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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E.  newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


WriterMy next book, CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.—First Contact! is finished, although I still continue to add a couple of questions here and there.  More information next week.  Keep in mind I’m trying to send the newsletter out a day early in order to work on my 4th book (!) on the weekend.  It will probably be on Atlantis.  See a number of questions in this newsletter.

Are you looking for a part-time job? I ran across one in my local Kroger’s Supermarket.  This would apply to any supermarket or store that sells wine.  It seems the wine distributors contract with a company to provide people to stand for three hours and stop shoppers to entice them to try one or two wines.  I was surprised at what they are paid--$20.00 per hour! So if you are looking for work, check to see if the same is being done in your region of the country.  Ask the manager of the store who you could contact to apply.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


EarthLast week I suggested everyone just express their love for Gaia out loud.  It seems a number of you did just that!  Gaia replies.

Tom, thank your readers for saying out loud and expressing their love for me.  I heard every one of their voices, and truly appreciate them for their sentiment.  I am always available to listen to anyone who wishes to talk to me, and I will respond.


Catherine writes: As I was reading Theo and Gaia's messages for you regarding potential changes in the world as a result of earthquakes, I initially had a sense of falling into a reaction of horror and dismay.

I paused in my reading and felt this message come to me, as I saw the souls Angelof those who had chosen these events as their souls’ passage of transition from this life into the peace and understanding, lift gracefully into the plane above this one.

"You see no problem of digging into your backyard and shifting earth and rocks to plant new life.  This is precisely what is occurring in what you term these disasters.  All That Is is shifting your man-made structures to plant new awarenesses, new energies and harmonies.  Extend compassion to these souls who have chosen to participate in such a mighty exodus, to gain your attention for that which has been heralded as The New Age.  I do urge you to move beyond the media frenzy which will surely follow and allow your consciousness to embrace the gifts which will ensue."

All That Is and you are co-creating a most awesome informational platform.  Daily use of MBOs and your prayers, in conjunction with other readings, prayers and channeled information, are changing my life from one of fear and hesitancy to one of co-creation with Spirit -- and surely the bossiest and most patient angels in existence -- bless 'em!


5.0Jen writes: I'm just wondering if Gaia could update us in terms of where we are with the 5th dimension.  Is there a new date set to finalize that transition?

Gaia, is there a date set when we will emerge from this energy tube at 5.0, as I was told it would be several more months in December or January?

Yes, Tom.  Let’s say the probabilities are high for you to emerge fully into the 5th focus around July of this year, Tom.  Certainly check back with me, as this is a probability and can change according to how well the population is adjusting to the higher frequency levels.  As this has never been done before we are acting on the side of caution, shall we say.


BirthJacklyn writes: I'm wondering if before one has an earth life, how do you feel? It's apparently a difficult life that presents a lot more pain and challenges than most.  I know it is volunteered for at some point, but does a being do any specific prep work before coming here to shore themselves up in a way? Are there any sort of send-off gatherings within your soul group before going?

Theo, are there any additional preparations done for an upcoming life where it is known it will be especially difficult?

No, Tom.  Your soul knows these lives are needed for the complete Earth experience, but certainly that person’s own Guardian Angel and Guides are there to provide as much comfort and assistance we can give to help the person through these difficult lives.  That’s also the major reason these lives are much shorter than your ET forefathers, as you must have lives where there is suffering, which is almost unknown in advanced societies in the universe.  Antura has told you before that, even on his planet, many of his people have no interest in having earth lives.  They can’t imagine undergoing the pain and suffering, although they understand they will not raise their vibrational levels as fast as those who volunteer.

So the prep work, we’ll call it, is the same and takes no more time than a life of luxury.  Your souls are eager to have these balancing lives as it is quite understood what they signed up for.


China BirthsI have to summarize this question from Helen for space.

Gaia, will China’s problems with pollution be one of the causes of declining population, as they die from various lung problems? And what about too many men and not enough women? Will they seek mates elsewhere or will that contribute too?

Yes, Tom, their pollution will result in the lowering of the population there, as the air they breathe is too toxic for human consumption.  Thousands will die from respiratory problems.  Definitely these are soul contracts to die from this problem, as they knew before they incarnated.

