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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

March 31, 2018

Tom T. Moore


Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the Welcome Backworld. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.

The Student March on Washington and all across the country went off with no problems. Thanks for the BPs everyone!
I thought I recognized the name Michael Cohen in all the news recently.  I did a search and his name came up in my 1/21/17 Newsletter in the intelligence report compiled by Christopher Steele, the former MI6 operative.  Here is just a short excerpt:
Theo, was the intelligence report less than 45% correct?

Close to that figure, Tom. I knew you would return to this number, so 45% is very close, although you thought it would Christopher Steele former MI6be closer to 49%. Many of these reports are not even as accurate. That is the nature of the beast. Intelligence people understand that these reports are not cut and dried. One must look at other reports from the same source or other sources and see how accurate they have been in the past.
Did the DNC or someone connected to the DNC order the report?

Let’s just say it was a high ranking Democrat and leave it there. If the person who ordered the report would be outed, it would affect their soul contract even more than it has been by leaking the details.
Did Mr. Trump’s representatives Lake and/or Cohen meet with the Russians?

We can confirm one or more meetings did occur with each Michael Cohenrepresentative.
Was that when they were told the Russians had damaging information recording Mr. Trump’s past actions or indiscretions?

That is correct.
Was the report about the Golden Shower correct?

Quite so. It will be brought out in the future is the highest probability now.
To read the complete questions and answers on this topic, Click here.  
ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: ‘Old Lady Who’ wrote:
"A good easy, Atlantisinformative, mind expanding book with information about Atlantis and Lemuria. I am thoroughly enjoying reading this book. Sometimes I use it like a dictionary, looking up answers to my questions. It stretches my boundaries, allowing me to expand my consciousness. Reading this book actually validates some of my dreams. Thank you, Tom T. Moore.”
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Norm writes:
Tom, Please ask Gaia if this is part of her plan to raise the sea levels because this does look like it is doing exactly what she has been saying. Thanks for all you do. Stay healthy!
“Live Science
Greenland Is Literally Cracking Apart and Flooding the World
By Brandon Specktor, Senior Writer | March 15, 2018
If Greenland melts completely, it could result in a global sea-Greenland Ice Meltinglevel rise of about 20 feet (6 meters). According to the Cambridge researchers, a total loss of Greenland's ice is "extremely unlikely in this century" — but even minor increases in sea level could have severe consequences around the world, the authors noted. According to a recent report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), if sea levels rise half a meter (1.6 feet) by 2100, many American coastal cities will experience high-tide flooding "every other day" or more.”

Gaia, will Greenland completely melt one day, and if so when?

Not completely, Tom, but let’s use the figure that over half of Greenland will melt into the sea. This will occur within the next one hundred years, so it will be a slow melting process, and your thinking is correct that it has to do with the moving—the very slow moving—of the magnetic north, in Greenlandcombination with climate change. And yes, for any doubters out there, the climate of Earth is changing.
Why wouldn’t Greenland be affected by Yellowstone as you said winters in the northern part of the USA, and I assume Lower Canada, will have harsher winters?

It will have some effect, Tom, but the majority of the colder winds will be to the south.
Saw a scientific study that showed the oceans of the world had risen 80 mm or a little over 3 inches. What happened to your predicted rise of a much larger amount—over 20 inches?

Tom, I can assure you that the figures I gave you are correct. You just have to look at the destruction caused by the three Nor’easters to see how high the oceans have risen. In the past, those storms could not have generated water that would have been so destructive to the coast line and houses that had been there for decades. This information is not being released. It goes against those that have reasons for this information to be made public.
Raphael writes: What`s the cause and meaning of this amazing aurora?  Click here.

Gaia, what causes the aurora called Steve?

It is just another wave of energy that comes from the sun and in this case combined with certain elements in the atmosphere to create this unique display, Tom. Although unusual, it is not completely rare. It has happened in the past, but was not recorded. It is nothing to be concerned about for anyone who might be the least concerned. Enjoy Steve Northern Lightsthe beauty of the combination of elements.
Connie writes:
Tom, this is a report on the emerald light coming to earth from space. According to Mahala, energy is sent to Earth every Solstice and Equinox, but this year it is much stronger than any other year, and is to last through March and April. The Equinox is March 20. I do not understand astrology very well, so my question to you is: are the green lights a part of the Northern Lights, and if so why the one color?
Gaia, are the green lights that appear every Solstice and Equinox part of the Northern Lights and why so strong this year?

