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Welcome to this edition of THE GENTLE WAY Newsletter, and a special welcome to all our new subscribers.  Please forward this free newsletter to your friends.  It “spreads the word.”

I have a special request to ask of all of you reading this.  A number of people have asked, “Why don’t you get on the Oprah Winfrey Show?”  It is, of course, extremely difficult to get noticed by the producers, as requesting Benevolent Outcomes is still done by a small group of people that grows by word of mouth.  But here’s a way to have a few million people possibly learn about MBO’s.  The producers of Oprah are asking what you’re reading this summer.  Please go to and fill out the form.  They ask for your “story” so perhaps tell them about some instance where requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes helped you in some way.  It should only take five minutes of your time, and as Theo says below in CHANGING THE FUTURE, hundreds of years from now people will still be requesting MBO’s.  

For doing this, please email me after you filled out the form, and I’ll send you one chapter of my new book where I ask Theo a number of questions.  I hope that I will have so many responses I’ll have to respond in a group email.  Naturally I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for all of you filling out the form and may the results be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!

Note:  I owe Robert Swartz and his newsletter Courageous Souls for the suggestion.  His website is .


This has been a crazy week—one of those “Expecting Great Things” weeks.  One of my producers in my international film and TV distribution business called me last week and said he was doing a Michael Jackson documentary, as he already owned several hours of footage from a company he bought in the 90’s and he was adding to that with interviews and other memorial scenes etc.  So we offered it in an email blast to all of our potential clients around the world and were inundated with requests for more information and negotiations and contracts, etc.  

Several of you out there also wanted to know more about Michael and asked for my Guardian Angel Theo’s comments.

Theo, several readers have asked for more information on Michael Jackson, including more on his soul contract, what balancing he did, and what will he need to balance in upcoming lives.

Yes, Tom Mr. Jackson was an enigmatic figure—a contrast or contradiction .  On one hand, he was a genius, thanks to naturally assistance from this side by his guardian angel and guides, but also a greatly troubled man who could not accept his appearance, among other problems he had.  His soul contract was to be the boy genius in song and dance, and he also had to balance past lives where he had mistreated his children and others.  

In this life he had to experience mistreatment himself, but he also had his problems, because he was so scarred, of always wanting to recapture his youth—his lost virgin youth with no cares, which of course he could never do.  He will have much balancing to do in upcoming lives to atone for not only his actions with his family, but with many, many others, both young and old that he himself mistreated.  His soul contract called for him to leave at this time.  It was not a chance happening.  He found a way to do it painlessly, and now he is resting and of course looking back and reviewing this life and a part of him will remain with his children and family.  He is again at peace on this side of the veil.


Dena has asked if you can be a guide while incarnated in a life, and if so, how does it work?

Yes, it is quite easy to be a guide for someone while incarnated Tom.  You see you are incarnated all the time in some time period, so that could not preclude you from being a guide.  Your guide activities are not on a linear basis, but go on simultaneously to all your incarnations.  Yes this is one of those complex examples I said before.  You are at this instant a guide in thousands of other lives of people Tom.  You are much larger and much more capable on this side of the veil than you are in any earth life.  

So it doesn’t matter say that my mother, who is a guide for me now in this life, might have already incarnated in her next life, is that my understanding?

Yes, exactly.  She has gone on to another life, but a portion of her soul fragment continues to provide guidance to you and many other people while she incarnates into her next existence on earth.  You can use the term multi-tasking here for your own soul you see Tom.


Kelly writes:  I just love your book, your website, your newsletters, etc...It's been a wonderful discovery!  Thank you so much for all that you do to enlighten us!   I use MBO's all day long!  When it doesn't work I always know there is a bigger reason, and a better thing will come to pass!
I have two questions for Theo if there is time...I would like to know how I can know for certain when I've met my twin flame.  I met a man named Jeremy, and I immediately knew I knew him from somewhere.  After a year of studying, I am convinced he is my twin flame.  However, I have read also that there are no twin flames.  I would like to know if there are twin flames, and if how we can know for sure if someone is our twin flame or not?
My second question is that I would like to know if we can also channel Theo, or another spirit?  And if so, how do we get started?

Kelly wants to know if there are “twin flames” and if so how can you be sure if someone is your twin flame?

An interesting question.  But we have covered this before.  As I have said before, each soul has these soul clusters Tom, and yes there are times when two parts or fragments of the same soul cluster incarnate together.  This can be difficult as your energies match so closely.  Sometimes it is impossible for you to stay together.  But there are other soul fragments that you have spent many lives together and certainly know each other well.  These are from soul clusters that you work together with over many, many lives.  Then it certainly feels like what would be termed a soul twin flame.  But again, I will say there are times when two fragments of the same cluster are together and there is great energy there.

