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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


3 Days of DarknessGaia, it seems a number of channels keep coming up with this “three days of darkness.” Has there been any change since I was last told the change would be almost imperceptible when we bridge over to the 5th focus?

No, Tom.  There has been no change.  Those channels have received alternative information – an alternate possibility, if you will, as to what will occur.  You can rest assured, along with your readers, that there will be no “three days of darkness.”  These ideas are created in a fear mode with one feeding off the other.


EarthquakeI’ve been waiting to see if I would have precognitive dreams about the upcoming earthquakes on the West Coast, as I’ve had other precognitive dreams in the past – three before 911 as an example.  So I had a dream about an earthquake that seemed to take place in Las Vegas, and a large Hilton Diamond Hotel was in flames.  I thought I should ask about this.

Gaia, was my dream of an earthquake, which seemed like Las Vegas, a precognitive dream or just symbology for changes coming?

An interesting question, Tom.  On one level, it is a precognitive dream of events coming in the near future.  On another level, it is symbolic of the changes that will soon be here for you, Tom.  It will be the second phase of your work, if you will.  You will see what I mean very shortly.

So, why did the location seem like Las Vegas?

As you might guess, it is to the west and was a symbol where there are many buildings being built.  But again, symbology is mixed, and you’ll see the actual events will be farther to the west in California and, eventually, the whole West Coast.

Yes, but we still seem to be in a holding pattern there, aren’t we?

Yes, this is true, but the soul signoffs will be soon, Tom.

DreamingAnything more to add?

No, not at this time.  You will have more dreams of a precognitive nature as we get closer to the actual events.

So, what percentage of the dream would you deem precognitive or does that not apply?

It applies, Tom, and I would say for the time being less than half.

I wonder what she means by “It will be the second phase of your work..”?  I didn’t know there were two or more “phases.”  I’ll have to ask more about that, if she’ll tell me.

And, may I add, that I do record my dreams during the night.  Keep a notebook, pen and night light next to your bed.  You’ll receive lots of information.


Cynthia writes:  We are quickly running out of 2012!!  Events and emotions Solar Eclipseare running very high on many fronts. Taking all this into consideration, since there is greater earth activity around solar events, what can we expect to see associated with the Solar Eclipse on 11/13?

Gaia, what do you have planned around the solar eclipse of November 13—any major earth events?

Yes, Tom.  The alignments will allow me to make some major movements.  Where you ask?  Certainly along the Ring of Fire.

Speaking of the Ring of Fire, any change in our souls’ response to have the California movements?

Not yet, Tom, but soon—very soon.


Center, Milky WayGaia, there have been artists who imagined the center of the Milky Way Galaxy as being oblong in shape.  What would be its true nature?

Yes, Tom, a nice question.  The center of this galaxy is not oblong, but it is not completely round, you see.  This is where your artists’ perceptions are a little similar, but not really.  The Central Sun, Alcyon, is enormous—huge—in comparison to all other suns in the Galaxy.  Alcyone, as it is called, has a greater energy than all others almost combined, you see.  And its soul is magnificent.


Theo, I have more questions on orbs.

1.    Where do the orbs originate prior to their assembly in the staging areas?

Actually from all over, as typically when they transition from one life they immediately are directed to the staging area where they are directed to the next life.  There is little time, using 3D analogy here, between lives.

Orbs2.    There seems to be a number of more intricate orbs mixed in.  Do they go to the staging areas too?

Not necessarily, Tom.  Some do act as shepherds of these orbs.  The soul fragments that do this for awhile are able to learn from this experience.

3.    What do hexagon and teardrop-shaped orbs mean, Theo?

Yes, these are more complex orbs in their own way, but different from the normal round-shaped.  And if you notice, Tom, they are not as complex in their appearance.  That should give you some hint that these are not orbs of humans, Tom.  So, let’s leave this one for a little while for you and the readers to contemplate.

4.    So what do the concentric circles man?

These intricate circles, Tom, have to do with the makeup of the soul fragment, plus, if you study the photos you will see even more intricacies.  There is much to be learned here.

5.    Are there orbs for other beings, other than humans and animals?

Quite so, Tom.  There are orbs traveling through, which are soul fragments of other animals, but also of birds, insects and any other living thing on earth.  This are very complicated, but necessary moving of these soul fragments to a staging area for their next life on earth.

So, that’s why in some areas people will see almost millions of these orbs at one time?

OrbsQuite so, Tom.  All beings have a soul connection.

6.    Are some orbs sent with information for us?

Those that act as your guides, Tom, certainly have a complete understanding of your soul plan or contract, so they are in constant touch with the person’s GA to try and keep you on your soul path, but also to lend their expertise in whatever you are working on in a particular life.

7.  Theo, why are some intricate orbs the size of softballs when photographed and others seem to be the size of basketballs?