We go back to your question about the Aurora named Steve, Tom. There are elements in space that the Earth is passing through that adds to the colorful display.
Raphael writes:
There`s a basic inconsistency between the channeling of Antura, and Kryon on this subject, which puzzled humanity, and experts from antiquity until today
Antura tells us that sound technology was employed, according to Kryon it was manpower, time, and ingenuity responsible to the cutting of stone and construction.Giza Pyramids
Please have a conference with Antura, Gaia, the original architects, the Akashic record, and Kryon in order to settle once and for all this puzzling question.
We, the world, will thank you all.

Gaia, did I misreceive regarding how the stones at Giza were moved, and what about the cutting of the stones?

Of course man is ingenious in creating ways to overcome problems, Tom. That’s why you are veiled, so that you can come with a “blank slate,” we will call it, in solving problems that either you have encountered before in past lives, or that have never been solved before by anyone. But in this case, you received assistance from your ET uncles and aunts, shall Giza Stones of Pyramidwe say, as these pyramids serve a purpose we have just lightly touched on before. They act as beacons across the universe.
Therefore, they gave those in charge a way to move the stones easily without having to move the stones on logs or other suggested ways. And sound can cut stones too, if used correctly. The builders of these pyramids quickly forgot, or the methods died with them, thanks to the ETs. They bent the rules in order for these pyramids to be built. Yes, humans are ingenious, but using sound was not on the top of the list, just as it is not today. You have not yet discovered the power of sound and its unique uses. You’ll see this video recording, but you were told this and you did receive this information correctly.

Lee writes:
Is Trump really going to get his military parade costing an estimated $30 million, like it is being told in the news? I am just appalled at a waste of money that could be Military Paradebetter spent on our veterans, besides the fact that many, many towns have their own parades on Veterans Day already. Why do we need a military display, thankfully sans tanks, in Washington other than for Trumps ego? Thank you in advance.
Theo, will the USA have a military parade this year, as proposed by President Trump?

Quite so, Tom. Thirty million dollars is a minor amount when you consider the billions that are spent by this government. President Trump loves to put on a show, and his idea is to have pageantry. It also makes him look strong.
For my new readers, my soul group or “cluster” brother (there are eight fragments of our soul) is named Antura. After 800 lives on Earth with a soul interest in exploring (where mine is religions), he’s having a life again as an explorer, but this time as part of a “first contact” Sirian team that goes to emerging worlds in the universe to study and then offer assistance in the future when they reach the stage of space travel.
All those UFOs you hear about are typically scout craft from one of twenty-five or so motherships orbiting the Earth, doing readings, as we are the stars of not only our universe, but all the others. Why you may ask? Because we’re the only First Contact bookones to have learned how to exist with one or more of the four negative energies, where everyone else in our universe (and the billions of others) only work with the ten positive energies.

Antura is orbiting overhead now in a mothership that is three-miles-wide and twenty-stories-tall, and out of necessity is cloaked so that we don’t think we’re being invaded. Many of us have past life memories of the “Grand War,” as Antura calls it, that went on for thousands of years and resulted in billions of beings being incinerated. I go into detail about that in my book,
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions I asked this past week.
Good morning, buddy. Trust you are having fun whizzing around the Earth every so often?

Yes, we are so involved in our duties, Tom, that we don’t really pay attention. When we are not actually working, and Double Suns and Planetkeep in mind that our pace is much slower than yours, we enjoy frequent talks with those from other planets, or we will discuss our work if they are so interested. We have a very cordial group.
Do you find there is still more to learn about the 37 planets represented on your mothership?

