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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers to this F.R.E.E. newsletter!  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWSLETTER. And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.  If you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s), you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that I be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.

I’ll be the guest on three radio programs this week.  Please see the Appearance section down at the bottom for dates and times. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation.  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested:


LyonI reported a couple of weeks ago that Theo said Lyon, France would be the location of a terrorist attack.  Since then 12 suspected terrorists were arrested in the south of France.  But I neglected to ask if any other countries were at risk. 

(9/30) Theo, I neglected to ask if there would be any other terrorist attacks in Europe besides in France, as there seems to be threats in several different countries?

Yes, Tom, there are other threats, but they will be contained and blocked at this time.  The previous mention I made that Lyon would experience a terrorist attack is the only one, which will occur at the present time.  There are other plans to have more attacks, but again, most if not all will be thwarted.

(10/8) Theo, what about the arrests of the alleged terrorists in Southern France?  Did they negate the attack on Lyon?

No they did not Tom.  Unfortunately there are other Jihadists, as they like to be called, who will fill in shall we say to carry off the terrorist attack.  It will not be too long now until it happens, as they are afraid to wait much longer, in case they are now on the radar of the French National Police. 

So what are the percentage odds on this occurring?

Certainly over 80% to 90% Tom. 

Perhaps here we could say a Benevolent Prayer for those who are not supposed to experience this as part of their soul contracts.  Please say this out loud now:

“I ask that any and all beings assist and protect all those in the vicinity of any terrorist attack that are not supposed to experience that event, thank you!” 


E Howard HuntThis response really surprised me, as it goes under the heading of conspiracy theories, but that’s why I ask—to get the facts ma’am, just the facts—as Detective Joe Friday used to say on the DRAGNET TV series. 

Mike writes:  Hey Tom, if you think it's worthy, could you please ask Theo if he could comment on E. Howard Hunt's "Deathbed Confession" that there was indeed a CIA plot to assassinate JFK?

Theo, please comment on the ”deathbed” confession of E Howard Hunt that there was an assassination ordered on JFK by Lyndon Johnson?

What he reported is correct Tom.  But he saw only a part of it.  Naturally there are those who do not wish this information to be widely disseminated and so they have found ways to bury the story.  It would not look good for the rest of the world to see that a past President of the United States ordered the assassination of the standing President at that time, especially one so popular.  This would sully the reputation of the United States and lower the world’s opinion, even though it happened so long ago.  Politics can be a very dirty business Tom, no matter what part of the world it is conducted.  Some stay
Lyndon B. Johnson above the mud and some sink into it. 

So was there a Karmic connection between JFK and LBJ?

Naturally there was Tom.  They had crossed swords in several past lives and will yet again, until they learn to forgive and forget, but that will take several more lives as I have said. 

So to answer the original question in summary, yes, LBJ contributed to the death of John F Kennedy in order to become President of the Unite States.  He ordered it. 

For those who don’t remember, former CIA Mexico Station Chief Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy engineered the Watergate break-in and he was convicted and spent 33 months in prison.  You can read more about him, including his alleged possible involvement in the assassination at: .


I was sent a story that appeared in the USA Today newspaper concerning why Florida and the East Coast was not more affected by the oil leak.  It described, with accompanying diagrams, how the Gulf current shed an “eddy” which prevented the oil from spreading on around the East Coast.  Now wouldn’t that just be something Gaia would do to protect her coastlines?  I’ll let you decide.  Read the article at:
Gulf Current Map


IndonesiaIsti on Facebook writes:  Hi Tom, I read at our local; that stated "following this early morning earthquake in West Papua, Kaimana - 7.4 SRn the quake will shift from East Indonesia to Java and Sumatra. According to the Presidential Experts on Calamities: many areas in Java have a potential for a huge earthquake predicted at 8.1 SR. Those areas are Tasikmalaya, Ujung Kulon and Jakarta. There have been several earthquakes in Indonesia (almost every month), this year alone, stretching from Sumatra, Ambon, Sulawesi, Papua and Central Java, ranging from 5 SR to 7.4 SR.

Could you please ask Gaia if this is correct and what month it will occur? Many thanks Tom and Gaia.

Gaia, scientists are predicting a huge 8.1 earthquake for Java and/or Sumatra.  Your comments.