They are just playing with the camera, Tom.  It would be as if you wanted to show your best side to the camera for a photo.  They have the ability to expand and contract at will.  It has nothing to do with whether one orb is more powerful than, say, another.


What is the reason only one child was reported, or honored, at that church shrine in Southern France?Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Yes, it would seem only one was honored, Tom, but there was only money enough to have one child represented, so they used that to honor all the children.

Why wasn’t Jesus so honored and not just Mary Magdalene?

Jesus presented himself as just a disciple and taught in this manner.  He was also gone a great deal of the time, as you remember, that he could transpose himself, yes, anywhere in the world, which he did frequently, and also to other worlds, even outside your solar system.  Remember that he was not a soul fragment, but a whole soul, having an earth physical life.  He had the same capability I and all the other Guardian Angels, as you call us, to appear physically at will.

French CoastTheo, where did Mary Magdalene die?

Ah yes, Tom, I knew that we would cover this one day.  Yes, she did pass away in Southern France—which is now referred to as the Riviera that you so well know, both from this life and others.  It was nearby where she landed.  They had made a home there.  Conditions were pleasant, food and water were sufficient, and there was a small population.  Of course, as her children matured, they began to explore farther to the north, establishing their own families and spreading the word of their father.

What happened to the four children?

They grew up and had lives of their own, and helped spread his teachings.  They did not claim to be his children, as that would have put their lives in danger, you see.

Mary MagdaleneWere any of the powerful European families derived from Jesus’ 4 children?

Yes, of course, Tom.  People were attracted to them, even though they kept their identities secret, but as their families grew, the families themselves knew from where they originated.  They became very powerful influences in Europe over time.  Perhaps one day we will discuss which families are descendents of Jesus, but you might need to do a little work on your part.

Did these families stay in the light, so to speak, or did they veer off course?

Ah, Tom, that is an interesting question.  Like all humans they veered off course at times and took a course that was not the most benevolent for them.

What about the story of his daughter being protected and hidden, and her children the same?

There is some truth to this story, Tom.  She and the others were protected, and her descendents and the others too.  But this did not continue to the present day as has been reported.  Her descendants have remained more pure perhaps than her siblings’ children.  That, perhaps, is the main difference.

Regarding Jesus’ four children, what countries are these family based in—France?

Yes, of course, since they landed there.


No, although parts of one family did migrate there.

Map of Roman TimesGreece?




Are the Rothschilds descendents of Jesus?

Yes.  You do have one of the families identified.

Are all of Jesus’ 4 children evolved into powerful families?

No, but certainly influential to say the least, Tom.

So, did he teach, besides the men who would begin the Rosicrucians, also the Knights Templar, and the Free Masons?

Yes, he did.

Knights TemplarHow could Jesus have taught the Knights Templar when they did not exist until the Crusades?

Ah, now you see another capability Jesus had.  He could not only transpose himself to other places and worlds, but also through time if he wished.  He did teach the men who became the Knights Templar.

Did any of his children become part of those societies?

No, these people created their flocks, shall we say, on their own, based on these teachings given to them by Jesus.

So, I want to make sure I received this correctly, as there is mention of only one child of Mary Magdalene in Southern France—there were four children?

Yes, Tom, you have the correct number there.

Was the report that Jesus lived about 80 earth years accurate, and where was he when not embodied, as the report said that he lived a lot longer when his other embodiments were added in?

First-the report that he lived about 80 earth years is accurate.  Then, as far as where he went, he had the ability to appear on other worlds, other than earth, and to travel astrally anywhere he wished.  Remember, he was a complete soul with all the abilities that a whole soul has, not just a fragment, as you and all other earth humans are.  He was quite unique, you see, for this world.

On another day I asked, “where did Jesus pass away, or did he?”

Yes, he finally gave up his earth body, but not before traveling far and wide teaching under different disguises.  Naturally, where has been kept secret these many years, and that will continue for a while.  But I’m sure you would guess that he would want to be near his family.

Did Jesus ever come back, or will he ever?

Good question, Tom.  No, he has no plans at the moment to return and has not returned before.  He did his work to try and bring love to the earth, and now he prefers to work from this side of the veil, in spirit, to encourage love through his many disciples on earth who understand the true meaning of love, and not what the religion thinks his teachings are based on.

Jesus TeachingWhy are the locations he taught at, or in, still being kept secret?

As you might guess, there would be an uproar with claims of blasphemy from all quarters of the Christian religion.  Only after the Vatican archives are opened, and many other truths are revealed, will there be any revelations about the years he spent after leaving Israel.

Can people in Jesus’ family tree still trace their lineage back to him?

Yes, several families are able to, but keep these secrets.  Again, they would be ridiculed and it would make life difficult for them, both personally and in their businesses.

At what age did Mary Magdalene die?

Yes, she lived longer than normal for that time period—up to her 70’s.

