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Hi everyone! I thought I might send this out early to you, as this is a Holiday Weekend. Perhaps you can read it by the pool.


Cindi writes: Just wanted to let you know about our MBO's at work. I lent a copy of your book to my co-worker. We work in a very stressful environment, and both started requesting MBO's that everything go smoothly. We do this every day, independently. We have had such a good response. Each day we both remark how well things turn out. We are always ready to say “thank you” to our angels and guides, and now I want to say Thank-you to you for bringing this "gentle way" into our lives.


Kelly has a number of MBO stories to relate, but I really didn’t wish to condense too much, as this demonstrates how many different ways and times you can request Benevolent Outcomes during your daily life.

Kelly writes: I have a number of MBO's to share with you, which happened this past weekend. My family and I were to to attend a family reunion in Iowa and upon arrival to our first hotel, I requested an MBO that my husband would be able to upgrade our reservation to a suite at no extra cost. The chances seemed slim as there was a convention going on and the hotel was busy. We were given a suite, however!

I then requested an MBO the next day so that our next hotel room would be affordable in such a way that money would unexpectedly come to us to cover the extra costs of a larger suite than we usually reserved easily and effortlessly. It was at a hotel we usually stayed at for this annual gathering, but we decided upon a larger room. It just so happens that other members of my family of origin were staying there too and upon our arrival, we were told our room was paid for--my father picked up the tab. Generally payments were completed the following morning and my father usually arrived at the hotel after we would on day one there. This was a bit unusual for us this year as he had beaten us there and paid for the room in advance.

I then requested an MBO to strike up harmonious conversations where I would make some solid heartfelt connections. This, I usually felt was quite unlikely as in the past, I've been the "black sheep" and "odd one" of my family. The one people strived to understand or just couldn't. Well, over the years I'd kept a lot to myself. This year, one aunt and one cousin really connected with me. I found out we had much more in common than any of us had thought. It was so relieving for me as these gatherings tended to be tense for me in the past. Children also seemed to gravitate to me and sit with me and this brought more other people. I didn't have to go far as people came to me. I felt more accepted than I had in prior years.

I also requested an MBO en route home to find some Hibiscus tea. I had not had luck thus far and when I arrived at the town in which I requested to find it, I found it in the 2nd shop I entered. Only one variety and only 3 boxes available. Perfect.

Further on, en route home, I became more open about my MBO requests and stated them aloud with my immediate family present. By this time, my youngest son was convinced this really worked. My older one was beginning to see some real synchrony and was asking pertinent questions that you answer in your book...i.e. "Why do we have to say it aloud or write it?" And, my husband was beginning to really listen. I was having a ball, because they kept coming true and it got to a point that I'd say it and just expect the result. They always worked! I asked for a swift and safe trip home with smooth flowing traffic. This was right after my husband mentioned that he knew we'd hit the "returning home from the weekend away" traffic. He chuckled when I said "And may it be even better than I could have hoped or expected." You never know! There wasn't any traffic stopping us the whole way home!

Also, as we traveled, I crocheted. At one point, I realized I couldn't find my pattern. I needed it to complete my afghan that was nearly finished. Only one thing to do when my and my husband's search failed--request an MBO. So, I did. Immediately after saying it, my husband reached down onto the floor between us and picked up my pattern. He had not noticed it before and he wasn't playing any games with me. My youngest son was clearly enthralled by this and how immediate it happened. So was I!

Another thing I found curious was the fact that the evening we stayed at the first hotel, I recalled that last year I had run into a person in the exercise room who came from not far from where we lived. I also recall that I had been reading the Kryon parables and the person struck up a conversation with me about it. That was the only Kryon book I have read yet. That evening, I had a dream that Kryon was mentioned on the news. (I was nowhere near Sedona...We're talking Dubuque, IA). It was a flash of a dream moment that I recalled upon awakening. That same morning I checked my e-mails and found one from you commenting on an e-mail I had sent a couple of weeks or more back--MBO's and time compression to share. The odd thing is that you had already responded to that e-mail I sent either on the same day or day after I had sent it. I found it strange that I'd get another response now. (Although it was certainly welcome!) Additionally, I found it quite synchronistic that I had just been thinking of Kryon twice in the prior 12 hours and now you e-mail and had just been taking part in the Kryon gathering in Sedona. Further, I took the message from you as a reminder to keep requesting MBO's all weekend. I certainly did.

I also have been stating "I am requesting great things....."every day since I listened to your video online. I'm sure it is coming through for me. Thanks for all your wonderful tips/guidance.

Something else, I requested an MBO so that my plants would receive enough water from rain and not be parched while we were gone. The forecast didn't look like rain was in the picture. When we returned home, I didn't have to rush to water them. It was obvious it had rained, as the pavement was wet. Also, I requested (along with my son) that our pet rabbit would be taken care of (even in a spiritual sense) so he wouldn't feel he was lacking food, etc. This was the second time we had left him for a 2-3 day time frame. He did ok last time, but he had been getting used to more regular feedings throughout the day and not all given at once. My son and I asked that any and all beings would come to his aid and comfort ((A Living Prayer)) so that he would manage comfortably until we returned. He still had some food left when we did. We also imagined pictures in our minds and sent them to him, that we wouldn't be long and that he was loved, etc. I think the thoughts made it to him.

