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July 1, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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I’m starting to work on my next book, tentatively titled Telepathy
“CONVERSATIONS WITH A GUARDIAN ANGEL, GAIA, and a few others.” I’m also open to suggestions on the title. I do need volunteers for research. It would be to take one year of newsletters and compile all the questions asked on the following topics:

Souls, Past Lives, Between Lives, Future Lives, Guardian Angels, Soul Clusters, Guides, Orbs, Group Souls, Soul Contracts, Previous & Future Lives on Other Planets, Other Creators, The Sun, The Moon, Reincarnation, Karma or Balancing, Ghosts, Energies, Dimensions.
I might also mention that reading these again you find things you had 4th of Julyforgotten. Please email me at tomtmoore6 (at) aol (dot) com.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to everyone in the United States!  Be sure to request MBOs and say BPs for the safety of everyone handling fireworks, plus your outings. 

HEALTH CARE BILL:  Please join me in saying this Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD:  “I ask any and all beings to aid and assist the Senate and House of Representatives to construct a Health Care bill in the best interests of ALL the citizens of the United States, thank you!”
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ATLANTIS & LEMURIA—The Lost Continents Atlantis & Lemuria bookRevealed!has so much information that has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in any other book on the subject! Read the REAL history of two societies that existed for over 50,000 years each.
And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Gaia, could you give us an update on the hurricane season, as the tropical storm Cindy is making landfall, with torrential rains all along the Gulf Coast HurricaneGulf Coast?

Yes, this will not be the last storm to find its way to the Gulf Coast, Tom. The next one will be stronger and will be categorized as a hurricane. Your meteorologists are correct that this will be an active season.

Mexico will experience one and perhaps two storms, but that is pretty normal for them. Then on the Atlantic side expect two storms to affect the East Coast. Florida will be in the bullseye this year for one large storm. There will be much more flooding this year due to the rise in ocean levels we have discussed before. Those in Louisiana can attest to that aspect as they are seeing water higher and further inland than in the past.


Tanudja writes:
I have a question for Gaia. Kryon said in a recent channeling that the mini ice age will affect most of the countries away from the equator, and that most of the world’s cities’ electricity grids will Electrical Gridfail and be unable to supply electricity for heating, cooking, etc. But I thought Gaia's information was that only North America would be affected and not so badly that electricity systems would fail. How long will this ice age last? And which countries will be affected? And will electricity grids fail?
Gaia, will the electrical grids of the world be affected by the mini-ice age, and will it be just North America, or will other electrical grids be also affected?

Again, I must repeat what I previously said, Tom. Those areas around the western Great Lakes will be the most affected, but certainly during Record Snowthe winter months large storms will spawn electrical outages in other parts of North America. Much less in Europe, but as you have seen before, storms that are spawned in North America quite often stay together and affect Europe as well. But the actual mini-ice age will be contained to the area where the volcanic ash covers the sky preventing melting of the snow, even in the summer.
Take that to the bank, Tom. I know you wish to receive this correctly and you are. There are always side effects to huge natural catastrophes as this will be called, so yes, you can add in electrical grids for a time to this equation until the free energy generators are introduced, then much less effect on the heating systems.

Jan writes from Canada:
Great Lakes water levels are above normal this Lake Ontario High Water Levelyear. Ontario where I live is 2.5 ft. above normal. We are told some due to extensive spring rain, some due to a new International plan to regulate levels less and allow for higher levels going forward.
Questions for Gaia or whomever you feel is best suited:
1) Does this have any relation to the sea level rise predicted? And/or predicted colder weather? Also will water levels decrease in the future or is this new higher level the new normal for the great lakes? Very distressing at the moment, but I am a quite aware Gaia knows best what is best for the planet.
2) Any new information on the Mini Ice Age predicted to particularly affect the Great Lakes areas?
3) Are the Canadian Rockies going to get colder as well or not? Seems I Canadian Rockiesremember Gaia saying some areas of Canada would get warmer.
Thanks for any information you can share. Love your books and newsletters, MBOs and all the Great work you do!

Gaia, the Great Lakes are 2.5 feet higher. Is that due to extensive rains, less regulation, or higher sea levels?

This is due to a combination of factors as your reader alluded to. It is quite true that there has been more rain over the tributaries that feed the lakes and it is true that there is slightly less regulation, but it is also true that my rising sea levels help to back up the lakes from draining as they once did. So, kudos for the person who asked. It gives me another chance to remind everyone that ocean levels are rising all over the world and not just on the Gulf Coast where my rising levels swamped areas farther inland as a result of the tropical storm.
When Yellowstone erupts will the Canadian Rockies still remain at the Canadian Rockiessame temperatures as before, or will they be colder?

