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I just wanted to give you a short report on our trip to Sedona last weekend for the Kryon Summer Conference. Naturally we requested Benevolent Outcomes for the flights, the baggage to be on time, no line at the car rental counter, and the drive up to Sedona. We also asked for a Benevolent Outcome to check in early at the Sky Ranch (which has the most fantastic view of Sedona from up on the mesa and is close to the Airport vortex). When we arrived the people had just checked out, so we went to lunch; when we came back the room was ready (2 ½ hours earlier than normal), and we were able to change and head over to the high school gym where the conference was held.

I had requested a MBO to be able to have lunch with Lee Carroll’s wife Patti, who had been quite kind to me in the past, putting a link from their site to mine, and so on, but we had never met her. Instead of lunch we had dinner on Friday night with both Lee and Patti. Both are really down-to-earth people and quite interesting.

I signed a number of books at the conference and gave out probably 500 sample newsletters. We requested a Benevolent Outcome for our dinner we have each time on the Enchantment Resort patio and were “fortunate” to get the last table there and exactly where we’ve sat before with a fabulous view of Boynton Canyon. There were other MBO’s just too numerous to go into detail here.

One thing I took from the conference—Lee Carroll was channeling Kryon and Kryon said that everyone would be channeling one day, but it might not be called channeling. As I mentioned many times before, what I do is what I call “active meditations” where I go into an alternative state and ask questions. I think that the average person thinks channeling is something they could never do, but many people already meditate. Asking questions is just another step. If I can do this, anyone can, I assure you, and I’ve proved it when I conduct a guided meditation during one of my workshops or talks. I simply have everyone taking part write down a question and then ask it during meditation. Give it a try!


Diane writes: I just had to share what happened the other had me smiling to sleep and feeling so great and grateful.

The other day when we got home my husband told me that he could not find his wedding ring. He has a habit in the morning to take his watch and ring off and take his shower.....when he finished his shower his watch was there but no ring. He looked every where....floor, bed - no sign of the ring. So he went to work without his ring. It bothered him of course and when I got home, I looked for the ring....nothing...not even in the corner of the where to be I immediately said my Most Benevolent prayer!

Well, we got into bed getting ready to go to husband had the TV on and was lying on his side when all of the sudden he felt something cold on his leg.....he put his hand near his leg and what did he find? His Ring. He was surprised and all he could say was I can't believe it....and all I could say was thank you and smile from ear to ear....because of course I said "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding David's ring. Thank you! Plus I added one thing that my Mom has always taught me that also works...."Nothing is lost in Spirit" I was saying both of them and then just relaxed. So Tom I had to share this with you because I felt good......happy, excited and very grateful and thanking my angels a million times.

I also realized this week after this miracle that why worry and in God and your angels and all will be well. Your Angels want to help you and they can't unless you call.

I'm still working on the Most Benevolent outcome for the selling of my home and my credit and getting some extra money so that we an move with no problem. I have a strong feeling that I will get what I want in the selling of my home in this down market....I refuse to go with the market or negative talk about not
getting the price that I want. So far, some folks that I have contacted have given me low amounts and I refuse to get discouraged.....I'm holding strong in faith knowing that I will get the amount that I want and need for the Angels will come through for me....I know it. Thank you so much...........I'm now on the start of great things.

For those of you that read my book, you know I had a similar experience. I realized after we had left a movie theatre that I didn’t have my wedding ring on. When we arrived back home I called the theatre and they searched to no avail. I was quite concerned because I had lost my first wedding ring in the middle of some rapids during a Boy Scout canoe trip, when a large young boy and I were swept against a rock and capsized. I didn’t want to lose my second one. I looked all over the house and couldn’t find it, even requesting a Benevolent Outcome. Then my wife went to her bathroom and found my ring where it had slipped off while quickly washing my hands before running out the door for the movie.

And my wife and I have both requested Benevolent Outcomes for selling our house at a good price, so we’re patiently waiting without fear.


For those of you who read this in Europe, Dianne in the UK says that Amazon in the UK is now stocking my books, as before it took three weeks for delivery and now only a couple of days. And she writes:

In one of your very recent emails, I read that you had traveled to Cannes for the World TV Market and had asked for interesting traveling companions and also to meet helpful and inspirational people; and of course, it happened just as you had requested in wonderful ways that you could never had imagined. It just so happens that my friend's daughter-in-law was one of the people you met in Cannes and just by chance mentioned to her that she had met a 'really interesting guy’ (at the TV Market) who had written a book about MBO's! My friend said she didn't know who was more surprised at the story--my friend (she had the other copy of the first 2 books that I ordered) who had read the same newsletter--or her daughter-in-law when my friend told her that she used MBO's all the time and had a copy of the book herself! I wanted you to know that the word is spreading, Tom but then you knew that anyway!


