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·    MORE ON THE 3,400 AD ERA

Welcome everyone to this week’s addition of THE GENTLE WAY Newsletter, and a special welcome to everyone that subscribed this past week!  On my website I have a new story I wrote for a magazine--BINGO ANGELS!  Click on ARTICLES & NEWS.  I had a lot of emails this week, some of which will go in next week’s newsletter.  Please pass this newsletter on to your friends.  They don’t know what they’re missing, do they?  So let’s REALLY stretch your mind and concepts this week!


Dianne in the UK writes:  Since Henley, I have introduced three more lovely young girls at work to 'MBOs' (Most Benevolent Outcomes) with fantastic results.
Their beautiful faces shine with wonder and amazement when they tell me their MBO stories are purely delightful for me and of course, re-inforces the magic and power of MBOs for me!
I say the MBO on page 35 of the book i.e. “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to be enlightened in such a way in this life that I can be of the greatest benefit to those I meet as well as bring comfort and peace to myself thank you!"every morning,  (as well as a few others you said to do) so I would say that particular MBO was working very nicely wouldn't you?
Thank You so much, once again, Tom.

Thanks for reminding me and everyone else of that MBO request.  That is a good one to say each day. 


Annie writes:  I enjoyed reading your story of Jesus and have a couple questions.

(“His is a single soul. His soul sent a piece of itself for an earth life.”)
From my understanding, advanced souls are complete balanced masculine/feminine. If the single soul sent "a piece of itself for an Earth life" in a masculine form (Jesus), would there be a possibility of this single soul to send a feminine piece or “aspect” of itself in a feminine form, such as Mary Magdalene?
      I also have a question for Theo about the given name for Jesus. My understanding it was Emanuel, and Jesus was a name given to him much later.
     Also, Jesus did not die being crucified, this was a drugged man who was convinced he was indeed Jesus, which is why he labored so much dragging the cross.  

Tom, could you ask Theo what is a Soul Group?

Thanks, your book has opened many doors for my personal growth. I refer a lot of friends to your web site as well as getting you book. Countless MBO's have been in my life, from better income tax results, getting a new car (monthly payments to a friend) with great gas mileage, and much more!

As I previously reported, I was told that Jesus was the ONLY soul that EVER had a life without having a number of soul fragments.  For the other questions I asked my Guardian Angel Theo in meditation:

Theo, was Jesus’ given name Emanuel or Jeshua ben Joseph or another name?

Yes Tom, his name was Jeshua ben Joseph and not Emanuel.  He was Emanuel in a preceeding life.

Was there another man put in Jesus’ place to be crucified, and if so, did he drag the cross through the streets, as is normally depicted?

Yes, Tom.   There was another man—a murderer and thief, who was substituted for Jesus.  Yes, Jesus was able to counsel him before then and gave him the courage and through his blessings the ability to endure the pain.  And yes he did carry the cross through the streets.

I think I may have put this in a newsletter quite some time ago, but here it is for Annie and anyone else who has not read it before.  

Theo, is my soul group all part of one soul or a group of several souls?

Your soul group is all from your one soul.  You soul created this group for you to interact with each other.  And your soul group interacts with other soul groups so that you can take part at times in each other’s activities.  Complicated, but that’s the basis of how this works Tom.  

I thought these were different souls.

No, you have to have a soul group with extremely close interests and the way that is achieved is to have this as a sub group made up by your oversoul.  

Is there a difference between one’s “higher self” and the connection to your soul group or cluster as you call it?

A good question Tom.  Yes there is to a certain extent.  You have a higher spiritual self that oversees your life, just not minute by minute as we guardian angels, as you call us, do.  This higher self is there to advise and keep your life plan handy shall we say, as you need to be reminded.  Your higher self is part of the soul cluster, but yet is not.  This is a little hard to explain for your reception.  You are able to ask your higher self for advice and receive it, although I am in constant contact with your higher self and whisper these messages in your ear.  

Several months later I asked for more clarification.  Can you explain the higher self more to me.  I seem to have run into one or two brick walls when I gave the answer you said or I received that the higher self was simply your soul.  Am I still missing something—an interim stage or connection?

No, Tom.  What I said before is correct for you and others to understand.  Yes, you do always have a connection to your soul, so this connection can be considered your higher self if they wish to look at it that way, but the truth of the matter is that this connection is a connection—not an entity.  It’s not even another in your soul group.  You are a piece or fragment of a soul Tom and therefore have that connection.


Why is there a difference of opinion in what you have told me about Jesus—and others have said too—and what others have said such as the Tobias channels?

