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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

September 12, 2020

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. And keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


This is a really important Benevolent Prayer (BP) request. Ralonne has been volunteering to edit my weekly Newsletter since 2012! She will have open-heart surgery this coming Friday, so I ask EVERYONE to say this BP:

"I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort, and assist Ralonne during and after her open heart surgery this Friday, September 11, for the surgeon, nurses, and staff to perform their jobs PERFECTLY, and for her to return to full health even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!"

WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ATLANTIS & LEMURIA?  Unless you have Regina Meredith GAIA TVread my book ATLANTIS & LEMURA book, you know very little.  My 49 Minute Interview with Regina Meredith on GAIA TV will give you the basics.  Regina has also interviewed me twice before, and they are archived on their website. I think I read somewhere that they are up around 800,000 subscribers. Not bad for a service most people have never heard of. Here is the link: Click here.

Please send me any MBO or BP stories about your Pets. I especially need stories about your unusual pets for my PETS book.

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My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, what is the highest probability for how long it will take to know the winner of the Presidential election?

Not as long as the nay-sayers are predicting, Tom. There are decisions being Votemade behind the scenes to make sure the votes are counted as quickly as possible as the states do not wish to be seen as laggards. Therefore, it will be much less than the month you were thinking or more—more like just a few days for the very closest races in what you term the swing states.

Tammy writes: Can you please ask Theo or Gaia what would happen if Joe Biden wins the presidency, and then ask what would happen if Donald Trump wins another term? When I ask my guides, I do come up with an answer, but honestly believe that my bias might be coming through. It would be nice to hear from someone else.

I’m asked what will happen if Joe Biden wins, and the same question for Donald Trump.

Yes, we have covered Mr. Trump in some detail before, Tom. He will be reluctant Counting Votesto leave, if Mr. Biden wins, claiming election fraud, and making moves to delay the inevitable. That said, Mr. Biden will handle the situation as only a new President should. By January, it will be back to a somewhat seamless handover. If Mr. Trump wins, it will be business as usual for him, although there will remain a large stumbling block as the House of Representatives will remain in the control of the Democrats, at least that is the highest probability at this time, and even the Senate will have a few more Democrats, but again, the highest probability will be for the Republicans to remain in control. Don’t forget to request BPs for people that can make decisions in the best interests of everyone, Tom.

Let’s say this BP out loud: “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist those people to be elected in the United States to be those who will make decisions in the best interests of all those in the United States and the world, thank you!”


Kurt writes: What can you tell us about Chadwick Boseman?

I always got the impression that he was someone special when I would see his movies and how he interacted with people in the public, and now we find out Chad Bosemanthat he was fighting a very aggressive form of colon cancer that eventually took his life, but he continued to act and even made time to visit cancer patients at St. Jude‘s hospital while he was getting surgeries and probably chemotherapy to cure his cancer, and he didn’t let anyone know that he was sick. What an amazing person! What can you tell us about his soul path and at what level was his soul progress, and will he be back to bring light into the world again.

Theo, what quad was Chad Boseman on and what balancing? Also his past lives, next life, and soul interest?

Yes, it is quite apparent that this was a significant life for Chad. He connected on several levels with not only adults, but children. He is near the end of his lives as a young soul, so he’s in the very last part of the third quadrant of young souls. He was and will continue to be a role model both as an actor, as of course his soul interest is the arts, and as a human being achieving great things, even in the most arduous circumstances. He has had a large number of lives honing his craft in the future. His next life will be as a woman, and the role she will take on will be equally brilliant. This will be in the not too distant future, but without the balancing of having cancer, more working on personal relationships.


Mantej writes from the UK: I love Gilbert Gottfried's voice. Which made me Singerthink when we're designing our soul contract and life before birth, are we played "sound bites," so to speak, of all different types of voices of how our voice will sound and we agree to pick and choose that Voice. With actors and comedians picking those very unique voices as part of their soul contract?

Theo, do we choose our voices before birth?

In a way, Tom, as it is especially important for those in the public’s eye, so special attention is focused on the development of your vocal chords before birth. There is an agreement between the souls of the mother and child’s souls. This was a good question as this has not been covered before. The mother’s soul knows the soul contract of her baby’s soul prior to birth.


Rhea writes: How do Guardians choose us? I understand it’s more than mere assignment, so I very much wish to know what draws which Guardian to shepherd which soul fragment(s)?

Theo, how do our GAs choose the souls they work with? Is there any matching of interests?

