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May 11, 2024

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to The Gentle Way Book and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the home page. WelcomeOn my Articles and News page you will find over 800 archived Newsletters to explore. There is a Search Box on the page to search for interesting topics. If you are reading this for the first time and enjoy it, please share it with your friends and family.

Keep in mind that I’ve been told that no one is perfect that does this work. I estimate that I’m around 80% to 90% accurate. And PLEASE, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) as then you are contributing to making this a better world, and it does raise your own vibrational level (aka “Ascension”).


Debbie Hedberg and I were supposed to talk May 6, but she had 100 mph winds, lost power, and a tree in her yard fell on the house next door. We rescheduled it for May 13. See schedule below. Guns for groceries

And have you signed my Petition yet on AVAAZ for a Congressional Bill that would set up a National program to buy back guns, and would have BIPARTISAN SUPPORT because it is STRICTLY VOLUNTARY? Over time, guns that could be used for suicides or mass shootings will be turned in. We are up over 1,390 this week! Please add your name. Here is the link: Do you personally know a Congressperson or Senator? Let’s talk! Send me an email. Linda Grindel

Upcoming Interview: Debbie Hedberg. May 13, 10 am PT, 11 am MT, 12 pm CT, 1 pm ET.
Upcoming Interview: Linda Grindel, Comanche Psychic, May 16.

Recent Interview: Air Psychic Radio, John Capello. Click here.
Recent Interview: A View Through the Veil, Barb Crowley. Click here.
Recent Interview: Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, (600 radio stations). Click here.

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I realize there are several Benevolent Prayers to say listed below.
PLEASE TAKE THE FEW SHORT SECONDS TO SAY EACH ONE OUT LOUD. Remember, the human voice is much more powerful than people in this time period realize. I’m told there is a crescendo effect when hundreds and thousands say the BP out loud.

Let’s say this Benevolent Prayer for Israel and Palestine out loud: "I ask Palestine refugeesany and all beings to aid and assist in protecting the people of Palestine and Israel from the fighting between Hamas and Israel, for those wounded to be given medical assistance, and for the hostages to be returned home unharmed with no further violence, and may there be meaningful negotiations between the two sides so that this will never occur again, thank you!"

Let's say this Benevolent Prayer for the people of UKRAINE: "I ask for any and all beings to aid, comfort, and assist the people of Ukraine to remain safe, for all prisoners of war to be treated under the rules of the Geneva Convention, for the economic sanctions imposed on Russia to Pets bookwork to cut off their sale of oil, to return the thousands of Ukrainian children home, and to return the Russian and Ukrainian soldiers home, thank you!" Please say this Benevolent Prayer.

We are making a difference!

Have you checked out my latest book
THE GENTLE WAY WITH PETS: Angelic Help for Your Animal Companions? It has a complete review of The Gentle Way, plus great tips on our lives with our lovable animal family members. Learn how you can have another life with your lovable family member. I interview several Group Souls to learn where they came from and why. If you have already bought the book, please write a review.

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Many of your questions are taking at least four weeks to respond to. If it takes over five weeks, you can always email me to ensure your questions did not go into the Twilight Zone!

ARE YOU SAYING THE MORNING BENEVOLENT PRAYER? Please say this out loud each morning, just as Atlantis & Lemuria bookI do: “I now send white light and love to every continent, every island, all the rivers, lakes, and streams, and all the oceans and seas, and I release this light to go where it is needed the most to light up the darkest parts of the world, thank you!”

My previous book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed! has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters: Click here.

Before we move on to the rest of the newsletter, a quick explanation for my new subscribers: Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.


Maria writes from Estonia: Here I have another set of questions. This time 8 altogether:
1. Why do we seek help from 'any and all beings' instead of 'the most benevolent beings'? Do 'not-so-benevolent beings' also ‘benefit’ when we request their assistance, or is it only with the help of also ‘not-so-benevolent beings’ when we receive optimal results for our requests?
2. Will there be time, and if yes, when will humans stop eating other species (animals and plants)?
3. How long will coffee and tea withstand the time? Drinking coffee or tea
4. If our cells have a crystallizing process going on because of moving to a higher focus then shall we become crystals moving higher and higher? It sounds like a solidifying effect.
5. By some beliefs it is suggested not to use items or clothes worn by other people (from secondhand shops) or a person who died. Can the other person’s energy affect you and how? And what about the belief of bad luck and early death following the one who used any parts of graveyard stones or metal from the melted crosses?
6. I understand that positivity and negativity are polarities, adding both variety (represented by plus and minus) to this creation. Is the universe pulsing, expanding and contracting?
7. How are crystal souls divided? I understand that those on Earth are part of Gaia, but if a diamond is from another planet or star system, is it then part of a different soul entity, unlike how the same animal species share a group soul?
8. Which souls need reincarnation on higher timelines (9-12)? (The newsletter from 2011/02/05 hints that there are fewer people living then.) Are these the ones who aren't able to solve balancing in their earlier lives, such as warring clans and others? Do they mature at a slower pace; or it just has been planned for them like that?

