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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


Sending EarlyNext week I’ll be sending the newsletter and blog out early, as we’re taking a short vacation to the Fingerlakes section of New York with a couple of friends.  So if you have any questions or MBO stories send them in this weekend!

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Ring of FireEva in Austin writes:  I have been fascinated this past week regarding the may 20th eclipse. I didn't know until I was reading about it that the corona of light around the moon coming from the sun is referred to as a "ring of fire". Interestingly enough, the path of the eclipse followed earth's "ring of fire", i.e. the south asia to california area of increased earthquake activity. Can Gaia comment on the connection between the eclipse and her "ring of fire" on earth? Also very important, I've wondered for a while now why earth's ring of fire is such an important place to move plates (versus another part of the globe?) Why did this area and it's movements serve such a great purpose at this time of our move to the 5th focus?

Gaia, why is the ring of Fire so important for you to move the plates versus another part of the world?

This is all part of the evolution of this planet Tom.  Had all of you had memories of earlier times you would have seen plates moving at every period of history.  That’s just the nature of landmasses.  So in this time period the Ring of Fire is active because the plates continue to move as they have for millions of years.  Earth is a vibrant planet Tom and as humans this is part of your education to learn about the dynamics of plate movement as part of your studies to prepare you for travel to other planetary systems. 

What is the symbolism, if any between what is called the Ring of Fire around the sun and your Ring of Fire?

They just happen to be called the same thing, although the symbolism would naturally be a person’s idea that the earth’s Ring of Fire is hot like the sun’s. 


Calgary CanadaAdele writes from Canada:  I have a couple of questions. As I live in Calgary, AB, I have been hearing different things when it comes to the city and area in which I live.

First off lately there has been some speculation on an escape route and survival plan for Calgary in the fall of 2012. As a native of this area, we used to joke that if the fault line ever shifted really big, the ocean would never reach us as the mountains are protecting us. Now I am hearing a different story. What would you be able to share in this matter? Also, is this area turning back into a desert like in the ice age?

Secondly, Calgary is very dependent on the Oil and Gas industry. I read in past newsletters with BP and the Gulf crisis there are new technologies being developed.  How will this affect the economy in Calgary and the oil / gas developments that are being proposed for future development.  I really enjoy reading your newsletter.  Thanks for being a great channel for all of us to learn from.

Gaia, will Calgary Canada remain a stable place to live in the coming years?

Yes it will Tom.  This is a stable part of the continent and those that reside there will enjoy that stability, although they will experience dramatic growth in the future certainly caused by events shall we say. 

Will temperatures begin to moderate there?

Yes, as it will for the whole northern half of the continent Tom.  It will just be a few degrees on average but will be enough that it will seem as if they lived several hundred miles to the south.


I reported last week about the statues being excavated on Easter Island and how they had whole bodies buried beneath Easter Island Statuethe surface.  

Lee on Facebook writes:  Please ask Theo if we will fully know the reason why the carvings are there. What was their purpose and who actually carved them. An ancient culture or aliens or a collaboration of both? Thank you for piquing my curiosity and providing answers to questions that encourage me to seek more!

Gaia, why are there statues on Easter Island and how old are they?

Yes Tom, much older than the 500 years they believe, but this will come out in the future as they do the carbon dating on the soil surrounding the statures they are unearthing.    I will not give specific dates as that will take away those “ah-ha” moments for the researchers.  But yes, they were done by the natives of the period to honor those from the stars.  It was not as some believe for a king or queen or ruler. 


Tebetan TecktiteBritta writes:  I've just finished reading your newsletter and this question popped up.  Recently I was browsing through a crystal website and was very much drawn to a stone called 'Tibetan Tecktite' (also called "Stone of Shambhala"). It is said it opens up chakra columns and giving energy surges to clear blockages' when being put in someone's energy field. It is believed to have been sent to Earth by beings wanting to improve Universal communications & awaken humanity. Said to be one of the Synergy Stones?
Can you ask Gaia if all that is true and if so if I can use this stone in my healing practice?

Does the stone Tibetan Tecktite open chakras Gaia?

Yes, it assists to a degree Tom.  Certainly for those who do not meditate it can be useful.  But one of the benefits of meditation is that it begins to open up your chakras.  A stone is not needed if you meditate, but for those that don’t it’s of benefit.


Antonia writes:  A yet unnamed 11-year-old girl from Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City has been making headlines in Asia, for Fireher alleged uncontrollable power to set things around her on fire.