Regarding contacting Theo, why would you want to contact Theo?  You should contact your own Guardian Angel, who’s your best friend.  Start there and then let your own GA introduce you to other beings that have an interest in you, such as my “brother on another planet” Antura who is part of my soul cluster.  

As I have suggested before, either take one of my workshops where I do a guided meditation for you to see how I do it, or purchase one of Dick Sutphen’s many CD’s titled SPIRIT GUIDES at .  That will get you started.  And an aside note, Richard and I had a great time last Wednesday on his program.  It’s archived at .  I think you’ll enjoy it. 


Marie writes:  Thanks for asking Theo my questions. Here is something I want to know.  Ask him if you can change your future by doing the MBO's?   I've been told by my Guardian Angels that I will succeed in this current program I am in for opportunities.  Am going through some challenges. I feel stuck. What can Theo tell me?

Marie wants to know if you can change your future by requesting MBO’s?

Yes Tom, to a certain extent you can change your future through requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  By requesting MBO’s you negate certain events that you would encounter had you not requested a MBO.  And as you surmised, you are able to stay much more closely to your life plan or soul contract as we call them.  

When I have said before that requesting MBO’’s is by far the best thing you can do for yourself in this life, it’s because no other similar requests have as much power with your own Guardian Angel.  Requesting MBO’s can assist you in avoiding great danger, and can alleviate or lessen the severity of lessons your soul has chosen for knowledge and understanding.  Requesting MBO’s does all of these things.  It is the best thing you can do for yourself in this or any other life, which is why hundreds of years from now people will still be requesting MBO’s, as more and more people learn about their importance.  This was a good question by your reader.


Theo, can a MBO request be sort of backdated for something specific for you, whether it is in the middle of driving, or perhaps for some other request?

Not exactly Tom.  Benevolent requests are meant to start at that moment in your time, although each person’s Guardian Angel, as you call us, does have some latitude to rearrange things just a little, but not very much, so the best answer is to only expect the Benevolent request to work from that moment in time forwards.


Sandi writes:  I just wanted to thank you for the MBO you gave me for the bumble Bees.  I said it as soon as you sent it.  We've been looking every day, but haven't seen any (more).
I'm wondering if you could ask Theo something for me.  It's about Liam, my 16 month old grandson.  I believe he is a Healer.  A couple months ago my little dog Buster seemed to be in distress. He was licking his chops & kept shaking his head.  Liam walked over, opened Buster's mouth, stuck his little hand inside, babbled something, pulled his hand out & walked away smiling.  Buster walked over to a blanket that was on the floor, curled up & went to sleep.   

A couple of weeks ago I had a deep cut on my finger from taking plastic off of a container.  I sat on the sofa next to Liam.  He put down the pop-up book he was looking at, touched my finger, babbled something & went back to his book.   The bleeding stopped immediately, & by the next morning I couldn't even see where I had been cut.  Two days ago when I put him down for a nap, he took my hand & put my palm on his 3rd eye.  I closed my eyes, & saw a white light in my palm & Liams' 3rd eye.  Then I felt a slight electrical shock in my hand & arm & an intense surge of energy run up my arm & into my 3rd eye.  I called my husband in & he had the same experience.  I'm just wondering if Theo can tell you what we can expect as this child grows up.

Theo, Sandi wants to know if her grandson Liam is a healer, and if so could you say anything about his soul contract?

Yes Liam’s contract Tom is to become a healer.  He has had many lives where he has performed this service before.  He is one of the crystal children and naturally chose his parents and grandparents so that he would be encouraged and accepted.  Sandi will do this we both know, and will revel in his development as he grows up.


Sandy in Seoul, Korea writes:  I appreciate all the information.  Did I read in one of the newsletters that because we are progressing so well - and because of the special circumstances of this time period, our timeline may move higher to a higher timeline? (Is that possible?) From your email it doesn't sound like that happens.
Odd isn't it - sounds like we're all a bunch of guinea pigs!
I also wanted to let you know that since I've been reading your letters etc and practicing MBOs - things are getting better on the taxi front!  I live in Seoul, Korea now and we didn't want to buy a car since public transport is so good - so now I request an MBO whenever i need a cab and most of the time it works like a charm!

Theo, we don’t actually move to another time line do we when we raise our vibrational rate collectively do we?

Yes and No.  You do raise your collective vibrational rate to the equivalent of another time line, but at the same time the people on that time line also has raised their vibrational level to almost the next time line’s level too, so there is a fairly constant level that is rising, but all time lines are doing this too—the people collectively.  

Can you look in on your other lives in other time lines in meditation?

