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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

July 21, 2018

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to Welcomesubscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions.


Thanks for everyone that said the Benevolent Prayer (BP) for the safety of the boys trapped in the Thai cave.  Everyone called it a "miracle" that they were saved.  And I'm sure you heard that the main water pump quit Thai Boys from Cavejust after the coach made it out, and the remaining divers had to scramble to get out as the water level quickly rose. 
Am on vacation this week, but will try and catch up with your questions next week, so don’t stop sending them in.
Writing a book? My editor Ralonne is open right now, so be sure not to self-publish without having your book edited. She very reasonable, and has edited a couple of my books and edits this newsletter each week.

THE GENTLE WAY I: Lois Wetzel wrote: "The Most Powerful Manifestation tool ever. Tom T. Moore has done it again. In sharing with the world stories told to him by other people who have used the technique given him by his Guardian Angel, Theo, Tom enriches us all The Gentle Way Ibeyond measure. I have read both of "The Gentle Way" books, and both are fascinating. I have also used the easy-to-learn prayers to address to our own Guardian Angels for over two years now with stellar results. I have been sharing this information with my clients as well, and all are deeply grateful when they see the results in their lives.
“As the author of "Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives," I can tell you that this is not Tom's first time to work as a bringer of light to humanity. I highly recommend you read his books. They have the potential to change your life forever, and for the better. I have never in my 25+ years of studying manifestation found a more simple and powerful method to achieve our desires, or something better, without incurring negative karma. We make a request and leave it up to the angels!”

ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: Norma wrote: "Wonderful! Fantastic! Wonderful! Atlantis & Lemuria bookFantastic! Amazing! This book was both an historical account and enjoyable to read. It is written in a question and answer format which was very, very well organized and flowed extremely well. Gaia, our Mother Earth, says that Tom Moore "…had more lives on both continents than anyone alive today," so who better to pose the questions? It is a very detailed account and very easy to understand. Even if you have not read other stories about Atlantis and Lemuria, I highly recommend this one as it is the most accurate I've ever read.”
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My latest book, ATLANTIS & Atlantis ContinentLEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Read the REAL history of two societies that existed for over 50,000 years each until they destroyed themselves. Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.
And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Cyd writes:
I have a question for Gaia, since she is the Mother to our planet, Earth.
Humans are 99.8% genetically identical to the Neanderthal, as proved by Neanderthalhigh-resolution genetic sequencing, and that the remaining .2% is of still unknown origin - perhaps from another hominin with whom the Neanderthals interbred just as they also interbred with the Denisovans. The notion that what makes us "modern" humans is all in that tiny and unattributed .2% is becoming rather silly if you really think about it.
My question: Gaia, Mother to all that is on this planet, what is the .2% DNA unknown to man made up of? Is this left over genetics from our home planets?
Did Neanderthals die out as a species because of the anger and the "Them" attitudes of Modern Humans, which is still very evident to this day?
When will be the next age for Modern Humans to evolve and then turn on Modern man?  Or will the evolution turn Modern Human into a more loving and trusting being?
Thank you, Tom and Gaia!

Gaia, what is the .2% difference from the Neanderthals made up of? Left Neanderthal & Cro-Magnon Comparisonover genetics from our home planets?

As was explained to you previously, Tom, your ET uncles and aunts – and there were many from many different planets – all supplied DNA to give humans the best chance of surviving the very hard lives you would lead, cut off from knowing that you were fragments of souls, and not just souls, as many people believe these days. But let’s use the analogy of a chef cooking all the time. He continues to improve whatever dish he is preparing each night. He might add a little spice here, a little salt or pepper there, in order to improve the dish. And that, in a way, is what the ETs did that were asked by Creator to form you. They kept tweaking and improving the final model as after the Neanderthals, came the Cro-Magnons, and they were quite similar to you.

As we discussed before, the Neanderthals had only 70% of the mental Cro-Magnon Reconstructioncapacity both the Cro-Magnons and homo-sapiens had. So, you could say that that was a big portion of the .2% DNA difference. Then there was just a little more tweaking we have previously discussed between the Cro-Magnons and the homo-sapien Adam and Eve model.

