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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over theNewsletter world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address.


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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


My wife and I attended a Dallas I.O.N.S. meeting this past Sunday, and viewed the feature length documentary WATER, THE GREAT MYSTERY. Naturally I requested an MBO that attending would have results better than I could hope for or expect, and that’s what Theo delivered! Here are the questions that came from my viewing.

WaterGaia, I saw a feature length documentary on Water, and wondered if the river in West Virginia that is polluted could be purified, and if so exactly how?

Yes, Tom, it certainly can be purified, and with not too much effort. So there is more than one way to purify the water there. They can take vials of purified water—basically water where there has been prayer or intent to send love to the water and then release it into the river just above the drain of the chemical plant. That water will join with the polluted water and will be purified for drinking.

The other way—and if people wish to do both that is fine too—they can stand on the side of the river and pray or send beautiful intent and love to the water and that will also purify it too. So you have two ways of purifying the water. Once it is purified it will stay that way—yes, even if more pollutants are discharged into the river. You humans are much more powerful than you can imagine, Tom. You just have to set your mind to it, to use an old expression.

BeethovenGaia, another couple of points they made in the movie was the effect of music on water. How beautiful classical music like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart would turn the molecules into beautiful shapes, while hard rock music would have an ugly appearance. Therefore, I’m wondering if there is a riotous crowd the police are having to deal with--or the reverse where there are policemen or soldiers bent on disrupting and hurting people at a peaceful protest—if playing these classical music pieces through loudspeakers would have the effect of calming those who needed to be calmed?

Yes, a GREAT idea, Tom. A crowd of people cannot stay angry listening to these classical compositions. It is impossible to do so. The crowd of people, policemen, soldiers or whomever cannot stay angry for very long. They may not like the music—caring more for the popular music of the day, but they cannot stay angry. It will certainly lessen the tension between two groups of people opposed to one another. I highly recommend that your readers suggest this to their various police departments or those in charge of quelling riots. This will take some time to be accepted, but once they experiment with this, they will immediately see the benefits.

Link to view the whole documentary (highly recommended):


SnowLindsay writes: Have you seen any of the youtube videos of people across the country burning snow? It doesn't melt. It turns black and smells like plastic.
Maybe you could check it out and ask Gaia about it. Have a great weekend!

Gaia, what happened in Indianapolis, and several other places it seems, where there was snow with the consistency and form of plastic?

Yes, here we get into pollution, Tom, as obviously there has to be a reason why you could actually burn this snow and it will give off a pungent odor and will not melt like other pure water frozen substances do. They will need to study where this came from and what pollution causes the snow to take on this consistency and molecular structure. Scientists need to study this problem and study the molecular structure. They will then discover the origin of this pollution.


Teresa in Austin, Texas writes: This is a follow up question from last week's newsletter (2/1/14) regarding astrology. It is my understanding that Mercury is retrograde February 6 to March 1, Mars is retrograde March 2 to May 20, and Saturn is retrograde from April 1 to July 21, 2014. Gaia stated that there would be big events in February and March. April 23 is the date for a Grand Cardinal Cross, which is supposed to be a MEGA planetary event that rarely ever happens. It was referred to as a "great fracturing".

Grand Cardinal CrossSo, it seems like the events in February and March will lead up to an even greater event in April. This is supposed to be the biggest astrological event this year. Can you ask Gaia about this?

Gaia, will there be a large event happening around or near the April 23 Grand Cardinal Cross astrological alignment, or was that what you were referring to when you mentioned February and March, or is this a separate event?

Yes, a separate event, Tom. I knew you would get to this question as of course I do have access to a wide range of information floating about and knew someone would pose this question to you. So the next question you had was would these events be earth events or human events? I will have to answer that they will be both. Regrettably from your perspective there will be a large loss of life from one or more of these events, but from my perspective these are all soul contracts to experience these events as part of their bucket list of things that must be experienced prior to finishing all their lives on earth.

ChangeRegarding the human event or events will that be the large loss of life, or will the loss of life primarily come from earth events?

A good question, Tom and I will have to say more lives from the earth events, but not by much. Just remember that over time there will be fewer humans on earth. There are many ways to accomplish this—wars, famine, floods, earthquakes, and so on down a whole list. Again, I must remind your readers that your lives are short because they are so difficult. Most people that read your newsletter, Tom, are not in dire circumstances. Therefore, some of these events feel quite separate until they occur, and then they can say Benevolent Prayers for those who suffer.