Gaia, please explain again why saying “any and all beings” is OK in a Benevolent Prayer.

That’s an easy one, Tom. When you call any and all beings, your own Guardian Angel makes sure all those are from the light, you see. No negative spirits allowed. I can assure your readers, Tom, that this works perfectly. Certainly, if someone is doubtful they can add “from the light,” but it is not necessary.

Will there come a time when humans stop eating other species?

Not in the fifth dimension, Tom. There will come a time when all humans become vegetarians, when better and better choices are given, and you feel lighter and lighter by not consuming meat. There will be a big shift in this century with the development of better vegetarian fare.

How long will coffee and tea be consumed?

Long into the future, since both grow, and both have positive vitamins and minerals.

Will we become crystallized beings in the future?

An interesting question. You will become more crystallized in the future, but that is the far future for you at this time.

Is it OK to wear secondhand clothes? Can that person’s energy affectThrift Shop for used clothes you or does it dissipate when washed?

Yes, even when washed there is just a tiny bit of energy left from the person who wore the clothes before, but it would take a highly empathic person to feel this left-over energy. Just give the clothes a blessing and thank the clothes for coming to you, and when you donate clothes to others, thank the clothes for their service to you and wish them well for the next person that wears them.

Is it an old wives tale about death from using gravestones or metal from melted crosses?

There is balancing that will be required, if someone steals gravestones or crosses. There is energy left over from these stones and crosses. It might be sadness or even death connected to the stones or crosses.

Is the universe pulsing, expanding, or contracting?

You can say all three, depending upon what part of the universe you are in. There are boundaries we have discussed before between this universe and the three others—one you can see in the night sky and the other two are on the other side of the universe. Creator allows galaxies to run their course over millions of years, with some contracting and others joining with other galaxies.

How are crystal souls divided? If a diamond is from a different star system, is it part of a different soul entity?

If a diamond comes from a different star system, then of course the soul fragment it is connected to is from the other star system. But how would it get here? Diamonds that are made on Earth all share the same group soul.

I’ll answer the last question. I have a whole chapter on Timelines in both my ATLANTIS & LEMURIA book and my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. There are 12 of each one of you all born at the same time on 12 different timelines. The timelines are divided into frequencies, with the higher timelines having easier lives than the lower ones. You cannot reincarnate into a higher timeline. Each time you incarnate, you will be on Timeline 6. You would not want to balance what happened or what you did on another timeline. You may die at different times. I already transitioned years ago on Timelines 1 & 2 from congestive heart failure.


This my first conversation with Jesus, although I have asked many questions about him in the past.

Jesus, here, Tom, and good morning.

Good morning. How should I address you? Yeshua, Rabbi Yeshua, JesusMaster?

Your readers are used to calling me Jesus in modern times, Tom, so let’s stay with this name.

There is a question from some people as to how to pray. Some people claim you said to pray in silence, but in reading that quote, which only says to go to your room, it did not sound like what you said in the past—more like what someone interjected at perhaps the Council of Nicaea.

Yes, as Creator has told you, you are to pray out loud. This is where the energy is created and if the prayer is benevolent, it has a good chance of the souls that handle all the prayers on Earth being able to respond in a positive manner. As you have been told in the past, only 25% of the New Testament in the Bible is accurate and the Old Testament even less so. There are many reasons for this. Much of what was passed down was done verbally, because people were illiterate thousands of years ago, and then there were changes made by people desiring power and money.

Jesus, where did you originate. We only have a vague understanding that Creator put out a call for someone to come and teach unconditional love, after the people of Atlantis and Lemuria destroyed themselves.

Yes, I came from a universe where my soul interest was love in its purest form.

Had you had lives there, or were you just a pure soul in our understanding?

No, I had many lives teaching unconditional love, but in a much easier environment in my universe. As you have been told, your souls accepted the condition that you would be veiled, making it especially demanding to live your lives loving others no matter their race, religion, political beliefs and so on. I accepted the challenge, shall we say.

