gave me another handshake of gratitude for the courage. The winged being was talking on what appeared to be a phone, the conversation sounded no different than we humans have. My interaction with this winged being was telepathic, direct mental transfer of words, and I could hear his conversation the same way.

My question Tom, will these beings materialize on our earth timeline, also why are they often depicted as evil dark angels with black wings? I did not sense or feel any evil in him, but just that feeling that he is one of God's creations created with different abilities unlike the common human biped. Hope you can shed some light on that!

Gaia, where did the winged creature come from that Appel saw, or was this a symbolic vision?

No, Tom. Appel did tune into a humanoid with wings. There are such beings in the universe. She was tuning into a time when she actually met him in a past life.

I will note that depictions of dark spirits in art for centuries were always black.


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