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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter and a special welcome to all of my new subscribers from around the world.  As I write this I’m in Cannes, France and will travel tomorrow to take part in the Frankfurt Book Fair.  I’ll have an update on this portion of my trip next week.  I’m staying at a little hotel whose name is—The Angel Hotel!  I couldn’t find a better deal within walking distance to the Fair.

This edition should be titled “More On …” as I don’t believe I’ve ever had as many follow-ups.

Last week I mentioned that on my 45 minute walk down the Croisette to the New Port, I would say “bonjour” to a homeless man living next to the sea wall I walked on and he responded.  Last night I over ordered at a restaurant and so I had them put it in tin foil (they don’t have to go boxes at least not at that restaurant).  This morning I took the sack with me and requested a MBO for not only my walk, but that he would accept the food, as I could not tell how cognizant he was. 

He was feeding the pigeons and sea birds as he seems to do each morning.  Are they a bunch of beggars!  They never left the sea wall or surrounding rocks, but kept eyeing him for the next handout.  Luckily I had scooped up all the bread in the basked at the restaurant so he’ll have more to feed them. 

I gave him the food, and I was to find out in speaking with him that he was from Berlin and spoke pretty good English.  He had met Laura Bush one time he said before George became President.   He liked her—said she had a good heart, but the Russian president (or? I wasn’t sure) had a hard heart from what I could tell.  He also gave me advice about staying warm in Germany.  Mentioned how St. Moritz was great to ski, and how he had been in Northern Italy, but I couldn’t tell how long he was there.  Said he gets his food from cleaning up after the markets held in Cannes.  Not sure if he is on a clean up crew or just scavenges, but I did see tins of cookies that I had seen in the Palais building.  All in all a conversation that I never imagined having. 


Laurie writes:  This is a continuation, of sorts, of my "Two Stars" MBO (which was posted in the 10/3/09 newsletter).

This year, the sci-fi convention in Atlanta was one of the best I have ever experienced (and I've been attending this event for many, many years).  This year, it was significantly less stressful.  Thanks to asking for MBOs, I was able to just let go and allow my guardians and guides to lead me.  I didn't chase anything.  There were so many cases where I "just happened" to be in the right place at the right time for all sorts of little things to make me sigh with relief and make me smile.  Also, the convention hotel in which I stayed is notorious for having elevators jammed with attendees.  We usually get packed in tighter than a rush hour subway in Tokyo.  This year I asked for an MBO for uncrowded elevators, and as a result there were never more than ten people whenever I got on.  Several times, fellow riders remarked on the phenomenon! 

Oh, but I really needed MBOs on my trip back home.  I had left my car parked at my friend's condo (we drove to Atlanta in her car) and I came back to find the battery dead.  It wouldn't have been a hassle except that I live 200 miles from my friend and still had that far to travel to get home. We managed to jump-start my car, but worried that there wouldn't be a shop open to replace the battery since it was Labor Day. 

Well, a few MBO requests later...  The local Sears was open and could take me immediately.  The extended warranty on the battery still applied and I got a new one for a discounted price.  I drove away happy.  Only later did I discover that I had left my credit card at Sears.  More MBO requests ensued!  I asked that the
card would be found and put away safely, and that I would be able to get it back easily and without complication. 

I was a little worried the next morning when I tried to call the automotive department of Sears and kept getting a busy signal.  A quick MBO to get through swiftly resulted in the phone being answered on my very next try.  And yes, they had my credit card safely in the cash register.  I was able to drive there and pick it up
without any difficulty.  Whew!

I've discovered that I have best success with MBOs when I frame the request positively.  For example, I will say "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to be safe and collision-free while driving today" instead of "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to not get into an accident".  In other words, I don't ask for something to NOT happen.  I turn it around and ask for something positive to happen.  I feel that it's all tied up with the Law of Attraction.  By asking for something NOT to happen, that negative thought or image is in your mind and will actually attract the thing instead of keep it away! 

In your 10/10/09 newsletter you referred to Robert Shapiro's suggestion that people say, "Things can get better for me".  I have a quote tacked to my wall (I'm pretty sure it's from Shapiro, too) that says, "I'm better today than I was yesterday, and I'll be better tomorrow than I am today".  I say this aloud every day along with the Expect Great Things mantra.  In that spirit, let me add my own suggestion for all your readers to say this MBO:

"I request the Most Benevolent Outcome to be able to hear my Guardian Angel(s) better and better each day." 

