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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

April 16, 2016

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special welcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that
YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:
Prayer CircleI had a dream last week where I was in a church, and the people in the church surrounded me in circles of people to say the Benevolent Prayer (BP) for any and all beings to prevent any terrorist attacks in the coming months. I stood at the center, surrounded by four (I think) teenage girls all dressed the same. I wasn’t sure if the dream was just because I had been thinking about this upcoming potential event around May 1st, or was it in a series of dreams about the event similar to the three dreams I had before 9/11. So I thought I should ask.
Holding HandsGaia, I had a dream where I was in a church and everyone gathered around inside and I had them say the BP for no terrorist events. Was that dream just because I’ve been thinking about it or why did I have the dream?

Yes, it is a dream because you were thinking about it, but it does show you, Tom, the ripple effect, if you will, as the dream spreads out across the earth. Those circles represent the influence you are having with this prayer.
But is this influence enough to change any part of an event where all the souls involved have already signed off?

Police Raid in BrusselsYes, there can be changes, Tom, as the hundreds of people who have said the prayer will see in the next few days. You are already seeing a little of the effects with the capture of one of the terrorists—the “man in the hat” as he was called.

Still, that has not completely cancelled the event, but certainly altered others. I have told you before that soul contracts must be honored, but still they can be adjusted through prayer.
To summarize, the dream was a simple way for you to see rings of people joining together in prayer.
Update:  In the past week a couple of more terrorists were arrested.  Obviously there are more to incarcerate, so let’s say this Benevolent Prayer again: 

“I ask any and all beings to assist in preventing any terrorist attacks in Europe and anywhere in the world in the upcoming months, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

Arie writes:
Thank you for all you do to help us understand what is happening here on Earth.
TentaclesI am wondering if Theo could answer this question: I just finished reading a newsletter from Stansberry Research. In it, the author notes that banks in countries around the world are starting to charge investors for keeping their money in their bank. In other words, negative interest rates. This gentleman heard at the meeting he had just attended that there is a possibility that the U.S. will follow Europe and Japan into negative interest rates. Even though the stock market is doing fairly well, "the sovereign interest rates (as measured by the yield on the U.S. 10-year Treasury bond) have continued to fall. In the first quarter of the year, the yield fell from 2.27% to 1.77%.
According to our host, among U.S. policymakers, it was becoming a foregone conclusion that since Europe and Japan were both using negative interest rates to weaken their currencies and to avoid deflation, that it was only a matter of time before the U.S. would do the same.
Instead of being paid to save capital, you're forced to pay just to keep the money Evil Bankersyou've already earned in the bank. It's like capitalism turned upside down. Negative interest rates are nothing more than government theft. Its banks literally steal from you every day that you keep your money in dollars, yen, or euros."
I've heard about a recession much worse than we had in 2008, a real depression coming for a few years now. The Stansberry Group thinks it's already beginning to happen as many wealthy people are buying up gold itself or gold stocks. The U.S. has the biggest stockpile of gold in the world in three locations, where you're not even allowed to go in and look at it.
This is just a small portion of the newsletter. I am worried. What will happen to those of us who cannot afford to buy gold? Our paper currency will be worthless. What will happen to the funds we have managed to save?

Theo, has the probability of a worldwide recession risen, stayed the same, or Upwards and onwardsdecreased for 2016, and what is the probability?

The probability of a worldwide recession has remained constant this year, and it is low. Your people need not worry about your money having no value. The economy is sluggish, but not in dire straits. Again, those who wish to put fear or create fear in your hearts put out some of these reports. Reject these ideas. Someone should keep a list of these conspiracy theories and projections and see how one after another they fall by the wayside, to only be replaced by another similar one using the occurrences of that time period to make their claims seem real.
Theo, will banks in the future in the USA charge to keep your money?

It will be considered, but Federal regulators will not permit it. Hardly any interest is being paid on savings, so why take on the wrath of the government?
I will also add that you can buy tiny bars of gold should you desire. One of our readers, Cindy, sells them as I recall.

Michele writes:
Love your newsletter! I have been very mindful of my diet and the types of food I eat. In particular, I try to avoid GMOs and support companies that use non-GMO ingredients. However, I do know that almost everything on this planet, especially humans, have been genetically altered at some point during the planet’s many evolutions.
GMOsWhy is this version of GMOs more dangerous and not just another change in DNA evolution? Is it the intention of those creating these products that is dangerous or is the attempt now to stop artificial manipulation of genes part of our spiritual evolution?

