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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

July 25, 2020

Tom T. Moore



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My latest book, ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Revealed!” has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Here are a couple of sample chapters. Click here.

And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Jerry writes from New Mexico: So today’s newsletter (always cannot wait to US House of Representativesread it every week) says Trump still has the highest probability to win. However, what do your GAs say about the Senate flipping to D and House staying D? Yes, I am getting tired of dealing with the Negative energies, haven’t we proved ourselves to move on yet?

Gaia, what is the highest probability for the Senate and House election results?

The highest probability at this time is for there to continue to be a shift towards compassion for others. Will that result in both houses of Congress going Democratic? That probability right now sits at 50%. It would seem that there would be a giant swing, but such is not the case on the local level, where people are slow to shift their loyalties. Still, that is a little higher than before, so you can ask me again as we get closer to your elections in the United States.


Netflix has been advertising an expose’ of “The Family,” who supposedly has  Douglas Coe & President Bushgreat influence behind the scenes in Washington, DC, with the members of Congress.

Gaia, is Douglas Coe as powerful as the Netflix series describes him? And what quadrant is he on? And what is the probable future for “The Family”?

Their power will begin to ebb now that Mr. Coe will be brought into the limelight, and how this group operates. This will not happen overnight. But this will begin an open season as more reporters will focus their attention on Mr. Coe and other high profile members of The Family. Mr. Coe, for all his influence, is still in the last quadrant of a Young soul. This is considered a significant life for him, as his soul interest is government.

Wikipedia: Click here.


Robert writes: Tom: What is the status of racism/slavery in the other timelines? If eradicated, how?

Gaia, what is the status of racism and slavery on the upper and lower timelines?

Night and day would be an accurate description, Tom. Yes, there is racism and a Stop Racismlittle slavery on the upper Time Lines 9 to 11, as they must have learning too, but there are much better resources that have been developed to handle cases, and people are much more gentle to one another. Still, their road will include racism for some time, but will be a path you will take on your timeline, just sooner than later in all aspects.

The lower timelines, as would be expected, have a little worse to far worse on Time Lines 4 to 1. More riots, more poverty, more outright racism, the lower the timeline. You will be their shining beacon of hope as you solve your problems, they will follow your path. As you send white light and love each day all over this planet, encourage your readers to do as you do and send white light and love to the other timelines as that helps them too.

Every day, I send white light and love all over this planet, but then I send white light and love to all the other Time Line Earths, one to twelve, so there is no place without light. Please do so too!


These questions came from Maria in Estonia.

Gaia, why are there 12 timelines and not more, or do the thousands of probabilities within those 12 make the need for more a moot subject?

Creator felt that 12, being a master number, as your mathematicians will Time Linesdiscover one day, was sufficient for the Experiment. Even as a quantum master, it would be difficult for me to handle more parallel Earths, and all the souls you call group souls would have had a difficult time in handling anymore Earths.

Probability is a different cat, you could say, Tom. Here we again get into a subject that even your own quantum scientists will take hundreds of years to understand.

Gaia, which frequency level will remain on Earth when the Earth Experiment ends? Will the other frequencies disappear, plus the parallel Earths, and there will be no space-time continuum?

Eventually, Tom, there will be a combining of timelines, but that is thousands of Parallel Earthsyears in the future for the Explorer Race. What was created for the Experiment can be uncreated, shall we say. Eventually, there will be only one frequency and that will match the rest of the universe, which by that time will have absorbed the negative energy—your greatest accomplishment. People all across the universe will want to travel to where it all began.

What about the buildings and roads 7,000 years from now?

They will be long past the need of any roads, and by then, they will have the power to uncreate buildings. They will not be in the third dimension. They will think and it will be created or uncreated as required.

So you said I would be around as one of the last people on Earth. I assume I will be one of the uncreators?

Exactly, Tom. Even more than that, you will have a responsibility to oversee all  Grief and Lossthe cleanup, we have called it for your purposes.

Gaia, what does the soul need to learn not to experience loss anymore?

These are all part of the experiences your souls need in the future to become a creator, Tom.

Gaia, what does the soul need to learn not to experience loss anymore?

They are part of Creator’s creation and Creator loves these negative spirits, as they are termed, just as much as Creator loves you. This also reduces their power when love is heaped on them.

Are negative and positive energies able to be seen in the physical universe, such as Black Holes?

I will not give you too much information here, Tom, as I have previously told you there are revelations in the future for your scientists. Let’s just say that you must keep in mind that the rest of the universe consists of 10 positive energies. The Black Holes work within that structure, so in a way you are viewing one of the laws of these 10 energies.