Cheri writes: I really enjoy the newsletter and have passed it on to friends. I have been using MBO's sort of on-and-off since I saw you at Satori in North Richland Hills, Texas a couple of months ago.

I want to tell you that my roommate, a dear friend, and I recently had a very powerful demonstration of the effectiveness of MBO's. Her daughter and her husband, originally married in a civil ceremony three years ago, were planning to celebrate their union with a marriage blessing in their church. Our "extended family" was very excited about the upcoming celebration and had been making preparations for some time. There was just one problem. Due to a very limited budget and the high cost of renting a space, there were no plans for a reception after the ceremony. The plans, though lovely, felt truncated, and we all longed for a way to bring this special occasion to a more appropriate conclusion.

After exploring all conceivable (to us) options, we had finally, reluctantly, given up. One week to the day before the ceremony, my roommate had a thought (divinely inspired!) about a room at her church that might be available for free. Four days and many prayers later, she found out for sure that we had the room. That left all of us three days to put the reception together after work. For every obstacle we met, there were answers. Resources, ideas, and people appeared just when we needed them. It took a lot of work, and some squeaky-close episodes, but the next Saturday night, after a beautiful ceremony, we had a great reception. Almost everyone who attended the wedding was able to attend, even loved friends who were attending another function at the same church and were drawn to our event. Thus, the happy couple got to celebrate their commitment to each other in the company of family and friends!

What I would have advised Cheri would be to request a Benevolent Outcome when they had the problem, and very probably the solution to the problem would have presented itself earlier, or perhaps an even better solution. They co-created the solution through synchronicity. You’ll find this happening more and more as we move farther into the fifth dimension.


Jacquie writes: A great many changes have occurred, following my request for MBO's. During a heavy wind and rain downpour night my living room ceiling began to leak. Retired and getting by, I asked for an MBO. After all was said and done I received something in the neighborhood of $25,000.00 + or - dollars of work on my cottage. Other needed work came to light when they came to inspect the roof. It was all taken care of. I'll be at town hall tomorrow to wrap up paperwork on the completion of this work. It would take another paragraph to list everything that was done. It is a federal program called Small Towns Program for those 65 and older. If that was not enough, I needed a new car. Not a walk in the park with my retirement salary and identity theft issues. I am now driving a 2008 Honda Civic of my dreams. Oh, I forgot, I also received almost $3000.00 out of the blue. You couldn't make this up. Who would believe you? I am grateful to a benevolent universe, to myself for allowing miracles, and to my super duper guardian angel, and angelic guides.

The above was written some weeks ago. I've been unable to send to your e-mail, hope this one goes through. But, by way of overkill, since the above was written I have received the notice of my "stimulation check" (as have many), and another notice from the CT Department I retired from that I will be receiving $2,000.00 from a union settlement with that department. There's a lot I want to do. I keep reassuring my self that this is OK, that magic and miracles are our true nature.


Laurie writes: I'm so glad you are mentioning the "Great Things Mantra" (as I now call it) in your latest video. I've been saying it since you mentioned it in your April 26, 2008 newsletter, and have reaped some wonderful results. One example: I'm a writer and work is tough to get. Not long after I began verbalizing the Great Things Mantra each morning, an editor called me up and invited me to submit a few story ideas for a science fiction anthology he is putting together. (Believe me, I'm going to be asking for MBOs on that, too!)

I'm also quite convinced that the combination of MBOs and the Great Things Mantra are working to help me find the perfect agent for me and for selling my novel about Atlantis. Already, two agents have responded to my query letters and have asked to see the first three chapters. Your newsletters are a great pleasure to read. I look forward to receiving them each week!



Were the submersible vessels for war or just explorations or for tourists?

An interesting question Tom. They did have a variety of uses, but the major reason for them was war. No they did not have contact with any undersea races or dwellers. Those were at depths that they could not achieve. That was a built-in safety factor for those who would be considered water-beings.

Did the Atlantians create clones, robots, slaves from conquests, or what to do all this work that was referenced in Edgar Cayce’s writings?

They were not clones or robots. They were humanoids, but were the result of various experiments over a long period of time.

Were they ensouled?

Yes eventually. So yes they enslaved these sub-humans we will call them, as they did have animal appendages and such, which is why they were not looked upon as humans but were called “things.” Yes the images of beings with tails and with non- human heads would be correct.