It all depends upon location, Tom. Away from the plume of ash covering the sky temperatures will remain fairly normal, with typical variations year to year. But the lower Canadian Rockies will be colder just as the mountain range directly under the plume will be colder.
Gaia, when Yellowstone erupts, how will it affect the nearby cities of Salt Lake City, the smaller towns along that mountain range, and Denver, Colorado?

Salt Lake City will have a problem of ash fallout depending upon the Salt Lake Citydirection of winds. As I told you before, most of the time the ash cloud will blow west to east, but not always. They are just too close. It will be the same for the ski resorts to the east of Salt Lake City.
How deep will the ash accumulate to the east of the eruption?

Yes, we have not touched on this before, but it will be several feet deep in places. We are talking about many tons of ash and it will cover a large area to the east of the volcanic eruption. Naturally, any town near the eruption will be virtually unlivable due to the explosion, plus the ash fallout, and constant earthquakes. As I have said before, this has not been seen in modern times. Farther to the east the ash will cause problems with machinery.
Philip writes:
Can anyone have a 2-way conversation with water like you can with Oak Trees?
Gaia, can a person talk to water?

Great question, Tom, and yes, people can talk to water, but it is I who Redowood treesresponds. Water is like a blanket of energy for me. Then of course there are the many group souls for all the creatures living in my oceans.
Stephanie writes from Seattle:
Here are some questions for the trees.
Redwoods - When I visited you on my road trip in northern California, I felt such amazing energy from the trees, especially the oldest ones. What was that energy?
Cedar/Pine trees - When I walk in Seward Park in Seattle in the forest and I talk to all of you, do you hear me? I am so appreciative of all the oxygen and beauty that you give to me and all living creatures. Thank you.

Now I wish to speak to the group soul of the redwood trees, Gaia.

Redwood here, Tom. As Oak said before, we’re pleased you’re exploring Redwood Treesthis subject.
Thanks, Redwood. Did you come from the same planet as did Oak?

Yes, that’s true, Tom. It was a group of us and each chose a different expression on Earth. Yes, as you were thinking I enjoy the height I can achieve on Earth, plus my composition allows me to have these trees stand for hundreds of years.
Redwood, why do people feel such energy when they enter your forests?

I pour my energy into these trees and yes, those sensitive to feeling energy are always affected by being around these trees. Even those people who are, shall we say, younger souls know there is something different they feel when around or in the midst of my forests. My forests are great places to meditate.
Thank you, Redwood. I now have to ask Cedar and/or Pine trees a Pine Treesquestion.

We are both here, Tom, so no worries about asking a couple of us the same question.
Are both of you from Redwood and Oak’s planet?

Quite so. That is not the case for every tree on Earth, but so far you are talking with the same set of souls who came here at the behest of Creator, who asked us to provide these varying types of trees.
Do you pay attention to those who speak to you as they walk among you?

Good question, Gaia would say. Yes, in a way we do. It is more a feeling, Cedar Treesnot so much the actual words.
OK, good life to all of you, and I’m sure people will have more questions in the future.

Yes, and again, thank you for these questions. We are always available to respond.
Now I wish to speak to the group soul for Pine trees.

Pine here, Tom. Good morning and good life.
Same to you, Pine. Thanks for speaking to me.

You’re quite welcome, Tom.
Pine, are you from the same planet as Oak?Pine Trees

Quite so, Tom. I just have a different expression on Earth than does Oak.
With all the news of forest fires raging in the west right now, is this something that you are comfortable with, as your trees, from sometimes hundreds of years, go up in flames?

Yes, but it is necessary for regrowth. These are cycles and all part of the growth cycle and getting rid of all the dead parts of me necessary to my cycle.
What will happen in 7,000 years when the Explorer Race departs? Will a forest fires just continue to burn with no one to stop the burning?

Yes, exactly so. The fires will burn and then new growth will quickly appear to begin my cycle of growth all over again. The fires will not need to be fought, as there will not be humans that would be killed and/or their homes burned down. This is all part of our cycles, Tom, so have no worries, Gaia will simply bring rains if we ask. We are always instantly in touch with her.
Thank you, Pine. Now I wish to speak to Ash. [Question from Sharon]Ash tree

Ash here, Tom. Good morning.
Good morning and good life, Ash.   Are you also from the same planet as Oak and Pine?

Yes, Tom, although you thought I might say no.
Ash, your numbers are being decimated by the emerald oak borer insect. Is this because you wish to return home, or will you rebound in the future?