Yes it is possible, Tom, but obviously not often done.  It is more done during your sleep time in the dream state.  As a Shaman in the 1600’s you and Reveals The Mysteries were able to do this when you wished to contact yourself let’s say on this particular time line, and other time lines too.  Each time line had to be individually contacted.  It took, needless to say, several hours of meditation to accomplish this and of course, great training.


Here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, the local NBC affiliate reported a fireball over the Arlington, Texas mid-cities area.  Here is the link if you wish to read the story: .  So I decided to ask Theo about it.

Theo, there was a report on the website of the local DFW NBC affiliate about a possible UFO that appeared recently over Arlington, Texas.  What can you tell me about this fireball?

Yes it was one of your friendly UFO ET’s Tom.   They were making a show of it.  It was not a meteor, but was designed to be shielded but noticeable to the population.  They were simply having a little fun.  Yes, you are receiving me correctly Tom.  

What was their purpose?

Certainly as they are all at this time they are gathering information and readings of different areas.  They were taking readings of the recent earth movements in that area and needed to be closer without scaring the population too much.  They achieved this, as obviously there was no real panic.  


How tall were the Lemurians?

Yes, as has been reported they were towards the 7-foot height Tom—with the women typically over 6 feet in height.  

Were they reddish complexioned like the Atlantians or what ski color or were they multiple skin tones?

Good question Tom.  No they were for the most part a lighter skin tone—not like the Atlantians.

Were they more oriental in appearance or Caucasian?

More towards the oriental flavor shall we say.

Was there more than one country on the continent?

Yes Tom—actually several—part of the problems you see.

Were there several forms of government—kings & queens, dictators, democracies?

Yes, yes and yes.  There were all those and a parliament type government too Tom.  They had quite a variety on that continent, as there were, as I mentioned before, several countries.

How large were the cities?

Yes, the largest city would have been several million people Tom—higher than you might have thought I believe.

How tall were the buildings in the cities?

Yes they, like the Atlantians, tended to keep their buildings under 10 to 12 stores, as they did have space.  They were not so densely populated as you are now.

Was there one explosion or a series of explosions that caused the continent to sink?

Yes, there were a series of explosions Tom, as each country tried to wipe out the other after the first country attacked.

How many lives did I live on the continent of MU?

Several Tom, but not as many as on Atlantis.  More on the order of 40 to 50.  We’ll leave it at that range for the time being.

How many lives did it take for me to balance the bad life on MU?

Quite a few Tom.  Certainly the number would be less than 100 but more than 50—yes around the 84 mark.  It took you quite some time to balance than life, as you can imagine with all the destruction you were responsible for causing.

How did they travel during the days of MU?  Did they transport by portals?

No Tom.  Much more conventional shall we say.  Yes they had trains and vehicles, but the flying machines were mostly military, not for the typical family to use.

So all countries on the continent were at war with each other?

Naturally there were alliances Tom, so there were combinations of countries that sided with each other.

Did they use gunpowder?

No, not at that time.  They had other weaponry.

Were there multiple religions?

Yes, certainly that was part of the problem, which you had to readdress in your times, in order to solve the problem of multiple beliefs you see, when you were not able to solve that problem back then.

What was the average size of the families?

Four to six Tom.  It partially depended upon their religions, just as it does today.

Did they live in houses or apartments or both?

Both.  Again it depended upon whether they lived in the cities or outside you see.  The houses certainly were not as grand as those today.  Simpler cottages you would call them.

Did they eat meat or were they vegetarians?

Both Tom.  Again, religions came into play here too regarding what they ate, just as it does today.

Did they have a form of TV?

Yes, towards the end they did.  The societies were becoming more advanced, but again this was one of the causes of their demise.  They developed a form of rocketry—not the same as you have today, but slightly similar.  

Were the ruins at Yonaguni, Japan part of a city or were they some sort of religious structure?

No they were part of a city—fortifications if you will.  Again I will say that much work should be done on these ruins, as many ancient artifacts will be discovered beneath the sands.  It is a treasure trove of findings for an archeologist.  You will see some of that come to light in the next few years, as more scientists will be attracted to these ruins to either prove or disprove when they were constructed.

When was it constructed?

Certainly during the last few hundred years of the continent’s existence Tom.  These were massive fortifications, and they were not constructed overnight.  It took much work.

How far below the sand does it go?

Yes, not too much further, but certainly well over 100 to 200 feet more.

Did the inhabitants of Mu have what we consider bathrooms in their buildings and houses?

