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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

September 8, 2018
Tom T. Moore



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Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my newsletter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and know, and I learn right along with you when you send me your questions to ask in a meditative state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep sending in questions. But most importantly, don’t just read and go on to the next blog or newsletter. Take part when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP), as then you are contributing to make this a better world.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Tanudja in Melbourne writes: We have a desperate situation with refugee children in Australia, similar to what the US just went through. Nauru IslandOur government houses refugees on Nauru - which is an island nation our government has done a deal with. Children are separated from parents and are extremely traumatized and are self-harming. Click here for full story.
This story is very under-reported in our media and relies on brave whistle-blowers to get the info out. Because Nauru is another country it’s difficult for Australians to get the full picture or go there. Our politicians are complicit in the mental torture and abuse of children.
I know a resolution for almost the same situation in the US came about not too long after our BPs. Please can you ask Gaia when this appalling situation will resolve and can we have a BP and can you ask everyone to say it - time and again your readers have proven the power of BPs.

Gaia, when will the refugee problem be solved in Australia, including Refugee protest Perththe reuniting of children with their families?

As you can see from what is occurring in the United States, Tom, first will come the reuniting of children with their parents, assisted by BPs said for this to occur. Then the overall refugee problem will remain a sticky problem for Australia until they accept these refugees and help them find shelter, food, clothing, and jobs—integrating them into their society. The white majority in Australia, in many cases, are racists—some do not even know it. They have prejudices they are not even aware of. Say a BP for them to become more loving and open their arms to those who are disadvantaged, or they will have to balance in their next lives and be refugees themselves, in order to know what it feels like on the other end.
Let’s all say the following BP OUT LOUD:
“I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort, and protect all the refugee children separated from their parents in Australia to be reunited, and for the Australian people to become more loving and accept these refugees and assist them in assimilating into their society, thank you!”

Theo, what is the probability of Senator Ted Cruz winning reelection in Senator Ted CruzNovember?

Fairly high at this point, Tom. Although it will be a spirited race, the Republicans will get out the vote. The probability of him winning the next time, though, is quite low. His style of politics, where there is no compromise, will be fading over the next six years.
Let’s say this BP out loud:
“I ask any and all being to assist in having Senator Ted Cruz make more decisions in the best interests of the citizens of Texas, the citizens of the United States, and the citizens of the world, thank you!”
Carolai writes:
Every time I see on the news that another currency has collapsed, most recently in Turkey, I get a strong intuition that eventually it will happen here. What do you get?
Also, can you give an update on if and when the price of precious CryptoCurrencymetals and cryptocurrency will go back up?

Gaia, when will cryptocurrency and precious metals begin to increase in value?

Not for some time is the highest probability. There is a lack of reason for them to increase. But like all similar things, there will come a time when they will markedly increase in value. Just not in the coming weeks and months.
I think you latched onto a low probability, Carolai. I’ve been told several times this year that our currency and economy will remain stable.


Suzanna writes:
Thank you for all the wonderful newsletters and for taking the time to answer questions from your readers. You are providing a truly wonderful service. MBOs and BPs have become a way of life for me, thanks to your books and newsletters. Thank you so much for showing all of us a more gentle and wonderful way to live. In the last newsletter you addressed the issue of pedophiles. It's a huge problem and it's not just priests, but seems to be in all groups and DNA Strandorganizations with access to children. My question is why? What draws a person to such awful behavior? Thank you for shedding light on this problem.
Gaia, what is the attraction to pedophilia? Is it just that they are wired that way in their DNA strand?

That is precisely how they are attracted. When the researchers are able to identify the portion of the DNA strand that causes a desire for sex with children, then they will be able to fix the problem. It is but one of thousands of corrections that can be made in the DNA strand in the future. Your scientists are concentrating on such diseases as cancer, but those trying to identify mental illness will discover the part of the strand causing pedophilia almost by accident.
Gloria writes:
I was reading an article last evening on the Golden Age of Gaia website concerning pedophilia. And there are some statements that were quite surprising, to say the least. Below is the article info, location, and statements. I know there has been a lot about the Catholic Church, and I feel sure there's much more as this article indicates.
Fiona Barrett, Stillness in the Storm, Aug. 18, 2018

Click here.
“I am confident President Richard Nixon and his good buddy ‘the Fiona BarrettReverend’ Billy Graham were named in the Watergate pedophile records, because I was sex trafficked to both men as a young child.
“When I spoke with James Rothstein, he said he had not heard that Nixon was a pedophile, but that he certainly knew from multiple victims Reverend Billy Graham was a rampant pedophile.”

