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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

December 10, 2016

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Army Corps blocks Dakota Access pipeline route: Click here.
Gaia, what is the probability now of the pipeline being rerouted around the Indian reservation?

It is a higher probability now, Tom, thanks to your efforts and all those North Dakota Pipeline Protest Campwho said a Benevolent Prayer. As we have said before, you are very powerful together. Now the probability would be around 70%. You understand that still leaves the probability that the pipeline company will fill the pockets of those in Congress in order to grease the wheels, but it becomes much more problematic as the people who are out in the winter camping plan on staying just in case.

This will become a black eye for the new administration if they reject the Obama Administration’s blocking of the pipeline. This will not be settled until sometime in the spring. May I suggest again that you and your followers say another BP that the stoppage order is not lifted?

Here is the Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say out loud:

“I ask any and all beings to assist in making the stoppage order of the North Dakota pipeline permanent in the most benevolent way possible, thank you!”
In last week’s newsletter I had questions about different frequencies. I suggest reading that question again first. Click here
Gaia, are some mentally ill people tuning into the frequencies we previously spoken about and hear conversations?

Exactly, Tom. They are trapped in hearing one of the many frequencies Hearing Voicesthat your Pineal Gland is able to receive.
I would assume that in the future, and I would hope this would be sooner than later, the scientists will identify the source of these frequencies and will find a way to move these people away from these frequencies?

Quite so, Tom.
Would one treatment be to raise or inject a tone that would be higher or lower?

That will be a partial treatment, Tom, just not the end result. You are also thinking of light treatment with different colors, and that will be tried, but the best method of treating people with this frequency problem will be found almost accidentally and will involve sound waves. At first it will be temporary and then they will discover how to make the treatment permanent.
Raymond writes from Arlington, Texas:
When I think of frequencies, I think of radio signals such as 528Hz or something from your local radio station. Are these the same frequencies that Theo was suggesting? Or, are there frequencies generated from other sources that we are not aware of? It seems that research on radio signals would be exhausted. Hands on earsHow much more could we learn if all you have to do is turn a radio dial or adjust a frequency generator to get a new result? Are there frequencies generated by inanimate objects, interdimensional beings, or from space, that we have not learned about? Or was Theo referring to frequencies generated by our bodies, specifically our brain and mind?
Theo said there are so many frequency levels in general, which people have not explored or have knowledge about, that can be tapped into in the future
What would the frequencies do for us? Will they heal us, carry us to the astral planes, different planets or new Halls of Learning? If we were able to determine a frequency to carry us somewhere specific, would that same frequency work for us every time and for everyone that tried it? Are frequencies astral addresses like a personal home address?

Keep in mind, everyone, that I do not have a scientific background. My major in college was Finance, so there are many questions that I know will be asked in the future by people who do have a scientific background.
Gaia, where or how are frequencies generated, or do they just exist?

Tom, there are hundreds of frequencies you have yet to identify, as one Frequency Meterday your equipment and instruments will be looked at as archaic. You have come a long way in a short amount of time, but there is so much more to discover and learn in the next few hundred years, and that includes learning about these different frequencies. You will discover more frequencies in just this coming hundred years of time.

Even as you discover how to cure those people previously described as mentally ill that are trapped into tuning into one or more of these frequencies, you will still not completely understand how you did it. That will require much, much more study.

Can these frequencies be used for healing?

Yes, there are some frequencies that can be used to heal, and there are some frequencies that are, shall we say, dangerous. You will proceed with caution, and it will be a great learning experience for those who wish to study such things.
Gaia, what is J.K. Rowling tuning into when she writes of wizards in her Harry Potter series and other books?

Yes, and you might add, why are so many people enchanted by these Harry Potterstories? There are worlds—planets—where the whole society uses magic extensively. They are in tune with their environment and are able to create what they imagine.

