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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  Please PAY IT FORWARD by sending this newsletter to a friend.  And approach them on requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes.  It will change their life.   If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Ken Cherry, who heads the EPIC Voyagers group passed along a report they had received about a missing sub with four Dolphin Submarinehydrogen bombs from Germany, that’s not supposed to have any. 

Theo, what can you tell me about the four hydrogen bombs missing and a Dolphin class submarine?

Reports have been wildly speculative Tom.  These hydrogen bombs will never be used, as your ET friends will make sure they are not.   The submarine will show up, and is being tracked by certain government agencies capable of tracking an object under the sea.  It is not as bad as reported Tom.  So yes you are receiving this information correctly Tom. 


Summer OlympicsTheo, will the Olympics in London and the UK be safe this summer?

Yes and no Tom.  There are nefarious plans afoot to cause an interruption there, but those plans will be discovered in time to avert any catastrophic problems you see.   The games will go on as scheduled.


Gaia, please update us on Japan and Puerto Rico you said were signed off.

I’ll be glad to Tom.  Yes, both were signed off and originally yes you were told January.  We will not repeat the reasons I Tsunami Damagehave previously given you regarding dates, but Japan and Puerto Rico are scheduled soon you see.  As we have spoken before, your souls did sign off on these movements and now it is simply putting together the right circumstances for both to occur, although not at exactly the same time. 

So again, both will occur, but I will not give you an exact date.  Certainly you can speculate as you are beginning to understand a little of the processes and assistance I need in order to accomplish a large movement. 

So are you still saying that Japan will have in excess of a 8.0 earthquake off the coast as before?

Yes, Tom.  It will not be too much higher than 8.0, but will do what I need to do with the movement of the plates.

Will Tokyo and farther south have its fault line rupture too?

Exactly Tom.  There will be great movement along the coast there for several miles.

San JuanAnd for Puerto Rico?

Again not to the severity of Japan, but still in the 7.0 range and above.  It sits right on a fault line I must move. 

Will there be a tsunami there as you said would happen again to Japan?

No, perhaps a small one Tom, but it will be or take place mostly on land you see. 

Jean sent me an email relating a news report from Natural News alerting their readers to the possible catastrophe of the failure of Fukushima’s Reactor 4.

Gaia, is Reactor 4 at Fukushima in Japan in danger of failing in the large earthquake you say is coming for them?

Yes, it is Tom, but it will be saved from utter destruction by the workers there.  It will not be a catastrophic failure, but enough of one so that it will change forever the idea of having nuclear reactors for energy needs.

VoteGaia, please explain the process a little more regarding the sign-off of an event like an earthquake.  Is there a discussion, voting, all instantaneously?  What reasons are given for not signing off?

Yes, as has been noted before Tom, your souls must sign-off.  Yes I can pressure them shall we say as I’m doing now regarding the California coast, but I do have to have their agreement you see.

So yes we discuss, although that, as you can imagine is a 3D term.  We share our views as you say instantaneously and yes there is sort of a voting process, but all have to agree.  It cannot be a 51% of the vote type thing.  At the present time there is a majority who are willing to sign off but there have been very valid reasons presented to hold off up until now.  They do include your rise in your vibrational level being the major reason.  But at the same time I do remind them that they do need this experience and it will certainly not get any easier to do this in the 5th focus and can even hold back development there for a time.   There is certainly great energy felt during these earth movements, with thousands, if not millions of people affected. 

So to recap shall we say, yes they are polled but all must be in favor or agreement.  That appears from my point of view to be coming sooner than later.  There are fewer holdouts shall we call them now than even six weeks ago.  I anticipate the sign off to occur quite soon now.  That is not set in stone, but your souls know the 3rd focus will soon end. 


Ring of FireGaia, will the solar eclipse trigger any earthquakes, and if so where?

Yes Tom.  I will only say that there will be more than one major earth movement during that time period.  It acts as a trigger you might call it, coupled with below the surface movements you cannot yet detect to bring sufficient pressure to a given fault system.  Certainly it will be on the Ring of Fire.  That’s a given.  But there will be a couple of other places not on the Ring, which will have significant movement too. 

Folks, if I were to speculate, as Gaia said I could above in the last topic, the Solar Eclipse will pass along the whole shore of Japan and then across through the north coast of California.  If I were guessing I would think that the energy of the eclipse might help to trigger Japan sometime in that time period of May 20, perhaps within a few days or a week or so after. 