Yes, certainly Tom.  These were not backwards rural people, although there were areas on the continent that certainly were much more rural in nature.  But they had their own sanitary systems.  They were quite advanced you see with over 50,000 years of inhabitation, just as the Atlantians had.  But again, greed, corruption, and power did them in, just as it did the Atlantians .  They could not live together, so again, that’s why you—meaning society as a whole—have these same challenges today, which you are slowly but surely solving.  You will not destroy yourselves this time, I can assure you.

Did they have public or private baths?

Both naturally, partially depending upon their religious persuasions or beliefs, just as you do now.

How fast did their trains travel?

Fairly fast, but not as fast as the Japanese and French TGV’s of today travel.  Sixty to 70 miles per hour would be about the top end—quite sufficient for a smaller continent, especially when the countries started closing their borders and people were prevented from traveling to each other’s countries.

How many people could their aircraft hold?

Very few--as I mentioned before they were mostly used by the military, so certainly most of their craft carried under 10 people, Tom.

Did the people speak different languages in each country?

Yes, of course.  Again, this was one of the divisive problems they had—the inability to accept each other’s cultures and traditions.  Each thought theirs was the best.

Did they have books, newspapers, and magazines?

Yes, although not to the extent you have today.  Most were state run newspapers to control the information given to the people.  There was much propaganda in these publications.

So was it religions that sunk Mu?

Yes, primarily, but also cultures and most especially the leaders who wanted more territory for themselves and wanted to subjugate their neighbors.

What sort of lives did I lead to balance the Mu life?

Obviously there were many tragic lives where you died in wars yourself Tom.  You also had to witness others being murdered in war, and to be part of their families to feel that heartache.  You did have lives as religious leaders where you accomplished much to bring love to those around you.  As I said before, those lives of attrition are finished now, and you can look forward and not dwell so much on what you consider your worst life on earth.

Back to the continent MU, did they have siege battles for the coastal cities?  Is that the reason for the fortifications?

Yes, there were threats and certainly they made the necessary preparations.  Yes there were some attacks on coastal cities during that time period.

Why didn’t we think the other side would retaliate?

You underestimated the other side’s ability to strike back.  You and the others thought they would capitulate, but they did not.  And you weren’t aware they had developed weapons of mass destruction too you see?

How long had the war lasted or hostilities when my country bombed the other or others?

Quite a few years as the buildup did not happen overnight.  There were many border clashes Tom, and certainly the attacks from the sea.  Thousands of people had already perished at that time.   

Did they have schools similar to today?

Yes and no.  They did have schools, but some were of a religious nature, and yes they had schools that taught the basics.

So I assume they had math, geography, language, and so on?

Quite so.  Again, these were more sophisticated people that had been living on this continent for 50,0000 years, so they had progressed in most areas.  But as we have discussed, they could not live together, and again, that’s why you are working on this again in modern times, as you did not solve it in either the Lemurian or Atlantian times, but you will this time, I can assure you.  

You previously said they did not have atomic power, so what type of energy did they have, since you also said they did not use crystals as the Atlantians did?

Yes, they did use a form of magnetism Tom.  That’s the best description I can give you, as you’re not a scientist, nor or even you scientists quite aware yet of the possibilities of using magnetics.  This knowledge and the crystal knowledge has been kept from you until it was felt you would not use it to destroy yourselves again.  Soon this knowledge will be allowed to be used.  

Did Lemurians have telephones or something similar?

Yes, quite so.  They did have advanced methods of communicating with each other, after many thousands of years of development.  They were even a little more advanced than you are at this time period.

Did Cro-Magnons or Neandethals ever inhabit the continent of Mu?

Yes, at one time the Cro-Magnons did Tom.  But not the Neanderthals.  Again, like the continent of Atlantis, they were created elsewhere.  The Cro-Magnons flourished for a time and then the Adam seeded man slowly took over.

Did they have prisons in the various Mu countries for criminals?

Yes and no.  Yes for a period of time, but there were developments to change the personalities of the criminals so there were few prisons still operating at the time they destroyed themselves.  You will learn in the not too distant future how to alter the personalities and traits of individuals that are a menace to society.  It is coming and again not too far in the future.  First there will be drugs but then complete alteration of the DNA.

Was there a gay population on Mu and were they accepted or shunned?

Yes there was a gay population Tom, and they were, for the most part accepted, although there were a couple of exceptions according to their religious beliefs at that time.

Were there written languages on Mu?

Of course.  Again they had made great strides in their development.  The only “fly in the ointment” was their inability to get along with each other.  

Was it a normal language as we have now, or was it in the form of some hieroglyphics?

No, more in the form of some of your languages that are written today.  Just different symbols.

Did they have books I assume and had they developed computers?

Both, yes.  Naturally they did have books, and had developed a form of computers, although you have surpassed them in this area now days.  They had not developed them as far as you have now.  


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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