As a young teenager, I was told that you traveled first to Egypt to study, and then to India for studies. Did you travel by boat or overland to Egypt, and how did you pay for your transportation?

Boat was the easiest form of transportation to Egypt. I had some money from working with my father, so that took care of the transportation. In Egypt, I earned my keep doing work around the village that I lived in, while studying. They had many parchments they had written about the world as they knew it. And I will add that they knew I was coming through their meditations.

Regarding India, it was both by boat and overland. Again, they knew I was coming, and I also knew who to contact to continue my education. I had the best teachers in these studies.

Having been told that I was one of your female disciples—Salome, Jesus and female disciplesmother of James and John, how many female disciples did you have?

Yes, almost an equal number compared to my male disciples. Similar to how it is now, women were much more perceptive of love and creation.

May I confirm that you were married to Mary Magdaleen and had four children, one a girl?

Yes, that is correct. I was regarded as a Rabbi, which is defined nowadays as a teacher, which is exactly what I did. She and I did marry and did have four children. Later on, this information was deleted at that Council of Nicaea when the Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches wanted to establish a patriarchy.

Those are all the questions I have today, Jesus. I do wish you a good life.

I am always available to your readers to answer their questions in their meditations. I send them all love, and please, love everyone.


For my new readers, you may not have noticed that the number of sightings and videos of UFOs in the past four months has dramatically increased. Things really picked up when the Congressional Oversight Committee had a public hearing, and David Grusch, who worked at the Pentagon with a Top Secret clearance gave testimony under oath aboutUFO Hearing ET space craft retrievals.

This was well covered by only one national broadcaster—News Nation. Their journalist, Ross Colthart from Australia broke the story with his interview with Grusch. Since then, he now has a weekly program called REALITY CHECK. Add to that list Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, who sat right behind Grusch at the hearing. They have a podcast called Weaponized. When you see their names mentioned in my links, give a listen.

I am in telepathic communication with a member of my soul group or “cluster,” named Antura who is also an ET from Nommo in the Sirius B Star System. He and his teammates are 50 miles above us in a huge three-mile-wide and twenty stories tall mothership, which along with 24 First Contact book or so other motherships are taking millions of readings each day as part of the Earth Experiment. You can read much more about him, his work, teammates, planet, and mothership in my
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. Here are more links to stories and UFO sightings sent to me by my “researcher,” Mantej, who volunteered for the job when I did not have the time. Please keep in mind that I post there throughout the week on Facebook, where you can follow me at TomTMooreAuthor.

Another excellent group of unusual sightings. 16 min. Click here.

Lots of interesting sightings. 8 min. Click here.

Really bizarre sightings. 11 min. Click here.

Good UFO images over the pyramids in Egypt and El Gouna. 9 min. Click here.

UFOs over Canada, Florida and more. 9 min. Click here.

UFO caught on live TV in Oklahoma City. 13 seconds. Click here.

UFO caught on wedding video on Italian beach. 1 min. Click here.

Finally, a UAP over Dallas Texas. 31 sec. (I’ve been looking for them each evening) Click here.

UFOs spotted by Spanish military aircraft, over Peru, and other places. 8 min. Click here.

Excellent recounting of ET spacecraft crash in 1955 in Sweden. 10 min. Click here.

Sen. Gillibrand demands that AARO hold another public hearing this Weaponizedsummer on UAP's. 13 min. Click here.

News Nation interviews Congressman Burchett about latest Classified briefing for UFO caucus. 3:39 min. Click here.

Weaponized Podcast #53 with Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp (the 2 guys everyone saw sitting behind David Grusch at the Congressional hearing. 1:10 min. Click here.

Antura in the wings with my teammates and the Pleiadian monitoring.

Good morning and good life everyone.

Sandy writes:
My question is why do so many people still say they are interacting with ET visitors and being told that part of what's going on now in the world with all the conflicts, wars, polarization, etc., is because these conflicts between negative and benevolent ET groups and their human counterparts are still going on? They seem quite worried about it.

In fact, the link from Krishna in last week’s newsletter connects to a UFO Depictiongroup in Latin America (cosmic agency) that claims to be in touch with Pleiadeans from Taygaeta. They also say that a lot of their Pleiadean contacts are warriors who are busily protecting earth from intruders in accord with Federation agreements. ??

If you have any insights about why this war view is still being promoted, would love to hear it.