This is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve ever received.  This is why I do this work. 

Luzmarie writes:  I am a teacher in Houston Texas and have been teaching for 23 years. One morning, I asked for a Most Benevolent Outcome that I would see the Creator’s power in my life and that I would be a vessel for His work. It was a time when I really wished to feel close to the universe (as I do now).

That day, I went to the office to make copies for my class and walked through the pre-kinder hallway-- something I rarely do because my classroom is outside in a portable building. I stopped by the water fountain, when I saw a teacher aid running down the hallway. When I asked her what was wrong, she just kept shaking her hands and saying " Oh no, Ms.A, Oh no.."

Child Heimlich ManeuverFor some reason, I ran into Ms. M's room and I asked what was wrong. There were three adults in the room: The teacher, an aid and an office secretary. They were crying and saying that they had tried everything.  In the room was a three year old boy who was limp and was turning blue. They said that he was not breathing.

I said, " Give him to me!"
I don’t know how I did it, but I stood behind him, threw him in the air and caught him on his way down. I was able to give him the Heimlich Maneuver and he threw up his cereal. I don't know why, but I kept on doing the maneuver, and he finally threw up a large purple grape! At last he could breathe!

I felt so grateful and blessed and I feel that I was chosen to be a vessel for his work and to see his power in my life. To this day I continue to ask for MBO's and truly believe that they work! Later that day, the principal came to my room and thanked me for saving Eli and her from having to make the worst phone call someone could make to a parent.

I hope that my testimonial about MBO's brings a smile to your face, as Eli's life was saved and he now attends kindergarten :) I thank YOU for The Gentle Way, for Theo and for the bond I now have with my Guardian Angel!


Rachael LeahcarI decided to ask about this after someone sent me a video from The Voice in Australia of Rachael Leahcar, who’s legally blind.  She sang one of the best renditions of La Vie En Rose I’ve heard since Edith Piaf.  She really captures the soul and emotion of the song.  Here is the link:

Theo, what form of soul contract does a musician or singer have that is blind, as that appears different than the normal musician template?

Yes, it is good that you noticed there is a difference.  Obviously being blind accentuates that person’s hearing, as their whole concentration is focused on hearing what is said in order to avoid the simplest dangers such as tripping and falling.  So certainly it can include the challenges of taking drugs or alcohol to excess, just as the normal template, but quite often it just concentrates itself in tuning to the notes of a song and communicating through music of that person’s fears and longing for love, just as it is for all humans. 

They can achieve much, while balancing a life where they took someone else’s eyesight.  Yes, and their sense of smell increases as well as their intuitive faculties, so there can be real growth as long as they take on the challenge and not feel sorry for themselves. 


Raising Your VibrationsPhilip writes:  What is the most powerful / best / easiest way to raise a person's vibrations?  I have already tried "I request a MBO for raising my vibrations as high as possible".  I suppose I could also say "I ask any and all being to raise the vibration of every being on this planet as much as possible".  Is the self-love exercise in your second book the best way to do it?

When you start requesting MBO's in your life you automatically start raising your vibrational level, as you have begun COCREATING with spirit.  I didn't know this when I began experimenting with requesting MBO's 15 or so years ago.  All I cared about was that it worked PERFECTLY, which I had never been able to say about any modality I had tried. 

Certainly you can say BP's (which have been in one or both of my books) for any and all beings to assist people in learning to love and respect everyone.  That helps.

You can also work to show more compassion in your life for others.  Too many people are in the "me, me, me" mode, or they have prejudices that put up artificial walls which prevent them from showing compassion to those of other races and/or beliefs.  You can raise other's vibrational levels by being a role model of being a compassionate person. 

Certainly the "self-love" exercise in both books is another way to increase this heart feeling.


Exploding SunAntura, when the Federation finds a planet or is notified by a planetary society that their sun is in imminent danger of exploding, please go over the process of how a new planet if found to transfer the population to, and how many ships must be employed, or do you just move the whole planet (which just popped into my mind)?

There you have it Tom.  We are capable of moving a whole planet out of harms way, as you can imagine how many trips it would take to transport just one million beings to another planet.  Certainly if the population is very small, we might look for another planet in a solar system which would suit them, but for larger populations this becomes a formidable task.  Then it is easier to move the planet to another compatible system where they will be at a relative same distance from the sun.  There are, as you can imagine, a great deal of conferences back and forth. 

