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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

February 27, 2016

Tom T. Moore


The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact


Tom T. Moore

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Cynthia writes: So, if Sanders is a young soul and Trump is a young soul, what about Hillary Clinton? I've heard really bad stories about her corruption. Is she a young, medium or old soul? Are there ANY candidates that are older souls? If so, which one?

Thanks so much for all you do!

Theo, is Hillary Clinton a young, medium or seasoned soul and is any one of the Republican nominees a medium or Hillary Clintonseasoned soul.

First Hillary, Tom. She is a medium soul in terms of Earth lives, Tom (for your new readers). She has had in the 500 range of lives. This, of course, is a significant life for her since the probability at this time is high not only for her being the Democratic nominee, as you were told previously, with Mr. Sanders affecting the Democratic platform, but also she has the highest probability of any of the candidates to become president. On the Republican side, there is but one candidate considered to be a medium soul, keeping in mind what you were previously told that most politicians are young souls unless they have a strong soul interest in service.

Would that be Rubio, or Kasich or perhaps another?

Rubio would be the more medium soul, although Mr. Kasich is not too far behind.

Yes, but it still appears Mr. Trump will get the nomination at this time.

Yes, again it would appear so, but his numbers as we told you before remain about at the same level as before, and the Republican leaders recognize this and are quietly funneling money towards Mr. Rubio.


These questions came from John in Canada and Jackie, as you’ll see why.

Hudson & James BayGaia, will the mini ice age be created in Hudson Bay, James Bay, or another location?

Yes, it would seem necessary for the mini ice age to start that far north, but you would not be correct in that assumption. The mini ice age will be formed when the upper level winds cause the cold air to repeatedly go over the same area bringing cold and storms repeatedly to the eastern part of the Great Lakes and to the territory somewhat above and somewhat below the Canadian—U.S. Border. It’s as if a pocket of cold air will be trapped there without continuing on an easterly tract.

Certainly cold air will be sucked in from both the Hudson Bay and James Bay areas, but those will not be the only sources of the cold, ice and snow that will, over time, refuse to melt in the summertime. In the meantime, leading up to that event, the summers will become increasingly cool while the winter becomes increasingly harsh. It will be the ”Perfect Storm,” except this one will remain and become the norm.

Gaia, what is the probability of the Yellowstone eruption when it comes being catastrophic, or a smaller eruption?

That has not been decided by your souls as of yet, Tom. I will at some point have to release this pressure, but how will it Volcanic Eruptionbe accomplished? Yes, I do have the ability to keep it more localized, shall we say, within a radius of a few miles, or the eruption can be as you described, catastrophic.

Will Yellowstone have anything to do with the arrival of the mini-ice age to the east, or will that have already occurred by the time Yellowstone erupts?

There you have it, Tom; the eruption will put large clouds of ash into the air blotting out the sun to the east. This will step up the formation of the mini ice age, since they will have long periods of time with no sun to melt the snow. You might say you “connected the dots.”
North Dakota Blizzard
But there is more territory between Yellowstone and where you describe the seemingly boundaries.

Certainly, those areas will be affected, but not as much as to the east where they also have cold air dropping down from the north.

So NOW we have another reason for the formation of the mini ice age forming at the eastern end of the Great Lakes and extending down and to the east to Chicago!


Theo, what is the probability of the UK leaving the European Union?European Union Map

Quite high, Tom—over 75% shall we say. There is a building movement of isolationism growing in the UK because people are afraid of accepting too many immigrants. There are too many leaders coming out against their Prime Minister’s compromises.


I wish to bring your attention to something I want all of you to check out on your own. There is a fairly new machine (I'll call it that) that cures vibrationally. It's called the SPOOKY2 and it seems to do some amazing things.

Spooky2A friend of mine has had bladder cancer, with a cancer the size of a grapefruit. He was forced to have chemo, which was doing just a little good. He was hooked up to a colostomy bag and was getting small deposits of the cancer about the size of the end of your little finger.