Gaia, why are GMOs more dangerous and not just a change in our DNA evolution?

There are tons of scientific data available here, Tom, so I will not go too deep in the myriad of reasons why GMOs are dangerous. There are many diseases connected to GMOs plus other detrimental conditions they can cause in the human body.
Your people can say a BP that only the purest form of the foods you consume will be grown, and for GMO altered foods to be labeled as such.

Let’s say this BP:
“I ask any and all beings to assist in bringing all of us the purest form of foods grown that we consume, and that all GMO-altered foods be labeled as such, thank you!”

Aravind writes from Australia:
Thought of sharing this brilliant research into sugar foods for your newsletter. I always had this hunch that sugar may be the main cause for dementia. Although this research seems to strengthen my feelings in that direction.
DementiaIs there a link between sugar and dementia? Or one waiting to be discovered?
Gaia, is there a link between sugar and dementia?

Yes, there is a link between sugar and not only dementia, but a host of other problems for your body, such as cancer. Sugar was meant to add sweet taste in foods you consume—but not to be over consumed. There is too much sugar in many of your drinks and foods, and other healthy substitutes, and I emphasize that word, should be introduced.
It would take a whole session to discuss all of the detrimental effects of sugar, but suffice to say, if you are overweight, suffering from a disease, etc., start correcting it by taking sugar completely out of your diet, and you will notice an improvement in your health; although you will go through a period of withdrawal similar to those who withdraw from the use of drugs.



Theo, on one hand I’m told that our pets; soul fragments head almost immediately to a staging area to be given new birth mothers and on the other hand, I’m told how some people see their pets for a period of time after transition and can even Cats & Dogs go to heavenhear them move about. Am I missing a stage?

Not so much a stage, but there is such an attachment to your pets—those members of your family—that they are allowed to stay with you a little while. They have great love for you as you do for them, so there is no real hurry; if it is deemed beneficial to you and the grief you feel at their passing, they can stay for a while—are actually drawn to stay until you are able to move on. There is no time on this side, which many people forget. It is only a moment and then they are gently moved by those human soul fragments to begin the journey to the staging area.

Gaia, I have always imagined you as a ball of energy, but can you be further defined as an “electromagnet intelligence?”

That’s correct, Tom. Therein lies our ability to create and work with the physical world. Your scientists can put their heads together to figure out how we exist in the quantum world, but it will take literally thousands of years for them to understand.
So, I guess someone could call you “Electro Lady” or some such name.

They can call me anything they wish, Tom. I am always available to any human being who wishes to communicate.

Gaia, are there Earth humans from our future visiting this time period, or are they either not able to or do not have the desire to?

Good question, Tom. Yes, there are always a few from your future, Tom, but they are not here to change your future or anything else, they are here to study this time period, which is quite interesting.

First Contact coverFor my many new readers, Antura is a soul fragment in my soul “cluster” (there are eight of us). Theo introduced me to him in 2008 and since then, I’ve asked him hundreds of questions—enough for a whole book titled
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Oh, did I not mention that after 800 lives on Earth mostly as an explorer he’s back on our water world planet. His job is to be part of a “first contact” team reaching out to evolving worlds. His specialty is “grass roots” contacts with normal beings—not the governments or scientists. Here are more questions.
Aravind in Australia writes: 
I don't know if you have already investigated what is termed the "Petrozavodsk phenomenon" in 1977 - here is a Wikipedia link to its description:
It had to have been a spacecraft, don't you think? - it would be most interesting to know why the rays of light were released from the ship, and also what caused the extraordinary blossoming of the flowers following the event. And any other information about why the ship was there in the first place, of course.

Antura, was the object observed over Russia and Finland on 9/20/77 at ET ship of Petrozavodsksome sort or a Russian rocket?

No, this was an ET ship that put on that dazzling display.
Was the ship a Federation ship?

Yes, it was, Tom. It was doing a number of tests and readings and we knew it would be seen and talked about for years.
This question came from Ray.
Antura, are there groups of ETs that would be considered “good” and those considered “bad.”

Not as asked, Tom. There are those whose outlook is for peace in the universe and those who would take advantage of situations for their own benefit.
Spaceships in combatDo the Arcturians have the most firepower on their ships?