So she did not live as long as did Jesus?

That’s correct, Tom.

Did Jesus’ mother accompany them to France?

No, she stayed behind, as she had work to do and family, you see.  And she was more recognizable, so it would have been even harder for her to leave with Jesus and Mary.


These are new questions I just asked this week:

I have more questions about Jesus, Theo.

1.    What was the purpose of the trip East before heading to France?

Tom, Jesus had commitments elsewhere and he wanted his family with him to see that part of the world before heading off to France.  He met with his spiritual advisors who had taught him as a young man before his major work, which has been recorded, albeit very inaccurately, in the Bible.

Jesus Teaching2.    Did he and Mary introduce his teachings to France, or had they already heard some of them from travelers along the Mediterranean?

Good question, Tom.  No, they had little knowledge of his teachings, so it was pretty much that they heard it from them for the first time.

3.    Did Jesus’ brothers and sisters stay, or did they move elsewhere?

Both, Tom.  Certainly they had families and work they were doing, as they were normal soul fragments, but a couple became missionaries, shall we call them, and continued to spread Jesus’ teachings to that part of the world.

4.    Is Mary Magdalene incarnated at this time?

No, Tom.  She is not.

5.    Is there another significant life we would know about for Mary?

Yes, certainly she has come again as a teacher herself, and continued the work she and Jesus did during that lifetime.  She also had balancing lives where, again, she would be considered one of the “bad guys.”

6.    How many of Jesus’ descendants are alive today?

Certainly several thousand, Tom, as his four children had a number of children, as was common at that time, and those children had a number of children and so on.  It is a large family tree as you may imagine.

Jewish Wedding7.  Theo, did Jesus and Mary Magdalene choose each other or was it an arranged marriage?

No, Tom, it was not arranged.  They courted each other in the Jewish tradition of that time period.  Remember that the Bible is very inaccurate about this, as they wished to portray her as a harlot, which, of course, was as far from the truth as you could get.  This was all designed to discredit her for not only the time period in which it was written, but for future time periods as well.

8.  Did Jesus and Mary marry in the Jewish Tradition of that time period?

Yes, of course, they did.

9.  Was the trip East they took by conventional means of boat and caravan, or did Jesus transport them there?

Yes, a good question, Tom.  Let’s say they reached their destination in record time.  He could manipulate time as well, Tom.

10.  Renee had received in meditation that I was the wife of Thomas, but previously I had received I was Salome.  Theo, was I the wife of Thomas during the Jesus life?

No, she received that incorrectly, Tom.  You were Salome, mother of two of the disciples as we have spoken about before.

Dear readers:  Can you think of additional questions for me to ask?  Just email me. 


For my new subscribers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” who’s having a life on a water world in the Sirius B Star System.  Under SERIES you can find all the newsletters where I’ve asked him questions.  I also wrote a chapter about him for Brad Steiger’s upcoming book next year entitled, Real Encounters,  Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings, out next June.  Here’s the link to the chapter on my website:

David writes:  Emailing again from England. Will you remember to get an update about the release of the secret documents for 2013 revelation in the media about the ET's for the 2015 visitation, for this Friday’s newsletter.

Full DisclosureAntura, I’m asked if we are still on for disclosure by the European government in 2013 and, if so, in what month?

Yes, Tom.  Here you get into one of perhaps your least favorite subjects of probabilities, as it does have to do with humans and potentials.  But, at the present, Tom, it is still dialed in for later in the summer or fall of 2013, depending upon certain events beyond their control.

And for your visit in 2017 and the Pleiadians in 2015?

Quite so.  Still on with even more certainty.

Here is a “fill in the gap question,” Antura.  Is there something physical that you put on to adjust to different gravities and air and even to go out in space, or is it just some sort of device that has been developed that when you turn it on it does this for you?

Exactly, Tom.  We do not have to put on any suits of any kind—not even what you might have thought originally as transparent in nature.  Our science is so developed that a device was created or invented to adjust to all conditions relative to what would be considered “normal” to each individual.  Good question.

IapetusPlease comment on the billion-year old society I was told exists.  (Referring to Iapetus in last week’s newsletter.) Why would they have chosen to put a satellite around Saturn?  That’s just one planet out of billions out there.  Are their millions of these artificial moons for other planets?

No, Tom.  The society that placed it there was told by Creator to do it for the future of this planetary system and especially for the Explorer Race.  Creator wanted them to work far in advance, as the rings had to be regulated that long ago, so that you would have the conditions you do now.

Is this billion-year old society part of the Federation?

No, but they are friendly neighbors, we will call them.  They certainly have an interest in the Explorer Race, just as we do.

Antura, how does universal time differ from earth time?