Good question, Tom. I will not return to my planet, you see. I will not go away, but will return as a hardier species that will resist any insects from destroying my tree growth. This, again, is part of the cycle of life on this planet, and whether it’s fires or insects, there must be a time when we appear to completely die, but in realty we do not. You, as the Explorer Race, will also learn from this and study the habits of these insects.
OK, that’s all I have for now, Pine and Ash. Thanks again, and good life.
Gaia, in 7,000 years after the Explorer Race departs back to their home ET Visitorsworlds, I assume, will there be Earth keepers to make sure that the visitors who come to enjoy your beauty do not make mistakes?

Excellent question, Tom. There will be strict rules that everyone will know before visiting. They will be in awe of the varied typography. They will live in their space craft, or will commute from larger craft to explore.
So there will be no need of people to direct them or make sure they keep everything pristine?

No, only those advanced enough will be allowed to visit. And as you were thinking, the Explorer Race will return to Earth with their families to show them where they lived their many lives.
Who will give them the rules?

They will be given to them by, shall we say, advanced systems far beyond what you have today.
For my new readers, in 2008 Theo introduced me to another member of my soul group or “cluster,” as he calls them (there are eight in our cluster). After 800 lives on Earth, with a soul interest in exploring, Antura’s back on the water world Nommo in the Sirius B Star System to First Contactuse things he learned on Earth, again as an explorer. This time he’s part of a “first contact” team that travels to planets with emerging intelligent species. He’s even traveled once to the universe adjacent to ours, which he says is “really different.” You can read more about him, his work, planet, the original star wars, and much more in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions I and several readers asked last week.
Antura, on the Pleiadian’s second visit will they introduce different appearing people, or will they continue to have the Earth human appearance?

That has yet to be decided, but at this time there is talk of introducing some slightly different body types to show that not everyone looks the same. Again, the Federation is judging how all of this will be accepted. I understand your question as it pertains to the upcoming appearance of the Zetas. I tend to agree with your assessment that there needs to be some sort of introduction to the many types of ETs that exist. How far down that road we will go will be directly determined by how ETs that ET Depiction Arrivinglook just like Homo-sapiens are received.
Will Australia be included in the first trip by the Pleiadians?

Most certainly. As you did not ask, I was not allowed to fill in the blank there.
Cathy writes:
I've come across some videos of Barbara Marciniak's channelings. She channels messages from the Pleiades. In a recent channel, she said that the Catholic Church has been keeping an eye or telescope on the skies for they are expecting the Anunnaki's (another Barbara Marciniakgroup of star beings) return or may stage an event. The Pleiadians say that the Pope will make an announcement to the UN at the end of September.  Is any of this true?
Antura, what is the probability of the Pope making an announcement about ETs to the UN in September?

Quite low at this time, Tom. Look for his comments in another setting before December 1.
Hermina writes:
I have been following you and the knowledge you have Psychicbeen passing on to us since 2013. Thank you for all you have given me.
Tom, I hope you can give me some answers regarding what I am about to tell you. Thirty years ago in Los Angeles I saw a psychic, a German lady, she gave me a strange reading and taped it for me. She told me I was from Andromeda - she could not tell me how I ended up on planet Earth. At the time I thought she was not all there, though all the other things she told me were very correct.
Tom, are you able to find out for me if this is true regarding myself and if so how did I end up on this planet? Can you tell me bit about Andromeda? Anything would be much appreciated.
Also, Tom, about a year ago I found a circle mark on my left arm - inside Andromeda Galaxyof my left arm, one morning when I got up it was just there. I have seen a doctor, but it is nothing medical. As well, a month ago I was lying in my bad and I turned around and saw a being in energy form, but only head and neck; she smiled and then left.
Tom, can you please ask for me what is going on with me? Also that tape that psychic did for me, when I came home - I played it, it had all the information except the part that I was from Andromeda.

If you can clear anything up for me would be much appreciated and forever grateful.

Antura, is Hermina being visited by her home planet—Andromeda?

Yes, they are checking on her progress. These are benevolent contacts. If she is being bothered she can simply ask that these visits be curtailed.
Norm writes:
I have been thinking of the studies the ETs have been taking of us.  My feeling is that studies and more visits have intensified UFOsince 2012, as discussed by Master Kryon that “we did not blow ourselves up.” Did this (not blowing ourselves up) have any meaning for the ETs? All true?
We know the ETs have been collecting data, but as I understand the use of data, it is not useful unless you are able to put that knowledge to use and provide meaningful application of that knowledge. Is there an organization or central committee, computer, other life source and/or sharing of knowledge that controls, combines studies, etc. And do they draw conclusions from the studies?
I for one would like to see the conclusions. Can we see the conclusions?
My thoughts go to: we are the people on the analyst couch sharing all our problems, without feedback. We all want, as humans to be better and heal, we need feedback, right?
If we do not get feedback how will all this end? What becomes of the Peace on Earthstudies?

