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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Pay It Forwardworld.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


Powerpoint PresentationI had a nice time doing a workshop on my birthday last Sunday in McKinney, Texas.  I was able to utilize my new PowerPoint presentation, so if anyone needs a speaker at a large Expo, be sure to recommend me.  Afterwards about 10 of us had dinner at a Spanish tapas restaurant.  Pleasant evening!

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Hurricane IsaacHurricane Isaac, for many people on the Louisiana and Mississippi Coasts, has proven to be much worse than Katrina, as it slowly moved on shore at only 6.25 miles per hour and wandered around before heading north.  Katrina, in comparison, came ashore at 16 miles per hour and went straight north.  New Orleans has had over 20 inches of rain with more still falling.  As I write this today, a dam is in danger of failing and over 50,000 people have been told to evacuate.  Over half the people in lower Louisiana are without power.  Here is what I received earlier this week when Isaac was still in the Gulf.

Gaia, you had stated, I thought, that the hurricane would strike Florida at mid-coast.  Now it is headed directly for New Orleans.  You had also previously said there would be a Category 4 or 5 hurricane, which would strike Louisiana.  So lets backtrack, since I seem to have misreceived something, please tell me exactly what your plans are, if possible.

CatastrophicYes, rather confusing, Tom.  Your reception was concentrating on Florida and Florida’s West Coast has received large amounts of rain, which forced the cancellation of the first day of the Republican Convention.  They did attract that energy as I mentioned.  But it was too difficult for you to understand that this hurricane would continue into the Gulf.  It has and will continue on its path towards Louisiana and New Orleans as your meteorologists have predicted. 

So have you downsized the hurricane you originally said would be a Category 4 or 5 to a Category 2, and, if so, why?

Yes, although the wind speed of this hurricane, Tom, will be less than? we previously discussed, it will be a slow mover over the coast, as had? also been predicted, with a strong storm surge on New Orleans itself, which, may I remind you, lies below sea level. 

FloodingSo there will be no? Category 4 or 5 this year?

Tom, let’s use potentials here, and let’s say there is still the potential for a larger storm.  This is another soul sign-off event.

Will this be the only hurricane to strike New Orleans this year?

Again there is the potential for more than one.  You are still not in September, Tom, may I remind your readers, and, historically, this month has the greatest number of hurricanes.  There is the potential for more Gulf Hurricanes, as well as the one for the East Coast I previously mentioned.  At the end of the season you will see you received me fairly well regarding potentials for storms of this nature.

I think we still have to see if Florida receives a hurricane, along with the East Coast, Texas, and perhaps Alabama, as was told to me before.  I also think the above demonstrates how, when you are receiving, you must leave yourself open and as "neutral" as possible, or you'll influence the reception as you filter in the "thought packets."


Laurie writes:  Tropical storm Isaac is projected to pass over my neck of Florida soon, and I've already started saying my MBOs. But I was also wondering what benefits do tropical storms and hurricanes provide to Gaia.

Hurricane IsaacSpeaking of these storms, Gaia, what benefit are these large storms to you?

As we have spoken before, Tom, this allows me to release a great amount of energy, so that there would be fewer potentials for the release of energy in other forms.  Plus, there are those soul contracts to experience this type of weather phenomenon, so hundreds of thousands and, yes, millions of people are able to cross this off their unseen “bucket list,” shall we call it.  Some people are drawn to experience this and refuse to move out of the way, as they instinctively know they must have this experience. 

That’s an interesting point, as we’ve all seen news stories of people who refused to leave their houses in the face of certain danger. 


Damaged RoadThere were hundreds of earthquakes near the U.S.-Mexican border last week.  Here is an LA Times story:

Gaia, anything we need to know about the swarm of earthquakes in Southern California?

No, Tom.  They are what have been reported: a swarm of earthquakes or movements in a known zone where there have been similar movements and similar sizes before, you see.  This swarm of earthquakes is not a precursor to larger earthquakes just yet, you see.  I just needed to have movement there too. 

So naturally I must ask, no complete signoff yet for larger movements in California? 

Not quite yet, Tom, but perhaps soon – sooner than you might expect. 


Multiple EarthsMy friend Frank came up with this question at the workshop last Sunday in McKinney, Texas during the section of my talk about 12 Time Lines.

Gaia, am I correct in understanding that it is not just one solid earth and 12 Time Line frequencies, or am I mistaken?