Then the Neanderthals died out not from human intervention, but from ETs?

Quite correct. The ET scientists quite humanely allowed the Neanderthals that were living at that time to be unable to conceive, and they simply lived their lives until they died of old age, or through battles  and other types of death—accidents, illness, and so on.Dark Skinned Asian Lady
Will humans evolve again, or is homo-sapien the final model?

The final model, Tom, but with some modifications. As an example, all homo-sapiens will have the same skin color and the same shape of eyes. That is part of evolvement. You are doing this, and yes, as you go farther into the fifth focus you will become more loving and kind. You can already see this happening, even though it might not seem so on the surface with the politics of the day.
Louise writes:
I have been having interesting dreams in the past few months. Have I been getting glimpses of past lives or are my dreams talking to me about the future in this life?
Regarding free energy machines - will the person/company that brings Free Energy suggestionthis to market have been working on this a long time or will it be discovered in an inspirational moment by someone who has been working on it only starting within the last 10 or so years?
Will there be dangers brought by those with interests in oil/other energy to the inventors and people who bring free/magnetic energy devices to the world? Is there a BP we can say to mitigate any threats to those bringing this to the world?
In one of your earlier newsletters, free magnetic energy to the world isn't supposed to happen for another 25 years or so and another newsletter mentioned crystals would not be involved. Can I ask again if the free energy devices coming soon will involve magnetism or not? Will they involve the magnetic field of the Earth or man-made electromagnetic fields?
Another newsletter from Aug 2013 mentioned that it would be cold-fusion with electricity to start it up and then it would run on its own and be Public Domain. What is the highest probability of that coming out to the public this year? In the next 5 years?

I’ve covered dreams in the past, but it is good to review, as recording Manila Philippinesyour dreams each morning is beneficial on several levels. I started recording my dreams daily in 1979, and shortly after I began, I had a very vivid dream of an explosion, with a woman and man involved. My wife and I were supposed to attend a World Congress of travel agents, as we still owned our international wholesale tour company. We cancelled the Manila portion of the trip, adding extra days to Taipei and Hong Kong.

On the first day of the congress, terrorists blew up a bomb at the front of the hall, where I like to sit, injuring ten people. A woman and four men were arrested. I vowed to record my dreams the rest of my life, which I have. I have had many precognitive dreams since then—too numerous to list now. Dreams are messages from your soul, most of the The Dreamers Dictionarytime symbolic in nature. I have gone through numerous copies of
THE DREAMER’S DICTIONARY by Lady Stearn Robinson and Tom Corbett—channeled, so I feel the interpretations are better.
Theo, will the free energy machine be discovered accidentally—by soul inspiration, or will it be the result of years of testing?

Both, Tom. There are a couple of individuals out there that will be inspired to make the discovery. It is on their soul contracts to do so at the proper time.
Is there any danger to the inventors?

No, they will be careful. These people are not in some garage, you could say.
Will the machine use magnetics?

Quite so. Let them have their ah-ha moment.
I recall receiving that it will be discovered in the next five years, but not fully implemented for several years thereafter.

Gaia, how long have the Sasquatch existed on Earth, and where did Sasquatchthey originate?

Yes, the Sasquatch were one of the experiments by your ET uncles and aunts. They did not arrive from another star system. But they still serve a purpose, so these gentle beings have continued to live. They are able to change their frequency at will, for protection.
So, they did not originate somewhere else?