Regarding the problem of too many men and not enough women, this will be a good lesson for their population to be happy with having a girl.  Yes, the men will seek out wives from other countries, thereby having the side benefit of mixing races.  They will do the same as has been done in the United States where they advertise over the internet for wives, listing their wealth to attract wives from countries where there is great poverty.


Sarah writes: A question to Theo: With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI at the Pope Symbolend of this month (February 28, 2013), his successor, “Peter the Roman”, will be the last pope, according to Saint Malachy.

With this prophecy, will it be the future fate of Rome and the Pope?

Theo, will the next Pope be the last one according to Saint Malachy?

No, Tom.  This tradition will continue on into the future.  The Popes will adjust to the revelations made by the Pleiadians and other subsequent visitors.


Dolphin PodCathy writes: Can you ask Gaia about the super pod of dolphins seen off San Diego coast on Feb 16th? Thank you.

Gaia, why was there a super pod of dolphins spotted off of San Diego? What is the reason for the gathering?

Yes, there is a gathering of these dolphins.  It may be unusual, but not unheard of in the past.  They assemble to tell stories and report on the conditions they find in the oceans they inhabit.  There are places to avoid and there are places rich in nutrients and food for them, plus safe havens where they will not be bothered.  Humans, believe it are not, are discussed as they feel the raising of the vibrational level of the human race, and the fact that, yes, you are very close to being fully in the 5th focus.  These are very bright creatures, Tom, and should be approached with respect, as they have been one of the keepers of the flame for you down through the ages.


This story I’m relating and the next one were in last week’s Blog, which you can read at and sign up to receive it each week if you wish.  There are over 150 Blogs with nothing but MBO and BP stories.

My wife and I are remodeling our master bathroom and painting two others at our Bathroom Remodelinghouse, after holding off for several years due to the deep recession we have been in, and the resulting lack of business in our international Film and TV Program distribution business.  Naturally we are requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs) at each step.  We were able to obtain a deep discount in purchasing exactly the bathtub my wife wants; then the electrician was able to begin immediately, and he recommended a painter who agreed to a better price and was able to start the next day, as we requested MBOs.  She has also requested MBOs for choosing the right colors for the bathrooms.

You can make your life much less stressful by requesting MBOs every day for everything you’re doing in your life.  All you have to do is to say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for_______, thank you!”


Nancy writes: A friend wanted me to join her on a vacation when her husband was away for the week so she would not be on her own.  It is not an easy location from where I live and, even though I tried for hours on a couple of occasions, I was not able to find flights at a reasonable price or without terrible layovers - since it was last minute.

Charter JetWhen I told them no, they were both disappointed.  They are such good friends and very generous people.  I decided to try again and asked for a way there that I could manage.  I asked an MBO for guidance in finding a route that would make the journey a pleasant and safe one.

After more hours of searching online, I found a way that would work, although it did involve too many cities.  I asked my friends if it was still ok to come and they were over the moon.

Just as I was about to book the flights, I checked one more website and found a charter that took me there the right day and it was a direct flight with one quick stop for more passengers.  This ticket must have just been released because it did not come up on earlier searches.

I felt rewarded for putting my friends' feelings ahead of my pocketbook or convenience.

Life is good and I get a week in the sun away from cold and snowy Canada! ... On a champagne charter.


My next book may very well be one on Atlantis and Lemuria.  Helen, who edited several chapters of my CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.  book, has assembled all the material listed below in the SERIES section of this newsletter.  Before these questions today, there was a little more than 29,000 words, compared to my 3rd book’s 74,000 words, so I probably need at least 50,000 words before I publish.  Here are a number of questions she posed after reading the material.  Perhaps you have some questions about Atlantis or Lemuria? Send them in.

AtlantisTheo, did the people of Atlantis, Mu and OZ have first, middle, and last names like we do in the West?

No, Tom.  Names were quite different in that time period.

Could they be compared to anything today?

Yes, but there was a wide variety of names depending upon which continent you were on.

Let’s take Atlantis first.

Yes, they used lengthy names, with the family name first and then the given names.


Slightly the same, but with variations, as their names would be somewhat compared to, let’s say, Japanese with Chinese names.

Ancient Population MapAnd Oz?

Their name structure of today dates back to their beginning, Tom, and there were a wide variety of names as the continent was so large.

This would apply to Lemuria too, as there were different countries on the same continent and quite different from each other.