I have come around to believing that we on Earth are in the process of raising our awareness but that there are still forces here that are trying to keep this process from happening and that is partly why disclosure is delayed, etc., and we're still struggling. But I am much encouraged by your news that the energy is shifting since the eclipse and am hopeful that things will progress now.

Antura, why do we keep hearing about Federation planets still having to Types of ET spacecraftprotect us?

There are other intelligent species in the universe (and even other universes) that are attracted to see what’s going on with Creator’s great experiment on Earth. The Federation has rules in place for such things as the size of the ships allowed to come here, they must be cloaked so as not to be seen unless it is permitted, such as in your last four months when we have allowed more of these ships to be seen to bring the understanding that you are not the only intelligent species in the universe. We prevent such peoples from exploiting humans in any way, while at the same time, we, meaning the Federation, make sure that no one on Earth gets ahead of the other countries with these back engineering being done in six countries. If anyone violates these rules, they are permanently barred from coming to Earth. Image by Sofia Goldberg

Pleiadian, you said last time that there are fewer different types of people on your ship than the 39 different types of people on the Pleiadian ship and said over 20. Do you have 25 different types of people, 30, or how many?

Go with the figure of 28, Tom. That is close to the exact number of different types of beings on our ship.

What is the total number of crew on your ship, and the total number of family members?

Our crew numbers around 700, plus their families totaling 1,200 plus.

Antura, why were so many body types tested over thousands of years, Pleiadianswhen it seems we wound up looking like Pleiadians?

Our Pleiadian friend is laughing right now. Creator wanted ETs to make sure the best bodies—what are now termed Homo sapiens, or the Adam and Eve models, would be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the 4 negative energies. Various human varieties were tested to make sure there were no better options than the ones the Pleiadians presented. There are differences not only internally, but with, as an example, your eyes, that are not as perceptive as Pleiadian eyes. It was also felt that one day you would want to meet other people in the universe and the Pleiadians, who have a lot of say so in the Earth Experiment, felt that someone close to your appearance would not frighten you.

Antura, did the government or a corporation pay someone at TMZ to play down or dismiss the report and video of a UFO over New York, or was it just lazy reporting?

Sorry, Tom, but here we have to say a little of both. There is a producer there that has an ongoing relationship with people that pay to kill stories. It was easy in this case to discount the account before News Nation and the Daily Mail followed up on the story and interviewed the lady who took the video and found someone else on the plane that verified her story. Like many news organizations, they bought into the account that no proof of any extraterrestrial craft has been confirmed, according to AARO.

How was the date of the Phoenix Lights chosen?Phoenix Lights

We were able to see, from all the reports and readings taken, that that time period would be a good one to have a sighting that would be talked about for many years to come. It was a mass of data that was studied to finally decide when and where for our ship to make an appearance. Night was chosen so that no one could make out the exact appearance of our spacecraft.

How is your Grass Roots team ranked on board your ship? You seem not to have a lot of say so on board your ship?

Now we are smiling. Everything that is decided is based on the millions of readings taken each day all around the world. We have a lot of say, but it’s like a glass ceiling that has to rise a little more for actions to be taken.

Yes, but your definition of “soon” and our definition of “soon” seems to be quite different. You’ve been saying “soon” for well over a year now.

Yes, but it has taken longer for your Timeline to accept the idea of intelligent species than it took for Timeline 7. I can assure you that “soon” does mean that even with your definition.


This story, and the next three, originally appeared last week in my BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES BLOG. Please go to to read hundreds of more stories that are archived there from people living THE GENTLE WAY!Texas Tornado

Teresa in Austin Texas writes: Hey, Tom: Hope all is well. We had a very small twister come through our neighborhood this morning. A few neighbors who had their windows open said it sounded like a train. Our windows were closed, and I did not hear anything. It was raining hard, and I did say, "I welcome the gentle wind and gentle rain" three times.

One neighbor four doors down had a tree fall into their daughter's bedroom window and one neighbor two doors down had a very large tree totally uprooted and thrown against their house. Huge damage. Before I go to sleep at night, I always say an MBO for our house and every inch of property to be protected.


Urvish writes from India: Hope you are doing well, lots of love and light to you. 🙏
I said an MBO for a refreshing trip and good time with an old friend and his family, taking our 1.5 year old out for a long ride.Children playing in India

We were going on a trip to a friend's place 7 hours away and our daughter has turned 1.5 years old and it's tough to keep her entertained in such a long car ride these days. No longer the innocent baby, you know. I asked for an MBO for a smooth incident road trip, have a calm mind throughout and that our 1.5 year old behaves in the car ride.

