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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

June 27, 2015

Tom T. Moore


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Lots of notes today!

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I received an email this week from a reader suggesting that Regina Meredith on should interview me. It just so happens that I was on her show last February, 2014. It was Season 4, episodes 5 and 6. TV CameraThey flew me up to Denver and we did two back-to-back interviews—one on The Gentle Way and one on the First Contact book. So, if you are a subscriber to Gaiam TV, you can watch both. Please make a comment below the interview and request that they bring me back for another interview on the Atlantis and Lemuria book.

My car insurance company informed me this week that they are totaling my car (after being the second car in a five-car rear end collision on the North Dallas Tollway), so now my wife and I have to look for a car during the next two weekends. Please be patient as I’m behind on responding to questions.

I neglected to mention last week that Gaia had said the plain states would continue to have above average rain in the summer months.  Little did I know a short time later we would have a tropical storm from the Gulf of Mexico roll throught this area and on up through St. Louis to the East Coast, dumping six to ten inches of rain in many places, plus damaging straight line winds and tornadoes. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Sheri writes from San Francisco: Another question about the rising water levels in the San Francisco Bay area. How far SFO Bay Bridgewould one need to move away from the area to be considered safe? Is there an MBO that would help lessen the impact so we would be able to stay in our homes?

Also wondering what will happen to the animals that live in this area as there is much wildlife. Is there an MBO that we can say to assist the animals in this area?

Thank you for your guidance. I use MBOs on a regular basis and have shared MBOs with many others who are now using them on a regular basis with much success! With gratitude for your guidance.

Gaia, would I be correct in stating that you would prefer everyone in the San Francisco Bay area move away from the coast?

Yes, you’re absolutely correct, Tom. It is as if you have one foot in the water already and you’re saying, “Do you think it’s time to leave now, or should I wait until both feet are in the water?” No matter how you express it or how you say it, there is coming a rise in ocean levels, Tom.

Ocean WavesWhat is the probability of a fairly sharp increase in ocean levels being announced this year?

Ninety percent (90%), Tom. Again take that to the bank.

Will the rise be over two inches?

Yes, a little more than that.

Over four inches?

No, not that much -- stick with under three inches.

As you can see our future, what percentage of people will make their decision to leave voluntarily as compared to being forced to?

Alas, it will be a small percentage in North America—less than two percent. In the more low-lying areas of the world, the percentage will be higher.

If the sea levels rise two inches this year what will be the rise next year?Muir Beach, CA

Here you would think it might be between two and four inches, but as the sea levels rise so will the temperature of the oceans increase at a more rapid rate and will accelerate the melting of the ice in both the Antarctic and Arctic regions. So, suddenly, it will be six to eight inches and the following year more. That’s what your scientists do not understand yet--that there is an acceleration once the sea levels rise another degree or two in temperature.

Since this is a massive worldwide event, are there no MBOs that can be said by the people whose homes are above this two-foot rise in the ocean levels?

Certainly, they can say MBOs for their safety and for them to find the most benevolent place for them to live. They can also request an MBO for the perfect time for them to move. But MBOs will not stop the rise in ocean levels—that will not happen.

What about the animals that live on the coasts?  

Their group souls will instruct them to move to higher ground where it is appropriate. They will be guided, with the exception of those who are caged and unable to do so.

So a word to the wise everyone.  If you read or hear announcements of over a two inch rise in ocean levels this year, begin to consider a move before you lose the value of your home.


Theo, why is Dylann Roof (accused mass murderer) such a racist in this life?

Dylann RoofOf course, a major part of this is a continuation from his last life as a slave owner. The people he killed all had soul contracts to depart at that time. You could almost say they all volunteered to assist in bringing more compassion to the world. An act such as this brings people of all faiths together, and these are excellent teachings to show the love for one another.

On a soul level they did agree to die at this time as part of their soul contracts balancing a life where they took lives including Mr. Roof’s. To the public, Mr. Roof appears just as a 21 year-old, but to view his Akashic records would show he’s had over 200 lives. Your readers can send white light not only to the families who are grieving but also to Mr. Roof.