Our time is not built upon the rotation of the earth, Tom.  Millions of years ago they created a system of measuring time in the whole universe—not just one planet.  Even on earth you have more than one system for measuring the days, weeks, months and years.  That does not happen with Universal time, Tom.  It is actually much slower than earth time.  You are presently, and continue to be, influenced by your earth’s rotation.  When you go out to the stars, and even to other planets, you will have to adapt to the universal time measurement, or it will seem quite confusing to you.

Antura, there are galaxies reported by our astronomers as being 13 billion years old.  Is that an accurate statement and, if so, were there intelligent societies created at that time?

Certainly they were created within a fairly short time period after their creation, Tom.  But, again, we must take into consideration your measurement of time and how inaccurate it is for dealing with universal issues.  But to answer your question, yes, there have been societies which are well over 1 billion earth years.  That’s where you come in, to move everyone forward to raise their vibrational levels.


Veronica writes:  We were thinking of taking a trip to Key West this December.  Was it once part of Atlantis?  Tim says it has an amazing energy-he was there for a conference last week.  He says it’s a lot more laid back than most other places, very tolerant, and that there is art everywhere.  Also, will we have good weather if we travel the week starting on December 22nd?

Key West MapGaia, was Key West, Florida originally part of the Atlantian continent?

Yes, Tom.  Parts of it were the very edges of the continent.

I must be receiving wrong, Gaia, because the Key West islands, I thought, were more to the west?

No, if you will look at a map they string out to the east, Tom.  They were not so much part of the continent as located nearby.  So, they were inhabited by the Atlantians.  Dig deep enough on those islands and they’ll find remnants.

Weather will be quiet there in December?

Yes, all the major hurricane storms will have ended by then.

Speaking of hurricanes, have you decided to reduce the number you spoke about before?

Perhaps a little, Tom, but keep in mind that there is still a lot of time left in the hurricane season.  It certainly is not over yet.


PrayerRenee writes:  I practice the Daily Benevolent Prayer:  I ask any all beings to come to the aid and comfort of any being I have harmed, including their family and friends, etc........ and was wondering at the time of transition, and our life's review with our guides; does this prayer make it easier on our souls to review our recent lifetime, since the prayer covers past, present and future lives?  Does this affect the review process in a more benevolent way, and if so, how?

As always, I expect great things!  Thank you Tom and Theo in advance for your assistance.

Theo, saying the daily prayer does not make it easier for us to review lives when we transition, does it?  

No, Tom.  It only means you will transition more easily, as your concept of the other side means a faster adjustment.

You can find the DAILY BENEVOLENT PRAYER on my website under the SIGNS tab, along with other signs you can use as reminders.  Visit there if you have not already!


Seventh PopeThis is just a reminder that we all have “balancing” lives, as we can’t be the good, nice person all the time.  I was told I was one of the first Popes of the Catholic Church, but was not very nice.  So I asked a “fill in the gap” question as to which one I was.

Gaia, was I one of the 10 first Popes in a past life?

Yes, you were, Tom.  A bad boy, we’ll say, but that was your soul contract for that life, and I might add you played it to the hilt, shall we say.

So, was I one of the first 5 Popes?

No, Tom.  I know you thought you might be one of the first five, but try seven for the number.

So, is it seven ?

Yes, Tom.  Seven is the correct number.

One last question.  When I go into a meditative state I have surrounded myself with white light and then with gold light.  Does that make any difference, or should I just stick with the white light?

No, Tom.  Continue as you are doing, as yes, you can separate the light and it never hurts to have too much light protection.  It also helps us to adjust to your vibrational level a little more easily than with just white light.


Carl's Jr. RestaurantThis MBO story and the next one were in my last week’s Blog, which contains only MBO stories.  You can read my blogs by going to my website and click on BLOG.

Karen writes:  I was going to the opening of our Carls Jr. restaurant, and they were offering free food once a week for a year. I said a quick MBO to receive the free food for a year booklet, and lo and behold once I had ordered my food, they presented me with a booklet!


She asked me to change her name so Veronica writes:  I have been asking for a Money Miraclemoney miracle in my MBOs on and off for about 2 months.  My teaching time has been cut to half-time this year, and my husband and I weren’t sure how we were going to make ends meet.  I have applied for other part time jobs, but nothing has worked out yet.

Yesterday my sister called and said that she and her husband, who are quite wealthy, would pay off our mortgage of $120,000!  My husband got the call, and gave me the news.  I was skeptical, but I talked to her tonight and it seems it’s for real!  How is that for amazing?  I haven’t talked to her much in the last few years, because she thought that I should quit my job and come help her help our parents, who were living in a retirement home.  My husband and I are not in a position for me to do that financially, although I helped when I could. 

So that makes this even more amazing!  I mean AMAZING!!!!!!  I won’t have to substitute teach-which means driving all over in the snow and ice in the winter-in a hurry-not a good idea.  And I will even have a little extra time, so that I can do some painting!


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012,


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