Oh yes, to give a comparison it’s like learning more about a country you might not have visited, or if you were there, were not able to stay long enough to know it intimately.
Linda in New York writes:
Every day I ask for a big happy surprise, much like your Expect Great Things mantra. One day it was a Robin which was a needed sign for a long winter, one day it was an interesting ice sculpture on my railing or my dogs doing some funky thing that makes me laugh.
Today I saw three ET ships which was an interesting sight. I typically see them in the morning around 6 am or in the evening. I sent them love and blessings for their work. Lately I have been seeing a huge “star” in the sky that doesn’t fully look like a star in the western sky, and I was UFOwondering if this was your friend’s ship.
Anyway, it was a busy day this AM in the ET world, and thank you as always for the MBOs and BPs.

Antura, is the “star” Linda is seeing an ET ship or perhaps a satellite?

No, it is an ET ship, as she is very observant, Tom. It is not ours but another.
Antura, how large were the sloth creatures you mentioned visiting on the desert planet? Were they small, as I envisioned, or quite large?

Large, but not huge, Tom. You imagined small dog-sized Slothcreatures and they were much larger—say three or four times that size. They were not giants in any sense of the word. If they were too large they would have required more food and water. They are not the size of ancient sloths you have seen pictured.
Zohar writes:
I would like to ask our friends in space a few questions:
1. If Time and Space are only a psychological property and everything that happened and will happen, happens at the same time, would I be able to incarnate in my next experience into an earlier period of Earth’s History?
2. If many parallel Earths exists as real as our own Earth Parallel Earthswhere our other selves have parallel lives with different outcomes on each one of the other Earths, do our brothers and sisters from the Federation of Light visit them as well?
3. Is there a planet in the Proxima Centauri vicinity called by its residents, Meton?
4. Would it be correct to assume that the tiny “alien” skeleton found recently in Chile is actually the skeleton of a Reincarnationfairy that existed on the ancient Lemurian continent?

1. Yes, this happens all the time. It all depends upon what your soul needs for growth.
2. Yes, as was explained in my book, Antura will be visiting with my other selves on the other time lines, along with two other people he’s in contact with.
3. Antura, is there a planet in Proxima Centauri called Meton?

Yes, there is one with that name, Tom, and inhabited.
4. Is the tiny Peruvian skeleton ET, fairy, or early human?

An ET, Tom, not a fairy, although an interesting guess.
Antura, in the past I had imagined the cabins on your mothership being plain and white in appearance, but is that Abe Sapien Hellboy Moviesreally so?

Good question, Tom. No, they can take on any appearance one desires. If you desire to be surrounded by an image from your planet, the ship will happily oblige. You can almost create your own world inside your cabin. They vary so widely, as we have 37 planets represented, that it is difficult to describe, since we have the ability to change the décor, we will call it, each time we enter the cabin. And yes, it might not be images, but different lighting, colors and hues you do not have here on Earth. And yes, sounds can be introduced, so that if someone desires to hear sounds from their planets they can instantly have those available to them. The cabin space is truly your own to do as you wish to feel comfortable.
And as I recall, you have a tank to immerse yourself in, do you not?

Quite correct. I must have water to rejuvenate myself on these long voyages. The ship provides.
Ritu writes:
1. Since Valiant Thor and his friends were Pleiadians and not from Venus, will he or anyone of his friends visit Russia in the upcoming visit? Or will anyone among them visit Earth again?
2. Are there beings living on Venus? What are they like?

Antura, will Valiant Thor be part of the Pleiadian delegation Valiant Thorthat meets with the Russians?

No, his job or mission was finished, Tom. And, for your next question, he will not return when the Pleiadians finally meet with the U.S. officials. He is considering making an appearance in the future, but not at the beginning, as that honor goes to those who have met continuously with the governments as part of their mission.
Has he retired?

