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August 24
Tom T. Moore


Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Jodi on Facebook asked me this and gave this link:

Fukushima Plant WorkerGaia, radioactive groundwater continues to leak into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.  How is it affecting the ocean and how will it affect humans, or has it already or not?

Yes, Tom.  The radiation leak into the ocean is affecting ocean life in a small way at present.  Naturally the Japanese people must take heed and watch their intake of fish, which contain higher levels of radiation.

Less affected is the coast of North America as the ocean is immense and the radioactive water is greatly diluted at this time, Tom.

Still, all efforts need to be continued to stop the leak before it becomes worse, and it could.  The highest probability is that it will get worse before it gets better, but a way to cap the leak will be found.


Gaia, is cold fusion the free energy you have mentioned before?

Yes, Tom it is—at least a version of it.  A simple motor using this science will be developed and quite soon.  Scientists are on the verge of doing just that, so as we have said before, stay tuned and watch for any news reports coming out about cold fusion.

Read more here:

Cold FusionPhilip writes:  Theo, what will power the free energy machines?

It will seem as if they are just running on air, Tom, but they will take energy out of the air, shall we say for your purposes right now. We don’t want to spoil the “ah-ha” moment when the inventor sees how this will work, so let’s leave it at that for the moment.

My question for Theo is will the invention be a machine that converts a higher vibration into a lower vibration until it can power a device?  I hope this invention is put in the public domain accessible by everyone freely.

Theo, what will initially power the free energy machines to get them started?

Simple electricity to have the machines start up, Tom. Just a couple of batteries will do the job, as once the engines start turning or operating they are in full motion.

Do they convert higher vibrations to lower vibrations?

No, not in the way this question was asked, Tom.

Will the machine be in the Public Domain?

Yes, that’s what will make this exciting.  That’s why it will spread so quickly as people build their own machines.


Kathy writes:  First, let me say thank you for the wonderful work you do. You are always for the greater good.  I was reading August Sedona Journal of Emergence! and on page 25 is an article on what really lies beyond death. This article didn’t make sense to me with all I have ever been told about death. Do we not really talk to our loved ones when you go see a Medium.  I would really like your view on this.

Medium John EdwardsTheo, does a medium contact just the Akashic Record signature of a deceased person, or do they contact a fragment from the soul itself—a fragment of the fragment?

Yes a heady question for the day, Tom.  It is more of a fragment of a fragment with limited knowledge—more from a view over that person’s life with that person’s opinions, than the fragment, which has gone on.  Remember, you were told the soul sends back a small fragment to learn more about how the deceased person’s family fared, and that fragment can act as an advisor, becoming a guide if you will.

The idea that a medium just connects with the Akashic Record is not accurate, but certainly a medium can access this Record.  But it is what it is, Tom—a record and not a connection to the soul.  Still there are limitations as to what the medium can learn from these soul fragments, although the soul fragments can tap into the higher self.  But it was designed this way to have limits.

In THE GENTLE WAY II (page 101), I communicated with our friend Joy, who had transitioned suddenly while we were at the ICU with her.  I wondered why she seemed to have limited knowledge.  Now I understand why.  This is something I’ll include one day in my GUARDIAN ANGEL 101 (tentative title) book.


Beautiful BirdColleen writes:  So Tom?  Ask please -- who designed, created, and made possible these amazing colorful birds?  Talk to us about the designer of the universe, the way all of it seems to work so congruently together?

The absolute breathtaking way that things merge and emerge in and out of each density as they do... Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks. what purpose do they have?

Gaia, is there just one group soul for birds?  Did the ETs contribute to the variety and different plumage?

Yes, Tom, there is just one group soul for all those beautiful winged creatures on earth.  The group soul is magnificent in its attention to detail.

So did ETs contribute to the variety?

Yes, the soul was in charge of ensouling all the birds and worked with bird beings from other planets to create the beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful, at least in human eyes, variety of birds, which are on the planet and will be here long after the Explorer Race departs.  Humans do appreciate their beauty and singing.  And, of course, you will meet bird beings as you explore the universe, so they are quite necessary from that standpoint too.

As has been pointed out to you previously, Tom, many of the intelligent beings you will encounter in your travels in the universe (and I’m speaking about humans in general) have representatives on earth.  From the lowliest ant or other insects to the largest mammals you will find the universe populated with these beings in some form or another.


