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November 2, 2019

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomeelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your vibrational level.


I was estimating the other day how many questions I’ve asked since I began in 2005. My best estimate was somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 questions. As a reminder, all my newsletters, since I started them in 2007, are archived on my The Gentle Waywebsite in the Articles and News section at

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Many of your questions are taking about three weeks to respond to. If you are over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Siddharth writes from India: MBOs

1. Is the MBO modality useful only on Earth and not for ET worlds, since humans on Earth are veiled and this modality helps co-create with spirit, which MBOwe are not aware of due to veil?

2. How does asking MBOs connect with positive and negative energy (since Earth is the only place where there is success working with negative energies)?

3. Why are we veiled? Since we are the only place where we have been working with negative energies, why have we made it even more challenging by being veiled as well? Or was it a necessity to work with veil to be able to have a hope of working with negative energies?


1. There is a method of meditation where you try to concentrate on an object for example breath. Does this help raise vibrations and why?

2. How is raising vibrations related to positive and negative energy? I believe we Meditation
have tried to work with negative energies and, hence, our vibrations grew faster. Why is that?

3. Why does everything have to balance? Is this true for ET worlds as well? How is balancing related to negative and positive energies?

Gaia, are MBOs only useful on Earth and not on other planets?

Quite so, Tom, as you are the only race or species of beings who have been veiled from knowing about your true self. No one else is veiled as you are.

How does requesting MBOs help you connect with positive and negative Earth in Space Time Continuumenergies?

Not so much as connect with them Tom, as to work within the negative energies—something never done before by any other race.

Why did we make it more challenging by being veiled?

Your souls needed to learn how to make decisions without the benefit of past life knowledge. By making literally billions of decisions every day, your souls are learning valuable knowledge that will be needed when you become a creator yourselves (when you merge together) and are required to make billions of decisions with no assistance. There was only one way to do it and that was to veil or cut you off from knowing how you might have handled the same or a similar situation in the past.

Does meditation, concentrating on one thing like breath, raise our vibrational level?

Yes, in a way it does. You learn to quieten your mind—yes, sometimes called the monkey mind—that chattering—and when you do that it makes it easier for us to contact you. Still, requesting MBOs does this so much faster. Again, we return to the statement made many times, the human voice is much more powerful than your scientists have been able to determine.

How is raising vibrational levels related to positive and negative energies?

It can only be done through the introduction of negative energies.

Yet, it is my understanding that people raised their vibrational levels over a long Balancingperiod of time.

Yes, but they reached an impasse and could not raise their vibrational levels any higher. Yes, there are a number of souls that raised their vibrational levels, but over eons of time. Remember, you are fast-tracked to raise your vibrational level.

Why does everything have to balance by the time we finish our Earth lives?

You must have the same number of what you would term negative actions as positive ones. You can’t just have only positive lives where we have been calling them good guy lives. Out of love, you must have the same number of lives where you play the bad guy in order to raise everyone’s vibrational level.

Is this true on other worlds too?

No, only on Earth, Tom, where you are the only ones to work with this negative energy.


My wife, Dena, asked this question.Baby

Theo, do we choose our hair color and physical appearances before birth, since sometimes we don’t look like our parents?

Yes, you do have a say on the arrangement of your DNA strands. We have not taken this up before, but it is part of the planning that goes on prior to birth.


Graham writes: Unhappiness

Why do some people feel so unhappy when they look back on their lives, specifically in circumstances where they haven't actually really had it that bad?

Is it past life memories of living better childhoods and lives elsewhere, or is it an Unhappinessoverall feeling of unhappiness that carries through one's life to make them constantly strive for improvement?

A Person not being what you expected!

Whenever we have a correspondence with somebody by letters, email or even have conversations on the telephone and we've never actually met that person, why does our subconscious mind paint a picture in our heads of how we think they look - but in actuality when we finally meet face to face they never resemble the person we thought they'd be and look like? Why don't our Guardian Angels or spirit guides actually paint a more accurate picture?


