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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

November 9, 2019

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the Welcomelink in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.

Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world, and it does raise your vibrational level.


Ralonne has the flu this week, so I’m editing the newsletter myself.  Therefore, all you English majors out there please pardon the mistakes.  I only majored in EditingEnglish on the upper time lines. 

I was estimating the other day how many questions I’ve asked since I began in 2005. My best estimate was somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 questions. As a reminder, all my newsletters, since I started them in 2007, are archived on my website in the Articles and News section at

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the Earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, Steve Rother says we are going to merge with an “alternate timeline,” November 16-23.  What is the difference with a normal time line?Time Lines

Yes, Tom.  The alternate time line he is referring to is actually Time Line 7.  It will be for only that short time period.  But it will raise your vibrational levels to experience, what we would describe, as the lower level of the 7th Time Line.  So do not be confused by his description.  Enjoy the feeling of lightness.

Will Time Line 7 briefly merge with Time Line 8, so they will enjoy something similar to what we will feel?

Yes, Tom.   

So just so that I am receiving correctly, there are only 12 Time Lines and we are briefly merging with Time Line 7, not some alternate, such as a time line 6.5, is that correct?

Absolutely, Tom.


Raphael in upstate New York writes: 
- Why are the bottoms of craters flat?
- Why does the moon reverberate like a hollow bell, upon an impact of heavy objects?
- Is the moon a base for aliens observing the earth?
- Who moved the earth and the moon, and why?

Now I wish to speak with Luna, soul of the Moon.

Luna here, Tom.  What do you wish to know today?

Why are the bottoms of your craters flat?Moon Crater

This is not for some super-secret activities, Tom.  There is just more that your geologists do not yet understand about my surface.  I will not give you the whole answer, but just a part of it.  These craters are millions of years old.  There is a settling that goes on, with the solar winds that I have, and the actual settling of the object that struck me over a very long period of time. 

I’m told that when you are struck with a heavy object, you reverberate like a hollow bell? 

There are caverns below my surface, but I am not hollow, just portions of my interior. 

Were you asked for permission by the ET’s that moved you to your present location?

Yes, but I was eager, shall we say, to be moved to this location, knowing that someday I would have visitors to my surface as part of the Earth Experiment, and that I would provide light for humans for many hundreds of thousands of years. 

What about the ET’s establishing a base on your backside, as we describe it.  ET Moon BaseDid they ask?

Of course.  I even advised them on the location. 

Which planet did you come from?  I think I asked this question a long time ago.

Yes you did.  It was Jupiter.

That’s all the questions I have today, Luna.  Thanks for speaking with me again, and I wish you a good life.

Good life, Tom, until we speak again.  I am always available to communicate with any of your readers.

In an earlier newsletter, and I think also in my FIRST CONTACT book, Earth needed a moon, having been moved here from the Sirius B Solar System for the Earth Experiment.  The ET’s did not want us to be in the middle of heavily trafficked space ways, I’ll call them.  We had to learn over thousands of years that we are not the only intelligent species in the universe.  They decided to put us at the far edge of the galaxy, in a solar system with a variety of planets that we will someday study.    


Stephanie writes:  Crystals- Do crystals contain different energies? If they are worn next to the body do they affect you? And if so, do different crystals do different things to your body? Does my belief in them effect the outcome? Can they contain healing energy?

MBOs- When I say them out loud, I always put my hands palms up to the sky--Praying with Palms Upwhy is that? What is that doing?

I am an artist and an adventurer, with everything I do, I know I am creative. Is that a soul path?

Theo, why do some people feel the need to put palms up when they say MBOs?  Any benefit?

This is partially a habit – the act of receiving—and partially a past life memory for welcoming these requests.  This was done in other times as a prayer.

Was this done in Atlantean times?

Quite so, but other times too.  Again, it is a sign of welcoming help from above. 

Are there any benefits?