No, just here on planet Earth, Tom. Creator, may I remind you, likes diversity and allows them their lives, as they do not interfere with the Earth Experiment, but actually contribute to it to add mystery, and to hint to you that there are intelligent beings out there.
For my new readers, back in 2008, my Guardian Angel (GA) Theo introduced me to another member of my soul group, or “cluster,” as he First Contact bookcalls them. Antura’s soul interest is exploration and has lived 800 lives on Earth. He says his most interesting life was as the uncle of Marco Polo, and he explored the Silk Road, before Marco wrote about it.
Antura has taken a break from lives on Earth to be an explorer of the universe as part of a “first contact” team, with a specialty of “grass roots” contacts. I asked him how he qualified for this work, and he said he guessed it was his “gift of gab.” He’s an amphibian that looks somewhat like Abe Sapien of the Hellboy movies. You can read much more about Antura, his planet, our universe and the three others that adjoin ours, plus what he calls “The Great War” – the original star wars that I call “The Reptilian War.” You can read much more in my book,
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions I recently asked Antura.
Sherri writes:
This morning I was relating to my daughter about an experience I had about 15 years ago. I have a very vivid memory of waking up in the middle of the night—as if on impulse—of knowing that something was looking at me. I opened my eyes and gazed into the eyes of a very lovely being. It was so brief, I was not frightened. I did not jump out of bed, I did not try to move, but I do remember the face was ET by Kaan Demirceliknot human and the eyes were very soft and gentle. Our faces were inches from each other, literally. I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.

Tom, who was this being and did they have a message for me or were they just checking on me? I have never experienced an event like this again. Thank you, Tom, for any insight that you can offer me.

Antura, who was the ET (I assume) that awakened Sherri in the middle of the night?
Painting by Kaan Demircelik

Let’s say it was a loving cousin of hers from her home planet, Tom. They are very close there – should say were – and the visit was to check on her and let her know she is loved.
Suzanna writes:
I have a question for the newsletter. On Feb 25, 1942, at Redondo Beach, an object like a UFO was seen and over 1400 shots were fired at it. What was this? An ET ship? Is this story true? My friend, Charlie, saw a program on the history channel about this and wanted to know if this was real. Thanks so much for all your help and for all you Redondo Beach UFO 1942do.
Antura, on Feb 25, 1942 at Redondo Beach, a UFO was seen and 1400 or so shots were fired at it. Was this an ET ship or what?

Yes it was, Tom. I checked the records for that time period and a scout craft was taking readings and those on the ground thought it was an enemy plane of some sort. The pilot was cautioned not to be seen again.
Cheryl writes:
Could you advise what the Hathors are doing on the planet at this time? The Pleiadians and Sirians are mentioned a lot, but I was wondering if the Hathors have a presence here at this time as well. I believe that I have four Hathors as guides. Would Antura be able to confirm this and if so what is the best way of contacting them?Hathors
Antura, are the Hathors from Sirius, and if so are they on the same or different focus as you?

The Hathors are a group of very highly-focused beings that did originate from the Sirius system, Tom. They have good intentions, but because of their focus it can be difficult for, say, the average person to work with them. We have discussed—I say we meaning either myself, Theo, or Gaia—that they work to raise your vibrational levels too—just in a way that is more difficult for the average person to do.
And to answer your next question Cheryl does receive guidance from Spirit Guides Dick Sutphenthem.

And may I recommend, Cheryl, that you go to and order his Spirit Guides MP3 or CD. Normally I recommend this for people who wish to contact their own GA, but you can use this to contact a Hathor, I’m pretty sure.
One last question. I assume that there has been no landing yet at the Russian spaceport on the upper time lines?

That is correct, Tom, but the Pleiadians tell us we will see this soon.
I answered the following question on Quora, and thought this summary would assist many of my new readers.