Ms. Rowling originally came from this planet to take part in the Earth Experiment. She wanted to experience, as all of you, fast tracking the raising of her vibrational level, along with seeing how things work on a third dimensional level, as on her planet they are at a higher level that allows them to create immediately what they imagine. This is a very benevolent society that the Explorer Race will meet in the future.

Are they part of the Federation?

No, they are not, but are on friendly terms with the Federation. Keep in mind that this Earth Experiment attracted souls from both those planets in the Federation and others. You have been previously told that the Reptilians have provided approximately 10% of the soul fragments having lives on Earth. They are not the only ones that are not members.
Larry writes:
My question concerns the dirty tricks perpetrated by Hillary Clinton. Could you please ask Gaia to explain further the dirty tricks mentioned in the newsletter? What is Gaia referring to? Was Trump involved in dirty tricks? I have to feel that judging from what I've heard and seen, Trump has led a much "dirtier" life. So, who will have to do the most balancing in their future lives after they transition?
Gaia, would you say that Bill, Hillary and Donald Trump will have an Donald and Hillaryqequal number of balancing lives in the future, or will one have more than the others?

Good question, Tom. Yes, all three will have about the same number of balancing lives. Each will be different according to the actions taken in this life. All three will carry over to other lives as these are all learning experiences for their souls. They will not have to have the number of balancing lives leaders such as Assad will have to have to balance his actions, along with a few other leaders from the 20th and 21st centuries. Those three you mentioned are certainly not in the category of leaders who order the killing of thousands of innocent people.
Charlie writes:
1. How many women has Bill Clinton raped over the years?  2. Yoko Ono has said that she had an affair with Hillary Clinton in the 1970s. It's long been speculated that Hillary is indeed a lesbian. Can you ask your guides to explain Hillary's gay sexuality?
3. You received that Donald Trump was not a pedophile. But in another newsletter you received that he had slept with an underage girl. Since the definition of a pedophile is somebody who is attracted to children under the age of 12/13, how many females aged between 13-17 has Trump slept with?

Gaia, how many women, if any, did Bill Clinton rape?Bill Clinton taking oath of office

We do not wish to get into specifics at this time, Tom. All it would do would be to cause more animosity, and he is doing good work that will offset some of his previous actions. The same could be said for all three again. Sex and power, you could say, go hand in hand.
I’m also asked if Hillary is bi-sexual?

We can say that she is not.
And I’m asked if Bill had sex with just one girl under 18?

Again, we can say this is true.
Wei writes:
What's the highest probability for Mrs. Clinton's future in this lifetime and her future lifetimes? Will she return and run for the President of United States again in another lifetime in the future? And when will the US have the first female president?
Gaia, what is the highest probability for Mrs. Clinton in this life, and what is the probability for her returning in the future to be the leader of the USA or another world leader?

Yes, the highest probability in this life is that she will immerse herself in Hillary Clintonprograms to aid women not just in the United States but all over the world. This will be a significant contribution on her part to women’s equality. She will return again in another life and will be a world leader. There are hundreds of years in your future and having a woman lead the United States will come about, although Mrs. Clinton will not be the first woman to break the “glass barrier,” as it has been called. A dynamic woman will appear on the governmental stage, we will say, that will be a dynamic leader, without the baggage Mrs. Clinton has borne.
As you read above, all three of these people are on their soul contracts, so let’s keep the questions to new developments.
May I remind you that if you want a benevolent government, we have the power, through these Benevolent Prayers (BPs) to affect and guide, as they are very powerful! 
So say OUT LOUD: 
“I ask any and all beings to guide and assist Mr. Trump, his Administration, and Congress to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of the United States and all the citizens of the world, thank you!” 
Fran in Australia writes:
Thank you, I have enjoyed your newsletters very much.
It has come to my notice recently that some women cannot wait for their baby to be born and request their doctors to induce them early - can be Induced Labortwo or three weeks, sometimes the doctors agree to do that. If the doctors refuse, they try to induce the baby themselves sometimes. Could you please ask Theo does this practice have repercussions to the baby’s or the Soul's blueprint in this being's future? Also, can the baby have emotional trauma from this occurrence?
(When I asked this question, I have received a 'No'! However, I believe that this answer could reflect the Collective Conscious' answer. Perhaps it's because people have the belief that, 'Everything happens for a reason', or 'There is no right and there is no wrong unless one believes it to be'. However, we are talking about the beliefs of a mother visited on the child then! Could you please ask Theo? Do Theo's answers reflect the truth in the Collective Conscious, Your Truth or what is actually real or the 'what Is' about a fact? Is it even possible for a fact to be what really IS for everybody?

