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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Hong Kong TyphoonJudy writes:  Wow. Didn't see that coming. What does Gaia have to say about this?
The people of Hong Kong and Taiwan are bracing for the strongest storm on earth as Super Typhoon Usagi, with winds now at 180mph, heads right for them and is expected to bring up to a whopping 40 inches of rain in a 72 hour period.

Thoughts and prayers to all.

Gaia, you seem to have a large number of storms with record rainfalls around the world.  Is this normal or do you have a reason for this?

Certainly, I do have my reasons, Tom.  Some you can immediately understand regarding soul contracts we have spoken about many times before.  Those souls in those situations of typhoons, hurricanes, major low pressure systems in general need these to mark it off their “bucket list” as humans term it, and I do like that term.  So as I work closely—not apart—with your souls, Tom, they understand the probabilities of all these events literally millions of years in advance.  I have spoken about this in the past, but I must continually remind everyone these events are known by your souls and they try and take advantage of them to fulfill the desire to experience everything the earth can provide regarding experiences for their soul growth.

Flood Victims Therefore, besides helping your souls to cross off the experience of being in a large storm and major flooding, again, as I have spoken before, it enables me to wash away a great deal of negativity built up over time by masses of humans living in very densely populated areas.  Anyone can notice even after a brief, gentle rain how clear it feels around you.  This is a very important function of mine—these rains.

Of course, we have not touched on things like the refilling of reservoirs for your drinking water and other uses.  If I did not have large storms at times, there would be insufficient water for your population, which has grown too large.  So the storms serve multiple purposes, and to answer your question, yes, this year does seem above average in rainfall, storms, etc.  But if you look at your records you will see a pattern—a cycle.  The cycle is up at this time with storms—significant ones—all across the world.  And one last thing, Tom, your news reporting services also enters the equation by reporting on these storms.  Only a few years ago they would have been on page four or five of your newspapers.  Now they are brought to your attention in much greater detail, thanks to your instant reporting from these flooded areas.


Crystal BedPam writes:  Since we are told that Mother Earth Gaia is now anchored in the 5th dimension, that must mean that her natural vibrational level is higher, and the Hz that people have worked out for her will now be different?

I am thinking of all those "crystal beds" that people pay to lie on to have their vibration attuned to Gaia, would the bed's Hz have to be changed now?

Gaia, is the Hz level higher for you now and if so will the “crystal beds” need re-tuning?

My Hz level is higher now, Tom, but the crystal beds automatically take on this higher Hz level too, so little tuning needs be done.


Jim writes:  Just reading about Sekhmet: She was envisioned as a fierce lioness, and in art was depicted as such, Sphinxor as a woman with the head of a lioness.

She headed up a fierce, widespread religion in ancient Egypt, so I wondered if her face was the head of the Sphinx.  She is pictured as a lioness all over Egypt.

Gaia, was Sekhmet’s lioness head depicted on the Sphinx?

No, but a good guess by your reader.  It was a lion’s head, just not Sekhmet’s.


First Contact Full CoverAntura, for my new readers, is my “brother on another planet.”  I’ve been communicating telepathically with him since 2008, and FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET details these many questions and answers.  The book is sold on in both print and ebook formats.

Mantej in the UK writes:  Questions for the newsletter:

(1) Theo said (in terms of revealing their files) that no decision will be made by the USA until they are forced to by the appearance of the Pleiadians. So what will President Obama or the U.S. Government's official comments on the ETs be to the journalists/reporters and the media after Russia and other countries reveals theirs?

Pres. Obama & James Cameron(2) Will the United Kingdom be one of the countries visited by the Pleiadians in 2015?

(3) How will the Pleiadians’ first contact affect film making and Hollywood  especially science fiction films that deal with ETs and will your (Tom Moore) documentary on the a spaceship influence lots of other movies to be made after it is released?

(4) Have all the subsequent U.S. Presidents after Eisenhower known about ETs, UFOs, and Area 51?

Antura, have all the Presidents since Ike known about ETs, UFOs, and Area 51?

Yes, some more than others, Tom.  Some could have cared less and felt it best not to delve too deeply into an area where they felt uncomfortable.  Others, such as Nixon, as we have covered recently, spent a great deal of time hounding these covert people for information.

EisenhowerWhat level of knowledge does Obama and David Cameron of the UK have about ETs?

President Obama would at this point in time have the edge on Mr. Cameron.  He has a little more interest in the subject.

Has President Obama had any meetings with ETs?

No, not at this time, Tom, but that will come in the future.

Was Ike’s meeting recorded?

Yes, there is a recording of this meeting, but buried in a vault in a secret location.

Dmitry Medvedev & ObamaNumber three calls for conjecture, so I did not ask that question.

Philip writes:  The Russian government acknowledges UFOs!

Was Medvedev’s comments to a reporter recently a joke, or was he serious?