It's been working for me!  Good luck (or rather, good MBOs) during your travels.


Paul writes:  One of the most interesting features of the language is the use of euphemisms. "Shoulda - coulda - woulda - oughta - mighta - try" are good examples. They really stand for nothing, if you accept a "binary" interpretation of expectations, i.e., you either do it or you don't...get what you deserve. I avoid these terms, myself.

I prefer your mantra to the one Isis proposes. And I'm willing to modify your present mantra for myself on increasing memory by saying,

 "MY memory will be better, my memory is getting better, my memory IS better." Slightly less euphemistic, I think.  Good life, and thanks for your newsletters.

I like Paul’s mantra.  What do you think readers?


Carol in Hawaii writes:  In response to Lynn from Oregon's story in your last newsletter, 10/10/09, which I just received -- your suggestion of saying a BENEVOLENT PRAYER for those 2 whispering ladies is great, but if Lynn had to hold in her anger instead of saying something, here's the type of thing she could say if she were ever in a situation like that again -- she can tell the 2 ladies that a very large portion of the Samoan population are Christians, and even Mormons. The Philippines, another great disaster area, is one of the countries I am always reminded of having a really huge majority of Catholics! (Originally brought there by Spain). Indonesia/Sumatra is another disaster area, but the majority of them are Muslims.
The reason I am pretty sure about the Samoans and Filipinos, is because we have many of those who have migrated here, to Hawaii, from those countries, so we, here, are very familiar with their beliefs. In fact, Samoa is divided into 2 parts -- one is Samoa, it's own "country", and the other part is called American Samoa. As you can tell by the name, that part is a territory of the United States, so that's not really a foreign country to us.
As you can see, disasters don't happen on lands and peoples because of their religions. Neither are they "protected" because of their religions. Lynn is intelligent, so I'm sure she has her own similar information in the back of her mind, which she can say at a time like that -- in a calm, quiet voice.
Tom, I would like to add a personal comment about what you said -- that Jesus would be saddened to hear what the 2 ladies said, because he is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. (Not your exact words -- I'm paraphrasing.) Since I discovered metaphysics in the 1970s, one of the principles which I have truly believed from the very start, is that God, Jesus, Angels, etc. are LOVE. Consequently, if they are Love, Unconditional Love, then that's what they are -- ALL the time. They Love us when we're good, and they Love us when we're bad -- they just Love us, period. So my personal belief is that Jesus would not be saddened by hearing the ladies -- upon hearing them, he would just enfold them in His Love because he is not capable of being, or feeling, sadness, or anything else but Love, no matter what. It is up to us to learn how to "feel" His Love (energy). What does Theo say about this?
I believe that those 2 women, with their religious prejudices, are learning lessons, just like the rest of us, as we learn from what we do and say, and one day they will become filled up enough with their prejudices until they are ready to let the prejudices go. In fact, who knows? If Lynn didn't have to turn away to suppress her anger, she might have said something to them, which could have made them realize their prejudices were unfounded, and they would have finished learning a lesson right there! But then, I have to admit that I would have had to struggle to keep my composure also, if I were in Lynn's place. Kudos to her for controlling herself.
In addition, Tom, regarding your health and the operations you've had, how about checking out the Emotional Freedom Techniques to keep yourself healthy and to heal yourself if you do become ill or have an accident? I've used it on myself for 2 accidents, and have thus proven to myself that it really works. I knew it would from the start, but didn't have a chance to see if I really, truly, was CERTAIN that it worked, until I had to use it when I burned my finger with steam -- really bad burn, and when I dropped a full can of pineapple on my big toe -- instant, excruciating pain in both instances! The EFT tapping reduced, and then eliminated, the pain, and the black & blue under my big toenail was gone almost instantly. My burned finger was completely healed in one week -- not even a scab, scar or blemish, and my big toe lost all the black & blue that evening, and never even became swollen. No further pain by bedtime, or the next day, or days afterwards in both instances. I use the tapping all the time -- for headaches, backaches, itches, -- for everything!
Gary Craig, the founder, lets you download the 79-page manual for free -- no charge at all. It's an easy technique to learn from the manual, and his newsletters are fabulously entertaining, aside from being so educational. The web address is: (It stands for Emotional Freedom)
Anybody can learn it -- it's really, really easy, and he, like you, shares his information with Love. He just wants people to heal. EFT has even healed a Vietnam veteran from 30 years of PTSD and insomnia. Gary has lots of testimonials -- check them out. Wouldn't it be great to ask for an MBO before doing the tapping for an illness or injury? I'll bet the healing would be WAY better and faster than one could hope for or expect! I know there needn't be any illness or accidents if we use the MBOs, but what if you forgot to use it that particular time, and ended up getting sick or hurt? Knowing EFT would definitely be a wonderful complement to the Gentle Way! Also, you can tap surrogately to help others. It can help, and it certainly won't hurt.
Sorry for going on so long in this email, but this is just a message to you, and not a testimonial to put in your newsletter, since I have wanted to tell you about EFT from the moment I read in your book that you had a few medical emergencies. Also, as Theo said, if you needed to go through the "lesson" of having a heart operation, then EFT tapping could at least ease any discomfort during the process. I think these 2 techniques, combined, could heal the world! They're both easy and free, and come from your hearts with Love. What does Theo say about it?
Thank you, Tom, for what you do, and for lovingly sharing your knowledge with us.