Gaia, why do some women want to induce labor, and are there repercussions on a soul level?

There are no repercussions on a soul level, Tom. This is taken into Mother and babyaccount that the mother will wish to induce labor. Why, you ask? It stems in many cases to a past life where the mother died during childbirth. They have a fear of it and it translates to them not wanting to go farther, as they recall on a subconscious level having died in childbirth. With this in mind, their GAs and guides make sure the baby is born on the right date and time, even with all the other factors.
Gaia, do Theo’s answers and yours reflect the Collective Conscious, my truths, or what is real about a subject?

You are always dealing with a Collective Conscious when you communicate on a soul level. We are always connected to each other, and that includes all on this dimensional level. That does not mean we are not individual souls with our chosen areas of expertise, but that we do have the advantage of this beautiful connectivity. Yes, you could use the phrase “one for all and all for one,” which has a layered meaning.
When you ask these questions, we are able to pull in the information from thousands, if not millions, and yes, billions of souls. You were told long ago, Tom, that these answers are filtered by your education, spiritual beliefs, and so on. That is for every human that asks us questions.

You and a few others do your very best to stay as neutral as possible, Life, Hope and Truthso your answers will be closer to the truth as we can give you, based on all these factors. As we have also told you in the past, the information you receive will be studied for a very long time, and even the answers you receive incorrectly will cause people to think and discuss and ponder. This material will act as a stepping stone for many to come in future times.

Mike in the UK writes:
Will England ever have a White Christmas?
For a country that has the reputation for the weather always being "cold," it actually never ever snows at Christmas time in the England. Obviously there have been White Christmases in decades past in the UK. And Scotland and some parts in the North of England get some snow in December. But it doesn't snow here at Christmas.
Can you ask Gaia why she doesn't bring beautiful heavy snow to England at Christmas time here?

Gaia, what is the probability of England having a white Christmas in the White Christmas in Englandnext five years?

Rather low at this time, Tom, although they will have plenty of rain. But had you asked me farther out, the answer would be a definitive yes, since the conditions in the northern part of the USA and southern Canada experiencing the mini-ice age will also result in colder winds blowing across the Atlantic; so then they will have more snow than at times they can handle. Therefore, the saying of “watch out what you wish for” will have a greater meaning during that time period.
Then this would be in that 10-year time period?

Exactly. Where the snow will not melt in the spring and summer in the western Great Lakes region we have identified before, farther to the east in North America and across the Atlantic to England and Europe, they will have more winter weather in the future. It will be a great learning period for your meteorologists.
For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” and was introduced to me by Theo back in 2008. Where my soul interest is religions, our soul imbued him with a soul interest in explorations. In First Contactthis life, he is an amphibian having a life back on our water world home planet in the Sirius B Star System as a member of a “first contact team.” His specialty is “grassroots” contacts. I have a whole chapter on his visits to a desert planet in this universe and his visit to the universe next to ours that we are able to see in our night sky. We all think it is part of our universe. Read much more in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions this week.
When I contact Theo, I typically say, “Theo, are you on my shoulder?” and he responds,
“I’m right by your side with your guides, Tom.” When I ask to speak to Antura, he typically responds, “In the wings, Tom,” as if he is waiting off-stage. So I asked about this.
Antura, I notice that when I speak to Gaia, Theo and now you, each has a little different way of announcing themselves. Is this to assist me in identifying each of you, since there is no difference in these “thought packets” I receive?