Everyone has boredom in their lives, but as a person becomes more seasoned over many lives does the boredom eventually change to being wiser with their time and directing their energies towards more productive things, or is that not actually the case; will boredom still follow us even in our more seasoned lives?

Theo, why do some people feel unhappy even in good lives?

That’s an easy one, Tom. They feel, on a subliminal basis, that they should be Boredommaking more progress in their lives. They are dissatisfied. Then when suddenly faced with challenges – in other words they got what they asked for – then they moan and groan about how hard life is. Our advice is, enjoy those times in between challenges.

Why don’t we more correctly picture a person we have never met, but have spoken to, over, let’s say, a phone, or in correspondence?

It’s because we typically interpret a person according to their speech patterns, voice inflections, and how we think they appear from the sound of their voice.

Does boredom follow us in even seasoned lives?

Let me refer you back to the previous statement. Be happy that you are bored at times, as life can be so much more demanding, as you have discovered at times, Tom. Be thankful for the boredom, as you are even learning from the quiet time or repetition in your workplace. There are lessons to be learned, even when you feel boredom. It gives you time to think and to connect with your guides and higher self, and your GAs, Tom. Suddenly then, you have an epiphany, or some great idea will come to you that will send you off in a new direction. You call it creativity. Boredom is good, as it allows us to plant new ideas in your mind.


Now, I wish to speak to the Mermaid representative:

Good Morning, Tom. I am the one you spoke to before.

Thank you, Mermaid, for speaking with me again. Do you have a name?Underwater Kingdom

Helen is close, but not accurate, Tom. I know names are difficult for you. Perhaps I will slip it in as Antura once did.

Mermaid, you are depicted as having a half fish, half human body. Is that accurate, or how would you describe your appearance?

Yes, those depictions are not too accurate, but there are similarities. We are unique beings of the sea. We can live deep in the oceans—yes, we have gills, and are amphibians, as we can live above the ocean for a time, but we do not have two legs as do your people on Nommo, Tom. So that’s where the half human and half fish description comes from.

Do you have two eyes, a nose and a mouth as does the human body?

Yes, and we do have hair.

What do you eat?

You would call it a vegetarian diet. We do not consume our fish brethren. Like those on Nommo, our diets consist of various forms of plant life in the ocean.

Do you have sharp teeth?

No, we have no need for teeth that are used to tear flesh apart.

Do you have one or two sets of gills?

Just one, Tom. Our mouth functions as both.

Is your population over 10,000?Mermaid

Yes, but not too much more. We are small in number. We enjoy our lives, and as I said before, we do not wish to compete for food sources.

It would seem that there are so many plants in the ocean you would never have to compete.

There is a finite amount of food sources in the ocean, as large as it seems, with many places not able to sustain life.

Are you in all the oceans of the world?

No, we tend to gravitate together, but I will refrain from being more specific in order to not bring more attention to us.

Do you have any predators?

Yes, some of the orcas or killer whales as you call them.

When did you come to Earth?

Just a few million years ago. We, like many species, love the oceans and the varied sea life this planet has—more unique in some ways than any other planet.

OK, that’s all I have today. I thank you for answering my questions, and hopefully I can ask more next time.


For my new readers, Antura is an ET, who is also a member of my soul group, introduced to me in 2008 by Theo. Since then, I’ve asked hundreds of questions about him, his family, planet, our universe, his work, and he even went into detail about the real star wars, which happened a long time ago. Check out my First Contactbook, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are a couple of sample chapters, located on my website: Click here. Here are the questions I asked this week.

Daralyn writes: When I was about 7 years old I was walking to school and noticed something strange in the sky. It looked like a black circular area surrounded by stars, like a giant hole. What was it and did it have any purpose for me?