Gaia, I was told that the Atlanteans (correct me if I misreceived) used tunnels for high speed movement. Did they drill those tunnels or were they already in existence?

Surprisingly for you, Tom, they were already in existence. They were discovered Giant Tunnelduring a routine drilling operation. After sending probes down, they widened the opening and discovered the vast tunnel network, which had been used by ETs, who had not wished to be observed going from one place to the next in their spaceships. There was quite a lot of movement in those days, before the Earth Directive came into effect. You do understand this was quite a revelation to the Atlanteans, and was used extensively up until the continent sank around 31,000 years ago. Then after recovery, they began using a part of it.

I would have thought that the odds of it running underneath Poseidia and/or Aryan would have been slim?

Again, we said partially. Much of the tunnels were destroyed along with the continent.

I thought my group partially used tunnels to migrate to Europe.

You misreceived on that one point, Tom.

I would assume there are some tunnels, or perhaps quite a few, still in existence?

Yes, but they have not been rediscovered.


For my new readers, Theo introduced me to an ET, who happens to be a member of my soul group or “cluster” in 2008. Since then, I’ve asked thousands of questions, and some of them you can read in my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book. He has lived 800 lives on Earth, with a soul interest in exploration and laying out brand new towns and cities. Here are the First Contact bookquestions I asked this week.

Antura, not on the list is when you mentioned that you are having this life to assist me, or something to that effect, you know that it was simply not to have the appearance on paper of making what to some people would be quite a claim.

Yes, I know, Tom. But I thought it was time for your readers to understand how important your work is this time around. Yet, when you think about it, we are setting up these lives millions of years in the past, which should tell your readers how much planning goes into all of your and our lives on Earth. So, now your readers perhaps understand just a little better as to how important these lives are.

Dave writes: Thank you for replying to my email and confirming the observations made by Scott C. Waring of some NASA footage of a spacecraft 25 times the size of Earth exiting the sun.

I have many questions concerning that enormous spacecraft.

First up, I’m curious about who these visitors are. Are they part of the existing Explorer Race Project testing crew or are they some new family invited to our galaxy as one time observers? Are they a race of giant beings (my small joke) or, my guess, are there safety reasons for their spacecraft’s size?

My next question concerns the purpose of the visit. The sun is currently going Giant Spacecraftthrough a period of low solar activity called a solar minimus. This the low end of a natural cycle where the sun goes from low solar activity to high solar activity (solar Maximus). Were the visitors here to look under the sun’s “hood” and check the oil during a safer time of low solar activity or does it make it easier to observe the sun’s inner workings at this time of dormancy?

Next question...

According to NASA, this yellow dwarf star’s mass is an astoundingly large -
1,989,100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000kg and this enormous mass’s gravitational pull keeps our galaxy’s heavenly bodies spinning around it, including our beloved Earth.

Considering the sun’s mass, its gravitational pull, and the high heat and radiation generated by this fireball, in layman’s terms, how was the spaceship able to enter the sun without burning up or being squashed?

Now, a question about the ship’s propulsion system: How did the spacecraft Ships and sunmanage to make escape velocity from the sun’s gravity? How does a craft of this size overcome inertia? Does this have something to do with the size and mass of this object? Can you provide some hints about its propulsion system? Does it use some form of gravitational amplification to pull it toward where it needs to go?

How was a spacecraft of this size fabricated? Did they use thought transformation of matter to build the spacecraft?

I would guess that this spacecraft would have to be built at a safe distance from their planet to protect their plant from the gravitational effects of its size or have they a technology which neutralizes that effect?

Finally, is there a secondary motive behind the appearance of the largest spacecraft ever seen in our backyard? Is this also a means of applying benevolent pressure on the leaders of this planet to reveal the truth of visits from our celestial neighbors by creating a giant “elephant in the room” at a time leading to the imminent diplomatic mission to Earth?

Tom, I’m going to stop here before I completely go down a multiverse of parallel rabbit holes.

Antura, where was the huge spacecraft from—our universe or another?UFO

From this universe, but a galaxy far away.

How many populate the ship?

Several million, Tom. As we said before, it is the largest ship that has ever visited this galaxy.

What purpose did the ship have for visiting the sun and even going within?