What rooms would be on a UFO?ET Ship Depiction
Let me give you some descriptions given to me by my “brother on another planet” Antura, who is a member of my soul group. He’s a member of a “first contact” team (hence the name of the book), specializing in “grass roots” contacts.
He says their ship, orbiting around the Earth right now (and cloaked so as to not scare us to death), is three miles wide and 20 stories high, with 11 decks. They have space to dock 20 to 30 “scout craft”—many that carry up to 22 highly advanced drones that take very advanced scientific readings. These are in the classic saucer shape and are approximately 40 feet wide. They also have two or three larger people movers, he describes as having a UFOcapacity of a bus or airplane, when they wish to take a number of people down to a planet for meetings. He says it would look like an invasion if they had to only use scout craft to bring that many scientists and government types down for discussions with a new planet.
Antura says that this mothership took five universal years to build (50 earth years, as we are in a special space-time continuum to help us catch up with the rest of 200+ planets that make up the local Federation of Planets). The Federation was formed after the original star wars, they call, diplomatically, “The Great War,” which lasted thousands of universal years. I call it the Reptilian War, as a large number of reptilians The Great Warinvaded this part of the galaxy to take over planets for their minerals. They are at peace now.
The mothership has a crew of 900, plus their families, totaling 1,500—from 37 different planets—almost all in this case from the Sirius A, B, & C star systems. A number of the crew live their whole lives on board the mothership. He describes the people on board as everything from 10 different types of humanoids, bird beings, insect beings, a couple of reptilians (who stick to themselves he says), plant beings, and even some who move across the floor that have no description. By the way, Antura is an amphibian.
I mention all this, as before a mission, they will install individual sleeping pods to fit a particular being. Antura, as an example, has a tank inside his room filled with water, the same as that on his home planet Nommo, in the Sirius B solar system.
The ship has some sort of medical facilities, common areas for the crew to meet (some to eat together, and some just to socialize, as he says you would not want to see how some of them consume their food). The ship instantly materializes whatever food substance a particular being Operations Room depictioneats.
Naturally, there is some sort of operations room to navigate the ship. They use “Portals” to hop across the universe. This has to be tied to some sort of energy links between planets and galaxies, as he said it is impossible to go completely across the universe in one portal hop. He describes it as if a Southwest Airlines plane starts in Florida and makes multiple stops across the U.S. to the West Coast. He says we will not learn how to portal hop until about ET Large Ship Refueling3250. He added that they are not allowed to give us the information—we have to figure out how to do it ourselves.
I will add here that there truly are even larger ships that this mothership—which I neglected to mention earlier is but one of 25 or so orbiting the Earth, all taking readings. The other motherships are from different galaxies and even a couple of different universes (there are billions of universes). But the huge ships (imagine the “Death Star” size) are not allowed anywhere near Earth.

This MBO story and the next three originally appeared last week in my  Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and 4 Way StopBP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Cheryl writes:
I always say an MBO for a safe drive before I take off in a vehicle. Friday, I stopped at a 4-way stop sign only to watch a car on my left fly through it without even slowing down! I said, “Thank You,” as always...while I was honking at the guy!
Linda writes:
I have had a few experiences with negative energy in my cabin. It is on an old estate established in 1749 and the cabin was a barn built in the 1800s. I have tried a number of things to clear the energy, Dreamingbut there seems to be one time or another when I have experience of a dark energy lurking about. I typically feel it on my first night there, which is Friday night, and typically have nightmares on the first night there unless I say an MBO for peaceful sleep. I have asked for a BP to clear the energies, but I think my angels are active in chasing off the energy.
I do realize that MBOs are ingrained in my life because now I’m saying them in my sleep. It was 10:30 pm on Saturday 7-7-18 in Halfmoon, NY, when I was asleep and felt a dark energy, and I struggled in my sleep and said, “MBO, MBO, MBO” out loud. My dogs even barked and then the energy seemed to take off. I am not sure what it was, but MBOs are the only thing that keeps my sleep from being interrupted. Thanks for all you do.
Mary Ann writes:
Here is an MBO story that is ongoing. Have a wonderful vacation, which is well deserved. I thank you for consistently putting out your newsletter and blog posts. I have benefitted greatly from the Gentle Way prayer and use it all the time. It always works. Here is one example.
Every Sunday I go to a local farmer’s market. It is a popular place that is Farmer's Marketpacked with cars. Finding a good parking space is tough for most people, but not for me. I always find a parking space right close to the veggie stands in the row of parking spaces closest to the market.
That is because I have a standing Gentle Way prayer for a good parking space at the farmer’s market. I used to request a good parking spot every week. Now I know that I always will have one available for me, and it is.