Theo, explain the pyro-girl’s ability to start fires.

Yes, she has energy that she has not learned to control yet.  This does happen occasionally in younger children but is not reported, as the parents wish to keep it quite.  More people have this ability Tom but again keep it a secret as they would be looked up fearfully and would not have any friends.  So it is simply an ability to focus energy on a point.  She’ll grow out of it in a way. 


Robin GibbsShauna writes from Perth Australia:  Thanks for your amazing work and for introducing me to MBO's and BP's. I must say they are a regular part of my everyday life and I am continuously inspired and impressed by the speed and delivery of requests on a daily basis.

I guess we have all heard of the sad passing of Robin Gibb from Cancer. I grew up with this amazing group and their songs inspire and bring great joy all the time. My question is in two parts.
Firstly, could we all please say a BP for all those who are experiencing grief in any way by the loss of Robin? (I had thought something like, "Dear Any and All Beings, please assist any person affected by the death of Robin Gibb to deal with their sadness and grief for their Most Benevolent Outcome, and may it be better than we could ever have hoped for or expected. Thank you beloved ones."). Thanks everyone.
My second question is regarding the actual Cancer responsible for Robin's death. I have read on the Gentle Way many times that people suffer a particular fate due to having caused that very thing to someone else in their previous lives. So if that is the case in all scenarios, what is the Karmic debt associated with Cancer? Is it because those who pass from it have been responsible for keeping the cures from people who are affected by this dis-ease? Is it because those repaying their debt have contributed to the suffering of patients due to their own greed in Big Pharma or other situations? I'd be really interested to know as it is not like directly injuring or killing someone with a weapon. Thank you Theo and Tom for your reply, and for your wonderful weekly newsletter.

Theo, what type of balancing is accomplished by people who have cancer?

Yes, a multitude of past actions Tom depending upon the particular cancer.  On a higher level as I have explained before everyone needs to experience everything the earth has to offer during one or more lives.  But cancers can assist the soul in leaving at an appropriate time, along with balancing.  Lung cancer as an example can be a lesson for the soul in the detrimental effects of putting toxic smoke in the lungs over a period of time.  There are lessons to be learned by all those who care for the ill person, as this raises their vibrational levels too.  There is also balancing done by having cancer if one did not assist a family member or friend in a past life, so they must experience what it’s like to have the fear of dying with no one there to care for you.

I think there will be more to learn about how cancer balances.


This MBO story and the next one appeared last week in my Blog at  You’ll read nothing but inspiring MBO and BP stories on the blog from stories sent to me from all over the world. 

Normally I only publish first names, but in this instance Peter Clerin writes:  Here's a MBO that I'm working with.

Peter ClerinSix months ago I wondered how I could make my music more successful.  Since I’m been reading your newsletter for several years I decided to do a MBO on my music. 

For the last few months, thanks to Facebook, people have been helping me to organize my first music concert tour in Europe. I thought I would only do a country but finally a second country asked me. I have nobody who normally helps me with my music career but thanks to my MBO all this is turning around. I will tour in July and find out if it went well or not.
Just in case needed, here is my website, where it’s possible to listen to music samples.

Thank you for all your wonderful newsletters and teaching us about the MBO's.  Like many it has changed our lives for the better.

So if you like Peter’s music, are you able to arrange a gig or two for Peter while in Europe?  It would make his MBO even better!


Nancy writes:  Tom, here's something that happened on Sunday while a friend and I were traveling.

We were visiting friends in San Antonio last week, and heading back to our home in NC on Sunday morning.  We left the resort early to get to the airport at least 2 hours before the flight, since we had a car to drop off and luggage to check.

Well, somehow we passed the airport exit.  I pulled into a gas station to ask for directions.  Sure enough, we drove past where we were supposed to turn off.  I asked the manager how long it would take us to get there.  And he said 'about 30 minutes.' 

I looked at my watch and noticed that our flight was schedule to leave in 1 hour.  So I asked for an MBO that time would stop for a few minutes and that we would arrive at the airport with at least 20 minutes to spare.

San Antonio Airport ExitWe turned around, got back on the freeway, found the right exit, and headed to the rental car drop off.  Of course, we had trouble finding this location too, and ended up stopping at another gas station.  We were about 5 blocks away.  I looked at my watch, and found it had taken us only 10 minutes to get to that point! 

