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Pay It ForwardWelcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world.  If you enjoy this newsletter, PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS—it’s F.R.E.E! And if you wish to subscribe, go to where there is a box on the home page to enter your email address. 


LunchTABLE PRAYER:  I was asked to say a prayer at our New Years Eve dinner, so I put together one for everyone to repeat, as I have mentioned many times that when you say a prayer together, you create an energy much greater than the individuals who say the prayer.  It’s good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Check it out on the website under SIGNS. 

For my new readers there are SIGNS to print out to help you to remember to make requesting MBO’s a habit, there’s the Benevolent Prayer I say each morning and why it’s good to say, and the I EXPECT GREAT THINGS “mantra” as some people call it that is a form of an all round MBO request for the day and week ahead to say each day.  If you have not visited this page before, please do today!

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I publish this newsletter to help broaden your ideas as to how much more complex this world of ours is, and to spread the word about how requesting MBO’s in your life and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for others will take you to another level of what some people term as ascension.  These are simple, yet very powerful spiritual tools to use. 

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.  Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) I communicate with, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, in meditation (and a few others).  This is something YOU can do with a little bit of work.  Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Snowy OwlGaia, why are snowy owls being seen farther south?

An interesting question Tom.  Certainly there has been speculation in the press as to the reasons.  There is about to be some really nasty weather spilling out of the arctic, and these owls have been guided farther south to where they will be safe from these frigid arctic temperatures when the snow and cold weather drops to the south.  As I  have said before, the northern part of the U.S. and Canada are about to experience some very harsh, rough conditions and even these owls needed to move for their protection.  These are nature’s signs you might say of coming winter weather. 

How long will this blast of arctic air remain?

Several weeks Tom.  This will not be an event that comes and goes quickly.  There will be large accumulations of snow—certainly not to the depth of Cordova, Alaska, but some people will think it’s approaching that scale or level. 


InfluenzaJackie writes on Facebook:  Hi Tom, I read some predictions in a newsletter by someone only referred to as Pam (I guess the original author information got lost) and she mentioned something that might be good to ask Theo about. Here's the excerpt:

“MEDICAL NEWS- Many will suffer from an illness that will seem like they are reaching epidemic proportions. It will be recognizable for the high fevers, severe dehydration, and very sore muscles. It will take a long time to go away. Some schools may have to close temporarily. Despite the long recovery it will be treatable but doctors must be very aware of possible kidney damage by over hydrating. Many antibiotic combinations will need to be tried as what works for one person will not work for another.”

Theo, will we in North America or anywhere in the world experience an epidemic in 2012?

Actually a good question Tom.  No there will be no epidemics, but as has previously happened, there will be the spreading of cold germs across continents, so there will be colds and flu viruses transmitted from one person to another.  But this cold season will not be deadly except in a very few instances. 


Ensenada MapI had seen several emails floating around discussing the evacuation of Ensenada, Mexico because of some dramatic event about to transpire, so I asked Gaia.

Gaia, do you have any dramatic changes in store for Ensenada, Mexico and I’ll add in Baja California in 2012?

Actually Tom, I may have some dramatic changes in store for both in 2012, but it will depend upon your souls signing off for earth movements in Southern California, which will extend past San Diego into Mexico.  So they very well could be in for a much larger movement of my crust during the second half of 2012.

Baja California will not sink into the ocean this time will it?

No, but it could almost be cut off from the mainland.  That’s how severe things could be there.  But I will add at this point no one is evacuating Ensenada.  That is false information being given out to create fear—one of those bogus conspiracy theories passed around for those who wish to believe in such things. 


Sign OffMichael writes:  When events have to be signed off on by souls involved (earthquakes, floods and such) are these predestined through soul contract or agreed to as they occur? If the latter, how do our souls communicate our agreement? Is this on a subconscious level maybe while we sleep, or a collective soul group result? Do our souls function on a deeper level separate from our living entity?

Theo, do our soul fragments sign off on events, or is it our souls?