I'm sure there are more MBO's I forgot to mention, but I just wanted to send these off to you. My whole family is becoming a group of believers; personally, I feel I don't believe it works....I KNOW it does!


Theo, are all the old texts still existing that were considered for inclusion in the Christian Bible? It was reported there were 130.

Yes, almost all are, and as you guessed, most will be found in the Vatican Archives, with only a few located elsewhere that were considered too radical for the church to keep. They were some of the first texts, yes, but there were others from other cultures, so that they have a treasure trove of history that will be released one day soon for study by scholars—not just biblical scholars but also by archeologists that wish to locate certain ruins that will be described in these texts. It will be an exciting time for historians and for the public as these old texts are released for study.


I probably shouldn’t put this in until after I give you the information I’ve received about Time Lines—aka (also known as) Parallel Lives—but I thought this was interesting so here it is. For your information there are 12 time lines and we’re on number 6. This is just a small introduction into a several part series.

What time line was Camelot and King Arthur’s Round Table on?

Yes, the time line was a little higher—It was up around 8 to 9. The time line crossed yours and several others, thereby establishing the legend.

So you say the time line was eight or nine?

It existed across both, even though they were separated slightly more than say 7 and


Theo, so how many souls did Michael create or birth?

Yes, several million souls were birthed as you call it by Michael.

You said he would be considered a larger fragment of a creator Theo. Did the creator also divide into other large parts or was Michael the largest?

Good question Tom. The creator did divide off two more large parts of itself. As you know, as there are trillions of creators they have millions of choices of what to do with themselves and this particular creator wished to send large parts of itself out to different universes for its learning and knowledge. Just as I send back what I learn from being of service here, Arch Angel Michael as you call him does the same.


Will a large crystal be activated in Arkansas at the summer solstice and if so, who’s activating it?

Yes, there will be an activation of this huge crystal Tom at this coming date. It is the Sirians that will activate it so that you and others may receive an increased amount of energy. That is quite an exciting event, as this crystal has been kept dormant for thousands of years.


Theo, Were headbands used in Atlantis, and if so, when and for what use?

Yes they were used Tom for healing purposes. It was an electromagnetic headband that aligned a person’s magnetic field and by doing this allowed healing in the body to take place, both mental and physical. You will have something similar in the coming years.

The following is a correction of what I previously wrote in a newsletter. Theo, was the second moon that you previously said we had a satellite, or an actual planetary type body?

Yes, Tom, it was a satellite.

Why didn’t you mention this before?

Sometimes it is difficult to offer new concepts to you at this stage of development in your communication. The satellite was put up by the Atlantians to act as a power grid or source. When it was misused it did explode, so that’s why you see none of it’s remnants. It was low in the sky above Atlantis and therefore the pieces left over were absorbed into the atmosphere.

Tyberonn said that the satellite existed 19,500 years ago and not 50,000 or more years. Is that correct?

Yes. His figures are fairly accurate there. The loss of the satellite was all part of the decline of the Atlantian civilization.

Was there the equivalent of a Wiccan belief system during the time of Atlantis?

No. Not the same as today. This was more a scientific oriented society. The Wiccan belief system grew out of the love of nature in Europe over the centuries.

Was Ireland named after the Aryans of Atlantis or the similar named people of Northern Europe?

Actually both Tom. As you guessed both had ties. Atlantis had outposts as you call them or colonies or settlements in Europe and so there was a great influence over these peoples. The Atlantians were seen as almost gods as they came in modern aircraft or vessels far beyond what the average farmer or villager of that time period had achieved.

Did Aryan – the Atlantian island—control the islands of Og and Eyre?

Yes, what you read is accurate Tom. They controlled not only their own island but the other two as well.

Is that how Ireland to this day is known as Eyre?

Yes absolutely Tom. That name is a carry over of the Atlantian island’s name.

But Ireland is or was not the original island of Eyre was it?

No, it was not. They just brought the name with them just as you see today many places named for European cities, towns, and even countries. It was a reminder of them of their beloved island that sank into the Atlantic.

Did the Atlantians have giant tunnels beneath the earth?

Yes, that was very accurate.

So how far did these tunnels range?

Far and wide Tom. Thousands of miles. They used the crystalline energy to power the construction, but they also took advantage of the huge chasms that are beneath the earth’s surface, which made it easier to establish their power sources.

So were the tunnels used as much, less, or more than air travel?

Actually a little bit more, as it was quite easy and they could go farther than the aircraft, which I said before were tethered to their energy source on the ground. Under the ground, crystals could be moved along the routes and act as energy stations for the continued movement of underground vehicles.