That is a debatable question, Tom. Certainly, they are known as being the protectors, but we Sirians have sufficient weaponry to foil anyone’s desire to subjugate anyone in this quadrant of the galaxy.
What sort of doors do you have on the mothership? Are they like the ones I read that open like an iris?

Yes, Tom. These would be considered normal.
John asked about a story in the UK’s Mirror about two women who claimed to have had sex with ETs and had 13 babies between them. Here is the link:
 Antura, two young ladies in Sedona and Los Angeles claim between the two of them to have 13 hybrids, but they are too young to have been in the period when the Zetas were abducting people. What’s the story?

The story, as you term it, is concocted by two people who wished to have their moment of fame. They simply took the old stories of these abductions and updated them. There is absolutely no truth to their claims.
Tyler writes:
Can you please ask your guides this question: The risk of nuclear war is always present from North Korea and the conflict between Pakistan and India is currently escalating to dangerous levels (see article below). I have read that UFOs have been known to disable nuclear devices that posed a threat to human life in the past - US Air Force pilots have also claimed their entire weapons system has been thrown offline when they've gotten near a UFO. If this is the case, can we safely assume there is no real threat of a nuclear holocaust befalling all of humanity?
North Korean MissilesAntura, if there was imminent danger of a country using nukes would any ETs step in to stop it in any way?

Technically, under the Earth Directive, we could not interfere, but practically such information regarding the plans to do so would wind up in the hands of those who wish peace as, keep in mind, there have been a large number of benevolent prayers that have been said for peace in the world. When you and hundreds of thousands of others are praying for world peace, there is that energy of love that overcomes even the most heartless.
Trust me on this, Tom. There will be no more nuclear wars. Humans have set your course and even though there are those that would use nuclear devices, there is sufficient oversight to keep this from happening.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

apartment buildingJoanna writes:
I have an MBO follow up. So, last year I was told to search for a new apartment. I did not find anything suitable for my family and me and was saying MBOs and prayers every day, or few times a day. Eventually we were allowed to stay in our then-apartment till Feb 2016 (perfect solution for the time being).
In February this year, we were told that we had to move out in a matter of days.
I am sure that my MBOs from last year were still working (plus, of course, current MBOs) because I found the perfect flat within two days. It was in a perfect location, within company's budget, with space for the bikes, sunny and comfortable. All of the aforementioned were included in my MBOs.
Thank you so much, my lovely GA.


Sara writes:
I did another BP for the three cats we have up for adoption at work...and a special one for the 10 year old, sweet, white medium-hair cat. She's so lovable and has a great personality, but she's been with us a few weeks now. Shortly after I did it, a couple came in to look at her (apparently, they had checked her out a few times).
Cat ShipShe's from Foster Cat, Inc., so I explained to them the steps it takes to adopt her because you don't actually get to take the cat that day. They went in to see her with one of my pet people and came out and filled out the application for her! They were a little older and I'm really hoping they get her.
I did a BP they will get to pick her up soon! I'm off today and we'll see if any of those three are left by the time I get back! It makes my heart happy to see these abandoned and stray cats find loving homes!!
They picked her up the next day! I was so happy for her! I also say BPs for the reptiles we get in that are sick, for them to be able to heal fully, faster than we can hope for or expect. And I send them white light to help. They are needing a little more help though. If some of the readers wouldn't mind, could they say one for them, too? "I ask any and all beings to help the reptiles in being able to heal fully. Make it better than anyone could hope or expect. Thank you!!" Thank you to everyone that said it! And thanks to you and your guides, Tom!

Mantej writes from the UK:

Astrological SymbolsWEEKLY HOROSCOPES: Weekly horoscopes are published online and in magazines. Do our GAs manipulate our thoughts to think that our weekly Horoscopes are relevant to us? Is that the case?
COMPLICATED MEN: Theo described "T.E. Lawrence" as a very complicated man, and more recently Nabokov (Lolita) as a complex man. My question is from a Guardian Angel's point of view, what constitutes a "complicated man"?

Theo, are we manipulated in any way to believe what our daily horoscopes are telling us?

Not so much manipulated. Reading a horoscope allows you to open up and contemplate what the message is telling you.
Again, we must remind everyone it can depend upon the experience of the person writing the horoscopes. Do they channel these messages or just write anything? Over a period of time, you can feel if the daily horoscope for your sign seems to Forecastresonate or not. You are not manipulated, but you have the choice of exploring whether they apply to you or not.