Was the same calendar used by the Atlanteans, Lemurians, and people of OZ?

Definitely not, Tom.  They all did keep the basic calendar of 7 days, but that’s where the similarities end.  Each had a separate day to remember their gods, to work, and different national days.  You can see this today where the Chinese have a separate calendar to the one used by western societies and the one used by Middle Eastern countries.  But to answer your question, they did calculate their days quite differently.

How did the Atlanteans calculate their calendar? Did they use a special event, or formation of the country, as their calendar had to be ancient with so many years of existence?

Yes, but they were more interested in the present, Tom, and did not dwell on the past.

Ancient Egypt MapHow old was I when I migrated with my “flock” to Egypt?

In your mid-50s, Tom.

Did I ever return to Atlantis after we migrated?

No, you completely cut ties with everything there, although you did pray for them every chance you had.

Was there a way for the people who went with me to communicate with their loved ones left behind in Atlantis?

Yes, the crystal devices of that time period did allow for communication.  This helped bring more people to Egypt as conditions continued to worsen.

According to the book EDGAR CAYCE ON ATLANTIS, there were three major points, or times, of destruction of the Atlantean continent—50,000 BC, 28,000 BC, and 10,000 BC.  Are those fairly accurate dates?

Yes, Tom.  They are fairly close to the actual dates for the breakup of the continent.

Man & DinosaurWere dinosaurs alive before the first destruction, or did they die out afterwards, as scientists have reported they died out 65 million years ago.

Yes, Tom, there were dinosaurs still alive, but not on the Atlantean continent.  And the only reason your scientists have not discovered this is they were alive where the oceans have covered their remnants.

Did the Pole Shift kill them out, and if so, when was the pole shift?

Definitely the shift of the poles signaled an end of their lives.  But there were two events that reduced the population.  Not just one.

When did the Continent of MU sink—7,400 BC to 7,000 BC as was reported?

Yes, more towards the latter date Tom.

How did the sinking of the MU continent affect the rest of the world?

There were giant tsunamis which devastated coasts all along what is considered the Ring of Fire today.


Jacklyn writes: I am trying to ask Gaia how many miles inland she will need to go along the West Coast.  May I ask what you have gotten from her? My mind gets in the way of 50, 30 or 70 miles.  I and my family are 100 years strong in the Central California Valley and we are happy to give it all up if necessary.  Before I warn anyone in these areas I am hoping to get clarity on miles.

I have no fear and am told that I will leave this area when it is right.

Central Valley CaliforniaGaia, will the Central Valley of California be relatively safe from major movements, since they are east of the mountains?

Not really, Tom.  They are too close to the coast, so they will not have the 8.0 shaking, but more in the range of, say, 6.3 to a maximum of 7.0, or just a little below that.  Still enough to cause many structures, which are not meant to withstand those movements, to collapse.  And keep in mind the aftershocks–hundreds of them.  So I would recommend those living in this area also evacuate to be safe when they see the precursors.  They will have a head start on those living on the coast to move east far enough, such as Las Vegas or even farther east, to be safe, and then they can judge when they feel it is safe to return to inspect the damage.

Helen writes: In Gaia’s future earthquakes, it is said that there will be large earthquakes to occur in 2013, starting with Japan, then Puerto Rico, and finally in California and in order for these earthquakes to happen, other earth movements need to occur first.  Lately, the South Pacific, around the Solomon Islands, there have been many large earthquakes.  I am wondering if these earthquakes are the earth movements that need to occur first is what Gaia is referring to?

Additionally, in Chapter 6 of Edgar Cayce on Atlantis by Edgar E.  Cayce, under the editorship of Hugh Lynn Cayce, there are statements about future earth events.  A question is asked: “How soon will the changes in the earth’s activity begin to be apparent?” The answer: “When there is the first breaking-up of some conditions in the South Sea and those as apparent in the sinking or arising of that which is almost opposite to it, or in the Mediterranean, and the Etna area.  Then we may know it has begun.” Would these large earthquakes in the Solomon Islands be what E.  Cayce was referring to when he said, “South Sea”?

Solomon Islands EarthquakeWhat do the Solomon Islands have to do with the projected movements in Japan and the North American West Coast?