To our amazement, she slept through her first 3/4 hours and then she sat the remaining 3 hours in a car seat playing with toys or watching toddler rhymes. She followed the same routine on the way back. This was the first time in her car seat and that too for a long ride.

Even at my friend's place she played well with his daughters and we all also had a great time playing cards, eating out and visiting the beach. It was indeed a fun, refreshing trip with no bad events.


Aimee writes: I have a question. Whenever possible, I have asked for many MBOs that do not get any positive outcome at all. I feel like either I don't know how to ask it, or they just ignore me for some reason. [MBOs were for parking space.]

Keep in mind that what we ask for must be within the boundaries of our Peter Cheyney Dark Bahamassoul contract or path. An extreme example would be to request to win the Lottery. That is a soul contract item for those who must learn how to handle sudden wealth, which might be an inheritance or making a killing in the stock market.

I tried to raise money for a series of spy films, based on books by Peter Cheyney, but the funding kept falling apart, even though I requested MBOs all along the way. My GA Theo said that was not on my soul contract and that I would reach many more people through my books and talks.

In many cases, something better is on the way.
But also keep in mind that it has to be benevolent for anyone that is in any way affected by your MBO request.


Lee writes from Florida: Good day, Tom! This is a follow up to an MBO that I said several weeks ago but not sure if I posted here about it though. I lost an earring that is very difficult to fall/pull out of an ear lobe. Frankly I was surprised when I noticed it missing! So, I said an Loop earringMBO to find my earring, even though I had no idea when it fell out. I checked my car, in the sheets of the bed, the floors, etc. and finally after a couple weeks of on and off looking I figured it was gone forever.

Friday morning, I was getting ready to go out and I picked up a pair of slip-on shoes and there was the earring right inside the shoe! That pair of shoes was sitting in that spot since November! And there are other shoes right there that I wear often but there was my small hoop earring only about 1/2” in diameter sitting right there like it was there all the time waiting for me!
lol I love MBOs and bear in mind they are not always instant! Have a great day!


Susanne writes from Westchester New York: NJ, and with it the NY Metro area, experienced a 4.8 earthquake on Friday, April 5 with a 4.0 aftershock later in the day. The earthquake was felt from Philadelphia to Boston, so a geographical swath with many millions of people. The earthquake happened so cannily just a few days before the solar eclipse on April 8. Given the rarity of earthquakes in his area I am wondering Earthquake damagecan we expect a major earthquake in the NYC Metro area in the near future?

What is the connection between Friday’s earthquake and Monday’s solar eclipse? It’s almost like “ratting people’s minds out of oblivion,” “shaking things up,” or something like it. I would be grateful for any further clarification.

Gaia, was there any connection between the earthquake in New Jersey and the solar eclipse and can we expect a larger earthquake in the New York metroplex?

It did help me loosen the earth there, but as the news outlets reported, there was little damage. I just needed to settle the earth a little. And no, there will not be a larger earthquake in that whole area anytime this century. As we have mentioned before, they will have problems with rising ocean levels, causing flooding during large storms and hurricanes.


Rita writes: Hello from Canada.
Thank you for all your work in the world of channeling and benevolent prayers! My family and I are ardent followers. It’s now an integral part of our lives!

I have a couple of queries for you to direct to whomever is appropriate.
Have the Russians got a device that can cause Havana Syndrome?US Emabassy Havana
Are there any world leaders that are using Astrology as an added tool to help navigate global politics/affairs and also situations/issues in their countries? It seems to me that astrology would be an awesome tool!

Gaia, as a conformation, the Russians have a device that causes Havana Syndrome, and who else?

Yes, they do have this device, which has been used on U.S. diplomats. You can add in the Chinese and also the Americans. That is all at the present time.

Do any world leaders use astrology?

Not as much as Ronald Reagan, whose wife was reported to use this tool extensively. At most, some world leaders might read their daily or monthly forecasts, but no one, even including the premier of India, has an astrologer on staff. This will change in the future.

I did think the Indian leader might have a Vedic Astrologer.

No, he is still a Young, third quadrant soul with many lives ahead of him.

I’ll add in that I made a lot of money in my early days in our tour business by using astrology.


Alan writes: I am curious about Karma and reaping what we've sown.
How much of what is happening on the planet is Karma, and does Forgiveness help to heal this. Always Blessing You for your help.
The MBOs work Great. Thank You.