He bought a Spooky 2 machine and started using it to treat his cancer on Thanksgiving Day. He was getting so many deposits it stopped up the tube several times running to the colostomy bag. Last week he went to see the doctor. The doctor was incredulous--he said my friend was cancer-free after fighting it for two years!

One day after his prognosis I was over at his house and a lady came out after an hour hooked up to the machine. She was walking normally, but my friend told me she had stage four breast cancer that had spread to her spine and she had only been able to walk with a stroller. The surgeons had wanted to do two back operations a week apart on her, but in just a week or so she had made that much progress.Spooky2 Testimonials

There are 6,400 settings on the machine for every disease you've ever heard of. Whether they all will work or not I don't know, but you should check it out and form your own opinions. Here is the link: It is basically an advanced version of the Rife machine (but I understand much less expensive), if you have ever heard of it. It runs off a laptop, you download the program for free, and the parts are easily found my friend says. He has now bought the Spooky Central machine which really looks a little space age. The Spooky2's can be bought I understand for under $1,000, which makes it interesting for someone who might look for a home business.

As I said, it might not work for everything, but worth investigating. I am not advocating buying one or even using one. Those are YOUR DECISIONS. Here is a review on the Spooky2.


Insecticide SprayersCynthia writes: Tom, I continue to read that doctors in Brazil are now saying that the pesticide Pyriproxyfen is the cause of birth defects in Brazil, NOT the Zika virus. Can you comment on this please?

Gaia, do pesticides have anything to do with the birth defects attributed to the Zika virus?

No, pesticides can and do cause birth defects, but the Zika virus did not originate there. Narrowing down its origin will be of interest to the scientists working on finding a cure.


AboriginalsAravind writes from Australia: One of the most intriguing and perplexing legends of the Australian Aboriginal people is that of the Wandjinas, the supreme spirit beings and creators of the land and people. The land of the Wandjina is a vast area of about 200,000 square kilometers of land, water, sea and islands in the Kimberley region of north-western Australia with continuous culture dating back at least 60,000 years, but probably much older. Here, traditional Aboriginal law and culture are still active and alive.

The Worora, Ngarinyin and Wunumbul people are the three Wandjina tribes – these tribal groups are the custodians of the oldest known figurative art that is scattered throughout the Kimberley.

The story goes like this – the Wandjina were “sky-beings” or “spirits from the clouds” who came down from the Milky WayAboriginals during Dreamtime and created the Earth and all its inhabitants. Then Wandjina looked upon the inhabitants and realized the enormity of the task and returned home to bring more Wandjinas. With the aid of the Dreamtime snake, the Wandjina descended and spent their Dreamtime creating, teaching and being Gods to the Aboriginals whom they created.

After some time, the Wandjinas disappeared. They descended into the earth and since then have lived at the bottom of the water source associated with each of the paintings. There, they continually produce new ”child-seeds,” which are regarded as the source of all human life. Some Wandjina also returned to the sky, and can now be seen at night as lights moving high above the earth.

Aboriginal people, in the Kimberley, also believe that even after they disappeared, the Wandjina continued to control everything that happened on the land and in the sky and sea. Interestingly and of course controversially, objects have been found on geographical sites which suggest the area had been inhabited as long ago as 174,000 B.C.

Read more:

Wandjina ArtQuestions:
1. Who were the Wandjina? Were they extraterrestrials?
2. Is there any element of truth to the Aboriginal “Dreamtime” stories and cave paintings?
3. How old are the paintings?
4. Did Atlanteans or Lemurians make any contact with Australian aboriginal inhabitants? Did any civilizations or trade flourish in Australia during Atlantean times?

Gaia, who were the Wandjinas—ETs?

Yes, these mysterious people were the ETs who kept in close contact with those they had seeded. They thought they would evolve just as the other Adam and Eve models did, but life was so harsh in that part of Australia they kept to a similar existence as did those seeded in Africa.

There were reports of finding objects dating back 174,000 years. Is this true and if so who was there prior to the introduction of the Aborigines 60,000 years ago?

Yes, there were humans that came before them that have yet to be discovered.