First Contact Full CoverFor my new readers Antura is the subject of my latest book “FIRST CONTACT: Conversations With An ET.”  He’s an amphibian living on a water world in the Sirius B Star System and is a member of a “first contact” team coming to earth in 2017 on one of those huge, mile-wide motherships.  He’s also a member of my soul “cluster” so it’s fairly easy for me to communicate telepathically with him.  Here is a video to watch on my presentation to a group in Texas:

Monique writes:  Would ask Theo or Antura this: when the visitors come to earth. will their technology interfere with the earth technology, for example, planes fall from the sky, or instruments in operating rooms stop working, or people might be stuck in elevators, etc? Thank you.

Grey AbductionAntura, why do or did engines and electronics fail when a UFO passes over?  Was this just for abductions or something that occurs often?

No, Tom.  This was, as you guessed, part of the abduction process. They would send a beam of energy to kill the engine, and then they would abduct the people, returning them back most of the time quite close to the time they abducted them, but sometimes several hours later after wiping their memory banks of where they had been.  Again, the Earth Directive finally put a stop to this, as you’ve probably noticed there are not now these same reports.

Mantej in the UK writes:  A "Vimana" is a mythical flying machine, or UFO, that is found in the ancient text and stories of ancient India.

VimanaI'm not sure exactly when it was discovered, but apparently a 5000 year-old "Vimana" was discovered  in a cave in Afghanistan, and apparently a leaked "Russian Foreign Intelligence Service” report has said that some troops, and helicopters have been obliterated while they were trying to remove it, after it has apparently been kept in some sort of "time well" (which I can only assume is some sort of protection force field).

Apparently another report circulating the internet has said a while ago, or a few years ago, all of the most powerful western leaders went to Afghanistan to view the discovery by "US military scientists."

Antura, was there a spacecraft found in Afghanistan that was protected by some force field and supposedly leaders from several countries went to see it?

Pure rubbish, Tom.  Why would leaders take the risk of visiting something with a force field—why not lots of scientists?  The story has no substance, and again was an invention by someone wanting publicity.  “Governments keep these great finds from poor us.”  Something on that order.

Antura, you said there were four decks on the mothership.  Does each one of the decks have a specific function, or are there a variety of functions on each deck?

More a variety, Tom, just not the same functions on very deck.  There might be scientific type studies being conducted on one deck, along with, say, a variety of eating facilities whereas on another deck it has sleeping facilities, storage, and perhaps lounges for discussions.  On another deck it could be the pilots of the spacecraft, along with more sleeping facilities or even more studies.  Each ship is unique in its design, so I have to stay a little general on this.

Planet Around A SunEric writes:  Recently I've been doing research on the space industry and a few questions came to me. May you please ask Theo these questions?

When we reach other planets would they (planets) welcome us? Will it bother planets and asteroids if we start mining, capture, or settle on them? Have any of the planets and asteroids in this solar system been claimed by ETs?

I thought Antura should answer this question, although he is in touch with Theo too.

Antura, will mining asteroids and planets such as Mars be frowned upon by the Federation?

No, you will be given a fairly wide latitude in what you can do, Tom, as we know it is all part of your learning process.  Along with mining the asteroids will come the knowledge of how to move them into orbits closer to the earth, and that will lead to other discoveries and learning.  We know pretty much how you will develop over the next few hundred years—at least we think we do, based on how other societies have developed in the past.  You are just able to accomplish these developments at a much faster pace than any society has ever done in the past.

Machu PicchuThe souls who ensoul the planets, moons, and asteroids in your solar system understand there has to be this type of exploration.  And we in the Federation are bound by the Earth Directive to let this progress at your own pace.

She asks to be called Karen writes:  I was told in a past life reading that in one of my past incarnations I was an unmarried female living with my family at the base of Machu Picchu and that I was impregnated by aliens, but remained here to have and raise the child.  The child was born (although he looked slightly different from the rest of the race), and contributed a great deal to the technological advancement of humanity which was the purpose of the impregnation. Supposedly the distant offspring still exist today.  Could this whole story be true and if so, what alien race engaged in this activity and was this an isolated incident?

Antura, “Karen” was told she had a past life and was impregnated by an alien near Machu Picchu, and the baby went on to contribute to their technological advance.  Is this true?

Yes, Tom.  This was during the time when we were interfering with humans on many levels.  This was just one of many.  Again, another reason for the Earth Directive to be put into place.

Antura, besides games, how else will we introduce negativity?

You may find different ways to introduce negativity to planetary societies, Tom, but the easiest and least harmful will be games.  Certainly you may introduce some business practices, but those are more complex compared to simple games designed for each type of society you discover.


