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NoticeMy complete manuscript ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—Their History (tentative title) is now at my publisher, Light Technology and is being edited!!!

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Jim writes from Florida: At one time Gaia said she was going to reduce the world population. Are these earthquakes one of the methods she is using?

Japan TsunamiGaia, are earthquakes the major way you’re going to reduce the population, or how, as even 10,000 at a time is pretty slow?

Yes, it does seem slow, Tom, and, of course, I do have other ways of reducing the population. Earthquakes are very dramatic and make the news more. There will be an increase in earthquakes this year so the number of people with soul contracts to transition will increase. They chose to incarnate at this time for the purpose of experiencing an earthquake—another off their bucket list.

So, yes, this is a major way I can reduce populations, but as you have seen in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake, there will be a number of people die from various diseases connected to unclean water and other diseases that come from people having to live in tents close to each other.

Then there are the hurricanes and tornadoes and other forms of storms that reduce populations.

War ProtestBut Gaia, let’s say there are one million people a year that die from these earthquakes and storms. That’s still only a drop in the bucket of seven billion people. What am I missing?

Wars certainly reduce the population, Tom, so add them in. You could also add in fewer women becoming pregnant as that is accelerating thanks to contraceptive devices and the desire to have smaller families. Women will take more control of their bodies—not less as some government officials would like.

Therefore, in the next few years, you will see a definite slowdown in births and a gradual shrinking of the population. And don’t forget, Tom, that I’m raising the ocean levels two feet. There will be a number of fatalities in the next few years as people will be deluged by storms and storm surge coming from the rising oceans. I am patient, knowing that all these events will begin to shrink the population to a more manageable size.


FarewellGaia, are we still joined with Time Line 7 or have we moved away?

Yes, you have just parted, Tom. I can tell you everything we desired to take place did. You now have more feminine energy to work with and, though you may not feel it now, this energy will permeate your bodies and minds in the coming months. Just don’t expect great changes immediately. This feminine energy will work to soften the splits between beliefs and, you might say, hard liners on both sides of a question or belief.

It seemed as if I was perhaps a little more relaxed with outcomes of things I have either been working on or problems. Would that be a fair assessment of combining with Time Line 7 or was I just wishing or imagining to feel that way?

No, Tom, you found one of the tenets, we will call it, of Time Line 7 and even above in the other time lines. You are not as stressed on those time lines. You’re slightly more mellow would be one description.


BaltimoreDiane writes: With Chile’s volcano problems, Nepal’s earthquake/avalanche, and let's not forget Baltimore, what does the future hold?

Theo, what’s the highest probability for Baltimore?

The highest probability is for this city to settle down now that the six policemen have been arrested. The city will begin to rebuild, while also arresting those who participated in the riots as they are identified. The sword of justice swings both ways. The city will make some slow improvements. You will not see any dramatic improvements in this city for some time, and then they will have to deal with the rising ocean levels and storms that come off the Atlantic Ocean. So, there are more challenges ahead for them just as there will be for all coastal cities.


Oregon Volcanic VentI was asked about the volcano reported off the coast of Oregon by several people.


Gaia, is it true you have a new volcano off the coast of Central Oregon, and if so, what are your plans for it?

Yes, there is, Tom. I have many other volcanic vents throughout what is termed “the Ring of Fire.” Scientists have already been studying underwater life around these vents or volcanoes and the life can be quite unique. It is no different with this small volcano. It is also another way for me to heat up the water temperature for not only the ocean but to help me warm the atmosphere. So, the small volcano does multiple tasks for me, along with releasing pressure. If I did not have ways to release pressure at this time, there would be a major earthquake to release the built up pressure. That is not desired by your souls at this moment in time.


Bill writes from Texas: Here’s a great article and two videos confirming all you have told us.

In the meantime, we have our governor basically saying “drill baby, drill” while my house was shaken again this morning with yet another earthquake and aftershock an hour later. It seems our state has been overrun by complete insanity. Is this ever going to change and are these people who are being paid by big business going to be exposed?