Yes, which is why in your Yoga classes you are told to have the hands face up at times, to receive the energy. 

Do crystals contain different energies?

Certainly, there are different energies carried by different crystals.  Some Crystalscrystals you will resonate with more than others.  You will be able to feel the energy more so than others. 

If worn next to the body, how do they affect you?

Generally in a positive way.  There are crystals that assist in healing.  Again we point out that the Atlanteans used crystals as part of their healing, but ones much larger than the small ones today.  Still, the right crystal, tuned to the right frequency, can assist in healing.

Does belief affect the outcome?

Certainly, the belief in any healing modality can affect the outcome, just as disbelief can do the opposite.  You are telling the cells in your body that this particular treatment will correct the disease.  Crystals just do the job at a faster rate than just willing the cells to end their disease. 

Is being an Artist and an adventurer a soul interest?

Yes, both can be combined, as a soul interest.  These people tend to see things from a special, unique perspective. 


Mike writes from the UK: 
Trump had sex with teenage girl and a porn star in a All the President's Women bookbrothel, a book claims.

Does the secret video of Trump having a threesome with a teenage girl and a pornstar in the 1980's still exist, and will it be released? 
Click here

Gaia, does a secret video of Trump having a three-way with a teenage girl and a pornstar in the 80s actually exists, as a book claims? 

There was one made, Tom, but it no longer exists.  It would be a futile search for anyone wishing to pursue that investigation or inquiry.


Carole in Pennsylvania writes:  In the Sedona Journal, Lee Carrol states your cells are aware of what you say. You can tell them to get rid of the invader, because the body knows how. You are in control of your cells. I understand this, and I do affirmations for 30 days in a row on my health, like "Body cells, I ask for full body health in the bones.  Thank you."  Theo, I’ve read that we sometimes come in with a disease for a learning lesson in a particular life. How does this work with asking body cells to get rid of the invader?  Or, will it work, because we've learned so much to be love that the illness is allowed to leave?  Can we command our body cells?

There's a book called "The Oil That Heals" by Wm. McGarey M.D.  This doctor Castor Oilgot his ideas through Edgar Cayce readings. He practiced castor oil healings with his patients. Often, they came back that they tried it on other things --aches, pains, wounds etc.--and it worked. I know you have to also believe in something for it to work.  I started saying "Bless this castor oil and I thank it for coming to my body.  Body cells, take this castor oil in, and heal the body where is needed. Thank you."  Theo, how does castor oil heal so many things as Dr. McGarey mentions in his book?  And are you to use a heating pad, as I do this once a month? Other times I just rub castor oil on my joints, or things that I feel need some help.  Does it work just as good, Theo, if no heating pad is used?

There is a book out about medical medium, Anthony William, "Celery Juice."  Theo, does celery juice really heal all ailments?  What ingredient in the juice actually helps, and is that ingredient found in other vegetables?

I often read and say, "My mind includes no pain, or even the thought of pain. I am whole healthy and perfect, as God created me."  Theo, can we also say "Pain in my back, go away now." and will that work? Or a better explanation from Theo?  What about weight?  I exercise an hour a day Mon - Fri. I figure, going on 80, I don't have to exercise on a weekend.  I pretty much go back and forth, 5 lbs. up, 5 lbs. down, from 115 lbs.  What I say is "Body, you are to keep a proportional weight of ______ lbs, and keep a proportional slim, trim, and toned body. Thank you."  Is there a better way to say this?  Will the body cells listen to Celery Juice Bookthis?

I threw a lot of questions out there, but I know Theo knows the answers and can simplify things for me and others.

Gaia, we are supposed to communicate with our cells, but why does it seem to be inconsistent in ridding us of colds and disease?

Sometimes, Tom, it does have to do with your soul contracts.  Part of your bucket list of items you must experience during your lives on earth is learning how to gradually work on controlling these cells in your body.  Most of the time you are too busy just existing and making a living, to really put in the work needed to control these cells.  You can’t just namby-pamby communicate with them, when you first experience that cold or flu.  You must communicate with them on a daily basis. 