Were they Neanderthal or Cro-Magnons?

No, another group yet to be discovered.

Will they ever be?

Yes, but not for many years and it will be by accident and will be exciting to those who make the discovery as they will be excavating and will suddenly find a skeleton. It will be quite unique.

How old are the cave paintings?

They date back to the early days of the Aborigines.

Were the Lemurians in touch with the Aborigines prior to the war?

Not very much, if you look at a map you will see their continent was far away. Explorers reached the continent a couple of times, but the distance was too great, and the land was not as hospitable as the lands closer to MU.


Antura is a member of my soul cluster (there are eight of us) having lives on Earth. He’s had 800 lives so far, mostly as an First Contact Front Coverexplorer (example: he was Marco Polo’s uncle that traveled the Silk Road before Marco). He’s back on our water world as an amphibian on a “first contact” team (still the explorer) that contacts societies several thousand years before they advance technologically, offering their support. You can read much more about him and ETs in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. I guarantee you’ll read things you’ve never even thought to ask.

Cathy writes: As a fan of the TV show, The X-Files, I can't help but see the timeliness of the show's return and the disclosure on our horizon fitting together nicely. Is this a coincidence or is the show's return part of the bigger plan to help bring more awareness about our ET family?

Antura, was there any behind-the-scenes assistance in bringing the X-Files back on TV?

Not from our side, Tom. This was all about trying to recapture the idea of all the conspiracy theories floating around.

John writes from Canada: I have a suggestion for speeding up the diplomatic mission to Earth on this time line, why not move this visit to Canada?

Encounter of the Third KindWe have a new forward thinking Prime minister who would, I'm fairly sure, embrace these visits.

As a country, we have generally been able to deal with our differences in an adult and benevolent manner. I did say generally - there are always individuals who are contrary by their nature. Toronto is a prime example of people of different races, religions, sexual persuasions, and political leanings getting along.

Canadians are generally not confrontational and we tend to try to find non-violent solutions to problems. Again, there are always some who go down the path of violence.  It seems to me that with a potential cold war looming, now is the time and Canada is the place.

Any thoughts about this from your soul brothers, Tom? Thanks, Tom, for sharing your time and producing a great newsletter with important information for everyone.

Antura, why wouldn’t a progressive country like Canada be chosen for first contact?

Yes, it may seem like a progressive country, Tom, but when compared to Russia, as we have done, they do not have the constant contacts with Federation members that Russia, along with the other countries that have collections of ET craft just as the USA does. They are certainly much more liberal in their thinking on the subject of ETs than those in the USA, but they just don’t have the same relationship that was born out of the crashes of the ET craft in the United States or Russia.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

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Here is another great MBO story:

Chip writes: I just wanted to pass along some great news on an MBO this week. This past weekend I received a bill from the hospital for my daughter's CT scan. It was $2,800 and in the past, I'd just blindly accepted it and begun making payments. However, this time I decided to ask our HR manager about it and see if there were any adjustments that could be made to the outstanding amount. I also asked for an MBO for the final amount to be as affordable as possible.

Today, our HR manager got back with me and said that our insurance had agreed to write off everything except $185! I am ecstatic and wanted to let you know how MBOs have made such a great impact on my life. Thanks again for everything!

Grocery Shopping
Sara writes: Patrick needed to get a few groceries for dinner after working overnight, but didn't have the money for it. Asked an MBO to be able to get them as he was stocking and the next box he opened to unpack had a bill fall out from inside! It was a $20! Enough to get the groceries! Thanks for the awesome tool, Tom! And he did thank the Angels, too!


Aravind writes: This research has been published in the leading Journal of Archaeological Science. Details are below:

At least 9,300 years ago, Stone Age hunter-gatherers in a now-submerged area of the Mediterranean Sea accomplished a feat that even most modern humans could not do: They apparently cut a 15-ton limestone pillar with precision, drilled holes in it and transported it nearly 300 meters (984 feet). The monolith is 12 meters (39 feet) long.