FrackingThanks for all you do and thank you so much for your kindness.

Gaia, what is the probability of fracking being banned or outlawed in the next five years?

Good question, Tom. You are moving in that direction as you have noticed scientific studies are already concluding that fracking causes earthquakes. As was pointed out in the news recently, Oklahoma has taken over the designation of having more earthquakes than California. That is not from me moving the earth, it is from the wastewater being injected in the ground that is causing the earthquakes.

You have noticed that the big oil companies are “greasing the palms” of your Texas State Legislature to prevent local municipalities and counties from banning fracking. This will slow the tide, but then your federal government will be pressured to step in and protect the citizens from having their homes destroyed. The probability would be over 90% in the next five years and even quite high in the next three years. It will take that long before pressure from anti-fracking groups and environmental groups are able to force this change to ban fracking.


For my new readers, Antura is an ET, but he’s also a member of my soul group or “cluster” and was introduced to me by Theo in 2008. I asked him so many questions that they were published in my book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions for him.

Drea' writes: Just saw this in the news:

UFOCould you ask your guides if this is a reflection or possibly something else?

Antura, what were the flashing lights over San Diego? They were in a circle and, it appeared, multicolored.

Yes, this is another in our step up of sightings, Tom. It was a Federation ship and decided to really show off with the multicolored light display. It was not a planet Earth aircraft.

Shirley writes: I have a question for Antura. In the early '70s, I lived in a fairly remote area on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. One evening, a space ship landed in my neighbor’s field. They were having coffee at their kitchen table when they saw what they thought was a plane crash in the evening. Time stopped. Early the next morning, they “came to“ still sitting at the table with cups of cold coffee.

When Katy stepped out onto the porch, she found a “bracelet” on the porch and saw a large, burn-like circle in the field where they thought a plane had crashed. She “knew” immediately it had been a UFO visitation. She felt the bracelet always brought her bad luck. A long story very short, Katy gave me the bracelet since I was always interested in UFOs and the supernatural. Years later, I took it to Hawaii to show one of my Kahunas.

UFOA popular psychic who was channeling for the Japanese and 'into' space entities, wanted to borrow it for a night. I let her. At four in the morning, my Kahuna called to tell me to come get her and go get the bracelet immediately. I did. When we arrived at the psychic’s house, the lights were on. I went to the door and asked for the bracelet. Her assistant said she'd bring it out in just a minute. My Kahuna, Nana, and I waited over 15 minutes. She finally brought it out and Nana got extremely upset. She said they “took the energy” from the bracelet and had no right to do that. She fairly flung it back at her. Nana said it was a transmitter, but was useless to her now and to let the psychic have it. I left the bracelet with her.

My questions are: what was the bracelet, who were “they” and where were they from? A quick addendum to this story is my oldest daughter. She was going to take the bracelet to school for show and tell. She was visited by three entities. When the ship landed, she could not move. The bracelet was on a shelf above her head. The entities had large black, eyes....the proverbial little grey men. One of them took the Aliensbracelet while she “felt” the others smiling at her. They put the bracelet back, and walked back to their ship and took off.

She could not move for an hour, then she called me and I rushed home. After calming her down, I looked at the bracelet and it had two holes in it where “something” had been, but neither of us could remember what it was. I remember thinking that “they” blocked our memories. The bracelet was of a different metal, had beautiful semi circles etched into it and was always warm. Even if we put it in the freezer, it was warm. Can Antura identify what it was made of? Katy and I had several scientists look at it, but they could not identify it. They also told us not to take it to the UW for identification or we would never see it again!

Thank you, Tom, Antura and Gaia. Absolutely LOVE this site and what you do.

Antura, what was the bracelet Shirley found and what was the connection with ETs?