Another time, several decades later, I was at the home I grew up in to get things ready for an estate sale. I had brought along my friend Sarah to show her the property. We went into the pole barn that my father had built, and went up to a loft that was close to the metal roof. We heard some sounds like somebody was stomping on the roof. Sarah said, "It's Jesus!" I answered, "Jesus has heavy feet!" We both got chills when she said that. We scrambled down the ladder and ran out and saw no one on the roof, nor was anyone running away with a ladder. Can you tell me what happened there?

Antura, what was the black hole in the sky Daralyn saw at age 7 and why?

Just part of her education, Tom, to establish a curiosity about ETs and space. The black hole was created by a spaceship that shot through a portal.Black Hole

Why did she hear stomping on her barn roof decades later?

Again, a playful entity from her home planet. Part of having her have a curiosity about things that are unknown.

Karin sent me this link: A Huge UFO Spaceship Causes Closure of China Airports
Click here.

Antura, were the long, tubular UFO and round objects ETs over China, and if so why the lights?

Yes, they were ETs taking readings of all sorts. The lights were part of the gathering process.

Were they from the Federation?

No, but a friendly group from another galaxy, Tom.

Antura, was one of the dogfighters I asked about last week a Draco?Depiction of breakup

Yes, Tom. And yes they are allowed to be here at times and look in on their souls participating in the Earth Experiment.

Isn’t that a little dangerous?

No. There was just that one incident, and it was quickly handled.

Any difference between Dracos and the reptilian race?

No difference, Tom.

Karin also sent me this video of a UFO in Scotland: A luminous orb captured in the swamp region of Scotland in September of this year, 2019.

Would it be a classic probe monitoring the region? Click here.

Antura, was the light orb on the ground on the Scottish moor on 9/20 a drone, or UFO over Chinaa spacecraft?

More a drone, Tom. It was there on the ground to take readings.

It was not inhabited with a pilot or assistants?

No, there was no need.

Antura, does an ET ship coat itself in light when it departs at high speed?

In a way, yes, Tom, but again, this gets into propulsion systems, and this question is considered under that category, so I can’t go too far into an explanation.

But I don’t see any way that will help us figure out your propulsion system. It simply gives us something to think about.

Why does the light appear, Tom? That should be a question to ponder.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way! You can now sign up to receive notification of the Blog, along with a link.

I'll call her June writes: While on vacation we stayed at a casino while visiting friends and family.

The first evening I quickly lost 40 dollars, and headed to our room.Slot Machine

The next morning I took what I thought I could afford--$200--from my account. I just play penny slots. I quickly lost $100.

I took a little break and said
“I’m requesting a Most Benevolent Outcome, with the assistance of any and all beings, for assistance in winning some money that will help pay for my trip, and may the results be better than I could wish for or hope for. Thank you!”

A family member wanted to sit down, so we sat at a double person slot machine and I put a hundred dollar bill in the machine... and won $942. The MBO worked!

A little later I tried to put $50 in a machine - tried the different slot - after trying 6 times to get the machine to take the bill, I finally realized my angels were not going to waste $50!

I know this is sounding pretty crazy and unbelievable. It’s true!


Peter in Nevada writes: I go to garage sales for fun on Saturdays. I have added doing MBOs for them. The deals that are showing up are phenomenal. Right now, I’m helping a friend set up a bed and breakfast. He’s in a part of his state where garage sales aren’t that good. All of his friends are helping him too. His friends redid the flooring in the house, and did a lot of other repairs. I get him stuff when I can. My rule is that whatever I send him, plus cost of shipping, must be 40% or less of the cost new. And I’m doing well with this. I’ve found a complete set of barbecue tools, sleeping bags, sheets, pillowcases, and so on.

One store I go to has these special deals that let me get flannel sheets [he’s in a Garage Salenorthern state] at a major discount. He tells me what he needs, and I find it, sooner or later. His wife is Mexican, so I find stuff from Mexico that she enjoys. He wanted a particular kind of pants not easily found, I can’t find them locally, but I found them for cheap in the Sportsman’s Guide catalog, just what he needed. I go to thrift stores, for bedding, for him. He only wants 100% cotton. And I have found some phenomenal deals, like, new sheets for $2, recently.

