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Laurie writes:  I recently attended a convention in New York and wanted to tell you that MBOs worked for me yet again!  A few weeks before I left for the convention,
I asked that "helpful people" would be put in my path.  Well, were they ever! 

During my trip to New York, I was asked to submit story ideas for an
anthology, was able to put my Atlantis novel directly into the hands of
an editor, and got a face-to-face appointment with a literary agent.  Are my
Guardians great or what? 

Also, knowing that they were watching my back, I was not as nervous as I otherwise might have been flying for the first time since 2001.  I asked for an MBO for a smooth and uncomplicated flight to NYC and they delivered.  And I asked the same, particularly strenuously, on the return trip -- considering that I was taking off from LaGuardia (we didn't fly over the Hudson!).  My return flight took off ten minutes early, and arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  My angels must have wanted me to get home fast!  I did too.

I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the practice of requesting
Benevolent Outcomes.  They work every time.


Synchronicity.  My friend Richard Sutphen just yesterday quoted a book about Atlantis in his weekly newsletter ( ).  Here it is and I’ll comment afterwards:

“Lemuria and Atlantis: Studying the Past to Survive the Future”
by Shirley Andrews.

“The first to arrive in Poseidia were people who Cayce identifies as Children of the Law of One. Throughout most of its long life, the majority of the inhabitants of Atlantis were spiritual individuals who loved and respected each other. Gradually, with the passage of time, the leaders divided into two groups, the Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. The Children of the Law of One are also referred to as the “Sons of Light,” and the Sons of Belial are called the “Sons of Darkness.” Similar terms are found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“The Sons of Belial were selfish, materially oriented individuals who focused on the pleasures of satisfying their own physical appetites and desires, with no respect for others. As their lives filled with thoughts of material objects, they came to believe, like many of us today, that the acquisition of more and more would bring them happiness. When disaster threatened Atlantis, they were so involved in the material world they did not heed the advice of wiser individuals, who urged everyone to leave if they wished to continue their lifetime on this planet.

“The main principle of the Law of One is that we all are related; we all are one. The Children of the Law of One focused on love and practiced prayer and meditation, hoping to promote everyone’s spiritual knowledge. They followed the Golden Rule, and also believed that whatever they did to others would happen to them. They honored the Creator from whence they came, who gave them their soul. Many individuals on the Earth today are Lemurians and Atlanteans who have returned to participate in another struggle between the forces of good and evil for control of this planet.

“Some believe that if the creases of the lines that are visible in the palm of your hand when you close it slightly form a letter “M” you were probably one of the Children of Light. A curved “S” or “C” indicates the Sons of Darkness. However, one’s actions or thoughts in Atlantis or Lemuria are not really important. What is significant is that today we are here to help make our world a better place. The Children of the Law of One will continue their good work, and the Sons of Darkness will have an opportunity to redeem themselves.”

For the many people that have subscribed to this newsletter over the past few months, I did a nine part series on Atlantis, starting with the May 17, 2008 newsletter, which you may wish to read.  Theo told me I had lived 166 lives on that continent before it went under, and I was “Inspired” to create The Gentle Way around 250 years or so before it finally sank.  One million people requested Benevolent Outcomes back then, and most of us migrated through what is now Portugal and Spain to Egypt to escape the violence on Atlantis. 

I was also told that I had lives as both a Children of Light follower and Sons of Belial—balancing the scales.  So if you had a life or lives back then keep that in mind that everything will balance eventually. 