Yes, a more difficult question.  Part of this is belief systems being different—what people believe to be true Tom, and part has to do with the entity’s previous experience if they lived a life on earth.  I can assure you that what I told you about Jesus was correct.

Speaking of that, I did read one report that said he and Mary Magdalene went to the East first before settling in France.

Yes, that is a true account Tom.  They did travel to the East, although not in a conventional way shall we say, along with the children.  Keep in mind he did have those powers to make things easier.   They did return shortly and set out for France.  

So they did go to India let’s say?  

Yes, by boat and caravan.  Then they left for France.  

But the information you gave me implied that they left immediately for France.

Yes, but I know you would ask this question one day Tom.  Remember, I can only answer questions for you as you ask them.  I answered correctly that Jesus did go with Mary Magdalene with a simple disguise to the East.  This took place over a several month period of time.  Then they embarked for France.  Look at a map Tom and you can visualize it better.


Charlene writes:  When I write out my MBO's I put them on flashcards and post where I can see and read easily all day long.  The first time I write it out I do say it out loud, but then simply read the words after that.  I don't change the words, I simply wait.  Once the MBO has become a reality I take the card down.
You say the request only has to be made once AND changed out every day.  Sorry but that confuses me.  Am I going about this all wrong?  I've been granted everything I've asked for very quickly using the flashcards.  Longest wait was three months so I find it hard to believe I'm doing this "wrong".  HELP!!!
The other "strange" thing that's going on is even though I've told my partner and my sister about MBOs and they say they've "tried" with no results, when I create an MBO for them for their requests things start happening for them very quickly.  Why is that?  

I think it's fine to post the cards, as it is a mental reminder that you requested the MBO.  I think it helps create the event--junior creator in training.  You're EXPECTING it to happen!
I find that when people say they have requested MBO's and "they don't work" is either because they requested something so far off it doesn't seem to have been successful, or they really are rejecting it but want to tell you they tried.  They might be lazy--after all, this takes a little concentration to make it a habit--or they can't believe, because of previous religious training, that people can actually make these requests and they're answered.  Many people have been taught that they're "not worthy," and only some religious leader can make requests for them.  
When you request a MBO in front of them and it happens, then it will remind them that this actually works--especially if it is something simple like a parking spot or any of the mundane things we do everyday.  Remember, as I wrote about in the book, there is a RADIANT EFFECT so when you request a MBO for yourself, it can include them too.  If it's just for them, you're supposed to say, "I ask....." in the form of a Benevolent Prayer, as a whole different set of angels handle those requests INSTANTLY.


Lorice writes:  I have often wondered if it was possible to switch places with myself on a higher timeline. if my soul is getting feedback from me on 12 timelines, it would probably not care if I wished to have a more possitive and richer experience. I guess probably the part of me I switched with wouldn't care for it either. are we "stuck" so to speak in a certain vibration on this timeline or can we modulate it?

I think I asked a similar question (see the Time Lines series).  Remember that all 12 time lines are all part of the same fragment, the way I understand it.  We are "lucky" that we're not the part of us that's experiencing Time Lines 1-4.  I already died on Time Lines 1 and 2 of congestive heart failure.  
Just remember that requesting MBO's all the time RAISES YOUR VIBRATIONAL LEVEL!  So you can be at the top of 6 and not at the bottom if you work at it.  


As Theo has told me that my next life will be in the 3,400 AD time period as a lady space pilot, I’ve slowly thought of more and more questions to ask about this time period, most of which I’ve put in last year’s newsletters.  Here are some more questions I’ve recently asked:

Theo, in the future 3,400 AD era, will women still wear makeup?

Yes Tom, they will not give up that, but the makeup will be much healthier for their faces and will give needed nutrients and such that will make their faces much more healthy and vibrant.  Women will look much more natural as the skin tones will match much closer to their own skin tones, as the makeup will actually adjust in color instead of having to choose from hundreds of different skin colors at a store.  

Will they still wear lipstick?

Yes, but again it will adjust and will give healthy nutrients to their lips.  I know you were just a little surprised at these answers Tom, but women are women shall we say and will always want to look their best.

What about eye shadow and eye liner?

Yes, Tom, but again improvements in these products and application will not necessitate them removing it each night should they wish.  The products they use will actually have the effect of keeping their eyes looking younger for a much longer period of time.  So they will be healthy and beauty rejuvenating if you will.  

Will people still tattoo their bodies?

Yes, to a certain extent, although not like today’s fashion.  This will take some time to pass from the scene Tom, but it will in a few hundred years, so the tattoos will not be applied the way they are now, yet will still be permanent should they wish.  There will be a way to easily and painlessly remove them.  Keep in mind that because you will have darker skin, tattoos will not show up as well.  That will be another reason for their decline in popularity.