So, my questions for Theo, were Billy Graham and Richard Nixon pedophiles? And was Watergate really about such records?
Gaia, were Richard Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham pedophiles and did Mrs. Clinton cover this up at one point?

They were not, Tom. This is a story of fiction, written by someone with an ax to grind, shall we say. They attack a former head of government and a former church leader, both symbols of leadership. Should someone wish to take the time, they can backtrack the source. Both of these men certainly had their flaws as everyone does in their lives, but in their case it was not pedophilia.
Charlie asked a large number of questions about dragons in our history.
Gaia, are there any dragons still in existence?

No, not at this time, Tom, only their relatives you might say.Dragon
No dragons at Mt. Shasta?

No, Tom, you were a little off that day.
When did most dragons disappear and for what reason?

It was a combination of factors, Tom. Most disappeared at the time dinosaurs did, so that should tell you that there were people about, and that the stories of their existence passed down from generation to generation.
Were they alive when Homo-sapiens were, around 60,000 years ago?

Yes, a few, so again they were quite memorable. Early man would find their lairs and destroy the eggs, while they were away foraging, since their large bodies required constant searching for food.
Did they breathe fire as legend has it?Dragon

No, that was an embellishment in the stories.
How large were they?

Some reached 40 feet, give or take. Most were smaller, but still quite frightening to early man and woman.
Were they most prevalent in China?

Yes, hence the many references to them in their lore. But there were also a fairly good sized number in Europe, but few in North or South America.
How long could they stay aloft?

Hours, Tom. Like birds they could ride the air updrafts. This also  Dragonallowed them to attack flocks of birds.
Will we find any remains?

Most of the remains are buried deep in the soil, as there has been such a buildup over thousands of years. In the future someone will have on their soul contract to find some remains, but that is not anytime soon. It will be by accident. Likely, an archeologist.
Besides birds, what else did they consume?

Almost anything that walked, Tom. And yes, that included humans, hence the stories and why their lairs were attacked.
For my new readers, Theo introduced me to another member of my soul “cluster” or group in 2008. I quickly found out that after 800 lives on Earth with a soul interest in exploring, he’s continued to explore in this life, but as an amphibian, born on the Nommo waterworld in the Sirius B First ContactSolar System. Sirius B has 21 inhabited planets, as Sirius B is only about the same size as Earth. The amphibians have only been on the planet 18 million years, and are considered newcomers, as some of the planets have been inhabited for over a billion years. Is it any wonder that technologically they would be much farther ahead of us, including the ability to “portal hop” across the universe? We will not learn how to do this until about 3250. You can learn much more about him, his work as part of a “first contact” team, the original star wars, and much more in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions I asked this week.
Good morning or good day, Antura and team and family. I trust everyone is having a good day, if you are up and about.

They all are, Tom, and I’m ready to field more questions.
Chris writes: Thanks for all you do each and every week! Wondering if this is a space ship, if so where is it from and why did it crash? Thanks. Click here.
Antura, there seems to be a spacecraft thousands of years old in what Sunken Spaceshipappears to be in the Bahamas from the looks of it. Was this an ET craft, or perhaps a leftover from Atlantean times?

You guessed, it Tom. When the continent broke apart, any aircraft that was flying lost its power with the loss of the posers—those giant crystals that sent out energy similar to radio waves. The craft immediately lost power and went into the ocean. It was not an ET craft. Since there is no general knowledge of the Atlantean continent today, they can only assume it is extraterrestrial in nature.
These next questions came from Mike, but I can’t find the email—Twilight Zone.
Antura, did Joseph Stalin have knowledge of UFOs? And any meetings Joseph Stalinor briefings?