Pulling into the rental car stop we were met immediately by an attendant, and finished with check in in less than a minute.  As we were walking to the airport shuttle stop a bus pulled right up to the curb and we left almost immediately.  When we got to the airport most people headed inside towards the counter, but my friend and I headed to the curb side check in.  There were 2 people ahead of us with only 1 attendant.  Of course, just then another attendant returned from his break, and we walked right up the counter. 

Going into the airport we immediately checked our gate location, and headed for security.  There were about 10 people San Antonio Airportahead of us with 3 stations open, but the line was moving pretty quickly.  Then a fourth station opened, and we went through this station with no complications -- only 5 minutes total in this line!

But that wasn't the final surprise!  Our gate was about a third of the way in from security, and we quickly walked to it, getting there about 15 minutes before the flight was scheduled to take off.  Stopping by the gate and taking a deep breath we heard an announcement coming across the loud speaker.  The connecting flight had been delayed and the plane was just arriving then.  Boarding wouldn't start until the plane was serviced, in about 20 minutes! So not only did we make our flight with ease we were able to get a cup of coffee and sit down for a few minutes! 

Many thanks to the Angels of time travel!


Claire writes:  As you will know the 'Lockerbie bomber' died this week.  This was the man convicted of the bombing of PAN AM 103 which came down over Lockerbie in Scotland in December 1988 resulting in 270 deaths.  This man (Abdelbaset al-Megrahi) was convicted and imprisoned in Scotland and released 3 years ago on compassionate grounds (he had a diagnosis of cancer with 3 months to live at the time).  
Pan Am 103 BomberWas this man responsible?  In fact, was Libya involved at all or was another country responsible?  Thanks so much Tom, look forward every week to your newsletter.

Theo was Abdelbaset al-Magrahi the Pam Am 103 bomber, was Libya involved and explain his soul contract.

Yes, the gentleman was the Lockerbie bomber Tom.  He was a radical militant that wished he had not done the deed and later denied it even to his family.  He was internally remorseful.  That anguish caused the disease, which killed him.  Certainly Libya was involved quite directly, although it will be years before this completely comes to light. 

His soul contract did call for him to do this deed, as there were people who were supposed to experience this crash as part of their soul contracts themselves.  He will have a number of lives to balance these actions, but from a higher view it took place as it was supposed to happen, and it caused many people to be involved per their soul contracts.  There was also great compassion for those who perished Tom, and that does raise their vibrational levels. 


Mickey ShunickVivian writes:  Tom: please ask your guides about Michaela "Mickey" Shunick who disappeared Saturday May 19. She was riding her bicycle home but never arrived. Thanks.
Police, Family Search For 22-Year-Old Louisiana College Student Who Disappeared While Bicycling
Authorities in Louisiana are searching for a college student who disappeared while bicycling Saturday. Michaela "Mickey" Shunick, a 22-year-old senior anthropology major at the University of Louisiana, was last seen at about 1:45 a.m.

I will say in advance that I don’t like doing these, as certainly there is margin for error, and I don’t wish to cause anguish for anyone. 

Theo, what happened to LSU student Michaela Shumick?

Again, we have this violence towards women Tom.  She was raped and slain by her attacker.  Her body will be eventually discovered. 

Phyllis writes:  The Rendlesham Forest - Dec 1980 -  did this incident actually take place and if yes, why was it hushed up by our government and the UK?

Abe SapienRoswell - 1947 was there a spacecraft that crashed and were their any alien beings taken from the wreckage?  What or who was the spaceship that was seen by hundreds of people back in 2008 in Stephenville TX and why were they there?

Upon having conversations with Antura from Sirian or any other beings, when they travel here, how long does that voyage take? I'm sure there are short cuts thru worm holes and visualization short cuts too. But I was wondering this when you were speaking with Antura on your part 11 Conversations with the Sirians on 2-23-09.

Do our sentient 'brothers' celebrate birthdays, religious holidays, anniversaries? Do they go shopping, have favorite foods prepared, can they dine out?  How long is their normal day, it is hours, or is it measured at all?  Do they have large families?  What kind of entertainment to they experience (sports, movies, plays, concerts)?

Antura, can you tell me anything additional about Randleshan Forest 1980?  Who was there?

Yes Tom these were Federation scout ships or ship I should say.  It was another instance where we know the story would not or could not be buried by the government.  And it has remained to be told over thirty years later. 