Ancient MonolithOceanographers studying the Mediterranean Sea floor in the Sicilian Channel between Tunisia and Sicily in 2012 found the monolith 40 meters (131 feet) deep. Researchers say this area became submerged about 9,350 years ago, give or take 200 years. Before that, the area was shallow sea with an archipelago of several islands about halfway between the island of Sicily and the North African coast...The recent findings of submerged archaeology have definitively removed the idea of 'technological primitivism' often attributed to hunter-gatherer coastal settlers.”

Read more:

1. Was this pillar constructed before or after the Atlantean floods?
2. What was its original purpose?
3. Was there a civilization in that area apart from Atlantis and Mu?

Gaia, was the monolith discovered in 131 feet of water covered when Mu sank?

Exactly, Tom.

What was its purpose?

Sunken FortificationLike many other monuments, it was tied to religion.

How was it moved?

Naturally, the friendly ETs showed them how to move it.

What civilization was there at that time?

An offshoot of the people who established Southern Europe.

Previously in both a newsletter and my Atlantis & Lemuria: The Lost Continents Revealed! book, I had received that the oceans of the world rose over 170 feet when the continent of Mu sank.


Mike in the UK writes:
(1) Were there any explosives put inside the Twin Towers so that they could be destroyed and bought down like a controlled demolition?

Collapse of Bldg 7(2) Can Theo tell us about "the classified 28 pages" of the congressional inquiry into the September 11 attacks? And whether or not they will ever be declassified and released. It is thought that these 28 pages allegedly report the names of the individuals who helped the al-Qaeda killers on 9/11 and who have never been held accountable

Theo, were explosives planted inside Building 7, and if so how could they not be detected?

Yes, there were explosives planted there. This was done rather quickly under the cover of building maintenance. It was simple enough with the plans of the building in hand for them first to create a problem and then for the correct company to be called to fix the problem. These records were destroyed, so it is or will be quite difficult to reconstruct.

What exactly did they wish to destroy?

There was sensitive information on intelligence gathering in that building and some people felt threatened.

Then what is the probability the classified pages about the congressional inquiry will ever be made public?

It will be many years as there was information pertaining to national security in those pages.


This question was prompted by an email from Srikanth.

Krishna DepictionTheo, how many more incarnations did Krishna have above 50—was it 60, 70, or more?

Yes, it was slightly more, Tom.

Did I have just one life when he began his teachings, or several along the way?

Yes, it was necessary for you to see him evolve, so we shall say several at this time.

Was I always a friend or did I act as an adversary too?

Yes, both friend, colleague and at times an adversary. Keep in mind his lives extended over thousands of years.


 Pam writes: I just watched JFK: The Missing Shot where they point to evidence that the 3rd shot that killed President Kennedy was accidentally made by Secret Service Agent Hickey from the car behind the president in the motorcade. Is this true? The evidence was certainly convincing. If it is true, was it an accident or done on purpose? Thanks for all you do!!

Theo, was President Kennedy accidentally or purposefully shot by Secret Service Agent Hickey or was this a fake story?

Completely false, Tom. This is just another in a long line of conspiracy stories, although as we have covered before, there was a conspiracy regarding his assassination involving at that time Vice President Johnson.


Ginny wrote about an email she received from a friend, which I edited due to length: [There was] … “a talk given by Harald Kautz Vella at Miles Johnston's Bases conference, held in the UK last summer.

“It contains incredibly weird and compelling information about the ingredients in chemtrails (and for what purpose), negative entropy, time reversal, DNA, scalar resonance through different dimensions and realities, archons and an ancient AI that's run amok.

World of Goo“All of this relates to "Black Goo", an abiotic mineral found in the Earth's crust that's said to be sentient, programmable and possessing magnetic properties which exceed those previously known and measured, such as iron magnets.”

Gaia, is there such a thing as “Black Goo”, an abiotic mineral found in the Earth’s crust, that’s sentient and programmable and has magnetic properties?

Not as was described, but there are minerals yet to be discovered by geologists, Tom.