Yes, this is coming Tom and quite soon, I might add.  The scientists are getting a little better at seeing the signs of major movements and they are correct on this one.

So when will this occur?

Quite soon as I said.  Certainly within the next month or two Tom. 

Can we narrow that down any?

I prefer not at this time Tom. 

Will it be Java or Sumatra?

Neither Tom, but close by shall we say. 


BibleVera writes:  As you know, there are millions of Christians in the world and they follow the teachings of Christ (Jesus).  There is no proof that He taught karma and reincarnation.  I am not implying that He objected to this teaching, as I cannot prove such is the case.  My point is that Christians are taught that if they believe, nothing is impossible.  That supports the benevolent requests you encourage which is prayer, and Christ certainly taught prayer. 

However, for those who accept karma and reincarnation as valid without any options permitted, the benevolent requests could not work if one is to believe that their soul contract must be followed to the T, without reservation, even if they do not know what that contract is, which incidentally, is very unfair, to be expected to live in ignorance.  By the same token, there are entities who can contact the Akashic Records which would provide soul information.

Therefore, for those who believe the contract cannot be broken or changed, a prayer that interferes with the contract cannot manifest. The only thing that could overcome this issue is faith and belief, which is what Christ taught.  In other words, a Higher Consciousness takes overall priority as will be required in the 2012 Ascension process.  Thank you for your comments.

I think where you get a little “off the track” is when you state that “…their soul contract must be followed to the T, without reservation…”  It’s true, none of us really know our soul contract, but that’s why we request Benevolent Outcomes—to keep on the soul contract that OUR OWN SOULS set up before this life for the highest and best learning our life could provide our soul.  This was not dictated by some outside entity. 

We do have FREE CHOICE, as we are veiled, and we do take paths that are not for our highest learning.  That’s the reason to request MBO’s—they keep us on track by not going down a path of lesser learning.  Our HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS wants us to keep on the path laid out before birth. 


Give ThanksRenee writes:  In response to one of your readers concerns on the treatment of Earth beings in last week's newsletter, I felt I needed to share this with you and your readers and possibly relieve some anxiety on eating meat.  Before anything I ingest or goes on my body, I bless with the following:  "I give thanks and honor to the plants and animals that have given their lives for my body, and ask that the nutritional and vibrational levels be raised to meet my body's needs, and ask that all negative energies and ingredients be released from my body leaving it unharmed.  Thank you." 
Not only do the animals have feelings of fear and abuse in their bodies, but plants also can harbor these effects as well.  By honoring and giving thanks to the plants and animals you elevate the vibrational levels and you do not ingest these negative energies.  (Not to mention no more food poisoning too.)  I also give thanks to my bath water and such things as my clothes and toothpaste daily.  Hope this helps with some of the concerns or decisions when it comes to meat--it certainly has helped me.

One more thought on this, and that is you also raise your vibrational level by giving thanks to all.  Always expect great things!


FamilyShirley writes:  I wanted to say that my boyfriend & I are now engaged and expecting our first child! I wanted to ask if there was a MBO for the health of our baby and of our relationship?

I also wanted to ask for a MBO for our cat that was only a kitten that got run over by a car last Wednesday ? We are both upset and I can't seem to know what reasons he passed on so quickly back to God/Universe ? I know that everything happens for a reason though.  Thank you very much for all your loving support.

For Shirley and anyone else expecting you can say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to have a perfect pregnancy, a perfect birth, and that my baby is born healthy, thank you!"
KittenFor the two of you, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my relationship with my partner, and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"
I've been told that our dogs and cats are here to be teachers to us of many things, one of them being life and death.  You can say this request and my GA Theo says your GA will "take it to the proper authorities" as he jokes:

"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome that the fragment of the soul that was our cat will be returned to live with us again, thank you!" 

I think you'll know when that happens.  As an example we had a female beagle named Sugar that passed away.  We went to the Operation Kindness facility here in the Dallas area and found the sweetest dog--naturally her name was Sugar!  My son renamed her (she was found on the side of a highway) Sandy. 


Celia writes:  Can you please ask about the safety of living Ashland, Oregon.   Also are there going to be water shortages in the Western States due to the lack of water from the Colorado River?