One week I took a friend to the farmer’s market. She drove her own car because she had to go somewhere else after the market. I told her about my always having a perfect parking space at the market and we would have two of them this week. When we got to the farmer’s market, we saw the row in which we wanted to park was full with no empty parking Farmer's Marketspots.
I had a tiny bit of doubt, but pushed it back and reaffirmed getting our spaces with the Gentle Way prayer. As we got toward the end of the row, suddenly two spaces opened up: one for me and one for my friend. When we got out of the car, she asked me, “What did you do?” I told her that I said the Gentle Way prayer, which never fails.
In August, I will be starting a Healing Circle Meditation Group. Besides leading a guided meditation, I will show members different energetic/spiritual healing modalities. One of them will be the Gentle Way prayer with a handout about your books and where to find your newsletter and blog if they want to learn more. In fact, that just might be the first one I share with the group.
Thanks again for all you do, Tom. You have made a big difference not only for me but for many, many people. Bless you for that!

Ashana writes:
Well, thanks to MBOs I sold my house not once, but twice, since June! It’s currently under contract.

Mike writes:
RE: Anna Trew, Psychic Artist
Anna Trew can draw a full portrait of a person’s Spirit Guide just by knowing a person’s name. It’ll be interesting for you to get a portrait drawn of Theo so we can see what he looks like!
What is her soul interest, and what can your guides tell us about her Anna Trewand her portraits?

Click here.
Theo, what are Anna Trew’s spirit guides, and what is her soul interest—artistry, or spiritual?

Both, Tom, to answer the last question first. She is in the first quadrant of an old soul. She is quite seasoned, and yes, her views are similar to yours, as she has received virtually the same information you have in this life. Her understanding of guides is quite close to yours. The drawings she does, as you can imagine, are illustrations of the guides’ past lives on Earth.

I felt like I was reading my own receptions when I read her website. As Theo pointed out, her art captures the past lives of guides, as Theo and all the other GAs have never had a life on Earth. Here is a photo Dena took of me meditating at Oak Creek, across from the Cathedral vortex in Sedona, Arizona. I had requested Theo to show himself in a photo, which he agreed to do. He explained afterwards that he could only give just a tiny bit of himself as the energy would have been too strong for me.

I answered the following question on Quora, and thought this summary would assist many of my new readers.

Is there any legitimate proof available for Lemuria continent's existence?
Here is where Lemuria was located:
Northern edge: Latitude 37°- 38° N
Southern edge: Latitude 14.5° N
Southern Tip: Latitude 12.5° N, 130° E. Longitude
Western edge: 135° - 145° E. Longitude
Eastern edge: 180°-165° W. Longitude
Here is an artist rendering of its location that is in my book.Map of Lemuria or MU
It was about 12% larger than the continent of Australia is today. So, what happened to it? There were five countries on the continent, divided as Europe is today by mountains and rivers. This was an idyllic place to live for thousands of years, but in the last thousand years of its existence the countries began warring, and finally one country decided to obliterate two others using what we would term a hydrogen bomb-like device.

They did not think the other countries had a similar weapon, but they did, and retaliated. The continent started to break up, and finally sank Ruins of Lemuriainto the ocean, 7,500 years ago, raising all of the oceans of the world about 170 feet. Millions of people drowned all over the world.

One of the remnants of Lemuria (or the continent of Mu as it was called) are off the east coast of Japan. I was told that the Yonaguni Monument was a fortress on the west coast of Mu. Here is a photo of divers exploring the ruins.
You can read sample chapters of my
ATLANTIS & LEMURIA: The Lost Continents Revealed at: Click here.
Louise writes:
I have recently seen a show by Darren Brown called "Miracle" and I have a few questions about him. I have read about some of the controversy surrounding him, but I am curious. He claims to use hypnosis and other techniques for his shows, but I think some of what he does really shows the power of our own thoughts. Does he "tap in" Darren Brownto the energy field that connects us all to do some of his show?
Does he have soul contracts with the audience members he works with to show them the possibilities of their minds and perhaps some of the healing that appears to happen?
Is he conscious of the possibility that he is reading/tapping into energies and keeps quiet for fear of professional ridicule or does he believe in the manipulation techniques he employs?

click here.
Theo, is Darren Brown just a great illusionist and magician, or does he tap into energy as part of his act?

He has been quite honest, Tom, regarding his illusions. He is not hiding something—at least not in the way the question was asked. He is another medium soul becoming quite seasoned. Enjoy his work.


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