More your souls, Tom, as they are quite actively involved in overseeing your lives and development.  Some events that were originally scheduled have been cancelled or greatly modified by your vibrational level increasing, which as I have mentioned before has approached the level that the Time Line number 7 is on.  They are quite pleased with your increase in vibrational level I can assure you. 


Theo, can you tell me about the future for China in 2012?

Yes Tom.  They will have their own internal problems during 2012, and with other countries Chinain general as they flex their muscles shall we say.  Their own people have seen the benefits of a more democratic society and want what the people of other countries have too.  They are not content to “stay down on the farm” to use an old saying Tom.  The Chinese people will press for more rapid changes in their government and will achieve some gains in that area in 2012. 

On the other hand, the military will flex its muscles in the coming months and for the next couple of years as it tests the other countries in that region to see how far they can control.  The United States has already announced a larger presence in that area and will attempt to blunt their expansion plans.  There will be intense negotiations at times to keep the hounds at bay. 

But we return to China’s own internal problems as they will have some of their own problems with weather and earth movements to keep them busy, besides the unrest in their own country.  It will be an active couple of years for this large nation with its billion or so residents. 


India/Pakistan MapTheo, what about India and Pakistan in the coming year?

Yes, you cannot mention one without the other.  Pakistan will see the greatest turmoil, as Islamic militants attempt to grab more power.  There will be efforts to thwart those plans both from the government side and from outside the country as well, and yes this will include the CIA and other similar organizations that will attempt to keep the status quo.  The United states will have operatives cross the border from Afghanistan at times to conduct raids on known Al Qaeda cells.  This will not sit well with the military, so this will result in tensions between the two countries. 

India on the other hand will seem mild in comparison. It will certainly have its share of problems with its large population and a growing middle class. 


Theo, what about Iran and Israel in 2012?

Yes, a very explosive potential, but cooler heads will prevail in the end, Middle East Mapaccording to the highest probabilities.  Much diplomacy is going on behind the scenes with both countries to maintain the status quo.  There is much unrest in Iran and actually Israel too.  The Iranian people want peace, and again the young people want the freedom to enjoy a better life without the militants being in charge.  There will be a movement to moderation, fought hard against by the hard liners in this country, so little movement will be seen on the surface, but there will be change internally as the people press for moderation. 

Israel will consider bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities, but cooler heads will prevail, given the highest probabilities. 


I have a MBO story of my own, which I wrote for last week’s Saturday Blog.  If you are not subscribed to the blog, may I suggest you do so, as it has nothing but MBO stories I receive from readers all over the world.  Just go to my website and click on BLOGS on the home page.

We have two dogs in our family, who have been with us about 9 years or so.  I’ve written about them in my second book, especially Sandy, who’s a mixed Beagle and Dachshund.  When we lived at our old house we had two electric gates for the driveway, and occasionally one would stay open because of twigs or pecans on the track.  She would escape and it was a real chore to find her, especially as we lived next to a busy four-lane street.  I requested lots of MBO’s and tracked her down each time.

Tom & Ramsey & SandyThree years ago we decided we needed new surroundings after living in the same area 35 years, so I requested a MBO for the PERFECT house for us, and my wife found it shortly afterwards in the northern Dallas suburb town of Plano, Texas (most safe town in the USA according to Forbes magazine). 

Since we moved, we have been very careful to keep the gate closed (we have an automatic garage door we also have to watch too).  Last week on Friday I had a terrible time with the computer program I use for my weekly newsletter.  I finally had to send it out as text only.  It was a mentally exhausting day, and I collapsed into my chair to watch TV before dinner.  Then my wife asked me to take a large box out to the recycle bins, and I opened the gate and placed it there.  Somehow I did not close the gate all the way.  Our daughter was at the house clearing out our living room; she’s been using it for her photography studio the past three years until she builds one at her new house they moved into in late November.  We were having friends over the next night for a New Year’s Eve dinner.  She checked the garage to make sure Sandy was not in there after moving her props there.  She was not there nor anywhere in the house.  We then noticed the back door was open, and then we saw the gate was open too.  We all panicked.