Not so much a matching of interests as choosing a variety of souls to assist, Tom.Guardian Angel Depiction It would be boring for your GAs to only take care of your soul fragments with just the same interests. In this case, variety is the spice of life for us.

You said at one time you take care of 27,000 souls and all of their soul fragments having lives on Earth. Did you understate that number for me, or is that the correct number?

Actually, you can easily triple that number, Tom. At the time I gave you the number of souls I service, shall I say, it would have been hard for you to accept that it was many more. Spoon-feeding, I believe you call it. We give you information as you are ready to accept it. We do not wish to overwhelm you, or give you figures you are not able to comprehend.

Therefore, yes the number is much greater than you were originally told.

So, closer to 100,000, or even more, Theo?

More, Tom. Keep in mind that even your own souls are having in many cases over 1,000,000 lives going on at the same time all over the universe for their learning. We are much more advanced and knowledgeable and can handle all of your lives going on throughout time on Earth. Let’s let that sink in for a while before we return to the subject.


Matt writes: It has been awhile since I have written in. I still love reading your newsletters every week. I have a question regarding the Earth Experiment that I am hoping you can assist me with.

Here goes....Gaia has said recently that the Earth Experiment will last another 7000 years. We will take to the stars around 3250 as you have stated. I understand about the concept of time as we understand it does not exist since the past, present and future are constantly being re-written due to all the lives that we are having simultaneously. I get that time travel is only possible in the Earth Experiment and that is merely for record keeping.

I have asked the Creator of Creators a question before. I asked if she knew who Creatorhad created her. The response I received was, "That is for you to find out." I'm assuming as the Explorer Race we will find out many answers and have many more questions.

My question is what will be the catalyst that will cause us to merge into a new creator? Will we discover something or start a chain of events that lead up to it? I understand we will slowly introduce negative energies to the rest of the solar system as we explore, thus raising every being's vibrational level that we encounter. Since merging into a new creator is the end game, and our Creator going to a higher plane of existence, I just wanted to see if you could shed some light on how that will transpire. Thank you for everything you do!!

Gaia, what will be the catalyst for us to merge into a Creator?

When it is deemed by this Creator that your combined level of knowledge is sufficient to do the job—to handle the trillions of decisions per second and not be overwhelmed. Part of that will be a collective understanding and use of the four negative energies, along with the 10 positive energies. They must be, and will be, integrated throughout this universe—not just a few thousand planets in this galaxy.

Many of you, especially after the end of the Earth Experiment, will continue to pick Creator’s knowledge of why this is so and that is so. Still, Creator believes you will accomplish this steep learning curve, and your souls are determined to reach that level of knowledge and understanding. For me, it will be like old friends suddenly becoming one.


Anne writes from New Zealand: We, in New Zealand, are having a rise of the minor parties who are campaigning for more awareness of the agendas 2021 and 2030, extreme abortions laws, internet censorship, fluoride in water, revised bill of rights, and possible mandatory vaccinations and military involvement, if there Queenstown, New Zealandis a second wave of the coronavirus.

Could you ask Gaia if any of these minor parties will succeed to get into government in the coming September elections, and whether the parties that do succeed and form a government will be to the benefit of the New Zealand people. Thank you.

Gaia, what is the probability of any of the minor parties in New Zealand getting into the New Zealand government?

Very small at this time, Tom. Overall, the New Zealand people are happy, or satisfied with their government, which bodes well for the moderate candidates. You and they can say benevolent prayers for those elected to be people who will make decisions in the best interests of all those in New Zealand and the world.

Let’s say this BP out loud: “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist those people to be elected in New Zealand to be those who will make decisions in the best interests of all those in New Zealand and the world, thank you!”


For my new readers, Antura was introduced to me by Theo in 2008. I was to discover that he’s a member of my soul group, and after 800 lives on Earth, he went back for another life as an amphibian on Nommo, a water world in the Sirius B Solar System. His soul interest is exploration, so in this life he’s a member of a “first contact” team, currently orbiting over Earth in a huge mothership that’s three miles wide and twenty stories tall, part of a crew of 900 and families totaling 1,500 beings from 37 different planets. You can learn much First Contact bookmore about him in my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are more questions I asked this week.

Antura in the wings, Tom, good morning from all of us on the team.

And good morning to all of you, friends, who I hope to meet in person one of these days.

You will, Tom. It is on your soul contract to do so.