This will be something that everyone will learn in the future.  You’re moving in that direction, but are not consistent at this stage.  Yes, you must ask them to remain healthy on a daily basis.  This can be done in a daily meditative state.  Send you cells love each day.

Why does castor oil seem to have so many healing properties, I’m told?  And Castor Oil Benefitsdoes it work as well without a heating pad?

People, many years ago, discovered this liquid for treating a variety of ailments, long before the pharma-ceutical industry started playing with compounds that could make them millions of dollars.  They can’t make those billions of dollars with a simple oil.  Research funds are not available to study castor oil, but there are healing properties, and it should be researched further. 

A heating pad does increase its healing ability, but is not always needed to achieve the desired relief for pain.  I suggest you read up about what the claims are, and make your own decisions.  Remember, Tom, we do not want you to prescribe treatments.  Let your readers make their own decisions after studying their own situation.

Does celery juice heal a number of ailments?

Again, we can say that this vegetable has many healing properties, but again, let each person read about this plant and make their own decisions.  There is plenty of information on the internet.  People are discovering, Tom, that the old saying, “Keep it simple,” does have power. 

What is the best way to request steady weight?

You can do this in the form of an MBO request to keep or maintain a steady weight.  This can go hand in hand with learning to communicate with your cells.   Tell them you love them.  Tell them to find the perfect weight for you. 


For my new readers, Antura is my “brother on another planet.”  Theo introduced him to me back in 2008, and since then I’ve asked hundreds of questions.  Some of them you can read in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.  I guarantee that you will read more about other First Contactplanetary societies and our universe, and even the original star wars, than you have ever read anywhere else.  Here are more questions I asked this week.

Antura, is the reason that a scout ship or your ship seems much larger inside, is because the inside of these ships are at a positive energy?

Something like that, Tom.  When you enter these ships, you are no longer in a negative energy.  Positive energies have a larger expanse, we will call it for your purposes.  Negative energies have a more condensed nature. 

Antura, how many Andromedon ships are there orbiting the Earth, and are they 3,000 miles in width, as someone was told?

There are two, as was told, but no, their ships are no larger than ours.  You must understand that the exaggeration was given to this person for a reason.  They want to believe that these ships are capable of whisking them away, in case the Earth is in danger.  As we have said before, that will not happen.  The Andromedons are our friends and colleagues, and are part of the Federation. UFO

But just to reiterate, you are not reducing the actual size of their ships or your ship in order to not scare us?

No, Tom.  Both our ship and theirs are what I said before—about 3 miles in width. 

This question came from Harrrie. 

Antura, what is the name for the human race you use?

Similar, Tom.  Continue to use Homo sapiens, as that is quite close to our term for you. 


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way! You can now sign up to receive notification of the Blog, along with a link.

RJ writes from Ventura County California:  Have said multiple MBOs that the WildfireEasy and Maria fires not reach my home and not to lose power for hours during this and future Santa Ana wind events, and BPs for Gaia to cut back on the strong winds so that firefighters can gain control of all of the existing fires before any loss of property or life occurs for all of the SoCal fires. Unfortunately, in some of the fires further south about 6 homes were lost, but considering how many were saved, it was better than we could've hoped for.

I am happy to say that most of my prayers for the Maria and Easy fires have been answered thus far. Only lost power for 10 minutes last night, but it hasn't gone out since.
Said an MBO for the 30-40 mph winds to die down on the evening of 10/30, and right away the winds died right down in my area. To be clear, they didn't completely abate, but they did reduce in intensity for the rest of the night Wednesday.

As for the fires, thankfully, neither fire has reached my part of town; the Easy fire in Simi Valley is 80% contained and, according to TV news, the Maria fire nearby is now burning away from homes to an area that's almost completely devoid of vegetation, so VCFD is going to let the fire burn itself out.