What appendages would that be—tails, horns, snouts, or what?

All those and more, Tom. You can also add multiple arms, legs, duplicate sets of organs, more than two eyes at times, extra ears and so forth. Multiple fingers and toes you could add. Some of these humanoids were almost hideous in their appearance, which gave rise to the Atlantians calling them “things.” As they gained more scientific knowledge, they were able to start altering the genetic codes of these beings—after all they were good test subjects—and slowly bring them to look like a normal human being. This took quite some time and it was not completely accomplished when Atlantis sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Was it the Atlantians that experimented with creating humanoids, other races, most races, or extra terrestrials?

Ah, a nice question Tom. These experiments dated thousands of years back as the continents were just being populated. The extra terrestrials as you call them experimented with different forms of life and some experiments went a lot better than others. They would allow these humanoids to live and would also use them in mining, which certainly dates back much, much further than Atlantis. So the various humanoids were still around and were called “things” by the Atlantians and they used them for their menial work. This went on for several thousand years before they developed enough to begin altering the genetic code of these humanoid creatures. And obviously some of these experiments just died out on their own.

Did they have the equivalent of televisions?

Oh yes. They were advanced enough to have this equipment.

What about the sizes of the apartments or houses?

Most were smaller dwellings on average. Yes there were many apartments, but with large green areas surrounding them so that people could go out and enjoy the grass and trees and yes play sports—more on the soccer end than on the rougher American football that you have today. Many more sports similar to the Olympic style games—running, jumping, and so on.

Did Atlantis have mountains and if so were they high enough for snow?

Yes there were mountains and streams just as there are on most continents. And yes they were high enough in some places to have snow. Certainly that led to the normal recreations associated with that type of environment. You must remember or understand that the continent of Atlantis was much larger than say the islands of Japan, even though when the second destruction came about large islands were the result as the continent started breaking up. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost just in the breaking up of the continent into islands.

Were there many houses?

Not so many, but a fair number. More for the upper classes.

How were the homes and buildings heated?

More from tapping into the heat of the inner earth Tom as compared to the gas and electricity, but certainly they used electrical currents, but completely in a different way.

In the Atlantian homes did they sleep on mattresses similar to what we do, or did they sleep on mats or something similar?

No, they had in the latter years mattresses, although certainly they went through the stage of sleeping on mats as you call them. As I said before, they were equal in many ways to the level of advancement you have today, although you have surpassed them in many ways, just not in the use of crystals.

You said they had TV’s. Did they also have radios and modern kitchen type appliances?

Not exactly the same here. They did have a type of radio, but they weren’t so advanced in kitchen appliances. After all, they had those humanoids that they called “things” to do the menial work, so there was no real demand to invent timesaving devices for the kitchen.

Did the people that followed the Law of One and the Sons of Belial live separately from each other?

Yes of course. It would be like the Jews and Arabs or the Sunnis and Shiites of today. They could not get along, although at one time they did, but as they sank into a quagmire of warring with each other the families on each side lived separately from one another.

Someone asked if the Atlantians have anyone described as a “Savior.”

No, not at all Tom. They had their two main religions—the Law of One and the Sons of Belial and they really had no one that stood out from the crowd so to speak and acted as a Savior for either group or religions.

Was Atlantis at war with the Lemurian people or those of OZ?

No, actually they were not. They had internal civil wars between the two groups. Their relations with other peoples of the world were fairly quiet. They could get along with other people much better than themselves.

Were the Lemurians and Atlantians always separate or were they once together?

They were always separate Tom. They were seeded at slightly different times and by different off-worlders shall we say. They had a different makeup and mindset than did the Atlantians. They were much more spiritual and in tune with nature, as compared to the Atlantians that were of a much more scientific bent. The Lemurians allowed and accepted the Atlantians as they were, but because of their differences, they generally went their own ways and would have more diplomatic ties than a great mixing of both cultures. The Atlantians looked upon the Lemurians as rather quaint and strange people. They sort of looked down their noses at them.

What skin color was the Lemurians?

They were more brown in color, although the colony in Mt Shasta has taken on a white pale appearance as they are never in the sun.

So I’m receiving this correctly—the Lemurians were or had a brownish ski color?

That is correct Tom.


I had an enjoyable time on DICK SUTPHEN’S METAPHYSICAL WORLD discussing Tools for Abundance with Richard. He has archived the show. The link is .


I’m going to discuss the recent flooding in the Mississippi Valley and what the soul of the earth Gaia has told me is the reason this took place. You won’t want to miss this newsletter.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week and Expect Great Things!

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