That is correct, Tom. The information you receive telepathically all Abe Sapien of Hellboy Moviessound the same in your mind. Therefore, there are little “tricks of the trade,” shall we call them, to let you know of a different presence communicating with you. We all knew you were noticing this and would eventually ask this question. So I am confirming that each has our own signature, if you will. If you were channeling and wished to allow an audience to listen or ask questions of each of us, then we would verbally, and sometimes with physical gestures and facial expressions let your audience know who is speaking at that moment.
Antura, how many universal days will it be before you depart for Earth?

More than you thought it might be, as keep in mind we do not work as fast as humans do. So, to answer your question, it will be around 30 universal days.
Am I receiving this correctly as that would be 300 earth days?

Yes, it can be a little shorter, but not too much. Bear in mind it is the Pleiadians that will be the first to appear on the scene and eventually make their public appearance on Earth. This will not happen overnight, as first there has to be Disclosure by the Russians, and then the Zetas plan to make an appearance. Therefore, 300 Earth days, although seemingly long, are not in our time schedule. Once we are on station, don’t forget that the other time lines above yours (using your terminology) will be brought to our ship first. Yes, we will manipulate the time so that each would seem to arrive at the same time, using Earth time, but it will not be for us.
You have much preparation to do in the coming months and you will be kept informed of developments as they occur.
How will you inform me it is almost time to go?ET Spaceship

We will make it extremely clear, Tom, at that time. I can assure you there will be no doubt. I will not spoil the fun of the notice.
Antura, scientists have recently discovered four new elements. Are any of those four, or ones already discovered, ones that we do not yet know we will need for space travel, or are there still elements we have not yet discovered?

Good question, Tom, as Gaia would say. Yes, there are more elements to discover, but one already known about will provide the key to future Alien Interview bookspace travel. Naturally, I cannot say which one. Your scientists have to identify this, although they will be given some hints as you were told long ago when we said that we would strongly suggest to keep a certain element or substance and not trade it away as it will be needed.
Fortune writes:
l wonder which beings channeled this information contained in the Alien Interview book and what their intention was; are they at war with others?
Antura, what beings channeled the book about the Roswell crash and are they at war with others?

Not now they are not, Tom. They are from a Federation world and therefore any disputes are handled by the Federation, somewhat similar to your mediators on Earth.
Every so often I’m asked if MBOs and BPs have to be said out loud. I've been told over and over again that they work best if said out loud. Obviously, if you are by yourself, no problem. With other people, you MBOcan turn your head away and whisper, or just say it like you would any sentence, and if you wish you can always leave the "thank you" off--your own Guardian Angel will understand.
Just as an example, if you and a couple of friends are about to go to a restaurant (or mall, etc.) you could say,
"Well I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding a parking place close to the entrance, as finding a parking place there can be hard." That sounds like a sentence said in normal circumstances. Once you see the results, you'll feel more and more comfortable.
If you have a speech problem, then you can write it.