And yes, I might add one side effect. This brings up your antiquated gun laws once again, perpetrated by such organizations as your NRA.

What is the probability of gun laws being changed within the next two years?

Very low at this time, Tom. It would be more on the 20% level. But extend this out to five years and by then there will be more feminine energy; first you’ll see state laws voted in and changed, and then on a Federal level. It will have to be done by people getting the laws on the ballots and going around these legislatures where the members are receiving large contributions from gun lobbyists.


WolvesJan in the United Kingdom writes: Thank you so much for your excellent newsletters and for giving people the opportunity to ask questions.

I have been signing petitions for such a long time against the seeming desire of some government officials to drive wolves to extinction. A newsletter arrived in my inbox today highlighting the continuing trend, but also intimating that many other species have come into the firing line. The letter containing the following statement: "The roster of anti-wildlife measures currently before Congress is absolutely shocking. And what is truly terrifying is that many of these measures are beginning to move forward!"

Please, could you ask Theo whether the wolves are indeed going to be driven to extinction or whether Congress can be swayed the other way? Perhaps all your readers could say a BP for the wolves and wildlife everywhere?

Thank you so much.

Gaia, what is the probability of the extinction of wolves?

The probability is fairly low. More land is being set aside for habitats not only for wolves but for many other animals as Gray Wolfwell. There will be certain varieties of wolves that will be reduced in population, but not to the extinction point. Humans are slowly learning to become stewards of the planet as best you can at this time.

So, yes, they are in danger, but humans will find ways to protect not only wolves but many other animals facing extinction. Your readers can do their part in sending white light to all of the wild animals of the world, plus taking part in petitions where large numbers are needed to influence governments to protect and set up these sanctuaries.

Let’s all say out loud a Benevolent Prayer (BP) for all the endangered animals in the world: “I ask any and all beings to assist in having lands set aside for the protection and preservation of all the wild animals in the world, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

Additional note:  I just heard on CBS News this morning that a large estate was just purchased in New York and the owner plans to use it as a sactuary, with occassional visits. 


Antura is my “brother on another planet” who was introduced to me by Theo in 2008, and has resulted in a whole book about his appearance, planet, space ships and much, much more entitled “FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.” I got backed up with questions for him, so here are a number.

AlienRenee writes: Hi Tom, I had previously sent you questions about an alien experience I had. You suggested I get answers from my dreams. I can understand that, BUT, firstly, this was, and still is, a traumatic experience for me. Also, I not only saw a ship once, but twice and "coincidentally" with the same family! Truly, I don't want to remember the incident (or incidents???)! Looking at Grays or insects, scares me and I do not understand what really happened. I have vivid dreams, and going through screaming and terror again, I'm not willing to do.

Antura, Renee still feels as if she is being watched. She also recalls seeing the spacecraft twice, so does that mean she was abducted twice?

That’s correct, Tom. She was at the right place at the wrong time as they were trying to get new readings and they had to take her too. As long as she associates with the people they abducted, she will feel as if she’s being watched.

Helen writes: Please ask Antura if they plan to do any "flyovers" over Hawaii. I have never seen a UFO as far as I know and would like to see one fly over!

Antura, will there be any really noticeable flyovers this summer in Hawaii by the Federation or anyone else?

A couple, Tom, but not the more massive sightings that there will be elsewhere.

Why would there be so few?

Yes, it is all about where to locate resources, since the work of ETs, as you call them, is not just to fly around and be UFOsighted, but to do specific work—readings and such—we have discussed before that is unimagined as yet by your scientists. I have not been able to go into much detail with you as these are things that must be discovered by your scientists as part of their soul contracts, and I’m talking about well into in your future—literally hundreds of years. The spacecraft have been instructed to uncloak themselves where it is safe for them, for the people on the ground, and those military aircraft in the air. We are trying to accelerate the process without scaring the population too much.

Suzanne writes: Do you know of an alien race called the Alcohbata? They look like your amphibious contact friend.

Abe Sapien - Hellboy Is there a race of amphibians called Alcohbata and if so, is that you?