So our son, daughter, my wife and I all went out into the neighborhood calling for her.  I had injured my knee again carrying heavy tables, so I decided to drive around the neighborhood.  I said with emotion, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding Sandy, thank you!”  I first tried the street behind us, but it did not “feel” right, so then I turned onto the busy six-lane street we live next to and turned onto our street.  My family was already down the street knocking on doors, so I turned down an alley with the windows down to possibly hear dogs barking at Sandy, but nothing.

Then I turned right and came back up the street, which backed up on the alley.  I stopped and knocked on a couple of doors, but no one had seen her.  So back in my car I decided to try a little “hand dowsing,” where you hold your hands up to feel energy, and I told my own Guardian Angel Theo out loud to point me in the right direction.  I turned back onto our street and started to turn into the same alley, but I said out loud, “I’ve already been down this alley,” backed up then turned down the other street, which backed up to that same alley.  As I drove down the street there is a cul-de-sac on the left.  I saw a lady and her daughter washing off the front porch, pulled in and got out.  I asked if they had seen a dog passing by and she responded, “Oh! The lady down at the end of the street has the dog!  Her name is Rita and she’s in the last house on the block.”  I thanked her, jumped back in the car and drove down to the house, which backed up on that same alley I had driven down before. 

Rita and her husband have three dogs of their own and she had carried our dog all the way down from our street to her home, placed Sandy in her back yard and called animal control, which was on their way to pick Sandy up.  I had arrived just in time.  I thanked Rita profusely, picked up Sandy and took her home.  A couple of days later we took them a gift and thank you card.  Now that’s a MBO story with a great ending!


Crystalline GridDiane writes:  Happy New Year!!!   Can you explain how Chakras work for mother earth?  I understand that
the Heart Chakra is London....where are the others?
Gaia, do you have chakras as we do, and if so, are they in physical places like London?

An interesting question Tom, but no I do not have chakras as humans do, nor does the planet I might add.  Again, this is what someone is trying to describe in human terms for a non-physical world you see.  Now that I have answered the basic question, yes there are many grid points on the earth, as you recall Mr. Kryon was in charge of laying the crystalline grid, which was completed not too long ago.  So there are grid pints or power points if you wish, which correspond to this grid. 

But they are not chakras per say.  They are simply intersections shall we call them of these grid lines.  Certainly one of these power points on the grid is over and permeates London, as well as a number of other cities around the world.  And yes, I am simplifying this for your readers Tom.  I could be a lot more technical, but that is not needed here for this question.


Kay writes:  I just read the story in your newsletter about the woman who jumped timelines and found herself with different sheets, a different job and a lover who never existed.  I recently lost my lover who passed over before Christmas.  My question to Theo (or anyone who chooses to answer) is this – is it possible my beloved is still alive on another time line AND, from his soul perspective is it the same soul in all timelines or different souls? 

Time LinesIs the crossed over soul aware of the other pieces of itself in the other timelines and does the soul then join the higher self for all these other aspects, or is the departed soul on its own learning trajectory, separate from the souls of that individual in all the other timelines?  Any elaboration on this will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Tom as I am totally fascinated by this.

Theo has previously told me that when I had congestive heart failure in 2006, I died on Time Lines 1 and 2.  So I asked Theo to expand on this.

Theo, when say my soul fragments on Time Lines one and two transition early, which happened, what do they do while waiting on the rest of the fragments to transition?

Yes, a good question Tom.  After their adjustment as you call it, they can have many tasks, including watching what happens to the rest of the soul fragments.   They can also preview the next life coming up, but that is done quite quickly, as you can imagine. 

So they are not absorbed back into our souls? 

Yes and no Tom.  There is always the direct connection to your soul, and they connect and transmit shall we say information about their lives and feelings and such. They can do much other work, including being a guide for someone in need of one.  And of course they continue to observe the other fragment’s lives still going on in their physical lives. 


DeclaringWillie writes:  Is "Declaring a thing", the same as making a benevolent request?

Theo, can “Declaring something” have the same results as requesting a MBO?