Yes, as you have read, Tom, the plates are colliding bringing great pressure, which eventually must be released with one plate going over the other.  Therefore that is what the geologists understand.  What they are coming to realize is when an earth movement happens in one part of the world, it also creates pressure thousands of miles away, sometimes to the north or south, let’s say, but also totally opposite the movement—a sort of recoil motion.

Edgar Cayce had a prediction regarding the South Pacific.  Were these quakes what he predicted?

Yes, in a way, Tom, but keep in mind his predictions were based on the time line you were on at that point when he was given the predictions, and now you are on a more benevolent time line; although when the movements I have previously described occur, many people will think the end is near.  That’s not correct.  I simply must release the pressure built up from these plate movements, or to use the old saying “you ain’t seen nothing yet” would apply, as they would be so cataclysmic as to fit within his predictions.  That WILL NOT HAPPEN—yes, emphasize that for me, Tom.  I know you do not wish to touch on this too much, Tom, but the question was asked by your reader, so we must answer.

That’s true Gaia.  Thank you.


JordanJean-Marie asked about Jordan’s independence.

Theo, will Jordan remain an independent country?

Yes, this moderate Middle East country will continue to play a major part in peace negotiations for many years to come.  Eventually, and we’re speaking of many years from now—over 100, Jordan will merge with the other Middle Eastern countries to form a sort of United Arab states.


For my new readers, Antura is an amphibian and a member of my soul group or “cluster.” Theo introduced him to me in 2008, and later this year my book of all our conversations will be published.  Title is CONVERSATIONS WITH AN E.T.—First Contact! And for my old readers there will be many, many questions which never appeared in this newsletter.

Laurie writes: How many years ago was planet Earth brought to our solar system?

Antura, how long ago was Earth brought to this solar system?  Moving Earth

As you guessed, Tom, millions of year ago—actually the number would be well over a billion.

Would it be over 10 billion years ago?

Yes, but not much further, Tom.  There were plans being considered that far back you see, as keep in mind the societies then could communicate directly with their spiritual advisors.

Were the planets involved from what would become the Federation, or was it the Lyrans or Vegans?

No, it was planets from the future Federation, Tom.  They were asked and they complied.

Then again it was around or a little over 10 billion years ago?

Quite correct, Tom, my friend.


Kennedy & Martin Luther KingBob writes: As I was drifting off to sleep last night, a thought came into my mind.  In one of the last few newsletters, you mentioned that Obama was also Lincoln.  What came to mind was all of the hubbub about the similarities of Lincoln and Kennedy during the Kennedy years.  And as I thought about it, how do Oswald, King, Ruby, James Earl Ray and Bobby Kennedy all play into the equation; because, it would seem that if you have one, you have all of them.

What brought this to mind was that if Obama was Lincoln, isn't it interesting that the president killed by a bullet is now having the gun control issue to deal with.  How does that play into the conversation? Are the peripheral people currently alive to be part of the conversation also?

Snopes says many of the Lincoln Kennedy similarities have been debunked...but the connections do seem odd.

Theo, how does Oswald, Ruby, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, and James Earl Jones tie in with John F Kennedy, or do they?

Certainly all the individuals you mentioned had their part to play during that time period, Tom.  Each played their role, whether it was to lift everyone up, or to be a martyr, or to be the bad guy, which is always needed to see the contrasts.  The bad guys will have future lives of great service and the good guys will have balancing lives where they play the part of bad guys themselves.  All lives must balance.  That does not mean one bad life and then 10 good lives.  Everything must balance.


ZoharJean-Marie writes: How old is the Zohar, and who wrote the original--a Jewish book whose origins and age are in question?

Theo, was Moses de Leon the person who wrote the Zohar, or were there other people who wrote all or parts of this document?

Naturally Moses was involved in the writing, but yes there were several authors of this book, as it passed down through the ages.

Here is more information on The Zohar:


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For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

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JESUS--SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, OCTOBER 6, 2012, OCTOBER 13, 2012, OCTOBER 20, 2012, OCTOBER 27, 2012, NOVEMBER 3, 2012, NOVEMBER 10, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, DECEMBER 1, 2012, DECEMBER 8, 2012, DECEMBER 15, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013,     


TIME LINESJANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, 

THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—MAY 30-JUNE 13, 2009; JULY 11; JULY 21, 2012; JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, FEBRUARY 23, 2013,  


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