SturgisDan in Calgary writes:  Hi Tom, just got back from doing a 3500 Kilometer round trip motorcycle run to Sturgis with a buddy. I did my MBOs well before leaving, covering everything from weather to food to accommodations to safety....well, everything! In a nutshell, everything went perfectly! We had amazing weather (just a few minutes of rain on our first day out, but we ducked under an overpass!). Mechanically, we had no problems at all and never got into any accidents, or felt unsafe at any point. We met many interesting 'characters', saw amazing motorcycles, and had a wonderful time taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the 73rd annual event.

I guess I did have three specific MBOs for me, one in relation to me doing a room booking at a 'full' motel and how the desk clerk 'found' us our rooms. Also, when my buddy thought we should press on into a cloudy horizon and I convinced him to get a motel room, it was amusing to see it rain five minutes later while we were unpacking our gear in the room. And, as we were leaving, I decided to put my helmet on that had a visor, while my buddy did not. Minutes later, it began to sprinkle a bit and he pulled over to do the same, remarking that I must have had a premonition or something......thank you times three to my GA for a safe and wonderful trip!


Bombay TrafficIPS in Bombay, India writes:  Sir, I would request you to add my two MBOs in your newsletter...

1. Electricity had gone in my office area... I requested an MBO, it came back on in two minutes.  Otherwise it normally takes at least half an hour or one hour to come back.  Thank you, Guardian Angels, and thank you, Divine!

2. One more awesome MBO experience....

In past days I have been parking my car near a “No Parking” sign, which is not allowed.

So I requested an MBO... "Dear Guardian Angels, I request a most benevolent outcome that my car is protected from unwanted energies, traffic Police & RTO Police. Thank you. And may it be even better than I can hope for or expect and it is done. Thank you, thank you, thank you, love and light, love and light, love and light!"  And it is there the whole day.... :)


Medics WWIIMichael in the UK writes:  I have some follow-up Illuminati questions for next week’s newsletter as well.

(1) Was WWI and WWII instigated by the Illuminati?
(2) How long has the Illuminati existed and when was it created?
These last four questions are about the Illuminati leader.
(3) Is the Greek man, who is the leader, a public, or well-known, person?
(4) What is his soul contract?
(5) Is his doings with the Illuminati through his own free will or part of his soul contract?
(6) Is he anyone we would recognize in a past life and who?

Theo, was World War I & II instigated by the Illuminati?

Yes, they had a hand in stirring up the boiling pot.  Again, they made, and still make enormous profits from wars, so wars are good for business you can say.  They protected themselves and their loved ones by moving their operations to safe zones—countries where there was no fighting, but they were able to manipulate and prolong the wars from these locations.

Cargo Sailing ShipWhen was the Illuminati created?

Yes, many, many years ago, Tom.  Yes, over 100 years ago, and even farther back than that.  If you follow the money it stretches far back to those days when large shipping companies emerged.

Is the current head of the Illuminati publicly known?

Yes, but I will not give you his name, first because you do have difficulty with names and second because they do not wish publicity and will take measures to protect their identities.

What is his soul contract?

It is to be the bad guy in this life and he is doing it well.  Naturally he will have balancing, along with the others in upcoming lives where they are controlled.

Illuminati SymbolSo the Illuminati was a soul contract and not free choice?

Correct with most of the members.  But as always some go overboard and require much more balancing than do others.

Would their current leader be recognized in a past life?

Perhaps to some Europeans, Tom, but more for their good work.  Again, someone has to be the bad guy, as we have discussed having these roles before.  You can’t be a good guy in every life.  You must balance.


Cynthia writes:  I don't know if you covered this or not, but what was the coronal hole in the sun about?  Why did this happen?  Is it to stop the killshot flares that are supposed to kill millions in the middle of September 2013? (That's what the remote viewers are picking up).

Sun Coronal HoleSun, for what purpose did you form the large coronal hole reported in our news?

Ah, a little mystery there, Tom.  Obviously I do have reasons for forming these coronal holes as they don’t just pop up themselves, although many of your scientists do not believe there is any intelligence behind these occurrences; in the long run they will see patterns that relate to certain events and eventually put two and two together, although it will be sometime before that occurs.

In the meantime, these coronal holes as you call them are able to suck in energy and then release it in a controlled form.  That’s as close as I can explain it for you at this time, as don’t forget there will be a scientist out there one day who will have one of those ah-ha moments in putting all the data and readings together to form a hypothesis of what purpose the coronal holes serve in the inner workings of this sun.

It is so much more complicated than even your scientists realize, Tom, and that’s the best I can describe it to you without much more scientific background.  Even if one of your readers, we will call them, has much more of a scientific background the information I will give them must of necessity be somewhat limited.