The more compassion your readers show, Tom, the higher they will raise their vibrational levels. Soon it will be time again for them to care and be compassionate. These are all part of your growing pains, shall we say, where there are many on the planet now that just are not ready to experience the fifth focus, so they have agreed to end their lives in a variety of ways. If you were to view this from my perspective, Tom, you will see this is all by soul contracts.


SkeletonsGaia, was there a nuclear war in India thousands of years ago, and if so who was involved?

Yes, this nuclear war dated back many thousands of years, Tom—long before they believe it occurred.

Was this connected to the one we have spoken about before in Siberia?

Quite so, Tom. There were two warring factions, naturally aided by two different groups of ETs—not our finest hour you could say—and I’m speaking of the Federation in general here. It was quickly seen that these people were going to bomb themselves out of existence, which they actually just about did.

India Nuclear WarSo were the Niburians involved?

Yes, they had their hand in this too. It was quite messy and dreadful. As is reported, there are still parts of India that are almost uninhabitable due to the high levels of radiation.

How was it stopped or how did it end?

Yes, it was one of those “my gun is bigger than yours” type meetings where it was explained that this would not be allowed to continue and would have severe repercussions should it be allowed to continue. Both parties agreed to mediation. But the damage remained since that time period.

Here is a link to read more:


First Contact Front CoverFor my new subscribers, Antura is my “brother on another planet,” introduced to me in 2008 by my GA Theo, who says he’s part of my soul cluster. Hundreds of questions I asked were published in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. I did a presentation on this if you care to watch. These are in 15 minute segments and already over 2,100 people have viewed. The questions below come from Robert, Mantej, and me.


Good life, Tom, and to answer the question floating around your head, not too much has changed with our Russian connections. They still are waiting for the final go ahead to release the information. Again, everyone in Russia is glued on the Olympic games, so they look on this as another way to keep the world light shinning upon them after the Olympics.

Futuristic ToiletAntura, I read a report of a man who claimed that back in the 1950s or so when Eisenhower was contacted, he was taken to a Pleiadian ship and used a toilet where there were three buttons on the wall used to clean him instead of toilet paper. One crystalized the waste, the second blew it away and the third was sort of a deoderant.  Would this be true, and if so is this an accurate description of the process?

Yes, there was quite a bit of interplay at that time, Tom, during the talks with your President. That said, yes, that is a fairly accurate description of one system in use. It was actually brought on board the ship just for use by the humans, just as we will have similar, but not exactly the same modules available for use by humans we bring on board our mothership when it arrives. But the process he described is one way of cleaning leftover waste, instead of using toilet paper.

Will there be any beings on board your mothership with the appearance of giant grasshoppers?

No, Tom. The insect beings on board our ship will not be so apparent in their appearances as there will be more than one variety on board. As you are limited in time today, let’s discuss this more fully in the future.

Water PlanetPlease give us a better explanation of how negativity is controlled in the universe with the exception of earth.

Yes, this is a very difficult subject, Tom. Not only this universe but all other universes have treated negativity as an anathema—something to cast out with the bathwater shall we say. As these societies are millions of years in advance technologically than yours, Tom, the process of rejecting negativity and sending it away is much more simple than you can imagine.

Is negativity sent through black holes?

Yes, a great deal is converted there. Even during the infamous star wars with all the hate you can imagine generated in the war, negativity was blocked and then sent away. Even if I were talking to a quantum physicist, Tom, it would be extremely difficult for them to grasp at this juncture. The concepts are above their grade level may I say. So I’m not trying to avoid the question, as we have discussed this in the past. I’m simply saying it is beyond even your scientists’ understanding. This will be something you will be able to understand in the future, but it will take several hundreds of years.

David Cameron UK Prime MinisterHas the Prime Minister of the UK been briefed yet on ET contacts?

No, again this is following the three monkey scenario of not bringing it up. (Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.)

Does the UK have the equivalent of Area 51?

No, not a whole base as does the USA, Tom. It is much more contained in a secret ops base where there are many other secret operations, so this one does not raise any eyebrows.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Carell in Carmel, California writes: Would you kindly re-post your benevolent prayer? I would like to share it with my class. I thought I had it saved somewhere, but apparently not. Or maybe I do but am experiencing a Mercury Retrograde moment on this one.

Carmel CaliforniaHere’s an MBO for you:
January 3, I received a notice that the Department of Motor Vehicles says I’m late for paying my vehicle registration, which was due back Dec. 8. That means I should have been notified clear back in late Oct but was not. As a senior on fixed income, I have to plan for things like registrations and insurance bills. So I made an appointment at the DMV and did an MBO before I went that the $80 penalty would be dropped and I could pay for my registration. I also did an MBO that the registration could be paid then and there, if need be.

