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·    Noticed your Guardian Angel lately?
·    More on the Wreck;
·    Soul Fragments
·    Living Prayers – “Any and all beings”
·    Benevolent Outcome for Car
·    The “Shift” in Perception
·    More Q&A’s for Theo

Some of you who are not requesting Benevolent Outcomes on a daily basis may not realize that your Guardian Angel constantly tries to gain your attention and let you know they’re there.  I’m sure you have heard people mention that whenever they look at a clock, it invariably says “11:11” or some other constant time.  This may have happened to you too.

As I’ve had to travel a lot first with our international wholesale tour company and then with our international film distribution business, I would always seem to wind up in rooms with five as the sum—23, 32, 104, 203, 311, 401, etc.  I did notice and would smile with recognition—ah, there he is again.

Also, since I’ve been recording my dreams every morning since 1979 (which is going to be the subject of a future newsletter), many times there would be some song that I had not thought of in some time that would be in my mind as I awoke.  It was normally some love song.

That came to mind as my son and I took a taxi to the DFW airport for our ski trip.  The night before, for some reason I started thinking and then singing an old Bob Seeger tune “Night Moves.”  This was a favorite of mine back in the years I owned a convertible sports car.  I would crank up the volume and sing along.

The taxi driver had picked us up once before.  He’s a tall guy with long graying hair.  He doesn’t wear a belt and has to constantly hitch up his jeans--sort of an aging hippie.   After we departed, he popped in a CD, and of course it was Bob Seeger; and the last song we heard before he dropped us off at the airport was “Night Moves.”  Theo was saying hello again.

So watch for those “ah-ha” moments.  Your guardian angel is just reminding you it’s there.  And if you’ve begun requesting Benevolent Outcomes on a daily basis, you’ll be reminded every time that there is a loving being watching over you.  This can happen hundreds and even thousands of times.


I received an email with a very good question about Joy’s wreck, which I wrote about in my last newsletter.  Why, did she ask, if Joy was requesting Benevolent Outcomes, did she have a wreck in the first place?  I think that there are two possibilities, although in reality probably only one.  She may have neglected to request a MBO for her drive that day.  Even I, after all the thousands of times I’ve requested them, have forgotten.  

Several months ago, I was headed back home from a Whole Foods supermarket.  The fastest way was to use a toll way.  It was a quiet weekend morning and the 8 blocks or so to the toll way entrance (on a six lane street) were virtually empty with only one other car.  Just before the entrance I was pulled over by a lady policeman who was operating a radar trap.  Just before seeing the red lights in my rear view mirror I had this quick reminder—I had forgotten to request a MBO for the drive.

The other possibility I believe from all my talks with Theo would be correct assumption.  Joy’s soul wanted to have that experience of a wreck and all the events that took place afterwards, and her soul fragment was “along for the ride.”  If she had requested the MBO for the drive, at least it was less severe than it could have been.  She could have rolled her car and suffered major injuries or even death.  Again, you always get the “high road” when you request a Benevolent Outcome.  


I also had the question of what is a soul “fragment.”  That’s the word Theo has used to describe the parts of the soul group that our souls have created to have these many lives on earth, so at the end of all these lives our souls would have every experience that a human could possibly have.  Perhaps the word “fragment” will be called something else in other writings you’ll read.  They are just different words to describe the same thing.  

BG, who asked the above question had some more.  BG asked how one soul could take care of so many people.  We all need to change our perceptions of the capabilities of souls.  I know I used to think that there was just this little point of light that was my soul.  Now I understand it’s much more than that.  

As I explained above, we’re fragments of whole souls.  Our souls are having hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives across the universe.  As my GA Theo says, they’re on a “fast track” to raise their vibrations to a higher level.  Souls, Theo says, have capabilities far beyond our third dimensional understanding.  

Theo and a little over one million other souls were drawn to this planet and this “experiment,” and volunteered to watch over us.  They watch over an average of 6,000 (Theo says he has 19,000 “clients”) during every life those soul fragments live from the beginning to the ending of time ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  Remember, time is only an illusion to us, so that we can experience these lives as if each one is the first and only one.  We’re “veiled.”  Theo says even he and the other Guardian Angels are “amazed” themselves at the furious activity happening over several million years.  He says he will do this work for 7,000 more years.  I questioned the seemingly awfully short time left considering how long he’s been here and he said, “Every experiment must have a beginning and end.”  


BG also had a question about Living Prayers where you might say, “I ask that any and all beings come to the aid and assistance of those people trapped in the rubble of the earthquake located _________.  I say “any and all beings” because you do not wish to limit it to angelic beings, as it could be a man, woman, child, dog, cat and so on.  You don’t need to be concerned that you could attract other beings than those “of light.”  When you say a Living Prayer there’s another whole group of Angels or souls that volunteered to handle this work.  They’re all “beings of light.”  I asked Theo:

Theo, are the angels, as we call them, whole souls like you that answer prayers?