Gaia added this comment:

Don’t feel as if you are struggling when talking to Sun.  He must keep some information from you until it is time for a scientist, working their whole life in studying the sun, to be able to understand these changes in the sun’s surface.  And that day will come, but not for some time.


Andy writes:  Can you please ask Theo if long term exposure to chlorine in swimming pools is dangerous?  Will there ever be a better cleansing solution found for swimming pools, and if so, how long until chlorine is phased out in favor of a better method?

Swimming PoolAlso, why didn’t our astronauts move into universal time when they visited the moon?  Were they just not far enough away from Earth?

Gaia, can it be harmful for long-term exposure to chlorine in a swimming pool?

Yes it can be, Tom, if the person does not balance their body with vitamins that neutralize the chemical.  The chlorine molecule is not so easy for the body to absorb through the skin when it is diluted in water, but again, too much of a good thing—in this case keeping the water purified—can be harmful if the exposure is long term, such as when a person swims everyday for years in a chlorine treated pool.  They must balance their body.

There are books and people writing all the time about how to balance your body, so I will leave that to those who wish to take this one step further to know their body is balanced.  Only a tiny percentage of your readers would be swimming everyday, but all your readers need to balance their bodies.  Few are in balance.


More questions that will wind up in the Guardian Angel 101 book.

PolygamistsKimberly writes: I'd like to know what any one of your guides thinks about monogamy.  Is it a natural state for human beings?  If someone chooses to live their life openly without monogamy, does that person earn a difficult soul contract in a future life where he will have to balance that out?  Or does it even matter?

If a married person has an affair, will they reap a soul contract where they must balance out the pain they caused?  Is infidelity a bad thing because of the lie and betrayal?  Or also because the perpetrator violates monogamy as a principle?

Am I making sense with my questions?  Put another way:  If monogamy is not a principle per se, then it is the betrayal and fraudulent behavior in infidelity that is the actual offense.  But, if monogamy itself is a principle to conduct your life under, then all other forms of love relationships would be counter and would result in debts to balance out.

Monagamist RelationshipI hope I'm making sense.  Can you ask your spirit guides about this?

Theo, is monogamy a natural state for humans or is it more of a religious practice?

More of a religious practice, Tom.  Now this is a simple statement of a complex state.  But what comes into play here are soul contracts for your souls to explore all types of relationships.  It can be a short relationship after short relationship for the soul’s learning, to long-term relationships like yours, to multi-mate relationships according to religious tenants.  All are for the soul’s learning.

And we haven’t even covered same sex relationships.  The human body simply follows the soul contract and DNA signature or profile.  So, yes, the natural state for humans is not so much monogamy.  It is capable of multiple relationships although most of the time one at a time.

How does it affect soul contracts when there is infidelity?

There simply has to be balancing, Tom, and it could be the other person was not true to that person in a past life so they balance by switching roles.


This was more on the personal side, but I think it gives you a little more   Orbsunderstanding of “the other side.”

Theo, you’ve said my mother is my guide for all things feminine.  Does my father have a job in the guiding department or is his work more observation for his soul learning?

No, he does act as a guide, Tom, as he helps you in the sales department.  That would be his main focus.  He contributes in that form.

I assume both my mother and father are already incarnated somewhere in another life?

Quite so.  These are fragments of fragments, which do this work, but the information all flows back to your souls for their use and understanding.


PythonDeb in Ontario, Canada writes:  Would you please ask Theo about the 2 young boys in New Brunswick, Canada, who were crushed to death by a Python in their sleep on Aug. 7, 2013? This happened when they were visiting an apt. above an exotic pet store. The snake apparently "escaped" from its cage. It is such a horrific event, that we feel there must be some higher purpose to their deaths. Hopefully they did not suffer, exiting their earthly bodies before dying. Was the owner of the snake balancing past karma? Will this tragedy help stop the trade in exotic animals, legal or otherwise, not only for the sake of people, but also for the sake of the animals?

I eagerly look forward to your newsletter every Thursday. I have enjoyed the videos.

Theo, what was the karma or balancing for the children who were crushed to death by a python?

Slightly complex here, Tom, as there was balancing of more than one life.  They had killed someone in a past life by crushing them through torture.  Their actions also allowed a python to do the same in another life to someone else.


This was sent to me by Antonia. Amazing little portable machine that converts plastic refuse back into oil.  This has Whitehorse Canada Machinethe potential to be a game changer, so I posted it on Facebook.

Then Jean Marie posted this story where Whitehorse Canada is trying out a larger version of the portable machine.

Next is a story about the 20 cities, which have the most potential to flood due to rising ocean levels.  If you recall, Gaia is saying two feet in about four years now.




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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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