Di in the UK writes:  Happy Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius Day.  I'm certainly hoping to be at Henley On Thames (a delightful part of UK, by the way) amd also my friend Debbie (whose daughter in law, I believe, you have met during your professional life promoting the DVDs etc.) (I wrote about meeting them in Cannes at an Italian restaurant in the April 13, 2008 newsletter.)
I thought you might like to hear about my experiences this morning as I watched the
Cosmic and Planetary alignments:
I awoke at 7.00am and it was quite light outside.
I thought 'Oh. Please don't let me have missed this!'
however I needn't have worried because I could just make out the Sun's rays
beginning to glow in the distance looking out over my village. 
(I live overlooking a 12th century church and live in a mediaeval village in Essex)
The early hour foretold the dawning of an amazing Winter Day here in UK.
There was brightness and crispness to the day and a fine coating of frost dusting
All was still with only a single bird here or there to break the spell.
I sat and waited as the glow from the Sun got bigger over the trees.
The Sky was amazing, blues and pinks with just a few clouds drifting around the Sun
as though they were paying homage.
I was completely spellbound as I gazed at this spectacle and placed all of our hopes
and dreams into the alignment. I felt so blessed to be witnessing such a symbol of
Peace and Harmony.
Words cannot express the emotions that I felt but most of all a sense of
'All Is Well And All Is Happening In Divine Timing; Trust.
And as I sat and watched and bathed in the tranquility of all that I felt and all that I saw;
the Light began to change and it was over. The 'sky show' was complete however I knew
that it was just the beginning for this is The Age Of Aquarius.

You can read more about the age of Aquarius in the February 14, 2009 newsletter.


Theo (that's my Guardian Angel for new subscribers)—Marie wrote asking about a subject I’m not familiar with-- “soul retrieval” where fragments of a soul are supposedly lost because of great stress.  Your comments.

A little more difficult topic to be sure Tom.  Yes, souls can experience great stress, or we should say the human body experiences great stress, causing the soul to withdraw.  But the soul is not retrieved, but will center again in the human that had tremendous stress and pain inflicted.  Those are soul lessons that must be learned, so sometimes other souls will assist it by sending massive amounts of light to the person.  Then there are times when a soul wishes to completely retreat from a body and another soul—a walk-in transfers to the body.  This of course, has been extensively written about by people like Ruth Montgomery whom you knew.


Ron writes:  Your avid site reader in Colorado here. Relative to your connecting to Antura living a life on water planet--so also have I connected with highly evolved beings who live as amphibians. Moreover, I have connected with some who are as amphibians but live in a liquid of a different substance than water. They have said they can travel through it at what we would consider more than 300 MPH.

However, they are not limited to do so by just their body movements. Because they are so mentally evolved they primarily use their mind to travel at such speeds through the liquid. The more I have connected with highly evolved beings in other worlds, the more my mind becomes stretched as to the greater possibilities that exist on more evolved planets. I believe that when we finally evolve as a planet and its temporary residents (us) to a higher dimension, we will create things we have not yet dreamed of. Thanks again for sharing your communications. I truly enjoy them.

Antura, are you familiar with the Amphibians someone wrote to me about that live in a world where the oceans are completely different from water and that are able to propel themselves through the water at speeds of 300 mph or so?

Quite so Tom, and no, they are not us.  They are another amphibian race that naturally we know intimately—another version of the same type of being.  And yes they are quite fast in the liquid they inhabit.

Are they in the Sirius Star System or another?

No they are in another galaxy Tom.  Yes, you’re receiving me correctly Tom. 

So here’s another example folks, where in meditation you can communicate with anyone in the Universe that you wish to speak to, and who wishes to reciprocate.  

Len 2Len 1 Len 3

Sandy sent me some really beautiful photos of lenticular clouds over Mr. Rainier in Washington State (an active volcano with a height of 14,411 feet (4,392 m).  I decided to ask the soul of the earth, Gaia about these photos.

Gaia—In December, there were beautiful lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainier.  Was that just a soul creating, having fun, or what?

Good question to start your day Tom.  No there was more to it than just a soul being creative.  There were shall we say visitors that were also there doing measurements of Mt. Rainier now, and they will return later this year again to take more measurements, as the time for Rainier to awaken is fast approaching.  We have discussed this before, but as you know, I am moving magma throughout this whole region and so these spaceships are noting this movement and other very detailed readings.


I trust by now you are widening your perspective of the concept of other beings existing in the universe, and many of them are the same as we are—with families, work, spirituality, and so on.  In Part 11 he goes into more detail about his past lives on earth, much more detail on their spacecraft, and much more.  Send me questions if you have any that would be of general interest to everyone. 

December 13, 2008

Antura here Tom.  Good Morning.