Both MBOs worked. The DMV dropped the late fee only if I paid the registration on the spot, and I was able to do that because my neighbor offered to support me for whatever I needed this month until my annual spring income experience happens. It all worked perfectly. The penalty was dropped and the registration paid. I love MBOs. I’ve taught this to my students, shared the Newsletter, and, hopefully, expanding your work. Thank you for all you do.

For everyone, you can find my Daily Benevolent Prayer (which I say every morning) at Print it out and hang it in your bathroom. Here is how it reads:

“I ask any and all beings to assist & comfort anyone that I have ever harmed either physically, mentally, morally, spiritually or emotionally in any past, present or future life. And I ask any and all beings to assist and comfort the families and friends of anyone I have ever harmed, in any way, in any past, present or future life. Thank you.”


Jackie writes: I just had a very handy MBO. I was on the train and a drunk man was in the same car. He insisted on Traintalking to the few of us on the train. He said he was going to get off at my stop, which made me nervous. Shortly before my stop, I requested an MBO for safety. When I got off, he stayed on the train. That was a welcome relief!


Sandy writes: I said an MBO for enough for a ‘new’ computer. I have the $$ saved. I am going the extra mile and going for the bomb PC...

Car LotThe MBO Sandy said can apply to all sorts of situations. Let’s say you need a new car, but you feel like you will be limited in your ability to purchase to a certain level. So you say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the PERFECT car for me, and may it be even better than I can hope for or expect, thank you!”

I’ve had my subscribers write to tell me they were suddenly offered cars from family and friends at low prices—and well within their budgets. So, give it a try before you make any purchase. You might be surprised or even thrilled!


Cynthia writes: Why are the dolphins dying so rapidly in the area of Peru? Is it toxins from the sea or sonar blasts?

This is very disturbing! Can we say an MBO for these beautiful creatures? Thanks so much for all you do!

Gaia, are dolphins dying near the Peruvian Coast from toxins, sonar blasts, or what?

Dolphins on Peru CoastYes, Tom. They are dying and yes it is a combination of factors, but not sonar blasts I can assure you. Dolphins can take on viruses—not the same as humans, but viruses in the sea. Most of the time they have no effect on them, but in this case they were due to a combination of factors. And, yes, to answer a question forming in your mind, they did have a little prior knowledge of this, but were willing to take on the virus in order to leave the planet.

It is difficult to understand, but from their point of view it was time to move on, and the fastest way was to allow a virus into their bodies. There is also room for scientists to discover why they are dying—another lesson for the Explorer Race as you can imagine. If they learn how to treat this disease, they will be able to treat other diseases they find elsewhere that seemingly, on the surface, would not apply to the dolphin disease but does, Tom. So this was a little hint to your scientists once they find the cure for the dolphins near Peru—look farther afield to see other applications.

You can always say Benevolent Prayers (BPs) for anything happening in the world. That helps raise your vibrational level by showing compassion. Here we can say, “I ask any and all beings to comfort and aid the dolphins and send all our love to them at this time, thank you!”


Kathy writes: Love my newsletter and I thank you for it. Just a question on Woody Allen. There has been years of talk that he molested his daughter. Was that true or was his ex-wife Mia responsible for putting that in her head for spite. Thank you, Tom, and bless you and yours.

Woody Allen & DaughterTheo, is there any truth to the story of Woody Allen molesting his daughter?

Regretfully yes, Tom. Her family does not want to believe this, but she was molested and scarred for life. Most female children can, at a later date, come to grips with molestations as a child, but in her case his achievements as a director are like a slap in the face to her. It was good for her to speak about it, as that is part of taking her power back and not remaining a victim.

But a very difficult step for her remains—forgiving him and releasing. This way the chain is broken. Yes, he will have to balance this life, but she will not have to be the one to do the same to him. This may or may not happen. Even the simple act of sending white light to him will assist her in moving on. I mention this because there are some of your readers who have had similar experiences and they can take these steps to move on themselves.


ShipwreckLen writes: I'm just watching the current episode of Ancient Aliens discussing star gates.

Very interesting info on disappearances in the Sargasso Sea and what's called the “Michigan Triangle” in Lake Michigan.  Could you ask what happened to the many vessels and/or crew that disappeared?  Thanks, Tom.

Theo, what happened to ships and crew that disappeared in the Sargasso Sea and the Michigan Triangle in Lake Michigan?

These were all either weather related, Tom, or mistakes by the crew, or defects in the ships themselves. It was not some alien spacecraft lifting them up never to return.