He did have some knowledge, but the Federation kept him at arm’s length, as they were quite aware of his brutal side. He did have briefings of sightings.
Does the Chinese leader Xi Jinping have knowledge, and do they have the equivalent of an Area 51?

He is somewhat more knowledgeable, Tom, but they (the Chinese) think they are more advanced in back engineering than the West. As I told you before, we make sure no one is ahead of the others. And yes, they have the equivalent of an Area 51. They have a few scout craft as does the United States, the Russians, and a few others.
Does Henry Kissinger have knowledge, and is he an Illuminati?

He is aware of them from his time in government, but is limited. He is not an Illuminati.
What did Marilyn Monroe know?Monroe and JFK

Virtually nothing—no more than the average person, Tom. The Kennedys certainly would not have confided in her. She was just considered a sex plaything to them.
Mike writes:
1. The Prince of Liechtenstein is interested in UFOs. What does he know at this point in time?

 Prince of Liechenstein2. Although a tiny country, does Liechtenstein have an Area 51 or do they work with their neighbors Switzerland and Austria (considering Switzerland and Austria have their own Area 51s)? Click here.
Antura, has the Prince of Liechtenstein had any ET contacts? How knowledgeable is he, and has he consulted with Switzerland and Austria?

He has been briefed by both the Swiss and Germans, but he is not in possession of any ET craft. His is one of the nations who would quickly embrace the arrival of the Pleiadians.
Speaking of them, it has taken 18 months since I was informed Russia had disclosed on Time Line 11 for them to have the landing. Can we expect the same amount of time to pass from the time we have disclosure?

Perhaps not as long, Tom, as keep in mind everyone is and was proceeding at a very slow pace. As we see the reactions of people—in this case Time Line 11—it gives those who resisted “coming out,” shall we call it, less to worry about. Therefore, after Time Lines 10 and 9 have the landing, we think the time period will be much shorter than before for the release of information.
Doug writes:
Just finished reading First Contact for the 4th time. Seems Spaceship depictionlike I saw a ship that would fall under Mothership on Feb. 29th, 1992. Coming back from Panhandle of Oklahoma saw something in sky about size of full moon. Made note of time and was told where to meet the craft. When I arrived, I shut off lights and turned off car. Got outside, and after several minutes noticed SW corner of sky was void of stars. Could make out a craft that could be 1 mile or larger and same size from top to bottom. Beautiful ship and was aware of mental noise or chatter.

Ship remained for about 2 to 3 minutes, then lit up and moved north, and after minute or so, waved like a plane would and slowly departed. Felt like beings in craft were trying to speak in a telepathic way, and also felt that a part of me was in ship looking down on me. Was that one of ships Antura was talking about, and regarding Timeline, could a portion of me been on ship observing me...Would like your thoughts or some input. It's bugged me for a long time...(Smile)

Antura, was the ship Doug saw on 2/29/92 from his planet or another?

His planet, Tom.
Forgot to ask his connection.
Mike writes:
RE: Tom Moore's Sirian Documentary.ET Ship
1. After your Sirian Documentary is released, you most probably will be of interest to the U.S. Government. So, will the U.S. Government tap your phone lines, bug your house and hack your computer?
2. How many people in the Illuminati will watch your Sirian Documentary?
3. How many countries will you travel to, to promote your Sirian Documentary?
4. How many theaters will it be shown in?

Antura, what will be the government’s reaction to the documentary, if any?

Oh, there will be a reaction, Tom. Word that you have been on the mothership will grow louder. At first they will think it is another in a long line of stories. But the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, and they will want to know more. By that time you will be almost through with your editing of the first documentary. We will work to keep you in the forest, so to speak, as long as possible. Then they will want to interview you.
Will there be any phone taps or the house being bugged?Phone Tapping

There will be a little of that.
Will publicizing the documentary require international travel?

Quite so—and this will be to publicize and not so much sales, as yes, there will be a distributor involved to handle those chores, although your knowledge of the process will be invaluable to them.
Speaking of that, will there be one distributor, or several across the world?

That will be up to you, Tom. We cannot make those decisions for you. You’ll be requesting MBOs in choosing who distributes the film, so you will choose the best one.
I’m asked how many theaters will carry the film.Theater

More than you can imagine at this time, Tom. We do not wish to spoil the fun, so let’s leave the number that we are sure will be as a surprise for you.
This all sounds good, Antura, but it still sounds like wishful thinking at this stage, until the Russians disclose.