I think the best thing I found was a Vitamix -the stainless steel one- I found one Vitamixin perfect condition for $20 at a garage sale in Tennessee. It was made in the 80s, I think, and they ran about $250 then. Vitamix will recondition their blenders, by the way, for about $70, even if you aren’t registered as the owner; what other appliance maker does that anymore?
My Vitamix, after 20 years of hard, daily use, had a problem -it was well out of warranty- of course I said an MBO- and they not only fixed it for free, they paid the shipping both ways.

My brother found him a Champion Juicer -used once- for $50; they are about $250 new. I found my friend an ice cream maker -used once- for $5. Five bucks? Almost new? Yes. He wanted books, for a small library there, nice coffee table books. I went on -hit the larger sales- and he has books for his entire set of bookshelves, really nice stuff. He set up what he calls a Healing Nature Trail, to help people deal with their traumas, based on Japanese, and Veteran’s Admin hospital models. They call it Forest Breathing in Japanese; it’s very popular there. I sent him ideas for that, including books on Japanese gardens that I got very cheaply. He has a labyrinth to walk with wildflowers-I sent him books on labyrinths that I got cheap. He has the first aquarinth in the country -this is a labyrinth that you do in a canoe. There are other such places in the country, heck there’s one in my area.


Gaia had told me before, that there are 25 or more societies living in the interior of the Earth. But I was unaware that all of the billions of plants and trees on Earth have been taken care of by different types of faeries. I started asking questions about them several weeks ago. At first, I did not know who I was speaking with, but discovered is was the king of the faerie world, King Finvarra. He seems to feel it is important that all of you know more about their world, so here are additional questions that were sent to me to ask.

(10/22/19) These question were asked by Matt and Harrrie.

King Finvarra, does time pass more slowly in the Faeries realm?Faeries

Good question by your reader, Tom. No, we typically work with your same cycles because we work with the plants and other flora. If time speeds up for you, and it does, then time speeds up equally for us. Your reader is referring to our long lives, and for us, we do not have the stress that you do in your lives. Nor do we have the resulting health problems you have for your Experiment.

Can humans visit the Faerie realm?

No, it was agreed early on that we needed protection from the many humans that would eventually live on Earth. And keep in mind that you are veiled, so many of you still are unaware of our presence.

So, a few humans have visited though.

True, but those were special circumstances.

Have humans ever lived together with you?Faerie House

More that we live with you, but with you not being aware.

So, no one has ever been man and wife?


Have any humans had the ability to see faeries?

Yes, it is sometimes out of the corner of your eye.

What is the best way to let faeries know that is a gift from us?

Request an MBO that their gift is for us.

Do faeries make ripples in the air two to five feet off the ground?

Yes, your reader has a sharp eyes as that is exactly what can occur if there are a King Finvarra depictionnumber of us about.

(10/26/19) King Finvarra, do you look human, or how different?

Yes, I knew we would touch on this subject. Yes, most of my appearance would be based on the appearance of a small human in stature.

Do you wear clothes as you are depicted in some paintings as not wearing any?

Yes, we have clothes beautifully tailored for my position.

So you have tailors. Do they have your appearance?

No, different, but still in the humanoid range.

Do you procreate as humans do?

Yes, our clan does, but there are many different types of faeries.

Was there ever a Snow White?

No, a beautiful children’s story, written to introduce children to one of the other Seven Dwarfsclans.

Are all of them what we would consider dwarfs?

Smaller than that. You are fading, Tom, so let’s take that up next time.

(10/29/19) Michael writes: In Thailand, they put out what look like doll houses, that are “spirit houses,” before construction, and near any house, so that the spirits won’t be upset by the construction. They also tend to put out food for the spirits. Is this imaginary, or real? Is there an actual effect? I ask, because when my father was working construction, the Americans didn’t believe it and had all kinds of problems, odd strata, breakdowns, and so on. When they put up the spirit houses, with the idea that maybe the natives knew something, the problems stopped.