No, Tom, and I’ll explain why.   A declaration is just that—a demand for some action.  This is more of the Law of attraction, and not cocreating with spirit and taking into consideration whether it is good for you and for all those in the demand.  It’s saying, “Do this no matter the consequences.”


Alan writes:  Good morning Tom and spiritual family; I was wondering about the   Electrical TowerTransmission towers.  Is it possibly for people who are living close to these powerful electrical devices to put up a barrier of light around these devices, in the form of a spiritual vortex or just surround them in a white or golden blanket of Love and Light with very strong intent.  Also a M.B.P, or B.P. that they and all who are affected live in good health. Thank you for your contribution to all of us. Love and Blessings.

Theo, can you surround electrical towers in white light and say BP’s for everyone’s safety, and I will Add must one do this everyday if this is possible?

Good question Tom and from your reader.  Yes, it is certainly possible to surround the electrical towers let’s say near one’s house Tom, but yes, this must be an ongoing proposition, as doing it once is not sufficient.  This does require diligence that most people will eventually do less and less, as they do not see results from their efforts.  But it does work. 

Regarding everyone’s safety, keep in mind that soul contracts and free choice is at play here, so those who live near these electrical towers did make a choice, whether guided by their own GA’s or through free choice when we were whispering in their ears to not buy or rent the house.  So it is an admirable idea, but a difficult one to sustain for a long period of time, unless you make it a habit. 


Transgender SymbolMike writes:  I was wondering if you could please ask Theo his thoughts on why some people (or specifically my daughter) simply do not identify as the sex they were born as.  My daughter has consistently insisted that she is a boy since the age of two.  She will only wear boyish clothes, must have short hair, and is only interested in what are considered traditionally masculine toys.  When she grows up she wants to be a firefighter, policeman, astronaut, and superhero.  She's even expressed sadness at not having "boy parts". 

As parents, my wife and I are supportive of her, but we of course worry about the potential difficulties she'll most likely have to endure due to society's ignorance (and even malice) towards transgendered people.  So of course we're hoping that she'll "grow out of it" as she gets older and approaches puberty, but if not I'm assuming this is all part of her (and our) soul plan to experience such a thing.  But why does this happen to some people (other than because "it's in the soul contract")?   Is gender just a broad spectrum, or are some people just one or the other, (or both)?  How should we be looking at this?

Theo, can you explain Mike’s daughter’s seemingly desire to change genders and transgenders in general?

Yes, in her case Tom, she does have this desire, as she feels much more male than female.  She may not grow out of this desire, and luckily (not really luck you understand) she has a loving family that accepts her just the way she is.  Transgenders generally are that way as a soul contract choice to experience this in at least one life.  It is not just because they came into this life too soon, as you understand there is no time on our side; so to equate coming into or being reborn again too quickly is not correct.


CellsRandy writes:  I do have a question about crystalline-based cells that we are suppose to convert to by Dec 21, 2012.  How will the switch affect the medical field and everything else since related to carbon based cells have been the norm?  Was all that research and technology invented in the past, such as carbon dating, done for nothing since crystalline-based cells would be a totally different technology?  It seems to me like the scientific world will go through a quite confusing time after the shift to crystalline-based cells?

Theo, how will the medical field handle our switch to crystalline cells?

Yes, this will take some adjustment on their part Tom, as they study the molecular makeup of the human body.  But this will be a slow process, as they discover and then must react to these changes.  There will be new discoveries on treating the human body for a host of diseases and problems.


David writes:  Tom, a friend of mine has written the following piece about  ImmolationTibet. It seems that this peaceful people, specifically the Buddhist monks are attracting a great deal of violent behavior from the Chinese government. Could you perhaps request from Theo or one of your Spiritual guides what is going on here and why this is happening? It seems to violate the law of attraction.

Theo, what are the soul contracts involved with the monks and nuns in Tibet self-immolating to protest Chinese rule?

Yes, their religion Tom allows for this sort of protest, and it falls under the category, from our perspective, of suicide and giving ones life for a cause.  They have not discovered yet the power of collective prayer.  This will pass from the scene as we enter the fifth focus and much more is learned and accomplished in a more gentle focus. 