No, that is not our race, but yes, another. There are many amphibian races across the universe, Tom. Ours is but one of many, and as you might guess none look exactly alike. Some are more fish than humanoid, but are still able to live on the surface of their planets. You can see the differences on Earth, just as it was planned. You can look at the many varieties of the same species of animals or fish and so on and this is what you’ll discover when eventually the Explorer Race goes to the stars.

Speaking of the stars, Antura, I was once told by you or Theo that there would be a spacecraft with volunteers that would head for a star before we discover portals, and that the crew would all be volunteers knowing they could never return, is that correct?

Correct, Tom.

Then were they going into some form of hibernation or sleep state, or were they going to live, work, and have children on the ship?

No, they will have discovered how to go into a chamber and stop all functions by that time.

So, how long after they depart will there be the discovery of portals?

It will be a little less than 100 years, Tom.

Why wouldn’t they know about portals long before then and not waste the resources of going the long way?

Yes, they will understand the concept, but will believe it is too far in the future.Star Trek System

Then it is my understanding that the first portal jump will be to rescue the first crew?

That’s correct, with the exception that they will take a few quick trial runs to Federation planets since at the time it will be discovered how to accomplish this, then we will be allowed to give them some of the settings to reach our planets.

They won’t have to figure out those too?

Yes, but once they understand the process of how to enter the coordinates, we will call them for your purposes, there will be no need to calculate every single one. At that point, you might say, our books are open for examination.

[That would make a great sci-fi movie!]

Diane writes: I have been wanting to ask about an event that happened in 1971 in Fairbanks, Alaska. My childhood friend and I were walking home and saw an alien being and it spoke to us, although it has been so many years now I can't for the life of me recall what it said and I have only told a couple of people in my life about it for fear of being called you know "off my rocker."

My friend and I both recall seeing it so it was not just me, and she has not told others either. Ok, I guess I'm gonna go there... It stood upright and strangely appeared as an animal with a human clothing on. I figure it must have been having a good laugh to take the time to scare a couple of teens. What did it want with us? I feel I was abducted many times when I lived in Alaska growing up, I had a lot of psychic experiences there as well.

Did Diane in 1971 encounter an ET that appeared as an animal? Was she abducted?

Yes she was, Tom. The ET tried to take on the appearance of an animal, but then had to put her to sleep as this was quite frightening to her. Again, this was with her soul’s agreement.

MermaidHow many times was she abducted?

Several, but less than average.

Christie writes: I'm reading Graham Hancock's book, Fingerprints of the Gods. Pages 80-84 or so discuss statues of fish-garbed, human-like creatures in South America and Babylon, and an amphibious man in Sumer who spent time educating land-based humans on how to be civilized. The latter was apparently named Oannes.

I wondered what Antura would say about this. Specifically, if this/these are physical beings that actually lived on Earth, were other dimensional, or mythological? And, do they have any connection to Antura's race?

Were amphibians also in South America and Babylon besides Egypt?

Yes, we appeared numerous times in the ancient world as you term it.

Wouldn’t that be in violation of the Earth Directive?

No, those were specific instances and specific missions cleared by the Council.

So, these were not mythological, but real?

That’s correct.

Mantej writes: Question for the newsletter.

Antarctic FissureANTARCTIC UFO

(1) Is this a UFO in Antarctica?

(2) How many UFOs (if any) are buried beneath the surface in Antarctica?

Antura, was the photo purporting to be a UFO in Antarctica real or was it just a crevasse?

It was a crevasse in this instance.

Are there any spacecraft buried in Antarctica?

Yes, there are a few dating back long before Atlantis and Lemuria. There is also still a base located there for studies.

UFONancy writes from New York: I have a question about something I saw coming home from work about 9:30 pm the week of June 7th. As I was getting close to my house, (Colonie area, NY), I saw three green lights in a triangular position in the sky. I remember thinking that those planes were flying way too close together. They were also moving much more quickly than I thought was "normal" in an easterly direction.

As it is just about summer now, the trees are in full bloom and it was difficult to follow them. But I was able to see them move off to the northeast before they disappeared. When the lights seemed to change their angle of flight and move off more to the northeast, they maintained that triangle shape and I wondered if may I have seen a spacecraft. Can Theo or Gaia give me some insight into what I saw?