Great comments from Carol.  Thanks for sharing.  I really felt what you wrote should be made available for everyone, so I put it in the newsletter.  I really must check EFT out after I return.  Here’s what Theo says about Jesus and EFT.

Theo, wasn’t Jesus capable of all human feelings during his time on earth, or was he above this?

Yes the man you call Jesus or Yesuah Ben Josef was capable of all human feelings during his time on earth.  He loved as a man, cried as a man, was sad, happy, laughed and so on just like any human being.  Your reader may not have read your previous questions and answers about his life, but suffice to say he was a man with all human feelings. 

What is your opinion of EFT?

An excellent question Tom.  I think this is a tool that is available to all who wish to use it to make your life better.  All those inclined should investigate this for themselves and experiment with it just as people experiment with requesting Benevolent Outcomes in their lives.


Daphnee writes:  Thank you to Tom for the answer about ascension and that those who will ascend will do so together with Gaia but I would like to continue Jerry's question. What are the criteria which will be necessary for the decision who is ascending or not?

Being in contact with the spiritual/esoteric community, I can see that many are doing lots of studying, meditating, merkhaba work etc etc...but what about those who only evolve by simply being good people, trying to live a good life being ethically correct. Will they not ascend?

I read a few channellings where it is said that if one does not do certain merkhaba work or go the keylontic science way, one will not ascend. Can you shed more light on that please? As it is not given to all to have access to such complicated and expensive technics.

I have developed my own theory about that. I believe that although we will share the same earth, those of lower vibrations will not be able to " see " those vibrating higher but that they will co-exist together but without touching each others life. and that those vibrating at a higher rate will just continue developing in happiness, joy and abundance etc...As I cannot really imagine that those who are of lower vibrational rate would just disappear another planet or reality. As I can’t imagine either that some will one day wake up and 1/2 the population more or less is gone. Who will do their jobs? How will that huge disappearance be explained? I am awaiting with anticipation the rest of Theo's information.

Theo, my readers still are confused as to any criteria for those ascending or not ascending.    I know this is from the very conflicting information they are receiving.  Will lower vibrational people just not be able to see those that have ascended?  Your comments.

As I have stated before, ALL the people on this imaginary ladder will ascend all at once—not just those who are the lightworkers shall we call them.  These lightworkers make it possible for everyone to ascend—and that includes those that have no clue what is happening until after it happens.  Would these lightworkers feel it justifiable to leave someone behind just because this information never reached those people? 

This is the separation that those who wish for things to remain the same for control purposes would wish—the “we are better than you” philosophy.  The Creator and we all on this side look on you equally and understand that each of you are leading individual lives, but when you return, you are the magnificent beings that you are.  So this is the duty of all those who wish to consider themselves lightworkers—it is your task to lift yourself up vibrationally high enough to open the doors so to speak for all those to follow you. 


Diana writes:  Here's an MBO story about the Jakarta airport:

I just went to Jakarta for my relative's wedding.  I was always nervous in the custom and immigration there (shady characters and other stories).  I request an MBO prayer to pass custom quickly and smoothly there, as well as asking for Archangel Michael for protection.  In short, the procedure went too fast, that
when I came out of the customs area, no one was there to pick me up yet.

I was happy nonetheless, not to spend so much time in there, I'd rather wait outside of the custom area.  My relative had thought that I would be so late coming out of the baggage area and long waiting for customs procedure.

Same thing on the way back home.  I was able to come quickly out of the baggage area and had a great timing (no half hour waiting for bus back to home).  Just made the bus in time.  Again, thank you.