Sirius A & Sirius BA question arose Antura regarding what happens on your motherships regarding what temperature you keep the common meeting rooms where there are beings from very hot planets and those from very cold planets mixing together?

Yes, it is not so hard Tom.  Almost everyone wears certain clothing we will call it that automatically adjusts their temperatures, even when the air seems colder or hotter.  These suits we wear can be set for any temperature and even humidity and other such things to keep the person at their desired comfort level. 

And yes, you will wear these suits when you visit the mother ship Tom.  This is an obvious reason for the uniformity shall we say rather than for everyone on the ship to appear the same. 

Do dogs and cats come from the Sirius A star system?

Quite so Tom.  They just do not look the same as they do on earth. 

How many planets in the Sirius A system, since this is such a large sun?

Yes Tom, but being large it did capture a number of planets, which encircle her.  So a figure of over 25 planets would be close Tom.  And almost all of these planets are inhabited by sentient beings. 

I guess I thought that since it was so large it would be difficult for life to exist on planets encircling her.

Yes, I can see where you would assume that, but it is not the case.  The beings that live on these planets have learned to adapt over the years. 


Heart AttackMichael on Facebook writes:  I have a question that addresses our abilities as creators. Looking through my family’s genealogy I find that the majority of those reaching adulthood died as a result of some form of heart disease. I believe heart disease is the number one killer overall in the US. I am wondering what percentage of heart disease deaths were due to soul contracts, perhaps utilizing terrible genetics, and what percentage were as the result of individual and personal choices, maybe being an emotional creation of the state of our well beings. A 'Broken Heart' comes to mind. I do believe we are responsible for creating our own carrots-on-the-stick that drives us forward. Guess I am wondering in what part heart disease is caused by a lack of belief, a lack of hope, a lack of joy. An abstract question to be sure.

Theo, can we separate heart deaths into different categories—genetics, free choice living, etc?

Not in the way your reader asked Tom.  Having a death caused by a heart problem is just a device used by your souls to exit the earth plane.  It is also related to balancing, as you found out when you had congestive heart failure, which balanced a life where you took other’s lives during battle.  So to try and categorize these is not really accurate.  Perhaps a template would be a better description.  The template would be “heart” problems.  So the answer lies more with the soul, than actions taken during a life. 


MicrowaveDoreen writes:  There is a lot of controversy about microwaves.  Some people say they are safe; some won't even have them in their homes.  Could you ask Theo (or whoever is appropriate) whether there is any truth to this, or should we really not be using them?  Thanks so much.

Theo, any problems in using microwaves?

Only in prolonged use standing next to them Tom.  Yes there is EMF radiation given off, but the exposure would need to be prolonged, and most people pop something into the microwave and then do other tasks while the microwave does it’s job.  It is still better to heat food conventionally and not with a microwave, but the devices themselves have improved on their emissions over time.


Moon Colleen writes:  Question:  Have you noticed how much movement there is in where the moon is from time to time, almost day to day???   I have asked several-- no one seems to know??

Gaia, any reason the moon would seem to be in different positions?  Think this has been reported before.

Absolutely no reason Tom other than atmospheric conditions that can bounce light to seemingly a different portion of the sky.  The moon is not moving in its position. It is simply the person’s viewpoint.  That’s a little difficult to explain in layman’s terms Tom, but I assure you the laws of physics still apply and you are not wavering between focuses or anything like that.


Most of you know that I was told there would be a strong earthquake and tsunami for Japan shortly after the first of the year.  Naturally it has not happened yet, and nor has the X-Class CME from the Sun, although there have been several M-Class CME’s.  I think the X-Class will occur before the earthquake. 

In the meantime, last September I was given a prediction for September 25 of a strong earthquake off of Sumatra.  It did not happen until this week, when they had a 7.3 earthquake, one of the strongest there since the giant one they had on December 26, 2004.  I really am going to have to ask if I am given information that is off the actual date because people would not experience the event that are supposed to if I was accurate every time.  So stay tuned.  


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