This is beyond your scientists’ understanding at this time, Tom. The ship, besides being able to withstand the heat of the sun, was allowed by Sun to slip inside without seemingly displacing the surface or interior of the sun. That should tell you how advanced the construction of the artificial planetoid is. They have the capability of changing their frequency, just as the scout ships do that you might see in the sky.

Where did this ship originate, or perhaps I should ask how old is the ship?

Well over one billion years old, Tom—actually much older than that. It was built by a group of races whose sun was predicted to explode.

Do they share their findings? Video, Click here.

Oh yes, they do not keep the information, but share it freely. We were interested UFO Coming out of Sunin their study of this sun.

Why did Sun allow it?

They asked in love, Tom, and assured Sun it would not be harmed in any way.

Does it use the same type of power your Sirian spacecraft use or some other sort of energy?

I would have to say a different energy. You will learn in the future that there are several different types of energy.

Could a Sirian ship have the ability to go inside our Sun?

Not without modification, Tom. Again, this can only be taken so far in a discussion at this time.

How was it constructed?

They learned to ask the components of the ship if they wanted to be part of the Star Wars Death Starship. Most were quite happy to be a component—a part of the ship. It was strictly voluntary.

Was there a secondary purpose for it being shown at this time, such as government communication?

We cannot deny that mentioning a ship having traveled to this solar system that is 25 times the size of Earth, would be impressive to those we deal with in government. They were notified not to be alarmed.

Mantej in the UK writes: Are you going to ask Antura on the rumored forthcoming New York Times article on UFO crash retrievals?

“UFO JESUS” talks about it here in the video: Click here.

Antura, is there going to be a New York Times article on the recovery of crashed NY Timesspaceships—UFOs?

Yes, Tom. This will be big news, and we hinted at this before. It will mark a major change that will force governments to admit this has been going on for many years. You’ll see.

Antura, does Dr. Greer have a connection to Sirius?

Yes, as don’t forget you have a Sirian connection too. You two will meet one day in the future. You will supply a piece of the puzzle he is missing.

I assume part of that is the verbal voices to combine.

Exactly, but there is more.

What quadrant is he on?

He is a medium soul of the first quadrant. You can say that he is a seasoned soul who also is working to connect humans to your ET uncles and aunts.

Antura, are motherships created by thought?

Yes, they passed the need to actually construct these ships by hand. We have not really touched on this before as it would seem too foreign to you. But it is group thought and not just one being. You have been told before that these ships have an awareness and therein lies the answer.

Cannot find the email of who asked this.

Antura, do ETs have what we call Pets that they take care of?

There is a symbiotic relationship between certain species where one species protects and takes care of another species. They do not consider their relationships to be as pets. Both give to each other—true love.


These three stories came from last week’s Blog that I post each Saturday. These are different from the newsletters, so go to and sign up to be notified when I post the Blog each week. Great inspiring stories! Please send me one this week!

Becky writes from Texas: Wow! My lesson for the day....MBOs aren't just for Healthcare Insurance"big" things. I said an MBO just before calling my health insurance to sort out the outstanding balances from a recent medical test. I spoke with Mark, who explained that I was being billed due to the provider being out of network. I then spoke with the doctor's billing department, who offered another solution to help, but said I would likely end up paying the claim anyway.

After concluding those calls, the phone rang and I "knew" it was Mark from Blue Cross. Mark said something about my claim was "bothering him" and he told his supervisor he needed to continue working on it. Mark resubmitted it with a different coding and the claim was approved!

I'm absolutely thrilled. Thank you, Tom for all that you do.


Carol writes: I am on the board of an HOA. One of our units had an underground sewer leak due to tree roots making the unit temporarily unlivable. The tenant is the son of the owner; he has some problem either bipolar, extreme Home Owners Association Meetinganger or something else. He has harassed every worker that has come to fix the problem, spewing racial slurs, profanity to the extent that vendors actually recorded him and our attorney had to send him a cease and desist letter. Our board meeting was this Tuesday and I was informed he and his mother would be on the Zoom meeting.

Before the meeting I asked my GA Anthony for an MBO that things would go well. When their item came up on the agenda (thankfully his mother was doing most of the talking as she is the owner), I calmly stated that we all had the same goal to get the unit fixed and get them back in as soon as possible. Part of their frustration was that due to his attitude and the way he treated people no one wanted to talk with them. So I answered their questions, finding myself very relaxed and calm. A couple of times he jumped in with his angry comments, but his Mother shut him up. His mother complimented me on the way I handled things saying she felt she got the answers she had been looking for. After the meeting, various people commented what a great job I did handling the situation. I was very grateful to my GA Anthony and the power of MBOs.