And as I said before, Tom. I promise you it will be soon.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Arlene writes:
I love saying MBOs and am always amazed at this key living tool. Specifically, I am kind of a "late" person, but hopped in my car the other day and looked at the dashboard clock. No way could I Timemake it cross-town to my destination on time. I figured I would be at least 10 minutes late. I said an MBO out loud, took off and avoided looking at that clock. Well, I pulled up to my destination right on time. Thank you, thank you.
Erica writes:
I did this recently too. Running very late for an art class held up in a mountain forest that normally takes 20-25 minutes to drive. Quiet road with no traffic so just me and my car AND the Angels.

I only had 15 minutes when I looked at the car clock, so I said an MBO and didn’t look at it again until I pulled into the car park and turned off the car. Arriving at exactly the time I requested to the minute!!

I love this knowledge and the simplicity in using it that Tom shares with us💖  Thanks Tom! I’ve worked so many miracles using MBOs now that I’ve lost count!! I find myself saying them daily for all sorts of situations... For me, family, friends, animals, the world...and even politicians.

Michael writes:
I have a friend who practices medicine in Texas and is the director of a small group. Their small group had been offering exclusive, cost effective services which met all of the hospital's needs for a couple of years. However, the hospital administration, for some reason, was in the market for a larger group and told my friend that their contract was going to be cancelled. The administration told my friend that this was cast in stone and that the incoming group would not be Hospitalinterested in employing my friend in any capacity. This was huge for my friend because they had bought a house and made other permanent commitments in the community. It seemed dismal for my friend.

My friend already knew of The Gentle Way and practiced MBOs on a few occasions. I offered a BP and told my friend to offer an MBO. The next thing I knew, I got a text photo of the MBO, which my friend had painted on their bathroom mirror in big red letters. I had to laugh, because the MBO was so emphatic. The very next day, my friend was called to the administrator's office and told that the larger group was no longer a consideration and that my friend's group would get a new contract. Ever since, there has been a good relationship between administration and the group. Raises and increased benefits have been included in the new contract. While my friend still worries about the fickle decisions of the administration, they rejoiced in the miracle that followed this MBO request. My friend and I are abundantly grateful for the way that you have shared The Gentle Way. Thank you.
Ray writes:
When I think of the fastest gunslingers in the old west I usually think of Clint Eastwood in the spaghetti westerns. As he is of course a fictional character, my questions today are on the REAL LIFE fastest gunslingers in the old west.

How fast were the real life gunslingers of the old west? Click here.
Theo, were there really fast draw experts in the old west, and if so, did any of them have lives in modern times where they could practice similar to those who we recently discussed having lives as swordsmen prior to having a life where they would have to use the skill?

Good question, Tom. Yes, there were a few men who truly were faster   Western Gunfighter recreation
than the average gunslinger back in the old west. As has been noted in histories of that time period, many were drunken brawls that ended with someone pulling a gun and using it. There were also those who would not think twice in shooting someone in the back, knowing that if they did not ambush their adversary they would most likely end up dead. There were a few duels that actually happened.

Naturally, these were soul contracts that would carry on in the future for balancing. Those balancing lives could just as easily take place a thousand years in the past, or future, depending upon the circumstances.

Theo did not say whether any had lives in this time period, but I got the feeling a few have, just as reported in a past newsletter for those who fence as a sport.

I’m having to summarize the email Ludovic in France sent as it was quite long and detailed. He recently had an astrology reading that put him in Atlantis several times. He has read both the
ATLANTIS & LEMURIA book, plus FIRST CONTACT, and is a practicing MBO’er. He also asked if there is a sphinx in the Bucegi mountains.Atlantis
Theo, has Ludovic had a past life with me?

Yes, Ludovic was one of your followers, oh so long ago in Atlantean  times. You might say he was on the fringes of your inner circle.
Did Ludovic migrate to Egypt with me?

Quite so, Tom.
Is there a Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains?