Helen writes: Can Theo tell us anyone that was famous from our history that had the bad guy role and stayed on their soul contract? Would Lazarus be one of them? What about General Custer? Or is this something that we should not know because it might affect the decisions we make in our lives?

I know you have said that we need to say our MBOs on a daily basis to stay on our soul contract. So, if there was anyone from our historical past that was the “bad guy” and was also able to stay on the soul contract, then did these souls have an insight to say something similar to MBOs?
Fidel Castro
Theo, any examples of people who were bad guys who stayed on their soul contracts?

Where to start, Tom, as there have been millions of people who took on the part of the bad guys. We have covered in the past such people as Hitler and his henchmen, but they did stray and had to spend many lives balancing. Certainly some of the dictators of the 20th century stayed fairly close to their soul contracts and were disposed of fairly quickly. Those typically who were in power a short time and deposed would fit the category of keeping on their soul contracts. The longer someone was in power the longer they had a chance to stray off the path.

What about Fidel Castro?

Yes, he stayed fairly close to his soul contract, but his actions of causing so many lives to be lost will have to be balanced. Still as bad guys go, he could have been much worse. Now the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way and he will completely disappear from the scene in another year or two. The door is opening ever so slightly there. You even heard the news report the other day that Cuban children are being allowed to go to Miami to study.


Woman AwakeningEllen writes: In recent months I've had a curious physical phenomenon happen, always just as I'm waking up from deep sleep. Just before I'm fully awake, I'm aware that my whole body is vibrating as if my motor is running, or I'm purring! Three seconds after I'm consciously aware of what is happening, it stops.

What, exactly, is happening here? Chakras spinning? Actual raising of my soul's vibration? In 60+ years, this started happening about a year ago. Thanks for weighing in on this odd, ongoing experience.

Theo, why does Ellen’s body vibrate for three seconds when she awakens?

Tom, she vibrates as her soul fragment settles back into her body. It is also a way for her higher self to remind her that this body she lives in is just temporary and that there is a whole lot she is not able to remember. Each soul has its own way of giving these reminders. Her soul knew she would question this and eventually ask you, so now she has the message. There is nothing wrong with her body. You could say the body revs up when her soul fragment returns from its sojourn at the end of her sleep cycle.


Flo writes: I just found this info on this 200 square mile area in south eastern MA and wondered whether there is any truth attached to these ancient legends and more recent sightings of UFOs.

PuckwudgieI hope Gaia or Theo can shed some light on this.

Gaia, were there ever creatures named Puckwudgies that existed?

No, Tom. This came from the imagination of someone long ago. Sort of like a goblin story to frighten young children. So, over time, there was a description of him that was created and embellished upon. It is one of those folklore tales. As they run out of stories (or at least that’s how it will seem) a movie might even be created, but the probabilities of that are rather low at this time.


Flo also writes: This is an unusual question. I've been interested in jumping spiders for years. They are very curious and can be tamed and will hang around for a long time if one feeds the spider daily with a piece of raw ground meat.

So I wonder about their origin(s) and why they are so curious about everything. They are so unspider-like that they Jumping Spiderare amazing. These macro photos show lots of colors and variations in their family of species. I appreciate anything Theo or Gaia can share about them.

Gaia, why do jumping spiders seem different than other spiders?

Remember, Tom, Creator likes variety, and there are many species of animals and birds that seem quite different, so it is the same with spiders. They were introduced by one of the many planets that wished to take part in the Earth Experiment and asked for permission to include this species, and were accepted. You might say the door was left open for many different species as, keep in mind, you will see all of these flavors, shall we call them, when you begin to travel to the stars. They will seem like an old hat to you as you’ll be able to draw on whole computers full of different species when you find them elsewhere in the universe.

So we will run across spiders in our travels?

Long before that, Tom. Ask your buddy Antura.

I’m putting it on the list.


Raphael writes: No doubt Jay Greenberg`s an incarnation of one of the great composers, would you please check out who he is?

Jay GreenbergTheo, was Jay Greenberg a famous composer in a past life?

Certainly, Tom—one of the giants. He has returned because it will be so much easier in the 5th focus for his compositions to see the light of day.

Can you say who? Beethoven, perhaps?

Yes, you are close, Tom. Again, as you have not studied all the great composers such as Mozart, and the others, it is a little difficult bringing up the name. The main thing to observe here is how much easier it is for the former geniuses of music to create the music with little or no effort. They receive their compositions, as was shown in the news piece at every moment of the day, given there are few blocks to reception. This will be the case for thousands and, yes, millions of people as you get further into the 5th focus.

Sorry folks, I guess I should have studied the classical composers more instead of concentrating on the birth of rock and roll!


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