This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Helen in Brisbane, Australia, writes:
Since I've been requesting MBOs in Australia Residency Visathe past few weeks, a few results have occurred. I asked that my son's partner have her residency visa facilitated to allow her to remain in the county and be relieved of the high cost of completing courses for a study visa. With the recent publication of the new jobs list from the Dept. of Immigration, she now qualifies to remain in Australia, pursue her studies and get her qualification that will facilitate her residency for a fraction of the cost she was originally facing. It is a huge relief to us all and it came about very effortlessly. A great thank you to all angels facilitating!!
Secondly, with the increase in making requests,
I've noticed my intuition is getting stronger - the small voice of the Higher Self perhaps getting through more easily, plus quotes from your books are having a great impact on my peace of mind and general understanding of life's direction at this point in time.
Lee writes:
I have an MBO for you. My job was closing, for reasons I Office Meetingwon't get into, and I needed a new place to work. I said an MBO for the best place, area, wages, etc., and let it go. My boss ended up finding a place where all of our employee group, five of us, could work together and it was right around the corner from the old place! Perfect for our client base to get to and a nice, quiet area with much better parking and we are all happy with the arrangement.
Paul writes:
I saw a reference to A Wolf called Romeo somewhere on your Facebook page, but I have not read your thoughts about his, as yet.
At present, I am overwhelmed by this story and have cancelled the Nick Jans and Romeo the Wolfpurchase of a hunting rifle and sold a 22 caliber rifle, as I cannot in good conscious own the type rifle used to kill Romeo.
Has this spirit reincarnated, and/or will Nick Jans ever be reunited with this spirit?
I have on-going MBO requests that this occur.
I received his book, A Wolf called Romeo, and now there are revengeful, dark forces all over me. Any reflection on Romeo you might provide to me will go a long way in providing closure for me.

Video about Romeo: Click here.
Gaia, has the soul fragment of Romeo the Wolf incarnated, and will it be united with Nick Jans?

Yes, those two will be together again, as the group soul will ensure it. I will not give away how this will happen, but love attracts.
Larry writes from Central Florida:
I live in Orlando, Florida. I know Gaia is raising the level of the oceans, (ok, so that was actually from last week's newsletter). Living on a peninsula, that kind of concerns me. Orlando is in the center of the state, so it would take a significant change to reach me. Would you please ask Gaia if Central Florida is in Flooding in Floridadanger due to the rising sea levels, and if so, when?

[Larry continues]"I ask any and all beings to direct healing white light to Gaia's center, to heal our planet and help her to recover from the abuse that mankind has given her. And may the results be better than we could hope for or expect! Thank you!"
Gaia, I’m asked how will rising ocean levels affect Central Florida?

Yes, we have touched on this before. The hurricanes will not only have storm surges on the coasts, but will bring wide spread flooding to the central part of that peninsula. It will not go completely under water, but they will experience more flooding in the future.
Angela writes:
Dipping into the area of quantum physics. If you have something like a tumor or diseased part of you removed from your body, and you then make attempts at healing your body via holistic Disposal Devicemeans, and perhaps feel/sense improvements within yourself, might you also expect to see improvement in the diseased tissue, if it was stored and available for testing? The diseased tissue is still energetically a part of you, so does it follow that as your body may heal, previously removed tissues might heal also?
Theo, would a diseased tissue or tumor removed from the body feel a holistic healing to the whole body?

There would be or could be a connection, but most diseased tissues and tumors are disposed of in incinerators. They are not normally kept on someone’s mantle or in a surgeon’s office on display.
Emily writes from the UK:
I was intrigued, as I'm sure many others of your readers were, that Michael Jackson is incarnated now.
Naturally, here are my questions: Is Michael Jackson male or female in Michael Jacksonthis life? How old is he/she? Will this be a famous life for him/her? What race is he/she in this life? Is his/her life today singing and dancing again or another performing art? Why has he come back so soon?

As you will read, Theo is protecting the identity of the new incarnation.
Theo, how old is the new incarnation of Michael Jackson?

He or she is quite young. We do not wish to give much information, as this life will be one of balancing, along with a normal life with a soul contract.
Will this person be in the performing arts again?

Quite so, just not the notoriety Mr. Jackson had in this life, which was a significant one in our terms.
Why did the soul fragment of Jackson incarnate so soon?

Mr. Jackson’s soul felt much could be accomplished in this time period and would be a simple answer to a very complicated subject. As we have said before, a soul may incarnate at any point in history for learning purposes, and the other soul groups his soul fragment works with are all incarnating or have already at this time.


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