Antura, when you spoon-feed me answers—it that really more for my readers, since some of the answers, I think I would have had no problem in accepting, such as the latest revelations of thousands of Federation planets and millions of Reptilian planets.

Yes, that is exactly correct, Tom. We “peek in,” you might say, on those that read your newsletters, and want to make sure what they read will be acceptable at that time. Life on Earth can be quite scary, and we do not wish to add to their worries and fears. It is good that you noticed that, as we will keep giving you information as your readers can absorb, without fear.

Of course, you could say that certain things are just for me.

Yes, but it becomes difficult over time for you to recall what is for the public and just for you. This way, we believe, is the easiest for all of you, and don’t forget the many, many people who will be reading these communications between us in the future. We have to consider them too. You might say you are the one person at the forefront of what we can pass along—at least the first. It has taken years just to get to this point, Tom.

Karen writes: I had a dream about a year or so ago where I was apparently visiting friends on what I thought might have been my home planet and we were in a coffee shop/library-like area that was part of a larger building—kind of like Librarya Starbucks in a large corporate building. But everything was very Earth-like and recognizable except that the people there could do something called “slip-streaming,” which is very similar to what the protagonist in the movie “Jumper” could do, which is think of someplace you want to go and be there in the blink of an eye by going through a portal or extra dimension. Except I couldn’t do that and my companions were having a good laugh at my expense because they slip-streamed across a large atrium in the building and laughed at me as I took forever to cross the distance on foot. I recounted the dream to a psychic not long afterwards and she said I was remembering a past life on Atlantis.

Not long after that dream I received a fast download of information from an unknown source trying to convince me that slip-streaming was a real phenomenon. The download was full of equations that I couldn’t begin to understand, but the “dream” I had a few days after that was even more bizarre. In the astral state, I had been “abducted” by humans in biohazard suits who were trying to psychically render me unconscious, but I fiercely resisted. Then they brought me before some tall, skinny, prune-faced alien (with yes, purplish-gray skin) who seemed annoyed that I was still conscious and resisting and now he had to deal with me because his minions failed. They said nothing, but I’m wondering if they were trying to access the download. Which makes me wonder if I had visited my home planet and someone tried to send me information I wasn’t supposed to have. If you could, would you mind asking Theo or Antura if that was a visit to my home planet or a past life memory? If slip-streaming is a real phenomenon? Who sent the download? And who was that sour puss alien and what did he want?

Antura, was the dream of “slip-streaming” for Karen an Atlantean past life, Planet Depictionanother planet or what?

A past life on another planet in yes, the Pleiadian system. The Atlanteans were not able to “slip-stream”—do those short portal hops as is possible on her home planet. The psychic was limited in sufficient knowledge to give an accurate description of the origin.

What about the equations and the prune-faced alien?

Another memory of a past life. These are all memories bubbling to the surface.

Antura, in the “Great War, were there any allies that assisted the Dracos, and the same question for the planets that eventually formed this Federation?

The Dracos did not need any allies, since they are a race with millions of planets in their galaxy. Help for our planets that formed the Federation after the end of the Great War was few and far between. News of planets being taken over and subjugated traveled fast, and thence came the beginning of the Great War. We were ill-prepared for the confrontation. There had been millions of years with only local squabbles.

Are there any organized activities on board your ship?

Not in the sense of what you mean, Tom. Everyone has a job that they all really enjoy. As I have mentioned in the past, there is always plenty of time to sit and discuss what work we are doing. It is a very pleasant atmosphere of cordiality on board the ship.

How many times have I been on board the Resolute ship, can I call her?UFO

She likes that name, Tom, and she says that you have been on this ship at least three times [referring to past lives].

Daphnee writes:
In your last newsletter, Antura mentioned that we need to keep asking questions. It feels a bit like the Guardian Angel issue. They can only assist if being asked to.

1. Can the spaceship, tune-in to only one person’s vibration so that if someone requests an MBO to see them, it would be possible, even over a big city?

2. Antura claims that it is too early to go public with disclosure, but what about some picture for your followers. Those who believe will know and those who don’t will call it a fake so why not show us pictures on how Antura really looks like and a picture from outer space and some pictures of real Pleiadians among others?

3. Does the spaceship emit propulsion sounds or colour when moving?

4. What is the distance that they are from Earth? I know they are not visible, but I would like to know how close they are to us.