So how many ships does it take to move a planet?

Not as many as you might think Tom.  We can summon up enormous energies, all done peacefully and with those who reside there and the planet’s  approvals. 

So do you move the planet through a portal?

Yes, most of the time we do Tom.  Again, great energies must be harnessed here to make the portal able to take on such a large object, but it is and can be done, and has been done numerous times.  There are beings in our Federation who have handled these circumstances several times, both in their present and past lives, which as you recall, they can draw upon.

Russia UFO CrashAlice in California writes:  I enjoyed your teleclass about Antura and had a question for him. I came across this on the internet and remembered Antura said the 2015 contact will occur in Europe.  Russia has had a far more open forum about ET's than our government.  In the Sedona Journal a few years back, Robert Shapiro channeled an ET that claimed the major reason the Soviet Union collapsed was because ET's showed them the consequences if they continued on the totalitarian path to humanity. 

My question is this; Is the sighting shown a warning to elected President Putin not to try to go back to the good old days?  There seems to be far more acceptance from the Russian media to report UFO's as such, and not make disclaimers, ie. weather balloon etc.  What was the purpose of this display over St Petersburg so close to the airport?   Increased UFO activity was reported just before the Japan quake last March over Japan.  Will California see more UFO activity over major cities such as LA and San Francisco in the coming months?

Antura, was there any particular reason for a UFO to appear over the St. Petersburg Russia airport, and are Russians more accepting of UFO’s than the citizens of the USA?

Good question Tom.  Yes, we did want it to be known that we are here (we meaning generally everyone) and putting a spacecraft over an airport Tom with all of their radars and people watching the sky certainly makes the news, even around the world.  So yes, a Federation ship was there. 

Regarding the Russian acceptance, yes, a slightly higher percentage of people in Russia are more accepting than those in the USA.  They are not so “brainwashed” as are people in the USA by the government to believe these spacecraft are weather balloons and such nonsense.

John on Facebook asked about remote viewing of the galaxy in the 5th focus.

Time TravelAntura, will we be able to explore the universe with our minds—such as remote viewing—in the 5th focus?

Tom, you will find it easier to connect with those from your home planet in the 5th focus, and yes they can feed you images much more easily than you can receive now in the denser 3rd focus.  But it will be some time before people are able to tune in at a moment’s notice to a particular location in the galaxy and obtain detailed or even fragmented information on a solar system or planets within the solar system.  I won’t say it is not possible, but it will be something that a person would have to really want to do, and then put in the practice to achieve it.  There will be those individuals, but they will be few and far between as you say. 

Shauniel writes:  Very interesting footage found on a surveillance camera in Indonesia:

Antura, what is the light with a being outlined in a mall in Indonesia.  Was it real or fake and if so from where?

Yes, scanning your memory tom and this does appear to be fake but is not.  There are beings capable of doing this and it wanted some exposure shall we call it to have people talk about it all over the world.  This being is not from the Federation. 

Carol writes:  I have wondered ever since you have written about there being no negativity other than here on Earth; what it is like in other solar systems/planets?

It is hard to conceive, beings there must die, do they also get sick and have disabilities? When that happens, don't they feel grief, or sadness, or that life is unfair?

How do they evolve spiritually if they don't have challenges and disappointments?  How do they deal with this if they do?  Thank you for all you do Tom.

Milky Way GalaxyAntura, in the Federation is everyone so advanced that there are no illnesses and people transition easily at the end of their natural lives?

Yes on both questions Tom.  Illnesses are extremely rare and are easily handled and corrected Tom.  Only in the earth experiment are there illnesses.  But keep in mind we have millions of years of development so any DNA strand or gene, which is off kilter is easily fixed.  We do contact some planets where they are not as far advanced as say earth.  They might have some local diseases they have not known how to eradicate, but we allow them to correct these on their own.

And yes we easily transition at the end of our lives on all Federation planets.  Life as we have discussed is much easier, which is why on my planet as an example we typically live 1200 to 1500 years.  And that’s why on earth you do not, because your lives are so difficult.  After you have been in the 5th focus for a little while you will see your lives stretch out as your lives will become so much easier and less stressful, and you will find cures for all the known diseases.

So your evolvement spiritually is at a plateau?  You have evolved there as far as you can?

Yes, in a way Tom.  We have reached a plateau, but when earth humans come knocking on our doors we will see more evolvement. Your society will be a catalyst.