Gaia, will Ashland, Oregon have a water shortage in the future?

Yes, Tom they will have some problems with a water shortage in their future.  There will not be enough water provided by the Colorado River, plus there will be breaks in their infrastructure.  They will need to create a water gathering system similar to the one you saw on TV where rainwater is collected and then made potable by chlorine and other devices.  They need to rely on what I provide them locally and not so much on outside suppliers.


TreeJ.M. writes:  I just finished The Gentle Way II book. It is indeed of service to add to the Best Life Possible. My husband and I are already actively using the MBO affirmations/suggestions! I have passed along your connection to my circle of friends and family. My sister is 'howling' for my copy NOW!!! LOL

One thing I wanted to share is that I have been actively on the path to higher consciousness for over 30 years. So have been in the energy arena for a while. I have been conscious of the earth tremors since my twenties and find a correlation to 'feel' and happenings. Today I was walking at my local park and a hugs limb (say 30 inches in diameter) across the parking lot fell right in front of a lady’s car. I noticed because she was at the back of the car, with a baby stroller, so wanted to make sure all was well, it was. I thanked the angels on guard immediately. Then did a couple more laps and saw another limb in a totally different location fall of the same size range. I thought this was odd to see two from different trees right in a row. I wondered perhaps an earth tremor today creating this??? I have walked for years and never seen a limb fall other than on the ground already.

Gaia, why did two tree limbs fall right in a row for J.M.?

This was a unique occurrence Tom, as the limbs were quite large.  Both had reached a point where the tree needed to rid itself or in this case themselves of limbs, which were no longer of use.  The trees chose a time when no one would be hurt when they discarded the appendages shall we call them.  J.M. was allowed to see this process, as they were aware in their own way, from their own devas shall we say, that this person would write to you about the events.

Tree limbs have to be shed at times for a variety of reasons.  They may be diseased, they may not be contributing to the welfare of the tree, and so on.  It is more complicated than you can imagine at this time.  In the future more will be learned about the process of shedding limbs, but that is for your scientists to study.


Violet writes:  Please allow me to ask you one more question about the research done by Dr. Robert Bob Beck and his device ( Theo so that many persons affected by cancer / HIV can benefit from this device, if Theo approves of the same.  I would love to know or have hints about other devices from Theo/ other readers of your newsletter, if possible.
Thanking you once again for all the good work you are doing & May the Angels bless you with MBO for all your activities and endeavors!

Theo, your comments on Dr. Robert Beck’s device to fight cancer?

It has quite a bit of work needed Tom in order for it to perform correctly as he wishes it to, Tom.  He is moving in one of the right directions, as there will be found other ways to fight the spread of cancer.  His does have a promising outlook.


DepressionI have changed her name for privacy to Vonda writes:  Sixty-six years ago, when I was 3 years old my mother committed suicide.  Why would a woman with 2 very young children take her life when the 2 children were the only ones in the house?  I have never gotten over this since I heard about it in my 40s.  Why isn't the love from family enough to encourage a person to stay?

Theo, “Vonda” questions why her mother committed suicide when she was a child?

Yes, this is still difficult to understand even as an adult.  It’s a question of abandonment.  So let’s say that her mother just could not cope with the raising of two young children, along with her relationship with their father.  It just appeared to her that she could not face another day on earth.  Her mother was a fairly young soul that had not been seasoned yet shall we say.  As you have more and more lives, you learn how to handle situations on an intuitive basis, based on having had lives before where you learned to handle a given situation.  She was not at that point yet in her development and therefore took her own life.  She understands that on a soul perspective now and has already incarnated into another life to resume her learning. 

“Vonda” also has lessons to learn here and she must forgive her mother and send love and light her way.  It was not anything she did, just a combination of many things, which caused her mother to take her own life.  Keep in mind this was by soul contract Tom too.  All souls must experience the taking of one’s own life one or more times in the hundreds of lives you live on earth.


Ravi ShankarOne of my favorite musical artists is Ravi Shankar.  His music probably reminds me of lives in India.  I’ve been fortunate to see him once in concert, and recently he was again in Dallas playing at the age of 90 with his daughter Anoushka.  He is also the father of the singer Norah Jones.  So I decided to ask Theo about his future lives.