Yes, an interesting story from my research preparing for this question, Tom. The bracelet did have what some would term “magical” qualities. The bracelet was an advanced device and was accidentally lost by a crewmember. They eventually retrieved the bracelet, removed the advanced capabilities, and allowed it to be discovered and discounted. On a soul level, there was a connection between the people involved and the ETs.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Jet landing at nightLast night I had a dream of being on a plane that was coming in for a landing and, for some reason, it could not land, and then went into a tunnel. I expected to hear the wings being ripped off and so I said, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome!” Theo (my GA) has told me that when we return to our bodies from dreaming, many times it’s converted to being on a plane traveling back.

But it reminded me that if you have a disturbing dream that you recall, you can request an MBO that if the dream pertains to anything in your waking life, it will be a benevolent outcome even better than you can hope for or expect. Many dreams are precognitive, so this is good practice for setting up your future to be less stressful if you do have a challenge coming in your life. As Theo says, challenges can be like brick walls in your path, so by requesting MBOs you can turn them into large speed bumps. Give it a try the next time you have a disturbing dream.


Lee writes: The area I live in has been in a rain deficit with rain to the north of us and rain to the south and relatively dryRainy Night in the middle. Last night, once again, the weather map was showing very little rain in our area for the overnight. Before I went to bed, I said an MBO for good, beneficial rain in our area. I woke up this morning to almost an inch of rain in the rain gauge, and when the news showed the rain amounts for a three county area, we had the most accumulation. I thank you, my grass thanks you, my flowers thank you and the aquifers thank you!


CashI'll call her Jane in Oregon writes: I look forward to reading the newsletters and to forward them to my friends. I say MBOs daily for traveling, safety, parking places and safety from other people’s emotions.

I sometimes get worried about my future income and I think some of it comes from my neighbor’s worries that I can feel (especially if the feelings come out of the blue). I could not sleep and said multiple MBOs and MB prayers so I would be protected from living on the street as I get older. This made me feel better and I slept and forgot about it all. The very next morning I was at my friend’s (she is 97) home and she told me there was an envelope for me from her daughter. Inside was full of $20’s adding up to hundreds of dollars! She was appreciative for me helping her mother! I told my friend about the trouble I had sleeping because of money problems and I started to tear up. I immediately thought of you and your MBOs.


Book StoreTheo, will I have a temporary guide to assist me in promoting the new book, or will one of my normal guides for either writing or business assist me?

Good question, Tom. Yes, there will be a guide stepping in to assist you in your promotions. This fellow is an ace at promotions, having had many lives working in advertising and special promotions. He’s already been at work suggesting you look in a couple of areas such as the A.R.E., but they are not the only ones you will discover that will have an interest in your book. Plus, your writer guides will assist you in writing stories that will catch the eye of publications.

We have already previously mentioned you will be speaking more in the next few months—starting then. The audiences will be larger, generating more book sales. You are correct in thinking, Tom, that this will be by far your most popular book. Why? As you guessed, it will be because so many people on Earth today have had lives in both Atlantis and Lemuria in the past, so this information will resonate with them on a soul level.

I included this to show you that you can have various guides appear during your life to assist you in whatever endeavor you are involved in. You can even request an MBO for one to come and assist you. All these experts are there to help, so just ask!


Theo, in times past, you’ve noted that I have been a guide for thousands of people. Is this a piece of our soul fragment that is capable of serving all these thousands of times that are in actuality going on at the same time?

That’s quite true, Tom.

Guide Whispering in EarWhat would you say would be an average number of lives for which we would be a guide?

Here we do get into percentages and numbers, Tom.

Would it be on average 100,000 other lives, less, or more?

It would be actually more, depending upon your soul’s interest and desire, Tom. You act as a guide for many lives of those in your soul cluster. Then depending upon your soul interest, you can be a guide for thousands of others.

So, yes, there is a piece of you or your soul, that feeds off these many lives you are living and passes on information to those falling into your area of expertise. As I have said before, your souls are much more capable of multitasks than most people can imagine. Each of their 600 to 800 lives, on average, on Earth has 12 fragments ensouling the bodies of those 12 time lines. So, the idea of a little soul having one life is easier for some people to accept than the actual much more complex beings that you are, with great capabilities yet to be discovered.