Did I have a life at the end of Atlantis and if so did I perish or leave?

You had left some time before the end of Atlantis with your flock Tom.

Why did I decide to leave Atlantis? Was it quite evident that the destruction was coming or was I directed to do so?

It was quite evident Tom; as plain as the nose on your face, to use your idiom. But you were told that time was becoming short to move during your meditations, so you hurried up the process sending people out ahead of the group to arrange transportation, food and such for a large number of people.

That sounds like the beginning of my travel agent/tour days, Theo.

Yes, exactly. Becoming a travel agent and handling large groups of people in this life came naturally for you, as you had done this for your flock of followers in that life. But that is good recognition as to how one life can be affected by another. The knowledge you gain from one life can carry over into another. Yes, a child that begins playing the piano at an early age is another example of this.

Did I leave with my “flock” just before the third destruction or how long before?

Quite some time actually--two to three hundred years before the move was made. That would seem close in comparison, but was certainly far enough before that you were able to make the crossing to Spain and on to Egypt in an orderly fashion, as compared to those that waited longer when many died trying to flee at the last possible moment.

How many people went with me?

Several thousand. It did take a couple of years to move everyone. But of course you were living the Gentle Way and things would seemingly magically happen to assist you in moving this large group of people out of harms way. That was a life of high achievement—good Karma shall we say.

Where did I go?

You went through Spain to Egypt, as that was a very fertile place at that time. Later it would change to a very desert country, but not when you arrived.

How many people migrated with me to Egypt?

Several thousand. Some of your flock had already migrated before you decided to pull up stakes, to use your idiom, and many stayed behind because of family ties and such. So the flock you see was much smaller than the number of people that practiced the Gentle Way (previously reported at one million).

Why did we travel through Spain and not fly or go directly to Egypt?

Yes, it was because there was a limit to the range of those flying machines due to their need to be locked onto the external power sources. Spain was at the outer boundaries of their range, so you first flew to Spain and then went overland to the coast and by ships to Egypt. It was quite a long procession if you can imagine this wave of people traveling together down to the coast. They had to be fed and transportation of various types was used in this migration. You had people that went out ahead to arrange such things.

On another day I received a different answer. When my “flock” and I left Atlantis, did we travel by boat, air, or tunnel?

Good question Tom. You actually traveled by tunnel to what is now Portugal, as that was a busy highway shall we call it. From there you went overland crossing Spain and then to Africa.

This week I asked again: Theo, you have said that we went by air and by tunnel, and possibly by ground to Egypt. Explain exactly how we got there.

Yes Tom. You did have to use a variety of transportation. Let’s see if you can receive this. First you did use the tunnel, as that was a very fast and easy way to reach into Portugal and then Spain. Here is where it will be a little difficult for you. The flock split up and some went overland and some went by air and some went by ground. It depended upon your flock’s interests. You allowed them completely free will. You did not dictate to them how they had to travel. Some wanted to explore that area a little more. You had made the recommendation as to what you felt was the best place to begin again, but you always allowed for a difference of opinion. So as I mentioned before, they came to Egypt over a period of time, which made it somewhat easier to start building houses or rather apartment type buildings and of course they –your flock I mean--certainly had the capability to do a lot of work themselves. There was great sadness at having to move away from their beloved Atlantis, but everyone knew it was just a matter of time. There were frequent earthquakes and of course the governments were quite unstable too. So they moved by almost any and all means possible, as there were too many for just one mode of transportation, as the capacity of these systems was not large enough to handle such a large group. Yes it was sort of like your saying “by air, land and sea,” Tom.

Was the Egyptian migration the same as if we moved to a third world country?

Quite so Tom. The Egyptians had a very fertile, but not too densely populated land, so many Atlantians could settle there, but they were not nearly as far along in their scientific development. They were a simple people until the Atlantians arrived. Of course you must remember that there were many other settlements from what is now Portugal all the way through Spain into France and so on. That whole area was available, for the most part, so someday even more ancient settlements will be found in these areas—some under modern day cities and towns.

I asked about significant lives with my wife and here was an answer that sheds some light on what was happening towards the end.

…There are of course, other lives more significant, such as back in Egyptian times when she was a princess and you my friend were newly arrived from Atlantis. You were impressed with her authority and handling of situations of that time. She was able to assist you in some of your endeavors at that time. Through her meditations she understood who you were and your significance when you brought your flock of people with you to resettle. She was pleased that you were a non-violent sort of people and welcomed you to their lands for resettlement. This was a very significant life together.

I think next week will be the final part on Atlantis, but I’m not sure. See my previous newsletters on the website ( for first time readers) for Parts 1-7.


I just posted a new video this week. It’s TOOLS FOR ABUNDANCE—PART 2. In it I describe how I used an astrological prediction to become the first tour operator in Dallas to ever run a trip with 300 people to the Dallas Cowboy’s first Superbowl.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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