5. Do they have “Holodecks” on the ship like in Star Trek?Holodeck Star Trek

6. What is the average time of work the ship’s crew has to work?

7. Do you have money in your society? Has Antura been remunerated in some way for his duty on the ship?

8. Does Antura have the possibility to take a vacation from his duty and hop on a portal to visit his home within a few moments/hours? How long does that take? One hop or several hops?

9. If we are the only ones dealing with the negative energies, does that mean that everyone on that ship and in the other worlds of the Federation are pacifists? They don’t know emotions like anger, hate, jealousy/envy, frustration, depression, fear, etc? It must be quite boring at some point, so is that the reason why they would like to be introduced to small doses of negativity? I cannot imagine a society where everyone is healthy, wealthy and positive, so how does emotional growth evolve if they don’t have drama to grow from?

10. How do they pass away/die? Is it more like some monks who just decide that Transition depictiontoday they will transcend to another realm? Or although they can grow old, there is a moment where the body cannot be regenerated anymore?

11. Do they have the possibility to have some kind of “walk-in” into an Android body and “ensoul” it? Or do they practice “walk-in” upon agreement with another person who would like to transfer to another realm?

12. How do ETs similar to us give birth? Do women get pregnant and give birth like us or they just provide their eggs into a laboratory and the embryo grows there until the baby is ready? I hope not because that would take away the love bond between Mother and Child.

13. How many ET races in the Federation are compatible to have children among each other?

Antura, 1. Can you tune into one person’s vibration and other body and mind details even when they are located in a city?

Yes, Tom. That is absolutely no problem for us.

2. What about emailing, or in some fashion sending a photo of yourself for my Abe Sapien Hellboy Moviesreaders?

We have considered that, Tom, but there are still people who would be frightened, as compared to using the image of the Abe Sapien character in the Hellboy movies. They know that is “fake.” Seeing a real photo of me would still give them fear. But we are getting closer to that point.

3. Do any of your spacecraft make sounds or emissions?

You can hear a hum like sound from some of the scout craft, Tom, depending upon which society is operating. The engines used in these machines or craft are not the type of machines that do work on Earth with lots of moving parts. These are magnetic-type systems.

4. I believe you told me your mothership is 50 miles above the Earth. Is that still correct?

Yes, it remains in that orbit. We do not need, nor wish, to be higher.

5. Are there Holodecks on board like Start Trek?

We are quite past that point.

6. How long does the average crew member work each day?

That is really a difficult answer, Tom, as their work varies so much. We do not have the same sleep requirements as you do on Earth, so it really depends upon what type of being, as don’t forget that there are 37 planets represented just on this one ship. They come and they go as they please. The crew that operates the ship can go and come as they please too; there is no need for someone to sit for hours on end monitoring some set of dials as are portrayed in your movies and TV shows.

7. Is there no money in your society or payments? Are you compensated for your Barter Derpictionwork?

As was explained in the past several years ago, we work to contribute. For things like food and clothes, those are provided out of love to contribute. Yes, there is barter between worlds, but not a Federation dollar or money standard. There is negotiation as to what each side wants when dealing between worlds. I am not paid a salary. It is my love of my work that causes me to wake up each day and contribute my talents. That gives me, and I might add all my colleagues, great pleasure.

8. Do you ever portal hop back home for a couple or few days to take a break?

No, our work is too important and demanding, as I must remind your readers that we are working with 11 time lines—and just a little with the non-physical 12th.

9. Are there still feelings of anger, hate, fear, envy, and love in the 10 energy universe?

Yes, but in a different way, much too difficult to explain, as we cannot even convey what those 10 energies are.

But don’t forget I have mentioned in the past the fear of being attacked by the Great War DepictionReptilians that people lived with all their lives during the Great War. That is just one example of feelings. And obviously there was anger and the desire to protect ourselves. That’s as close as I can give you a similarity at this time, but rest assured love is the great energy this universe runs on.

10. How do most beings transition?

Quite peacefully, as there is no fear, as there is on Earth, Tom. Everyone has done this thousands of times and knows they will return for another life in a new body. Naturally, their families and friends honor these transitions, but not with the sadness you experience on Earth.

11. Do they ever do walk-ins to android bodies or another being?Android

No. Everyone knows how to communicate with souls to ask them to ensoul a body, Tom.

12. How do most hominids give birth?

You may think this would be an easy answer, but it is not. There are many ways beings, such as the Pleiadian society that looks closest to humans, procreate and give birth. And the pregnancies are not as long and sometimes arduous as they are on Earth. Scientists spend their whole lives studying the differences between races of beings.