If you recall, I have said before we need to keep the interests of the various scientific bodies interested, and in this case, what better way than to continue to discover minerals they have not yet found? So to answer this question, no to the Black Goo, but yes to unknown minerals.


Here is a series of emails between Pamela and me:

Pamela writes: I was re-reading one of your newsletters, and came across information on items that go "missing" and then "reappear" through mini-portals, and became curious about a recent event. I have again experienced the missing part recently. I was visiting my friend, Rita, in Dallas in January. She gave me a necklace she made for me of turquoise and faceted red coral beads. I tried it on and returned it to its gift box. Neither of us has seen the necklace since. It did not make it to my home 3 hours away and she has not seen it.

 This has happened before when we are together in her house. She was making pearl & ruby earrings for me and dropped a ruby bead. We both heard it hit the wooden floor and it was never found. There are more examples of "missing" objects for both of us separately, too.

Is there an MBO for "missing" or "misplaced" items to ease the stress of not being able to locate an item? And, could you ask about the coral and turquoise necklace? Will it reappear soon?

Theo, where is Pamela’s turquoise necklace and will it be found?

Not for some time, Tom. Yes it did fall over into the fifth time line, but it will return, just not immediately. Naturally, she can request an MBO for its return and then release. Your friendly GA will assist in Pamela finding the necklace. We do have the ability to pluck things that have gotten stuck in one time line and return them to another.

So, just request an MBO for the return of the necklace to happen even sooner than you can hope for or expect and then release.

NecklacePamela writes: Thank you for this information. I did say an MBO for its return, and I am learning to then release!

I found the turquoise necklace a couple of days ago, and immediately said a Thank You! It was safe, of course. And, clearly, I was guided that day to find it, as it was not in that pouch when I searched several times before. Has anything about it changed from the trip into the 5th time line?

I will say an MBO for understanding of the game of lost-found, or hide 'n seek, into the 5th time line with GA and see if I can get into the spirit of it, so to speak. Perhaps this is training for me to learn to listen more closely for/to guidance. I have asked (using MBOs) for assistance in developing "clear hearing" and perception.

Thank you for your work. Starting my day with an MBO is changing my daily adventures, as I anticipate each day to be better than I can expect or imagine.


For those of you who wish to read more on a specific subject, below are the dates when I started a series of questions.  The link to them is :

GUARDIAN ANGEL 101—MARCH 7, 2009, MARCH 28, 2009-APRIL 4, 2009, MAY 23, 2009-JUNE 6, 2009, SEPTEMBER 12, 2009, SEPTEMBER 27, 2009, JANUARY 8, 2011--FEBRUARY 20, 2016,  FEBRUARY 27, 2016,                                                           

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CONVERSATIONS WITH ANTURA, THE ET -- DECEMBER 29, 2012--JUNE 7, 2014 (ALL), JUNE 14, 2014, JUINE 21, 2014, JUNE 28, 2014, JULY 5, 2014, JULY 12, 2014, JULY 19, 2014, JULY 26, 2014, AUGUST 2, 2014, AUGUST 9, 2014, AUGUST 16, 2014, AUGUST 23, 2014, AUGUST 30, 2014, SEPTEMBER 6, 2014, SEPTEMBER 13, 2014, SEPTEMBER 20, 2014, SEPTEMBER 27, 2014, OCTOBER 4, 2014, OCTOBER 11, 2014, OCTOBER 18, 2014, OCTOBER 25, 2014, NOVEMBER 1, 2014, NOVEMBER 15, 2014, NOVEMBER 22, 2014, DECEMBER 6, 2014, DECEMBER 13, 2014, DECEMBER 20, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 10, 2015, JANUARY 17, 2015, JANUARY 24, 2015, JANUARY 31, 2015, FEBRUARY 7, 2015, FEBRUARY 14, 2015, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, FEBRUARY 28, 2015, MARCH 7, 2015, MARCH 14, 2015, MARCH 21, 2015, MARCH 28, 2015, APRIL 11, 2015, APRIL 18, 2015, APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 9, 2015, MAY 16, 2015, MAY 23, 2015, JUNE 20, 2015, JUNE 27, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015, JULY 25, 2015, AUGUST 1, 2015, AUGUST 8, 2015, AUGUST 15, 2015, AUGUST 22, 2015, AUGUST 29, 2015, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015, OCTOBER 10, 2015,  OCTOBER 17, 2015, OCTOBER 24, 2015, OCTOBER 31, 2015, NOVEMBER 7, 2015, NOVEMBER 14, 2015, NOVEMBER 21, 2015, NOVEMBER 28, 2015, DECEMBER 5, 2015, DECEMBER 19, 2015,  DECEMBER 26, 2015, JANUARY 2, 2016, JANUARY 9, 2016, JANUARY 16, 2016, JANUARY 23, 2016, FEBRUARY 6, 2016, FEBRUARY 13, 2016, FEBRUARY 20, 2016,                                                                             