Rick writes:  By My Own Hands finished in first place in the Downbeach Film Festival contest.

There are a whole lot of "coincidences" to go along with this. First and foremost, I did an MBO that stated, "I request a most benevolent outcome for my screenplay, 'By My Own Hands', to win the Downbeach Film Festival, and may the results be better than I could hope for or expect. Thank you." I had entered it into "Scriptapalooza" which is a national competition, but I don't think the wording for my MBO was as precise and thus did not win. It went more along the lines of "I request a most benevolent outcome for successfully submitting my screenplay..." etc. I don't think it was specific enough.
Here's the "coincidence part" and it's funny how this played out. As you know, I am collecting Social Security Disability Insurance. Through the state, I can receive vocational rehabilitation training. I chose to attend a workshop in Maine to update skills that I already have using newer technologies. I have been trying to get to this workshop for a year now. As I write this, I am "supposed" to be in Maine, attending these workshops. Had I been in Maine, I would not have been home to receive the news that I won. Also, the festival is next weekend. I would not have been home for the award ceremony.
Also, I have had ankle, foot, hip, lower back and hamstring issues for a year now. I am a true believer in osteopathic manipulation treatment, but had a difficult time finding a DO that does OMT, but also takes my insurance. Well, my urologist sent me to a DO. My appointment was Tuesday. She in turn ordered X-Rays, sent me to see her teacher at the local hospital's school of osteopathy, and ordered a gait analysis. I got my x-rays done yesterday...having called yesterday morning to make the appt. Her instructor had a cancellation, so I got in to see him this morning (the first available appt. would have been December), and I have an appointment Tuesday for my gait analysis. None of this would have been possible had I been in Maine. There was a reason for me not to go to Maine!
On top of it, the counselor for Vocational rehabilitation called me today to tell me that the state would have had a hard time sending me to Maine for red tape reasons, that the school informed her that the classes had been cancelled due to low registration! On top of it, she found a school in Philadelphia that will teach me the same thing over the course of 2 days for less money!
This has been the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. Because of my MBO, I won an award, and I got medical treatment that was covered by my insurance (I feel pretty good physically right now), and found a more convenient workshop.
In addition, a couple of my friends are putting the final touches on the proposal to start up an entertainment company, seeking millions of dollars in investment money. The screenplay that won is the first one on the agenda!



Julius wrote me about cayenne pepper and I was going to read his email in detail upon my return; but when I mentioned it last week Monica sent me the following, which was identical to what Julius sent, so I have a feeling that this information is supposed to be out there.  Here it is:

Monica writes:  Here's some information on cayenne pepper. You mentioned it in your newsletter so I thought I'd look it up. Love...

"Cayenne pepper - prized for thousands of years for its healing power.  Folklore from around the world recounts amazing results using cayenne pepper in simple healing and in baffling health problems. But cayenne pepper is not just a healer from ancient history. Recent clinical studies have been conducted on many of the old-time health applications for this miracle herb. Again and again, the therapeutic value of cayenne pepper has been medically validated."Dr. Patrick Quillin  The Healing Power of Cayenne Pepper. 

In a recent letter to the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine, three Italian doctors describe how they were able to reduce patients' reported dyspepsia symptoms by more than half -  by prescribing red pepper powder. In a study of 30 patients with  functional dyspepsia, half of the participants received a placebo, while the other half took 2.5 grams of red pepper powder each day (divided into capsules taken before each of three meals). Both groups took their respective treatments for five weeks, and rated their symptoms each day on a scale of zero  to three (higher scores indicated more severe symptoms). By the third week, the red pepper group showed a significant advantage over the control group. And by week five, the pepper group's symptoms had declined 60 percent from their baseline scores - while the control group's scores had only decreased about half as much. The symptom scores included ratings for pain, a feeling of fullness, nausea, and an overall score. The red pepper powder produced significant gains in all four areas.

Many herbalists believe that Cayenne is the most useful and valuable herb in the herb kingdom, not only for the entire digestive system, but also for the heart and circulatory system. It acts as a catalyst and increases the effectiveness of other herbs when used with them.

Cayenne is a medicinal and nutritional herb.  It is a very high source of Vitamins A and C, has the complete B complexes, and is very rich in organic calcium and potassium, which is one of the reasons it is good for the heart.