Good day to you Antura.  Not sure if I previously asked this—at least like this.  When you greet other Federation members is there a universal greeting such as our old TV show Star Trek had?

No, but we did find that amusing.  We adopt the greeting of each being and our greeting is more of a mental greeting than any physical gestures.  We basically wish them long lives--something to that effect.  It varies somewhat, but yes, “good life” is one of the greetings.

Are the Federation meetings held in halls or are they just done by tuning in from all over?

Yes, much more the latter Tom.  We have no need for gathering per se.  You have video conferencing now.  We just have a much more advanced version of this where it seems we are next or gather next to the person or being speaking.  We are able to tune into their feelings, so that we can understand the nuances of what they are communicating.

How many lives have you lived on earth?

Oh quite a few Tom.  Not as many as you, but on up there over 800 you see.

Why would we not have had basically the same number of lives when we are both fragments of the same soul?

Good question.  We develop specialities over time, and in your case you have some specialities that make it easy for you to accomplish certain tasks that our soul wishes to accomplish at a faster and more productive rate.  I in turn have accomplished certain things; that means I have more lives in other star systems such as this one in Sirius B.  So you would think we would have equal numbers of lives, but it actually does not quite work that way. 

How does your body handle swimming at a depth of 5,000 feet as you told me you did where your city is located?

Good question Tom.  The physiology of our body is made to withstand great depths in the seas.  We can swim at much greater depths without any external covering or suits as you must have when you go down.  Out system adjusts physically automatically to the depths you see.   We are more fish than human in that respect.    We were just created that way and/or evolved over a long period of time. 

How deep can you swim?

Oh fairly comfortably several thousand feet more Tom.  Normally there just is no reason to swim much deeper than the level that our cities are on.

When you come to visit will you visit with our whales and dolphins?

Most certainly Tom.  We will confer with them and a few other sea creatures to see how their lives are and any problems they have. 

Is the person you said was in Italy or “close” did you mean actually Italy or France, Greece, or another neighboring country?

Yes Tom, a neighboring country you see.  But close to Italy.

So is it France?

Yes, Tom but close to Italy. 

Not sure if I am still receiving you properly there.

You can ask again until you are certain you received me correctly.

Has that person published any books or has either of the two you will visit published any books?

One has Tom.  But they are both influential with or through their friends you see too.    Our goal you see is to have more people accept our different appearance and know that even though we look quite different than the Pleiadians we come in peace and wish to assist you, as much as we are allowed, to become members of the Federation one day.  I am an ambassador in that respect you see, just in the grass roots variety as you say. 

December 14, 2008

How many pilots does it take to fly your space ship?

As you can guess Tom it takes someone quite familiar with computers –our kind not yours I might add—who is capable of setting in the right coordinates and then setting the course.  Upon arrival through the portal they do have the job of personally guiding the ship if need be to the exact location it has to go to, in that star system.  So to answer your question there are several people on board with this capability. Time must be allowed for their sleep time, meditation, eating and so on.

Does the ship require engineers to take care of any engines or machinery and what about navigators?

Navigation is handled by the computers (using your words now).  But there is a need for different types of engineers to handle very complex machinery and functions.

Is the ship alive?

Yes in a way Tom.  That’s a good question.  The ship does have a personality of its own, as keep in mind that all the molecules and atomic particles that make up the ship agreed to do so and were not forced to be part of the ship if they did not wish to be, so the ship is a very loving entity in itself that wants to be a ship. 

What other work is there in the ship?

Oh my Tom, that might take hours to describe, but yes there are beings that prepare food; that work as scientists processing information gathered from worlds which are visited; and beings to run and service countless parts of the ship.  There is a need you see for so many people on board. 

How large is the craft that you will take down to the surface of our planet and how many does it hold?

Yes Tom these small craft as you call them are not large—let’s see if you can receive this—yes 40 feet in circumference is about right—not too much larger than that.  It can hold up to 5 to 8 comfortably I would say. 

How many of the scout ships does your mothership carry or hold?

Good question Tom.  Certainly 20 to 30 on average.  Besides these scout craft there are some people movers shall we call them that yes are like a bus or airplane in that they can hold a larger number of people, but there are normally only 2 or 3 of those.