I also suggested to Carol that she says a Benevolent Prayer for the young man to find treatment for his emotional issues, and to keep everyone safe around him.


Sylvia writes from London:

A few years ago my cousin and I had a few pieces of jewelry that needed Jewelrymending. I put it all in a small bag ready to take to a jeweler, but I became housebound due to health issues.

I thought it was all lost as I couldn’t find it, and I suspected it had ended up in a charity shop after a clear out.

Recently, my daughter found it!! And this was after I had apologized to my cousin for losing it and she graciously told me that she had forgotten all about it!

Here is the Benevolent Prayer:
“I ask all and any beings to ensure that the bag of jewelry, belonging to Christina and myself to be fixed, is found and returned to me, and may it be better than anything I could have expected. Thank you, thank you.”


John writes: Rod Serling

Did Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone, have a life in the future? Click Rod Serlinghere.

Theo, did Rod Serling have a life in the future?

Yes—more than one, Tom. Normally, this is not the case—one is sufficient for a writer of science fiction, but he wished to be quite prepared for this life.

Then what will be the life after this one? Back to the past again, or forward in our time?

Forward, Tom, but not too far. He still wishes to write and communicate in the 21st Century.


Charlie writes: Digging your own grave.

1. When you’re forced to dig your own grave before being killed and buried in Forced to dig his own graveit,  is the digging of your own grave to experience the humiliation that you forced the other person to endure, in a past life, who's about to kill you?

2. When did forcing people to dig their own grave before being killed and thrown in it begin, in the Atlantis times?

Theo, is digging your own grave before being killed balancing a past life? And when did this first originate?

First it originated back when people first believed in burial of the dead, which of course was long, long ago. There were superstitions.

Then in these times, yes it is typically balancing having done so to that same person, or to someone else, if that person forgave the murderer. That actually happened many times.


Mike writes: Wearing a Dunce Cap

As a punishment for not being intelligent enough to learn or for general Wearing a dunce capmisbehavior, schoolchildren used to be labeled as Dunces and be made to wear the Dunce Cap, a paper cone hat with "dunce" written on it.

Did wearing the paper cone dunce cap originate a long time ago in Atlantis or relatively new in the 20th century? Click here.

Theo, did wearing a dunce cap originate in the 20th century or all the way back to Atlantean times?

No, more an invention in what would be considered recent times, Tom. Needless to say, it was a poor idea to humiliate those who were slow learners, and/or those with a learning problem, such as dyslexic children. It was ignorance on the part of the teaching system at that time. They should have been the ones wearing the dunce caps.


Norbert in Canada writes: I have a question regarding lottery winnings. Is it true that the individuals who tend to win the big lotteries and other big jackpots are those who need to learn lessons surrounding money and wealth and have an Moneyunhealthy relationship with it? Thus, if an individual has a healthy relationship with money, doesn't abuse it or worship it, etc., their chances of winning the big one are very slim as there is no lesson to be learned here?

Theo, if a soul fragment has learned the lessons surrounding money and wealth, are they less or more likely to have a soul contract of wealth?

It all depends upon their overall soul interest, Tom. After lives of both poverty and wealth, perhaps they wish to benevolently help others by having a life of great wealth, where much of their wealth is used to assist others in need. Or, once they have had a life of wealth, they will simply have lives to work on other parts of their soul interest. There cannot be just one answer as there are many combinations where there are those that give, even though they have little, and then there are those lives where they do not give at all. As you can see, there are many sides to the same coin.


Linda writes: Is Dr. Joe Dispenza a reincarnation of George Gurdjieff. What Joe Dispenzasoul level was Gurdjieff?

Theo, is Dr. Joe Dispenza the reincarnation of George Gurdjieff? And what soul level was George on?

Dr. Joe is not, but a good guess by your reader, Tom. Both are or were medium souls, still with many lives to go, but as we have said before, seasoned.

Joe: Click here.

George: Click here.


Kurt writes: Hi Tom. I’ve always loved Sergei Rachmaninoff’s music, so when I Sergei Rachmaninofffirst heard Eric Carmen’s song All by Myself, I realized he had used one of Rachmaninoff’s movements as the melody. Is there any chance that Eric Carmen was Sergei Rachmaninoff?

Theo, is Eric Carmen the reincarnation of Sergei Rachmaninoff?

No, but a good guess by your reader, Tom. He did admire Sergei’s work and, as your reader noticed, used part of his composition.

Sergei Wikipedia: Click here.


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