No, you are correct, Tom.  There have? to be 12 of me you might say.  All of life you see, to try and put it in language you and your readers will understand, is simply energy, which can be manipulated by Creator to have any appearance IT wishes.  You really enter the realm of quantum physics here Tom and it becomes more difficult to understand, but for your purposes, there are 12 earths and not just one with 12 sets of the same beings.  If there can be 12 sets of the same beings then it must be obvious that there can be 12 earths too, simply at different frequencies.


Dr. Sarah Parcak, ArcheologistDiane writes:  Are there still more things to uncover in Egypt?  Will they be discovering more secrets or documents that they will share with the public?  I always felt that they had more things to discover about Egypt!
My other question is:  Other civilizations have their own story about a flood like Noah.....did anyone ever look for other arks around the world?  Or do they exist?  As always, thank you!

Gaia, are there any more major archeological discoveries which will be made in Egypt?

Oh yes, quite so, Tom.  There will be discoveries, which will shake the very Noah's Arkfoundations of religions in Egypt.  There are many settlements buried under the sands and in unknown chambers, which will yield fascinating discoveries of life hundreds of thousands of years ago and certainly life – civilized life  – over 10,000 years ago.  And, yes, there are even a few more pyramids for them to locate, buried under tons of sand.  This was a fertile land thousands of years ago and much is still to be found under those sands. 

Gaia, was there more than one Ark?

No, just the one reported in your biblical tomes.  At some point they will ask the question, “why was there a flood,” and they will eventually discover the reason.


Rock Wall, Rock Wall, TXI think you'll find this interesting about an ancient rock wall near Rock Wall, Texas, just a few miles from me. It’s reported to be seven stories high and 20 miles or more in length, and almost completely buried.

Theo, what was the purpose of the rock wall in Rock Wall, Texas, and how old is it?

Yes, you have an example of a society many thousands of years old, Tom, as this wall does date back much farther than your modern history.  Reports that the wall is seven stories high, yet completely covered with dirt, is correct.   Now there needs to be carbon dating and excavations to determine the use of the wall.  What did it protect?  Why are there miles of wall and not just one enclosure?  As you have pointed out, it has been ignored, but it is an archeological treasure and would attract tourists to see, should anyone really begin excavating.   So they should be encouraged to do what is being done in Bosnia—ask for volunteers to help uncover the wall and there will be amazing artifacts, which will be discovered.

In comparison, there is three feet of dirt covering the Bosnian Pyramids, carbon-dated back 12,350 years.  Here is a wall reportedly SEVEN STORIES HIGH buried in the ground. 


Library of AlexandriaAntura, do any of the Federation planets have copies of, say, the Library of Alexandria?

No, Tom.  There is no need, as we have much better ways to keep records of all of your time periods than to rely on this ancient library.  As has been discussed with you before, time is an illusion to you and we have the ability to travel back in time, should we desire to do so, and explore any part of your history we wish to. 

So that brings up? the question about the Pleiadians.  How will they be able to convince the public in general about our actual history?

Yes, their methods will include visuals, Tom, which will put any of your historical films to shame, shall we say, as they will be actual footage of real events in your path.  Naturally this will be slowly released so as to be absorbed.  The Pleiadians are quite good at first contact and we all know you extremely well.  They will lay out your history step by step. 


Girl in DangerThis MBO story and the next two were in last week’s Blog, which you can find on my website on the Menu.  Sign up for them if you like great stories each week!

Marie in California writes:  I have an MBO for you. Today my daughter was followed by a suspicious van, full of men. She was heading towards downtown, by foot. The van that was following her was getting close, and she walked faster. She said an MBO, " Guardian Angel, I request a MBO, that you keep me safe from the people who are following me, better than I expected and hope for, Thank You!" So right in that moment, people came out of their house and went outside; and the van made a turn and disappeared! Wow! Her Angels kept her safe and sound. They spared her life. Thank You, Angels!


Work BetrayalRosalyn writes:  An unfortunate situation had revealed itself. As I sat for four hours hearing my business partner betray me and our other partner I released it to the universe with a simple MBO, and now the right direction to take revealed itself almost instantaneously.

As a reward several new opportunities presented themselves. Each one better and more profitable than the previous arrangement. So thankful for the insight and clarity to know an MBO had to happen immediately. My reward was immediate. You can't ask for more than that. Wish I had always had that connection to the universe. I pray I always will.