Is the mothership oval, cigar shaped, or round in appearance?

It is more a giant oval in appearance Tom. 

Is the reason that there are many different shapes because they come from different worlds?

Exactly Tom.  And from different eras too.  Keep in mind that time is an illusion for you and is not the same elsewhere, so a craft from a million years ago your time could conceivably visit you. 

How long ago was the mothership constructed?

Several thousand years your time Tom.  Again, these ships want to be ships so they do not wear out in the same way as you do.  As new ways of moving between worlds or new inventions are introduced, it is fairly easy to add or update inside the shell of the mothership. 

Will we construct our own motherships and scout craft, or will we be loaned them by you and others?

Good question Tom.  At first, after you have gotten used to us, we will take those scientists and such to our worlds.  Then there will come a time when we loan fairly simple craft to you, and then there will be the next stage when you construct your own, using principles that you have learned or were taught.  Again, everything will be done at a fairly slow rate, as we wish to see what you might come up with that we have not thought of. 

December 17, 2008

Antura, how old will you be when I am birthed on the planet?

Not too much older in terms of our years, Tom.  More on the order of 500 or a little more perhaps. 

Will you be my father?

No I will not.  I will be a close family friend that will see that your instruction and learning will proceed in a fast manner, so that you can begin your work at a fairly early age.

No play time for me, uh?

No, there will be plenty of time, but you will be aware of why you are there and the things you need to accomplish. 

Will we be working with any negative energy?

Yes, to a certain extent.  Not nearly the amount we worked with on earth, but a little.  You will need to assist our people in moving forward in preparation for the arrival of the earthlings shall we call them.  You will be able to relate to them much more easily than most of the population here, having lived so many lives on earth.  You will be a great asset in this regard.  And you will also have work with our people do you see, too.  It will be quite an active and productive life I assure you. 

Anything else about that life or anything else you wish to discuss this morning?

I think that is all for now.  You are continuing to come up with questions and this is good.  There are gaps in questions that you can ask about subjects we’ve already covered, so go back and review those Tom.  I’m not supposed to or am I allowed to give you this knowledge without being asked.  It would take all the fun out of discovery, and you might discover something we don’t know yet. 


The following appearances are scheduled and you can sign up NOW by going to the Appearances section of the website:

Henley 2MARCH 28—HENLEY-ON-THAMES, UNITED KINGDOM-- A one-day workshop where I will cover first other tools you can use, then requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth; and in the afternoon I will conduct a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  Cost is 75 GBP and includes lunch.  For more information on places to stay you can contact Val Stoner at now or [44] 1491 414 344 after March 8.   I’ve had a number of people ask when I was coming to the United Kingdom, so let’s get together!

APRIL 18—DALLAS, TEXAS—Everyone keeps asking when I would do a workshop in Dallas, so here it is.  It’s a one-day workshop where I will cover first other tools you can use, then requesting Benevolent Outcomes in depth; and in the afternoon I will conduct a guided meditation for you to contact your own Guardian Angel.  Cost is $70.  For more information see Appearances on the website. 

Eagle 3MAY 1-3—EAGLE NEST, NEW MEXICO—A weekend retreat with a meditation and greet Friday evening, my workshop on Saturday, and on Sunday Terrie Cunningham, who channels Ashtar will have a workshop and channeling.  Cost is $160, plus $75 for meals, and a great price on rooms of $69.00 a night.  Contact Deb Smith-Bartou (that's her in the photo) for more information at 575-377-6813.  

Sedona 3JUNE 15—SEDONA, ARIZONA—A one-day workshop after the Kryon Conference.  I will be doing a similar workshop to the ones March 28 an April 18.  We’ll have the workshop at the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa.  Cost is $80. 

So if you found this newsletter interesting and informative (and perhaps thought-provoking), please forward it to your friends, and if this is the first time you’ve read this free newsletter, please go to my website where you can read my past newsletters (and sign up so that you won’t miss a single one),  articles I’ve written for magazines, see videos, and read a couple of sample chapters of The Gentle Way. There’s a link directly to two websites where you can purchase the book, if you wish. Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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