JESUS--SEPTEMBER 29, 2012, OCTOBER 6, 2012, OCTOBER 13, 2012, OCTOBER 20, 2012, OCTOBER 27, 2012, NOVEMBER 3, 2012, NOVEMBER 10, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, DECEMBER 1, 2012, DECEMBER 8, 2012, DECEMBER 15, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, DECEMBER 7, 2013, JANUARY 11, 2014, JANUARY 18, 2014, APRIL 12, 2014, APRIL 19, 2014, APRIL 26, 2014, MAY 3, 2014, MAY 10, 2014, MAY 17, 2014, MAY 24, 2014, MAY 31, 2014, JUNE 7, 2014, JULY 12, 2014, DECEMBER 6, 2014, DECEMBER 20, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 3, 2015, FEBRUARY, 14, 2015, MARCH 7, 2015, MARCH 21, 2015, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015, OCTOBER 3, 2015, OCTOBER 17, 2015, OCTOBER 24, 2015, NOVEMBER 7, 2015, JANUARY 9, 2016, FEBRUARY 6, 2016,                               

GAIA, SOUL OF THE EARTH— AUGUST 23, 2008 SEPTEMBER 15, 2012, NOVEMBER 17, 2012, MARCH 30, 2013, NOVEMBER 23, 2013, JANUARY 4, 2014, JANUARY 11, 2014--FEBRUARY 20, 2016,  FEBRUARY 27, 2016,                                                                               

TIME LINES—JANUARY 29, 2011, FEBRUARY 5, 2011, JULY 16, 2011, JULY 23, 2011, JULY 28, 2012, AUGUST 4, 2012, AUGUST 11, 2012, AUGUST 18, 2012, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012, JANUARY 5, 2013, NOVEMBER 23, 2013, NOVEMBER 30, 2013, DECEMBER 7, 2013, DECEMBER 14, 2014, JANUARY 4, 2014, APRIL 26, 2014, MAY 10, 2014, MAY 24, 2014, MAY 31, 2014, JUNE 7, 2014, JUNE 14, 2014, JULY 26, 2014, NOVEMBER 8, 2014, NOVEMBER 22, 2014, DECEMBER 27, 2014, JANUARY 3, 2015, JANUARY 10, 2015, FEBRUARY 7, 2015, FEBRUARY 21, 2015, FEBRUARY 28, 2015, MARCH 14, 2015, MARCH 28, 2015, APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 9, 2015, MAY 23, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 25, 2015, AUGUST 1, 2015,  SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, OCTOBER 17, 2015, NOVEMBER 14, 2015, NOVEMBER 21, 2015, DECEMBER 5, 2015, DECEMBER 19, 2015, DECEMBER 26, 2015, JANUARY 16, 2016, JANUARY 30, 2016, FEBRUARY 6, 2016, FEBRUARY 13, 2016,                                  

—APRIL 25, 2015, MAY 30, 2015, JUNE 13, 2015, JULY 4, 2015, JULY 11, 2015, JULY 18, 2015,  SEPTEMBER 12, 2015, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015, DECEMBER 19, 2015, DECEMBER 26, 2015, FEBRUARY 20, 2016,                                         


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