Yes, exactly Tom.  They are whole souls with amazing capacity for love that answer these prayers.  They have much compassion and will do their best to answer a prayer, depending upon the circumstances and the soul fragment’s contract –that person’s life plan we can say.  If it is a life and death situation, the prayer can only be answered from a standpoint that the person passes quickly without undue pain, if their contract calls for them to transition.  It is very complicated Tom and there can be thousands and thousands of different responses to the same situation depending upon factors that you are veiled from knowing about or understanding.

How many souls do the work of answering prayers?

There has to be quite a few as you can imagine Tom--certainly over one million of these souls, but again not really too many more than the souls that have volunteered for guardian angel duty as you would call it.  They work closely with us as we instantly feed them information about the soul’s contract, so these things—these prayers are answered instantly, just as you have been previously told.  There is no delay on this side where a soul performing prayer duty must wait for an answer.

Aren’t you aware that the prayer is about to be said even before the soul fragment or person says it?

Yes, exactly, so we do have our “lead time” as you might call it.  

Speaking of Living Prayers, if you can ask for one for my daughter Shannon who’s having a cyst removed from her ovary Friday.  And I’m having a little four-hour heart procedure Wednesday so that I won’t have to keep taking medicine.  Living Prayers are answered!


Clara wrote to give me some good news.  She had requested a Benevolent Outcome for receiving a financial settlement that had been due her for quite some time.  She had been unable to buy a car for quite a long time, and the financial settlement gave her the ability to purchase one.  She requested a MBO for a car to meet her needs and even more.  She visualized a car driven by a “little old lady” that no longer drove, but had kept the car in good condition.  Her son brought her a list of five cars appearing on Craig’s List for her area.  One of the five was just perfect.  An elderly lady had passed away leaving her 2000 year car with only 41,000 miles.  It has a leather interior with all the bells and whistles.  She had requested the PERFECT car for her, and her guardian angel arranged, through her son, for her to find it!  She added that she now needs to find a better house and of course she says she can hardly wait to see what her Guardian Angel will find for her when she requests the PERFECT house for her!


Bonnie wrote, “I noticed that something remarkable happened over the last week and am wondering if the "shift" has occurred.  Prior to this week, I would have huge emotional swings with regards to a long-term relationship over seemingly little things.  Like if I didn't get an email - I'd go into the "he doesn't care anymore" syndrome or vice versa.  This week ... things happened that I would have thought I would have gone through the emotional swing but instead took everything in stride.  I was relatively calm and no down in the dumps or high as a kite emotional swings.  I don't think it's because I don't care anymore, but maybe an internal feeling that everything will work out as it's supposed to work out - and hence removal of fear.  Your thoughts on this observation?”

It seems this observation has been cropping up quite frequently lately, so that tells me I need to look at this.  Because I stumbled around for several years as I requested Benevolent Outcomes, I don’t recall a particular “ah-ha” moment when I realized that my “fear factor” as I call it was down to almost nothing, but it does happen!  I mentioned this in my book, but I never thought of it as a definite “shift,” but in reality it was.  I also mentioned it’s as if you get off that dusty, crowded road and begin walking on a much more gentle path with lots of flowers along the way.  So I suppose there is a shift, at least in perception, as you begin leading a much more calm, peaceful life, even with the entire drama taking place around you.  


I asked Theo the following questions during my meditations while on my ski trip:

Theo, did you choose the souls, or the fragments of souls that you work with, or did they choose you?  

An interesting question, Tom.  They chose me so to speak, you see.  I was matched to the souls that vibrate most closely to me, so when I volunteered I was attracted to them.

OK, next question.  What percentage of the souls having lives on earth were created by the Creator of this universe?

Much smaller than you might think Tom--under 2% shall we say?  This was an opportunity for souls with many varied interests to have a chance to quickly raise their vibrations; so many souls were drawn to this creation.  The Creator was pleased, as he knew there would be great variety in the lives that would be led or lived on earth.

So what percentage of the souls that perform the service of Guardian Angels were created by this Creator?

Again, minute.  Less than one percent.  We came from all over from many, many different Creators.

Does that hold the same for the souls that handle prayers too?

Yes, but they are a little higher in percentage—more on the order of 5% or so.   

How do the angels or souls that handle prayers assigned –do they handle it geographically, or on a first come first served basis, or how?

A little difficult to explain Tom with your 3rd dimensional knowledge.  It is more that they are assigned to a certain number of souls and handle these prayers from these soul fragments over every life they live.  So you might say that we guardian angels, as you call us, are good friends with the prayer angels as we work with them constantly.

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Have a Most Benevolent Week everyone! 

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