Sandy writes on Facebook:  Please ask your space brother Antura "will we begin trade with other planets shortly after first contact?" Earth has much to offer our neighbors and I'm sure the neighbors have much to offer us.

BarterAntura, will there be any trading established between earth and the rest of the Federation after we have contact?

Very little at first Tom, but certainly there will be some things we will be able to trade with you, but most not.  We would not be allowed to sell or barter devices, which would preclude you from inventing them yourselves.  We would not want to deprive your planet of any of its resources, as much of these resources will be needed in the coming years—and resources you do not know you have or have not figured out how to use them in new ways.  Again this is all part of your progress.  We may not even be allowed to point out the resources to you, but perhaps just a little at a time.  We might be allowed to say, “You will find this to be an important resource in the future, so be sure to take care of it.”

Jackie writes on Facebook:  This was covered in the show Fact or Faked and they couldn't find an explanation. The video isn't great. It seemed to be cleaner on the actual show. Can you ask about these 'stick people'?

Antura, what was the “stick figure” seen in Fresno, California—real or fake?

Fake Tom, but very well done.


Carell writes:  Thank you for your global telecast.! Now I have questions, please.

Galaxy1)Do I understand this rightly that we are all from somewhere else, another home planet, and we're having multiple parallel lives here on earth, and then each time we leave the human earthbody, we go back "home" to home planet, check in, and either come back or move on to something else in the "home program"?

2) I understood you to say that the earth human gift to the galaxies is going to be to introduce negativity to them. They are operating at 2% negativity whereas earth is at a high level of negativity. Now why in the world (this one or any other) would anyone consciously choose to introduce more negativity into the galaxy? That is just....ah, absurd, unintelligent to me. Since love and kindness make the world work, why would our ET friends want to do negativity? Is it just the ongoing story of the play of consciousness, so that they can experience the entire spectrum? Is this a test for them, for them to experience the spectrum?  Been there, done that. It's SO much harder to find God/Creator when life is difficult, and I'm having my fair share and then some.

I'd think that earth is the school of learning how to transcend fear, negativity and arrive at love. And now the word is that the other planets want us to come and introduce negativity to them? I'm having both trouble and resistance to that concept. All insights and understanding greatly appreciated.

3) Can I be told where I'm going next. I'm 70 already and my Teacher said one day "It's very important to do your spiritual practices daily so you'll be ready, no matter which planet you go to," and she said no more on that. So I presume I'm leaving earth.  Can Antura or Gaia tell me that?

1.    You may go back to put to use what you learned in your last earth life or lives, or you may continue on.  I’ve been told I’ll go back to my home planet for a life, then to 3400 to be a female space pilot, then to 2600 to prepare everyone for space, then back to 3400 but will stay on earth to again assist people in raising their vibrational levels. 
2.    As you read above in Antura’s answers, they are on a plateau and are stagnant in their growth, so by introducing small amounts of negativity, we will be the catalyst to assist all these other societies in their growth.
3.    That will take all the fun out of discovering where you’re going on your own.  I have recommended many times to go to and buy the Spirit Guides CD that will allow you to ask questions in an altered state.  That way you keep your power and learn how to do an “active” meditation.


Gift CardThis story and the next one appeared last week in my Blog, which contains nothing but great MBO and BP stories.  You can access them directly on the website Menu, or by going to up to receive them each week!

Laurie writes:  My work gives movie tickets, Starbucks, and gas cards as incentives.  I normally save up these cards in a plastic baggie in my purse, and a couple of times a year will treat myself when I am having a tight money week.  Well I used one of the gas cards and remember putting them back in the bottom of my purse.  A few days later I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks, but couldn't find my gift cards.  I was upset, but did say an MBO for the return of the gift cards.  Then I felt bad and said another MBO stating that who ever had found the gift cards at the gas station, I hoped they really needed them.   A few days later I went to visit my mother and low and behold she had found the baggie of gift cards on the floor.  It must have fallen out of my purse.  Needless to say I was very happy to have them returned to me after I had assumed they had been found and used up.