Not in the way you mean. He is more involved as a teacher or professor using your nomenclature. He is considered a pioneer in a way, who tried to bring peace much faster to Earth. You just were not ready for that. You can say you had to learn things the hard way.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Christie writes:
I have a question about asking for MBOs.
The last part of the request is to say ”thank you.” I find that if I am asking many requests, or when I become more regular in my requesting, my thank you’s can become assumptive or just an afterthought. This feels like it could beThank You! an important mistake with assumption turning a request into a demand, and an afterthought offering no real gratitude.
Am I right on this? Would you and/or Theo comment further on the role of ‘thank you’ in our MBOs?
Even with the above,
I am continually surprised how beautifully the MBOs have impacted my life. Thank you so much, and I say that with deep sincerity. :)
Christie, when I started requesting MBOs over twenty years ago, I did not say, “Thank you.” I just requested the MBOs, as I was experimenting, not knowing if it would work or not. As I explained in my first
THE GENTLE WAY I book, I had tried numerous modalities, and none of them worked that Perfectwell, including the Law of Attraction. But requesting MBOs worked PERFECTLY!

I was so happy and so appreciative to have finally discovered the perfect modality that I started thanking my Guardian Angel Theo each time I made a request. Theo says to tell everyone that your GAs love you dearly, and will respond to your requests even if you don’t thank them. But if you start requesting a LOT of MBOs as I have, I think you will say, “Thank you,” too!

Aravind writes from Australia:
I was waiting to take a fasting blood test and ECG this morning at the hospital - my number was 33 and I was in a long queue. The last number called was 28. There were other patients as well.Blood Test
Expected at least an hour before I would be called.

So I said this MBO: "Dear Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my number to be called quickly. May the results be better than I can hope for or expect. Thank you, Guardian Angel."
Just after 2-3 mins after this prayer, my number was called instantly bypassing 29, 30, 31, 32.
I still can't believe it!!

Rikki writes from Arizona:
Hi Tom, here's a great MBO outcome you can tell people about!!! Today I have been Phone Bankhaving a recurring monthly payment problem with a company. I have emailed and emailed and called all to no avail --at least 7 days’ worth -- so today I called -- didn't get through again and thought: I called yesterday and got nowhere, I called today -- nada, this is ridiculous.

So I decided to do an MBO and call again -- poof! I hardly even got the words out of my mouth- and poof they answered the phone and fixed the whole problem in less than 5 mins!!! Hurray for MBOs! The trick is to remember to say them!!! LOL -- my 68 year old brain is a little sluggish some days!! LOL I love it – TY, Tom - you are a credit to the world!!
Leon writes:
1) Does mental energy -aka, thinking- classify as negative energy? It's something that accumulates, can be measured, can affect our environment or our health, and can be cleared through nature storms or released through meditation and activities.
2) Is sexual energy unique to Earth and would it classify as Sexual Energypositive energy?
3) Would repression, restriction, conflict, separation and the like be generators of negative energy? Are the resulting emotions considered negative energy or just by-products?
4) Is it the presence of negative energy itself or our compassionate or transmutational response to negative energy that causes us to raise our vibrations?

Theo, is “thinking” negative energy?

Here we get into a discussion that can quickly get out of Thinkinghand, Tom, as your own scientists are not yet aware that the energies you encounter on Earth are not the same elsewhere. You exist in a negative environment, whereas the rest of the universe, and all the other universes, exist within the constraints of the 10 positive energies.
Is sexual energy positive energy and unique to Earth?

It can be either, according to its use.
Would repression, destruction and rebellion, conflict and separation generate negative energy?

They are all byproducts of living in a negative environment. StormThere are some things I am not allowed to go into detail about, as these are questions for scientists to ponder when they progress. But certainly these acts contribute to this energy, which is why Gaia has to have storms and such to dissipate the negative energy that is generated by people—billions of people living on Earth.
Does the mere presence of negative energy cause our vibrational levels to rise or is our compassion or transmutation responsible for that increase?

There you have it, Tom. As we have told you, when you show compassion it allows your vibrational level to rise within the negative environment. As you were told long ago, when the Explorer Race goes to the stars, you will introduce small bits of negative energy to all the other societies you come in contact with and they will then spread it across the universe and beyond. We are talking about a maximum of 2%, and even that small amount is quite concerning to scientists on other planets that may be far ahead of you technologically,  Meditationbut have never had to encounter negative energy in their lives. Even these small amounts will allow for growth in societies that have been “stuck” or remained at the same level for millions of years.
So to return to our “thinking,” does this produce more negative energy?