Jade Helm ExerciseKate writes: Please ask the following two questions:

1) Is the quick closing of the Walmart stores across the country for "plumbing " issues for six months related to Jade Helm?

2) Is there any connection between the rollout of Jade Helm across the country and the riots of African Americans in our cities?

Theo, is the Jade Helm exercise in the USA connected in any way to any Walmart closings or the riots of African Americans?

No, they are not. These are simply conspiracy theories for someone to fill time on a radio show, or to obtain paid speaking gigs. People love conspiracy theories and jump from one to the next as they prove to be without merit. Typically the people who are attracted to these theories on a regular basis are leading boring lives and these conspiracy theories spice up these lives as they discuss them with friends and family.


Asteroid Striking EarthDoug writes: While reading the April Sedona Journal of Emergence, page 32, channeled by Arthur Fanning, his contact spoke of an asteroid striking between France and Spain. No timeframe mentioned. The guide implied we as a species could divert it if we tried.

Hope your health issues are over and greatly enjoy reading your newsletter. Thanks for your service and continuing to wonder if Antura can pull his magic with the Russians. Looking forward to reading about Lemuria and Atlantis.

Gaia, what is the probability of an asteroid striking between France and Spain in the next five years?

It’s quite minimal—less than one percent. You souls have no plans for allowing a large asteroid to strike Earth, nor do I in the next 25 years. There will be other, smaller asteroids causing some damage, such as the one in Russia, but no large house- or even car-sized ones. All your souls would have to sign off on this and there is no movement in that direction.


Aravind in Australia writes: This time I like to ask about Subhas Chandra Bose - a prominent leader in pre-independence India who gave a sustained resistance to British rule during his time - both in India and abroad. Details about his life are here:

Subhas Chandra BoseIn 1956, a judge of the Calcutta High court asked then British Prime Minister, Clement Atlee, why the British left India. Mr. Atlee said "it was the threat of Subhas Bose and the rise of Indian nationalism from which we understood that it was a matter of time."

According to a reporter, "Mahatma Gandhi's contribution to freedom struggle can't be discounted. But the fact of the matter is that the historiographers have deliberately ignored Subhas Bose's decisive role in the freedom struggle."

How did Subhas Bose die? Was it in a plane crash in Taiwan or in Russia (Siberia), as some suspect? If it was in Russia, why did the Indian government cover it up, and for what reason?

There hasn't been an official disclosure as to how he died, but conspiracy theories abound. The present Narendra Modi government is considering a declassification of files on Bose.

(From the article) "Prime Minister Narendra Modi had met Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's grandnephew, Surya Bose, in Berlin and promised to examine the request for declassification of all files related to events since his death or disappearance in Taiwan on August 18, 1945. The meeting late on Monday, April 15, 2015, between Modi and Surya, who has a software consultancy business in Hamburg and is president of the Indo-German Association, lasted for over half-an-hour, and is significant in the light of recent disclosures of the Nehru administration's surveillance on Netaji's kin. Surya is the grandson of Netaji's elder brother, Sarat Chandra Bose, and son of Amiya Nath Bose, who too was among those under watch.

Subhas Chandra Bose"I gave the PM a few points in writing, including the issue of surveillance on the family so that the truth comes out," Surya said. He said he impressed on Modi that India as a nation was strong enough to face the truth, even if it was unpalatable.

"The declassified information needn't paint a glorious picture of Netaji. It may say something negative. In all probability, it will. We must not shirk from the truth even if it adversely affects Netaji's image. The family is ready to face it," he said.

Theo, how did Subhas Bose of India die? Was it a plane crash, or in Russia, and what was his soul contract?

Mr. Bose’s soul contract in that life, Tom, was to be a catalyst. Where Gandhi used non-violence, he was at the other end advocating violence. Both men had an effect of causing the British to leave India. When the records the Indian government have on him are released, there will be revelations about the extent of his operations.

Was he slain?

No, he was not. I’ll leave it up to those who enjoy investigating his death to come up with revelations as to the cause.


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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—APRIL 25, 2015,                                   


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