King Finvarra, are the “spirit houses” put up in Thailand actually used by faeries?

Quite so, Tom. There is a general recognition that we are there. They just perceive us as spirits, and not actual beings. We make use of these dwellings, and Thailand Spirit Housegreatly appreciate the efforts made on our behalf, no matter what they may call us. We send our love to all those who participate in creating and setting up these tiny dwellings.

Last time, we touched on the smaller version dwarfs, or tiny people mentioned in conjunction with the Snow White story. Am I to understand that these are not another version of Leprechauns?

Quite correct. These tiny people are quite industrious, and they do have both males and females.

Do they have large numbers?

No, this would be considered one of our tiniest clans. Their group soul only looks after a few hundred of these people.

Do they live in groups as was portrayed in the story?

Yes, small enclaves, you could call them.

One thing that the faerie world seems to have is an abundance of variety.

That’s quite true, Tom. You are still only at the beginning of understanding not only the numbers of different faeries, but what work they do with plants and trees.

King Finvarra is giving me some hints on what to ask in the future.


Severine writes: More on Greta Thunberg
Greta at the UN: Click here.
Greta Sues 5 Countries: Click here.

Theo said that she is benevolent and will do more in the future. I trust Theo, but I dislike her negative rhetoric (i.e., “you have destroyed children’s futures and dreams”). She also sued some European countries due to pollution; while we do Greta Thunberghave to do better we are not as bad as our Chinese or US friends in that department (with due respect).

Will she and her team behind this become more objective in the future?

Questions about Swami Vishwananda

Click here.

-What is his soul contract?
-Is he awakened and similar to Dalaï Lama?
-Are his teachings accurate or a belief system?

That’s it for today, more questions are coming soon. How many questions would you prefer in one email? Any preference? Let us know. I think it will help other readers too.

Theo, will Greta and her team become more objective in the future?

She is still quite young, Tom, but as a medium soul she will mature quite fast. She also has her physical limitations to deal with. They are all in a sharp learning curve as to what can be accomplished. That said, more mature decisions will come about, but credit must be given to what she has already accomplished at such an early age.

What about suing the Europeans for pollution?

She is starting in her part of the world, while showing others what they may accomplish in other places such as North America.

What is Swami Vishwananda’s soul contract?Swami Vishwananda

His soul interest is religion, but at the same time he must be brought to task regarding taking advantage of situations. Again, we harken back to reminding everyone, Tom, that you must decide for yourselves if the message you are receiving resonates with you or not.

Is he a young, medium or old soul?

The Swami is towards the end of the last quadrant of a young soul. He still has many lives to go.

Similar to the Dalai Lama?

Not yet, but then he has many lives to go.

So, to ask or verify, he is not yet a medium soul, or did I receive incorrectly?

No, you did not receive incorrectly, Tom.

I prefer one email for one subject or group of questions on a subject. It is easier to put them in different sessions.


George writes: RUMI & SUFI MYSTICS

Rumi was a Sufi mystic and is considered one of the greatest poets of all time; he lived from 1207 to 1273.

1. Was Rumi an Old soul at the point of that life?

2. Was Rumi's soul interest religion or writing?Rumi Quotation

3. Can anybody have a life as a Sufi mystic or is it usually people with the soul interest of religion? Click here.

Gaia, was the Sufi mystic Rumi an old soul in 1207-1273? Did I have a life at that time?

No he was not, Tom. More on the level of a medium soul during his life at that time. And no, you did not.

Was his soul interest writing or religion?

More on the order of religion, but expressing himself in his writing.

Can anyone have a life as a Sufi mystic, or someone with religion as their soul interest?

There you have it, Tom. One can combine to be a Sufi mystic with writing and religion. Most everyone does not have a desire to be a Sufi mystic. This is, after all, an extreme devotion to one’s religion. It would be considered similar to a monk in the Christian religion.


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