Sussana writes on Facebook:  I've been meaning to write about my MBO’s! I do the one about driving, daily, "I request a Car WreckMost Benevolent Outcome for a smooth and safe drive home (or to work) with any stops in between, thank you!" I immediately take a deep breath, and feel the gratitude. One day last year on my way home on a three-lane highway; a Pontiac passed me going at least 10 miles over the speed limit, weaving in and out. I sent up a quick 'thank you' as he went on his crazy way. About 10 miles after that incident, I came upon the Pontiac and another vehicle, which had been in an accident!! I sent up another 'thank you for keeping me safe.' I like doing this simple daily request, because it keeps me in practice. Once I reach my destination, I say "Thank You for getting me (here) safe." I love this idea of MBO’s, it puts me into a fantastic, pleasant vibration.


For some reason this topic blocked me sending out the newsletter and I had to delete it.  I'll try again. 

ObesityJosette writes:  There is an epidemic of obese people in the world and it is coming in countries like France where being obese was an exception, now 15% of the population is obese. This is a very misunderstood disease. Most people see it as a weakness of character instead of a real mental and physical disorder.

Being obese myself (but in very good health--I am 72 years old) I wonder what has, in my life actions, created this punishment and as well in the lives of others obese people.

Each case is truly different, some overeat, some do not know how to eat, some do not eat more ( like me) than 1800 maximum a day, which is less than normal, but they still stay big on a supervised diet because of weekly errors due to their intense cravings. One mistake a week can cost you one lb or two.
I FEEL BLOCKED IN MY HEAD, it is like playing chess with another me, a much better player and I never win. I never succeed in outsmarting my other me that sabotages all my efforts.  Can you tell me if MBO would help me to unblock and release the fear, the stress and the fat out of me in very natural way?  Thank you for your answer.

Theo, what soul contract do obese people have in life?  Any suggestions to those with this problem?

Yes there are soul contracts to be obese Tom, as it is the opposite of starvation, so there is a balancing.  It can also be the result of causing other people to be obese on purpose, or making fun of obese people and harassing them. 

For an obese person, there are several things they can do. They can request MBO’s to eat sensibly and lightly, plus MBO’s to find the best treatments for their condition.  And they can say the BP daily you have on your website which as we have discussed before acts as a prayer of forgiveness. 

So you can go to my website to the tab SIGNS: 
There you’ll find the Benevolent Prayer I say each morning, along with the EXPECT GREAT THINGS daily MBO I say, plus several other signs.  Check it out if you have not already done so. 


Perth AustraliaIvy Joy writes from Australia:  My request is - I asked previously about Western Australia for earthquakes and was assured there is none in the near future.  However a few issues previously someone else put forward a question before about the housing situation. 
The answer was if you're thinking of selling, this year would be a good year as next year houses are going to go down in value.
I just wanted to affirm that it was all Australia.  I live in the West where the mining boom is still going and wondered if the housing here would be affected?
Also will be there widespread floods due to the rising waters as Perth is built on the area where 3 rivers converge and flow to the ocean.  and also I live in Bassendean near a known flood zone Guildford and the airport.  There has not been a flood since I was a child 60 years ago but as I have bought a house further away from the river I am wondering if I am still safe from the rising sea levels of 2 ft.
Thank you again for your wonderful work and the MBO which have worked in so many areas I cannot go into them now.  I have given them to others who have remarkable results too.

Gaia, will there be flooding in the Perth, Australia region in the next year, and how will the housing market be there?

Yes Tom, there will be some flooding there but not severe you see—not what the person who asked fears—not catastrophic.  So this will be more on the order of a hard large rain event that will cause localized flooding until the excess water is either absorbed by the soil or finds its way into the tributaries and the sea, you see.

Regarding the housing market in that area, yes prices will be depressed somewhat but again not more than 10% or so.  The Perth region is fairly stable you see, but certainly the economy or economic engine is quite sluggish at this time and that does affect many industries, including the housing market.


Rarely does my wife say, "You have to watch this," but Doctor Dena as I call her did. This ten-minute video by a doctor Magnesium Oilexplains how many ways we can have Magnesium deficiency, which can cause all sorts of problems.   Very interesting!    Dena says the oil is best, as it is absorbed in the skin.


Gentle Way BookDon’t forget that THE GENTLE WAY II is NOW AVAILABLE for delivery on and is IN STOCK!  Here is theGentle Way 2 link: can also order it by phone at my publisher Monday to Friday.  Call toll free 800-450-0985.  It has twice as many pages as the first book.  The books are great for presents for family and friends for birthdays and other special occasions!  The first book is also available on  Either or both books can change lives!



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TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011



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