Theo, what constitutes a “complicated man” from your point of view?

This can be a complicated answer (pun intended). Generally, and I stress that word, it can be a medium-to-older soul with many lives under their belt giving them many points of view. They have had a number of lives as both the good guy and bad guy for balancing. And if you were to do their birth charts, the chart would be complicated too. There would be lots of aspects.
DreamcatcherDREAMCATCHERS: Do Dreamcatchers work? Do they really stop bad dreams and allow good dreams only?
Theo, where did dream catchers originate and what’s their use?

They originated far back in time by the indigenous people who were fearful of some or all of the dreams they were experiencing and remembering. It is again a belief system, so allow.
MBOCan those who are deaf and or mute request MBOs through sign language or should they have other people request MBOs on their behalf by saying BPs for them?

Theo, I’m asked does writing MBOs work for deaf people?

Yes it does, as this is a physical activity. Still, those who wish to say the MBOs out loud may do so and not notice any difference.

Project Blue BeamDonna writes:
I was listening to a YouTube discussion by Alfred Lambremont Webre and near the end, he mentioned NASA's Project Blue Beam and I looked it up since I had never heard of it before. Upon reading this page, I became alarmed at the contents and now wondered if you would ask Gaia about its authenticity and if these plans are on course for humanity.

What scares me is that, through you, we are prepared for disclosure and your documentary of it. However, according to the info on this page, it sounds like they can fake disclosure and we won't know the difference. So, I am curious about Gaia's thoughts about this false event actually happening.

Thank you - I truly believe in everything you say.
First, let’s get one thing straight—I have repeatedly said that I’m typically in the 80% to 90% reception range. Theo says no one—and that includes trance channels, which I don’t claim to be—are 100% accurate. We are on Time Line 6 in the middle frequency, so we have a lot of energy to work through to get these communications. If something I receive doesn’t resonate with you, that’s fine. Be your own filter.
Gaia, is Project Blue Beam just a figment of someone’s imagination or an actual plan?

Project Blue Beam was cooked up by someone who wishes to impart fear and divisiveness into those who love conspiracy theories—the scarier the better. I encourage your readers to not fall for these types of claims as each one tries to outdo the others claiming everyone will be subjugated by some nefarious world government. Come on people--recognize these attempts by those who wish you to fear waking up in the morning. Reject and send white light and love to those who write this trash.

Ray writes:
Have you ever heard about the Cross of Hendaye in France? I searched your blog and did not find anything about it. It's a stone cross that was carved in the 1600s. It's about 12 feet high and there is a lot of symbolism embedded in the cross. They went to a lot of trouble to carve so many cryptic symbols in such a small area just for entertainment.
Cross of HendayeIn the April 2 issue, a reader made a comment about asking her Guides to help her see a UFO. I know our angels hear us, but I was not aware that they communicated with aliens. Is this a common occurrence or is this a rare event? Do angels and aliens communicate with each other very often and work together for our greater good? Do they exist on the same dimension? Do aliens regard angels as highly as we do?
It is a common sight to see statues of Egyptian men posed standing up, with a 'scroll' in each hand. At least I always thought they were scrolls, even though it does look a bit scripted. I always wondered why this posture, carrying anonymous parchment; would be important enough to record in stone. But I recently learned that it is because the ”scrolls” could be a device containing a positive and negative energy source. Is this a reliable theory or just someone's overactive imagination? Considering what we know about the Great Sphinx being an energy source, it does sound as reasonable as many other ideas.
Gaia, are there special qualities to the Cross of Hendaye in France?

This again gets into religious beliefs, Tom, and again, I say allow those who believe it has special qualities to have that belief. If they believe it is so, then it is for them.
Gaia, do ETs communicate with who we call “angels”?

Yes, they do, but it is so much easier for them to tap into these spiritual guides than Ancient Egyptit is for those on Earth, Tom. They don’t have this veil of energy as those on Earth do as part of this Earth Experiment.
Gaia, were the Egyptians depicted as carrying a scroll in ancient wall paintings actually carrying some sort of electrical device?

Yes, they were, Tom. That was a good observation by the person who asked the question, or where he read it. These were hidden away by the Egyptian priests. It was their symbol of power to carry one of these devices. These were mostly for show and not so much practical use.


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