Theo, will Ravi Shankar incarnate again in his next life to play the Sitar, or will he choose another instrument, or will he chose a life with no musical aspirations?

Good question Tom.  As you guessed, Mr. Shankar does specialize in music –that’s his soul specialty—the expression of itself through music.  That said, Mr. Shankar will not choose the sitar again during his next life, but will choose another stringed instrument to play and learn to be the best in the world at it.  Yes it will be the violin. 

Will it be a life in the past or future?

It will be a future life Tom.  He will be a child prodigy, as he has played the violin in previous lives too.  But he will also play the sitar again in a future life, but one in the past you see. 

If you wish to see an amazing performance, check out his appearance at the 1967 Monterrey Pop Festival.  Here are the two links on Youtube.  (Parts 1 and 2).
I also love the footage they shot of the audience enjoying the performance.  You’ll recognize some of the musical artists enthralled at this virtuoso performance. 


FaerieAs I’m going to be a guest of Adrienne Dumas on her new Faeries and Angels radio show this week (see the APPEARANCE schedule below, as I’ll also be on two other shows too), I thought I might do a little research on faeries.  Here’s what I asked:

Theo, how many faeries are there in the world?

Yes, several million Tom.  These are sweet creatures that do have their own lives, although at times their lives and humans do cross.  Most of the time they are at a slightly higher focus than the one you are on, so you can’t see them.  But they are quite aware of you.  One must be highly sensitive in order to feel their presence or actually see them.  You will find the encounters will grow after you progress to the next focus. 


Linda writes:  I have been very impressed with The Gentle Way, MBO's and your website.  I have been playing with MBO's and listening to your podcasts. It is the easiest and most enjoyable thing I have done. I really see the results. I have also been passing on the info. I would however like to ask a question to Gaia or Theo. I have been trying remote viewing and telepathy. Is there an easy way to access this ability, and am I getting close?

Theo, Linda wants to remote view—any helpful suggestions to what she’s already doing?

Yes Tom.  Linda should relax and concentrate, but the key is to relax.  She can go through your meditation steps up to the point where you ask to speak to me or Gaia.  At that point she simply needs to silently request to see a specific area.  Then wait for the visions to be sent to her by her own Guardian Angel. 

You can find my meditation instructions in the back of the first, and I think, also the second book.  You can also purchase the SPIRIT GUIDES CD I have recommended numerous times at and click on pro-hypnosis. 


Multi-EthnicDiane writes:  Do you see the government of the United States changing in the future?  Will the Hispanic and Asian people dominate here in the United States since their numbers seem to be growing?  Will they be taking over so to speak everything here?

You see all the big changes here in the US and it does bother you on how we don't seem to be balanced and failing not only in education but even in making things. My biggest wish would be for the US to come together and change everything to the positive. 
By the way, I wrote to Oprah.....again!!!  And said this time that in order to help the people of this country that you need to be on her program so that we can spread the word.........we need to make this country strong you think that will

Theo, how will the Asian and Hispanic immigrants that have come to America influence the government, and what are the positives of these migrations?

They will add much to your culture Tom, as they bring their own cultures with them, and in time they will be completely integrated into your society.  Each has a different flavor, and when mixed through interracial marriage will result in many benefits to your society. 

Keep in mind Tom to remind your readers that there will emerge slowly in the next few hundred years, a composite of all the races in the world into one.  Again, it will take quite some time, but the United States will be in the forefront of that mixing of races.  This is inevitable, so for many it will be an interesting time now to watch the beginning of this process. 


PrismSue writes:  Yesterday I had an experience that has happened to me once before, I think it was about 3 years ago. You know how sometimes you look at something that is very bright and shiny, like the sun reflecting off of a car window, and you get that imprint in your vision for several minutes? Well this is something very similar and I was wondering if Theo could comment on it. Both times this has happened quite suddenly with no warning and I feel fine throughout and after the experience.
Instantly a large bright image appears in my vision. This image is amazingly beautiful, and is very obvious and present if my eyes are open or closed. It is in the shape of a reverse comma and is made up of multiple prisms. At least I think of them as prisms as they are kind of shaped like a pyramid and look like an unbelievable crystal diamond with shades of purple and bright white light reflecting/emanating off of them. The first time it happened the crystals/prisms were large and yesterday they were smaller and more elongated.