Those are successful MBOs/BPs in my opinion!


Linda in Halfmoon wrote:  We had big storms coming through the area, and the storms were going to hit around midnight.  I get nervous because I live alone at Stormthe base of the stream so I said, “I welcome gentle rain and gentle wind, free of flooding with my arms raised three times facing the storms,” and I also asked that the storms not disturb my sleep and not frighten me.  I ended up sleeping through the night.  I read from the news the next day that these storms were unusual because they were heavy wind and rain, but no thunder or lightning.  No loud noise!  Also, no flood for me!  Thanks for all you do!

[This exactly what Gaia told me to do when strong storms, when the possibility of hail and tornadoes is in the forecast.]


New Mommy Severine writes:   Baby Gabriel, his dad, and I are great, thanks to Baby getting vaccinatedMBOs. :)
Today, Gabriel had another vaccine shot;
needless to say that we said a BP with my mom for him again. We asked that his vaccination to be pain free, tear free without any side effects. We also asked any and all beings “to bless the vaccination to raise its vibrations and to bless the person who will inject the product.”  Then, of course Gabriel did not even react during the process and remained relaxed--no tears at all. This time he didn’t even frown, like he did last time. 

Next month. I will be back at work, so I am enjoying every minute of his presence,
and will post soon on your FB page a BP request for everything to go better than we could hope.

God bless you with wonderful MBOs for everything that matters to you.


These questions came from Stephanie, Diana, Paul, and Terry.

King Finvarra here, Tom.  Good morning.

And good life to you, your queen and all the faerie clans.

King, when we tear out weeds in our yards to make room for plants, does it Deweeding a flower bedbother faeries?

No, not in the least, Tom.  We know in advance about your planting plans, and look forward to having additional duties.

Should we say an MBO to have faeries look after the new plants?

We greatly appreciate the prayers on the plant’s behalf, and it gives us the desire to be even more diligent in our care of the plants. 

Should we talk out loud to faeries, or does it take place telepathically?

Certainly your human voices have great energy in the use of your vocal chords, but we can understand you, when you communicate telepathically, just as the two of us are doing now. 

Is here a special time of day to communicate?

As we work nocturnally, setting aside a time in the early evening to express your desires or even to ask questions is a good time.

What make faeries happy?

We are happy virtually all the time, as we are taking care of plant and tree life.  Faerie and flower depictionIt makes us even happier when we see humans doing the same.

What is the actual size of the small dwarfs we spoke about last time?

They are a little over one foot in height, Tom—no, not 18 inches as you were thinking.

Are they trolls, King?

No, trolls are a different breed of faeries.  We have not touched on them yet. 

So the small group of dwarfs is still a separate clan?

Quite so. 

Do the faeries or plants communicate its needs?

Both can.  A human just has to tune in.  You can do so in a number of ways.

Terry had a past life regression as a faerie queen.  Was this on Earth, or when?Faerie Princess depiction

On Earth, but as a human, not as a true faerie.  More so a life in touch with the faerie world.

Has she had a life with the dwarfs?

She was able to communicate with them during that life. 

What do Leprechauns generally want from humans?

Anything they can get for free, or by tricking a human to give up something of value.  They enjoy pulling the wool, I believe you call it, over a human. 

So, trolls are real?

Yes, Tom. 

What is their size, and how many are there?

In the same range as the dwarfs, Tom.  Another group with not a lot of numbers.  A little more in number than the dwarfs.

What do faeries do for plants?  Do they pollinate them?

Yes, in some cases.  And to answer another question, yes, we sing to them too.  Troll depictionMost importantly, we listen to their needs. 

I think that’s all my questions for today, King Finvarra.  Thanks for all your answers.

(11/6/19) King, you said there are hundreds of varieties of faeries, but only 13 group souls—why?