Antura, do you celebrate birthdays or anniversaries of say when you mated?  What days to you celebrate.

As I have mentioned before, there is a day each year when we celebrate the union of the planets in the Federation.  It is fairly low key.  Birthdays, except for the very young are not celebrated so much due to the length of our lives.  Anniversaries with our mate also tend to be low key.  We might take a swim together.

We do have spots that serve as gathering places where we can relax with friends and have a bit to eat but not like the restaurants you have on earth.  They’re quite different.  Life as you can imagine Tom or not imagine is totally different than life on earth. 

Besides swimming, what is your entertainment?

Yes, in past sessions I have mentioned we do have music, and we have discussions with friends, a little similar to ones you might have with your friends.  We have a wealth of information at our fingertips about not only our world and star system, but any star system across the universe.  It would be the equivalent of having your History and National Geographic channels and space information channels all rolled up into one. 

Antura already mentioned that they tend to have small families on his planet.  He and his mate have two boys.  And he said they “portal jump” from one portal to the next to get even across the universe.  I may need to ask him if it’s more than one portal jump from his planet to earth.  It’s almost instantaneous travel from one portal to the next.  And their days are a little bit longer than ours.  Again, you can scroll down to the SERIES listed below and find all the newsletters where I have communicated and asked questions of Antura.

A question not on the list Antura—does every soul on your planet at one time or another have lives on earth?

No Tom.  This is interesting as there are souls with no desire to become caught up in the earth experiment.  They are not forced to you see.  So that’s where you and I can make a difference as we can bring back ideas on improving our world. 

Mayan MathematicsI have been told by either you or Theo in the past that we will adopt a 12 number system.  Is that correct.

Yes, to a point there.  You number systems will not work with the mathematical systems of the universe.

So are our mathematicians aware of this system, or it that something you will show us, or will we have to figure it out ourselves. 

This may be allowed to show your scientists Tom, as it only points in a direction, but does not solve problems for them.  And no you do not have this system yet.  It has been theorized by a very few mathematicians on earth, as they were being inspired. 

Is it a system where zeros are treated as numbers?

Yes, but your mathematicians will learn much more about this in the fairly near future Tom.  As you do not have the background we would be completely mired down.  I know this answer has been given before, but trust me—even I am not that involved in the mathematical system used.  It is for those whose interests lie in that direction. 


Diane asked me about Michael Rockefeller, who was lost and presumed dead in New Guinea in 1961. Michael Rockefeller

Theo, what happened to Michael Rockefeller in New Guinea?

He certainly met a violent end at the hands of natives Tom.  His body may never be found.


EnochGail writes: Do you have any insights on the scripture -  There will be one generation that won't see death? 

Also, in the Old Testament Enoch walked away and did not have a physical death.  Are we as a species not evolved enough to do what Enoch did?   

Theo, will there be an earth generation that does not experience death?

No, that time has come and gone Tom, as you were not fully physical during the early days. 

Theo, can you comment on the story of Enoch in the Bible?

I’ll be happy to Tom.  The story of Enoch, as you might guess, has been embellished a number of times.   But he did leave earth, as he was close to the ET’s.  That was such an amazing sight it was told over and over again from that day until it made its way into the Bible.


Access Consciousness BarsShari writes:  I truly enjoy your newsletters and look forward to all the information provided by them.  I have a question.  I work with the energies of reiki, deeksha, and have most recently been using Access Consciousness Bars, which are points on the head, when energy is moved through them, clears limitation which we hold within our being.  Can you ask Theo about this process?

Theo, please comment on Access Consciousness Bars modality?

Yes, this is certainly one of the new energy modalities Tom and should be studied more fully.  Again this goes back to whether something resonates for you and if it does explore it more fully. 


Antonia asked about the disappearace of Emanuela Orlandi.  Emanuela Orlandi

Theo, who was behind the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, and was it the Mafia as some speculate and was anyone in the Vatican involved?

Yes to both questions Tom.  This was a sordid affair and there will be more that comes out in the future.  I will leave it to the investigators and will not take away any of their thunder. 


ColumnsI posted this on Facebook and a number of people wanted to know more, especially about the symbols on the columns.

Check this out everyone. If I had known about this I would have tried to visit during my many trips to Milano, Italy over the years.

Theo please comment on the symbols found on the columns in Italy.  Were they made up, Atlantian, or ET?

No Tom, the person was channeling the Atlantian times and those symbols were from that time period.


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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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