In a way it does, but again, you are already in a negative environment, so thinking negative thoughts does not allow you to progress.
Gaia, I have noticed how many soul contracts have been affected by the hirings and firings in the Trump Administration. And it does seem there will be more. It seems to me that these soul contracts were set up ages ago and were not just changed when the small probability of Mr.Trump Cabinet Departures Trump being elected took place. Your comments?

Here we get into the very complicated machinations by your souls, Tom. All of these soul contracts, and there are many more on the way, had the potential probability of this path. Had he not been elected, their paths would have obviously been quite different, but as you were told previously, your souls saw that his election would bring about great learning for not only all of these past, present, and future cabinet members, but all of the thousands, and yes, even millions of soul contracts for growth. But it had to be the right set of circumstances and it exposed how much control can be brought to cause the election of one person over another using not only social media, but also now how the harvesting of this data by companies who hacked these Hackersocial media websites contributed to this. President Trump will go down as a President tarnished by not only all these allegations, but there are more to come.
There is much learning here by thousands, and yes, even millions and millions of souls, and more people will become involved in the political process, with many more women running for office. This is very good in the long run for a gentler and more successful way of running government—you’ll see. It does not matter which side of the aisle they are on, women will band together to make progress and that is good for everyone in the world.
So, to summarize, Tom, yes, there was the potential on their soul contracts, but had not the right circumstances occurred, the people whose soul contracts were directly affected would have gotten this experience in future lives, so your souls were pleased that they would benefit from this experience, even if it was just for a few months before they were fired and replaced by the President.

Jen in Montana writes:
Your newest newsletter had a story about Scientology and you know that is one of the subjects that I have asked you about and I just had to share with you and Aravind what I was told by one of my GAs when I asked the question, "Why did Ron do this?" and "Why does Scientology feel both right and wrong?"
I was shown that L. Ron Hubbard was a head, or the lead Atlantisauditor in Atlantis. Scientology actually came out of a life that he lead in Atlantis and that he remembered. I was also there as a High Priestess and my brother was the High Priest. That how it was when I lived there. High Priests were usually brother and sister, twins were preferred, but I don't remember if we were twins, or not.

Ron was our high auditor and we did indeed perform "auditing", but not like in Scientology, where you have to pay people and be in a program, it was much more like spiritual healing. We used crystals, one in each hand and our auditor also held a set of crystals, which would link us to each other. Then healing, or past life memory clearings could happen under the direction of the auditor. Ron was incredibly good at this job, which is why he remembered so much about it when he incarnated in this last life. Even the Xenu myth is partially true, but the person who was the despot went under a different name. So he invented some things to fill the holes in his memory and created Scientology.

Please try really hard not to judge him too harshly. I've already had a "discussion" with him about how he got a lot right, but his greed, like with other spiritual masters, tripped Atlantishim up and he misled so many people. The person who really made Scientology the horror show it is now, though, is current leader, David Miscavige. He is a real monster and has a vicious, savage streak about him. I always picture Joseph Goebbels when I see him.
So there you have it. That's what I was told and it feels true to me. Feel free to share with the other newsletter readers if you think this is of interest. Thanks again to you my dearest brother, Tom. You are a blessing.

Theo, was L. Ron Hubbard an “auditor” either on Poseidia, Aryan, or when the whole Atlantean continent existed?

Your reader was correct, Tom. He was an “auditor” as they were called then and did work on healing.
Did I have a life with him then?

No, but a good guess. They were already established when he came on the scene.
Was this on Poseidia?

Quite so.
Pete writes:
A few months ago you mentioned about a large earthquake that would impact New Zealand.
I thought that this was to occur this month. Any update on New Zealandthat?

Gaia, did I latch onto a low probability again for New Zealand experiencing an earthquake and tsunami? I hereby release myself from any attachment to any probability.

The status is that it is on hold for the time being, Tom. I know you thought you latched onto a low probability, and that is partly correct, but the souls involved in this asked for a temporary hold, so I am holding back. This is temporary and I will not give you a new date just yet. Ask me in three months. And yes, releasing yourself does assist in receiving me correctly without attachments.


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