The first time it startled and scared me as I thought that perhaps I had a tear in my retina. I contacted the Ophthalmology department here (I work at a large University with a major medical center) described what I was seeing and they had me go directly to a clinic. There I received a thorough evaluation and was informed that it is a phenomenon called “ocular migraine” and they have no true idea what, why or how it happens. Like a good girl I listened and agreed with them but the whole time I felt very strongly that it was not an ocular migraine but instead something metaphysical.

How to describe it, and my conviction? Just that good old intuition, it was simply too crystalline, and beautiful and just so odd. Interestingly enough, over the last several days I have felt that I have changed in my vibration and raised it a bit. I cannot remember what I was going through before/during/after the first experience. So can you ask Theo if I am simply crazy and having an ocular migraine or some other physical response or experiencing a vibrational energetic shift?

Many thanks and Blessings to you Tom for your wonderful work and all of your efforts to help your brothers and sisters!

Arc of ColorsBrian writes:  I recently had an experience that I believe is metaphysical.  It began with a blockage in my eyesight that evolved into seeing air distortion in my eyesight,  This evolved into a partial arc of colors as might be viewed through a prism.  This all lasted around 15 minutes and my vision returned to normal.  I think this is related to the Archangel Uriel, for this reason.
In 1996, I had been praying to the Archangel Uriel (I forget what I was asking for) and I had a series of these experiences, beginning with the prism arc on March 8, 1996, another on 4-18-96, 4-28-96, 5-3-96 and 12-2-96.  Each of these experiences became stronger and showed more of the arc.  The one on 12-2-96 was almost a full circle and could be seen with eyes open or closed.  This happened once while I was driving and I had to pull to the side of the road because I couldn't see.  It frightened me and I thought I was going to lose my eyesight, but I did not.
Please ask your GA what these experiences are meant to convey to me?  Thank you very much for any light you can shed on this.

Theo, please explain the reverse comma image both Susan and Brian saw.

Yes, this was an energy flash of light both experienced.  These things are happening now with greater frequency.  Some will try and ignore this, while the intelligent ones will question, and the small minority will embrace the energy and use it to their benefit.  It is not to be feared Tom.  These will become more common the closer you are to the transfer into the new focus. 


LightDiane writes:  How is our next life chosen?  And is it true that we are in a "group" of other souls that are relatives, friends in many of our lives?  Do we follow a certain path in our growth?

I’ll answer the second question and Theo can answer the rest.  We are all fragments of souls in “soul groups” or pods of 6 to 12 fragments on average I’ve been told.  Then we also associate with other soul groups who interact with us through our hundreds of lives.  Please read my GUARDIAN ANGEL 101 newsletters listed under SERIES.  There is much information there.  I hope to do a book one of these days on these messages.

Theo, do we choose our next life, or as all our lives are supposed to be happening at the same time, are we just told by our souls and GA’s what the next one is supposed to be?

A thoughtful question Tom.  You are not so much instructed as to what your next life will be, as you are excited to begin learning what you next life will hold for you and assembling all those future people whom you will interact with.  This is a happy and exciting time as you plan your next incarnation.  Yes, the next life is already in the system shall we say, but the details of it are assembled with your direct participation. 

Is there a certain path we follow?

Of course.  It is your soul path, otherwise known as your soul contract, which we have discussed many times. 

Now taking it a step further, if you mean over the course of all your lives on earth, yes there is a path drawn according to your own soul’s interests and specialities, as each soul is different from the next.  No two are exactly alike.  When you think about it, that is remarkable when you consider there are trillions of souls in this universe alone. 


Mayan CalendarStorm writes:  Ask Gaia, According to the two main calendars being used by many time keepers which one is the most accurate for our time.  Is it the Yucantan calendar or the more academic classical calendar.  We are either one Chuen, Monkey or 10 Cauac.

Theo, is the Mayan-Yucatan calendar more, or less accurate than the classical one or the Chinese calendar?

Both or I should say all three had their own attributes, but the classical one is the most used and therefore from a subconscious or mental perspective, the one that will be used in the future.  The Mayan one will slowly die out after 2012.  The Chinese calendar will be used locally for quite a long time.




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