Yes, Tom.  You were able to pick up on how he ended the conversation by making a joke.  Again, just as you thought, this was another trial balloon to see what reaction the Russian people would have to his comments.  There was no hysteria—just a pique in interest to learn more.  Had there been an outcry, he would have said his whole conversation was done “tongue in cheek.”


Atlantis DepictionTheo, were the Lemurians in touch with ETs too, and were they aware of the Earth Experiment?

Yes and no, Tom.  Some were quite aware of the Earth Experiment, while the general population was not.  It was kept from them, as their leaders did not think they would understand.  And, yes, there was a lot of contact with the ETs during those times, but not so much a relating of their history.

Did the Atlanteans believe in reincarnation?

Again, there was a segment of the population that understood, but not the majority.  It just did not fit into their belief systems at Reincarnationthat time.

What about the Lemurians?

Again, the same scenario.  It is so much easier for people to think about going to a heaven or hell, and, yes, those concepts were around even during those times, than to wrap their minds around multiple lives.  But, yes, some understood.  It has always been that way.  In your lower number of lives on earth, you do not have the understanding and wisdom you gain through repeated journeys on earth.

Theo, do you think an understanding of soul contracts will bring everyone more closely together?

Yes, Tom, absolutely.  But this is pretty far in the future for the Explorer Race.  Again, you have too many younger souls in terms of earth lives for this to happen overnight you see.


Stage ActorsLynn asked this question on Facebook:

Theo, I’m asked if actors playing various roles in a play count on their soul contracts?

No, Tom.  Only the relationships with the other actors, the director, stage hands, etc., count, shall we term it, on their soul contracts.  The old saying, “It’s not what you do, but how you do it” comes to mind as part of your answer.


These two MBO stories originally appeared last week in my Blog, which has nothing but MBO and BP stories.  Read all the stories at

This is an excerpt from my new book THE GENTLE WAY III: Master Your Life.  This hasn’t been covered before in my Nightmareblog or newsletter.  You can order the book directly from my publisher by going to

Here is one I’ve been testing out over the past couple of years.  I record my dreams each morning, as these are messages from your soul and can be informing you of something good about to happen in your life or a challenge coming up.  When I feel as if it was a challenge dream, upon awakening I’ll say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for anything that will occur in my physical world, which this dream may have referred to, thank you!”  It makes me feel better knowing I’m getting a jump on the challenge the dream symbology referred to.


Vicki writes:  I am a big fan and use MBOs daily - there are few things I do without first requesting an MBO.  Anyway, I wanted to supply you with a couple of MBOs.

Speeding ViolationRecently, I inexplicably got locked out of my house.  I ended up calling a locksmith.  Before he arrived, I said the MBO to request that the charges be less than quoted and that the results be better than expected.  When the locksmith gave me the bill it was for $100 rather than the quoted $125.  He said my house was easy to get into. I was not happy to hear my house was easy to get into, but very pleased with the cost of the locksmith!

Second MBO story, I was driving home last night from Tyler to Keller, Texas. There was a section of road where the speed limit varies between 60 and 70 mph. I was speeding in the 60 mph section and as soon as I passed the highway patrol, I knew he was coming for me.  While he did a U-turn, I quickly said an MBO to request no ticket.  When I got stopped, I only got a warning! I have never been stopped without getting the speeding ticket.  I thanked my GA for these two good MBOs.


MediumVicki writes:  In your 8/22 newsletter, a reader asked, “who do mediums contact?” and it prompted a few questions.  My late husband Jon passed away in January.  A couple of months after Jon’s passing, he ‘came” to my friend’s daughter (I will call her Linda) in order to communicate with me.

I knew that Linda was psychic and had the ability to communicate with spirits, and I believe my husband approached Linda because he got this “tip” from me. Question 1 - was it Jon’s soul fragment who appeared to Linda? Linda said that when Jon “appeared” to her he looked healthy like his earthly body and not like the picture we had of him closer to his death.  Question 2- is the soul fragment able to show themselves with the appearance of an earthly body?  I have had many instances of items moving around my house that I attribute to Jon.  Question 3 - is  his soul fragment doing this?  Thanks for all the work you do to help us with MBOs, raising our vibrational levels, and for all the great info which is supplied to you by your spiritual posse (Gaia, Sun, Theo, and Antura).

1.    Theo has said it’s a “fragment of the fragment” and will often take on the appearance of a younger version.
2.    This answers the first question too.
3.    And the same for this question.  It is his soul fragment, but limited in its ability to answer deep questions about “the other side,” as the fragment has the ability to look at an overall view of life on earth.  It can act as one of your guides.


Chuck writes:  What are the reasons behind the U.S. penchant for guns, and what can we expect in the near future in terms of changing our laws and our militant way of life?

Gun StoreTheo, may have asked this before, but I’m asked how long will it take for guns to be legislated out by the U.S. Congress and/or the states themselves?

Quite sometime, Tom, as it has been pointed out previously that you have not only the NRA, which is quite powerful, but people whose livelihoods are based on the selling of guns, so the manufacturers and even small business owners of gun shops will fight this tooth and nail.