Yes, some of the group souls, Tom, enjoy multiple creations.  Whereas there will be only one group soul for, let’s say, oak trees or dogs, our group souls enjoy creating a number of different, yet related beings. 

Your group souls would not be considered larger pieces of the Creator you came from?

No, but just as your souls may be having up to, and even over one million lives going on across the universe, our group souls realized we needed to create a variety of beings to handle all the work needed, to take care of all the plants and trees and flowers. 

So I did not receive a lower number than it actually is, regarding the number of group souls?

No, you will see eventually the relationship the soul fragments have to each Elvesother. 

Have we discussed elves before?

No we have not, Tom.  They are yet another branch you could say of the faerie world. 

How tall are they?

More along the lines of the height of the Leprechauns, Tom.  Small, but not as small as some of the other clans. 

Why do they differ from the dwarfs, trolls, and gnomes?

It is because their group soul wishes to express itself this way, Tom.

What are their numbers? 

They are larger in numbers, but not enormous.  Let’s say for your purposes, a few thousand.

What is their work?

Like all of us, they work to care for the forests, and all that grows there.  You can read more about them, and we can return for you to ask more questions.Gnomes & elves depiction

What work do gnomes do, since they are tiny fellows, you have said? 

Don’t discount their abilities just because they are tiny.  They have the ability to travel great distances during the nocturnal hours.  That gives them the ability to handle a large area. 

What types of faeries live in urban cities?

A variety, but out of necessity, normally very small varieties.  It would be impossible in a city for the larger faerie clans to have a presence there.

That’s all the questions today, King Finvarra.  I do wish you a good life until next time.


Mike writes:  LESLIE NIELSENLeslie Nielson

I remember watching an interview once with Leslie Nielsen (and referring to his comedy films), he said, “I try to get to work earlier every day on set, just so I can start laughing quicker!”  I remember thinking, what a wonderful thing to say, and of course what a wonderful job to have, if someone was so lucky to make comedy films and making people laugh, and enjoying themselves along the way.

Nielsen actually started out in regular acting and not comedy, but later on (and now most remembered) went into comedy films and was known for his hilarious deadpan delivery!

Has Nielsen had more past lives in comedy than just general acting?
Click here.

Theo, has Leslie Nielsen had other comedic lives?  And what quadrant is he in?

Jay LenoYes, Mr. Nielson’s life would be considered significant, as you can imagine, and is not the first time he has enjoyed playing comedic roles.  He will do more comedic roles in future lives, as he enjoys making people laugh.  He is at the end of the last quadrant of young lives.  He has many more lives to go.

John writes:  JAY LENO

Why is it Jay Leno's soul contract to have a collection of more than 181 cars and 160 motorcycles?   Click here.  

Theo, what is Jay Leno’s soul interest, and why the interest in collecting cars and motorcycles?

Mr. Leno has a dual interest in the arts that includes not only comedy and acting, but also design.  Many soul fragments have dual soul interests, and he has been very successful at combining the two.  He has had, and will have lives where comedy or acting takes a back seat to design.  In those lives he is the life of the party, with other designers and artists.


Christine writes:  A quick question, probably for Theo, but whomever you think Alan Cummingsbest.

Is Alan Cummings a reincarnation of Charlie Chaplin? Both are so talented, but I never saw the resemblance, until this picture. If so, what is his soul’s life purpose?

Thanks for everything. So enjoy and am inspired by your newsletters.

Theo, is Alan Cummings the reincarnation of Charlie Chaplin?

No, but a good guess by your reader. 

What quadrant is he?

Last quadrant of a younger soul.


Samantha writes:  I need to know!Amy Allen

Are shows such as The Dead Files and Ghost Hunters (more interested in The Dead Files) real? Are the beings that Amy Allen comes in contact with real? I must know!

Theo, how accurate is Amy Allen of the Dead Files TV show?

She does fairly well, Tom.  It all depends upon her accuracy that particular day.  May we remind you that we have said many times, no one is perfect? 


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