Tamara writes:  My 6-year old started first grade here in Mexico. Not all Mexico Classroomteachers here are equal. The first day they assigned the kids to classrooms. The entire time I was asking for a MBO that she get the woman teacher. The other teacher was a young guy who impressed me as being unsure of himself.  I kept getting the feeling that we were going to get assigned to the man. I had an inner dialog about messing up my LOA by focusing on what I did not want but the idea kept asserting itself that she was going to be assigned to the male teacher. Then I revised my ask - the MBO, period. She was assigned to the man; he just left the school; a new, experienced, calm teacher came to replace him. All the kids my girl enjoys are in her classroom, the meanies are in the other. Thank you very much Universe.


Dream of DyingCarol wrote, asking about the symbolism of dying in dreams.

Theo, please explain the symbolism of dying in a dream?

Certainly, Tom, it can signify a rebirth for the individual, or some part of their personality that is changing.  And it can signify, at times, death to prepare them.  But most of the time it signifies changes—leaving the old behind.


Kathy writes:  I was wondering if Theo could shed some light on the origins of the Faery race (includes elves, faeries and others of this nature). I have been told by my guides and a psychic friend that I am not entirely human but am of the ancient elven race and have lives many lifetimes as a warrior elf (which is funny because I served 26 yrs as an army officer in this lifetime). I often wonder if I am a changeling because I have no relationship with my birth family Where the Elves Playto speak of and my mom has hated me since I can remember. I have made peace with this and am a happy, well adjusted person with no held resentments in the matter, but this also makes me wonder about the changeling aspect.

I'm also interested to know if the elven race is from the island I Mu or Lemuria. I know these beings are real as I have seen them with my physical eyes up close and personal and feel a kinship with them. I keep this awareness mainly to myself because I know many others don't understand that these beings are real and part of our history and in some cars lineage. But I feel I have a calls g with these beings and am trying to figure it out, so I appreciate anything you or Theo, or even Gaia can offer on these matters. Thank you and may you have many benevolent outcomes!

Theo, did the Elven race originate on the continent of MU?

No Tom, it did not. This race of beings was more centered in Europe, but their colonies, if you wish to call them that, are scattered all over the world, but of course in a different focus.  The Creator, may I remind you, loves variety, and felt that humans needed to or interact at times with these people.

ElvesAre there people, that are part Elvens, alive today?

Yes, there are those who wished the earth experience and now must have the normal number of earth lives, just as everyone else. 

Will we see them more in the fifth focus?

Not really, Tom.  They have their lives, and do not wish to mix too much with you. 

Are they kin to, or the same as, Leprechauns?

Not the same, Tom.  Two different peoples.


Britta writes:  Just curious was Joan of Arc poisoned before she got burned at Joan of Arcthe stake? Can you please ask Theo if that is true? Thank you!

Theo, was Joan of Arc poisoned before she was burned at the stake?

No, Tom, although there were attempts on her life many times before she was captured and eventually put to death.  She was very careful as she knew she had many enemies.


CatharsLaurel writes:  Can you ask your guides about the Cathars (Albigensians) – in medieval Europe? Specifically, about their purpose in history, did their ideas stem from a more ancient basis? And do their teachings/beliefs play a role or have impact today?

Can you ask your guides about Meister Eckhart? Can you tell us of other incarnations of his (including recent ones) with similar purpose (related to enlightening the masses about the nature of Divinity)? Was he personally connected with Cathar leaders, or was he influenced by their claims, or did he formulate his beliefs independently?  Thanks, Tom – keep up the absolutely remarkable and beneficial work!

Theo, can you give me some history on the origin of the Cathor’s beliefs in Medieval Europe?

Just a little today, Tom.  The historians are fairly accurate on where their beliefs originated.  I suggest that anyone interested in these people (and it will tend to be people who had a life during these times), to read more about them in such places as Wikipedia.  There is more to learn about these people, and more documents will be found or discovered in the future. 

Theo, what incarnations has the soul Meister Eckhart had including recent times?

Certainly this soul is an old one and has had many incarnations, Tom, as this soul group is somewhat similar to your own with its interest in religion. 

Is it incarnated in this time period?

No, not at the present time, but will be in the not too far future again.

Here is a link for more information:


Theo, why do people, like Tony Parsons, claim they were “enlightened” and there is nothing more than this life and energy?

Yes, there are those who wish their 15 minutes of fame, Tom, and certainly the more controversial a claim, the more widely it will be reported.  That claim has been made many times before over hundreds, if not thousands, of years.  It is a debate that again has been made many times.  But as has been debated before, if you are energy and energy does not die, but takes on other forms, then what does live on? 


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