By reaching the vibrational level where we will never blow ourselves up, we succeeded where no other group in any universe had been able to achieve.
Antura, with all the data collected on us is it studied and conclusions made? How is the data used?

Here we get into readings taken and conclusions made well beyond your knowledge at this time. To generally answer your question, yes, these readings are analyzed and conclusions made. The readings we take are so minute it would seem on the surface that we are not accomplishing much, but I can assure you that all these readings are studied by systems far beyond anything invented on Earth yet and we can tell to what degree your vibrational level is increasing.
As you can see by the answer, the readings at this point in our development would be “Greek” to us. And if we could understand the results then from what I’ve been told that would be considered Enemy Mine Movie“interference,” and would violate the Earth Directive.
Antura, a fill-in-the-gap question. What happened to the people on the planets that the Reptilians took over?

They were subjugated and lived miserable lives for quite a long time, Tom. Eventually the Reptilians left all but two, and the people on those planets were relocated—those that had not perished. That was part of the peace accord.
Will there be robots and androids on your ship?

There are many duties on the ship performed by robots of all shapes Robotand sizes, and duties performed by robotic machines not visible. Regarding androids, yes a few, but they have specialized uses we can get into when you visit.
May I comment that there seems to be much more than we’ll be able to cover?

Yes, we will touch on as many things as possible during your stay. By the time you arrive, the upper time lines will have worked out all the details or we will have worked out the details with them. That way there will not be a minute wasted.
Lindi writes:
When I was in Tucson in February you confirmed that I saw a space ship during the day. Yesterday, I was in our back yard enjoying the beautiful weather when I saw something flying in the sky. It was black. At first I thought it was a bird, but it wasn’t. Not a jet, or a plane that was going to land at the local airport. If possible, could you find out what I saw, and if it was a space ship, whose was it?
Antura, what was the black object Lindi saw in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin?UFO

Yes, just a quick glimpse of one of the spacecraft. A full encounter would have scared Lindi, so we did not wish that to happen.
My friend, Robert Shapiro, said in a six minute channeling of “Grandfather” that we will have a chance to meet the Zeta hybrids. Here is the link:
Click here.
Antura, when the Zetas first arrive, will they be represented by their hybrids, or will the little gray guys with the large eyes arrive first?

Good question, Tom. Yes, they will first have the hybrids come and say Zeta Hybridand show what combining DNA has accomplished. Then they will introduce the little gray people as you call them. It will pave the way, it is felt, to not be so jarring, especially by those who were abducted.

Will the Pleiadians visit any other countries besides Russia, Germany, France, Brazil and Australia?

There may be another country on the list, but that has not been decided.
Aravind writes:
"Clearest ever photo taken by Mars Rover of Alien Mars Rover PhotoUFO"?
This gets interesting again (3 links):
Star UK,
Click here.
Inquisitr, Click here.
Mars Rover, Click here.
Antura, what is the photo that the Mars Rover took on March 17—ET or part of the lander?

Part of the lander, Tom. Yes, it would have been nice to show up that way, but it does give everyone something to talk about.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Leigh Ann writes:
I found your work in my Sedona Journal of Emergence. I'm so glad I found you. I just bought The Gentle Way Book. (I will put a review online when I finish the book.) I'm so excited to dive in. Thank you! Here are two of my condensed MBO stories.

First MBO:
My ex has attempted to make my life difficult since we split 14 years ago. I had to take him to court in April to settle a legal matter. My attorney proposed an amicable solution, but my ex refused. A new court Courtroomdate was set for June 13. The day before court I was feeling unsettled.
I said a negative energy clearing MBO and a BP for the judge/situation. The day of court I said a different MBO and BP relating to my situation. My attorney and I got to court and the judge requested to see council in his chambers. I felt completely at ease. The judge had proposed the same exact solution we tried to get approved in April. My ex agreed. It was a miracle. The judge also signed off on another issue, which saved me from having to go back to court again. MBOs and BPs really work!
Second MBO:
Our driveway is very narrow. My husband and I were planning to widen Widening Drivewaythe driveway with concrete. I was online looking for the supplies we needed. The cost of the supplies alone were over $1000.
I said an MBO that we would find a solution to this situation, and my doorbell rang. It was an engineer from the city. He was asking permission to replace and widen our driveway at no cost to us. What a blessing. MBOs really work.
Thank you, Tom. I really appreciate your work. I'm sure you will be hearing from me again soon.