Cayenne can rebuild the tissue in the stomach and the peristaltic action in the intestines.  It aids elimination and assimilation, and helps the body to create hydrochloric acid, which is so necessary for good digestion and assimilation, especially of proteins.  All this becomes very significant when we realize that the digestive system plays the most important role in mental, emotional and physical health, as it is through the digestive  system that the brain, glands, muscles and every other part of the body are fed.


Cayenne has been known to stop heart attacks within 30 seconds.  For example, when a 90-year-old man in Oregon had a severe heart attack, his daughter was able to get Cayenne extract into his mouth.  He was pronounced dead by the medics, but within a few minutes, he regained consciousness.  On the way to the hospital, he remained in a semi-conscious state, but the daughter kept giving him the Cayenne extract.  By the time they got  to the hospital, he had fully recovered and wanted to go home and mow the lawn.  The doctor asked what she had given him, as he said it was the closest thing to a miracle he had ever seen.
Capsicum (cayenne pepper) is said to be unequal for its ability to boost circulation and increase heart action. Capsicum exerts a variety of desirable actions on the entire cardiovascular system. It has the extraordinary ability to enhance cardiovascular performance while actually lowering blood pressure. Capsicum has an energizing effect on the entire system. It has traditionally been used for overcoming fatigue and restoring stamina and vigor. It is a natural stimulant without the threatening side effects (palpitations, hyper-activity or rise in blood pressure) of most other stimulating agents.

Because Capsicum boots peripheral circulation and stimulates organ secretion, it expedites the therapeutic delivery and action of nutrients in the body. It will ensure the rapid and even distribution of the active principles of available nutrients to critical function centers, including those involved in cellular respiration, metabolic data transmission and neural-hormonal action. The remarkable ability of Capsicum to stimulate organ secretion and even heart action makes it one of the strongest natural stimulants known. Clearly, Capsicum should be considered nothing less than a wonder herb that has scientifically proven its worth!  Heart Attacks: Cayenne
If a heart attack should occur, it is suggested that a teaspoon of extract be given every 15 minutes or a teaspoon of Cayenne in a glass of hot water be taken until the crisis has passed.  Dr. Anderson also knew of a  doctor who rushed out into the parking lot and put cayenne tincture into the mouth of a man who had died of a heart attack while he was parking his car.  Within a few minutes, the man’s heart starting beating again.
According to Dr. Richard Anderson, using cayenne and hawthorn berries together has a most incredible effect upon the heart.  He believes that a regimen of cayenne and hawthorn berries for several months will greatly  strengthen the heart, and possibly prevent heart attacks.  He states further that if an attack were to occur in someone who had followed this regimen, chances are very good that no damage would occur.  He tells the  following story about his mother: 

“I had her taking hawthorn berries and cayenne when she had a heart attack at the age of 79.  Her diet had not been the best, and she was in an extremely stressful situation. While in the hospital, they found three blocked arteries and wanted to operate immediately.  They did not think that she could survive for more than a few weeks if they didn’t operate.  (How many have heard that story!)  The doctors thought it would be very risky to operate, but they had her there, and there was a lot of money to be made.  So they decided to take some tests in the hopes that they could find an excuse to operate.  In spite of the fact that she had  been taking lots of aspirin for her arthritis, smoked like she was the reincarnation of a boiler factory, and had just had a heart attack, they found that her heart was incredibly strong.  In fact, they felt that her heart  was stronger than most people in their 30’s!  The good news was that not only did she survive the operation, but also she stopped smoking!  Well worth the operation, don’t you think? In my opinion, that was the best thing the doctors ever did for her.  Well, that is what hawthorn and cayenne can do for the heart, and every good herbalist knows it; every good doctor should also know it, but very few do.” 


It is a good idea to always have some Cayenne extract on hand for emergencies.  Dr. Anderson carries capsules of cayenne with him in the car and whenever he goes hiking, backpacking or mountain climbing.  He says, “You never know when you may find someone having a heart attack or some other emergency.”
The following stories demonstrate only a few of the remarkable emergency uses of cayenne.
If a hemorrhage occurs in the lungs, stomach, uterus or nose, it is suggested that a teaspoon of extract (or a teaspoon of cayenne powder in a cup of hot water) be given every 15 minutes until the crisis has passed. The bleeding should stop in 10-30 seconds.  The reason for this is that rather than the blood pressure being centralized, it is equalized by the Cayenne, and the clotting action of the blood becomes more rapid.  For external bleeding, take cayenne internally and pour cayenne directly on the wound. 

For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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