Theo, how much of what is happening on Earth balancing, and does ForgivenessForgiveness help to heal this?

Fully 50% and perhaps a little higher is balancing many past lives. Don’t forget that 70% of the people having lives on Earth right now are Young souls, and that includes those with less than 100 lives on Earth, with many mistakes made in those previous lives. Even Medium and Old souls have balancing, just much less so, and this can be subtle, such as health issues.

Regarding Forgiveness, you need to forgive yourself first. As we have pointed out over and over and you have in your weekly Newsletter, you need to say the Benevolent Prayer every day, which does affect all your other lives going on at the same time on Earth. If you say that each day, not only will this life become easier, but all the other lives you are having on Earth become easier too. Our advice is to make an effort—you will be rewarded.


For my new readers, I am proposing a national gun buyback program that would have bipartisan support in Congress, because it is STRICTLY VOLUNTARY. Please sign the petition at We’re up over 1,390 this week!

Bay City News, May 7, 2024: 24 Assault Weapons, 1 Machine Gun Groceries for GunsPurchased In Gun Buyback
The menacing weapons were just part of the haul turned in Saturday.
SAN MATEO COUNTY — A San Mateo County gun buyback event over the weekend yielded nearly 300 firearms, as well as a record number of turned-over assault rifles in the program's six-year history, the Sheriff's Office said.

A total of 297 guns were turned in Saturday, including 24 assault weapons, four ghost guns, and a machine gun.

"The turnout for Saturday's anonymous gun buyback speaks to the importance of events like this which provide community members with an avenue to remove unwanted firearms from their homes, ultimately creating a safer San Mateo County," Sheriff Christina Corpus said Monday.

Residents were paid between $50 and $200 depending on the firearm, all of which will be destroyed.

April 28, 2024 (FOX40.COM) — Over 100 guns were turned in at a gun buyback event, according to the Stockton CA Police Department.

It was a successful turn out with 113 firearms turned in,” SPD said in a post on social media. “The majority of the firearms were legally owned; however, they were no longer wanted and had since been unsafely stored.”

'I don't need them'; Montgomery County residents turn in 150 firearms at gun buyback event.
April 20, 2024, GERMANTOWN, MD (7News) — Piles among piles of Guns boughtunwanted firearms were zip tied and loaded into Montgomery County Sheriff's Office vans Saturday during a gun buyback event in Germantown.

County officials tell 7News about 150 firearms were turned in, including ghost guns and some explosives.

Community members were able to surrender firearms in exchange for grocery store gift cards; functioning handguns, rifles, and shotguns were worth $100 and functioning military assault-style weapons and privately manufactured firearms (“ghost guns”) were worth $200.

So why not email or call your Congressperson or Senator and suggest that they get behind a BIPARTISAN bill to help lower gun violence in the United States. You can also list my phone number and email address if they wish to contact me. The AVAAZ link is . Here is more information below, so that you can get on the bandwagon. It will raise your vibrational level!

  1. This will have bipartisan support since it does not require anyone to do anything. It is ALL VOLUNTARY!
  2. No money is given that can be used to buy more guns.
  3. Payment is made with money cards that can only be used at supermarkets or grocery stores.
  4. People are concerned that only law-abiding citizens will give up their guns. Over weeks and months there will be people who turn in guns because someone in their family may be considering suicide or going on a shooting spree. Free gun locks would also be given out.
  5. This would be overseen by the ATF, instead of the Justice Department. They would collect the guns once a month (or sooner) and destroy them the same way they destroy other confiscated guns. This also ensures that some local police department will not sell them out the back door, as is being done presently.
  6. Another possible benefit I have not mentioned before: Presenting this bill before Congress will allow for Amendments to be voted on. Perhaps one or two might pass this time. We won’t know unless we find a Congressperson or Senator to sponsor the bill.

If you want to cut down on gun violence, please support the petition by AVAAZ orgSIGNING! With thousands of subscribers to this Newsletter, why can’t we have thousands of signatures? Share this with your friends and family! We’ve climbed to over 1,390. Let’s get to 2,000! Please sign and then you can use this tiny URL to send to your friends:, or do you just wish to keep seeing mass shootings every day? 2023 ended with 656 MASS SHOOTINGS! Plus, contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators as I have. If we can stop even one or two in the future, isn’t that worth signing and supporting this gun buyback proposal? No one else is doing anything. Please join with me—don’t be passive on this—SIGN!! What does it take to get you to add your signature?


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