Therefore, certainly count on 50 years before they are legislated out of existence.  It will take many more mass shootings before this stranglehold is broken.  But, rest assured, the future of this country will be peace and people will feel safer and have less need for weapons in their house or on their persons.  Manipulation of DNA is not too far in the future, and criminals will have treatments to return them to society.  All of this is in your future—society’s future.


Oklahoma City BombingMichael writes:  Ok, I can't resist: I searched the archives and could not find anything on the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995. David Wilcock suggests that the bombing was a cover-up news event to hide the plane crash a few days earlier of top military officers. That the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building could not have been brought down by a rental truck filled with fertilizer. Can Theo deny or support this?

Theo, was the bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995 a cover up of a military plane crash a few days earlier as David Wilcock claims?

No it was not, Tom.  Both were separate incidents not tied to each other.  And to answer another question posed, yes, the amount of ingredients in the truck were sufficient to cause the damage and casualties in Oklahoma City.


M.J. writes:  I discovered you and your wonderful MBOs in July of this year via an iTunes replay of your interview on Lois Wetzel’s radio show.  I love your newsletters and have been reading through the archives.  I find them fascinating.  Thank you for everything you do to help humanity along with finding and staying on our path.  Your MBOs do work well, and I request them each and every day.  Here are my questions for your GAs:

Stop Bullying1)  What are the soul contracts involved with Rebecca Ann Sedwick?  She is the young girl in Florida who recently committed suicide as a result of being cyber-bullied.

2)  I read in your MBO instructions that all MBO requests need to be spoken, whispered or written.  Would that apply to all prayers as well?  I had been saying silent prayers for as long as I can remember until I read your MBO instructions.

3)  I read your archived newsletters, warning people to move away from coastal California because of the great possibilities of earthquakes.  I have family members who live in Solano County, CA.  Their home sits high on a hill, with homes tiered up and down the hill.  I woke up with a strong feeling that they need to move away from there.  I had made plans for the day, but something in my mind would not let me leave my home until I sent them an email, pleading with them to move away from California.  The feeling was so strong that it wasn’t possible for me to ignore it.  After I sent the email,  I felt so much better.  When I wrote the email, it was as though the email was writing itself.  When I read what I had written, I could tell that I didn’t try to invoke extreme fear, but also the message of how much I love all of them.  I have not received a reply since sending that 10 days ago.  Did I do the right thing to warn them?

4)  Last Sunday, as I was walking outside, I couldn’t help but notice how bright the colors were in everyone’s flower beds.  They seemed so much more brilliant to me than in the past.  It was later last week that I read in your archived newsletters of your GAs telling you that one of the things we have to look forward to in 5.000 is seeing colors more brilliantly.  That was a great “A-Ha” moment for me.  Are we all the way into 5.000 now?  If so, I know there are many other advantages we will have.  Could your GAs give us a hint of other features of 5.000 that we will have?

Rebecca Ann SedwickTheo, explain the soul contract regarding Rebecca Ann Sedwick who committed suicide due to bullying.

Yes, there were two main reasons, Tom.  First, it was her soul contract for this experience, as she had been a bully before in another life and needed to balance that life.

Second, her soul contract allowed many people—a nationwide audience—to discuss bullying.  Even though this has been discussed before, there will be steps taken to stop bullying in its tracks, with bullies taken into custody and sentenced to various plans according to the severity of what they did or will do in the future.  Rebecca was a tipping point for many people and there will be much good which will come out of her sacrifice.

Theo, are we still not at 5.0?

No, not yet, Tom.  It was anticipated that you would reach 5.0 sooner than you have, but the energies have been too great for you to integrate immediately.  You’re still in that energy tube, and your energies are slowly but surely being adjusted.

How long—any estimates?

Certainly we all feel you will finish the jump in the next few months—six at the outside we think.

Brilliant ColorsBesides colors, what else will we notice about 5.0?

A general easing of life, Tom.  It might not be noticeable on the surface, but your lives will become more gentle.  Those that request MBOs will especially find their lives much easier, but the rest of society will slowly evolve too.  It is a great shift for humanity.

Prayers have much more energy and intensity when they are said out loud I’ve been told.  I have recommended several times in the past for those who attend a church to have people repeat your prayer, as the energy created, Theo says, is greater than the number of people who said it.

I am still refraining from making any predictions for California, until and if something happens regarding Japan.  Gaia and I have continued to have dialogs on this, but nothing is going in the newsletter.


Larry SummersPam in Arizona writes:  Ask about Larry Summers and the secret memo and if there really is a secret memo.

Theo, is Larry Summers part of the Illuminati or just has ties?

He would be considered an upper echelon player, Tom, but not one of the inner circle.  He is more of an opportunist, which the circle uses for their benefit.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  MARCH 2, 2013, MARCH 9, 2013, MARCH 23, 2013, MAY 11, 2013, JUNE 22, 2013, JULY 27, 2013, AUGUST 17, 2013, AUGUST 31, 2013, SEPTEMBER 28, 2013,  


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