Sharon writes from Canada:
I told you about our youngest son’s great new job a couple of months ago, but didn’t tell you about how he and his wife purchased a townhouse in a town northwest of Toronto close to his job and close to the Go Station for his wife to commute downtown. In February, they started looking for something in their price range in Townhousethe middle of a real estate boom with bidding wars all around. They put in three offers over the span of a month and didn’t get them – one place had 50 offers on it and went for $100,000 more than their offer! So, they gave up for a couple of months because the market was way too hot.
Every day from February on, I would say
“I ask any and all beings to help my son and daughter-in-law find the perfect home for them.” When they didn’t get those first three townhouses in February, I knew it wasn’t the perfect home for them. A month ago there were more places for sale and they looked at three more places in the same town – and put an offer on one townhouse with a beautiful panoramic view from the back yard. The market had cooled down at the time somewhat and there were only three offers on this place, and their offer was accepted! I was worried it might be too high of a price if the market took a real downturn, but do trust the BPs to help the right thing unfold for them. They no longer will be paying their high rent for a tiny condo in Toronto and are thrilled to own their own home. It closes in July and I’m saying BPs for a smooth closing.
Thanks again for your help with others’ lives and problems!

Paul writes from Australia:
I look at the skies most nights, weather  Southern Crosspermitting, and last Saturday night (June 10) I noticed that one of the four main stars of the Southern Cross had gone dim compared to the other three and to the Pointers. All this week the star on the cross-member of the Southern Cross, and the most distance away from the Pointers, has remained dim almost to the point of having to look hard to see it. The skies have been clear and the other stars in the night sky stand out brightly. At first I thought that a thin cloud had moved over that part of the Southern Cross, but there were no clouds in the sky - and after a week it is still dim.
My question is: has that star indeed gone dim, and if so then why, and Southern Crossfor how long will it stay dim? Many thanks for your information and work.

Gaia, has one of the stars in the Southern Cross dimmed, and if so for what reason?

Your reader has a sharp eye, which the astronomers in the world have not yet stumbled upon. Yes, that star—sun we will also call it—is having some problems. As this is affecting the planets that surround it, (and keep in mind this happened millions of years ago by the time the light reaches you) steps were taken to normalize the star. It will not blow up as you are thinking, but will continue to have problems for several years to come –and that is in the past tense. You can put that on the list to ask Antura in person one day.
Virginia writes:
An internet search revealed that these Roman dodecahedrons might have been used as knitting tools. Could your guides shed some light on their use?
“A discovery that is still a mystery to this day, the Roman Dodecahedrons confound archaeologists. There seems to be no evidence of what they were used for. Some say they were a tool for  Roman Dodecahedrondistance measuring while others expect they were decorations, possibly candle holders, but the one thing that is known is that they were not rare.
Found in Hungary, Germany, France and Wales, they were scattered across Europe and have been dated back to the 100 and 200 CE. The items are made with twelve flat sides, pentagonal each, and varying hole sizes on each face.”

Gaia, what were the Roman dodecahedrons used for? It has been speculated they were used for sowing, dice, fortune telling, candle sticks, bowling and so on.

All good guesses, but no cigar in this case. They were a fad for a time and denoted 12 answers to every question. And yes, there were more uses, but let your readers deduce the answer, Tom.
Kathy writes:
Love your newsletters and your books. A few months ago while sleeping, I could feel myself being pulled out of my body through my feet. It was a very frightening feeling and I could not stop it. I tried and tried but it would not stop. Then I felt someone grab my arm and Negative Spirithold on tight to me and scream my name over and over again. It was my older sister's voice and she was holding my arm very tight. I woke up shaking and could still feel the pressure where she had gripped my arm. What was happening to me?
Theo, what happened to Kathy when she felt she was being dragged out of her body by her feet and her sister was holding onto her arm?

Yes, she was being attacked and her sister came to her rescue. It won’t ever happen again. She should surround herself in white light on a daily basis.
Who or what attacked her?

A spirit not in her best interest, shall we say. This is a rare occurrence, and no this was not just a dream, but was handled.
Theo, what about holding your breath? Does that assist in meditation?Breathing Exercise

Yes, that is one of the forms of meditation that if used properly can assist in raising your vibrational level. I would recommend that anyone who wishes to try this read more on the subject. The breath needs to be directed—not just hold one’s breath.
I keep asking.
Theo, when will the probability reach almost 100% for the Pleiadian Putinmeetings to be disclosed ?

That moment is fast arriving as you were told before. Give it a week, Tom. Again, they are looking for the perfect time to make the announcement, as the Pleiadians have convinced them it will be in their best interests to do so, or someone else will beat them to the announcement.


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