I assume everyone will be slim and trim by that time won’t they?

Oh yes, Tom, long, long before that, as the foods will become much healthier.  You are fairly quickly moving in that direction now, so really within the next hundred years the majority of humans will have adopted healthy lifestyles.


Gail in Seattle writes:  I have a question for Theo, if that is okay.  I am a psychotherapist and encounter patients who have endured sociopaths (psychopaths) in their lives - sociopaths are people completely without conscience and unable to appreciate and create emotional ties to other human beings.  I have worked in mental health centers where this is not considered a mental health problem - it can't be "fixed".  They have actually sent some to local shamans for soul retrieval.  Why are there people like this?  When they get power, even a little, they cause a lot of pain and destruction for the rest of us.  Were they created this way?  Do they have souls? Their existence kind of shakes up our belief in people as basically good.  Thanks, Tom.

Theo, what purpose do sociopaths serve in our lives and what is their soul learning from these lives?

Yes, a good question from your reader.  They do have a purpose.  It is to remind everyone that you do have feelings, and how bereft of life is without these feelings.  The sociopaths are born with a flaw in their DNA, which will eventually be able to be fixed when it is discovered, so the age of the sociopaths, if you wish to call it that, will soon come to an end.  Again, this is done for the benefit of teaching everyone about the lack of feelings, but also the doctors and researchers who will one day find a way to correct the DNA flaw.  The sociopaths’ souls gain the knowledge of what lives are like without feeling any remorse for their actions—how there is an absence of love in their lives.  It has been a very useful teaching tool for the souls, who could never experience that in any other life in the universe. 


Helena has previously written me when she was out of work asking for MBO’s.  Now she has found work as a receptionist in a surgical clinic, but she’s stressed as the doctors and nurses are “bitchy” and are not nice to her or the other receptionists.  I’m condensing her email as it was long and detailed.  
Helena asked: I was wondering Tom if you could help me with the right wording for doing MBO'S for -- 1. Getting on and fitting in with the Doctors and the Receptionists. 2.  Protecting me from the Doctors and Receptionists.  3.  Being able to do and understand everything that I am expected to do.

I am worried about being able to stick the job out and I want to enjoy it, but I never realized how hard working and stressful it is.  And I know soon two of the receptionists will be leaving because they have had enough of the way they are being treated. Although we all work so hard there is hardly any fun and laughter in the place. The Doctor’s Surgery is very clean and so nice.  I am a healer Tom and although I have told some of the receptionists, they think I am odd for being into healing.  I am not ashamed of this and they do make me laugh with their responses, I just want to be able to fit in with everyone and be able to do everything that is expected of me as a receptionist. So far I am a nervous wreck because I am under so much pressure, and I don’t feel that some of the receptionists and Doctors are that nice or helpful towards me and I am to frightened to speak out in case I may lose my job.  Many Thanks Tom for your kind help and patience.

These suggestions are not only for Helena, but anyone else that might find themselves in a similar situation.

Perhaps you were put there to be the candle in the dark room of stress as the medical personnel try their best under extremely trying circumstances themselves.  
So what can you do to "lighten" up the place?  I'm going to give you some suggestions, but I don't know if you can implement all of them.  Do the ones you can.
1.  Each day when you go to work say, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my work day, may my work be productive and without error, and may the results of this work day be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!"  Print this out in big letters and say it before you go out the door each day.  This sets it up for your GA to do some amazing things with your day.
2.  Are you allowed to place a sign on the wall in front of your work station?  If so, why not put up the EXPECT GREAT THINGS sign that you can print out on my website (click on Signs).  Naturally you can say this each time you come to work, but it will also be there available for others to read--and you want them to.  
3.  Each day you can say a Benevolent Prayer for everyone you work with--say, " I ask that any and all beings send loving and calming energy to all the doctors and other medical personnel in this facility and surround them with loving pink light all day, thank you!"

4.  Is there a place where you could put up funny cartoons about doctors and nurses--that would make them laugh?  Laughter is GREAT for the soul!  You could find them online by doing a Google search.  Then you can cut them out and put them on bulletin boards or above you desk or in the lunch room.  If anyone sees you doing it, just say you think the place needs a little laughter and humor.  Perhaps others will start to do the same thing.  
Remember, healer--you can be the healer of healers!  Be that beautiful light!


Theo, how long has the Star Wars been over?

Several million yeas in earth time Tom.  It was quite far back as your history is measured at this time.  It would not seem so far back in time as calculated inter-dimensionally, but that would be an extremely difficult subject for us to explore, since you are not a quantum physics scientist, Tom. 