Thanks so much for all that you teach us, Tom!

Antura, did Nancy see a spacecraft near her home in Colonie, NY on June 7?

Yes she did, Tom. There was one in that area at that time. They were not expecting anyone to see it, but she was not the only one.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Cat

Sandra writes: I was feeling lonely and requested an MBO before going to sleep for guidance to help me. I had a dream that my young cat (that had been hit by a car) jumped through an open window. As I held him he purred, his fur so soft (it was so real). I woke up and went to a pet shop and there was a cat (same coloring same loving nature)... I looked into her eyes and knew my MBO was granted... My beautiful friend, Seraphina.


TelevisionAndre writes: I helped my daughter by selling off some of my own possessions in order to help meet a 'first month in advance' bill for her and her boyfriend's home in England. MBOs are sort of 'automatic' for me, mere 'fire and forget' feelings. A few hours after I'd placed the ads, a guy called and offered the full asking price, without even having seen the TV. Worked like a charm (both the MBO and the TV).


Jackie writes: I needed to get some donor breast milk last night for my baby as we Breast Milkwere running out. I waited all day for a response from someone and finally did an MBO. Within minutes, she messaged me and we were able to get the milk exchanged in time.

And another one. I hosted a retreat last weekend. Colorado has been very wet for weeks now, so I did an MBO for some dry weather. We had two very nice days out of the three! How does it get any better than that?


Flat Earth TheoryI’ve received several emails in the last two weeks inquiring about the “flat earth theory” popping up on one or more websites.

Gaia, why in the world would there still be people in the world who espouse the flat earth belief?

These are very young souls, Tom, having early lives in an advanced time period. They are easily influenced and, yes, most have never left the area where they were born. To them everything seems flat. Be kind to these people and help them to adjust. Your recommendation to go to the top of an extremely high building or, even better, to fly somewhere and look out their window is correct.


Sound MeasurementRaymond writes: I'd like to ask a question about sound healing. Will it be commonly found music like the Solfeggio frequencies that can be heard on Youtube? Or will it be a frequency that we can't hear or is not commonly available like Youtube? Something that would require a professional application?

Does listening to the solfeggio frequencies on Youtube (and similar sounds) produce any benefits?

Many thanks for the time and effort you dedicate to your blog.

Theo, will sound frequencies such as the solfeggio sounds be used in healing?

There are certain frequencies that do assist in healing. More study should be done in this area as they will find how sounds affect the body—both good and bad. I can’t give you too much information here since there are soul contracts at play to discover and, you might say, map these frequencies.


Joanna writes: I had a strange dream when I dreamed I was a perpetrator, a victim and someone who actually chased the perpetrator, all at the same time.

DreamsI requested an MBO after I woke up in the morning for positive results in case this dream would manifest into anything in my physical world.

I have a strong feeling that this dream was a way to show me my past lives or life lessons.

Could you please ask Theo if it is possible to be three different people with three different life lessons (being a perpetrator, a victim, and savior) in the same dream? Was this dream a symbol to show what I have already experienced in past lives? Or was it something else?

Theo, can one have a dream where they are the victim, perpetrator and one who chases the perpetrator all in the same dream?

Quite so. This is a way for a person to examine all sides to best understand other views of the same situation—not necessarily such a dramatic event, but to assist the dreamer in understanding that there are different viewpoints to consider—not just one.


For my new readers, Mantej has sent me hundreds of questions. He’s a writer in the UK and has assured me he does not Kabuki Foundermind the attention. I will not reveal any really personal information about him just as I would not do so for you.

Alister writes: I picked up about Mantej that he was an "over the top" Kabuki actor or director (or I guess maybe writer) in the Japanese Theatre in the 1700s.

Theo, did Mantej have a life as a Kabuki actor in a past life?

Yes, Tom. That was a very good observation and reception by your reader. It was, as you know, just one of many lives to learn to understand writing for the stage and eventually the screen.


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ATLANTISAPRIL 25, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015,                                                                

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THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU—APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 30, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015,                                     


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Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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 Tom T. Moore
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