12. How many ET races in the Federation are compatible to have children together?

A general answer would be that it all depends upon how close they are in their body structure. There are no rules, such as on Earth, as to who can procreate with whom. There still has to be that love and appreciation.


These three stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Vegetable GardenPlease send me one this week!

Kirke writes: I should mention that I said an MBO for my vegetable garden at the beginning of this season. Most all previous years, my garden was invaded by either woodchucks or skunks devouring many of my vegetables. That did not happen this year, and I would like to think it was due to my MBO. Even the squash bugs seemed to have stayed away. I had my best crop of zucchini yet!


Ashana writes: I have one that's a pretty great MBO for you today, Tom. I Air Conditionerneeded to get my car's air conditioner repaired. Initially, I got a got a $1,200 estimate. I accepted the $850 estimate, all installed. I thought that was pretty great; mind you I've been saying MBOs all along... in fact occasionally it would mysteriously cool me off which was also pretty great. On my way to pick it up, I find a coupon with the 20% off each $100.00 for all service over $500.00; it turned out that the whole job came to $529.00! I ask for and receive MBOs all day long, every day! LOL! I Thank you for all you do to make life a blessing.


Carol writes: I just wanted you to know and reaffirm for myself that MBOs do surely work.

Today, after requesting an MBO, I went through every conceivable area, e.g., I Last Willwent through all my hard copy files two times, two drawer cabinets, plus several other bins and night table drawers searching for two very important items. I could not find the $2500 and a wee book with all my passcodes and information to tuck in with my new will and powers of attorney. I must have spent at least an hour and a half searching before I quit. I did other tasks and carried on with my time.

Just 5 minutes ago, I happened to check my in-box on top of my one filing cabinet searching for another item. BINGO! There was the envelope, with the $2,500, as well as my book with the pass codes! Of course, I offered up my thanks, then tucked in the items in the large envelope that houses my new will and Powers of Attorney. Now, all are in a safe place that only I and my son know about. Whew!
I am still thanking the Angels and God for helping me find those very necessary items. What a huge relief!!


Lee writes from Florida: Tom, please ask Gaia about these clouds. Even the Strange Cloud Formationweatherman did not know what they were! Fascinating!

Gaia, what was the strange cloud formation with three tubular clouds?

Yes, a little gift from whom we will call the Cloud Soul. It will take a long time for those who study atmospherics to get even close to duplicating, as it is more art than the result of atmospheric winds.

So, not done by a jet passing by?



Theo, was it my writing guides who came up with the moniker Mr. Anomaly?Anomaly

Yes, Tom, you will see that often used in the future, especially after you transition and people dig into your body of work. As we have said numerous times, your work will be studied by many in the coming years. People can claim you are or were just imaginative or delusional, but when you leave behind thousands and thousands of communications with us and many more to come, the evidence will be overwhelming. You will silence those critics.


Emily writes: Princess Leonor of Spain

1. Will Princess Leonor (now 14-years-old), who is next in line, be Queen of Princess LeonoreSpain one day in the future?

2. Will she meet with the Pleiadians, (along with her parents the King and Queen of Spain)? Click here.

Theo, will Princess Leonor be Queen of Spain one day?

Yes, but not for a few years.

Will she meet any ETs, including Pleiadians?

If she wishes to, there will be that opportunity. That is up to her.


George writes: Oliver Stone.

1. On killing an enemy soldier while he was in the Vietnam War, Oliver Stone expressed no guilt and said, "We all trade places, if not in this life then in another time and place."

I thought this was a thoroughly interesting choice of words to use "trading places in another time." Does Oliver Stone recognize consciously about balancing past lives, with his enemy having killed him and then now "trading Oliver Stoneplaces," as he calls it, with him killing him in this life? Or is he only subtly aware with that "trading places" reference given to him by his Writing Spirit guides?

2. Oliver Stone's films are of course controversial and divisive, so I'm guessing they may be funded or supported by the Illuminati. So, do the Illuminati encourage him to write and direct movies or does he have any connections to them?

3. How many lives has Oliver Stone had with Fidel Castro?

Wikipedia: Click here.

Vietnam Story: Click here.

Theo, does Oliver Stone believe in reincarnation and balancing?

Yes, he does.

Are his movies financed by any Illuminati that encourage him?

On a general basis, yes. He was not so much singled out as were the topics of his movies. And they are profitable.

Has he had any lives with Fidel Castro?

Yes, including a set-up life.


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