Not as the question was asked, Tom. Let’s let those who wish to explore do their thing.
My very first telepathic conversation was back in 2005 at a Dick Sutphen seminar in Sedona. The person I contacted was an American Indian Shaman living in the mid-1600s in the western mountains of North America (I am not supposed to say where, in order to protect the modern day shamen of the same tribe). He was the one that told me I Shamanwas a Shaman living in the same time period, my name was Still Water, and I had incarnated in the 20th and 21st Centuries to
“reintroduce people to THE GENTLE WAY.” I got the name of my first book the very first time I spoke with him. I was to communicate with him many times in the early days, and learned how hard life was back then, as they had no canoes or horses, had to walk everywhere, and were constantly hungry during the winter months.
Recently the
Sedona Journal of Emergence (where I have a monthly MBO column), on the September cover, had a Shaman levitating, so I thought I would ask Reveals the Mysteries about this, who is also my Sedona Journal 9-18main Guide in this life.
Now, I wish to speak to Reveals the Mysteries.

Reveals here, Tom. Good morning.
Good morning, old buddy. I think about you many times. You were such an influence on me starting on this path.

My pleasure, Tom, and you have done the same for me.
Thanks for all the daily help that I don’t get to see behind the curtain.

That’s all part of the job, as you well know, Tom, in being a main Guide.
Reveals, in our lives as American Indian Shamen in the 1600s, did we ever learn to levitate, as I saw on the cover of the Sedona Journal?

No, this was something we learned to do as Yogis many years prior to Levitationthose lives, Tom. Been there and done that. As you were told in one of these sessions years ago, it takes great concentration and training, and it was not needed or useful in those Shaman lives. We had many duties with our tribes, along with working on telepathic communication. Those lives were significant.
OK, so good life, Reveals, and again thanks for all the assistance. By the way, do you assist me in driving?

Yes, that is one of my duties, Tom, to make sure you get to where you are driving.
Diane writes:
Where is Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga now? She passed back in 1996 and made a lot of future predictions - will some of them come true?
Will we have a colony on Mars in the future and is there still talk about having an underwater colony here on Earth?
When will China be the Super Power over the United States?
Baba Vanga
Theo, is Baba Vanga incarnated now?

No, but again soon.

Is this the very next life for Vanga, or were there any in between?

An interesting question, Tom. Yes, there was another in between to set up for this coming life.
Will there be an underwater colony?

Only for research purposes, Tom. Not a whole city, just a village would be more the description. As has been found, it is much easier to keep acclimated to the sea pressure by living underwater for weeks or months. It will be treated the same as the Antarctic villages where people will sign on for six months or a year at a time.
How far ahead is this?

Quite a few years. This requires not only a lot of planning, but billions of dollars to accomplish as it is envisioned. So, looking ahead the higher probability will be more on the order of 25 years and perhaps as many as 40.
Will China be the Super Power of the world with the USA coming behind Chinathem?

Oh yes, and it is happening faster than is expected. Along with that they will become more benevolent. Their power will one day be limited—we’re speaking of the government. But this will take a little time—more on the order of 25 years.
I found that Vanga latched on to low probability predictions, as I have done in the past. She hit on some of the earlier ones, as they were closer to her time period, but did not the farther they went.

Graham writes:
Roman Polanski
Roman Polanski the great film director lived through the holocaust where he was in the Krakow Ghetto, his wife Sharon Tate was killed by the Manson family in 1969, and slept with an underage girl in 1977 of which he had to flee the country to live in Europe.

Why as part of his soul contract has Polanski had to endure 3 major Roman Polanskitragedies in his life - the holocaust, Manson murder and sleeping with an underage girl? Click here.
Theo, why did Roman Polanski have in his soul contract to endure the Holocaust, the Mansion murders, and sleeping with a teenage girl?

He is one of the soul fragments we have discussed before, Tom, that is in the lower range of lives on Earth. Therefore, he has more drama in his life—both good and not so good. Naturally, this is a significant life for him. Although despised in modern times, it was more accepted for older men to have affairs with teenage girls.

That history is being changed—something most people, unless you are older, do not recognize. This dates back to times when people did not live so long, and people married at very young ages. Wars and pestilence decimated the population. The average age was much lower back then.


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