My series continues with my soul group or “cluster” “brother” who’s living a life as an amphibian on a planet in the Sirius Star System.  Nancy, one of my newsletter readers, told me the other day that she’s “dumping” all the previous parts, starting with the December 13, 2008 issue into a word file in order to read it from start to finish.  If you do this, be sure to write down questions as you think of them, as I’m running out of questions and next week may be my last in the series for a while. 

March 19, 2009

Antura, a question related to last time.  How did you know the size of the spacecraft depicted in Race to Witch Mountain movie?  Did you scan my memory bank, or were you able to somehow see the movie?

Good question Tom.  Yes, I used a simple method to scan the image of the spacecraft that you were thinking of during our conversation.    I honed in on that image.  It is much easier, as we’ve discussed, to do this on a 5th dimensional level than it is on even your higher 3rd dimensional level.  

Speaking of the 5th dimensional level that we will first be on, which will be I assume the lowest rung or degree of that dimension.  I assume it will be much easier for you to drop down to that level than it is to drop all the way down to a 3d level?

Absolutely Tom.  There is virtually no comparison.  Yes, we’re at a much higher 5th dimensional level than you will be in the beginning, but the difference is much less noticeable than when I drop down to the 3d level.  We can’t stay at that level for long periods without adequate protection shall we call it—devices to help or assist us.  

I’ve been told that there is now a brand new society from a planet that blew itself up that inhabits the lowest rungs of 3d on earth.  Will you visit them too?

Yes, but briefly.  They are not ready for too much contact yet.  They have literally thousands of years of experience in order to move up in degrees.  

Do they have 11 or 12 timelines too?

No, just you—the Explorer Race.  That society is not part of the earth experiment shall we say.  

Someone asked if the pyramids, Mayan temples, and Stonehenge are all of human construction?

Yes, with a little assistance from your friendly ET’s Tom.  We did not build them for you, but gave technical assistance, shall we call it.

What about the lines in Peru?  Were they ET’s or locals?

Locals Tom.  Again, they had certain ceremonies and rituals and customs brought about through their contact with extra-terrestrials, long, long ago.  It was another way to create a mystery of why they would make such lines that could only be seen from the air.  It has made you wonder to this day and contemplate the mystery, so that on a subconscious or subliminal level you would understand that we have been in contact with you for thousands of years—way past your recorded time.  

When you visited other universes did they have galaxies and star systems similar to what the Creator of this universe did?

Yes, but different Tom.  It would take a very long discussion to go over the many differences, but some of the universes are quite a bit smaller than this one—easy to navigate around shall we say, but quite interesting.  One universe that I’m sending you an image of was just one big enormous galaxy, with millions and billions of star systems, and with truly unique people or beings inhabiting them.    We could go on and on with the differences, but yes they are somewhat similar, but completely different in other respects.  As you have not been to the stars yet, it would be difficult for me to describe all the differences, as you have no basis for comparison, but you will have in the future.  

April 4, 2009

Antura, how long ago was my last life on your planet, and how many of your years did I live?

Yes it has been a few hundred years Tom since you were last incarnated here, so there is great anticipation of your arrival again.  I know that is hard to understand from your point of view, but you have brought in the past great change to the planet and even to the universe.  You’ll see.

And how many years did I live?

A good number –well over 1,200 years—more on the order of 1,400 years Tom.  

So am I receiving this correctly—did I live more than 1,400 years?

Yes, Tom—a little over that number.

Where did your people originate?

Yes they came from –their souls you know—from another creation, as they were drawn by the Creator of this universe’s variety and plans.  

Were you water beings first before becoming amphibians, or were you always amphibians?

An excellent question Tom.  We have always been amphibians.  We enjoy ourselves or have great pleasure in the water, but we also can and do spend time on the land, although it must be near the water for us to do our meditations and such.  So we tend to stay close to the ocean when we do venture out to visit the land beings that inhabit our world.

Is the temperature of your ocean constant, or does it vary as ours does?

Good question Tom.  It can vary quite a bit depending upon if it is in direct light from our sun and the other one, or facing away.  Yes there are currents in our ocean just as you have on earth, but they are different, as yours are directed by the landmasses, where here there is much less land to divert currents.  It would take an oceanologist quite some time to understand our varying currents, as they haven’t even been able to figure out all the variants yet on earth, although they certainly are on the way; but they have discoveries ahead of them.  

Do you have coral reefs as we do?

Yes, but quite different, as the sea life is quite different Tom.  Therefore our reef system is different, but very beautiful.  Naturally the reefs also play a part in our currents beneath the surface.  

Thanks Antura!


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So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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